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  1. I politely decline any invitations to your pool parties. EVEN if you have Bocces pizza coming!
  2. Augie

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    I wish him nothing but the best. (Since he’s not in the AFCE).
  3. Augie

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    Again, quick is measured in time. Distance in the motion is another matter. Measured with a stopwatch, apparently he’s very quick. I don’t care HOW he gets it out so quick. I very much DO care if he can get it where it needs to go. Time will tell.
  4. Augie

    Tremaine Edmunds vs Gronk

    Gronk will have too push off someone closer to his own size.
  5. Augie

    Have you ever been arrested and what for?

    I have a buddy who went to UGA in Athens, GA and was in his best friend’s wedding there. The groom had a great wedding and a fantastic reception........ before getting a DUI heading a few blocks back to the hotel. Honeymoon interuptus.
  6. There’s a guy who loves what he does! It’s a great watch after he gets past his gushing. I’m happy for anyone who gets to do something they love so much.....and then I learn something? Win/win!
  7. Augie

    Hot for Teacher/Hot for Teacher's BFF

    No kidding....this is terribly sad. Now they face the difficult task of replacing the action they were getting!
  8. I like a female with actual sports knowledge more than just the hottest airhead they could find. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, I suppose. Side note: Why did they ruin Mike & Mike for yet another typical ESPN show?
  9. Some guy named Brady does pretty well with an odd assortment of characters each year.
  10. Augie

    Sliver or Splinter?

    FINALLY! An appropriate adult response.....and from a 4 year old. Go figure? .
  11. I can feel it.....with one or two more posts he’s going to sway you and you’ll join his side! I can tell you’re close..... 😊
  12. The weather in WNY was amazing the way it would change so quickly. I remember a day in late summer when it dropped like 30 degrees in an hour. It went from beautiful in the 70’s to the 40’s in one long gust of wind. I’ve not experienced anything else quite like that.
  13. Augie

    Sliver or Splinter?

    I think it may depend. How big is the wood that pricked you?
  14. He is NOT the stuff the current regime is looking for. They would rather have ME! I couldn't ruin much before they sent me packing.
  15. Tell the truth...were you the kid with the bowl? Weren’t you? We drove about an hour north from Sarasota to Busch Gardens in Tampa through a crazy hurricane-style storm one time. It was me, my parents and my son. It seemed silly, but we had taken the day off and we figured we’d hit a museum instead then do lunch due to the weather. When we got near the park things were miraculously dry. We went to the park and had the entire place to ourselves. We were the only fools to try the park that day. I got to sit in the front seat of the big roller coaster as many times in a row as I wanted. We eventually tried the back car for a change of pace. It was like Wally World!!!