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  1. what about a trade? (devils advocate by the way. I believe Zay will make the roster and have a good year for us)
  2. luckily, he has the vertical leap to reach it...
  3. Either works. Just don’t say reeking crew.
  4. As I said in another post, if you sling a dime and get a pick six, you get 4 cents change. Like 3rd grade math.
  5. He slings a dime and gets a pick six. That means 4 cents change. That’s like elementary school math problems right there...
  6. When I heard about this, I assumed the security guy flopped when Zeke leaned on him, but that is not the case, he did actually shove him as he was losing his balance. What a dumb ass. Not enough to suspend, but definitely not a good look either.
  7. I definitely remember the infamous homework post. Rest in Peace, I am sure Pancho saved you a seat.
  8. I think the during game discussion threads work well. After games I tend to participate in the threads started by posters like Virgil and Shaw, who usually give a good overview of the events of the days and welcome feedback and others opinions. Like others, there are many threads that I tend to avoid on gameday because it is usually someone venting or trying to get a reaction by posting outlandish opinions. The idea of singling out some of the key topics from the initial "thoughts about the game" style threads and creating focussed separate conversation threads may work. Because sometimes, one or two points made in those threads can dominate the conversaytion and distract from other good points made about other plays, players, calls etc...
  9. I love this, because they usually give a lot of love throughout the year to the rookie whose jersey they choose. (last year Peter loved Cooper Kupp) I love that Kyle said Oliver is Adam Gase's REAL problem.
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