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  1. Just helping out a fellow musician. (She's a damn good bassist).
  2. No idea. Just that it was local to Buffalo. I'm going that the autograph was Doug Brown. I showed this to my acquaintance and she agreed.
  3. An acquaintance of mine posted this on her Facebook page. She said her grandfather got this decades ago while working at Tops. Does anyone who's smarter than me know who's autograph this is?
  4. Dude! I set a new speed record!
  5. Keon Coleman outlasts @mrags, "between the sheets".
  6. You didn't know that I'm showing up to the TBD Golf Outing in a wrestling onesie and headgear? Bring it, little bones.
  7. It all depends on price. The Roycroft in East Aurora is a great hotel, but a bit on the pricy side. The Marriott right at Harbor Center puts you right in the heart of Canalside, with great views of the city. If you don't mind a drive, a hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario is also an option. Stay away from the Budget Inns and such. Those are used for NYC transfers if you get what I'm saying.
  8. Someone call Andy Reid. His type of character player.
  9. Yet the owner of the Sacramento River Cats is calling the A's in a Minor League Stadium the best ticket in Baseball, and rumors are he's going to charge Yankee and Dodger ticket prices to see the A's in Sacto. Everything connected to the A's is a joke. I wish I could fly my "SELL" flag at my house, but we have a US and Canadian flag flying. My wife said a third flag would make us a "Tr**p" house and she doesn't want that look.
  10. Cool! Make 6 more versions of me so my wife can have a fresh new me every night of the week!
  11. Florio reported this story. Hmmm. I am waiting for tomorrow's follow-up article that the Bills draft is rumored to be moved to San Antonio.
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