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  1. We need more Singletary and much, much less of Moss.
  2. Going into the season, sports writers said that if we were 3-4 after the first 7 games we would be in good shape to win 12 games. We are still in very good shape even with a loss on Sunday. But we are going to win on Sunday.
  3. Yes. I was never a Wallace fan. He had a few good games but he was always picked apart way to often by average qbs.
  4. Does anyone miss not having a tooth extracted or an appendix burst? Just getting into the spirit of this thread.
  5. I actually like it for two reasons: 1) our game is the earlier game it's on earlier than normal for a Monday night game. 2) No JOE BUCK. Praise the Lord!!!!!
  6. You can't assume that. We may have scored on each of those possessions where the ball was turned over.
  7. You are most certainly entitled to your opinion.
  8. No, it is reality. Look at Josh his first year. Not all players make that adjustment that quickly. Why are you worrying about Elam? The Bills just dismantled the reigning super bowl champions while playing a less than perfect game. Enjoy the moment.
  9. Not concerned at all. What is it with everyone expecting instant success for every rookie we draft? It can take two to three years fir a player to handle the conversion to tgr NFL. Patience my boy. Patience.
  10. Wings, chips and salsa, beer. NFL opening night!!! Nothing else needed!!! GO BILLS!!!
  11. Play action pass, fake to Singletary and hit Davis on a slant route. 17 yard gain. Bills Mafia goes wild!!
  12. Good points, but keep in mind those "slow" d-linemen are no longer in a Bills uniform (Hughes and Addison)
  13. I have no idea what to expect. The Bills on paper are a better team than the 2021 version. The Bills o-line should be much improved with the addition of Aaron Kromer and an upgrade in personnel. The biggest question on offense is Ken Dorsey. Though I have confidence in Dorsey, he is untested as a play caller and offensive coordinator. We also have a new running back that could provide another dangerous threat catching passes out of the backfield. On defense we have two untested rookies that should both see significant playing time at a cornerback. The Rams have lost Von Miller and one of their key offensive linemen. However, I am sure the Rams are pissed off about being underdogs coming off a super bowl win and being at home. This game is very difficult to predict. I am hopeful. Kickoff is 6 hours and 10 minutes of this writing. GO BILLS!
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