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  2. We all know what their records were. You said that was by design. Was hiring Chip Kelly "tanking"? I described the circumstances for the 2 seasons before this one. Show me how Lynch/Shanahan were tanking.
  3. ...did we surrender yet?.....anyone know if they'll be souvenir pens?.........
  4. Goodwin, though he is on IR. Still a 49er
  5. Fortunately for people like Tom Brady there are people like you who don't believe in the great value of ADDED motivation. Tom shouldn't have dwelled on being passed over by every team 6 times.
  6. ...and idea yet when they go on Maher's show with their souvenir pens to gloat as well?.....how sick is that?............but. Nancy is a practicing Catholic so she MUST be doing the "Lord's work"......
  7. Edwards backed out is what I read earlier. https://www.thestate.com/sports/college/university-of-south-carolina/usc-football/article239461838.html
  8. Alec Sears....cut his teeth as a great thinker by putting up Christmas Lights according to his bio So is your guy Ryan saying that maybe unhinged, irresponsible or dangerous people should not have guns?
  9. I think Rivers ends up in Tampa or Jacksonville (doubt he wants to end his career on the Dolphins). I think Arians is done with Winston, seems like he was during the season but didn't want to just come out and say it. I think it would be funnier to see Winston end up in NE and BB 'fixing' his INT issues...... I could also see Marriotta ending up in NE if Brady leaves. I don't see BB at this stage going with an inexperienced rookie. (I do think this is all posturing and Brady will be back on a 1-2 year deal to retire a Pat and play in front of a guy they draft early this year). I think the Chargers are going to go to the draft and maybe pick up a placeholder to play for now til they feel the rookie is ready. Although I think they may try to pull off a blockbuster deal to move ahead in the draft and get a big name college QB to draw in the Fans or make a huge push for Brady to get fans into the new stadium.
  10. This would be a move up in the ranks for him from a DB coach to an actual DC. You can't block that for someone.
  11. Don't forget Claypool. I am eager to see him. He has the size, catch radius, and competitiveness the Bills are looking for. Just curious if he has the separation. It will be fun to see him catching from big armed QBs
  12. ....and our very own here in NYS, "Big Fredo" made SIX trips to PR to emphasize with hurricane victims because Trump screwed them out of aid.......a $92 BILLION dollar "screwing" and now this.....how many PR legislators have been arrested or resigned?....and oh BTW, where is all the money?......Big Fredo is back there AGAIN because of the hurricane and NJ's Senator Bob "Honest Abe" Menendez is demanding Trump release earthquake relief....stroking your constituents there Bob?....care to help account for the $92 BIL?.....naw it's just taxpayers' money......no need then...........
  13. Can you stop a position coach from taking a Coordinator job? Or am I misunderstanding the OP?
  14. And when the money's gone, this is what he'll have in his videos...(hey Mods, don't delete this one)
  15. Yeah, as a team, I'm sure you don't want to lose lower coaches, but if you keep denying teams access to interview guys on your staff for promotions, when it comes time to you needing to interview someone, teams may block you. It also won't help you much if coaches can get promotions cause you keep preventing them from getting the opportunity.
  16. Enemy of the people...organized and orchestrated.
  17. And again how do you improve talent at the skill positions? I can't think there is a single FA who would believe a word Beane or McDermott says about the offense & their goals based on their actions the last three years. So the Bills would need to over pay & they won't do that. Now the draft is the key & we'll wait & see. Again the the concern is that if they produce, will they be paid? Who was the last highly paid player on the Bills Offense? BTW Watkins would have been the answer if he stayed & the Bills made sure that that decision would never have had to be made.😉
  18. If we had a Mosert type back with Singletary mmmm boy. He hit that hole and you saw a gear that no one we have has. Singletary is a good shifty in tight quarters. But I think our run blocking can spring a speedster. It would be ugly.
  19. I don't disagree with you that much except for one thing for RBs. They wear out fast. Do you really want to spend a 1st or 2nd round pick on someone that will already be starting to decline in production by their second contract? I think you are rather looking for impact positions or spots where if you hit correctly, that player a starter on your team for a decade. Look at Gurley and Zeke (there are ppl already saying he has lost a step here in TX(live in Fort Worth)). Spend a 4th or 5th, get a player at 80-90% of the elite player and spend the money on other positions. Also, keep drafting one later in the draft to replenish the stock.
  20. I don't believe that article matches up with observed behavior and things that have been said by the press. Whaley was a Dead Man Walking the moment McDermott was hired, and he knew it. Wawrow said of Whaley's famous "not privy to" presser, that before that presser Whaley had a future at TBD; after that presser (in which, he pretty much threw Terry Pegula under the bus), he did not. You could see from Whaley's dress and demeanor when McDermott arrived at OBD that Whaley was an afterthought and knew it. You could read between the lines of McDermott's introductory presser where he was pressed on his thoughts about working with Whaley and his response was not "I'm looking forward to working with Doug" it was the ambiguous "I'm very comfortable with the situation...the Pegulas have made sure that I'm comfortable with the situation and I appreciate that" Then there was the sight of Whaley happily playing with his toddler on the lawn after the NFL annual meeting where everyone else had long taken off to get back to scouting and pre-draft planning, as Whaley would have done. No way he's doing that if he's still empowered to do real GM things. It's long been said (in fact I believe McDermott pretty much admitted) that he made the draft selections from Whaley's board. Anyone who thinks that a guy who was pretty clearly and visibly a total lame duck for the previous several months, made that trade down decision without buy in from McDermott and Pegula, is ready to buy a bridge. I might be an outlier, but I can never blame a new business owner for taking some time and assessing the organization before getting out a scythe and a broom.
  21. After these last 2 posts, I don't know who you're blaming anymore. First it was the players not executing McD's scheme properly. Now it's Beane for not acquiring (even though McD runs the show) enough offensive talent?
  22. Its a what have you done for me lately league. He has 3.2 ypa over the last 5 weeks of the season. He is old and slowed down. We should have moved beyond him a year ago but we didnt. Well, I haved moved on. The Bills have moved on.
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