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  1. Tre should stick to the Goalie Academy
  2. I'm sure that the people with the 8-year-old sense of humor were deeply thoughtful and considered the relevance of the imagery.
  3. Here's a question that has bothered me for a long time. There's hardly a game that you don't see a shot of a fan with a D and a fence (a joke so so juvenile that my 8 year old thinks it's funny) I've never seen a shot of a fan with an O and a fence. Why not? I suspect that the fake news media is the culprit.
  4. Whatever, he's better than Kelvin Shepard (who we traded for him, straight up)
  5. Duke was targeted in most of the critical plays on Saturday and got his hands on the ball several times but they were difficult catches and he didn't make them. Maybe we should throw more to DiMarco on the critical plays.😁
  6. I really like JJ Watt but ESPN's obsession with him on Saturday made me want to puke every time I saw his face. It got worse when they started showing his brother, and it got really putrid when they put his brother's tweets on the screen. Then I watched Nantz and Romo do the Pats game. What a couple of professionals!!!
  7. I love Duke but after the Houston game I'm wondering if his hands are good enough for an NFL receiver.
  8. You obviously weren't watching in the 1980s This guy, on the other hand, remembers the 1980s very well
  9. How did you do on reading comprehension tests in school?
  10. This was just as bad as the Music City Miracle except that the pain was spread out over an hour this time, making it real torture. Maybe the MCMiracle was karma payback for the Frank Reich comeback game against that francise (and the flag that was never thrown on Don Bebee for stepping out of bounds). And maybe this is karma payback to the Houston fans for the same thing? I'm tired of being philosophical about it, I just want to curl up into fetal position and suck my thumb.
  11. Isn't that the whole point of having message boards? It was fun to see the Pats have to do the multi-lateral thing twice in less than a week.
  12. I like that the back judge is a quality control manager. They should put him in charge of face mask penalties. But I'd really rather have Steve Freeman
  13. ALSO: here's how you end fighting in hockey... If you drop your gloves, no gloves for you the rest of the game. Of course who wants to end fighting in hockey?
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