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  1. I’m afraid with Klein in there it will just be a matter of pitch and catch over the middle as opponents march down the field. Edmunds can certainly help, but, as you and others point out, only at the right price. If you actually CAN improve QB accuracy, maybe a MLB can improve instincts? 🤷‍♀️ .
  2. It seems Klein can only go forward effectively. Just my opinion.
  3. Try this…..think of it as “a game”. Leave out “extra”. It is just a game, like all the other games. Two thoughts immediately come to mind: 1) The schedule makers are sending us the Texans this week. I can’t hate them for that. 2) Regarding the Chiefs and the Titans, at least we know WHO we are playing, and WHEN we are playing them. That is a BIG improvement over that crazy @#$. ^%&$ last season! .
  4. Who “starts” doesn’t matter as much as how many snaps they get and who is playing in crunch time. They each have different strengths and weaknesses, but I like them as a tandem for now. You don’t have to draft a big name early, then pay them a fortune to extend. Ask the Cowboys. Good backs are available every year in rounds 3-5. Use them up, then get a new one.
  5. I seem to recall Paul McGuire punting a ball that actually landed behind him. Crazy winds! We should stick that one in our bag of tricks for some unsuspecting team coming to town. You just never know……
  6. Josh got a little blocking in front of him, we could run the ball a bit, Good Josh is back, and the defense continues to smother. To me, these were the ultimate take aways other than the “W”. Play like that and this could be a season to remember! These Bills make me happy!
  7. He missed a wide open Diggs wide right…..oops, I’m sorry OB to his right, into the wind well down field. The replay showed a “hop pass” that Tim Tebow could only dream of.
  8. I don’t really have anything to add, but I’m quoting this just because I can. I have to say, some people hate anyone who has more money than they do. I just don’t get that hate. I don’t hate rich people, I’d like to be one some day. .
  9. I would trust nobody more than McD to keep them focused. Maybe they don’t cover that ridiculous spread, but they will not be taken by surprise. .
  10. To be fair, it’s hard to argue he didn’t have any good home games with fans attending when he rarely had a really good game prior to the season where there were no fans home or away. (Take a breath.) He made a giant leap last year. There happened to be no fans. They don’t have to be related. I’ll take good any way I can get it. TODAY….he looked awesome (with a bit better protection) and quite honestly relieved some of my deep seated fears. THAT is all I care about. I’m not looking into it any deeper than needed. “Good Josh” romped today. On to the next one! Forgive me if I came in late and missed some context here. If that’s the case, just ignore me. I’m used to it.
  11. Yep, and that’s easier to figure out when you are not running for your life. Regardless, water under the bridge and things are looking up! GO BILLS!
  12. In other words……they are STILL the Jets.
  13. Do you tell people to “get off of my Lawn!”?
  14. My wife is a smart lady and has traveled all over the world. On our first trip to WNY she was surprised that it was vineyards more than asphalt. It’s natural. The people in NYC don’t believe we exist either! They are, after all, the center of their universe! Took the family to see Buffalo and Niagara Falls for the opener. Need to go back another day to actually SEE the Falls. With 20 mph winds and 40 mph gusts, the Maid of the Mist just throws buckets of water on you!
  15. I think it’s no coincidence that when he has better protection he plays better at the QB position. I was impressed, I was NOT surprised. We saw him do that all last year. We knew he had it in him….somewhere. Keep it up, Josh! (AND the OLine!) .
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