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  2. you maybe can relate to this maybe not. But my son and I have an extremely close bond. With Katrina it is she and her father Daddies Girl 100% and its perfect. I will say we were fortunate to be able to fund her education . Because of her vocal training she's versatile and has a big range but definitely soprano. Of course Im super proud of she and what she has accomplished. But she came from good stock I'll cop to that hahaha peace and love leonardo m
  3. There have been some denials. The thing is, there has to be some truth to the rumors. You just don’t create a fake rumor about teams trading players without there being some element of truth to it.
  4. It's amazing that Steele wreaked so much havoc with his lies and nothing has been done to him. Simply amazing.
  5. Imagine if that what happens when you die. Your soul just hangs around…attached to sentimental objects. Beautiful mums btw
  6. Pretty sure the D didn't make a stop after the Poyer INT in the first quarter - unless you include the Titans 1 play drive at the end of the first half. Every other conversation about why we lost is window dressing IMO.
  7. Why pull the trigger right now? I will say in case anyone else was interested, the recent moves to cut Andre Roberts (now a Charger) and Whitney Mercilus (now a Packer) were NOT cap saving moves for the Texans to "make room" for an estimated $16.2M cap hit from Watson's roster bonus (though maybe they can put some of that off until next year now). As far as I can tell, both moves are at best about cap-neutral - both players had "voidable years" amortizing their signing bonus into 2022, but (assuming they have offset language which prevents them from double dipping) the savings from their remaining salaries roughly equals next year's signing bonus at this point. If they don't have offset language, then the Texans lost a couple million of cap space.
  8. Ed having his best season yet. Wish he had an inch and 20lbs on him, he's strong as hell and can penetrate but I'd say in a redraft he's a mid 2nd rounder ish. Also remember he plays a position that doesnt get a lot of big plays. Leslie and McD gave Ed more snaps than any D lineman last week, they like the kid.
  9. First they beat us and then they take Bobby Hart away from us, do the Titans have no shame ?
  10. Just seeing this post this evening Mup, and thank you so much for sharing. I did not get all the way through it yet but your daughter is a beautiful young lady with an amazing talent. I don’t know much about the spectrum, but I do know the importance of a positive environment for children and it seems you knocked it out of the park.
  11. Maybe, but I think we couldnt stop Chiefs on anybodys field the last two years. They were a better team than we were and proved it multiple times. we still want home field though. thats for sure.
  12. Someone seems awfully afraid of competition to State Run Silicon Valley. When people are only there because there is nowhere else to go.....it's only a matter of time.....
  13. Pretty certain on Saturday preceeding game, ie: same timing if we were to call up a player from PS usually by 4pm preceeding a 1pm kickoff
  14. trade deadline is before then, plus why would Houston care if they face Deshaun, they're tanking the season anyway and they need a qb. Fins dont have a 1st round pick next year to deal.
  15. "By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest." ~ Confucius "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." ~ Albert Einstein Yep. m
  16. Even if Watson were traded right now, there's no way he'd be on the field in 10 days.
  17. I think looking into Miles Sanders would be pretty smart. He is really fast and there is no way it would cost that much. You could even trade them Singletary if it made it easier. That’s not how I’d do it but I realize there is only 1 ball. Sanders would absolutely be a home run threat and can also help the passing game. There id an element of speed missing from our offense and that is a pretty reasonable option that id realistic IMO
  18. The only time I was out that way was to visit a cottage owned by my aunt and uncle. This was a good listen-thanks for sending it over. Bet they were a fun band to see.
  19. So funny. You are laughable! Thank for the laugh!!!!!!
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