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  2. Dabol was happy to get on Josh when he was not doing his job correctly, Dorsey, not so much, but I could be wrong…, again,
  3. I agree, but we hardly ever actually play 4-3. They are in nickel all the time so really not a true 4-3.
  4. What players do you think would fit better in a 3-4? I’ve got two maybes in Oliver and Edmunds. And since we do not actually play a 4-3 - we play almost exclusively Nickel - why incorporate a 3-4 at all?
  5. It all likely stems from his spleen needing to be removed, just sayin,
  6. Daboll clearly had more control than Dorsey in his first year.
  7. I agree that he can do it, I also believe he needs a kick in the azs from time to time to make him remember what he should be doing,
  8. why bother. I just want to forget Brady.
  9. We have been building a 4-3 defense since 2017 and it would take a complete overhaul to go to a defense never ran before by this coaching staff.
  10. Laugh now... Is Josh more talented than Rivers? Obviously - but that's not the comparison here.
  11. It would be logical to conclude that you watch this crap for entertainment purposes since he's self defined as an entertainer. Does he bring you joy or is this a news source for you?
  12. What they need to do is have a plan “B” & “C” etc, ready to go when the opponent shows that they have figured out how to beat their defense, during games, and not wait till halftime to implement it. GO BILLS!!!
  13. The expectations for the Bills this season, both here and around media, were a championship and MVP. The Bills disappointed on every level. Saying luck is key is a cop out. The two best teams are in the Super Bowl and they didn’t need luck. They just played up to standard.
  14. Yet he wasn't playing that kind of qb against the Patriots and in the 13 seconds fiasco. This year, a combination of oline play, coaching, outside factors, I dunno, resulted in Josh Allen reverting to what you are talking about. It's a concern, but I think he's already shown he's capable of more mature play.
  15. I'm not one of those fans Timmy is speaking of. There's a select few of us on here not afraid to buck the mob and voice our opinions on this staff. I said, last year, that the Bills may be in a Buccaneers/Tony Dungy spot where they need an offensive mind to get them over the hump. Nothing has changed my opinion. If this draft leans defense, I'm done with the lot of em.
  16. Between the players we have and the players that we’ll have coming up for new contracts it may be time to change the defensive philosophy. I also think that replacing and/or adding new players will be easier and cheaper to do. Looking at the current roster we already have plenty of the pieces in house. Adding more LBers will be needed but once again they should be pretty easy to find, especially in the draft where 4th and 5th rders can provide great replacements.
  17. Joe Burrow got the ball with 2 minutes needing a FG to go to the Superbowl. The Bengals punted.
  18. The issue is that evidently our HC & coordinators have not adapted/evolved in their coaching schemes, and continue to fail to adjust to in game situations that demand just that, McDermott is a good HC imo, but his DC is a bloody mill stone around the neck of the defense every time an adjustment is needed. Dorsey is a rookie OC, one hopes he can see the writing on the wall when it comes to his offensive concepts/schemes, he to, in his first season showed a lack of scheme flexibility when it was needed. Imo, Sean needs to have a nice little sit down with his coordinators and make some things very clear…, GO BILLS!!!
  19. what a piece of garbage: CNN reporter John Blake sent this note to DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin, asking for comment after the gov blocked a woke high-school class: “I’ve talked to one of the nation’s leading scholars on fascism who, along with another scholar who is an authority on fascism, say that DeSantis’ decision echoes similar decisions made by fascist dictators to force what one historian calls ‘collective amnesia’ about the past.” SUNY needs its own Ron DeSantis as a savior from woke insanity I’m writing a piece calling the governor a fascist, care to comment? And how long have you been beating your wife? Karol Markowicz would get a "C" in composition 101 and an "F" in intro logic at any respectable university (but an "A+" at Hillsdale). How dare Blake ask for a comment regarding expert opinion? She and her readers couldn't care less about education and critical thought. Scholarship is woke and insane to them. Doublespeak in real time.
  20. Ryan Bates can be a excellent center in hope they move him .
  21. We are wasting Jim Kelly, the window is closing
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