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  1. Someone at the Bills Media Department must read this board
  2. We were with Sprint for 7 days. It was an absolute nightmare. The bill was double what they said we would pay, and about $100 more than Verizon who we were with. They had a return policy on the new phones. When they said they wouldn't take the phones back because they were used (although they had a 30 day return policy), when I went to call Channel 2's consumer line, they were all of a sudden very happy to take the phones back.
  3. Dude is 68 today. Not like he's going to see this, but Happy Birthday to one of the finest bassists evar!!!
  4. The most wild thing I've seen was up in the observation tower of Mt. Diablo near Oakland. Mt Diablo is in Walnut Creek. It's about 3700 ft in elevation. Once while in the observation tower on a clear day, I could literally see the curvature of the earth from well south of San Jose up well into the North Bay. Right along the Pacific Ocean shoreline. In the other direction I could clearly see Sacramento and even make out some peaks from the Sierra Nevada Range.
  5. I love that song! Would be amazing if he plays that next month. (My wife and I have club seats for this show at the stadium). My all time favorite Elton song! When I saw Rush in 1996, they did the entire side 1 of 2112. I thought that was it. Couldn't be topped. Then in the 2nd set, they brought this out. That topped 2112 for me. Became a mainstay for a couple of tours after.
  6. Actually a friend of mine just went through an ankle replacement. If I can put it correctly, it's where they literally remove the ankle bone, and do some grafting to where the ankle bone needs to regrow. My friend is also a tough mofo. In the 6 weeks since his surgery, he's already gone to a walking boot and can put 50lbs of pressure in limited quantities. Here's to the same outcome for JK.
  7. I have some advice. Tip your waitress well. You never know where it may lead.
  8. Are you handling Xavien Howard's contract for the Dolphins?
  9. This is the internet. Everything is 100% accurate. You didn't know? She can buy one from me!!!!!! So THAT'S how it's done!!!!!
  10. Tyler Bass will break the NFL record for longest field goal in a game, and it won't count because it's preseason.
  11. I had a friend visit from Columbus, OH. The only thing she was interested in was to visit Anchor Bar. You make a very good point.
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