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  1. Wow! Speculation like that would make even a Two Bills Drive Serial Thread Starter blush! .
  2. I will pay extra for seats on the aisle at any event.
  3. All of this makes the Diggs trade look even better! We know the draft is a crapshoot, at some positions more than others. Still, you need to fill those positions so you need to take your shots in the draft at some point. You need cheap young players to fill out a roster, especially if you have a big QB contract on the books.
  4. Great thread Kirby! I went 1, 3 and 8.....with apologies to #4 (which I had for lunch yesterday!).
  5. Let us just hope the season arrives this year...... and on time. Anything else would be absolutely cruel! .
  6. Same boat here! I just got off the phone with my mother (checking to see if she’d run out of anything), and even though she’s my own mother, I’m afraid she would vote me off the island before my wife! She’s pretty sharp for 92 years old, she’d make the right call, and I wouldn’t blame her. Even the dog, who was MY birthday present 10 years ago, bonded with my wife. I’m the one who walks her and picks up the poop, I take her to the groomer and the vet (which she LOVES), I feed her and take her for rides (another favorite activity). BUT, when we’re not home she sleeps in my wife’s closet so we eventually put a bed in their for her. If my wife leaves for another bedroom (somebody around here may snore a bit) the dog follows her. Goldens are smart dogs!
  7. I’m fooling nobody, the dog stays because my wife lives here.
  8. I’m trying to figure out why my dog doesn’t run away! She can do much better......
  9. Draft sleepers? Does Buddy Nix count?
  10. But......other than that........we should probably ignore the best WR prospects in a generation. I read that here, so it must be true......it’s on the internet, right?
  11. Some people prefer ultimatums to reasonableness. I’m good with progress, but I can’t put numbers on that. I’ll know it when we see it, and I feel pretty confident we will see it. But I’m not expecting a finished product. Why set anyone up for disappointment?
  12. About the same age, Napoleon Brandy. Treated it like iced tea in a tall glass. My friends called the “cool friend” of our parents asking him to drop by the next morning to see if I was still alive. Barely.....If I got a whiff of it today I would probably vomit!
  13. So.........you’d take an inferior player just because they are NOT a WR? That’s what that looks like. Please explain. Sometimes the 7th best WR is a better football player than the 5th best at another position.
  14. We drove to Florida at Christmas with a young lady who coughed for 9 straight hours. I spent all of January (and much of February) with a dry cough, a fever and I was totally exhausted! I coughed so much and so hard my back and stomach felt like I had done a thousand (OK, maybe five for me) sit-ups! If I had gotten that these days I’d be freaking out! Heck, I still get a little cough in the morning sometimes and try my best to control it at grocery store or any other time another human is in sight lest they lose their minds! .
  15. HA! I haven’t been a liquor guy in decades, but back in college I went home with a friend for a weekend. It was a warm early summer day and we were hanging by the pool. His dad brought out gin and tonics (with lime) for us, and 40 years later I still remember how refreshing that was! .
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