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  1. Players sing praise to sing praise, if not they may be out of a team soon. I have a feeling that Cook is an elite talent, but he has a bad work ethic and he’s not a grinder, that’s my guess. According to you though, he’s lighting it up in practice, why isn’t he playing, monsieur? Tell me.
  2. If he is playing great in practice, why isn’t he playing in games? What’s your logic for that? ?
  3. You have to think, they see him in practice though.
  4. How many times has he thrown for 4,000 yds in the pros? Or even 3,000 yds? I’m not going to lie, if there was a redraft and Josh was gone, I’d take Lamar at 7, don’t get it twisted, but the longevity of his career, at least as a starter is that of a locust. Running QBs don’t last a long time unless they’re good passing QBs as well.
  5. Please use the search function before starting threads. The public torching of yours truly begins on page 1.
  6. He’s good, I admitted that and I already knew that, but my whole point was that Lamar plays ball like Tyrod Taylor. You’re being grossly disingenuous in an intentionally dishonest way if you’re saying that I don’t think Lamar is better. I’m just angry that you’re misrepresenting everything that I’ve said in a dishonest way so you can win some kind of argument. If he blows an ACL his career as a starter is over, that’s all I’m saying. He’s scaring absolutely nobody as a pocket passer, but for now he is a known commodity, but for how long will that last?
  7. I’m going back to where you called Lamar a glorified Tyrod Taylor. Your take is bad. Move on or dwell. Up to you Ok.
  8. Milano is playing like TKO Spikes in his prime. Rousseau has been incredible too!
  9. I usually don’t wish injuries on people but..
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