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  2. Wasn't that the gay bar in Police Academy?
  3. This whole thing is crazy! How about this article by Florio just now! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/11/16/nfl-tried-to-put-colin-kaepernick-in-legal-checkmate/
  4. He opted out of $20M or is that a false report too.
  5. Hence why I said MORE games decided by soccer players.
  6. What is with these "kids"!? My son is over 30, he ain't gettin' any younger (and neither am I!) Time to move it along! (My son is the hold-up, if it were up to her, they would have been married years ago... why she stays with him, I do not know. I'd have dumped his ass years ago.)
  7. I still can't see them taking a QB in the top 3 Rounds this upcoming draft That would actually be the vote of death for Allen imo. Rounds 5-6 a gold possibility but if they spend a premium pick they are giving up
  8. Aren't prank videos supposed to be funny?
  9. So should the highest cap hit Kicker that was recently extended alter how you play offense that much?
  10. After watching the Baltimore vs. New England game, I made a similar comment. I LOVE how Baltimore is using Lamar Jackson. They have cleverly whipped up a scheme that is tailor made to what he brings to the table, and wouldn't work very well with most other QBs. This is exactly how coaching in all sports should be done, but it almost never is. The coach only knows how to do it "his way" and he forces that philosophy on the team. Should be other way around. You devise a plan around what will work with what you have. Keeping in mind that the only really good thing Allen does or which can be considering dangerous is RUN WITH THE BALL I agree he should be doing it a hell of a lot more and in more clever, unconventional ways. If he turns into a fumble machine or gets injured, so be it! You have to go with what he brings to the table, shoot with both barrels, and hope for the best. McDermott and Dabboll are going about it in totally the opposite way. They are forcing him to try to be what he is not: a pre-snap, defense reading, pocket passer. The results speak for themselves. He ain't no Aaron Rodgers and he ain't ever gonna be. Cut him loose and let's see how it goes. When he was doing that last year, he ran for 100+ yards 3 games in a row! Didn't he? How many guys have done that?
  11. There is a photographer on the the field also taking shots. Got to have some nice stills of Kaep at the workout!
  12. I feel the exact same way. I was hoping he would do well.
  13. No, I was talking about Alex Acosta, the guy Trump hired (only the best people) to his cabinet. Trump knew this guy helps the rich and powerful
  14. by making kicks they were too important and now by missing kicks they are too important it’s the same people who complain 24/7 about everything that enters their minds
  15. And drive on the Parkway!? George Carlin did a bit on that many years ago. RIP George!
  16. My BIL is currently playing this for my wife. Since January he’s been gradually changing his lifestyle, getting a little more serious as the summer went on. It’s not just diet as he’s also heavily into yoga, but diet is a huge part of it. He’ll still have a little meat here and there, mostly chicken. He just pulled out his latest physical results, and it’s amazing. He’s about 6’4” and he’s dropped from 260# to 210# since spring. We went thru his whole panel (he’s a doctor and is good at putting it in simple terms). The changes in his cholesterol, liver function (he rarely if ever even drinks, but was getting a fatty liver), etc is nothing short of amazing. I’m looking at the crazy change in the numbers, and he feels better than ever. As one of the athletes said when asked how he could be so strong without meat “have you ever seen an ox eat meat?” Hmmmmm, I can’t say that I have! My wife is seriously tuned in, and I see a change coming in our lives, at least to some significant extent. We eat pretty healthy, but the center of the meal is usually fish or chicken. That has been changing lately as the son’s GF is vegetarian, but I think the change will probably pick up speed. I hope @Royale with Cheese Is over his gassy spell, and gives me more confidence going forward. .
  17. This is always what I thought, but some folks have said here they just dump their French press down the drain as that is the easy way to clean up. Maybe it's just not enough material if you are only making like 1 or 2 cups in a French Press? EDIT: Found a couple plumbing websites that said never, ever put coffee grounds down the drain. One said the 2 worst things you can put in your drain, and which cause the most trouble, are GREASE and COFFEE GROUNDS. Problem is they don't break down. PS: They DO seem to be recognized as a good fertilizer for plants as well.
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