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  2. :13 KC epic loss :22 Detroit epic win JA17 :20 Eagles. 17 playing lights out. that he didn’t even try with 17. Given above history? The man is not growing and may well be regressing now. so blatantly poor decision.
  3. Disagree. He may have more leighway than most here believe, but there's no way he would survive losing all the remaining games.
  4. Just in 2023. Hard to pick favorites—like a box of chocolates—there are so many to choose from.
  5. I view coaching as at least 50% of games lost in 4Q by one score. Even more damning on coach, when you are LEADING
  6. I agree with this mostly but would sub the Hail Murray for the Cincy playoff game. The NE game isn't getting as much as it should. It was a game we needed bad IMO against the worst offense in the league and you let Mac Jones go down the field for a game winning TD, not FG, TD!! UNEXCUSABLE!
  7. Passing up a chance to win in regulation when there was a chance they would not even get another possession in OT is gutless and just plain stupid. People would have clearly seen just how stupid it was if the Bills had lost the coin toss and had never got another possession. Just because the Bills happened to win the toss doesn't make his decision any better.
  8. https://stathead.com/football/versus-finder.cgi?request=1&player_id1=FletLo20&player_id2=LewiRa00 London Fletcher vs. Ray Lewis: Defense Totals London Fletcher vs. Ray Lewis: Snap Counts Look at the snap count differences! Lewis was resting most of game. Yes some repeated things as if they were facts. Noticed No Ray Lewis picture on website - Witness protection program is not usually for those witnessing murders but obstructing justice.
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  10. Enjoyed his time here and he paired nicely with Spikes but honestly never really considered him a "true" Bill. Jmo...
  11. They forgot to include counters on number of murders covered up to demonstrate difference between two men.
  12. I'm less concerned about McDermott than I am about the roster particularly on defense. It was built to win a couple of years ago and now has key pieces a little too old (Dr Poyer and Mr Hyde), injured and a little too old (Tre White), injured (Milano and Jones, and frankly Miller but it's not Miller time anymore). The Bills have made huge investments in their D and yet are going to have to rebuild a lot next year. The Miller contract, and not the Josh Allen contract, is the problem for a rebuild. This all does come down to McDermott's shortcomings. The 13 seconds debacle was on him, but with a closer on the D line it wouldn't have come to that. So to deflect attention from his failure, McDermott got Beane to break his own rule about not busting his long-term budget, and now the team is behind the 8 ball, with too many holes to fill and not enough cash to do it. I do continue to think poorly of McDermott for his lack of accountability and leadership when things go wrong. He just needs to take the blame when something is his fault, or even when it's not his fault. This is costing him with the players. As I've said before, players won't respect the man as a coach, if they don't respect the coach as a man. McD is apparently a great guy, caring about his players, etc etc etc, but he still needs to get out in front and take the shots and brickbats when criticism flows.
  13. So many bad choices. Trading Lamonica instead of playing him over Kemp. Screwing up Cookie Gilchrist's time with the team. Wasting that great mid-60s defense. Trading Haven Moses to Denver for a WR who couldn't play WR (became a decent DB instead). Ralph letting his accountant determine which FAs to pursue. Rauch deciding Ron McDole was finished, and letting him go to the Redskins where he played great ball for years. Not paying Gogolak and letting him go to the NFL. The Bills blowing the first SB by partying all week instead of preparing to play hard. It's not a curse when it's your own damn fault. But if there is a curse, it's the Flutie/Johnson fiasco that locked it in.
  14. That was two years after Norwood missed a FG in the Bills first SB.
  15. What do you base this on? Do you have any sources or it is just your opinion? Because I strongly disagree. I am willing to bet that if we lose from here on he's as good as gone. I think he is most likely gone if we miss playoff anyway. People are underestimating Pegula imo. Yes McD's position seemed strong before the year started, but I am pretty sure they are paying attention too. If basically all fans like me, i.e. those who thought he was a good coach now want him to go, then ownership also has to be affected. JMO of course.
  16. We should start a thread about all the mediocre RBs we made look like Gale Sayers I'd start with Jay Ajayi.
  17. This coach is great. A great coach takes accountability for the failure of his operation. McDermott should be taking notes from this guy who is 15 years younger.
  18. “I’m rolling that back a million times in my mind and hopefully we’re in that situation again,” McDermott said. Translation: “I f***** up”. (and no one will figure that out)
  19. Trying not to have too much recency bias. I went with the most painful losses instead of the ones I thought were caused by bad coaching. 1. Houston playoff game 2. 13 seconds game 3. Vikings endzone fumble game 4. Eagles 60 yard FG in the rain game HM: Hail Murray ^ All painful losses from different season, nice!
  20. Tells me Brady is a standup guy. He takes responsibility for an error, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the lame excuses from the rest of the staff and the HC.
  21. Won't fight you on this, but please keep in mind since Sunday i've been drinking more than normal😬
  22. I glossed him "Bass-o-Matic" the second we drafted him, and I've been on his jock since. But watching him miss these kicks has shaken me a bit. I hope he gets it sorted, or we may have to look for two kickers in the off-season (Martin is a mess).
  23. Josh Allen kneeling with 20 seconds left still ***** annoys the hell out of me.
  24. But all those tackles were 8 yards down field..... Still can't believe we let a HOF-caliber LB go in his prime. Hope you get in London, you deserve it. BTW, Fitz was never quite the same after London racked him up in Toronto.
  25. Pretty sure they said they red shirted him for the season.
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