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  2. “There are a lot of things we don’t understand”, like what the heck is dark energy or dark matter. They make up 95%+ of the universe, so I’d want to have a clue what that is before I go proclaiming to know how it all works. You would probably have voted to put Galileo on house arrest.
  3. OBJ already has a ring thanks to the Rams. He was looking for a payday, plain and simple. He would have signed with Houston or Arizona if they offered 20 mil. DHop will sign a 10-12 mil incentive laden 2 year deal with a contender who has an elite level QB in the hopes of a championship. All the while at the same time boosting his stats to show future potential suitors he can still play. Of course it's JMHO....
  4. Longer it goes keeps the Bills viable. They are bot going crazy. I think if D hop is open to less money Buffalo will be back in. Too many teams without wrs have money. I think he will get a real deal.
  5. I’m not so sure there’s anything left out there that he’d typically consider taking it. Arizona got back at him by waiting this long to cut him where FA, the Draft and any decent player have found a team and the money is gone for any decent team.
  6. The play on opening night that resulted in a pick was the end. The gotta have it plays he was never an option for Allen.
  7. I would add it's not like DHop was the only one playing the Bills. Look at how many here were saying the knew someone who said he is definitely coming.
  8. When I say 'honestly' it indeed means honestly. But as I said, I don't generally vote on the personal faith stylings of the people running for office. (I rarely know their faith, nor do I think it's anyone's business.) I elect them to represent ME, not THEMSELVES.
  9. What those clips actually showed is how valuable Brian Daboll is. I forgot how well he would scheme players open. Like night and day from last season.
  10. That week 1 drop/int. against the Rams kinda set the tone for Isaiah. He just never settled into the slot role. He was just a gadget guy who would have a rare outlier big game. No consistency.
  11. There are a lot of things we don’t understand….sure. But there are also a lot of things that we do understand. And those things….math….provide enough information from which we can draw conclusions.
  12. He's better than anything we currently have, but it's bad timing with the cap situation.
  13. He made some big mistakes…I wouldn’t call him awful. They just needed more from him at slot WR and he didn’t deliver. Not sure why I think Josh lost some trust in him which could account for him not getting more targets
  14. Dalvin Cook will not want to be a Bill when he finds how much Bills are willing to pay RBs.
  15. Dropped so many balls. Just not a natural receiver
  16. I'd put them over the Steelers, but yeah it's a tough division. I thought about the Lions as well. I like what they're building.
  17. The likelihood of repeatedly winning the Powerball is not hard to calculate. It’s math. You don’t need to make enormous assumptions about things we know so little, if anything, about. That’s where you are going wrong, assuming you know too much….with so much that is unknowable to us. It sounds very pompous, to me. But to each their own.
  18. If you’re going to apply that standard so be it. But don’t turn around and say it’s impossible mathematically to win the Powerball 50,000 times in a row. If you call that realistic doubt we can disagree.
  19. He may as well head to Miami, as opposed to "playing with his brother in Buffalo". Day 2 RBs don't last long in this regime.
  20. No one cares about a player taking as much money as they can. People get annoyed when players are out there flirting with their franchise just to drive up the price somewhere else. DHop has done nothing but drop hints he wants to play here, I don't really see the point if we've made our best and final offer and he doesn't want to accept it. He should just say he's looking for the best opportunity amongst the teams who will pay him the most and I don't think anyone would begrudge him that.
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