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  1. We made a huge statement against the Patriots. I started thinking that it is possible that we will continue to do that throughout the play-offs. I hope you are right and this is our year. Go Bills!
  2. I really think that a big part of how we adjusted in that game, and hopefully what we will see in this game, was a more aggressive pass rush. I believe the key to this game will be our D-Line applying constant pressure on Mahomes. That will require scheme, as well as intensity up front. They brought the heat last game after Tre left, probably partially due to added adrenaline based on the situation, but hopefully they can match that intensity on Sunday. This Defense was built to beat the Chiefs. Time to deliver.
  3. Good. Let’s get him back on NFLN doing combine/draft coverage. Much better at that job.
  4. Blue pants, red shirt. Enjoy... (I gagged just typing that)
  5. Yup. And if we beat the Chiefs and the Bengals beat the Titans, the AFC Championship game would be in Buffalo vs Cincy.
  6. I think he is saying beat KC next week and there is a chance the AFC Championship game is at home vs Cincy, instead of in Tennessee vs the Titans. Either way, we need to beat KC.
  7. Not quite under the heaters, they were behind him. No chains, just his chest hair to keep him warm. I have a pic and I am trying to size it small enough to post it here. It is legendary. (pic added)
  8. IF that was really him, then he also had his shirt off at one point during the game. Are we sure it was actually him? Has he confirmed it anywhere?
  9. Haha! I love how he says they’re the F ing New York Jets, over and over. He is dissing the Pats and the Jets at the same time.
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