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  1. Top 5 players taken already set

    What would you give to know how the Bills, Jets, Browns, Giants and Broncos rate the top QB’s? All we are going to hear is “we got our guy”. How refreshing would “we really wanted Darnold, but had to settle for Mayfield. I can’t believe the Browns took Allen! What a clown show!”
  2. Top 5 players taken already set

    Abby Normal favors a RB at #2.
  3. Top 5 players taken already set

    The problem is when anyone acts like you know things as a certainty, and that is NOT the case. Is it likely? Probably, but you paint yourself into a corner and everybody knows it. Do not confuse your opinions with facts....I have a sister-in-law who does that, and it’s very annoying!
  4. Top 5 players taken already set

    ......or any number of other things happen.....
  5. Top 5 players taken already set

    No.......it can’t possibly be soon enough! But I guess it’s sooner than it was yesterday. Tick Tock . I hate this three day format, BTW. Stop dragging it out for the money. Two days is plenty.
  6. If they stay at #2, I have to believe it’s for a QB. Otherwise it’s just plain foolish....which I also possible.
  7. I’m with ya, but I prefer Rosen or Mayfield. Allen too hit or miss, in the game and for a career.
  8. Shoe size? Does it matter?

    I think your feet care a lot!
  9. LOLmar Jackson

    Did you have trouble with the mean girl in 6th grade too? You’re not allowed to hit her...keep that in mind. But maybe you don’t want to make her really mad! That could be worse! But seriously, anyone who thinks they “know” anything at this point is kidding themselves. There are educated guesses, and nothing more than that. The people who get paid millions to do this professionally are wrong about half the time. I have preferences (I don’t LOVE Allen), but really, what do I know? I watch football on TV....Like the folks here, for the most part.
  10. Draft predictions....

    I wonder if it was in the weeks before the draft that Einstein realized that time is relative, because it seems to be standing still. I’ll say Allen, the guy some people have going #1 overall, is the guy who falls. He’s got the amazing upside, but he’s a project and I’m not sure he’s a “natural thrower of the football” (yeah, I’m talking about you, EJ!). Get me Darnold, Rosen or Mayfield and I’m thrilled.
  11. Late Round Gems

    I’m all for them. I’m eager to see how our new scouting and drafting goes over the next few years. It’s right up there with coaching in terms of importance in my book, but they don’t get the same notoriety.
  12. Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    My heart will miss a beat every time Rosen gets sacked and his head bounces off the turf. That just might be bad for me! I’m thrilled with either, but lean Darnold mostly because the concussions scare me, especially for a guy who isn’t know for being overly nimble who is playing behind a revamped OLine.
  13. Its time to reveal your sources

    This is difficult for me to reveal.....because I haven’t named the voices in my head....
  14. Reggie Ragland "Can Be a Star?"

    Yes. . ...and NO!