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  1. 55. Phidarian Mathis DT Alabama 57. Romeo Doubs WR Nevada 82. Wan'Dale Robinson WR Kentucky 87. Zachary Carter DT Florida 89. Alontae Taylor CB Tennessee 129. Marcus Jones CB Houston 149. Josh Paschal EDGE Kentucky 202. Ryan Stonehouse P Colorado State future 2023 IND 2nd
  2. 57. Wan'Dale Robinson WR Kentucky 60. Channing Tindall LB Georgia 83. Zachary Carter DT Florida 89. Alontae Taylor CB Tennessee 91. Romeo Doubs WR Nevada 129. Cade Otton TE Washington 151. Marcus Jones CB Houston 244. Velus Jones Jr. WR Tennessee 2023 PHI 2nd
  3. It matters not what people think. Many folks don’t even have the slightest clue in terms of which player will be even remotely decent when they reach the NFL. Even if you have a light to moderate feel for the draft you’re doing better than most fans. Oh the hell I caught for wanting us to draft Josh Allen and the flogging I took for also having a high grade on Boogie Basham. Yet the idiots cling to each other in droves because they have strength in numbers and they know that their stupid takes will be buried under thousands of pages of nonsense that no one will ever see again in the following years later.
  4. You don’t put the fast twitchy guys on someone like Kelce! You put them on the fast twitchy guys on the other team! Would you rather have a guy who is 6’2 and 200lbs on an explosive slot receiver? Or would you rather we draft a guy specifically for those kind of receivers? Good luck finding a corner that big and can run that fast in the draft. Those guys get drafted in the top 10. Also, there’s plenty of undersized corners in the NFL. You put those guys on the explosive speed types. Would an army be well rounded if it had no aircrafts and only tanks? Or if they had only foot soldiers with no tanks? Just because a player is built differently than another, it doesn’t mean that they’re not worth having. What good is it if you have eyes, but no ears? Or if you have arms but no feet? Every player makes up a different part of the collective body, none is better than the other. Also, I don’t know why on Earth you would not want an explosive CB especially when we’re going up against teams like Kansas City, that really boggles my mind. We got destroyed by speed. Buffalo needs a corner that can shut speed receivers down.
  5. I think it’s possible that we not only replace Levi, but we upgrade RCB in RD3 or RD4. I would love to see Marcus Jones in the 3rd round. Yes, he’s undersized but he’s fast and explosive and he is a very willing tackler. He’s the kind of guy you want shadowing the fast/twitchy types of receivers in the NFL. He’s a nasty KR/PR as well. Almost reminds me of one of the Bills All-Time greats Terrence McGee. I’d probably put Alontae Taylor right behind Jones, he should be there in the 3rd-4th as well.
  6. I would like either Christian Kirk or Will Fuller and then I would like to see us go BPA in RD1, which could ultimately mean another WR or a corner or maybe even an IOL or IDL at that point.
  7. Well, I hate to say it, but this draft is completely loaded with great corners to the point of complete overkill. I see guys even in the 3rd to 4th round that could potentially start.
  8. Problem with bumping Dion to guard or RT is that he will not want to take a pay cut.
  9. 28. Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa 57. Wan'Dale Robinson WR Kentucky 89. Zachary Carter DT Florida 108. Alontae Taylor CB Tennessee 115. Marcus Jones CB/KR Houston 129. Jake Camarda P Georgia 184. Velus Jones Jr. WR/KR Tennessee 202. Savion Williams DT Florida A&M 229. Emmett Rice LB Florida State 244. Garrett Crall EDGE Wyoming
  10. 25 isn’t exactly “old”. We have a window to win now. We drafted Tremaine Edmunds when he was what, 20? If you can get 2-3 quality years out of a 4th, 5th or 6th round pick, you’re doing good as far as I’m concerned. While I may never proclaim myself to have the same expertise as someone like Sean McD or Brandon Beane, I highly doubt most fans know who these players are.
  11. 43. Romeo Doubs WR Nevada 57. Phidarian Mathis DT Alabama 58. Channing Tindall LB Georgia 71. Alontae Taylor CB Tennessee 99. Marcus Jones CB Houston 184. Velus Jones Jr. WR Tennessee 229. Matt Araiza P San Diego State 244. JW Jones DT Central Arkansas 2023 DET 2nd
  12. THREE players that NOBODY is talking about! And ALL of them are GREAT returners too! Anyways, I thought that Buffalo was kind of lacking in the return department/STs last year, so I took the liberty of providing you with three of the very best return men in the entire draft and not only that, they may even have the ability to start at their natural positions too. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1.) Romeo Doubs, WR, Nevada • At 6’2 205lbs he has ideal size for an outside receiver. He is built very similarly to Gabe Davis although he is much faster. • Although he doesn’t have elite speed, he is plenty fast enough to break free on go routes and deep balls. • He’s strong enough to beat press coverage and often outmuscles defenders on contested catches. • Caught 80 balls for 1,109 yards last year for 11 TDs. • Averaged 14.2ypc on punt returns for 170 yards in 2021. Draft consensus PFN: #65 PFF: #97 NFL Mock Draft Database: #107 2.) Marcus Jones, CB, Troy/Houston - At 5’8 he’s undersized, but what most folks don’t realize is that he’s a ballhawk and a violent hitter. He tallied 5 INTs last year and is more than willing to lay the lumber down in run support. - He’s more of a nickel corner at the next level, but definitely has the ability to be a starter. - He ran 2 TDs back as a KR and 2 TDs as a PR in 2021. Maybe not Devin Hester but close. - Averaged 34 yards as a KR. - Averaged 14.4 yards as a PR. Draft consensus PFN: #174 PFF: #93 NFL Mock Draft Database: #98 3.) Velus Jones, WR, USC/Tennessee - At 6’0 this man has great size for his athletic ability. I see him as a slot receiver in the same breath as Cole Beasley or Isaiah McKenzie but probably more towards Cole Beasley. - Has a solid frame, should be able to hold up relatively well in terms of taking hits. - Ran for 628 yards as a KR last year and AVG 27.3 yards. - Put up 272 yards as a PR AVG 15.1 yards. - Caught 62 passes for 807 yards and 7 TDs. Draft consensus PFN: #387 PFF: #185 NFL Mock Draft Database: #190 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Anyways, let me know what you guys think. I’ve been sick all day, but I was bored and had nothing to do. I’ll admit that I’m not a GM or some guru, I’m just a passionate fan. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy and God bless you. 🙏
  13. 39. Zion Johnson OG Boston College 57. Wan'Dale Robinson WR Kentucky 76. Channing Tindall LB Georgia 89. Zachary Carter DT Florida 96. Alontae Taylor CB Tennessee 184. Jaylen Watson CB Washington State 202. Jake Camarda P Georgia 229. Clarence Hicks LB UTSA 244. Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa EDGE Notre Dame 2023 BAL 4th
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