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  2. My impression of him is he's just as lazy as Rex Ryan but gets a pass because he's one of the few minority coaches in the NFL. Both the NFL and the media are interested in having more minority coaches so they instead write articles about how a coach who took a team to the playoffs just last year is the "most likely" to be fired.
  3. As soon as he saw the film of him running the wrong routes half the time vs the Steelers I think that was it regardless of all the other crap
  4. joesixpack

    Trump foreign policy

    Great question.
  5. frostbitmic

    Maroon 5 to play Super Bowl halftime

    How much did Maroon 5 pay the NFL to do the halftime show ? If the patriots are given another SB appearance this will be my 3rd straight year of not watching it.
  6. Great deal for Buffalo! The NHL season can't start soon enough - hopefully it helps erase the stain of this Bills season.
  7. RyanC883

    Philip Rivers: A Sobering Warning

    yep. the team around him is awful. no running game, below-average D.
  8. 2003Contenders

    Bodine New Starter at Center?

    Bodine was actually WORSE in the preseason than Groy. Oh well. Let's hope for the best.
  9. Wait, so now the FBI is bad? I'm so confused HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Eat a dick "metoo"
  10. Ridgewaycynic2013

    Hue Jackson didn't know Zane Gonzalez was kicking while injured Sunday

    If Hue keeps up, Wrecks will have a place to go. Probably be able to bring Rob with him as the 'internal communications knowledge yeoman' (ICKY). Leave Williams and Haley right where they are.
  11. Rad Likes The Bills

    Patriots Signing WR Corey Coleman - Cut After the Trade for Gordon

    he just looks soooooooooooo slow
  12. The part to me that's frustrating, is that they don't even seem to be interested in bringing anyone in.
  13. Like A Mofo

    Philip Rivers: A Sobering Warning

    A sobering fact: From my count (i could be wrong by 1 or 2) 31 different QB's in SUPER BOWL history (just keeping this argument to Super Bowls) have won at least 1. 31 out of 52 seasons, 28-32 teams in the league most years. Do the math, lets say over those 52 years there have been an average of 28 teams vying for the SB at the same time. 52 * 28 = 1456 different teams different years over that time frame. And of the 52 winners, only 31 DIFFERENT QB's. 0.02% of the time. The odds are super slim folks. What every fan should root for is a QB that gives the Bills a LEGIT chance to win, maybe 4 out of say 12 years. And hope we get 1. Stop comparing to Brady, Manning or the like. Those odds are amazingly slim.
  14. HappyDays

    Bodine New Starter at Center?

    Billy Price has been disappointing so far. And he's currently out with a foot injury.
  15. B-Man

    The Fire Bell In The Night

    BLUE WAVE? Huge Upset for GOP in Texas: State Senate Seat Flips Red for First Time in 139 Years. “Apparently, Beto O’Rourke is sucking all of the oxygen out of the state’s Democratic Party resources.” Cruz leading O’Rourke by 9 points. .
  16. I wouldn't either, but if it were up to me, it's Monday or nothing. The left has been sitting on this for months. Ford herself said she's been sitting on this for decades. She said she was doing this out of a respect to her civic duty. Her request for an FBI investigation is bogus, and any thinking person know this truth unequivocally. They picked a day, time and place for her to testify. If she somehow is unable to be there short of being in the hospital in traction, then it's time to vote. Period.
  17. Hapless Bills Fan

    Did Vontae Davis retire at halftime? Yes, yes he did!

    "When a player retires, the team has the option to pursue the return of a portion of the signing bonus equal to the unplayed portions of the contract, and that money is no longer counted against the salary cap. This is typically done through an arbitrator. This is known as the "Barry Sanders Rule" because this is exactly how the situation played out in his case, as he was required to pay back a portion of his bonus. The difference between now and then is there was no precedent when Sanders played; now, it's explicitly written into the CBA to allow for this arbitration." No team guarantees a players salary for retirement. That's why Woods very carefully didn't retire during his presser. His salary was guaranteed for injury, but if he'd retired, Welp then.
  18. DC Tom

    Trump foreign policy

    I think that's exactly what the Times is looking for when they requested readers send them "fake news." I'll submit it...
  19. Hue’s infatuation with Gordon was...interesting. I bet Haley forced the release.
  20. The Bills didn't "reload". McDermott and Beane successfully turned a mid-pack NFL team that needed some tweaks, including a better QB, into a poorly staffed expansion team since McDermott was hired early in 2017. They sent numerous talented young players -- most of whom are starting on playoff contending teams -- packing so that they could fill the team with JAGs, has-beens, and non-NFL caliber trash. Get back to me about how great it feels when the Bills don't have another winning season -- may not even see 7 wins -- for however long McDermott and Beane continue to impersonate competent NFL HC and GM.
  21. DC Tom

    Trump and Russia

    Ah, yes, Jimmy. One of his four "Dogs of War:" Subodai, Kublai, Jelme, and Jim-Bob.
  22. 3rdnlng

    Trump foreign policy

    You've never heard of smuggling?
  23. baskingridgebillsfan

    Maroon 5 to play Super Bowl halftime

    Pop gum music. Lead singer is on the voice so you figure you get Blake Shelton and stafani too
  24. Like A Mofo

    Maroon 5 to play Super Bowl halftime

    Has twitter decided this is racist yet?
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