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  1. Remember 2008 (said the old man). Let's hold onto our seat cushions just a little while longer. And get off of my lawn.
  2. What if Dolphins-Redskins today is tied 0-0 after regulation, do you want them to keep going until someone scores? They may still be playing on Tuesday. And the fans will have left at halftime.
  3. Chill, brother. The whole point of these boards is to have a little fun. And by the way, consider that the Music City Miracle was THEIR vengeance against us for the Reich comeback.
  4. Revenge? After losing the 3rd Super Bowl, the next season we played the NFC East and beat New York, Washington and Dallas, avenging our 3 Super Bowl losses. Then we went out and lost the 4th one.
  5. If he's right we should go 13-3 since the only teams ranked above us on our schedule are NE and Philly
  6. You're 64? I thought you said you're old. I've been 64 for 51 weeks now.
  7. Why ruin a trip to beautiful Krakow by watching the putrid Fish?
  8. Then I guess Rob Johnson 11 is completely out of the question.
  9. Way after, when Four Falls of Buffalo came out Norwood suffered more as a Bill than any of us have suffered as long-suffering Bills fans.
  10. That's what my rabbi told me once.
  11. Thanks for the insight.
  12. Maybe the OP meant he has the "hips" and not the "yips"
  13. If Barkley is starting, they need to call up Webb which means cutting someone from the 53. Hard to imagine they'll do that AND make another roster move.
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