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  2. I agree, if we had to redesign the offense ,getting away from our strengths,(Josh and quality receivers in 5 wide,empty formation s)in order to maximize an elusive back, who knows if it improves us. Maybe just getting more out of Moss and Breida with Hollister as H back in passing looks.
  3. I wonder how much of that still goes on....narcotics before kickoff.
  4. There were people that kept pming him on trying camp posts. And I will leave it at that
  5. Please get her there pronto. She needs help you SOB.
  6. I doubt the Patriots would take a QB in Round 1 as think Belichick be in the mind set that QBs are made not born. I could see them taking a guy like Trask in Round 2 though.
  7. I'm sure the resident TBD draft experts will weigh in, but I, for one, absolutely believe he would be a great fit for the Bills and a real asset to our defense. As you stated, he has positional versatility, and can play a traditional safety role or capably take snaps as a big nickel/slot defender. He has even shown skill as a punt returner. Prior to opting out of the 2020 season, he was a turnover machine at Oregon. NFL.com lists his player comp as Jordan Poyer. The only problem with Holland is that I believe 30 is too high to pick him, and he won't still be on the board at 61. He se
  8. And I’m ready with pick #91 if you don’t take him
  9. There could be a TE as BPA available in the draft in say the 5th round that could push Sweeney off the roster. He would probably end up taking Nate Becker's spot on the PS IF that happens. I'm rooting for Tommy to improve.
  10. Adds a risk factor into selecting him. Will cause him to drop imho.
  11. Keep him off the field for the Super Bowl halftime show and he’ll be fine
  12. Yes. it is a condition that can be well monitored and controlled. of course, he will now 'drop' to the Patriots at 15
  13. I know. It sucks doesn't it.😠 Oh well, let's just load up on offense and put score em lol
  14. I had to watch the highlights a couple of times and what I noticed is his running still is off (labored,stiff and runs more upright does not bend well) maybe big feet syndrome.
  15. Any volunteers to run the poll for the Bills pick?
  16. Opted out of last season due to Covid, which might slide him down to the late second/early third round area. He seems like a real Swiss-Army Knife type player for the secondary this season, and an eventual Micah Hyde replacement in the future. Pending on who is on the board at the time, I would like to see the Bills grab him at 61, or trade back from 61 a few spots, pick up an extra pick, then draft Holland. Any thoughts on if he is a McBeane type player, or a good fit for the D?? Jevon Holland brings talent, capitalized by stellar instincts
  17. Perhaps someone with more medical background can explain epilepsy better, but it seems to havent had much affect on him as an elite athlete. Sounds like doctors arent too concerned
  18. Only if you can get value in return...the return has to be enticing enough (ie I would be cool with two 2nd round picks, or a bottom 1st rounder if we can get it). Only foundational pieces, like Josh and Tre, are off limits...everyone else should be fair game...TE has not earned the title of foundational player to me....and if memory serves, we spent a 1st and 3rd rounder on him- so it would be wise to try and recoup some of that, if possible (if we are not planning on resigning him), so that it’s not a total waste...just my opinion.
  19. Smart to get in front of this now instead of next Thursday. Because you know somebody would’ve leaked this last minute to hurt his stock.
  20. With our offense anything that is 4th and 2 or less and at the 50 should never be a punt. It does matter on who your QB is but we have the right one for it.
  21. Etienne is definitely a big play threat. For me personally, I'm just against the idea of drafting RBs early in general and especially in this case where we've done it the last two years (and IMO have at least one starting caliber RB in Moss). I also think with an offense that spreads the defense out and tries to get them to put smaller defenders on the field, you want a powerful runner like Moss or Harris to make them pay rather than trying to put more speed on the field in Etienne. Having said that, I'll think it's the wrong choice if we go with Etienne but I at least understand h
  22. It is possible that it was more than business reasons, as you are correct that comment is odd.
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