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  2. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/we-the-incorrect-people-49-of-americans-say-stocks-are-down-for-the-year-72-say-inflation-rising-8efd293e I wonder who the majority of this 49% is voting for....
  3. I think it's a huge impact, but we don't notice it. That favorable spot on 1st down? That extra foot? It can make a big difference. I just think we all understand that spotting errors are pretty much unfixable.
  4. He schemed for the talent he had. His QB couldn't stretch the field. I think I know of someone who can.
  5. My biggest gripes with refs are the phantom calls and the inconsistency from crew to crew on things like defensive holding and illegal contact, and team to team on things like holding offensively. Ball spotting i guess can be an issue but it feels rarer and far less likely to have a big influence on the game results.
  6. highlights of last nights nba game: player throws ball from missed shot to player just before half court. said player dribbles once to go dunk in a stupid look at me moment while his team is down 12. player throws 3 pt throw and misses. all of court running to other side of court to switch to offense without thinking defense free throw attempt 5 of 12 made by super star player lebron james falls down to his knees because a bench player came in and screened him. 30 seconds of lebron on the ground trying to win an emmy followed by 5 minutes of him crying at the podium that he's the victim and the game was stolen from him despite losing by 19 journalists asking a player how he *feels* after a game. losing team walks out of the locker room after game all silent because they're focused but music blaring in their locker room and their outfits look like some goofball representation of Hunger Games wardrobe ensemble would be. all the while, the whole night may have seen a worthwhile 8 minutes of basketball. yeah, basketball is ridiculous, stupid, and the average nba player is a princess.
  7. sounds fascist to me: https://www.newsweek.com/steve-bannon-warning-donald-trump-enemies-fear-1903830 not to neo nazis and hate groups
  8. And at least you are tacitly admitting you are arguing out of both holes in this one. And for the record, can we agree that democracy isn't really at stake, nor are Trump and his supporters actual Nazis (except for a very small few who may actually support a German party that died 80 years ago)?
  9. Censorship? The house and senate hearings/committees are a conglomerate of silliness, pettiness, shutdowns, putdowns, grandstanding, implications, posturing and theater. They live and operate in a world the rest of us do not. Or, as you indicated yesterday—-politicians honest lolol. If the rules were followed, they were followed. If they were not, procedural complaints will surely follow. Stand by though, I may be enraged by something similar happening in the senate in a half hour or so.
  10. A laser doesn't fix issues with ball spotting so i tend to agree. It's like putting a chip in the ball - what use is it to know if the ball broke the plane if you can't determine possession, whether it was a catch, or whether their knee was down. I think a few extra camera's might be beneficial, and potentially some eye in the sky officials who can radio in calls a bit quicker. I also think the review process of having the ref run to the sideline with headphones is stupid. Why isn't there just a league office who can review and radio it in? Having played football... You look at that bullseye on like every play. It really isn't hard to see it.
  11. Some fans are REALLY invested in seeing McDermott fail. Even moving goal posts ahead of time just in case we exceed expectations. I get it. 13 Seconds hurt and some people don't know how to process that hurt and trauma. They want to BLAME SOMEBODY!!!! But that's not going to change the past. And it's low vibration crap. McDermott made all his haters look like MORONS this past season with the winning streak to end the year. Give it up guys. McDermott is going to win a championship with the Bills, maybe multiple. The sooner you get off this hate train, the more you can enjoy the championship run without a bad feeling in your gut. Instead of feeling bliss you'll go "we won in spite of McDermott!". But you'll just be a spiteful person. I see it in every thread. Nobody can just enjoy Allen. Somebody has to pop in and say "Allen is great but.....McDermott". Bro, just enjoy life. It's so obvious how horrendous the mentality is around here. God forbid the team takes on this loser mentality of portions of this fanbase. They'll be sitting at the dive bar with multiple posters and Doug Whaley talking about who we should fire next.
  12. America isn't ready for Pittsburgh to host the draft.
  13. Somehow it failed to dawn on me that this is the famously mentally unstable Royce White, former NBA forward. Good Lord.
  14. He's an example for this team any which way. If he takes the humble pie and is productive, he's an example of anyone can change if given the right opportunity and situation. And the Bills are that kind of organization to be the best version of yourself. If he goes south again, he's an example of what not to do to have a successful NFL career, even if you have the talent. And kudos to the Bills for giving him the opportunity. Either way, low risk and he's not going to poison our already established and solid locker room.
  15. I’m expecting a huge season passing 40tds 10 ints 4,000+ yards
  16. And I just saw about 10 white guys wearing SS uniforms and MAGA hats and drinking Black Russians while shouting racial slurs and yelling we love Trump marching past an LGBTQ+ pride parade!
  17. Yeah, I never get the idea of rooting for players that are on the Bills roster to fail from people that are supposed to be fans of the team. Those people would rather "be right" than see the success of others that would add to the success of the team. There's a distinct difference IMO between "thinking" he could be an early cut and "hoping" for it.
  18. SOP for Slime. Change the subject when it has no reply.
  19. And I was thinking maybe later on We could get together for a while It's been such a long time And I really do miss your smile I'm not talking about moving in And I don't wanna change your life But, there's a warm wind blowing the stars around And I'd really love to see you tonight
  20. That is an apt comparison. McD is the Fitzpatrick of HCs. He’ll look good until he completely bungles it.
  21. After the hype for Harty and Sherfield last season what else would you expect?
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