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  1. I think you have to put Swift above Akers. I really like Taylor and Dobbins as pure rushers but Swift and CEH can really catch and add an element to the passing game as well. In a modern passing league some would argue that Swift and CEH are more versatile and valuable in today’s league so it’ll be interesting to see if we go with a pure rusher or a do it all kind of RB. And that’s not to say Dobbins and Taylor can’t catch, it could simply mean that they weren’t asked to do so. I’d probably rank them as Taylor, Dobbins, Swift and CEH in that order. Not a fan of Akers, I’d probably have Dillon and Moss ahead of him followed by Perine, Vaughn and Benjamin. I don’t think Akers will be any good.
  2. Oh, yeah baby!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout! Nearly spit my tea out I was so happy to see that. He gets it, he gets it.
  3. I think Fromm is better. I don’t think Jordan Love is any good.
  4. I think if a trade were to materialize it’d have to be after Burrow was drafted. Maybe the Bengals covet Tua or Herbert but there is no guarantee that either of them’ll be there at 5. Washington may take one, the Chargers could trade up, lots of things can happen before that 5th pick. We may see a player swap plus picks after the fact ala Rivers and Manning but the Bengals would be fools to do anything now. No guarantee they get one if they do.
  5. I don’t think most people sit down and actually watch every prospect in every game they’ve played. Most folks watch YouTube videos and maybe draft pundits breakdowns and analyses and color commentaries on X player. I think if you do that you are more informed than 99% of fans. There’s a few out there that actually sit down and watch every game but they’re unicorns but take Kyle Dugger for example. How many people here watched even one single Lenoir-Rhyne game? That doesn’t stop fans from banging the table for this D2 small school prospect in the second round. And I’m cool with that so long as you paid attention to the combine, at least watched some clips and highlight videos on YouTube. That’s better than banging the table for a guy because he’s 6’8 or because he has dreadlocks and his name sounds cool.
  6. I think you stick to what you know and what got you there. You stick to the process, focus on your ways and what you’ve been doing to get you up to this point. Don’t get caught up in what other people are doing or saying. Stay true to your vision and your plan. Don’t believe the hype, good or bad. Stay in the present, don’t put added pressure on yourself, one opponent at a time, week by week, day by day. Stay mindful.
  7. No they weren’t ready for success. They finished 7-9 without Andrew Luck. Their defense finished 18th in points, their offense was 16th in points and once again they finished 7-9. Sounds like a pretty mediocre team if you ask me, not a team that is serious about competing in the playoffs let alone a Super Bowl. Outside of TY Hilton they had nothing at receiver. Nyheim Hines was their second leading receiver with 44 catches and 320 yards. They had a couple solid players I guess but their roster as a whole was underwhelming. Luck left because Irsay was too busy popping pills 💊 💊 instead of building a legitimate roster around him. Oh, yeah. 7-9, one more time.
  8. No need to be salty over some minor BS dude. He walked away cause the Colts sucked and their ownership is crap.
  9. I know but he’s only 30, he’ll turn 31 in October IIRC. If he came back he would make lucrative money. Could he be tempted to come back? Could play another 10 years for a better franchise.
  10. Mims would be absurd if paired with Stefon Diggs, Brown and Beezer. It would be disgusting, sick and repulsive. How would teams stop that? It should be talked about.
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