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  1. Holy Spitfire! “We’re gonna need a bigger pool.”
  2. I don’t care about weed....... at all. The league will give them that, but only in return for something in the next CBA. If this guy has ready access to Oxy and the like for most of the year, and then gets his illegally when that dries up, I worry for the man and his family. .
  3. Two Super Bowls, a LONG career and the last name get him in. I never thought he was special, but I bet he gets in anyway. The “helmet catch” might make the difference.
  4. The LAW says otherwise. Break the law, pay the penalty. If they were so easily available from the team, why get them illegally? Maybe team doctors knew it was the offseason and they were not appropriate? It’s a red flag that would actually concern me about the person (not the player). Has he maybe gotten them thru the team so much when it made sense that he now feels the need when it is not appropriate? .
  5. We could show the whole world footage of the Falls and wings getting tossed!
  6. Because I am such a decent person, I am available to be on the receiving end of the bolded. I’m here for you, buddy! We’ll make this good for you! The more you do, the better you will feel! Trust me! .
  7. That’s what dads are for!
  8. I’m talking mostly of Knox, who clearly looked to run a few times before he had possession. A couple of those were huge plays in a close game. Maybe you missed that, or maybe it doesn’t play into your narrative.
  9. I was told there would be no math! I hope there is no quiz coming! . One drop can decide a game, and in fact may have on some occasions. We’ll never know. I hope Josh plays better, and we learn to look the ball in and hold onto it.
  10. I believe that 1969 was be best year of music. EVER. I don’t think any other year even comes close. I won’t tell my horrible The Who story again, but it will never not come first to my mind, I’m afraid. .
  11. Am I off, or is Lawson a (very) poor man’s Clowney. Not much pass rush, but sets the edge well. I don’t see the Clowney love. Doesn’t the Big Money come from QB pressures and sacks? Sorry, but I’m actually serious. What makes Clowney worth so much? (Besides a college career and a highlight hit where he was inexplicably unblocked.) I think of him as “solid” more than “game changing”. Did I miss something? Thanks in advance to those who have watched more of his NFL play. .
  12. My son came into the room and saw me watching a pretty good movie. I forget what it was, but it was a movie worth watching. He quietly asked what the WE meant at the bottom of the screen, as in Women’s Entertainment TV. Wise ass always made me laugh!
  13. One of the things that bothers me the most (almost as much as the cost) about this whole thing is the smarmy nature of it. You have a product, what is the cost? Tell me what it costs and I’ll make my decision. It should not be subjective based upon if you call to complain and the mood of the person getting the call. If they want, make it formulaic and put it on a grid. You’ve been here X number of years, you have X number of cable/phone/DTV/internet services, so here’s your deal. I’m not into calling every year to beg for discounts and argue with some shmuck then ask for a supervisor. I realize this helps to subsidize the cost for many of you, so you're welcome. That’s just not my thing. It DOES, however, make me dislike them that much more and less loyal to them the first chance I get a better option.
  14. Ain’t that the truth! Some people want to jump on any miss, while pointing to other teams hits. But the fact is the whole thing is a crap shoot! You have to go on the Big Picture results. So far, I’m generally impressed. Time will tell.
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