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  1. Surprisingly on CBS Sportsline, the odd are currently at -17 for the Bills. The Bills are finally getting so love...
  2. I agree. I like the Bill's Mafia persona, but I do not like being associated with the moms that jump through tables and act like they just had their first beer. This is not representative of true Bills fans.
  3. We are stuck with the name just like we are stuck with the national image of bone heads jumping through flaming folding tables.
  4. It is creating an identity within the culture of that particular team. I wouldn't say it is meaningless. McDermott has certainly created a vision of what "Bills Football" is for this team and it seems that the players are ready to lay it on the line for their teammates. This seems to be anything but meaningless.
  5. This is going to be a good test for our defense. I am optimistic that they will do well. They will not shut down Barkley, but they will keep him from a big day....I hope.
  6. I hope he is. Have not understood the optimism with Gase going to the Jets. The only thing better would be a return of Red to the Jets.
  7. The O line looked quite good considering they did not all play together in the preseason. They are only going to get better as the season progresses.
  8. For a young guy, he didn't let adversity get him down. Allen showed a resolve That can not be coached. We are going to be all right. GO BILLS!!!
  9. I believe the most critical phase of this game is how well our o-line jells. It normally takes time for a newly formed offensive line to mesh and get comfortable with house their line mates play and what to expect from them. With Mitch Morse having had limited practices, this will be a challenge.
  10. We made the playoffs in 2017 with that formula. I doubt that we will be that unbalanced this season. We should rely more on the passing game. But the point is winning, not how we do it.
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