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  1. Augie

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    I doubt he’s that great. Good? Sure, probably.... I was born in Orchard Park the same month the Bills were founded. Moved to Hamburg and went to third grade with Jack Kemp’s son, we’d walk home to his place after school to see trophy cases full of game balls. My dad got 2 seasons mid-60’s and we fought over who got to go, so he got 2 more. We’d rent a school bus, filled it with neighbors and head to the Rockpile. My sister used to babysit for Bills players and I knew their kids. I never stood a chance...... My boys, however, saw what I went through and still became fans. I don’t feel guilty, as they were born with free will! Actually, just like with my dad, it was always there as a bond, a reason to get together and reach out. It’s more than a football team playing games, it’s part of the fabric of our family.
  2. Augie

    College Basketball 2018-19

    It’s hard to recognize from 5-10 years ago already. Every perking lot downtown seems to be under development or planned for some big project. It’s cheaper to Uber into town than park. I can’t wait for the schedule to come out! Unless the game in Nashville conflicts with a cruise we booked, I’ll be there. That was an awesome game last time, and the pedestrian walk into town makes it perfect for post-game festivities. (I much prefer the Gulch to the honky tonks, but if you're in Nashville, you should see both.)
  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very high on him, but not with zero reservations. Same can be said of any 2nd year QB I think. I love him and hope it works out.
  4. Augie

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    I promise I’ll try to wear more Bills gear going forward. I’ve got some fleeces I’ll wear this time of year, but I need to work on being a better full season fan.
  5. Josh’s weapons might have been a little slower, less elusive and less sure-handed, but they were generally better behaved! Some blocking should help. I’m not 100% sold on Josh, but he sure deserves a fighting chance with a good line and some weapons.
  6. I don’t think there is any question that we have become better at managing the cap.
  7. Augie


    Our kids HS did the old 50/50 thing at sporting events. I feel bad that I didn’t play along more, but usually didn’t stop to bother with it. My bad.
  8. Might he be the next Kyle? Not that ANYONE will ever replace Kyle.
  9. Augie

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Is this a discussion about what to do with our first round pick? Yeah, didn’t think so..... Relax, it’s not personal. It’s all about context.
  10. Augie

    Hot for Teacher: Barstow - You Would Not

    That’s a long time. You should know that....now that you're older, they have a pill that may help with that.
  11. Augie

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    I’ll take solid progress, and be pleased with that. There are a lot of moving parts here, and NFL QB is not an easy job. QBorBust2018 can picnic if you like. I hope I never panic over a sports team.
  12. Augie

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    You work in the marketing department, don’t you? I think I need more Bills gear!
  13. Augie

    A trade down is now off the table.

    If they screwed up by signing too many good players, I’m gonna be pissed! 😎
  14. Augie

    Clay Matthews signs with Rams

    Sounds like a Rams thing to do.
  15. Augie

    College Basketball 2018-19

    If you’ve never been to Nashville and seen Belmont, you probably don’t realize what an awesome school it is. Everyone knows Vandy, but Belmont and Lipscomb are great too. What a great town, I hope it survives all the growth.