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  2. Wilson is an assassin with this legs. Like McDermott said, he lulls you into a false sense of security. Then, when Wilson goes take off, hes very agile, doesnt take contact, and knows when to get down/out of bounds. Also, Rus has very very good pocket awareness. In turn, it allows him to deploy his running more sparingly as he doesnt rely on it, but uses it as a last resort. That being said, hopefully Allen's mentality can be to develop as a passer and not fall into using his legs, while they are elite, we need him to be more Wilson than Newton!
  3. Sounds like drugs were involved somewhere along the line.
  4. Von Braun's idea was one massive vehicle that landed on and launched from the moon. A young American kid came up with the idea of having two separate vehicles that would separate and rejoin after the moon landing. When seeing the presentation, Von Braun agreed, and that's what we did.
  5. OK, but should it not be easy for the military to silence the media in the early stages of a civil war? Maybe I should not assume this but most likely the military will align with a right wing political body? Will it be a matter that the rank and file of the military really is not right wing in nature and will resist orders that puts them at odds with non-rightists. Thinking of people who joined out of high school because they have no place to go or ones that are using it for college purposes or general civilian trades. Ones that look at the military as an avenue as opposed to an ideal or a way of life. I'm far enough removed from youth that I don't get a lot of cross talk on new enlistments/ROTC anymore.
  6. To me it boils down to agreeing on the QB. From there, everything else kind of falls in place.
  7. Originally South Buffalo, now an hour south of DC. Got stationed at Quantico, VA in the late 90's and stayed in the area. If anyone travels to Northern VA, I highly recommend Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon, VA. It's a great place to watch Bills games, great food (beef on weck, wings, Canadian beer, etc...) Same here! Where in VA?
  8. Electronic jamming, nice! Trump personally annonuced this, btw
  9. BM only had one (1) win against a winning team last year (of the 7) = Ho Hum
  10. Absolutely. Moreover, I doubt that Von Braun would have been party to faking it. He was dedicated -- had been dedicated his entire life -- to space exploration. He was also an amoral individual. His v-1 and v-2 rocket programs for the Nazis furthered his research into rocketry, and actually hindered the German war effort because they diverted so many resources from designing/building better and more war planes. He was courted by both the US and the Soviets even before the fall of Germany, and he chose the US because he figured he'd be allowed to do rocket research while the Soviets would have him working on missiles. I have no doubt that he would have defected to the USSR without thinking twice if the US abandoned the manned space program and replaced it with some elaborate sham. He was available to the highest bidder and his price was space exploration.
  11. Just bumping this up, for those who care...
  12. Listen, I hear ya here. And I literally say the exact same thing when we complain about power rankings. Win so much they have to give us better rankings whether they want to or not. To boot, we were godawful just straight up horrible last year.. so in all fairness we need to represent that and have the rating a 6-10 team deserves. But this is a silly Madden game.. which I play.. so I'm going to get crushed in my online rankings this year by the looks of it, given that I always play with the Bills. This is important. Haven't seen them yet but my gameplan is to adopt a passhappy wildcat system from the Ravens and put Josh Allen as QB1 and RB2. Scramble for dear life, pitch to RB1, throw to JA, and basically use JA's speed and ability to really do any position halfway decent. Offense looks tough to work with. And it should be since I'll be playing the Saints, Rams, Pats.
  13. I'll be more interested in the 2nd and 3rd string than usual this year. Number of guys like Singletary and Joseph I'm excited to see out there
  14. The war's not going to be fought by large units of well-equipped ground troops engaged in high-tech Clausewitzian-style fighting. It'll be more Maoist in style.
  15. Hap, just wait for it. it is going to be the Colts all over again. The Pats last season with Brady will be about 11-5, 12-4. The next season without they will be even worse than what they should be. They will go from being AFC East Champs to literally being the worst team in the League, almost inexplicably, at 2-14. They will get the first pick and low and behold it won't just be a QB, but rather a generational type talent that is un-denied by all. Then, this rookie will...inexplicably...be just good enough to take the previous years 2-14 team to 13-3 and home field advantage all the way through the playoffs. ...they will be bad for one single season. I hate life.
  16. I would love to do away with tipping! They don't tip in Europe, and it makes things WAY easier. Including eliminating some credit card identity fraud.
  17. Explain your line of reasoning so I can understand.
  18. That's not how the war will be fought.
  19. That's been the mantra since Marv retired as HC... They don't have several more years if we accept now that they have stocked the team with talent. At least McD doesn't.
  20. Did we shoot it down or did the rubber band just snap?
  21. I like his swagger, it’s something the Browns can feed off. My concern for him though is him staying focused.
  22. My parents first house was 77 Cheekwood Drive..had it built..then we moved to Como Park Blvd once my sisters and brother was born. Big news for the week:Polish Festival at Town Park. Get back home..🌝
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