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  1. Not a regression. Way too many contributing factors this year. He will be fine next season.
  2. It’s a “try again”. We had A LOT working against us this year. Beane will make some moves over the off season and reload for another shot next season.
  3. season ticket holder presale today, and then general public presale starting on Friday.
  4. Whatever gets those creative juices flowing. You would think he’d be a little bit better at hiding it though.
  5. No explanation. That should have been a penalty, but was not called.
  6. Right? John Brown gave up on the first one, the throw was great, and the second one bounced off Beasley. Great throw.
  7. Go ahead and smile! Playoff wins are hard to get, regardless of the opponent. This was a divisional opponent, which is even harder. On to the next game, and figure out how to survive that one.
  8. I’m a “survive and advance” guy, when it comes to the playoffs. We accomplished that. Job done, now get ready for the next one. Every game is different, and there are not many easy outs in the playoffs. (especially with a divisional opponent.)
  9. Sorry for your loss, and Bills Mafia’s loss. She’ll be with you for every game from now on.
  10. Wow! Nyheim Hines had 5 !st team votes.
  11. I would gladly give away a !st and a 4th (or Adams based strictly on talent, however, the salary he brings with him, would hurt the rest of the team, therefor I would rather have the first option.
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