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  1. It al depends on where you are in life. We’d do probably $100 minimum for someone we barely know, probably $250 for someone closer or a cousin’s kid. My son? He should not be expected to come up with anything like that when his friends are getting married.
  2. They seemed to have skipped an important part of the story here.
  3. And then there are the guys who are forever just stuck in the Minors, never making it to the big time! .
  4. A close friend has a daughter getting married soon. They are in their 30’s, established and she’s quite successful. Nothing on the registry was over $100. It felt awkward but we got something at the high end and will probably send a check too (cannot attend due to conflict). What do you do if they are 45 instead of 25? Is that any different? My son is proposing this weekend. (Her father said “I was wondering when you were going to get around to it!”) We think she might even say yes! 😋 She used to be a wedding planner doing ~300/year. She is reluctant to waste so much money on a few hours where you don’t even have time to talk to everyone. I suspect her parents are giving her a certain amount that she can spend or keep. Want an open bar for everyone you know, or a nice start on a down payment for a house? The wedding will be as small as they can keep it. HOWEVER, all posters with extremely generous responses can expect an invitation! My wife is from a HUGE family, and it’s that time for everyone to start getting married. Four in last 12 months I think. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Travel expenses for each one is a real thing. One was at Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas. It was worth every penny!
  5. DeCastro had the sense to just move Garrett away and lay on top of him. De-escalate the situation. I want me team to defend each other, but not the way Pouncy did coming in swinging and kicking Garrett in the head while he’s already pinned on the ground. Garrett? He’s just a nut job! This wasn’t his first incident. But maybe it should he his last......at least for a long, looooong time.
  6. I thought Hughes was retired..... I haven’t been following him specifically, I just watch the games.
  7. I have a good buddy from college who drives for Uber in Cincinnati in his free time. He enjoys it and meets a lot of cool people while finding a bunch of cool destinations. Every time I go up we hit new places. “I picked up some folks here and they raved about it!” He tries to keep track of what he actually makes, as that was my real concern. What do you REALLY get after gas, depreciation, etc. He pays attention and still drives, and it fits his schedule. I guess it works for him.
  8. Momma said there’d be nights like this. Especially for young QB’s!
  9. There was another guy in the front of the end zone, and Baker was frazzled.
  10. I think it’s most likely a blend. Nobody gets off.
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