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  1. buffaloboyinATL

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    This will keep happening until we demonstrate consistent improvement. Even a winning season will be viewed as an anomaly until we show we can compete on a more regular basis. it is what it is...
  2. buffaloboyinATL

    Everyone talks OL and WR, but our ST sucked last season

    I was JUST thinking about this. (back in the first week of free agency when we signed all the special teams upgrades.)
  3. buffaloboyinATL

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    I believe Brown slept with Poyer's wife.
  4. I know. But some people respond to the title without reading the posts which is why there are some confused responses. Your point is very valid by the way. After filling some of the biggest holes, we can think quality over quantity for a change. I really like the way Beane is thinking.
  5. You need to clarify what you mean in the title. It sounds like you are saying trade back with pick number 9, but you really mean trade up with second rounder plus to get back into 1st for a second first rounder.
  6. This is my guess as well. Hearing that the Cardinals want too much for him right now, but the price may drop on day on or around day one of the draft. p.s. If I were a team with an aging QB or an otherwise QB needy team, I would definitely take a flyer on Rosen, especially if he is available for a 2nd or 3rd. (for the record, I wanted Allen from day one and I do not really like Rosen because I don't believe he has the right temperament to be a successful QB for the long term. But there is enough talent there to take a shot)
  7. buffaloboyinATL

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    I am really hoping WR Keelan Doss shows up on this list. He is a perfect fit for the Bills and this coaching staff in my opinion. He got injured benching at the combine which has helped keep him off the radar, but I would LOVE it if we could get him in the 4th round or so...
  8. buffaloboyinATL

    All Troublemaker Team

    Chad Kelly reporting for duty.
  9. Plenty of time between now and the draft, please let us know if you change your mind again, or have any other random thoughts that you would like to share...
  10. I really depends on the draft to me. I personally believe we will contend for the division/play-offs this year but I need to see all the pieces in place (including the schedule) before I make any predictions on the record. Is Brady reaching for his crotch? Don't touch me there!
  11. buffaloboyinATL

    Andre Dillard at #9?

    Bucky Brooks latest mock has him to us at 9. I don't know enough about him yet, but I am 100% ok with OL (or DL) at this pick, if they are future pro bowl potential. I personally prefer Jawaan Taylor, but Brooks has him going at 7 in his mock.
  12. buffaloboyinATL

    Bills executives lobbying at state level for in-stadium gambling

    I wonder if you could make in game prop bets. I used to have a group of buddies I'd go to baseball games with and we would constantly bet on things during the game, like whether the next pitch would be a ball or strike, if someone would swing, would anyone reach base that inning, would a pitcher throw to first more than once, etc... We usually all pretty much ended even by the end of a game but it changed the experience. Not that I would do that with a Bills game, but I would probably place some bets during game if it was convenient.
  13. Either way, there have been plenty of great moves by this front office the past couple of seasons, and when the results start to show on the field (and in the win column) there will be plenty of credit to go around.
  14. buffaloboyinATL

    Devin White - Luke Keuchly, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis

    Thanks for the heads up. I found the thread after I posted my comment. And. Agree, good conversation.