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  1. I’m in Phoenix on vacation. I may leave my Bills hoodie in Scottsdale with a note to Kyler saying “you had your Hail Murray, but we’re one win away from the SuperBowl. How you doing?” Oh, and Vodka and Tea never tasted so good!
  2. Why do you think I'm "a few dollars short" right now...
  3. I'm thinking when Josh runs with the ball, Diggs gets on the stick and does a right shift, left thumb button, right pinky up move that causes Josh to fumble, we recover, Diggs goes back to the huddle and says, "Just throw it to me dawg". Josh does, Touchdown, and both are praised and All-Pro's. It's Stefon's brilliance.
  4. Are y’all sure this isn’t going to be broadcast on PBS with Kermit and Miss Piggy calling the game? Oh wait, that was ESPN My bad
  5. Only if he buys a ticket. His free passes are over
  6. I miss those days, going to a bar at 10 with a bloody mary, breakfast, and the Bills on the TV (with all the other games).
  7. Washington over Tampa Cleveland over Pittsburgh Buffalo and KC in AFC Championship, Allen throws for 200 more yards and 3 more TD's than Mahomes in the game.
  8. Beasley. The Colts might not give him as much attention as they would have if he was 100%, and he could have 10 plus catches over 100 yards.
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