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  1. It takes a premium player to fall to make the trade up worth it. 😉
  2. Micah Parsons or Jaylen Waddle would be well worth going up for. Picture Waddle in this offense, we would be deadly.
  3. Yep. Could even see us trading up for a guy like Jaylen Waddle, Micah Parsons or Devonta Smith if they are there but I doubt that there’s a whole lot of other prospects that we would go up for and the likelihood that either of these guys are there is next to zero. Waddle or Smith would be epic in this offense though. I’m sure both sides want it done.. I suspect that Josh will take a lower yearly salary if he is given a longer deal with more guaranteed.. That’s my gut feeling.
  4. Yep, definitely seems to be a weak draft, at least to me.
  5. The thing that makes this harder for us is the fact that we’re picking at 30. At that point it’s all about who dropped to us. Truly if we’re going BPA, which this team is clearly set to do it’s harder to predict what the 29 other teams before us will do and who is left. Could be anything really so it’s harder for us to find a pulse on what Beane will do. I am however interested in the late round picks very much. Can we find another Jason Peters or Kyle Williams or another diamond in the rough? Regardless, I think our defense needs an infusion of talent the most, mainly at DB and DL
  6. I don’t know you too well but I admire a man who will stand by his opinion. See, I don’t like Etienne, I think he may end up being a CJ Spiller type of prospect but I do have doubt in my mind, doubt that I may be wrong. I tend to embellish the prospects I like and to stay silent on the ones I don’t like. It is amusing to me however that you don’t like Harris. Would you mind going into great detail about what you don’t like?
  7. My friend, I’m sorry. I got it all wrong. He is plenty fast. Even if he runs a 4.5, which the article I posted said he has run a 4.45 in the past, is still plenty fast enough for a man his size. He can stop on a dime as well.
  8. Challenge accepted. Harris will be either the 1st or 2nd off of the board, but you’re going with 4th or later? I’ll accept that bet. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2934949-najee-harris-is-2021-nfl-drafts-best-running-back There isn't much that Harris can't do at a high level. While running between the tackles, he displays excellent vision in spotting holes, burst in exploding through those holes and power to run through arm tackles. He has more than enough speed to hurt defenses around the edges, as he's run a 4.45-second 40-yard dash and a 3.7-second 20-yard shuttle. He'
  9. I respectfully disagree. From my understanding he runs a 4.45, he is also 6’2 230lbs. So keep in mind that most safeties and DBs are 5’10-5’11 185-200lbs. Once a player like Harris gets moving, especially at 230lbs, these players can get seriously hurt trying to bring him down. Most of these guys when they see Harris running at them will whiff tackles because they realize they can get seriously hurt. It’s the same thing with Derrick Henry, except Harris can catch. He’s even big enough to punish many LBers in the NFL. Many of these guys are 220-230lbs now because they need to cover. If we do go
  10. I don’t think this would be a bad signing believe it or not. Not sure if he is a process guy though.
  11. I agree to a degree. I think it costs way to much to move up in the 1st or 2nd round, but if we were to move up in the 3rd, 4th or 5th it makes a whole lot more sense. Our defense needs an injection of youth, preferably at DL and in the secondary. A star corner, a star DE, a true NT is much needed. I could see an argument to go down however. If we are sitting at 30 and we feel lukewarm about all the prospects available, it makes sense to go down and acquire picks for 2021 and beyond. If you have 10-15 players with the same grade, why wouldn’t you go down?
  12. So basically this means that DL and DB is a more important position for us than LB. Milano, Edmunds and Klein are solid starting LBs in this league, so if we draft defense, LB should be on the back burner.
  13. 31. Carlos Basham Jr. EDGE Wake Forest 61. Jay Tufele DT USC 93. Trill Williams CB Syracuse 94. Jackson Carman OT Clemson 174. JaCoby Stevens S LSU 181. Tedarrell Slaton DT Florida
  14. I think the quickest way to fix this team is by revamping the DL. Would like to see 3-4 linemen drafted. Could always use another corner as well.
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