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  1. That will be some time in October, as long as the Bucs are in contention.
  2. I have no idea who Chig Okonkwo even is, but he has friends with money. He is in second place with only 18 donations. (a vast majority is from 3 people) Knox, by comparison, has 1,724 people who donated on his behalf.
  3. Does that mean he had to clear waivers? (never mind. thanks @ColoradoBills)
  4. Beane supposedly got several calls from other GM’s who were pissed when he drafted Shakir. No way they can sneak him onto the PS.
  5. Or lighten up, your choice. if any of you homos* call me Francis again, I'll kill ya. *movie quote, not meant to offend anyone.
  6. Haha. He is judging this based on non contact OTA work outs. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.
  7. I too, would like to officially retire from the NFL. I feel that as I am now in my 50’s, and no team is yet to return any of my calls, it is time for me to focus on life after football.
  8. Wait. You are saying the Buffalo Bills, many people’s favorite to win the SuperBowl this year, are “irrelevant on the national stage”, because of something a few fans said on Twitter? And you agree with this take? Ummm, ok.
  9. Haha. I definitely heard the “I love you Josh Allen”. I did see Brady respond to someone in the crowd once, with something like, “well that wasn’t very nice”, so that may have been to you.
  10. Well, I believe Ricky Williams stopped playing so that he didn't have to hide his weed smoking anymore, but I'm not sure that counts.
  11. I think it is ok. I have heard him say before that sometimes there are reasons beyond race that some black coaches don't get hired. If true, this definitely supports that statement.
  12. Damn, that is a nice house. I love the way it is decorated. It is not an over the top, MTV Cribs type house, just a classy looking house that fits perfectly in Colorado.
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