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  1. That team is all about the Defense right now. Brady is basically in the “Manning with the Broncos” role now. That being said, the image of Brady falling off of a cliff (literally or figuratively) does make me happy.
  2. Rams lose their RB, Saints lose their WR Packers may or may not have their QB, etc. I am honestly not sure who else in the NFC can challenge them. Meanwhile, the AFC just keeps getting stronger.
  3. Time to trade Emmanuel Sanders back to the Saints? p.s. I don't want us to do this because we should be all in for this season.
  4. I would put Miller over Hasek, but the correct answer in my eyes is Gilbert Perrault.
  5. Our most important player, Josh Allen, has been 25 for just over a month. If this list was written a couple of month ago, or was top players 25 or under, he would have been at or near the top of the list. I have zero concern.
  6. Long Snapper? Are you trying to stir up the masses? That position is locked down for years to come.
  7. I seem to recall that there was some talk about him going to the Raiders that off season. Not saying that I believe Carr is deserving of that comment, but perhaps that is who he meant.
  8. I love that we now have topics like this, as opposed to ones in the past like, which 3 players on our roster would be able to start on another team? and I agree with you. Landers list is closer to mine. I can't see putting Trubisky in the top 10.
  9. That would be good but only if Diggs and Allen co-star.
  10. So is anyone else gonna tell him, or should I?
  11. They seemed to win with smoke and mirrors last year, at least that’s what I’ve heard from friends who are Steelers fans and watch all the games. They will live and die by Ben’s diminishing abilities.
  12. And Dan Orlovsky agreed. They both had the top 4 the same: Chiefs Bills Browns Ravens and then said the AFC Champ will come from one of those 4 and everyone else is just chasing. I always got the impression that the media saw it as Chiefs #1 and everyone else was chasing. Glad to see I am wrong.
  13. So did they replace him with Fitzpat... oh, wait, never mind.
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