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  1. I feel this game will determine our season. We currently control our own destiny. If we win we are in the playoffs. If we lose, we lose the tie breaker with the Steelers. We then need to hope the Steelers lose to either the Jets or the Ravens. If the Ravens have clinched home field throughout the playoffs, they may be resting their starters and Steelers could win that game. This is a defining game. Defense needs to play at their best. The offense must protect Allen better. Allen needs to hit some long passes. I am a huge Allen fan, but his continually over throwing open receivers down field is getting hard to take. If he had hit one of those throws vs the Ravens, we would have won the game. I am really concerned about this game Sunday night. Go Bills!
  2. I am seeing the Steelers as 2 point favorites.
  3. My least favorite uniforms. We need those red pajamas retired.
  4. You are probably right, but it is fun to dream. Copper would look great in Bill's blue scoring td catches from Josh.
  5. Amari Cooper. he is a free agent after the season. We can always make a #1 receiver a priority in the 2020 draft.
  6. They have so far. We may be hitting our peak at the right time. Houston is controlling the pats tonight. Currently 21-3.
  7. I will be mildly disappointed if the Bills don't finish with at least 11 wins.
  8. Yes. Sexy Rexy in Jacksonville, with all those bare feet.....
  9. We need to keep our heads down, play hard, and win as many remaining games that we can. Then let the end of the season play out. I believe this is called over thinking. It is creative though.
  10. It appears he and his girlfriend had a serious altercation. Both are being charged with assault.
  11. He already has. The stats do not concern me. Just keep improving and get us to the playoffs!
  12. After yesterday's game, anything seems possible.
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