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  1. If we put Rodgers in New England and Brady in Green Bay, do you think that would have changed anything?
  2. Ok I just nursed my first cup of coffee, so I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, but then again my posts hardly ever make sense so you may not spot the difference. ☕️☕️ Chicken or egg? Tell me how Brady did without Mike Evans, Gronk and Chris Godwin in his final year with the Patriots? Sure, QB is the most important position in football, sure a great QB will make do with average receivers, but it takes good to great WRs even for a QB as talented as Brady to win the Super Bowl and to go deep in the playoffs. Same goes for Josh, whom I feel can get us multip
  3. Oh, so you believed in Jordan Love so much that you took a QB in the 1st round instead of getting your HOF QB some help, so why is it that they’re scared to let Love play then?
  4. He’s a Buffalo native IIRC, but I think our DL is all set.
  5. It’s kind of amazing how far Allen has come under the guidance of Jordan Palmer, who seemingly has a stellar reputation in the NFL as a top end QB coach. It’s kind of perplexing to me cause Palmer sucked as a player but is apparently a really great coach. I wonder why he didn’t do much as a player in the NFL? Regardless, his track record as a coach speaks for itself.
  6. I support Rodgers 100%. Green Bay has very little to show for between him and Favre. How is it you only have two Lombardis between two of the greatest QBs of all time?
  7. Even now I’d have to put Josh ahead of OJ and I know that OJ is in the same echelon as Barry Sanders for sure. Thurman was great, Barry was the best..
  8. Two each his own. I don’t see Isaiah as a natural route runner, nor do I see him as being big enough to break free from physical press corners and once again he has a very slight athletic build and small bone structure. I don’t see his body as big enough to handle the abuse of 68 catches. I kind of see him as a Roscoe Parrish type of player except Roscoe may have actually been a wee bit bigger.
  9. I like Isaiah a lot too, but he just doesn’t have the frame to be a 50-55+ catch kind of guy. He is a splash player. If you can get him in space via design plays, he can be a valuable contributor. I think he can get you maybe 40-45 catches a year, which is about his max, I think. That’s still valuable given his skill set though, given that he’s an athletic marvel and can take it to the house on any given play and he must be accounted for, but he has a very small frame/bone structure, he can easily get hurt. If used tastefully he is a very solid #4 and I hope the Bills hang onto him,
  10. If Davis improves upon his rookie year, he will be making lots of beans and biscuits in another year or two.
  11. If he’s willing to take $11M-$12M, I’d say he’s worth it, but anything more than that gives me cause for concern. Of course one could argue that our DL has been piss poor since he’s been here, but his production isn’t in line with other elite players. Sure, he’s good, but not very good, let alone elite. He has everything you’d want in a LB physically, but he lacks instincts. MLB is a highly disvalued position. If we see more splash plays out of Edmunds in pass defense I may change my mind, because generally that’s what you want these days in a LB.
  12. Better off saving that money for when other teams start trimming their rosters down. TE and corner seem to be way more pertinent than adding another DT.
  13. I think that Sanders will likely take Beasley’s spot in the slot. With the way things are going for Cole, I’m not so sure he’ll be around come week 1. I think you’ll see Diggs and Davis on the outside and Sanders in the slot.
  14. You don’t trade assets off when your team is in win now mode. Singletary is our best back and not only that, it looks like he is coming into camp in the best shape of his life. As many folks pointed out, our line is not exactly the best at run blocking. We are not a power run team, yet Singletary has averaged almost 5ypc in his first two seasons. I would argue that even some of the best backs in the league wouldn’t of had much success behind this OL. I would also argue that our run blocking scheme is the problem and is most certainly Brian Daboll’s weakness as a play caller.
  15. I believe that Sanders will play a lot in the slot. I’m not confident that Beasley will be on our roster opening week. Davis will probably be our LWR.
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