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  1. He will play until he's 42 with 8 Lombardy Trophies and be considered the new GOAT! OH TO DREAM...
  2. Adam Schein has consistently been a vocal advocate for Josh Allen from the day Allen was drafted. He is okay in my book.
  3. I found my own answer. Bruce played for the Bills for 15 years. That will be tough to beat.
  4. My search found that title may belong to Kyle Williams. He played for the Bills for 13 years. Can anyone find a longer tenured Buffalo Bill?
  5. I remember that penalty of running off the wrong side of the field. Wasn't it Bill "Earthquake" Enyart?
  6. This has probably been mentioned, but Herb Mul-key's kickoff return for a touchdown on the first play ever in the original Rich Stadium. August 18, 1973.
  7. Tyrod helped end the drought. Not a franchise quarterback for sure, be he has earned my respect.
  8. He was a journeyman center and had one of the worst games a player could have. He had several fumbled snaps that resulted in turnovers that cost us the game. After writing this original post I looked him up. He sadly died of cancer in the early 90's at age 48 I believe.
  9. That sounds about right. I wish I could forget about him. How do you do that?
  10. 1) J. P. Losman. He always cried about not being given a fair chance. 2) Remi Prudhomme. This is for the old guys. He single handedly lost a game for us back in the "old rockpike" with repeated incredibly poor snaps. It still hurts.
  11. It should be better for Darnold as well. Getting away from the New York Media will help.
  12. No problem. It would have added an interesting strategy to the season. When do you sit your quarterback or star edge rusher?
  13. Hi Gugny: Where did you see this? I have looked online and I can not find where it states that each player will be restricted to playing 16 games in a regular season? It makes sense if the NFL is trying to look like player safety is taken into consideration
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