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  1. Not even a little. We have a pretty tough schedule to start the season, we are dealing with a bunch of injuries, and getting used to a new Offensive coordinator. I am thrilled with every win we are getting right now. I am also very confident that in a few weeks, we will start firing on all cylinders, and dominating team on a weekly basis. p.s. My opinion on Davis is that we are basically using him as a decoy right now, until he is healthy enough to handle the workload. The injuries suck, but we have one of the deepest rosters in the league this season, and next man up is getting it done.
  2. That one wasn't called because he let him go "just in time". I agree with the poster who said there is holding on every play, they usually only call the obvious ones that maintain the hold instead of releasing. That being said, stop posting on this site while you are in class and put your phone away. Oh, and make sure you eat your carrots at lunch today... (ps, OP, I did not mean that as an insult, I was just joking cause you said to explain it like you were 8)
  3. That is why it is hard to overturn the call on the field, unless you have the perfect camera angle. (Usually over top).
  4. You can pretty much post that every week these days. He is becoming elite right before our eyes.
  5. What the…?! So much for bringing in some veteran help while we are dealing with injuries.
  6. Fyi, there is a pretty good conversation on this, in the NFLPA investigation thread. I agree, the Dolphins are going to try and hide behind this.
  7. Good, I prefer to be the underdog anyway. Maybe we are starting to see a restored natural order, and people will start doubting us again.
  8. Yeah, we’ll just have to wait and see if the masses accept this sacrificial lamb. That will determine what happens next.
  9. Yeah, but if they determined there were missed signs, that means the Dolphins doctors missed them too.
  10. That is a great point. I missed your previous comment, but you are right, now they will error on the side of caution and pull more players out of games. I find it really odd that there is no mention of the Miami team doctors, who also had to clear him to let him back on the field.
  11. Hahaha! The Dolphins found a scapegoat for their obvious disregard for player safety. Somebody keep an eye on this guys bank account.
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