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  1. Well said. With Allen's work ethic and motivation, I am confident he will take a huge leap forward in year three. Allen will always have his critics. It is just the way some people are.
  2. People under 40 are not immune to Covid 19. They are dying as well. It is a myth that younger people don't have to worry. We should all be taking precautions.
  3. As much as I miss sports, I agree with you 100%. What happens if during the NFL or MLB season, a few teams have players that test positive for Covid 19? Do they forfeit their games for the next two to three weeks? I live in Las Vegas. Since the riots began and the implementation of Phase 2 that allowed some of the casinos to reopen, our number of new Covid 19 infections has sky rocketed. I understand that the owners are loosing money, but so are millions of people across our country. By trying to force reopening before it is safe, this will just push us back to a stay at home situation again and prolog the unemployment of many. Just forget sports in 2020 and lets hope for a vaccine sooner rather than later. Covid 19 is not going away anytime soon. Just my very humble opinion.
  4. don't forget he started out as a TE and the BillS switched him to LT.
  5. I could be way off base here, but I just don't think he is worth it.
  6. At least he didn't resist the arrest. AND he was wearing his Bills t-shirt proudly!!!
  7. I would not be surprised if by game 9 or 10 Moss has earned an equal number of carries to Singletary. No disrespect to Singletary. It is just that they are going to make an incredible combination. I wonder if we will ever see them in the same backfield. That would be awesome!
  8. That is the worst angle that could be used. At ground level the stadium looks awesome.
  9. We all suffered through the last 20 years. This is a new era and it's time to put the past in the past. Go 2020 Bills!!!
  10. Okay, I'm an old guy. How about Butch Byrd, Albert Dubenion, and lookie lookie, here comes Cookie.
  11. Maybe this is a homer pick, but Thurman Thomas made many incredible runs inside the opposing 10 yard line to get into the end zone.
  12. If he can contribute in a year, he is a great 7th round pick.
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