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  1. We don’t need to sign him, we just need some other team to do it. Wait until the Bengals have to pay Burrows. That will level the playing field a bit.
  2. Some threads are forgiven on a Friday night. I hope you sleep well. 😋
  3. I think that as you would hope, McD has been growing into the job. I think he’s a better coach now than when he got here. I hope Dorsey is a quick learner!
  4. Do you agree there are levels and degrees of adversity? Maybe that matters? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Ahh, the funny things from our youth that follows us! I was applying for Clear to get thru the (bigass stinkin’) ATL airport faster. One of the questions asked which of the following streets I had lived on. My first reaction was: none of them. But it had to be one! I realized one was a house I lived in in college for about 10 months. I never had a drivers license in that state, wasn’t registered to vote and I don’t think I was even on the lease. But I did live there for a while. I think Big Brother was just showing off.
  6. Ummm, that is a bit spooky! One of my first dates with my wife was at a club watching the Doug Flutie Hail Mary game and she bought me a Molson. It was my beer of choice in WNY and I’d get some from time to time since then. I bet I haven’t had one in the last 15 years….but last night I dreamed I was at a crazy party where everyone brought their dogs (it’s a dream, OK?) and I had a Molson for the first time in forever. I could taste it! Just about 6-8 hours ago! BTW - since it’s not a tailgate, in my dreams is the only place I should be having a beer of any type at that hour. 🍺 😋
  7. I think teams are like your kids, they all have different personalities with different strengths and weaknesses. I think the Packers are defined by a quirky Aaron Rodgers (who was never a favorite of mine) and the Cowboys are the Jerry Jones soap opera. I much prefer what I see as our stable QB and ownership. I’ll take our situation over theirs 10 out of 10 times. We have things to fix, I get that. (I’d start with a hard look at scouting, but maybe that’s just me.) But in the big picture I still think we are a team to be taken very seriously every year. I enjoy having 12-15 wins a year and being a contender, and the thought of going back to 6-8 wins is thoroughly depressing. In the end, it’s all personal preference.
  8. How about all the teams that did NOT win that year? What if the Rams sold their souls and DIDN’T win it. That was a real possibility. How would you feel as a Rams fan if you were empty handed that year, then faced the major rebuild and years of suckiness. It’s a gamble. I’m not saying you are wrong if that is your choice, it’s a personal thing. I’m glad Beane sees it the way I do…..build for lasting success and get your shots every year that way. It doesn’t mean you aren’t trying to fix what you can along the way to improve your odds.
  9. There in the two bolded sections is the conundrum. You’d think that with a franchise QB and a solid coach you’d always be a contender. But that’s not the case if your short term deal with the devil means putting all your eggs in the “immediate basket”. I suspect with more resources the Saints could have improved that defense and remained more competitive. Payton “only” made the playoffs 9 of 14 years, I believe (I’m not looking that up gain, but I think that is accurate). That’s about 64% of just making the playoffs, with a HOF QB. Not very impressive. For the record, if I could be guaranteed a SB victory, I’d take the trophy. BUT, there is no guarantee, ever. There is only somewhat improved odds. You still need some luck. I’d rather have a real chance every year than take a big swing and waste Josh and company for the foreseeable future because we left glaring holes with no means of addressing them. I am NOT saying others are wrong, it’s personal preference. I enjoy being pleasantly entertained every year.
  10. Sadly, you can only take one or two big swings at having a shot at a SB. If you swing and miss, you are left empty handed with years of suckitude to pay for the big swings. If I could be guaranteed a SB victory, I take it, but that’s not how it works. We took a shot by signing Von, but our shiny new toy got broken right after Christmas. Hope next year he can make that huge difference we had hoped for. I’m with Beane, I want to build for long term success. You need as many chances as you can get to be good enough, and lucky enough, to come out on top. This may mean some changes are necessary, and I’m suspect of the scouting. There is no salary cap on scouts. We should buy the best and hopefully bring in more cheap talent as a result. If you are not in it, you cannot win it.
  11. I hope this enflames the “Beane Sucks Crowd”. It would be fun to see the Beane Sucks Crowd” and the McD Sucks crowd in a cage match to see who sucks more. We could sell PPV for this Suck Fest! 😋 .
  12. So…..how about now??? 😋 We still have the best QB in the division, and they will work to shore things up around him. As @What a Tuel points out, 15-3 over the last few years would indicate our chances are rather good, even if we had a goofy loss or two last year. That Miami game in the oven is not something I consider seriously. You could call it 15-2.
  13. That sounds horrible! And yet…..they won 14 games! Hmmm….. Of course there are things to improve. That’s always the case, and quite true with the Bills. As for hearing from the owners, we are NOT the Cowboys, and I like it that way.
  14. They won 14 games. Only one team wins the Super Bowl. Now, should we have some accountability with new threads? Everybody is trying to find new word arrangements to say the same basics things. THEY WANT TO VENT.
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