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  1. Nice to see him going back home. I wish Jerry only the best. Thank you for being one of the all tiny classiest Buffal Bills. Have a kick ass season?!
  2. I agree 100% That is why I am sooooo glad he owns at least one pair of black and gold underwear.
  3. With Von Miller and the addition of Elam and bringing back some d linemen, the defense should be much improved. The subtraction of Levi Wallace and finding his replacement should pay huge dividends. I know some on this board liked Wallace, but he could not hold up to the added attention he received when White was playing. Levi continually got taken advantage of with his weak coverage. He had to play off the receivers and that was his undoing. The fact that Wallace signed with the Steelers for under $3 mill per year shows that the Bills had no interest in bringing him back. I love our draft. I have learned over the life of my Bills fandom (beginning in 1963, yes I am old) not to have high expectations, but this team looks like the real deal. Mybe this IS the year???
  4. This is pure speculation with no foundation based on facts.
  5. Show me a front office that hasn't made mistakes. Drafting is an art form not an exact science. Where you need to look at the skill of our front office is with free agent acquisitions. Their track record has been unbelievable. Also, look at how the front office has managed the cap, keep current players , as well as signing productive free agents. Our front office ROCKS!
  6. Our surfer dude grew up in Firebaugh near Fresno. Not exactly a haven for surfers. Just hope your Jets can at least make the games competitive.
  7. I would take Hall if he's available. How much would you be willing to trade to move up in the 2nd round?
  8. I really thought he would have by now. Beane always surprises us so you never know. It may be a smart move to wait for the draft to fill the cb position. We have alot of cap space tied up in our secondary. Having a high quality starter on a rookie contract for five years could help ease our cap situation. I can't wait for the draft.
  9. Jack Butler. He played for the Steelers 1951 - 1959. Next.
  10. This really depends on how the draft plays out. Any of the three options could be the smartest move depending on the situations. This draft has so many unknowns.
  11. Let's hope. If we can draft a shutdown cb, that will go a long way of getting past KC.
  12. Ideally, we move up in the first round and draft a game ready cb that can contribute immediately.
  13. I always wondered why the Bills didn't resign Lamonica after his stint with the Raiders.
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