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  1. longtimebillsfan

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    It was a very interesting survey. I am concerned that the Buffalo market will not support PSLs. A stadium renovation would be the only way to avoid PSLs.
  2. longtimebillsfan

    Team Identity when they move

    You are very well informed. Thank you.
  3. longtimebillsfan

    Team Identity when they move

    That makes sense. Living in Las Vegas, I do not think I will ever root for the Raiders. The Rams would have been more tolerable.
  4. longtimebillsfan

    Team Identity when they move

    I agree with your point, but the question remains, does the team owners own the Brand, or does the city? This is not an easy issue to navigate. I have read that the city of Oakland does not have a very good chance to win their lawsuit.
  5. longtimebillsfan

    Team Identity when they move

    Oakland has brought a law suit trying to retain the Raiders name as well. I doubt that Mark Davis would be willing to give up the Raiders brand without a fight. Loosing the Raiders identity would greatly reduce the value of his franchise. It is not that easy to accomplish.
  6. longtimebillsfan

    Should The Day After The Super Bowl Be A National Holiday?

    I support this 100%! A more realistic option would be to schedule the Super Bowl on Saturday.
  7. longtimebillsfan

    Lamar Jackson proof that running QB's aren't the answer.

    That is quite a leap. There is a huge difference between a running quarterback and a quarterback that can run. We are looking at what could be the best quarterback the Bills have had since Jimbo and you are trying to use convoluted logic to find something to worry about? Try looking forward to what could be the beginning of a really exciting time in the history of our beloved Bills!
  8. longtimebillsfan

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    This could take more than one year to accomplish. The recent track record offensive linemen's performance after signing large free agent contacts have not been encouraging. Even if we find free agents, it takes a season at least for the line to gel. I think this will be a two year process, but hope we show significant improvement in oline play in 2019.
  9. longtimebillsfan

    Lorax - should he be extended?

    With Kyle Williams retirement, we need veteran leadership bring him back for a reasonable one year contract.
  10. longtimebillsfan

    Which W-L Outcomes Would You Consider “Success” in 2019?

    For 2019, a winning record, being in most if not all games, wining the close games that got away from us in 2018, and being serious playoff contenders in week 17 would show real progress. A playoff win would be a nice bonus as well.
  11. longtimebillsfan

    Bills fire WR Coach Terry Robiskie

    For Allen's development, continuity is important. Yes, keep Dabol.
  12. longtimebillsfan

    Which AAF Team to root for.

    Does that mean Peterson will be the Birmingham starting qb in their first season? That may look better to nate than the Raiders practice squad.
  13. longtimebillsfan

    Offensive Line: Who Stays Who Goes

    I would say center and left guard our positions that need to be addressed in free agency with veteran upgrades. The draft could help round out our depth along with no drafted free agents.
  14. You showed insight that many of us lacked on draft day. I was one of those that were expecting to hear "Rosen" after hearing Josh. I was holding my head and saying 'nooooooooooo! I could not have been more wrong. Allen has not only off the charts physical skills, he has the intangibles to be a leader of men and a winner in the NFL. He has already shown the ability to make other players around him better. I am extremely optimistic about the future of this franchise with Allen leading our team back to the glory days!!!
  15. longtimebillsfan

    Antonio Brown Trade Value

    Brown doesn't seem like the 'team first" kind of player that this administration is looking for. I just don't see this happening.