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  1. You sure? Or you just want conversation?
  2. The drinks are stiff. I don’t want any more than that. I’ll find another option, thank you.
  3. Awesome! Looks delicious! My dog left me something resembling the top left after breakfast yesterday. I let her out after eating, and there’s this one weed she eats that.....leads to something resembling that. Always on the damn carpet!
  4. Since we seem to only have one position cemented (center), can we name it the “Trying To Make The Team And Maybe Even Start Somewhere Crew?” We have a long way to go. I’m optimistic, but I’m not getting silly over a photo. Not a big nickname guy, personally. Let’s count rings instead.
  5. Swen Nater! I met him at an event in Nashville last year, and somehow came away with a bag full of his private meat rub concoction! Beverages were involved following the event. (OK, feel free to have fun with that one! 😋)
  6. After Bruce got over his early chubbiness, word was he played below his listed 267#. I obviously have no way of knowing his actual weight, nor do I know what Donald weighs. I’m hoping the new NFL plays into the hands of a DT with the freaky quicks of a very good RB or WR.
  7. It’s all good. Different points of view are what this is all about, and I don’t claim to “know” anything. The game is changing. The league has adjusted the rules to make it easier to pass and score. You have to defend against that style. Could Milano have been an effective LB 20 years ago? Doubt it. The same shift will happen on the DLine. Adjust and evolve. Again, the smart teams will take advantage of this by pounding it on you, as the Pats* did. You just have to stay ahead of the game, and I think we have a smart group leading our team right now.
  8. I realize it was DE and not DT, obviously, but what was Bruce listed at and what was his actual weight? I don’t think they ever came clean on that, but it worked out OK. I think in the new NFL Mr Ed and his style/weight will be just fine. It’s smart teams like the Patriots that pound you when you go light to battle against a passing offense. Those might be tough games for our prized rookie. Hoping for the best.
  9. Those were the days! My sister used to babysit for the Kaufman’s. They lived right behind us. I may (or may not) have jumped off a garage roof into a snow drift that happened to be hiding his VW beetle. It was his toy car. Oops! Big man in a little car! Funny sight! Great guy! Had 1/2 season’s tix at the time and loved the NBA. They’d have to pay ME to go now. May watch a little of the Finals. We took the kids to games when they were younger when we were traveling. “Be good and we can go see the Celtics play LeBron tonight.” Bribery works! About 5 minutes into a game in Charlotte once my youngest (a fierce little AAU player at the time) turned to me about 5 minutes in and said “they’re not even trying!” Amen.
  10. That’s a few dozen very hungry and thirsty people! A nice Lowcountry Bowl is a rite of summer. We have a trip planned to Hilton Head Island next month. It was supposed to be “only” 7 of us. Turns out the wife’s brother (who I like) is there the exact same week with their kids and his wife’s whole family in two big houses. He then invited their (annoying) sister to join so we’d have the whole gang! YAY! She was at our trip to the Bahamas just a few weeks ago (wedding). We are all within a one minute walk of each other. What a wonderful coincidence! This little vacation I was looking forward to (with son, his lovely GF, her awesome parents and our adorable 5 year old grandson from Nashvile), has turned into a friggin’ family reunion with dozens of people! I am NOT pleased! But I digress. Our kids were born in Hilton Head, and oyster roasts and Lowcountry Boils were a great part of that time in our lives. I was just looking on line to decide which place to make this happen on this trip. Part of me wants to stay home......the best laid plans.... Thank you, this is far cheaper than therapy. 😋
  11. I’ve got to admit, even without the butter.....they were excellent wings. Despite how I hate to give him a big head.
  12. Ehh, he forgot the butter last time....getting old I think. Slipping a bit. Damn near my age....what do you expect?
  13. What a coincidence! I too raised a glass! Then I heard about Bart Starr.....bummer. RIP.
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