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  1. The likelihood of repeatedly winning the Powerball is not hard to calculate. It’s math. You don’t need to make enormous assumptions about things we know so little, if anything, about. That’s where you are going wrong, assuming you know too much….with so much that is unknowable to us. It sounds very pompous, to me. But to each their own.
  2. I believe, somewhere way, way back, you admitted there is not a 0.0000000000000000000% chance you could be wrong. I think “your math” is a bunch of made up $H#^ by someone with an agenda, but if you admit you cannot be 100% sure, you are the one ignoring the math. Just sayin’.
  3. I would hate to be the person who broke the internet! 😱
  4. BUT……whatever will become of our thread? We haven’t even hit 100 pages yet! Ahh, we’ll get their easy talking trash about him and explaining why we never wanted him anyway!
  5. For the kids at home, this is only to be done by experienced professionals, and NEVER near open flames!
  6. I was out there before the sun came up trying to make a left turn in. I shoved my wife out into traffic (she’s pretty quick and nimble for her age, former gymnast, hard to get a clean shot on her, like Barry Sanders) and had to get @mead107 to stop traffic to allow me in. Clearly, he had impaired judgement at the time. But we will not judge the tailgaters. It wasn’t until a few hours later that you broke into my rental car, almost causing me some security deposit fee for what nearly happened on that seat!
  7. We’re not done! We are like the Jerry Lewis Memorial Day Telethon! We shall carry on!
  8. I went to college in Cincinnati, and more recently I’ve also traveled in for Bills games there. It’s a nice walkable city. If you want a dive bar, I’m your guy! 😂 They have a lot of park areas that not all cities enjoy. It’s a nice city for walking. What used to be dangerous in the Over The Rhine area (OTR) is now very cool with breweries all over the place, if that is your thing. It’s a beer drinking largely German town. Oktoberfest is a hoot! Hyde Park is cute and has Graeter’s Ice Cream, which is semi-famous and quite good, I’m told. I like Arthurs, a little cafe around the corner. I texted a Cincinnati buddy this afternoon that I probably think of Zip’s (hamburger joint in Mt Lookout) more than he does! It’s nothing special, just a neighborhood place, which makes it special. That is comfort food to me. I never got into the chili they are famous for, because, well…… I guess I just like food that tastes good. It was largely a “what’s open when the bars close” food in college.
  9. We just got back from a trip that included my first visit to Paris. I’d highly recommend it, especially where we stayed in the Latin Quarter by Le Bon Marche. I walked over 20k steps the first day just taking in all the little shops, farmers markets and cafes. I love walkable cities, and this was great. If I hadn’t just been there, I’d make it a day trip from London if time allowed. Just my two cents. BTW - today is the first day I’ve seriously thought about going, where to stay, how to get around, etc. The wife is actually really pushing me to go. I wonder if I will come back and find out she moved? 🤷‍♂️
  10. You have three feet? That sounds awkward!
  11. He thinks he is in the unique position of being the only person who gets to decide what is “real”. It’s just one more opinion, from one more person.
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