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  2. Like the grounding call they should have given to Goff.
  3. Taysom Hill is one of most overrated players in the league
  4. The Saints push off was 1/5 of Krofts. Kroft channeled his inner golden tate
  5. Yeah, Idk if it was you that posted about it during the game, but I started seeing it, right afterwards. Get the info out to OBD, why not?
  6. Too bad we can’t have the offense and defense show up on the same day.
  7. But that was only because Josh was holding the ball too long to make downfield plays.
  8. never have i ever seen the refs give a tie ball to the defense. its stated in the rule book its the offenses ball. Kroft was even down by contact when he initially made the catch and fell down
  9. The players have absolutely come out of halftime with no edge this year, probably because they have been dominating teams in the first half so far. Today I even commented in the game thread during the first possession of the 3rd qrtr how much half-stepping was going on out there with the defense. I'm seeing the same thing as you and there's not a whole lot a coach can do about it; at this level you cant' waste time coaching effort. These guys need to come together and hold each other accountable.
  10. Well unless someone DVR'd the game and recorded it on their phone I'm sure it will never see the light of day.
  11. Where’s the scandal? I mean, other than someone working for the IRS illegally stole someone’s tax returns, with the intent of seeing them published, which I’m nearly certain is a felony. The returns demonstrated that: - The President had no worrisome financial dealings with Russia. - The President has been audited, a claim he made which liberals said was untrue. - The President has been fully compliant with all US tax laws. So, what’s the problem?
  12. honestly, the single play in a vacuum didn’t bug me but with the DPI on a totally uncatchable right before it’s tough to see no call even if not a huge push. It’s been really consistent like that going against them for a year and change
  13. does it matter when in the last 10 seconds ive seen 2 horrid calls
  14. biggest thing is we see this year he can put up big passing numbers, this was always the fear with Allen. That he was going to be this 150-200 yard 2TD guy. He fixed a lot of his issues, if he keeps improving on those little mistakes and keeps up the consistency for 4Q's we are talking about a future top 5 QB
  15. Yeah, I'm kind of surprised that the coaching staff didn't notice this before Peyton Manning had to point it out, but I'm at least trying to get the word out there! I'll probably call WGR tomorrow as well. Not sure what else I can do.
  16. So how have your suspicions of him lying been confirmed?
  17. He also always has the ball hiked on the 3rd hard count. Been the same for two seasons now.
  18. It was five times worse than the one called on Kroft.
  19. I read it. I really don’t feel like going back and looking for a link though.
  20. yea I’m not sure he made it to the line of scrimmage and they gave him a full yard. Should be an easy review
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