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  1. www.jazz.fm can save you. Confirmed. The interview will air Dec 17th.
  2. For this gig I'll be switching between Bass and Keyboards (80's First Wave). The next week gig is just bass with easier songs (Southern Rock and Blues) so I'll be doing a bit more drinking during that gig.
  3. The only thing I would have to worry about is a gig, and thankfully the next one is Jan 7th, so I should be good then.
  4. No. A dome is not going to be an extra $2 Billion Dollars....
  5. I'm married. I'd have to steal my wife's purse.
  6. The issue with this is Liberty Cab. They are the absolute worst, ever. You call a cab with them, they tell you 15 minutes. 30 minutes later, you call again, and they yell at you for calling, saying "what else do you want us to do?" They are horrible and I would much rather pay Uber prices than deal with Liberty.
  7. Best of luck to you as well! You did it before, you can do it again.
  8. What you want to be aware of, is I wouldn't be surprised if Uber jacks up rates as it gets closer to kickoff. They're sneaky like this. So a $40 ride at normal times could be double near the time to go into the stadium. They always increase rates as demand goes up.
  9. Where in Hamburg? (Approximate area, not exact address for obvious reasons).
  10. I'm afraid there's no way I could keep one piece in for 4 hours. I've grown accustomed to when the flavor is gone, out goes the old piece and in goes the new piece. I'll just power through the symptoms. You're right when you said "I got this"!
  11. Congrats on the move and the great gift for your wife!
  12. I quit smoking New Years Eve 2019. I have been chewing Nicotine gum ever since, but the lowest milligram level possible. (2mg). Yesterday I decided to just chew regular gum, as I (or so I thought) was getting more satisfaction from the flavor of the gum, rather than the nicotine itself. I feel like I stopped smoking 3 packs a day, cold-turkey. I was chewing about 15 to 20 pieces of the 2 mg gum per day. This feeling of somewhat intense withdrawal symptoms is a bit surprising.
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