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  1. In my opinion, Watt would have helped us as much with shoring up our run defense as he would our pass rush. I wanted the Bills to sign him, but not at the price the Cardinals paid. That would have limited what we could do to prepare for the 2021 season. I am hopeful that Star can come back and be effective with helping our run defense. We are in great shape and Beane will fill our needs by finding the best options for us that our financial situation will allow. Watt was not the cornerstone to build our 2021 season. We should be okay with out JJ. IMHO
  2. One step at a time. Keep the faith in Beane. He has not disappointed so far. He has to make some cap space and he will find hidden gems in free agency. Long Live he Process !!!!!
  3. Now let's try to sign Williams, Feliciano, and Milano or at least two of the three!
  4. Not a fan of Levi starting. He is decent depth, but that us his ceiling. IMHO.
  5. My wife and I have friends that live in Coventry UK. Their son play QB at their professional level. He has played on a team in Germany and in, I believe Norway.
  6. I played tight end and defensive end in high-school in the late 60s - 70. It helped some but today's game is so different and much more sofisticated. By the way, those leather helmets were a pain.
  7. An incentive laden contract would be the only thing that should be offered. We are a better defense when Milano is on the field, but a player that can not stay on the field due to injuries does not deserve a top 5 contract, IMHO.
  8. Totally agree. A loss always hurts, but we have a bright future.
  9. We are not at the level if KC yet. We will get there. Draft defense with our first five picks the year.
  10. Why can't we play some man coverage? We are standing there like statues and they keep picking us apart. Have we even deflected a pass yet?
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