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  1. does anyone here have NFL insider & can pull Kiper

    I’d actually love to see this. If we can’t get the old info, we need someone just nerdy enough to start keeping track NOW so I can be entertained in a few years.
  2. So...you’re denying being the instigator right before the video starts? Wise move... Gotcha!
  3. Oh yeah, something happened on that cruise ship! It turned ugly! Did you see that?
  4. There you go....I can never quite keep up!
  5. I believe this is well covered in approximately 114 existing threads. But who’s counting......
  6. Or......McD replaced the dummy. I like it better that way. I’ll sleep better, and I need my sleep.
  7. UFO Found on Ocean Floor?

    I love it, but could he be more subtle? Maybe next week!
  8. As crazy as this sounds, it’s easy to be a little jealous of the Browns. They have some parts already, and soooo many options to get soooo much better. Where they sit right now, if they do it right, they can begin to build something great. ...or, they can keep being the Browns.
  9. College Basketball 2017-2018

    That might work too!
  10. He’s no Ricky Williams! Or, maybe, we don’t have a Ditka running the show......
  11. I tend to agree. I’m not pretending to be an expert, but I saw him one hop a bubble screen in the first game I saw him. It just brought on EJ flashbacks giving me bad dreams! Now, I will saw his upside looks much greater than EJ’s. He CAN look great at times, where I thought EJ just looked serviceable at best. I’m surprised how high the talking heads have him. I’m glad putting food on the table for my family doesn’t depend on making the right call here.
  12. College Basketball 2017-2018

    I’ve set my hopes on the 60’s! I’ve got a few years on you, and the finishing line to the 50’s is almost in sight. The best things in my recent life include the dog just has a bladder infection (vs a tumor which was the other option), and buying a massage chair yesterday, which is good for old men. I still have some eligibility left, maybe I’m a few massages away from being the next Michael Jordan?
  13. Mason Rudolph/Lamar Jackson/Tyrod Taylor

    Well, it’s being discussed (or, as some might call it “disgust”) now! It’s certainly one possibility, but it seems they are pretty determined to move on. However.....you never know.
  14. College Basketball 2017-2018

    When Villanova is on fire, like they were yesterday, they can beat anybody. Xavier didn’t play poorly in the first half, but ‘Nova crushed them. Glad it’s only one game. No shame in losing to Nova. Peak in March!