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  2. I mean, soon we're not going to be able to harass any women at all, right? So unfair.
  3. Cali Mileage Tax

    No, they all like me. They're weird that way. (Except the one lawyer who verbally abused my wife and grabbed her arm hard enough to bruise her. He confessed he didn't think much of me, once his jaw was unwired.)
  4. Talking Proud versus the Shout song

    On a nostalgic note, related to Talkin’ Proud, who can forget the Whacky Weenie promotion at the time. Another classic Bills moment! http://www.forgottenbuffalo.com/forgottenbflofeatures/whammyweenie.html
  5. Coach Tuesday's Tyrod Thread

    You cited Roman and Lynn so I responded to that point. Neither of them got much more production of out Tyrod. This is who he is. To your 2nd point, that’s not what I’m saying. Not at all.
  6. It is insane to think that the ISPs have greater control over the flow of information than the Internet companies. You are the prime example of falling for a false narrative, and guess which companies have been pushing that narrative? You probably never even knew what net neutrality was until you heard it from Google and Facebook.
  7. Coach Tuesday's Tyrod Thread

    Yeah ok. More than half of the points came in games we won. A couple of the games we lost came down to the wire. So no, most of those points were not in "garbage time."
  8. The don of dunkirk

    Dunkirk don is right and the haters are all annoyed. I love it. Wait until early next year when stadium news come out then what haters??? I know, anyone could have predicted a 67,000 open air stadium east of the city surround my multi plex business center. Lucky guess. Huh. Get a life
  9. Post A Word: "Tailgate!" edition.

  10. More from obd

    Ralph. They are firing Ralph. Ralph will have no comment.
  11. Cali Mileage Tax

    Makes sense. Was wondering whether somebody she works with REALLY didn't like you.
  12. More from obd

  13. [Please Change Title]Marquise Goodwin

    It was solid to very good. And, people thought Whaley sucked. People thought Whaley didn't have a plan. He did, it was just different than McD's and he probably struggled to explain his plan....but, it was to acquire talent and playmakers. IMO Whaley would have succeeded if he picked his HC. I also think McBeane will succeed. There is more than one way to do things. The best plan is one that is executed. McBeane will have the opportunity to execute their plan. Whaley didn't have that opportunity due to lacking a HC he picked for HIS vision. Go Bills!
  14. Options for OC?

    Didn’t we interview Dorsey before hiring Dennison? Seems unlikely his name gets brought up since McD could have hired him to begin with. Rob Chudzinski - Seems like an obvious choice with the Carolina history and who is likely to be unemployed once Pagano gets fired. Sean Ryan - QB coach for the Texans John Morton - OC for the Jets. Seems unlikely that Bowles gets fired but if he does I’d look at Morton who I think has done a good job with the Jets
  15. The don of dunkirk

    I got this figured out. Don is a friend of the Pegs youngest son who started spewing to his bff after he got pissed Daddy wouldn't buy him the new Xbox One X. That explains the puberty induced reaponses and bipolar-esque threats.
  16. Coach Tuesday's Tyrod Thread

    Kaep is out of the league and Alex Smith had his career resurrected by Roman. Solid examples, I guess.
  17. Coach Tuesday's Tyrod Thread

    Well if you go back to my original post I indicated that Tyrod wasn't responsible for all those points but was a piece of it. Lets not pretend that Tyrod was horrible the last couple years and had nothing to do with the points our offense scored.
  18. The don of dunkirk

    Stop it, you whore.
  19. More from obd

    You could have just given him your auto-response Tom.
  20. More from obd

    I really can't decide if you were dropped on your head as a child too often, or not often enough.
  21. More from obd

    Oh come on. The organization hurts itself without any outside help. We’re not talking about valuable trade secrets here.
  22. [Please Change Title]Marquise Goodwin

    how much fater, goodwin had the faster 40 at soemthing like 4.2 and WAS an olympian, graham ran a 4.4 and I still dont get how that was so special.
  23. More from obd

    Well it shouldn't take that long to narrow it down if they are actually "investigating". I also highly doubt they are concerned about what some random guy is posting on a message board. But keep it coming there guy
  24. More from obd

    I had heard overdorf’s role was going to be significantly reduced to the “special project” variety back in the spring when all the new FO was brought in from various organizations. They didn’t need him anymore. I don’t know what his situation is tbh but that was the word.
  25. More from obd

    We can all spin stories like this. D never posts any type of reference or link. Its all “inside trader info”, or is it? Time will tell I suppose. If its all wrong he will be eating a big dish of crow with zero street cred and if he is right he may just become TBD’s annointed one!
  26. Panthers are launching an internal investigation, targeting owner Jerry Richardson, who is being charged with "workplace misconduct" http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Panthers-statement-on-internal-investigation/7f04eedd-f208-49a0-9b4c-5585bae98863 No ends to this sexual misconduct stuff. yeesh.
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