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  1. How many solo open field tackles did Milano have today? 6 or 7 I believe, including a 1 on 1 against Lamar.
  2. You set a mighty low bar. By this measure, if you're not drugged out or pushing old ladies in front of subway trains, you're not a failure. The really is the crappiest generation ever.
  3. Matt Leinart Kevin Kolb Vince Young DaRick Rogers Reggie Bush (OK, he played a little...)
  4. Interesting article about Chad Kelly in The Athletic. https://theathletic.com/3642208/2022/09/30/chad-kelly-cfl-toronto-argonauts/ (paywall) The long and the short of it is he's a backup up in Toronto and still blames everyone else for his problems, his dad worked night shift, his uncle cast a big shadow. Even when he blames himself for something he talks about himself in the third person. If he was half as good as his hype he'd be setting the CFL on fire. Meanwhile he's only attempted 4 passes in 13 games.
  5. Sean McDermott is an Abbots chocolate almond soft ice cream. Discuss.
  6. If we lose tomorrow, fire Beane and McDermott
  7. I get the games in beautiful HD with no lag and I see them on my 105" projected screen
  8. I feel the same way every time I'm there. Move overseas and subscribe to NFL Gamepass. I get all the games live and all are archived with full game and 40 minute all-the-plays-with-no-timeouts version.
  9. The best part was when he took off his helmet and hit the deer with it
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