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  1. And people thought my take that Montana was better than Brady was out there...
  2. My parents are super proud of me, thank you very much!
  3. Just my opinion. Doesn't make it right, or your post worthy.
  4. I'll give you points on Brady's longevity. I just think Montana was better. Remember, he took an underperforming Chiefs team to the AFC Championship against the Bills.
  5. Brady was a product of a system. He also lost Superbowls. Montana never lost a Superbowl. Montana should be #1.
  6. That's the first sensible thing you've said on this site.
  7. The big-name hire everyone has been waiting for
  8. I saw Ozfest in like 2003. (Don't remember the exact year). Rob Zombie and System Of A Down were on the bill. I'll never forget Zombie kicking a guy sitting in the front row, who was actually sitting during Zombie's set, kicking the guy out of his seat and giving the seat to a kid at the very top of the lawn seats. Got in the crowd and everything. What I remember about Ozzy's set is that he had a water fetish. The vocals sounded spot on though.
  9. Baseball doesn't start until the Stanley Cup is presented.
  10. Can't stand for 3 hours or travel anymore from his car accident 3 years ago.
  11. Carolina is showing the kids how an elite hockey team plays hockey.
  12. I'm still salty that Kyler Murray picked the Cardinals over the A's.
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