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  2. Scumbag....I get alot of men cheat on their wives and that doesn't necessarily make them scum...but with your FRIENDS WIFE...when your Jay Cutler and can get a high percentage of women already...smdh
  3. He should eat Zach Wilson's lunch and then give him a wedgie... maybe stick his nose in some dried up dog poop... you know, just to remind him who owns the AFCE.
  4. I mean it is what it is. Humans are not built for monogomy.
  5. The fact that they could take that team and end a playoff drought- tells you yes - they can win. The fact that they recognized what was good and what was bad and moved on from Taylor - shows they understood the NFL. The fact that then then recognized what turned out to be the top QB and despite what fans here and elsewhere expected/wanted/screamed about - they made their pick tells you the most about them. The Leadership could of taken Taylor - looked at the playoffs and said we can win with this guy not making mistakes, build a running game and defense and try to win. It is actually what people expected with a defensive HC in McD, but he recognized that trying to win in that manner is a failure and set out to build an offense to dictate and a defense to slow teams down. I think this group could of gone many ways and built a winner, but only 1 way was going to build a SB contender and they were not afraid to shoot for the moon.
  6. Caught having an affair with his close friend and neighbor's wife. Apparently it had been going on a long time even when he was married...but seriously?? Not the smartest thing to be doing that while her husband was there on vacation with kids from both families. https://okmagazine.com/p/jay-cutler-caught-affair-close-friends-wife/
  7. To the first bolded part -- aside from the fact that Mueller's job was to investigate and report (not charge) do you think Trump did anything wrong in 2016? Do you think the House should have impeached Trump for his alleged misdeeds in the 2016 campaign? To the second bolded part -- the dossier was handed to the the press and the FBI simultaneously in order to create a feedback loop of reporting and investigation. It was the main predicate for the Carter Page FISA warrants. It was bullshyt, but it was useful bullshyt --used to maintain an investigation into Trump that revealed nothing of substance. It is the same pattern as the Sussman case. To the third bolded point, I think Sussman has a plausible defense. Whether he really was acting as a concerned citizen is plausible. The prosecution doesn't seem able to directly connect Sussman to a plan to bring the Alfa Bank information to the FBI -- though it smells real bad like that was the plan. So what you have with the 2016 campaigns (both of them) are allegations and nothing "provable". You might say that the Trump campaign allegedly worked with foreign actors to influence the 2016 campaign. A better case might be made that the Clinton campaign allegedly worked with foreign actors and our own Government to influence the 2016 campaign. Which is worse?
  8. Will Josh be taking reps at TE??? Because he would be the top TE in the NFL if he decided to play TE.
  9. That's our boy 💪🏾 I'm sure whatever he is going there for will bring yet some form of improvement to himself and/or his chemistry with Knox. Hopefully OJ shows up too
  10. This is actually smart by Josh. TE's have different tendencies and it's good that he is working with them
  11. IN 50 years, they will not be called stadiums, they will be called TV studios
  12. $600 in sales is the threshold that TM or SH have to send you a 1099, which they also send to the IRS. What determines whether your Season Ticket purchase counts as a business is whether if you're buying them for business purposes. That's to say, to primarily sell.
  13. I understand your intent, good natured and well reasoned but there is almost NEVER a 100% of all revenue goes to charity and even if you send a check there will be overhead/processing fees to manage the payment.
  14. It's good that he has a backup plan ... you know, in case the QB gig doesn't work out.
  15. I think it has been consistent actually. They have traded high picks for players and built the roster in the middle rounds. Donald is actually the exception, he was old regime.
  16. Well, before my grandmother got sick she put about half of her grandkids on the waiting list….. 19 years later there’s about ten more years of waiting to get season tickets…. The line shortens by about 600-900 tickets a year and there are 100k+ people waiting. 🤷‍♂️ 😂
  17. Lol. Yet another confirmation that the ignore feature works as intended.
  18. I agree with you about the companies in a sense. A lot of the time they are forced out without incident or public knowledge is the issue. I've seen it happen right under my nose with a co-worker that no one outside of the place ever heard about.
  19. It's why I don't go to games as much anymore... I got everything I need at home.
  20. Of course, I was pulling probabilities out of thin air, and I think we understand each other. It doesn't make sense to look at the Rams historically. Five years ago, they were on the McBeane methodology - they drafted their franchise qb, and they were using their draft and free agency much more like the Bills are now. For example, they signed Robert Woods. I think it's fair to say they changed their methodology when they traded Goff for Stafford. That was not a franchise-building trade; that was a win-now trade. Trading for MIller certainly was that, also. Signing Beckham, too. Given his history, no one is signing Beckham for the long-term or for his short-term locker-room presence (contrast signing Beckham with the Bills signing Miller, for example). The Rams clearly decided they wanted to maximize winning potential in the relative short-term. And crushing the middle rounds doesn't mean they are taking a long-term approach. It just means they've been good at drafting there. It's a fool's game to think you're going to load up your team with Cooper Kupp talent just by taking a bunch of third and fourth round guys. Kupp is the exception, not the rule. The Rams didn't draft Aaron Donald in the third round. You need top-end talent, and the only way you can get enough of it in the long-term is by drafting it in the first couple of rounds, or by trading those picks for young talent (Diggs), not old talent (Stafford and Miller). That's my view, anyway.
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