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  1. I think they opened for the Stones in Rich Stadium in 1976. I can’t be sure, it’s a fuzzy memory.
  2. I’m no Einstein, but that sounds very bad. You think he’s going to peruse his dream of a hockey career, like Dion and Bo as a 2 sport guy? What happens with Tre is intriguing. He was so clearly hesitant to come back from the ACL I wonder what it will look like after the Achilles. Are those the two WORST injuries you can have, especially for a CB? .
  3. "Cocaine is God's way of saying that you're making too much money." — Robin Williams
  4. Mike Brown is cheap. EDIT: And relatively “poor” for an NFL owner. He’ll have to pony up all the guaranteed $$$ and stick it aside which is easier with deeper pockets. .
  5. Our big Friday night date night when we were young was Ruby Tuesday’s where I’d have a couple draft beers, my bride would have a strawberry daiquiri and we would split the Sampler Platter. Then we would whip out the quarters and we’d play mostly Galaga. There was a pinball machine I’d play that I liked, too. Simple times, but very good times. We’d both like a Galaga game for the basement, either a standup like pinball or maybe one of those little tables where you sit across from each other. That would be fun. Then we asked ourselves when we last spent any significant time in the basement? I shot one rack of balls early this week or maybe last week. We just don’t go down enough to justify it, but when we DO go down we have fun. I think I’ll find other ways to be stupid with money. But it would be so fun to have! We would just LAUGH and have fun!
  6. Let’s start by defining “perpetual loser”, your phrase. And a ridiculous one. Josh is 63-30, and our coach has the highest winning percentage in franchise history. We’ve won the AFCE each of the last 4 seasons. That doesn’t sound like a perpetual loser to me. It sounds more like whining. .
  7. He’s no George Costanza! 😂 You never know how you will react in time of crisis. Congrats to CEH on passing a huge test in life.
  8. Von Miller will win Comeback Player of the Year AND Super Bowl MVP next year. Who says a guy can’t dream? 🤷‍♂️
  9. I was a junior in college in a huge three story Animal House type of place with a dozen roommates. We were the only off campus “college housing” between campus and the only bar you could walk to. We would have 100 people buy carry out when the bar closed and come back to our place, like it was public property. To be fair, one of us was probably there at closing, so maybe they just followed him home, 100 strong on a weekend. Just a dozen or two on a “school night”. 😂 The place was called “Stan and Stu’s” for a couple housemates. People at the bar would ask me if I was going there that night. Funnier, they would ask Stan or Stu, not even knowing who they were. It was the halfway house with a generic name, they had another 8 minutes of walking to go. So, suffice it to say, this house knew about parties. We’d think nothing of picking up a half dozen kegs and see who showed up that weekend. There was a short little red headed guy from Philly named Marty who tried to impress a girl by tossing a pony keg thru his 3rd floor window into the front yard, crashing the glass. He was more drunk than stupid, he worked in a framing shop and used glass he had stolen from them. I take that back, drunk and stupid were probably tied, because the front yard was full of parked cars, and his keg toss landed on a windshield. It was things like this that led to undercover police in the road on weekends. By FAR the best party we ever had was for that great 1980 Olympic hockey game. I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to rent us a bunch of “giant” (for the time) TV’s, but it was one of the top 3-5 parties of my life, and I’ve been around a bit! The energy was so intense it was hard to describe. It was being at a Bills home playoff game live, but it was a bunch of college kids and countless kegs. It was not my intent to take things off course, or denegrate that classic event with tales of my youthful debauchery. But we all have some great stories! I’m too old to do it over again, but not so old I can’t remember and appreciate.
  10. Vegas to Utah sounds like it could be a shock to the system. Just sayin’. Hope the transition is going well.
  11. I’m guessing your wife’s friends are behind this outage. Scientist? I say you decided to just carry on……
  12. Great! Will you post your number so we can all call you to see if WE have problems? 😋
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