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  1. Sorry, my bad as I FULLY understood that and should have made it clear in my post in retrospect. I just wanted to point out they are not a lousy team, and it was a good win.
  2. Yep, 2020. Nothing like this year! 🤷‍♂️ I’ve never been a big New Year guy.........until THIS year! EDIT: I’m used to and love the routine of a Sunday game at 1:00, but I can adapt. The price of winning, I guess, and I’m happily willing to pay it! .
  3. Those pathetic teams include the Chiefs, Saints, Raiders and the Bucs. The Chargers are better than their record, and that was a better win than it appears on the surface. As @Royale with Cheese mentioned, that turnover spree was a freaky event or the score might have been even more appealing. I don’t recall anything like that before in my many years of watching, ESPECIALLY in a win!
  4. I may have damaged my relationship with some of my neighbors earlier in the season when the weather was nice and we all had our doors and windows open. I’m pretty sure they had heard all those words before.....but some of them have been looking at me a bit funny. Hard to say for sure.....
  5. This is why we play the games! The first matchup started horribly with a quick INT off the WR to start the game and fall behind. I think good teams can overcome that, obviously, but somehow it felt to me like that set the tone early. AND we were at a disadvantage not knowing WHEN or WHO we would play. It’s just a crazy year and I pray it finished pretty much on schedule. I don’t know that the Titans are a better team (in my opinion they are not), but their pounding run game is a very bad matchup for us, IMO. Let’s hope the defense keeps improving and we finish the year on a roll, like the Titans did last year. Peak when it matters most! .
  6. He’s using some of that Fitzy black magic! I like the way Tony tells us what’s going to happen before it happens. I pray this is one more example!
  7. Bob Kaufman lived right behind us and my sister used to babysit their kid during games. Great guy! Used to play hoops with the local kids at the community court. She also would babysit for Butch Byrd in the same development. It was an awesome place to grow up! I jumped off the roof of a garage into a snowdrift......only to learn Kaufman’s VW Bug was in the snow. OOPS! He was like 6’8” and used to drive around with his head out the sunroof for fun. Haha! Loved Gar Heard and Ernie D and all the rest back then! Fun times! .
  8. We split four season tix with someone back in the McAdoo days. Great times! I loved the NBA back then. And then I didn’t.
  9. On to the 49’ers. Why is this so hard? 🤷‍♂️ It’s the only way I can manage my hopes and expectations. That could just be me. To each their own.
  10. FAR more importantly, does he have a sister named Donna who was on my bus in high school. I’m a happily married man.....but what is she up to? Just curious. Maybe some pics?
  11. The only thing worse than having teams poach your FO talents is having nobody interested in your FO talent. This is the sign of a good team.
  12. THANK YOU! The people who want to panic because we haven’t won a Super Bowl yet make me crazy. Could some things be better? Of course. The coaches are just like the players. You hope they get better every year, except they don’t lose a step in their 30’s. McD will tell you that about himself! If you look at where we were for almost two decades, then look at what we have accomplished with McD, I don’t understand how you could possibly be unhappy and considering a change! Goodness!
  13. Well, when you put it like thaaaaaat...................
  14. Are you related in any way? Maybe on his personal payroll? Klien is just fine.............as long as you don’t have to ask him to move in space.
  15. ....and he earned far more than I did today. Job well done, Josh! If he had retired at the end a a quarter it would be a move we would all remember forever!
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