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  1. Allen is a ridiculous talent. Folks that look strictly at the passing numbers are kind of stupid. He had a 20:9 TD:INT ratio last year, he takes care of the ball and can get you another 10 TDS on the ground. There is no better QB in the league on 3rd&1 or 4th&1 situations. Will it be a QB sneak? Will he run it to the pylon? Will it be an option play or a pass to Diggs, Brown, Knox or Beasley? Allen is absurdly hard to plan for in the red zone, he is an immense talent. Finally, finally, finally we have a franchise QB in Buffalo, it’s been so long.
  2. QB - B+ RB - A+ FB - C WR - A TE - C OL - C+ DL - B+ LB - B+ CB - B+ S - A I would likely give the roster as a whole a B to a B+ although that is subject to change so long as Josh Allen steps his game up. Could see Knox taking a huge leap as well and it would not be far fetched to see that TE group bump up a few spots as a result. Should be a playoff team with a chance of being a contender if Allen plays lights out.
  3. I’d argue that without McCoy we don’t make the playoffs in 2017. He had over 1,100 yards at 4ypc along with 59 receptions. Hughes only had 4 sacks. Hughes is a good player not a great player. Shady was a great player not just a good player. You could take Hughes off the 2017 squad and there’s a good chance we still make the playoffs. If you take McCoy off that squad we are a 5 win team. McCoy was our best player on that 2017 team, without him, no playoffs.
  4. I think COVID-19 has been around much much longer than February. I think I got it around November-December, I had all the symptoms. Two of my roommates got it too. Woke up multiple times in the middle of the night coughing, wheezing and having difficulties breathing, fever, cold sweats, lightheaded. I think it’s been going around much longer than what’s being reported. Some people have had it and they didn’t even know they had it I’m sure. Been around since last flu season.
  5. Unpopular take: New England will still be a tough team to beat and a fierce opponent. Both games will be low scoring, defensive struggles that go down to the last play of the game. Having an excellent kicker or not will be the difference between winning and losing the game.
  6. Why not just push the start of the season back a few months and have a shorter offseason next year?
  7. I still think that our games against New England will be tough. Of course Buffalo should win the division if they play to their potential but Allen vs Belichick is a tough matchup. It will be a fight to the death every time we face them.
  8. Let me rethink that, maybe you’re right. My facts were clearly off and I’m deleting my comment. I should have kept my mouth shut.
  9. You may not trust the opinion of Chris Simms much but you should trust the opinion of Bill Belichick. The fact that he’s willing to roll into the season with Hoyer and Stidham should tell you all you need to know about Stidham. You don’t let Tom Brady walk unless you think Stidham has some serious potential. Also Chris Simms is a fantastic commentator, one of my favorites and I’ve always liked him. Simms is one of the better talking heads out there. Would the Patriots really tank? I have an awful time believing that they’d do that. I’d bet money that Stidham is slightly above average. I do still believe that he is the least talented QB in the AFC East though but he’ll be a solid system player. Allen, Darnold, Tua and Stidham in that order. Bills are still by an large the team to beat in the AFC East, our division to lose.
  10. I don’t see that happening. I think he is a good to very good LT but not elite. He’ll never be a Orlando Pace or a Jason Peters, he just doesn’t have that God given ability. He’s definitely in the upper echelon of that tier directly below those guys but I hope he has a lengthy career as a Bill. Very good player, deserves to get paid even if we overspend a little.
  11. I think we’re all set here. We have two very good backs on their rookie contracts, I see no need to give up assets and pay the man huge money.
  12. I’m against racism and police brutality. I’m not going to get on a soap box and preach but I think we’re all made in the image of Christ Jesus. I’m against all violence generally speaking.
  13. Kaepernick would be very wise to start up a clothing line or a shoe line like Michael Jordan. Could bank in millions upon millions.
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