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  1. Manfred had too much integrity. The Yankees would receive the same punishment. Steinbrenner wad banned for a year two different times. It wasn't Manfred, but it was MLB. Your cynicism is showing.
  2. I doubt that he is the kind of "team first" player that Beans and McDermott are looking for. Let him go to the Raiders.
  3. I wouldn't discount the Titans. You never know.
  4. Keep pouring it on. I am loving this game!
  5. There is no way the Texans win the 2nd half. This game could not have gone any better than if it was scripted. Payback is a b***h.
  6. If we can get all three phases of the game to where we want to be, it will be awesome!
  7. I can not imagine a college will pay more for an assistant coaching position than the pros. I wonder if he may have desires to be a head coach at the college level. This loss will hurt.
  8. I would agree with this philosophy, but let's hope McDermott and Beane see the needs of the offense.
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