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  1. Hi hope people in this board und e stand that year 1 for Cloeman could be underwhelming while ge adjusts to the NFL. Wr is a position that often takes a year or two to develop at the pro level. I can already hear the crys of "he is a bust, a wasted draft pick, Beane is an idiot and should be fired". Give this young man time to adjust to the next level before rushing to judgement.
  2. Good post.alary I do believe the Bills will sign I r trade for our wr 1 after White's salary hit goes away.
  3. This trade is going to take on a major revisionists history. The fact is KC most likely would have drafted Worthy at 32. All Beane did was significantly improve our day 2 draft Capitol. This was the right move . I am confident that we will get a quality receiver today.
  4. I doubt we will be moving high enough to draft one of tge top 3 wrs.
  5. What hasn't changed is the fact that many wrs taken after the 1st round will exceed some of these 1st round "studs" in their NFL careers.
  6. I disagree it is lazy thinking, but you are entitled to yout opinion. For years, many posters here have lamented that the Bills should not have wasted draft capitol to move up when that draft was do deep at wr. That sounds very similar to this draft. "Those that don't remember history are doomed to repeat it" Fans get so pumped up about certain players because these self appointed "draft experts" hype them in their mock drafts. The Bills have too many needs to burn draft picks on an unnecessary move up. There was another thread started recently that made the point that regardless of which wr the Bills pick in the draft, they would still need a #1 wr. The op made a valid point in that thread. This is just my opinion for what it's worth.
  7. Why is this draft different than 2014? When we moved up then, the hindsight conventional wisdom was that we could have drafted just as talented receiver in the 2nd round? Now many think a move up is a good thing. No one knows which receivers will excel at the next level.
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