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  1. Alan White - Drummer for Yes Andy Fletcher - Keyboardist for Depeche Mode Both also passed away today
  2. But did playing for NE leave him with enough funds to buy a round in the clubhouse? And does that mean the Patriots will get a compensatory 3rd round pick?
  3. Josh can still out throw them, out run them, and eat WAY more cajun honey BBQ wings than them all.
  4. Against Colorado and with Binnington's status uncertain? Not a chance.
  5. That would be a "firm" yes
  6. Give me 5 Bugs Bunny cartoons and I'm good. Name me somebody (other than MacGyver) who can get out of any situation and be the winner.
  7. At least not from Arby's. Now a shake from Teds would be a crowd pleaser.
  8. There are all kinds of buyers. I'll give you an example from a sale I had last year. It was a house in the village of Orchard Park. Total remodel from water coming through the walls of the basement, to the roof caving in in the upstairs bathroom, to the roof on the house needing a full replacement. Total disaster. I listed it at $169K. It sold for $208K cash offer. The buyer was local that just wanted to be in the village of Orchard Park. They have since done a full remodel on the home and it is wonderful!
  9. Jake Ottenger for Dallas is having a once in a lifetime game And that will be the last time I say someone is having a once in a lifetime game
  10. Connor McDavid is the best hockey player in the world. Why did Edmonton win that lottery?
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