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  1. Delivered roses for a guy who ran a shop out of his home garage only around Valentines Day. Was actually quite busy. Try to sell pay phones for a high school friend who started his own business. The old Lancaster Nursery, where the weird part about this was the owner gave 3 minutes for lunch over an 8 hour shift. If you were late, he would scream his head off an alter my time cards to the temp agency docking me for the late arrival. I told the temp agency who then told the NYS Labor Board. He retired soon after.
  2. Bills finally win a close one Buffalo 24 Balt 21
  3. ***** the trolls. I eat them for lunch and ***** them out a couple of hours later.
  4. More reggae. Or better put, more Police influenced.
  5. Christian Wilkins suggested them after grabbing Josh's package during the game.
  6. The way you matriculate long thread titles down the field is a safe way to win games.
  7. Just put it on my tab. @Gugny said he would cover them
  8. Google "double asteroid redirection test" And thank me later
  9. I was watching a Fort Meyers TV feed, and the weatherman said there is strong evidence that this could be upgraded to a Category 5 after the fact.
  10. You agreed with me. Epic fail on your part.
  11. Let me quote my post again, for the little people in the back...
  12. The movie Josh is watching this week for Kyle Brandt is Groundhog Day. So that must mean we are getting REALLY close
  13. https://www.madhousemagazine.com/geddy-lee-working-p-t-at-home-depot-to-make-ends-meet/?fbclid=IwAR2z562JS32Q29NtUquTQXco-t1QlLt_DKPRLMQuqa2VDEOiumde7NDdwco
  14. With a talent like Josh Allen, the temptation to use him as much as possible is just there. I agree we need more of a running game, but Josh's abilities makes the pass a much more attractive option.
  15. This is a slow dance/ballad, and what Geddy says, after all the albums and songs they ever recorded, this was the first time they got it right. Also the song that was played when my wife and I were pronounced husband and wife.
  16. More from my Facebook thread Not identified as a danceable song, but as a head banging song This is a great comment: Our band was covering Freewill one night at a Club in Cocoa Beach. I watched in aww at a Couple dancing to it... They were brilliant! They were dressed to dance too, very snazzy, and they nailed it! They flowed beautifully through the changes too! They obviously knew the song! The floor cleared for them and everyone was in aww. We gave them huge applause and praise!
  17. With all the "McDermott sucks and doesn't prepare this team" threads, this is the bright spotlight on Page 1 of The Stadium Wall. Unless of course I make a drinking game thread that the moment a new "McDermott Sucks" thread appears, everyone has to down a bottle of Jack within 10 minutes.
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