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  2. You have convinced me. Josh Allen and the 5th the Bills got for McCarron to KC for EJ Manuel. Git-er-dun Beane!
  3. row_33

    Trump foreign policy

    i've seen it in my work, i would enjoy finding something that i could find new and interesting in transactions...
  4. Logic

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    The #2 ranked defense featured a Pro Bowl level 3T. Without a quality player at that critical position, there is no guarantee that the defense will remain #2 overall or close. Maintaining an elite defense helps a young QB, as well.
  5. BuffaloMatt

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    Bought a cursed object at Vendredi's Antiques.
  6. teef

    Woodstock 50

    this thing is going to be an abortion. watkins glen is a good venue though...not that i've seen a concert there.
  7. DC Tom

    Trump foreign policy


    Rotoworld: Bills draft needs & 7 round mock

    That's a lotta' players and high upside. Edoga is a favorite of mine as a mid-round value. Hurd's pro day is today I think.........will be interesting to see how he runs.......love his RAC ability.......he can catch a ball at a standstill and go into RB mode and break tackles.
  9. Dante

    Woodstock 50

    I like this lineup better https://vanswarpedtour.com/events/mountain-view/
  10. you are kidding? LBJ as well, but you already figured out what a travesty that was... JEC, by the way, he always signed with the full formal name, WJC was the first to use nicknames in official documents (which is fine...)
  11. For what it's worth, Tim's a very good friend of mine. He left this board after being challenged -- unfairly, in my opinion -- by several posters who ganged up on him and essentially demanded he reveal a source about something, rather than taking his word for it. The posters who went after him so much crossed the line that I believe SMS established several rules in regards to the limits of how far people could go in these cases. jw
  12. Ridgewaycynic2013

    What is your favorite soup 🍜

    Stone soup? No, bone soup! * My mother made a flavourful beef vegetable soup, which as often as not used ox tails as the base. We always had the large cans of chopped or diced clams in house, and a ‘beef vegetable’ soup often became ‘Manhattan clam chowder’, thanks to a can opener, and about two hours of simmering. The annual Dominion Day - Fourth of July neighbourhood picnic always had a large kettle of the chowder on the stove.
  13. BigMcD

    California (again)

    Just turned 49. Not even close to old yet.
  14. I know ..... I was just joking that the majority of TBD is never in agreement
  15. Teddy KGB

    Woodstock 50

    Agree. I don’t see toad the wet sprocket either. Seems like a show for hipsters.
  16. Estelle Getty

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    Nsekhe, Dawkins, Morse, Long, #9 draft pick. That is the best way we could turn our biggest weakness from last year into a strength. I get we could use help on the Dline. What needs more overall help our offense with a second year QB or a #2 ranked defense? Then I would like to see DE in the second and TE in the 3rd. I don’t see much of a need ar WR after the contracts we just gave out.
  17. So 100 Scouts would admit that tossing 10 TDs and 12 INTs is good? Mmmm, OK, if you say so. I suppose that they'd say that he was good in the Red Zone too. Argue as you may, this isn't worth my time. It's ridiculous, you speaking for "100 scouts, coaches, GMs, and personnel directors," many of whom have already contradicted your ridiculous position.
  18. The Jerk

    Woodstock 50

    Not going. Lineup is trash. No Insane Clown Posse.
  19. GG

    Trump foreign policy

    It's like a plot of a movie as written by Gator or EII
  20. napmaster

    Baker and OBJ on a magic carpet ride...

    Couldn't put a laugh and thanks, so I went with the laugh. So here is your THANKS for posting this.
  21. LeviF91

    Woodstock 50

    Presumably this one would be a bit better. On par with most modern festivals, at least.
  22. No you aren't. This is really incredible.
  23. wppete

    Texans sign QB McCarron to back up Watson

    Back up QBs getting paid!
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