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  1. Didn’t we go thru this with Ed Oliver just last year early in the season? AJ is NOT Ed, but it’s the same kind of deal. Don’t throw the rookie into the fire, take your time, we are NOT in an urgent situation desperate for help. That’s a very good thing!
  2. Not fair to change species like that!
  3. Nope, CEO wouldn’t let her go. Said she was more important in the current national position. They have a call set for 6:30 tonight. Should be interesting! What the CEO doesn’t know is her previous employer of 18 years has reached out to my wife about a position opening up next spring, conveniently after the February bonuses. Having options is nice. It reminds me of when a team won’t let a coach talk to another team about a lateral (or in this case backward) move they are allowed to block, but it’s frowned upon. Bad form. She likes the bigger job, but they won’t give her the resources to “win”. She could feel like she’s winning more in the regional job. Problem is, nobody can “win” in the national job they way it is now. She’s the best option and has got some leverage they are aware, and an option about which they are unaware.
  4. I’ll have to trust the coaches, players and trainers to do what’s best. It’s all I can do........ BUT - when’s the last time you felt we might stand a chance in a shootout? Seriously! That thought I find exciting! Last year I was hoping to win 13-10 type games. This is a totally different looking offense! It’s time for the offense to carry us to some victories when needed.
  5. I’m retired, but you sound a bit like my wife. Everyone is afraid of the CEO, so they just nod and do as they’re told. My wife will call out the BS, in a polite way. She actually just applied to take a semi-demotion from a national role to a regional role. The guy desperately wanted her, but the big boss said “nope, she’s too valuable to the firm in the national role. You can’t have her.” In effect she said “I’d rather work for him than you”, but she did it in a nice way. “I think I can make more of a difference in that role where I know I can really move the needle. I don’t feel like I’m doing that here.” The CEO might be difficult, but she’s also brilliant! If you are surrounded by “yes people” it’s too easy to get off the right path because nobody will question you or call you out when you don’t make the right call. There is value in being blunt on occasion. .
  6. The one contested ball Josh threw that was TAKEN by Diggs probably would have been a pick in the past. That one play said it ALL. Taking a WR in the draft is a total crap shoot. I was happy with the trade, and now I’m THRILLED with the trade.
  7. I would be SHOCKED if we don’t take a CB in the top 3 rounds next draft. Probably earlier than later.......
  8. I have to wear a CPAP to prevent snoring. My wife still works (and pays the bills!), while I’m retired. I hate the CPAP. She goes to bed early, and gets up super early. I go to bed late, so I only need 4-5 hours on the CPAP to avoid waking her. We have a white noise machine which is an essential part of our lives! I’m lucky as when I go up, it’s usually straight to sleep these days.
  9. I think they should take a quick trip to Asia to get their “official” checkups, then maybe have a stop to see the London venue for preparation for their next NFL exhibition. A night back in LA, then fly into WNY. I actually thought some teams were staying on the east coast. Not sure about the rules or what teams are planning.
  10. Do you have perfect vision, or wear glasses? I wear contacts 99.9% of the time I’m awake. I personally like saving the bedroom for sleepy time, and if I can’t see the TV anyway, why clutter things up? I can’t fall asleep in glasses and expect it to end well. Glasses are expensive! Our bedroom is strangely large (a lot of wasted space better used elsewhere, but I’m stuck), and if it’s not at the foot of my bed, it would be too far away to see. Actually, with my lousy vision, the foot of the bed is probably a pipe dream. No point in a TV for me.
  11. I was happy with the trade from day one. WR’s in the draft are a total crap shoot. Diggs was NFL proven! And pretty cheap, at least for a while. I went from happy to ecstatic when Josh threw the ball that would have been picked in recent years, but Diggs went and GOT IT! I’m sold! That’s an awesome connection.
  12. That was my first thought, but if you go too far north I think they are terribly inefficient.
  13. I can only guess that he’s getting dinged for that mustache.......
  14. This was only possible because they have done a GREAT job of building a long term roster. No reaching because there is a desperate need for any one position. Forget the specific player, the ability to make picks looking towards the future tells us a LOT about the job they have done with this roster. BTW - anyone pay close attention to how AJ fared yesterday? I must say I’d have to go back and look. Line play on both sides takes a lot of attention to have an informed opinion.
  15. At least it wasn’t “it the train leaves the station.....” I absolutely HATE IT when the train leaves the station!!!
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