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  1. I'm in Buffalo also. P.S.: The border needs to reopen.
  2. The 3 had a sizeable margin over the others. That was my thinking.
  3. Hey @NewEra or @Virgil, might as well make this a 3 way race between Cox, Shelvin, and Meinerz
  4. Some of those highlighted as "dropped interceptions" didn't hit any body parts! Another portion was the defender knocking down the ball. Hardly a "dropped interception". From the video, I'd say the true number would be around 8ish.
  5. Place my vote for Fred Jackson. He would be a perfect fit for not only this offense, but for this team in terms of personality. Others: Brian Morman: You just could always count on him to deliver. Lee Evans. Imagine a 5 receiver set of Diggs, Beasley, Evans, Sanders, Davis. Kyle Williams would be a force in his prime on the D interior. Have to agree with Mario Williams. Him and Hughes coming off the edge would terrify opposing QBs Have to go with Kiko in his rookie season. He never was the same player after his knee injury. Him and Edmunds in the m
  6. Only the best New Orleans style jazz! Friday nights, 9pm to 1am. (Yes. I'm promoting my friend Ronnie Littlejohn who hosts the show. An amazing soul singer). www.jazz.fm
  7. Saw it was for a herniated disc in his neck.
  8. I would absolutely love Etienne on this roster. I can see a lot of Thurman similarities, but to be honest I can also see a lot of Spiller similarities as well.
  9. One of the best football games I've ever seen was the 1989 Grey Cup between Hamilton and Saskatchewan. When Tony Champion caught the TD with about a minute to go, everyone was expecting OT, but the Rough Riders had other ideas. It was like a team from the NFC East won the Super Bowl. Great stuff!
  10. I don't know. Me dressing in shiny clothes, a funny hat, and holding a red cape MIGHT do the trick...
  11. My choice is 17 prime time games for Buffalo
  12. I was actually paranoid that I wouldn't have enough points for the trade, so I over thunk it. Kliff has a time machine. It came with his posh estate in Arizona. We wanted the best available, that was Sewell. Arizona sees him having an Anthony Munoz type of impact. (High expectations I know)
  13. TRADE The Arizona Cardinals send their 1st (#16) and 2nd (#49) in 2021, and their 1st and 3rd in 2020 2022 to Cincinnati for the #6 overall pick in 2021. With the 6th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select, Penei Sewell, Offensive Lineman, Oregon. The Detroit Lions and @Reed83HOFare on the clock. Arizona was thinking seriously about trading down to stock up on picks, but a player of this caliber was too enticing to pass up. This pick addresses a need on the Cardinals line, protects Murray's blind side, and allows the Cardinals
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