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  1. I have never been to far, they tell me it’s nice. But it I agree, the Patriots* connection has made me re-think my razor choice in the past. But in the end, Schick razors were crappy and I had to switch back.
  2. That is a definite surprise. Guess he decided he has enough money.
  3. Makes sense though. We can't talk about the Bills "around the water cooler" so we have to come here to get our fix.
  4. Yes, and I expect the Pro Bowl to be awesome this year too!
  5. What exactly did he do to the eyebrow that required such censorship???
  6. yup. But they will get his replacement with the number 1 pick. Not far fetched. They might want him back since he knows their system.
  7. So you interviewed a random fan from another franchise and determined that his response was worthy of a new thread? That is a bit odd, don’t you think?
  8. Holy crap. I have 2 teenage sons that just started driving. That is so scary. Thank God he survived. regarding Norton, very happy he survived but survival will be bittersweet for awhile because it cost him his livelihood, and likely his “identity” at this time. I hope he has strong people around him...
  9. I hope another shoe company releases their own version very quickly and makes a ton of money selling them.
  10. I voted no roof because I love football in the elements, but in reality I would love to see a retractable roof. The problem is, I would not want them to close it for football games because I think their is truth to our winter home field advantage. I would just want them to be able to close the roof for events like concerts etc. in the winter. I know this is not really feasible, but that is my vote.
  11. 3 wins or less without any key injuries to fire. 10 wins or more to extend.
  12. Interesting that he is trying to make another come back. I really hope he is ready if he gets that call. I seem to remember that he had a girlfriend or wife who was pretty combative with the "fans" on twitter. I always thought she seemed like a bad influence on him for some reason. I hope he gets a shot at his redemption story.
  13. Damn, I haven't really thought of it that way. I just assumed we would get them all on the field as often as possible. I really like Foster and hope this is not he case.
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