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  1. I don't have GIfs I feel shame
  2. Draconator


    Just have a shot of Fireball and forget about it
  3. @mragssent me some construction pics. They've been added to my Google Drive folder. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1slFkG1Tgt1z6Sr5_PsRrflmzreYclzkI
  4. Draconator


    Now we have the full California experience in WNY. We already had the taxes. The smoke in the air completes the experience.
  5. I'm starting to think that Eichel's woes with the Sabres wasn't all Eichel. It was Eichel (and Reinhardt and Montour and Staal and anyone else) playing under Ralph Kruger as coach. If Eichel was on the Sabres today under Don Granato, he would buy into the team like he is in Vegas. And it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he had his shoulder popped back into his socket after that hit from Tkachuk.
  6. I knew that a lady I used to work with at my old real estate brokerage just got engaged to a Bandit. I didn't realize her fiance is Josh Byrne. They've been dating for like 5 years. She's traveled the country with Riverdance.
  7. This time they released "Xanabrew". A Belgian Style Ale. Only 10.5% Alcohol By Volume. But I didn't get buzzed from this. It's also not a pound them until the truck runs and the wife comes back type of beer. Kinda like a distant cousin of an IPA, but not the IPA hoppiness. Also has some subtle citrus notes. One thing about the Rush beers. They're very close to Rush albums. No two Rush albums, or Rush beers, are like each other. I admire that.
  8. Does lying on your back sleeping with a billdo duct-taped to your stomach count in this?
  9. Nathan's are the best hot dogs I've had. Better than Zweigles, Sahlens, or anything else.
  10. Genesee Ruby Red Kolsch isn't that bad. https://www.geneseebeer.com/beer/genesee-ruby-red-kolsch/
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