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  1. I say let's trade all of our good players so we can stockpile draft picks. Then we can have a full roster of guys like Erik Flowers and Aaron Maybin.
  2. Lots more good theologians on this board than guys who actually understand football.
  3. You're correct on the name issue, but religious Jews won't say Adonai unless they're actually praying. If they're referring to the contents of a prayer in conversation, for instance, they'll substitute "hashem" or sometimes I've heard "adoshem" Proper pronunciation is Adon-EYE with the accent on the third syllable. Not sure how he says it though. There are lots of strange first names in football.
  4. Having been raised in the Jewish faith this name never fails to crack me up. "Adonai" is Hebrew for "God" and religious Jews are so careful of observing the commandment of not taking God's name in vain, they actually won't say this word unless engaged in formal prayer. In other cases they substitute the word Hashem which means "the name." I can't wait until he catches a Hail Mary pass.
  5. OP should be signed to the coaching staff right now!
  6. Andre voiced his opinion (through his old friend, me) about a post here claiming that Diggs was the best WR in Bills history. Needless to say, Andre didn't agree.
  7. The return address on Andre's note was "Canton, OH"
  8. Hello my name is Andre Reed and I'm inclined to disagree with you.
  9. Wait until he shanks a couple of 30 yard kicks next game.
  10. And I'll keep posting this: The only thing worse than the failure on the field has been the failure to address this for going on three years. The fans and the players (especially the ones remaining from that squad) deserve complete transparency from McDermott. It's the only way we'll ever be able to start moving on from this.
  11. The way I understand it, you get big bucks for being really good. If "class act" was enough to get big bucks I'd be a wealthy man.
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