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  1. Probably. As in drafted by another team, playing there for a few years, and hen coming to the Bills in free agency.
  2. I updated my pick to Nasirildeen. He feels a bit like a luxury pick to me, because he will be a situational DB and special teams ace, but then again, we have built a roster that can afford to make a luxury pick. That being said, I would be happy to give McDermott a defensive weapon like this to see how he would be used.
  3. I doubt he will be there. He’s been moving quite a bit lately and will likely be gone before we pick.
  4. If all of the people choosing Guard got together on one, that position would likely be the pick...
  5. I voted yes, but ONLY because I trust Beane and our coaches and scouts enough to trust them to make the right pick. My real question is, is there ANY pass rusher in this draft that you would want the Bills to trade up for? (Just had this debate with my brother yesterday). Kwity Paye? Rousseau? I’m honestly not sure if there is an elite pass rusher in the class.
  6. Beane is just starting the process of casting his spell on the rest of the GM’s. The incantations have begun.
  7. Sounds more to me that he is addressing someone who was changed by money. He is saying Don't let money change who you are. Seems harmless to me.
  8. Thank you for repeating for me, I appreciate it. I always like to hear the opinion of fans who watch a player throughout their college career. Whenever we draft someone, I always call any friends I have who watch their team regularly, to find out what they think.
  9. Any particular reason? Do you not think he will attain his “potential” upside?
  10. Ever since Beane heard he can never get the Defense right, he decided to go rogue and draft a defensive lineman in every round.
  11. Wait. Basham and Tryon are both still available in this mock?! I would take either of them over anyone else on that list. Can’t have too many guys that can get to the QB.
  12. Luckily Milano is never hurt, so we don’t need a competent backup for him.
  13. Peerless Price! I actually just love his name and feel bad for him that no one mentioned him yet.
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