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  1. Judge and jury went against you??? Maybe next time!
  2. They are easy to FIND. They are just about impossible to get signed on your roster. 🤷‍♂️
  3. He clearly included a caveat: “Unless there is a situation where a player is a perfect fit and is very clearly above replacement, the mantra should be patience” I don’t think he said we have to wait for scraps after everybody else picked thru the free agent barrel. I like the way the FO handled the Watt situation - they determined how much they were willing to pay and they didn’t get involved in a bidding war that took them beyond that amount. Watt was that “situation”, and it just didn’t work out. .
  4. At the same time, the current FO seems to like 1-2 year prove it deal while they develop guys. Maybe we sign him while still drafting the long term guy? I know, it’s a long shot but our FO has layers of plans, I’m sure. Unlike a previous regime, it won’t be available to the public first thing tomorrow.
  5. I’m with you, I know I’m not qualified to evaluate interior linemen. BUT, I do know we need to win the trenches and adding to our line by hurting a division opponent has a strong appeal!
  6. Has anyone seen The Phenomenon? Cowherd talked about it today. Not for the first time. He says he’s not into this stuff but has mentioned it multiple times as being interesting and not “kooky”. Apparently a lot of “legit” people (if politicians can be “legit”) speaking on the subject. It’s on Amazon Prime but didn’t pay the $4.99 today. Thoughts?
  7. I agree they need to upgrade the pass rush (who doesn’t?), BUT....they did show patience/restraint to a degree in that they set a price and didn’t chase him beyond that line in the sand. I would have wanted Watt, but NOT at that price. I’m glad they were involved, and I’m glad they didn’t get carried away. I trust them to do what they need to do in a responsible way.
  8. Am I the only one who has a hard time evaluating his play fairly? He’s not what he used to be, but I’m glad to see his play on the field decline because of his “stuff” off the field. I may be blinded by my dislike of some of the reports and allegations about him. Did I mention I’m not a jersey guy?
  9. IF I were ever to make an exception, it would be for Kyle Williams. Unlikely to ever happen, but I loved that guy! He just felt like a guy who would never let you or the team down in any way. Along with jerseys, I don’t get autographs. I’m not going to try to make money from it, so why do I want you to write your name on something so I can keep it in a drawer. Again, just personal preference, but that’s just not for me.
  10. Very sorry for your loss. You make an excellent point about the Bills bringing family together, even if they are not blood. The Bills are a vehicle to make us closer as families. RIP. EDIT: I took my 93 year old mom to see a house 30 minutes away that my nieces are buying. She’s been pretty much locked down for a year, which is precious in your 90’s with not many left. I’m thrilled that I got to do this with her today because I know that at some point not too far down the road this will be something I could only wish for. The OP’s loss should be a m
  11. Putting JOHNFROMRIVERSIDE on the back would beat SCHOTTENHEIMER!
  12. Yes, and I feel worse for the victims. To each their own, and I’m not being critical, but this is why I personally wear Bills gear but stay away from jerseys. I don’t know who these people really are.
  13. The water is still pretty cold out there. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  14. Titanic is too obvious. How about the S.S. Minnow?
  15. Since he has Sunshine’s flowing locks, that would break any tie. My kids knew every line in Remember The Titans....to the point of almost being annoying. But mostly amusing. I had never even heard of Mond before, so I’ll hang up and listen.
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