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  2. One funny part about this thread is that the subject line and OP’s comments aren’t even one in the same. Subject line asks whether we’re concerned about Elam (after his first game), OP then comments on us having been able to select a backfield starter at that spot in the draft. Elam could become all-pro, alleviating any concerns about his abilities as a CB, and some are still going to argue that we should have taken an all-pro RB instead. The debate on the latter may never end, and the subject line isn’t even aligned with that debate.
  3. I'm going to reserve judgement for a while -- small sample size and all -- but man was this a good stretch of games for a rookie CB to step up.
  4. thank you for doing the work. i think you summed this up perfectly. it's always about the coaching with you. in this thread you've tried incredibly hard to prove a point about mcd that just wasn't there. multiple times you were ask why you weren't looking beyond 2021, and you wouldn't give an answer. why? because may it wouldn't jive with your narrative that this staff can't win close games. when you did have to dive in a bit, you start eliminating games you didn't think counted, etc. you just wouldn't have an honest conversation about it. we've seen this over and over with you. if you don't like the coaching staff...fine, but at least be genuine with your posting. and who is making excuses? no one. multiple posters have said multiple times that 2021 was a bad year for this team when it came to ending games. it just wasn't a representation of how mcd has done since his tenure here, no matter how bad you want it to be. you call out other posters for being mcd worshipers, but maybe the problem is with you. you want so hard to find flaws with mcd as a coach, that you just won't listen to reason. no one in this thread has lied to you. no one is making excuses. the reality is that if you want to see who mcd is as a coach in close games, look at his career in buffalo, and not just one down season. @newcam2012 yesterday we talked about how some posters are "attacked" not because of their viewpoint, but rather their approach. read through these last few pages and tell me what you think.
  5. I really don't get these comments. Josh is amazing, but have you ever watch Mahomes play? Guy is just as amazing. We can argue which one is better but saying that Allen is so much better than Mahomes that it is "not even close" is pure nonsense.
  6. That makes sense. But at the end of the day when White is fully ready to go the decision needs to be made. Like you said it should be plenty of time to evaluate them both by then. I just hope that Elam beats Jackson since he surely has higher ceiling and we need to keep on hitting our top end guys.
  7. What I find interesting is that we have 6 linemen on field in this play and none of them is called Von Miller It's Rousseau, Bryant, Jones, Emili, Settle and Lawson if I see correctly. I know that Miller is here mainly for his passrush ability and we want to limit his snaps but afaik he is also solid run defender and the game is on line here. I am not criticizing this decision just find it interesting.
  8. Think initially they will have White on a pitch count. They will ramp him up through his first 3 or 4 games back so you will see plenty of both Elam and Jackson. So the question might be where do they feel Kaiir is by about week 11 for the stretch run.
  9. Not about excuses. About asking whether that one season is a pattern or an outlier. That is a legit question. Personally I think there were some unlucky bounces here and there but as I said yesterday the element that was consistent in that run was OL struggles. It would have been interesting to me if Harbaugh had, wrongly, taken the 3 at the end of that Ravens drive. Because now the Bills need to score a touchdown to win and the Ravens D has something to hold onto and they might call it differently. Still interested in can we hold up in pass pro late in games when everyone knows we have no option but to pass? That is the theme to watch going forward.
  10. That Poyer INT in the end zone was almost as good as Hyde’s come out of nowhere pick in the New England playoff game. Almost.
  11. I am afraid that we won't see White at least until after bye, but it will be really interesting to watch what happens on the other side when he comes back. Will it be Elam or Jackson? My guess is Elam.
  12. He is no Lamar Jackson. 4.73 at the combine. Around what Allen ran. Yet, he is not a running threat they could lean on. I would group him in with someone like David Carr or Aaron Rogers regarding his capability and willingness. I don’t expect him to rip off 35 yard runs, but he is capable to extend plays and will keep his eyes down field looking to deliver the ball while on the move.
  13. Not really the place for it but wasn't sure where else to put it... after struggling against Miami Jaquan Johnson has lost his status as safety #3. Damar Hamlin played 100% of the snaps alongside Poyer against the Ravens. That might, a little bit, be a style thing. I think Jaquan is more a box player and that is usually where Jordan plays but they played a fair amount of cover 2 on Sunday and it was always Damar and Jordan. I feel a bit for Jaquan because he is a good kid, has worked his ass off since he has been here, played well his one start last year but we know for guys like him in the NFL when your moment comes you have to take it. If you miss it you rarely get a re-do. He missed the mark against the Dolphins and Damar has now passed him on the depth chart. In terms of the long game think that is good news for the Bills because Damar has two more years on his rookie deal whereas Johnson is a free agent next March. So if Hamlin can prove himself this season and we lose Jordan next year then maybe we don't need to use a premium asset this spring to find a starting safety?
  14. I am coming over from the UK for the Steelers game. My 6th visit to Orchard Park – Bills have won all the previous 5 (Patriots 2011, Jets 2013, Vikings 2014, Broncos 2017, Dolphins 2019). Confident that this will be 6 out of 6 (38-17). What’s the local weather forecast for the weekend?
  15. Today
  16. I’m sure Elam will have a moment like Tre White versus AJ Green but there’s nothing wrong with that as long as he learns from it. He’s made a very promising start and I can’t wait to see what the back end of the D will be like once White returns alongside the D line improvement.
  17. we should have tre back for the KC game. I think Tre in there with elam and our pass rush will give KC headaches
  18. I am biased, but agree to a point. Part of being a great leader is recognizing a miscalculation and correcting in the game. What I mean is Josh was putting too much zip on the ball in the rain and most, and placed more touch on the ball as the game progresses quarter to quarter. Not all the drops were the WRs fault. This is not a criticism, but a compliment as Josh adjusted to the weather and look at that second half. The second stringers did a good job, and Poyer is making it next to impossible to not want to extend him for two years. I’d be very happy if Beane could figure that one out as Hyde still has another year after this list one.
  19. Except Weeks 1 and 2 - Elam and Benford were switching off every 2 series to give each guy time throughout the game. It was not mop up snaps in the 4th - he was out there at different points throughout the game. Sal - said the plan was to rotate them giving them both time to get acquainted and help switch things up so they could not get easily targeted. I would hold off a bit because the Rams and Titans do not have great WRs, but the Miami game both he and Benford held up well against true WRs and a questionable QB. The Baltimore game I thought he held up well - Andrews (a lot of Taron), Duverny, Bateman, and Robinson are all legitimate receiving threats and they had in previous games attacked a lot down field getting guys open and He and Dane held up well. KC will be a different kind of test, but at this point I am very happy with the games Elam has shown.
  20. Never questioned Allen. This was about coaching, defense, play calling.... And yet again when it is pointed out that the good teams all in 2021 had winning records in "these games" but the Bills did not, then the argument changes and the excuses start..... Regardless they are 1-0 since October 2022, everyone happy now????😝
  21. Or low football iq fans The stuff that is sprouting about wanting Breece hall over Elam to me is just insane I don’t care how good hall ever becomes and less he is a top five running back in the league it will never amount to the same as having an elite corner
  22. Agree and it will be so nonsensical. Because ALL CBs get beat sometimes. It comes with the job. Especially rookies. The only thing to actually consider when he gets beat is can he have a short memory and move on to the next play?
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