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  2. It is almost surreal to think that your new #1 QB doesn’t grasp that a new OC will bring a new system.
  3. Every night I hope and pray A dream lover will come my way A girl to hold in my arms And know the magic of her charms Because I want a girl to call my own I want to dream lover So I don't have to dream alone
  4. No reason you should I guess. If you don't care then why waste the time to post? You sure told us. 😱
  5. FWIW, Spotrac has the Bills at $45mil cap space next year. I'm don't know how Rodak came up with the $65mil number or who is correct, but I'm not seeing anything jumping out to me as wrong with Spotrac's numbers. I hope the Bills will have $21mil to carry over, but my complaint was essentially I don't want to see them waste that money on stop gap players because I'd prefer it'd be available to carry over instead. I hope you are right that they have 90 mil in cap space next year, that's exactly the scenario I was hoping they would wind up with. But short of some big roster cuts I don't see how that's possible. Especially if they sign a few more Lee Smith type contracts before the season starts.
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  7. True, but a lot of that has to do with how many passes Favre threw. Favre's INT percentage wasn't low but it wasn't all that high either. 3.3%. Jim Kelly's was higher, for instance. Derek Anderson's too.
  8. Got it. And I disagree, thinking that's overoptimistic. As I said, we'll see.
  9. Apparantly, the labour party and conservatives are split on Brexit so here are the actual results up to this point. My main takeaway is the parties that were clear on their brexit position gained seats.
  10. I totally agree. My only wonder, is which leads to more turnovers? Sacks, or Qb pressures? Fumbles? Bad decisions? I'd look myself,.but I'm old, it would take too long.
  11. Overall you're right that it's poor offenses, though Dallas was #2 and Seattle #8 last year. I'd argue that the context is important but not that important. Sacks greatly reduce the chances of a first down, generally, even on first down. They are key plays. And the reasons poor offenses have a lot of them are many and varied but the largest reason is probably that poor offenses wind up in a lot of obvious passing situations. That doesn't mean sacks don't hurt. Even if it's 3rd and 8 or 3rd and 10, a completion could easily convert and keep the drive moving. A sack is a death knell for most drives. Agreed that Brady handles blitzes extremely well, but much less so when he can't easily predict when they're coming. Teams that blitz a lot are predictable. Teams that blitz unpredictably can make life hell for QBs. Even Brady.
  12. It's all important, but pass D more so. Because the passing offense is more productive and the rules have been torqued to make it easier. 2018 Top ten run defenses by total yards: Bears, Saints, Texans, Ravens, Cowboys, Steelers, Eagles, Colts, Chargers, Lions. And that stat is affected by the fact that many teams with good offenses get ahead and force the other teams to play catch-up which generally means running less. A better look at how good the run defense is is Average Yard Per Carry. 2018 Top ten run defenses by Average Yards Per Carry: Texans, Saints, Ravens, Bears, Cowboys, Colts, Vikings, 9ers, Bills, Steelers It's all important. The more everything complements each other, the better. You're right that it's total D that matters. But if you're going to choose one, it's pretty obvious which would be better to emphasize.
  13. Whoa. This hurts. RIP Bart.
  14. This was my 1st thought when I saw the article. One would think it's pretty obvious that some things may change with the hiring of a new OC.
  15. I mean to be fair to Rosen Fitzpatrick has a decent head start in both experience in the league and in the teams system. I mean Rosen is basically starting in the system at the same time as if he was drafted this year.
  16. The rest of the money is added onto the 2019 cap which is the year he already had on his deal. He was previously $10.4m against the 2019 cap and he will now count $12.9m against it.
  17. ...they hired a new Offensive Coordinator...what the hell did he think was going to happen. I mean I've only barely paid attention to their situation but I could of sworn it was common knowledge this was happening. I mean did I accidentally stroke out and predict the future or was it reported on extensively after the season? Things like this make you think the wonderlic might be a bit more accurate than people have said.
  18. I absolutely underestimated him, even after poring over his youtube highlights. He didn't really flash on "film" as I remember it. Didn't look fast (despite being light) or instinctive from his hybrid safety position. I hope it's the same way with our QB (with of course MUCH higher stakes) : a guy who under-performed in college but projects favorably in the NFL due to physical traits, work ethic/intellect, and coaching/scheme fit. (I didn't much care for Josh Allen's college footage, either.) Being wrong is often quite rewarding, if one is honest with...oneself.
  19. They measure your hopes and dreams In dollars and cents Fear and loathing is their national debt The man with no eyes Takes you by surprise And breaks into your soul to terrorize
  20. Forgive me for zeroing in on this one, limited point, in what is otherwise a thoughtful post: BUT... ...it got me thinking about the Patriots and how they tailor defenses to particular opponents. Don't they (as evidenced in the Super Bowl, playoffs, and for many many years) put their best man-to-man guy (currently Gilmore) on the opposing team's best or most productive receiver, then double the second-best receiving option with CB2 or LB/EDGE guy (if it's a TE like Kelse) plus a safety, leaving 8 defenders to stop the running game and secondary passing attack? So, then, how will/should Belichick scheme to stop the 2019 Bills? Who gets Gilmore, and who gets doubled?
  21. To borrow a phrase I see from many an SJW... "This is important"
  22. We don't have an NBA team. It (BFLo Braves) were stolen in 1980 so the Boston Celtics wouldn't move to the West Coast. I was torn... Would have been happy seeing a small market team win. I am getting sick of the huge markets and big cities like Toronto (even though they haven't won before) winning. NBA is rigged and crooked anyway. They even caught Refs fixing games. NBA is dead to me. I appreciate coming here and posting. Don't let the mob get you down.
  23. Ugh with the "way too long to read" comment. The full context, tone, and nuance of a text matters. It informs every point made within. Wait until you have time to read it before commenting. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.
  24. They had Lynn Dickey who wasn't too shabby (journeyman, ints a prob) @ QB. BUT, this was the 'roid era in NFL. Pack was probably clean.
  25. Everyone jumped on the Lamar bandwagon early because the Ravens made the playoffs. I'm telling you, I think this kid's going to be a bust. He is NOT an NFL level thrower right now. Unless he makes serious strides, I see him having an RGIII level career.
  26. Or...the timeline is not as innocent as he claims it to be, and his retirement announcement came AFTER his badly timed test. Then, upon later learning that teams (especially New England) were interested in him despite his looming suspension, he decides to sign and then "come clean" with his story. That's just as believable, if not more so. For the record, I actually believe the player enough not to judge him either way, in this instance. Just saying. His story IS mighty believable. Except that I'm not sure 38 is a common or advisable age to begin testosterone supplementation. Meh, rich folks get access to a different world of healthcare...
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