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  1. Nyheim Hines says it is MUCH better for you than jet skiing. I‘ll check in on this event every time for a little bit, just because it’s so stunningly beautiful there. Lake Tahoe is a place I’d love to see in person at least once.
  2. Social hour with terrible food? We were in different leagues, apparently. We had 14 courts of doubles with lights (21 Har-Tru courts total, plus the hard courts), and the top few courts had former college (and even professional) players. The food afterward came out of a tap, and we poured it from a pitcher. Then I’d go home and float on a raft in the pool watching the clouds past the moon…..and it was one of the best times of my life. To each their own. Those were great times, times that I miss. Side note: Nick from Gary, IN mentioned to me once “I know you’re probably a bit nervous about Tom and Chris (Tom had a full ride to Univ of FL, and Chris was his tournament doubles partner who lived in my neighborhood and filled in when they had someone fall out from the pro exhibitions). He said “the tall guy is your 4th, and I sat in his family room and watched video of him playing Connors and Lendl at the US Open.” Some people would pay a lot more than the league fee to have that experience, and that would include me. Sorry, long ramble over good times is over.
  3. I was in a tennis league and meeting the guys on my court for that night. One guy I was meeting for the first time, and we were doing the whole what do you do, where are you from thing. I explained I was originally from Buffalo, went to school in Cincinnati, etc. I asked him and he said “I’m from the armpit of the United States.” I replied “Gary, Indiana? I drove thru once, about as fast as I could.” He said “if you’ve been there, you get it.” What are the odds of that? Turned out to be a really good guy.
  4. That was his intent, I’m sure. I suggest you settle it like men at the next tailgate. (It can be part of his pre-game warmup.) I can spring for a ride for you, unless you are hiding like Bin Laden to avoid the encounter.
  5. I forget the exact numbers, but the owner of the NBA Timberwolves years ago was talking about the Kevin Garnett contract and said “I only paid $95 million to own the team, now I have to pay this one guy $126 million?” 😂
  6. He’s just setting up the DB’s. Eventually he’s gonna grunt, but keep going. They’ll never see it coming!
  7. Watch out for that whole stock market thing…..oh, and prohibition! 🍺 Can I just stay here and be your heir?
  8. How much do you think the cinder blocks it sits on would get you? Gotta be something, right?
  9. Ahh, memories of waking up thirsty in college! I kid, as far as you know.
  10. I’ve never seen more than a few minutes of The Shining, and that’s fine with me. (Just not my thing.) However, I’m looking at the photos and she seems like she’d be perfect for Popeye! It’s interesting how playing a role can define your legacy for so many. And those are some amazing roles. RIP
  11. Seeing this made me laugh! When we lived in Sarasota during those years we had a life size Mike Alstott cardboard cutout in the kids playroom upstairs. It just sat in a corner and it was hysterical when people would walk into the room and he would startle the %$#@ out of them! 😂 Hell, I knew he was there and even I would flinch! 😂 😂
  12. No, it’s just very complicated stuff, and the cost of not finding an optimal solution can be enormous. For the record, I don’t have any ill will toward them because they are billionaires. Good for them! I wouldn’t mind joining the club, as a matter of fact. However, money is far from everything. They have bigger bank accounts, but they are just people with more complicated pleasures and problems. .
  13. Remember when people told Terry Pegula he couldn’t make any money if he overpaid for the Bills at $1.4 Billion? He famously said something like “if I was trying to make money, I’d drill another oil well”, but I think this will turn out pretty OK for him and the generations to follow. That’s a big part of why some families are selling off a portion of ownership now, and not just in the NFL. There are some SERIOUS and COMPLICATED estate planning issues to be considered.
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