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  2. LBSeeBallLBGetBall

    Q Analysis

    https://gizmodo.com/apple-yanks-qanon-themed-app-from-app-store-after-repor-1827646947 Apple pulled their QDrops app.
  3. eball

    Hottest women you are attracted to.

    Before Dennis Rodman tore that **** up, maybe...
  4. apuszczalowski

    Are you consistent with your annual physical?

    Similar to dentists in Britan, the only occupation more lonely then the Maytag repairman......
  5. eball

    golf fans -- is Tiger Woods done?

    Nah, this is must-see TV. I'd love it.
  6. Boyst62

    Summer Concert Roll Call

    My girlfriend and I should have left after REO. Their set list for their tour: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/chicago/2018/pnc-music-pavilion-charlotte-nc-63eb9af7.html
  7. Peter King (on Golic/Wingo) stated, this morning, that over the last 10 years, the 7 RBs who led the league in rushing had an average draft spot of 79th overall.
  8. GG

    Helsinki Summit

    He was on TV? What if you believe the theory that Brennan was the spearhead of the coup plotters? Would his comments carry more or less weight?
  9. Boyst62

    Helsinki Summit

    100% !@#$ the FBI 100% the real FBI isn't in the beltway and those in the beltway can go to Hell. Mind you, I know what I'm talking about. Comey, the weasel, and trust me, if you've ever met him, you know it... Sold out the FBI but not as bad as McCabe, etc. Sorry, PTR, with all due respect you're not up to speed on this. Trump is a douchebag but he's doing a lot of good things and he didn't "sell out" Murika. There is just far too much here to wrap up easily. I'll go back in to hiding. Too many pussies reporting me for stuff and it's easier to observe or ignore the board while it melts down with snowflakes and egregious exaggerating bloviating on TSW... Deuces
  10. TakeYouToTasker

    Helsinki Summit

    You believe John Brennan to be credible? On what grounds?
  11. Another Fan

    Mets fans?

    Yeah John was always memorable to me because of the helmet he wore in the field. Plus he took the 7 train at times to the stadium
  12. Gugny

    Mets fans?

    Delgado is another good call. I took a look at Hernandez' stats. He actually had 4 "solid" seasons (playing 100+ games) as a Met. With Olerud and Delgado each having three, I'll take back my assertion that we haven't had a legitimate 1B since Hernandez. I would, however, like to have a guy (like Hernandez) to be our 1B for 6-7 years and get a solid 4-5 out of those. Here's to hoping it's Alonso!
  13. Soda Popinski

    Waitress at Applebees beaten and stabbed

    Those have to be the all time worst thing I've ever ordered in a restaurant. Had them back in 2005 and that was it, never ate there again.
  14. apuszczalowski

    Bills players slam WWE superstar through table!

    Hate to break it to you ... maybe sarcasm? 😋
  15. Yeah but look at their QB's.
  16. bobobonators

    Gregg Rosenthal: NFL RB Rankings

    That’s cute and all, but where do they rank Tyrod?
  17. PromoTheRobot

    Helsinki Summit

    When you can't refute the message, you attack the messenger.
  18. Doc

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    I believe this statement was made before the 911 call was released proving her/her client to be liars. And before Shady's ex called the BFF od Cordon a liar as well. On a scale of 1-10, how psyched would you be if Shady were implicated in this? Gotta figure it would be on the higher end.
  19. Tiberius

    Helsinki Summit

    Interesting read. Sounds sort of like the criticism leveled at Comey in October '16, though no election is taking place now. I just don't see it as a partisan document (the indictment) so much as a national security document. Obviously Trump is not trusted to protect us and the FBI acted on that. Had Trump simply shown any backbone at all with Putin this would not have mattered. Trump could have turned this into a victory for himself very easily and come out and challenged Putin and or canceled the useless summit. He did not. The FBI was sending a message, there is no doubt, you can agree or disagree with it. It's obviously just conjecture on my part, but the fact Trump wanted to meet with zero transparency a guy who attacked our election must have sent red flags waving. The FBI, I think, wanted to say, "we know what you are doing and we will find out what you two are conspiring about,"
  20. Wacka

    Are you consistent with your annual physical?

    Hadn't gone to the doctor for 7 years (forage 50-57. Had a stroke at age 57. Now 4 years later, I go yo my GP, cardiologist , nephrologist, and neurologist twice a year. Lots off stuff cam have no outward symptoms which tests can find. My nephrologist checks my creatinine level which is a sign of kidney damage if it goes up too high. You don't have any major symptoms until it is pretty high. When I had my stroke, they said I had about a month before my kidney failed (I only have one since I had the other remove when I was 4 in 1961). I'm ok now. A friend had a routine PSA test (had no symptoms at all. The # was through the roof. He had to have his prostate removed at Roswell it was full of cancer. He is fine now. Get a checkup to head off any future problems.
  21. GG

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    You've made quite a career on this site of twisting words to dig a deeper hole. My comment related to your earth shattering Deadspin article that somehow implicates Shady in this mess because of seemingly unsavory past behavior. Yet if Deadspin did a similar profile on every other NFL player, chances are that Shady wouldn't be as much of an outlier as you make him out to be.
  22. JPP

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    probably in collusion with the other mutts in the neighbourhood....yes the completely missed suspect(s) in this sordid story.....
  23. teef

    Any TGIF Fans on ABC Growing Up?

    i've never seen a video, but just a picture of her, on her back, letting us all know that the youngest daughter on family matters went into porn. why am i surprised that you went straight to bukake?
  24. Gugny

    Plan to Fix the NCAA

    Student loan.
  25. row_33

    Helsinki Summit

    you don't deserve to use Promo's name, change your name on here please.
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