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  1. I hope we loaded up on OL in FA. (And I think we will.)
  2. Augie

    Jim Kelly is cancer-free

    Yeah, I hope it stays that way this time! But always great news!!!
  3. He’s probably off having a high level meeting with Dunkirk Don and 26CB. I hope he finds his way back safely.
  4. Augie

    Tennessee 2019

    As I think you know, I LOVE Nashville. Spent a lot of time there, including one Bills game. I’ll be there unless the date or something serious makes it impossible! I learned the hard way “the difference between the bridge across the river” from stadium into town, and “the pedestrian bridge across the river”. I won’t make THAT mistake again!
  5. Agreed, yet oddly captivating! This time of year I actually start learning a little something about these guys.
  6. Augie

    Don't Throw Stuff at Powerlines

    I’m the same way with greens!
  7. Wearing down indeed. Belichick is smart enough to have him do what he can at this point.
  8. Five DL in the top eight picks. I’m praying more QB’s get pushed up the board!
  9. Augie

    Don't Throw Stuff at Powerlines

    Clearly, you’re not doing it right. That’s golf, for you!
  10. Augie

    So I put in an offer on a house today

    Sadly, that’s not at all unusual. Good luck staying on track. While I’m still busy on moving day, I can clear my busy schedule for the housewarming party!
  11. I was going to mention that too. Brutal start, I wish Peterman could have been less embarrassing to let Josh miss some of that, but I guess it WAS a learning experience. A rough one....
  12. Augie

    So I put in an offer on a house today

    WELL??? Does @Kirby Jackson have an update for us? P.S. - I’m busy the day you move.
  13. I don’t know what factors came into play that led to his improvement late in the year, but I will say I think the elbow injury was a blessing in disguise. Things were kind of spiraling out of control, and that time off let him regroup and the game slowed down. I’m not sure HOW good he will eventually become (still a lot of work to do...and he’s a hard worker), but I am VERY encouraged!
  14. I’m with all the people saying Bruce. More than, ever pressure on the QB is critical. He would change games for us.