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  2. I'm not sure he's unsung. He gets praise all the time and is one of the best players on the team
  3. Welcome to Buffalo. It’s gonna be a little bit chil...windy!
  4. Daboll won’t get us 2 3rd rd picks, he is useless to us.
  5. Diggs is what Sammy should’ve been to this team but wasn’t
  6. I couldn’t tell if it was the wind or Lamar. God was Lamar bad.
  7. Bolton isn't bad, but if you want decent value, Chaz Surratt out of UNC is my pick for LB. Ex QB who switched to defense last year with the young QB who came in, while he may not be a perfect LB coming in, he understands passing concepts and can be a strong over LB ala Milano. I do believe they had similar size coming out as well.
  8. It’s win or go home time. Survive & Advance. I don’t care how. Ugly wins beat pretty losses.
  9. Is that right? Then how come when the Bills D is off the board is trying to run off Frazier? Or is it only Frazier’s fault when the D is off, but when they play well McDermott runs the D? 🙄
  10. I don’t care if we win in a coin toss. I’m hammered drunk and the most hammered happy I’ve been in idk how long. Lg!
  11. Big hugs to Jerry! It was a great game for him and team win. Not one side of the ball f'd up!
  12. Am I allowed to be happy? Are we allowed to be happy? Anyone still awake? Sleep well my little acolytes 😁
  13. Ehn if he turns into end of career Vick (Philly) I'd take that as a win for Baltimore. Once he learned to play QB in a west coast spread system like Reid ran, Vick was a solid QB. Now, if teams start following our defensive blueprint will he fade away? Last year and this year we took away his run game, and in the conditions today he clearly needed that running ability. If he can use the pocket mobility he was showing last night and throw from the pocket he may be fine. Baltimore needs a west coast scheme though I think for him to be successful
  14. You're referring to the ESPN stat, QBR? Yeah, it has some kind of unexplainable foibles, and since it's opaque, nobody can explain why.
  15. Decade old random Bills sweatshirt and probably some nacho cheese business on my chest by kickoff. LFG
  16. Welcome to Buffalo, it might be chilly and windy or both.
  17. Today
  18. Wearing my #11 Norwood jersey, Scott deserves to be honored
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