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  2. Her past machinations could be somewhat hidden and without a lot of backlash. In this instance the backlash could be deadly.
  3. Its not the media's manipulation. I'm not buying Trump's manipulation. And as far as the line coming from "left wing news sites", well, Trump is an over the top salesman. Snake oil salesman is apropos. Look, I'm an engineer to training and work at an R&D Facility. I've seen highly touted things fall flat frequently. I'd have more faith in this drug if it was being touted by Fauci, or Birx but coming from Trump or Navarro? Not buying it. Yeah, I went over that with Doc a week ago. His attitude was let him suffer.
  4. We have a poster here who said that he has been using it for sometime and was concerned that it might become in short supply. (this was weeks ago) I believe he was using it for arthritis.
  5. But Nancy isn't in the driver's seat. She controls 1 of 3 bodies that have to sign off. She doesn't learn though. Impeachment and her last effort to dirty up the aid bill are recent lessons.
  6. My only regret is not enjoying any of the families great holiday food. Once pregame segments hit it would have just taken up my beer room..... priorities
  7. I just don't think a solution exists without (dreaded) government intervention. Not this time.
  8. Let me guess? Josh won't win the Lombardi because you coached lower division football and you have the wisdom to know all things QB? Is this your motive and your illustrious coaching pedigree is your merit? What if one were to say you never made to the big leagues because you were an overrated PE Teacher, because that is how you judging Josh.
  9. You say you got a real solution Well, you know We'd all love to see the plan You ask me for a contribution Well, you know We're all doing what we can But if you want money for people with minds that hate All I can tell you is brother you have to wait Don't you know it's gonna be alright
  10. Well, given that snake oil has benefits in hair care, Trump is probably a great spokesman for it. https://www.cosmeto-nature.com/en/blog/hemani-snake-oil-an-oil-with-a-thousand-benefits-for-the-hair-n15
  11. How the heck does this guy keep getting traded every season?
  12. You're an idiot. Any information about him was posted by him first.
  13. I'm 49 and that game gave me wood. Allen's fight for the first down after the fumbled snap made me question whether I was still straight. That day was incredible.
  14. It was on Shadys IG story line. No clue if I can link that.
  15. I heard about HCQ from a colleague a few days before I heard Trump mention it.
  16. I believe I made an inference which is high level reading comp indeed! Middle school at least! I inferred that you implied that we won't know if our schedule this year is harder until after the season. Usually I'd agree except in this case where last year's preposterously easy schedule makes that damn near impossible. Schedule will be much tougher this year.
  17. Archive.org is the world's largest digital library and has a huge live music section with pretty much every live GD show for listening or download. They also have hundreds of other bands' live shows The archive was started by a Dead fan from San Fran who also started Alexa Inc. I recommend listening to Cornell and Buffalo from 77 to get an idea of their live sound and energy.
  18. It’s a line that has been used over and over from corporate mainstream left wing news sites. It’s silly to think that there is a mass movement of doctors listening to Trumps recommendations on what to prescribe to their patients. With that said there is a strong demand for this drug from doctors and state and local governments and Trump is securing more supply for it from outside sources and supplying the governments with their demand. It’s not your fault that you are bothered by this, it’s just a byproduct of the media’s manipulation.
  19. Maybe McD should have thought about that before trading their LT and WR1. Or before they failed to resign Woods and Goodwin. They could have taken a minute before they cut Shady for Gore. It’s not like they inherited a roster devoid of talent. They did all that and their replacements were Zay effing Jones and Kelvin “Buffet Line” Benjamin. And who was originally going to throw to this star studded line up you ask? Nathan ***** Peterman. 2018 was an absolute blunder that is nobodies fault other than this regimes. They have rebounded nicely and aggressively, but they, nor Josh, get a handicap because they messed up.
  20. And yet, if you get Wuhan virus and you start to have labored breathing, you'll be begging for HCQ.
  21. Useless post of the off season. When did I say to get rid of him ???? I just don't think he will ever be good enough to win the Lombardi. You're logic is very flawed. Sorry bro but assuming I think "everyone on my team will fail" is really …..kind of ignorant . Hoping that you are younger and will learn to not assign motives to people without merit. It can really hurt you in life. Blessings to You.
  22. I believe that the Rams did this merely to clear cap space. They over spent on their super bowl run and now the bill is due. They also spent a bunch on Jalen Ramsey.
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