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  1. Yeah.... two Super Bowls between Favre and Rodgers is embarrassing.. should have 4-5... Green Bay tends to draft QBs well (although I don’t like Love) but they fail to put good teams around them..
  2. I’m not scared of the Jets even if they get Trevor Lawrence.....Allen > Lawrence... the Jets organization is so terribly run to the point where they can’t get a good coach and if they did, they’d be 4 years behind our rebuild at that point.. don’t care how good Lawrence is...he’ll get ruined if he goes to the Jets... I had Darnold as my 3rd QB behind Mayfield and Allen and I believe in my heart of hearts that he could have been a good QB if he went to the right team.. solid arm, big frame, accurate...throws a beautiful ball...and the Jets ruined him.. if Darnold went to the Bills he’d probably be looked at quite differently right now.. no way in hell he’d be where Allen is at but I think he’d be good..
  3. I think Epenesa will be a player.. not saying he’ll be Mack or Bosa but I think that by the end of the year he’ll be established.. Addison and Hughes have also been good for us, not overly worried about DE but if a good EDGE is available, why not? Could see us drafting a stud DT to put next to Oliver also. We have more at DE than we do DT. CB, LB, TE and OL are all possibilities as well.. For a 3-0 team we have more holes than you’d think..
  4. Rosen, Darnold and Mayfield played for much bigger programs... better OLs, more weapons.. Allen played for a team that had little to no NFL talent.. So of course they looked at the stats, the saw these other guys completing 65% of their passes and Allen was at 55%.. They saw the highlight videos and all the TD celebrations with Eminem jam tracks playing in the back.. Then there were many like me, who saw a guy with an elite arm and just a gifted athlete overall with some mechanical issues, accuracy issues, maybe not as well coached up as the others and about as raw as could be for an NFL prospect.. we saw that he could be a top 2-3 QB if he got his issues worked out... many like myself wondered if he’d piece it all together... for that reason he dropped... little did we know he had the heart of a lion.. You can’t measure heart, but the talent has very much always been there.. Allen worked hard for years to get to where he’s at... now his coaching is even with Mayfield, Darnold and Rosen except he is 1,000x more talented than them and just about every QB in the league for that matter...the brains finally match the brawn....
  5. Sorry to disagree with some of my friends here but nope....
  6. Yeah cause 100 TDs to 41 INTs is the epitome of a walking interception. 😏 Mark my words, Wentz will rebound.. He is having a bad year but that’s cause his team sucks. Lets see your list! Ohhhhh yeah! That’s right! You don’t have one!! D’oh! 😏
  7. Mmmmm he has proven a lot more than some of these other QBs on the list.. 2017, 18 and 19 he was a very very good QB.. Eagles are in cap hell and that team will likely get blown up this offseason... Eagles cap management has been abominable.. I do think with the right team around him Wentz is a fringe top 10 QB.. if the Eagles move on from him they’ll be sorry!
  8. He’s good, he just gets hurt a lot and that team isn’t being run very well right now..
  9. 1. Mahomes 2. Wilson 3. Rodgers 4. Brees 5. Allen 6. Prescott 7. Watson 8. Goff 9. Wentz 10. Jackson 11. Ryan 12. Stafford 13. Carr 14. Cousins 15. Brady 16. Roethlisberger 17. Rivers 18. Murray 19. Burrow 20. Tannehill I will say that I think Murray and Burrow could easily easily easily be in my top 10 by the end of this year to mid next year.. Both are extremely talented and I think these two guys are stars in the making!
  10. I’d also like to see certain posts desexualized.. I’m not interested in whom you think has a nice rump. It’s inappropriate and perverted regardless of sexuality. It’s one thing if you make a comment every here and there... but if 99% of a person’s posts seem to be predicated on things of a sexual nature, in my mind that is highly highly highly inappropriate and unacceptable..
  11. Bear with me, I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning and I’m waiting for the caffeine to kick in... anyways... Gunner, I’m not going to deny that our LBs had a bad game....but I think our DTs were being pushed all over.. Not sure if this is a coaching issue or not... I suspect that it is... As far as Edmunds and Milano are concerned, I think they’re both playing hurt and it doesn’t help that they were going against a brilliant offensive mind in Sean McVay.. I highly respect him as a coach and I think before his career is over he’ll have a few rings.. I’m not willing to blow up our LBs after one bad game.. Edmunds already has a Pro Bowl under his belt and I think him and Milano will rebound... There is no doubt in my mind that Buffalo desperately needs another LB to add to the mix - but I do think our defense recovers.. I think here on and so forth that Buffalo’s identity will remain as an offensive minded team but I do think our defense will become a top 10 unit again.. I’ll admit that Milano and Edmunds leave more to be desired as run stuffers, but as pass defenders they’re very good.. there is a big issue going on in our interior DL... not sure if this is a coaching issue or if it’s the players.. I do notice that since we’ve added Eric Washington I’ve been completely unimpressed.. if our DL keeps letting RBs into the second level, injuries will start piling up in our LBs and secondary.. completely underwhelmed with Oliver and our other DTs... our DEs I thought have looked very good, so I guess if there is a silver lining in the whole thing it’d be that... Addison, Hughes and even Epenesa I thought had a good game.. think we just needa be patient and let McD work out the kinks... think we’ll be fine and I do think Eric Washington is a good coach but big, not small adjustments need to be made.. I think we’ll be fine.. No reason to panic just yet..
  12. Is Hyde playing at an All Pro or even a Pro Bowl level? No. Is he being paid like an All Pro or Pro Bowler? No. His play has fallen off, I agree... but his salary isn’t cumbersome.. i think you let him ride out his contract and let him walk.. Another safety in this mix next year wouldn’t surprise me.. nor would another DT or two nor would another LB or two.. think much of our problem, in my opinion, at least on defense is at DT.. they’re not doing their jobs well.. is it the new coach? is it the players??? I don’t know.. but Oliver, Butler, Phillips and Jefferson are doing our linebackers and safeties no favors...
  13. Their running game is a problem.. but Allen is the better QB between the two.. should be a good matchup.. think the Bills should win but we’ll see.
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