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  2. HappyDays

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    As of last week we had the #2 defense in DVOA, 3rd in pass and 10th in run. DVOA takes into account opponents running out the clock and that sort of thing so no mirage here. We may go up to #1 this week, the new rankings will be posted later today.
  3. Gronks body has absolutely failed him. To be in his condition at 29 is a shame. I thought he was going to retire last off season. Given how the season as gone, I would say the odds are decent he retires this off season.
  4. I don't know if I can take this new, kind you.

    Pancho Billa just on GMF NFL Network

    It was the most memorable moment the NFL draft has had in quite some time. It made the draft.
  6. Fires

    California wildfires

    I'm between Franklin and Highlands and my house is at 3500'. There's several 5-6000 ft mountains around. Wish I could find the video of the Pigeon Forge fire, it looked very similar to the one posted of people drIving through the fire.
  7. It's interesting that everyone jumped down C. Biscuit's throat when the thread title insinuates that the "Panthers are really missing him." Stating their record is direct evidence to the contrary. Their run defense is slightly worse. Meh. They're 6-3. Maybe just leave the Panthers out of it if you don't want to know their record.
  8. Those must have been done on a keyboard designed for a person with ten thumbs, right? I was going to highlight "have doesn't" and ask you if you meant half dozen but realized that your entire post deserved highlighting because WTF?
  9. I dont think McDermott s ability to find and coach defensive players was ever in question. Its the other side of the ball thats been the issue.
  10. Wow that’d be interesting. I don’t think that happens but it’s possible. The giants main issue is there OLine. If Eli has time he can still win games. He has never been a QB who can play at an effective level without good protection. I do think Kyle Luletta will actually become a decent QB in this league if developed properly. But I just don’t see the Giants releasing Manning unless he is used an escape goat. Do you have any idea how much of a cap hit they’d take? And how much he is set to make?
  11. Johnny Hammersticks

    Why Is eball Such a Peterman Apologist?

    Either there are a lot of gullible posters, or posters completely oblivious to certain board “practices.” Hook, line & sinker...well done @Gugny To those who have their panties in a wad over this thread...grow a sense of humor.
  12. 26CornerBlitz

    Wyatt Teller?

  13. Mr. WEO

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    Not true. They are 26th in the time they are on the field.
  14. gobillsinytown

    How Would You Handle Our Current Season?

    I wouldn't pass judgment on the previous administration. I would start with an objective assessment of what I had: Based on Peterman's previous performances to that date, I wouldn't start him again. The rest of my focus would be on the O-Line because in my opinion that's where everything starts on offense. So how do I improve one of the worst lines in the league? I would try simplifying the playbook as much as possible and focus on running the ball. Now the hard part: Do I sit Allen and bring in a free agent QB to start? I would be inclined to set Allen behind a veteran, even if it's a journeyman. Josh has a lot of potential, provided his confidence isn't destroyed behind a bad O-Line. Those would be my first steps. Now whether or not it would work......................probably not, because I think the team's biggest problem is the O-Line and that takes time to fix.

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    That would be a rarity considering the Bills are near the bottom in red zone defense. It's been a problem since McDermott's arrival. The solution could be adding a dynamic egde rusher. Hughes is a solid player and Milano is a beast at what he does, but it's not quite enough.
  16. 26CornerBlitz

    Bills vs. Jets Postgame

  17. nucci

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    We have a very good defense....I expect Edmunds to start to dominate next year...If Milano continues his improvement we will be solid at LB
  18. Chicken Boo

    The Best Team in the NFL is......

    Would like to see Brees get a 2nd ring. Looks better with the gaudy stats he is continuing to put up.
  19. That Star’s performance has had no impact on our overall team record. He is good at his job but it’s a job that he does less than 50% of the time. IN today’s nfl, you’re better off overpaying a receiver than a run stuffing DT. SM has an outdated way that football is won now. I think you say this every year. You just forgot the Cam sucks part this time. McDermott, who is running this team, is good at defensive personnel and terrible at offensive personnel.
  20. mattynh

    If Zay pans out, McD's first two drafts are awesome

    I think last week we saw what zay can be. He has not been dropping balls like last year and when thrown to in rhythm he can be a good possession guy. Starting to have some optimism with him. The reality is it all comes down to Allen. With the other hits in the drafts. it all rests on Allen. Zay won’t really move the needle much. If Allen busts it won’t matter what zay does. If Allen turns out great it won’t matter what zay does.
  21. I wouldn't know. You have all of 'that sort of' experience. Gee. what happen to the flag of losers that you used to fly? Hey, Trump could've hired you for those Russian hookups that he loves so much. But then again, I noticed that you no longer post your favorite 'toss off' Russian bride site..........
  22. OJ Tom

    Bills Release Peterman

    I couldn't care less what this guy does, I don't get it. There are people here expressing concern, and well wishes, etc, but they likely have never even followed up on Kevin Everett to see how he is doing. Peterman will be fine, I'm sure he is likely an ok guy. No doubt there will be feel good stories about this guy for years to come. He ***** ing sucked!!! No. No, he won't. He is one of many many Qb's through the years (some of them undoubtedly even nicer people!) that isn't good enough to play professionally. No big deal. It's over. I'm trying to get some kind of solid information or reason why this guy is revered? Did he run into a burning schoolhouse? Donate a kidney to a dying man? What is so special and "nice" about this guy?
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