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  2. BuffAlone

    The NFL's Obesity Scourge

    ^^^^^this. Even if they were on food stamps, retired folks seem to pack on a few lbs. Let alone if you're a millionaire
  3. Augie

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Unfortunate things happen, especially during transition phases. This is where we are today. Sure let’s fire the owners and a GM who wasn’t even on the job yet. I’d rather look forward than backward. I like what I see more than I thought possible 2-3 years ago.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    It's not like this "speculation" was created after Mahomes became a star QB. The talk that Whaley had been powered-off by McD started right away after his hiring and it wasn't a government secret. The free agency period and draft were full of instances where McD personnel decisions were based on the opinions of new coaching hires(Babich Jr. recommending Poyer and McGeoghan advising the Zay Jones pick) and the Carolina claiming that McD had stolen their draft board and maneuvered in front of them multiple times. Whaley wasn't pulling strings in that draft.
  5. My vote is for Steve Tasker. When he came from Houston he was a KR/WR and ST's player. He became one of the greatest Special Team Players in the history of the NFL. BUT, should he been more involved as a wide receiver?? Kelley always said he was the best receiver as to route running, quick cuts and catching the ball in practice. He personally requested to the staff that Steve get naps at WR. Until 1995 he didn't have more than 2 receptions per year in his career. In 1996 at the age of 34 he had 21 catches for an 17.7 yard average as the Bills Super Bowl teams of the past faded. I can't believe he couldn't have helped in the Super Bowls when Kelly was blitzed constantly and he needed a WR as a go-to-man for quick, precise patterns. He would have been our Hogan or Edelman. Thurman was covered like a blanket and couldn't be that man. Any other Bills on your mind that could have done more for the team ?
  6. Teddy KGB

    Cumming man threatens to attack White House

    You’re joking right ?
  7. BubbaT

    R.I.P. Turk Schonert

    That's for sure. I lost my best friend of 50+ years not too long ago. It's shocking and makes you realize nothing is guaranteed you. I feel for Turk's family and friends. That is very young.
  8. Augie

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Umm...maybe? I had no opinion on the guy whatsoever. I’m not sure if I ever even saw him in college. I read the same reports that others did. What I know FOR SURE is no team makes the best possible pick at every slot in every draft. We all miss with our wants at times. I expect that and can live with it, as long as we get it right more than not. I like our trajectory, so I’m all good. Every team misses. Do you just want to take over the draft? I’m sure that would be perfect! I’m not excusing it, I’m just saying it happened and it’s time to move on. Do you want to fire everybody. Are you that short sighted? Should we put them in time out for an hour? Make them eat Cincinnati style chili as punishment? Tell me: WHAT DO YOU WANT? It’s over. We had an outgoing GM and a new HC who was a DC the year before. But sure, carry on.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Here we go. The "would we have liked to draft 7 Hall of Famer's.........well sure!" rationalization.😂 Bottom line............there is one position that can really significantly alter your franchise.............not just it's success on the field over a 2 decade period.........but also it's ability to develop a fanbase and sell premium seating............and the franchise's net value and stability. Quarterback. They PASSED on that player at a time when everyone knew that was their primary need as a franchise. It's not that easily excusable Augie. Now I am hopeful for Josh Allen............I was instantly pleased with that pick and I hope it works out. But it is what it is.............it's not like people didn't realize at at the time that trading away a pick that would become a franchise QB could haunt the franchise.
  10. Where's Tony Podesta these days? (thread)
  11. C.Biscuit97

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    I find the offensive line so boring and freely admit I know nothing about evaluating it. I do believe it’s a position group where a coach can make a huge difference. So please draft mean, smart players and keep them together for a few year. And stop switching the blocking schemes.
  12. Mr. WEO

    Redskins may want to trade up for QB

    Either Only if the Raiders, TB and Detroit are waiting for 2020....
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  14. BringBackFlutie

    Debunking the Accuracy myth of Josh Allen with a rookie QB comparison

    What does that have to do with the part you put in bold? It was my impression that you were making an argument that putting a ball out of reach, whether by a small or large margin, is still putting the ball out of reach (all of those passes are uncatchable). Therefore, regardless of where the ball is when it's out of reach, both cases result in the same completion %. I was merely nitpicking your terminology, because you said both QBs are equally "accurate," rather than both have the same "completion %." I figured it would be helpful for me to point that out to you, since a lot of your OP revolves around the idea that completion % != accuracy. ...And obviously I want 83%.
  15. C.Biscuit97

    Should Bills go after FA TE Demetrius Harris

    Honestly asking: how many quality TEs actually available in free agency? Why don’t we just draft a stud for once? NE, the best team of our generation, constantly is drafting tight ends. But why would you copy a successful team?
  16. By saying “compromised”? Look, it’s obvious she hates whites, Jews, gays, and anything not Muslim because she’s Muslim and that’s what they do. But I’d rather go after her for something I can prove — like the fact she’s a Muslim and so shouldn’t be in America let alone congress.
  17. C.Biscuit97

    The NFL's Obesity Scourge

    I know it sucks to hear but it’s why players should only look out for themselves. These guys are pieces of meat to fans and the teams. They get rid of them the second they are not valuable. I will say a know a bunch of former o and d linemen who lost a ton of weight after they were doing playing and skill players who went the opposite way. But I don’t care how much they make. Nfl (and SeC) players are under paid.
  18. That's the million dollar question isn't it - specific to offense here? I'm always of the opinion that to jumpstart any offensive playbook, you start with the OL, but particularly the Center. I get having a quality LT is key to protecting the QB, but if you have a line without an anchor calling out adjustments and recognizing stunts/blitzes/etc., you have to wonder what you are hoping to stop. OL notwithstanding, and given the current FA and draft pools and assuming there might be some pass catchers rumored to be available for trade - it's hard to speculate, as most of my answers depend on how FA shakes out. Given the percentage of deep throws from Allen, assuming these are mostly if not all playcalls specific to his deep ball, I would want to get him another deep threat beyond Foster, who would likely be more physical. If Duke is somehow that guy, that opens this conversation up a bit. If we're looking to the WR FA pool, I'm more keen to offer either Funchess or Tyrell Williams as options. I know a few people are high on Humphries but after watching the bucs and hearing my buddies give bills fans a run for their money, there are a lot of question marks regarding his hands as well as ability to get separation, especially for what the cost to get them might be. Even Funchess and Tyrell would be stretches for what it would likely take to get either here, in my mind. But with a decently deep WR pool in the draft, I actually like the FA TE pool better in terms of options. And upgrading this position would certainly open Daboll's playbook for his hank concepts. Given the added speed at WR toward the end of the season, I would love to open up the hank/mesh concepts more and hope that Allen's accuracy can improve on delivery here. Short quick crossing routes with McKenzie and Foster or Zay, coupled with dual TE seam and hook routes or zone coverage beating routes could be a deadly combo. Maxx Williams could be a potential upgrade over Thomas as a primary blocking TE with some pass catching ability - young and otherwise under-utilized in the Ravens offense, might be worth a depth consideration. Wouldn't mind us offering Jesse James, and could entertain a nod to Geoff Swaim or AJ Derby for a potentially cheap, young pick up to fuel camp competition if nothing else. The interesting one that I find myself in conflict with would be to go after Jared Cook. I'm not usually about overpaying 30+ FA guys already making a decent premium for the position, especially coming off a good year in Oakland. But if he's looking to get out from under Gruden, I could see throwing our hat in the ring there. All that said, I still find it likely that we only sign one of the above TE in FA, if we are able to land any at all. But I feel like our biggest impacts could potentially come from the draft. Depending on if anyone reaches for WRs in the first, there's potential that Okwuegbunam, Fant, Irv, or Nelson become BPA in the second and may likely provide that two-pass TE look that Allen could thrive within. I like Ok's speed for his size and red zone mismatch; Fant is more the pure pass catcher and I could see as interchangeable with drafting a WR here in the second; loooove Irv's route running and hands for a TE, again lending itself more to the pass catching role - especially where route running is a premium need amongst our corps; some people are high on Nelson though I don't see much of his upside beyond YAC potential. The late round pickup here that might be around? Gentry - more the pure blocker with his size, he could also be a mismatch on short yardage situations and wouldn't mind seeing him picked up in the 5th or 6th if he falls. That kind of late round pick to get us a true blocking TE with pass catching threat (to avoid defenses scheming against one-dimensional players), is something we desperately lacked in our offense this past year, and OL notwithstanding, our run game desperately needed efficient TE blocking. So novel aside we know it's entirely dependent on how FA plays out, but if we're looking for names that's where I've tended to fall in the little research I can get to. As far as guys that might go UDFA, can't honestly say any names with certainty there - but I hope we continue our late round luck, even if it does happen on the defensive side of the ball.

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Oh ultimately it's always the owners fault. I've said it before........one week The Pegs were finally entrusting football operations to their GM Doug Whaley after Whaley had seen Russ(Marrone) and The Pegs(Rex) hand-pick the HC for him the previous two times. A couple weeks later The Pegs did a 180 on Whaley and just hired the person they wanted and Whaley was put on 4 month long death march that required the team holding onto Whaley and his scouts but not letting them pick the players they scouted. And there were actual idiots who looked at the situation and thought the Pegula's were blazing the trail for a future where HC's are hired and then GM's are hired after the HC got to be the GM in the first draft.
  20. LBSeeBallLBGetBall

    The OTHER idiot woman the Democrats sent to the house...

    She certainly suggested it. It's basically been a coordinated effort from the left.
  21. We had the number 2 defense. Allen “led” a comeback against the Titans because of the defense. It goes both ways. again, I’d bet on Allen being the better qb long term. But Allen is closer to Jackson as a passer than Baker. And you’re a giant homer. And that’s awesome. Seriously. But I do know when I was in the place, I wasn’t objective. It’s also funny that some fans act like there is some bias towards the Bills in an article that mentions Foster, who most nfl fans know nothing about.
  22. 3rdand12

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashon Gary

    and TE !! well one at least : )
  23. What thread should it be under? One of the Mock Draft threads, or one of the Allen is Better than His Stats threads?
  24. The Drought

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    I'll just keep posting the same thing over and over until it is the majority and you are a true believer. Now I just need an opinion on this.
  25. 30 for 30? This would make a great movie.
  26. Did your friend play in the SEC recently? Because that’s what we’re talking about, not UB or Pitt or even Penn State.
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