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  1. You may not have known this, but the famous actor O.J. Simpson actually played for the Bills before beginning his career as an actor and women's rights advocate.
  2. And more importantly McDermott callaed it
  3. Does anybody know whether Bass is righthanded or lefthanded? Does anybody know which hand is injured? Until now I didn't know he had hands. And I didn't much care either.
  4. Wearing my #11 Norwood jersey, Scott deserves to be honored
  5. Me too on the Rockpile and me too on the first Rich game (although it wasn't called Rich yet). Been living overseas for 30+ years now, only get back every now and then. Still have not witnessed the Bills winning a game. My sons (and now my grandson) are afflicted with Bills fandom for which they blame me. For some reason with no encouragement from me, they became Sabres fans also, which increases the pain exponentially.
  6. He was actually standing flat-footed on both feet, didn't step into the throw at all
  7. And while we're on the topic, it was a FORWARD PASS I'm still not over that one
  8. Must have been weird seeing the Steelers go from 40 to 44. Two safeties?
  9. Pro Bowl for punters is like the gold glove for pitchers, usually someone gets it more on reputation than performance.
  10. Reminded me of Stevie's drop in the end zone in overtime against the Steelers.
  11. Can't believe it's page two of this thread, and nobody posted this yet: https://youtu.be/W16qzZ7J5YQ?t=26
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