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  2. Show me how Florida is spiraling out of control. And please use numbers that matter, not just case counts As to the bolded..follow your " good press conference equals good results mantra..i will take results. Cuomo is a politician, he was born to lie https://fee.org/articles/new-york-admits-to-intentionally-undercounting-nursing-home-deaths-after-changing-reporting-rules-report-says/
  3. Again, without knowing the full content and form of the daily briefing nobody outside that room can say anything is certain, and that's why you're being intentionally obtuse about it. Different topic, same shtick. Engage like an adult for once.
  4. Police are bad..until they're needed......I assume you're ok with statues of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln being taken down too, and Mt. Rushmore being blown up. The Taliban did the same as did Stalin, so which are you, an Islamic Extremist or a Commie!
  5. Oh, I'm sure. The qualifications are why it's painful lol
  6. No time like the present to discuss your past.
  7. It's twitter, she an attorney, a professor, and does a lot of pro bono work. I am cutting her some slack as she mentioned she was working a lotta hours lately on one of those pro bono cases (I am assuming she's tired).
  8. I just addressed this issue yesterday in this thread. My post on it is 2 pages back. it was federal policy. Here’s the link: https://www.cms.gov/files/document/3-13-2020-nursing-home-guidance-covid-19.pdf Bottom of page 4. And most of the nursing homes already had covid outbreaks before the patients were sent back there (how do you think someone living in a nursing home got covid in the 1st place, to be sent to the hospital for it?)
  9. By papers I take it you mean the President’s Daily Briefing. I take it you also acknowledge that he didn’t read it. This is what happens when the leader of the free world doesn’t start his day until noon. “Too busy I guess!” https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-tweets-obama-intelligence-briefings-russia-bounty-twitter-a9594501.html Oh, and by the way, hoax on “the most commonly used vernacular.” Also, hoax on Trump’s newest hoax. To my understanding, he’s the only person who believes the intelligence on this issue to be a hoax. We must ask ourselves why that is the case. Is it because Trump is trying to weasel his way out of a mess of his own making? Is it because he is a Russian dangle? Or is there another nefarious reason for this particular falsehood?
  10. I can say no as well but I would be concerned about the people who have criminal intent towards you. Especially in current times when more people are struggling due to the virus fallout.
  11. good. let's sign it and have ourselves a season.
  12. I would trade a thousand of these whining liberals for one true American patriot.
  13. A lot of "I'm going to the beach, I don't care if it is closed" in comments from Californians.
  14. Uhmm, i am pretty ***** sure the uneducated ones are the person who wrote that article , and the people who buy it lock, barrel and stock. Read this again and tell me pray tell what be wrong with it. Jesus I fear for our country Students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who have been diagnosed with COVID-19have been attending parties in the city and surrounding area as part of a disturbing contest to see who can catch the virus first,
  15. The situation was desperate, as patients were being sent all over the state. As I have stated before, I voted against Cuomo, every time that he ran for office. He took the reins, and assumed the mantle, in this case. NYC regained CONTROL of a grave situation as FLORIDA now spirals out of control, thanks to YOUR Governor. You'll be whining about it soon enough..... You follow your programming to a 'T'. Doublespeak, and deception is the M.O. for certain 'leaders'. Americans must come together in this crisis. The inconvenience factor is just too much to bare for some people.....
  16. Is this @BringBackFergy idea? I wander how much $ he's making... LOL Everyone needs to cover their asses legally.
  17. Click “Like” when you get this, then put your mask on.
  18. Until now I have not mentioned DR once but you keep going on like verbal diarrhea about him. I think that you miss him greatly. How do you sleep at night?
  19. Kids doing stupid stuff. What strange bizarre behavior will happen next? 🙄 I’m surprised you didn’t call them racists or Trumpholes or something. And with California’s “clap on...clap off” handling of it people will just stop listening.
  20. you'd definitely be bothered if it was new money. i'd have no problem telling people to go ***** themselves though. i mean...if i knew someone that came into a large amount of money, i would never think that i was entitled to some. i do think it's too bad you can't keep it private here though.
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