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  1. I generally agree with the bold, and that is why I never give to strange requests from groups I’ve never heard of. I basically have three categories. Like @Shaw66 I’ll throw $100 at the Andy Dalton Foundation or for Luke Knox without blinking. If we are talking serious money, there is more scrutiny. Then there is the “exception category” where I just know it’s a good cause without too much research. My wife was on the Board at SJ Jude Children’s Hospital for years. They are in that category, and I’m sure we can all name a few others. We have ours, and I’m sure others have theirs. Still, big money means you’d better know who you are dealing with.
  2. Huh? Did Tua get hurt or something? Is it his back again? 😋
  3. You would think “what happened?” would be pretty high on the list of boxes to check. “Look, we can show you!” Anyone who failed to share the extent of his injury and the resulting stumbles is just as guilty as the doctors. The “protocol” seems to be missing some common sense ingredients.
  4. It’s going to rain cats and dogs. Literally. The SPCA is all over it, but our game weather curse is a force to reckon with.
  5. This is largely why I have no interest in sending money to his foundation. I wish him well and hope for a full recovery and a long healthy life, but he largely brought this on himself. I don’t care what locker room culture says. THIS is why they have such strict rules regarding hits to the head and concussions. Sometimes you have to help yourself. I know there are plenty of occasions where something more mild slips by, but this was not just everyone else failing him (which they did). He failed himself and I hope he learns from it as well as other players who see this happen. It’s no joke.
  6. Serious question, and maybe it’s been answered before, but: Did the team Doc or the independent Doc even SEE him stumbling? If they missed seeing it and/or were hiding in the shade and AC somewhere, the system failed, but at least then I can understand it. If they SAW him staggering and still cleared him, their license should be in jeopardy. I’m no doctor, but that was no back injury.
  7. They want to develop the short passing game as evidenced by the the run they took at FA McKissic from Washington and drafting Cook in the 2nd round. Devin gets a lot of touches that way, but that is only one measure of a RB. As far as judging our RB’s in the run game, I think that’s very difficult to do because the OLine isn’t doing their job. Hopefully we get healthy, Kromer starts to make some progress, and we can stop ripping our hair out! Bottom line……..Devin is no Benjamin Button! .
  8. We knew it was a tough stretch to start. We did NOT know we’d be decimated by injuries. I could live with it. Get healthy and peak in the playoffs. That is how you win that trophy.
  9. What they “think” doesn’t matter. Korey Stringer’s family and the shield want to avoid future tragedies. But you disagree. 🤦‍♂️ Countless high school and college kids have also been lost in recent decades. It doesn’t have to result in death to be absurd to argue against.
  10. I only do “manual ignore”, but he’s on the list. Never paid much attention in the past, but now I know to strictly blow past that crap.
  11. You got almost every point there wrong. Being fair and being safe are the two critical issues. You can’t grasp that. I think a house call from @DC Tom is in order. Have a nice life. .
  12. Our dog ate my 64 pack when I was a kid. They backyard was VERY colorful and might even be considered “art” these days!
  13. They do it because it’s their job. I’m sure they don’t like it or enjoy it, but they have NO CHOICE. Did you see the players going down due to heat? I did. That tells me all I need to know about how unsafe those conditions are. When a player collapses due to the heat, it’s no longer just my thoughts. It was a fact, one that should be obvious even to you. I’ve been taken down by the heat before exerting myself at tennis on hot days. I feared for my well being and learned my lesson. I’m glad I had the option of just quitting. These guys do not. Your turn. You show me where they say it’s just fine and dandy. Show me where they say it was a fair situation. And while that may have been unsafe, at least it was even and fair.
  14. For you to watch 300+ lb men dropping like flies and then to say it’s not a safety issue tells us all we need to know about your understanding. I’ve never noticed how unfair it was until last Sunday. I read a little and learned how much of a benefit that shade is under certain conditions. I also learned about the ridiculous restrictions preventing shade. I was open to learning. You keep bringing up the Bills. Forget that. I don’t care if it’s a women’s field hockey game. Not allowing shade is both unfair AND dangerous. PERIOD. I’ve wasted enough time here.
  15. I like your approach. Maybe the reverse jinx works? Anyway, the odds are in your favor, and when you are finally wrong we will be too excited to point it out! 😋 .
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