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  1. bummer. I was kind of hoping we were getting him. Now maybe the draft is the best option? Unless of course we trade for Derrick Henry.
  2. I think they offered him something crazy like $10 million per year last year, right? No way he gets anywhere near that now.
  3. A lot of “regular people” are getting pissed that people with money are getting tested and diagnosed, ever when they have no symptoms, while most people can’t even get tested, even if they are sick in the hospital. i almost think coming out and saying you were diagnosed right now is being a bit insensitive and situationally unaware.
  4. Actually, that about mirrors what I was thinking. I figured it would take next years 1 and a couple of picks this year at a minimum. But like the said, it would be a win now move for sure.
  5. The all-in move for me would be be to trade whatever it took to Tennessee for Derrick Henry. The Defense is already pretty solid and with Henry joining Singletary in the backfield, we would be able to put up points and keep potent offenses like the Chiefs off the field. That would be my' win this year' move.
  6. Teams will be reluctant to look at him until they are able to have their team doctors check him out and see what the injury issue truly is.
  7. Thank you. Unfortunately, once you get "whipping boy" status around here, there is no turning back. I can't think of any TBD whipping boys that were ever forgiven, even when they started playing better. (i.e. Shaq Lawson) Trent is finally getting back to his old form after previous injuries and he will likely be a big contributor this year, but many will never forgive him for his "slow start".
  8. This makes sense, and if so, adds to the feeling that we are in “win now” mode, if and when the season is played.
  9. I can't wait to see how Brady reacts when he figures out the guys in the striped shirts are not on his team anymore. I am sure he will get the personal protection from the officials, because of his reputation/experience, but the Buccaneers most likely will not receive the Patriot* treatment overall.
  10. Not to be a stickler here, but 1/3 is not really the same as nearly half, and that isn't even factoring in the 7th we got from the Vikings. (or the 4th we gave them next season either, to be fair) This is the kind of move a team makes when they are close to competing for a title and need to add a few quality players rather than load the roster with quantity, hoping they find a few diamonds in the rough.
  11. Middle of the pack. Last I saw on Spotrac they were 16th in league with just under $30 million in space. We are/were definitely in a better position than them to spend some money. My guess is, they are focussed on Clowney.
  12. That's odd, I thought he came out of retirement ONLY because of the Cowboys. Guess the paycheck is hard to let go.
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