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  1. If you factor in the sheer volume of kale and broccoli smoothies that would be, it’s a frightening thought! In so many ways…..
  2. Well, I figure to each their own, but I don’t like your odds here. On SO MANY levels……..
  3. Oh, I saw it down at the bottom! You were on thin ice there for a few fractions of a second! 😋
  4. Saban did apologize today saying he shouldn’t have named a single person/school, but it seemed clear to me he was asking for donors to step up. I don’t think he likes the current trend in recruiting, and at his age I wonder if NIL doesn’t affect how long he remains. I think Jay Wright of Villanova just didn’t like the direction of things, and said enough is enough. I made my mark, and I have all the money I need. The cesspool is rising, and I prefer a seat on the sidelines. I’m all for some level of player mobility, and they should be paid what they’re worth, but I don’t know how they fix this mess, or what college sports will look like in a decade.
  5. You had better be kidding! I thought we might have to quarantine you with @Royale with Cheese! You wouldn’t want that, I promise! I love a good wing, but I can’t pound them. The smallest order is usually 5 or 6, and I usually have one or two left over. Saves a fortune at current crazy prices! I’ve seen some menus that have the price as “market”, like it’s lobster or something! I have a friend who will tell you he should lose about 50 lbs. We went to lunch one day at a place I often stop at for a slice. He wanted wings too, so I suggested an order of 10 wings. I only wanted a couple, so it seemed reasonable. He said “well, they’re really good left over (NO, they are NOT), so let’s make it 20”. I had my 2 wings, and he finished off the rest. I could not have done that to win a bet! He apparently burns fewer calories than Josh. .
  6. I never liked Cutler, but it’s not really his fault. He sent pics of the friend’s wife to @Gugny, and he said he would. He just got some bad advice. 🤷‍♂️
  7. To bring your list to five, I’ll throw in one I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned already: Tom Brady trying to convince the refs he was hit late, in the head or below the knees. .
  8. He didn’t say “vertigo” until LONG after I was feeling it! That upper deck looks mighty steep!
  9. I went to Harvard as well but only as an old man looking for air conditioning in the book store and a nice place to have lunch with my wife and sister. You got closer to the real thing than I did!
  10. It’s the offseason. This stuff happens…… 🤷‍♂️ I think we should put him in charge of the salary cap. I hear he’s pretty smart. Did you know he went to Harvard???
  11. Seems to be the story of my life….. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Just putting it in a new light, has the NFC been mentioned yet? 🤷‍♂️ We have a LONG way to go. Who gets hot late? We have a rough schedule early, but……
  13. Yes, you are young. 😋 I saw the Globetrotters there, but Braves vs Bill Walton would have been AWESOME in those days. Good for you!
  14. I’m angry that I didn’t get to burn a couch in the road. That’s a bucket list item. Torching a couch is something we should have done in college to get it out of my system. Life is full of disappointments…….. 😋
  15. Sorry, I have to disagree. IF we flame out in the first round, he’s still safe. VERY safe. It’s very hard to win the Super Bowl, especially coming out of the AFC these days. He’s our guy. He built this culture. I can’t wait to see this team and this group of men out there competing again. To the OP, under NO realistic circumstances can I see us getting rid of our HC after this season. Period. Do you think the Eagles might like Andy Reid back? .
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