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  1. Boettger has been better than Ford.. I can’t deny that, but is he so much better that you could justify paying him 5-6x more than Ford? I think not.. Ford is signed to a very cheap contract and his ceiling is higher.. By all means, draft an interior lineman RDs 1-3 to push him and to keep him as insurance.. preferably a center that can also play guard.. but don’t forget that Ryan Bates also looked good in limited time when he saw the field.. It comes down to Feliciano and Daryl Williams vs Boettger.. And I think Williams should be the #1 priority.. Feliciano #2... Boettger #3..
  2. I’m not so worried about Moss and Singletary.. they’re serviceable.. This offense goes through Allen.. as it should.. I’d rather sure up that OL.. If Buffalo truly wanted to add another RB, I think we could use a Kamara/McCaffery style RB - someone who can catch 60-65+ passes a year..
  3. I agree that this offense rests solely on the shoulders of Josh Allen.. as does Green Bay’s offense with Rodgers and Tom Brady’s offense in New England for so many years.. No problem with that.. When you have a QB of the caliber of Josh Allen, that’s the right way to go.. However, if we have any chance at winning the Super Bowl, which I do think we have a great chance at winning.. This defense needs to play very very well.. They did great against Baltimore but that trend must continue on for us to have a chance at winning a Lombardi.
  4. I don’t think he should.. This will be his first big pay day, pay him what he’s worth.. This isn’t an established 10-15 year vet, let him eat..
  5. I’m hoping both Kansas City and Green Bay get knocked off.. Would ideally like to play the Bucs in the Super Bowl.. Sweeping the Patriots in the division and beating Brady in the Super Bowl would exorcise a lot of demons for this franchise.
  6. Think our strategy should be the same against any team but especially the Ravens.. Put points on the board quick and force Jackson to pass.
  7. Brown will be gone next year.. Gabe Davis is in the process of being a 1,000 yard receiver.. Not as fast as Brown, but still fast and more size.. Gabe Davis will be a very good receiver in this league..
  8. Bills offense could potentially eliminate the Colts running offense.
  9. Shoot.. if the Texans are dumping players, I’d love to see what they want for JJ Watt.. yes please!
  10. Yep.. but in order for that to work you can’t let Buffalo put up lots of points quickly.. We don’t have the best run defense but if Allen drops 14 points on you in the first half then you have to abandon the run and when that happens our defense is really good at teeing off on QBs..
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