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  1. I’m going out on a limb and I say that Bijan Robinson will be a Bill at 27.
  2. Anthony from Cover 1 is all over this guy, but I don’t know much about him.
  3. No, he huffs paint cans behind McDonald’s.
  4. I really do feel like Lamar is going to screw himself out of hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I really do feel like this is a Jedeveon Clowney type of situation. He’s coming across as a total basket case. Nobody will pay him what he seeks.
  5. The way I see it, Gabe is on a 1 year deal, the same as all these players we’ve also signed to a 1 year deal this offseason.
  6. 38. Cedric Tillman WR Tennessee 59. Jack Campbell LB Iowa 70. Zach Charbonnet RB UCLA 71. Mazi Smith DT Michigan 97. DeMarvion Overshown LB Texas 137. Charlie Jones WR Purdue 150. Jarrett Patterson OG Notre Dame
  7. There is no way Beane does not draft a WR in RD1 or RD2. Zero chance.
  8. It sure seems that way, but would you say no to Bijan if he’s there at 27? If Charbonnet is there in RD2, would you say no?
  9. I like the idea of trading #27 for a 2nd and a 3rd, but it really depends on who is available. If Bijan, Njigba, Addison, Hyatt, Flowers, Broderick Jones or Paris are there, no way on God’s green Earth would I trade down. But in the right situation, trading down for Avila, Dawand or Charbonnet is not a bad idea at all. It all depends.
  10. Bills: • Jerry Jeudy • #108 overall Denver: • #59 • 2024 4th
  11. Hey, Chaos. Great job on these polls. It’s going to be really interesting to see how it turns out in the end
  12. This guy is great depth, sneaky good signing by Beane.
  13. I really, really liked this guy when he was coming out of Wisconsin back in 2019 but I have no idea how he’s done since then. I remember really liking Michael Dieter too. Tyler Biadasz came out a year later IIRC. Wisconsin really had a good OL for a few years there. 🤡
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