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  1. You’d think Atlanta wouldn’t be too bad, but gray with low 40’s and raining is pretty sucky! I actually remember telling my mom as a kid I’d rather have 10 and snow than 40 and rain. I still believe that. Last winter was unusually miserable, with only a couple nice days over a 4 month stretch. (A friend from my Florida days moved up, and was seriously depressed, looking into light boxes and considered pulling the plug and going back.) Granted, it’s not as long as WNY, which was always what I hated the most....it would just never end! I’m not saying it’s worse by any means, just that after 18 years in Florida I came to expect 12 months of nice weather to play tennis or walk the dog. I’ve come to realize that weather is unusually important to me. My kids tell me growing up in Buffalo scarred me, and they just may be right!
  2. Downtown Glens Falls, or the outskirts? I’ve read downtown does not work.
  3. Some people prefer macro parkas, what can I say?
  4. I sweat like I just climbed out of the pool wet at the tennis courts midday, then I come home and try to walk the dog before showering. One shower is better than two. The problem is the dog is smart and hides in my wife’s closet. She’s 10 and has no desire for the walk in the heat. My Golden is smarter than I am!
  5. I think Brady was behind this. He should serve the suspension.
  6. The Utah Jazz can stay in Salt Lake City, but not as the Jazz! The Utah Tabernacle Choir isn’t very catchy, so maybe the Utah Good Slopes?
  7. You and @plenzmd1 may have a genetic defect! Jk To each their own. I love summer, as I love to get a good sweat in. Fall is maybe my favorite, with football and nice crisp weather. You can open the house up...it’s glorious. BUT the dread of winter is a wet blanket. It’s like a horrible job that makes you feel ill Sunday morning for the dread of Monday.
  8. Beaches are where you go when it’s hot. Mountains are where you go to get away from hot.
  9. But how about when you were young? 😋 We lived in Hilton Head Island, SC and Sarasota, FL for 30 years. I usually only went to the beach when company came to town. Many moons ago I’d run my Goldens off leash in HHI, but those days are long gone. Toward the end when I knew we were leaving FL, I’d skip out on more work and head to the beach any time I was close. I didn’t want to leave there. Friends from church would do a big beach cookout around sunset monthly. Made many close friends there, some of them joining us for a cruise from Spain to Portugal leaving next month. (I’ll probably reference that Windstar trip a couple dozen more times before leaving, I’m looking forward to the trip and the reunion.) We went back to Hilton Head a few weeks ago, as we do every year or two. I met my wife there, our kids were born there, and much of my family is buried there. I went to the beach, but it wasn’t at the top of my list of things to do. But it was awesome! .
  10. Frosted blueberry is obviously the choice. But it’s been decades. Then those toaster strudel things with the icing on top became my thing, and now I go with a stinkin’ banana and skim milk.
  11. Your coach sounds like he knew a lot about concussions, from personal experience! I’m sure he was a GREAT man!
  12. I can’t disagree, but you have to understand how lazy I am! Our grill is hooked up the the gas line for the house. No filling tanks or running out when the chicken is half cooked,
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