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  1. Apparently it pays well. Reports are Steve Harvey recently bought Tyler Perry’s old house in Atlanta. Perry had a fortune into it ($40 mil+ for 17 acres on the river), but listed for “only” $25 mil. He sold for $17.5 mil to a televangelist, who sold to Harvey for $15 mil. Maybe with 20-30 more sales I can dream of making an offer? I (hypothetically) was in it, and it was (hypothetically) fabulous! Not gaudy or ostentatious, very tasteful and comfortable. HUGE, but cozy. That’s hard to pull off. Family room off kitchen supposedly modeled after the Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC. Our son gets married publicly there next year (after parents only church wedding next month). Awesome! The replay I heard was hysterical!
  2. So sad, prayers for the family. Already lost a child. Nobody said life would be fair. Our sister-in-law has stage 4 breast cancer. Three kids in HS and college. Not sure if she will be there for our son’s wedding next year. Absolutely heart breaking. I feel for both those families, and so many more fighting similar battles.
  3. I seriously hope I’m wrong, but I see very little chance that they pull off a complete season this year. Create a plan and hope for a great 2021. It’s all I got.....
  4. Is that Bruce Smith holding that sign? The Steve Harvey response was even funnier. “Wait, WTF?”
  5. I vote for the Washington Term Limiters. I don’t think I’ll win this.
  6. Was puking in the bathroom in the suite among them? If @Nervous Guy vouches for you, I think we can let you skate on this one.
  7. Augie


    Meg Ryan says she might not have been quite as pleased as you think. Just sayin’........
  8. They LOOK like Bills fans! I’ll never find a photo of it, but “The Juice Stand” showed up weekly for years. It’s a classic.
  9. ESPN misses sports. A lot! They had an Eagles concert on ESPN2 the other night. I guess you can only show that 1998 National Spelling Bee so many times. I don’t miss sports NOW, because I’m not a baseball fan (and I’m watching Kyle’s terrific showing at Lake Tahoe). Right now I’m mostly dreading the thought of Fall arriving, and football cannot pull off the miracle. That will hurt. It’s not the end of the world, but with fall comes football......right? That is how it is supposed to work. It might even be the long lost 11th Commandment. I’m not positive on the last part, but I’m pretty sure.... College basketball with be the thing I miss the second most. .
  10. Is there a tradition where the winner does a bowling ball shot? Hey! Maybe the guy who wins each hole should do a shot? Golf likes handicaps.......that would do the job!
  11. Mardy was a great tennis player who could flirt with the top guys, but never hang there for long. These are the guys who were always better than anyone around them at almost anything. Unless you have your own bowling shoes and ball, they will beat you at the lanes, too. Kyle looks like a Buffalo guy out there, not the trim athlete but a DLine guy who can golf like a master! Love him more than ever! Go BILLS!
  12. I expected.................Perry Mason. Caught a little bit of one or two episodes. It wasn’t “Perry Mason”, but I’ll check it out a bit more and see how it goes.
  13. Strange times when the celebrity golf tournament is the greatest sports event in recent history! Yay? Go Kyle!!! He’s a monster on the golf course!
  14. And THIS is why we won’t have a season! That would be totally unacceptable!
  15. It’s can’t be as bad as Sergio Garcia gripping, and re-gripping, and re-gripping, and........ right??? I remember some pros talking about it saying “you just can NOT look. You MUST look away, or it will make you CRAZY!” It almost gave me a nervous tic just watching on TV. It’s better to close your eyes and wait until you hear the whack on the ball.
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