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  2. I think you will likely be correct because the Jets are so bad. Mahomes would likely be considered a bum on that team, so what chance does he have
  3. Yeah, idk about that. He's a got a bit of Rodgers to his game if you watch the tape. Quick release, different arm angles, buys time with his legs behind the LOS, and he's got more than enough arm strength. Even his incompletions weren't off in a lot of instances. I hope he doesn't pan out for NY, but it's likely he could be a solid starter for them if not more.
  4. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/politics/os-ne-desantis-school-masks-meeting-20210727-oz3qurbc6zc6fhe43mj3plrtbu-story.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Breaking News&utm_content=3701627396601#nws=true The quality of the Orlando Sentinel. They called his meeting "secret" because the press was not make aware of it until it had finished. They have a transcript and even those against DeSantis decision agree what happened. They seem confused on why the guy keeps cutting them out of the loop after they have lied about him so many times
  5. I remember Tibs was big on this earlier "armed insurrection" Oh well.
  6. Which is the craziest part. All this maneuvering since he was 10 years old, only to end up with barely a college career and no NFL career. Kinda reminds me of Todd Marinovich, except he actually had a college career and was drafted. I guess once you start holding out your Middle School-aged kid and having them sit home for a year, you're already on a bad path (although it seems to have worked for Justin Fields, and I also learned Jimmy Clausen was 20 when he graduated High School).
  7. It was actually 1 yr 2.5 million per sport trac .. so not a lot of people pushing for his services it appears https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/steven-nelson-16824/
  8. President CDC ladies and gentlemen infallible President CDC 99% of whom donate to the DNC....WOOOO HOOOO Vaccine discouragement day lolololol
  9. New coaching staff, new systems and schemes to learn for a rookie QB. The more time he misses hurts the Jets and Wilson. This is a good thing. Hopefully this lasts a while.
  10. I've been telling anyone who will listen....this is the year baby! Let's goooo
  11. This is so true. Great guy and we all love Marv but he was outcoached and allowed his team to party a little too much. We should have won 2 of those.
  12. The AFC was a weak sister during his time. Someone from the conference had to make it. That roster was dripping with HOF talent and he underacheived with it due to stubbornness and hubris. "Read and react" was a complete waste of that defense under Walt Corey, and you have to give the opposing SB team some respect and not think you can just "out execute" a similarly talented team and win. That's a coaching problem.
  13. This kid is going to be the worst QB out of that class. It makes me excited
  14. This only makes sense if they had a plan not to start him this year but clearly he has to start day one. Right now he needs to be with his teammates and working.
  15. You are a rube. All it took was a corrupt Attorney General (see Bill Barr) to shut everything down.
  16. Watched that girl from Alaska win the swimming gold medal live last night and her town back at home cheering and going nuts. My favorite moment of the games so far.
  17. Beasley gets put on Commission's List at start of season allowing Bills to keep one additional WR. Way to take one for the team!
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