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  1. Augie

    Garrett manhandled Dawkins

    I’m hoping Garrett is that good, and Dawkins is not that bad. Having a glass half full morning.
  2. Augie

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    I’m more concerned with him being ready than whether he’s our best option. Two different questions. I’m all about the long term on this one.
  3. Augie

    Bills QB depth

    How long will it take you to get loose? We just need a body, and that body may take a beating.
  4. Augie

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    Josh has shown much more than I expected at this point, and his upside seems amazing, but I’m still not wanting him to be rushed into action. I will wait and trust the process.
  5. Augie

    Star Lotulelei: Where is the Impact?

    Let’s call this a work in progress, and pray it’s fixed by week 1. I’ll trust the Process to figure this out. It might take some time, however.
  6. Augie

    Who wins more games? Bills or Browns?

    ....until he’s not.
  7. Augie

    Kyles knee...

    When my son tore his ACL and MCL in HS, the trainer knew on the spot. I begged for good news, and he was not going to lead me down that road. They are pretty good with their tests even before MRI’s.
  8. Augie

    Kyles knee...

    Tim Couch never seemed to have ANY awareness regarding defensive players.
  9. AJ is out of the mix. The next couple weeks will be telling. I’m a “wait till Allen is certainly READY” guy, but they looked like a different team with him in today.
  10. He stayed in a while. He’s either courageous....or stupid! The OLine sucked early!
  11. Augie

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    It’s all part of the Plan.....I mean process....
  12. Augie

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    He’s actually 54 until November. I happen to know that thanks to @Kirby Jackson, but I’m starting to get it. 😱 We don’t have many mirrors in our house for a reason.
  13. Augie

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    This would explain him strolling up and down the Browns sideline with a microphone. Too bad....
  14. Augie

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    I think it gets better right around the liftoff of the Josh Allen era.