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  1. Excellent article! This is what many "rational" posters on this site have been saying. Maybe this article will get some of the agitated posters off the ledge. Thank you for starting this thread.
  2. longtimebillsfan

    McyD a coach of the year candidate?

    I am a solid advocate for McDermott, but come on...that is a stretch. We have been in every game except Baltimore???
  3. longtimebillsfan

    Derek Anderson Good for Josh Allen?

    You know the old saying: those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. I am not meaning to diminish teachers. The point is just because he can't play well does not mean he can not teach. The reverse is also true. Just because an athlete plays at a high level does not mean he or she can teach. Mike Singletary comes to mind. He was a great linebacker, but he was terrible as a head coach. Michael Jordin is another example. He admits that he would not be a good coach. He would expect the players he was coaching to be able to do the things he could do and would get very frustrated if they fell short of his expectations. Anderson seems to be taking to his mentor role very well. Let's see what happens.
  4. Best kicker in the league. Why did Seattle let him go? Thank you Seahawks. (they also stole the 12th man recognition from us)
  5. longtimebillsfan

    So we beat the Jets. Our Team still sucks

    Who hurt you?
  6. I am just taking the season as it unfolds. I believe in McDermott and Beane to turn this team into a consistent winner. McDermott has a way to refocus this team and not let them give up in the face of adversity. He is a special coach. Beane has made some mistakes. But he has had a good draft and has made some good moves as well. We just need to endure this season and there will be better days ahead for our beloved Bills.
  7. longtimebillsfan

    The next 6 games... I expect

    Now you have done it. I am all in!!!
  8. longtimebillsfan

    Terrelle Pryor - cut

    I like McDermott as a coach, but he seems to have a blind spot for certain players. Unfortunately KB is one of them.
  9. longtimebillsfan

    Is our offensive roster good now?

    I think what the Jets game showed us is that if we have a quarterback that can play at an average NFL qb level, our talent on offense can be better than we thought. Yes, we do need upgrades at wr, and the oline, but we may have underestimated this group's abilities.
  10. longtimebillsfan

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    I think it is legit for what it is. Given the number of turnovers, 3 and outs, and the general lack of ball control the offense has experienced this season, for our defense to lead the league in the fewest yards allowed is an amazing accomplishment.
  11. longtimebillsfan

    Rex Ryan Destroys The Jets For Getting Owned By The Bills

    Who in their right mind would care what Rex Ryan thinks or says. He is a buffoon.
  12. longtimebillsfan

    Bills Release Peterman

    He may find a career in the arena league.
  13. He had a nice game. His first catch set the tone for the day. Let's just see how he develops. He is very young. I don't think any of us can accurately product his ceiling.
  14. There are valid arguments for starting Barkley against the Jags. First, after his over the top performance against the Jets, I will be tough for Allen to come in and perform at the same level as Barkley after four weeks of inactivity. I may be better to let Barkley start, and if we build a comfortable lead, let Allen come into a non pressure situation and start to shake off the rust. another reason to start Barkley is it would give the team a chance to go back to their original desire to have Allen learn from the sidelines for a year. I am not saying I am in favor of this, but these are to valid arguments for starting Barkley in the next game. This conversation is a non issue since McDermott already announced Allen will be the starter if he is healthy. As for your first question, I do not believe many on this board view Barkley as our future franchise qb. I do hope that he fills the position as the veteran backup. He was a breath of fresh air on Sunday. That was fun to watch. Go Bills!
  15. Agreed. No team will pick up Peterman. He will be available if we need him... for what I don't know.