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  1. longtimebillsfan

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    I live in Las Vegas. All most every time I wear Bills gear, I have someone make a comment (positive) about the bills. Even in their worst days, I wore my bills gear. You gotta support the team. Never have I been embarrassed to show my Bills pride. If someone gives me their condolences I may make a joke, But is usually come back with a positive comment. Go Bills! Very Disappointing.
  2. longtimebillsfan

    The future finally is now in Buffalo

    Based on what? McD took a team that was a mess to the playoffs, and won 6 games from a team experts expected to win 2-3 games tops in 2018.
  3. longtimebillsfan

    Josh Allen's Top 10 Plays

    The high jump vs the Vikings was amazing. I am so pumped up about our future wish Josh. I am in the minority, but I love to see Josh run the ball. It is part of his game. He just has to learn to avoid the big hits. Bring on the 2019 season! Go Bills!!!
  4. longtimebillsfan

    Share Your Super Bowl 53 Predictions

    Rams 34 Pats 31. I also predict that at the end of the I will still hate the Patriots.
  5. longtimebillsfan

    Andre Reed Jersey Question

    If you are looking to save some money, Fanatics has very good quality replica jerseys. They also have game quality jerseys available as well.
  6. longtimebillsfan

    Marshawn Lynch on Bill Maher's TV Show Tonight on HBO

    This goes back to my original point. Arguing politics is pointless. We both have the right to our opinions. I respect your views.
  7. longtimebillsfan

    Marshawn Lynch on Bill Maher's TV Show Tonight on HBO

    It has always been that way. So you are saying redistribute the wealth??? Workers of the world, unite!!!
  8. longtimebillsfan

    Marshawn Lynch on Bill Maher's TV Show Tonight on HBO

    When will people realize political debates between party loyalists in this day and age are pointless. No one ever gives an inch. Everybody feels they know the real story and the opposition is evil and a con. The fact is both parties have some value, but both parties have huge issues. Both value being in power more than working to improve our country. I wish there was a viable third option. Our political system is a mess.
  9. As much as I want to believe that the NFL is above board, the constant ridiculous calls, no calls, and absurd interpretation of play reviews that seem to constantly go in favor of the Patriots does make one wonder. This started with the "tuck rule" call that to my knowledge has never been ex for any other player than Brady. This has got to stop!
  10. longtimebillsfan

    RIP Joe O’Donnell

    I had the opportunity to me him. He was a really good man. Sorry to hear of his passing.
  11. longtimebillsfan

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    It was a very interesting survey. I am concerned that the Buffalo market will not support PSLs. A stadium renovation would be the only way to avoid PSLs.
  12. longtimebillsfan

    Team Identity when they move

    You are very well informed. Thank you.
  13. longtimebillsfan

    Team Identity when they move

    That makes sense. Living in Las Vegas, I do not think I will ever root for the Raiders. The Rams would have been more tolerable.
  14. longtimebillsfan

    Team Identity when they move

    I agree with your point, but the question remains, does the team owners own the Brand, or does the city? This is not an easy issue to navigate. I have read that the city of Oakland does not have a very good chance to win their lawsuit.
  15. longtimebillsfan

    Team Identity when they move

    Oakland has brought a law suit trying to retain the Raiders name as well. I doubt that Mark Davis would be willing to give up the Raiders brand without a fight. Loosing the Raiders identity would greatly reduce the value of his franchise. It is not that easy to accomplish.