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  1. It kept falling in his eyes during an interview yesterday and they jokingly asked him if he was going to get it cut before the combine and he laughed and said he might get it cut tonight. it was a funny moment.
  2. Jefferson in 2, if he is there, would be great. I have a feeling he will move up a bit in the draft process, but I could be wrong. He may not be a true #1, but he will be productive in my opinion.
  3. I voted yes, but it all depends on what he thinks he has “earned’. Judging by his wife’s comments on Twitter, I fear that he may be over estimating his market value. I am hoping Beane can keep him...
  4. He will progressively get louder and stranger, the more he feels like he is not getting enough attention.
  5. I have no idea how to interpret those charts, but if he is getting us better field position compared to the league average, it is worth the investment. simple as that in my opinion.
  6. Yeah, this is a tricky one to predict. He could succeed if he happened to end up in the perfect scenario (like the Patriots* speculation in this thread) or he could end up a career backup. There will probably be a day about 5 years from now where he will be an all but forgotten backup somewhere, finally get an opportunity to play and have modest success for a few seasons.
  7. They WILL end up with Jason Garrett. He is a perfect fit. They need someone with head coaching experience to help the new guy navigate the waters. Plus, Garrett will get to face Jerry twice a year.
  8. I was thinking it was because he hasn’t declared yet, but I could be wrong.
  9. For Defensive Linemen, everything is prey.
  10. uh oh, First Hughes, now this? We are gonna be in some trouble for not reporting injuries...
  11. I know he hasn't declared yet, but I expect Justin Jefferson to move up the charts if he does. I know he is a slot receiver, but damn, he is a good one.
  12. Lol, I love it. I hope he makes it just for the spectacle of it. Does anyone think this league can be viable by the way? I figured after the quick failure of the AAF they might change their mind and fail early.
  13. I do not usually play along on the college players being better than pros questions, (i.e.could LSU beat the Bengals) but these receivers are already close enough to the draft to see their NFL projections and their ceilings are all pretty high. So I voted yes, they are better, although Brown and Beasley have already proved it at the next level, which is saying a lot.
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