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  2. Coach Tuesday

    Incognito's Retirement?

    This is an example of where not having an established, winning program comes back to bite us in multiple ways. WRT Ritchie, I don't see it ending well for him - I feel like we'll be watching a "30 for 30" in five or ten years profiling the Martin incident and the wrecked lives of Martin, Ritchie and possibly Pouncey in their post-NFL careers - just a bad combination of teammates, wrong place, wrong time, a bunch of unstable maniacs.
  3. fansince88

    OTAs are here!!! Predict who wins the starting QB job for Week 1

    Have you forgotten to trust the PROCESS?
  4. Kirby Jackson

    OTAs are here!!! Predict who wins the starting QB job for Week 1

    I’ve been of the belief that Allen needs time. The sense I get however is that the Bills are hoping that he’s ready early. He will be given every opportunity to play from the jump. I voted Allen because that’s what I think will happen. If he isn’t ready as early as they want McCarron will play until he is.
  5. westside

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    Or Geraldo Rivera😁
  6. I have an incredibly high degree of faith in this coaching staff, but given the losses we took on the o-line I honestly can't see how anyone believes that our starting QB doesn't spend half the season on his backside. For that reason alone, I really hope that they don't start Allen this year.
  7. I can see how conservatives can see the similarities in their rise to power and similar policies, but Reagan was the "shining city on the hill" optimist who was one of the best presidents ever at bringing Americans together. He had a whimsical, fatherly way about him that inspired people and gave them hope (similar to FDR during the depression). Trump's personal insults both on the campaign trail and in office to people on both sides of the aisle have turned too many people off for him to ever get the national adoration Reagan had. Reagan was the master at using self deprecating humor, while Trump is funny when making fun of other people (at the same time pissing half the country off). I would argue that as far as how they approach the office, Trump is similar to Obama so far. They're obviously on the opposite side of the political spectrum and have different personalities/styles. However, both are beloved by their base and loathed by the other side. Both use/used authoritarian rhetoric that they alone are the key to fixing this nation's problems. Both are narcissistic, thin skinned, stubborn, and overly concerned about their legacy. Both claim that they want to bring this country together, but their actions don't meet their rhetoric as they just seem to deepen the tribalism and partisan divide (Obama inviting BLM activists to the White House, Trump pardoning Joe Arpiao and calling private citizens SOB's for kneeling during anthem). Their major piece of legislation when their party has/had control of Congress (ACA for Obama, Tax reform for Trump) was passed without one vote from the other side. Will Trump use his pen as aggressively as Obama did if Dems gain the House or Senate? We shall see.
  8. nucci

    Music City Travesty

    well, that too
  9. Today
  10. Seanbillsfan2206

    OTAs are here!!! Predict who wins the starting QB job for Week 1

    If Peterman is starting week 1 then we’re in a lot of trouble this season. The only way I see him starting is if AJ and Josh are both out
  11. ColdFront_USAF

    Josh Allen Responds to Jalen Ramsey's Trash Talk

    Give me a break.. the guy quoted a tv show he liked when he was 14. They are picking on him because he's a high profile rookie that is looked at as a boom or bust prospect. I guarantee you if Bills players had a problem with what he said we would have heard about it by now, but we haven't. Get over it.
  12. Seanbillsfan2206

    OTAs are here!!! Predict who wins the starting QB job for Week 1

    I think Allen would have to be absolutely lights out during training camp and preseason to get the starting job over McCarron
  13. buffalo2218

    OTAs are here!!! Predict who wins the starting QB job for Week 1

    For all the optimism surrounding Josh Allen, I think it's gonna take a bit longer than OTAs and training camp to get acclimated to the pro level. I won't be upset in the slightest if he proves me wrong. So at this point, I gotta give the nod to McCarron.
  14. Big C

    2018 NHL Playoffs

    Both are good teams (of course) but the Caps have been on the brink for how many years now? One of these years they gotta get to the finals, right? They are fighting hard this time around. I liked what I saw tonight.
  15. LeGOATski

    May Movies: Deadpool, Solo, Overboard, & Breaking In

    So, after seeing the Phantom Menace, you were interested in seeing Attack of the Clones, but you can't get up for the Han Solo movie after Rogue One was a very good movie.
  16. Spiderweb

    Incognito's Retirement?

  17. MrEpsYtown

    OTAs are here!!! Predict who wins the starting QB job for Week 1

    I really would like to see Allen sit for the first 6-8 games. But honestly he is likely to look far and away better than the other guys in camp. Beane said something like "if you don't start the best guy you are holding back the team" or something like that. I think in the end they are going to have to start Allen because the entire team is going to see how good he is in practice.
  18. MrEpsYtown

    Incognito's Retirement?

    Nothing. Released players do not factor into comp pick formula. Just free agents whose contract has expired.
  19. LeGOATski

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Or we're not.
  20. I think it's Josh Allen. I'll be fine if McCarron wins it. I'll be absolutely floored if Peterman wins it... I think he's more likely on the practice squad than under center week 1. I think Allen has like a 55% chance. McCarron has maybe a 35% chance. Peterman has a 5% chance, if that. Allen is obviously the choice of this regime long term. Beane has questioned publicly the media perception of Allen as "raw." Dabol said he has a plan for him and was said to be on him like white on rice all rookie minicamp. It just feels inevitable that the most talented QB who's already the Apple of McBeane's Eyes will win the starting job against one scrub with a noodle arm and one QB with some potential, 4 years on the bench and a handful of quality NFL starts, but also a guy who made it through the 1st wave of Free Agency before Beane finally settling on him. The physical ability is there. The smarts are there. The experience under center is there. The work ethic is there. #17 under center on Sunday, September 9th in Baltimore... what say you?
  21. Jeetz1231

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Completely agree, if Peterman wins we are in trouble.
  22. Dadonkadonk

    Roster Review/Offense

    Looks like you are correct. Still seems odd to treat your ProBowl OG this way. Maybe the crap that went down in the Jags game was real and McD and Beane aren't messing around. If that were the case though he would have just been cut not renegotiated. Truth will come out most likely one day
  23. BullBuchanan

    The NFL Needs A Parental Advisory For The Music They Use

    "Foul language" has you upset? They're just words, guy. I never understood why people think it's ok to say heck, gosh darnit, friggin, or any other subset of veganized curse words. They're intended to convey the exact same message. Moving on, do you think pop music from your heyday was in any way better? "Summer of 69", "Afternoon Delight", "Baby it's Cold Outside" "Every Breath you take" just to name some off the top of my head. Music's never been clean.
  24. Buffalo Barbarian

    Steve Fairchild on Allen and 2018 qbs

    Let's hope he is right.
  25. Buffalo Barbarian

    Antonio Brown almost drafted by the Bills

    who knew, but that was a horrible draft by NixPixSix
  26. Buffalo Barbarian

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    Not mad, would be cool, but no biggie either.
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