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  1. I personally think they adjusted to the new OC. They were expecting Gase and took a bit to adjust to the new style. Best halftime adjustment by the D all year.
  2. Yes! Congratulations on having the best timed baby ever! I hope you are rewarded with 3 TD’s tomorrow.
  3. Only if there is an outbreak. One positive test does not count as an outbreak. The ones on the list other than Knox, are there because of contact tracing.
  4. Would this be a good time to bring back the TBD Whipping Boy post and see who wants to change their vote to Knox?
  5. The Bucs are going all-in. They pushed all the chips in for 2020.
  6. I voted 2-2. Unless we make some kind of substantial addition on Defense, I am seeing 2-2 over the next 4 games, with losses to Seattle and Arizona. IF we can shore up the Defense, especially against the run, I could see 3-1 losing only to the Seahawks.
  7. I'll bite. Did you see him out somewhere or do you know him?
  8. My guess is because he is thinking that our Defense has been known to struggle against veterans who either release the ball quickly or have the skill to read the D and exploit our weaknesses. But personally, I just don’t think Flacco is that guy anymore and if he does play our Defense will have a big day against him.
  9. Could this be the last time Darnold and Allen face off as division rivals?
  10. I’ll take Ertz in the playoffs (and next season) if we can get him for a 4th.
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