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John Brown active tonight!!! O/U 99.5 yards??


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2 minutes ago, Process said:

2 seems like a good o/u for snaps, lol

Considering it's unlikely that NE spent any time expecting Brown to play.....I would put him out there a lot.
If DeSean Jackson can catch 60 yard passes at 35.....no reason Brown can't be effective at 32 after healing up 

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750 yds, 4 total TDs, 2 receiving, 1 on a punt return, 1 on a kick return, 2 passing, and one INT returned for a TD... ok maybe 7 total TDs... and he saves a baby from a burning building... and maybe a kitten from a tree for good measure.


...I'd settle for 0 pulled hamstrings in someone starting a game right off of the street, though.

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7 minutes ago, wjag said:

Welp.  I was dead wrong.  


Tried to tell you.  The Bills are not gonna go into a game with just 4 receivers. They were also not about to cut someone from the roster and waste money on Gentry.



I dont expect much if anything from Brown.  In case of emergency type guy.  If he contributes then I will be pleasantly surprised.

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19 minutes ago, billsbackto81 said:



He must have kept himself in shape and access to the playbook.

Playbook? I thought Dorsey's playbook was just, "hey guys, run around and hope Josh does something amazing." 

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Smoke's value tonight is not in the yardage totals.  Can Hoodie let a safety leave Smoke's side of the field?  Not likely.  Name and reputation may force Hoodies defense to have safety help on that side at all times.  That forced adjustment can help others on the offense.


I would like to see a WR screen to Smoke just to get him involved.  Outside of that I don't expect much.


Then next week, after the Jets label Smoke a decoy and go man to man we take the lid off the Sauce.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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