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  1. Clowney is tempting, but I hope they use the money to front load a few deals with the guys we already have, like Tre, and lock them in for a few years.
  2. Such a "dedicated" fan. Someone posted a video the other day from a couple of seasons ago where he couldn't even name 5 players on the Jets roster. I'm not even sure he knew 1. (other Jets "fans" couldn't do it either). I would imagine most of us here could name at least 5 players on our opponents teams, and probably half the roster or more on the Bills. As far as Enunwa goes. He is a pretty talented player, too bad for him that he couldn't stay healthy. Glad he's got some $$ to fall back on.
  3. Such a good interview. They asked him to give a one word response to how he felt when Mahomes signed his deal, and after pausing for a few seconds to think, he said "WORK". Such a great answer. He also said that he and Mahomes were scheduled to have a throw off this summer but they had to scrap it because of covid.
  4. After seeing how quickly JJ Watt came back from a torn pec last season, I believe this is highly possible.
  5. No, the opt out would only give him $350K maximum wouldn't it? (and that's only if he is considered high risk, otherwise it is $150K). His normal salary will be much better, ($2,650,000) especially if he can come back at the end of the season and play well enough to get a new contract next year.
  6. I wonder if players who test positive for the antibodies are excluded from these restrictions. You would think having a bunch of players who had it and now have the antibodies would be an advantage.
  7. So is it required to be sexist AND racist to be an Ambassador, or will either one do?
  8. East Resources Acquisition Co. Stadium. Has a nice ring to it, no?
  9. One of the teams in my fantasy baseball league used to go by "Emerson Bigguns".
  10. I will admit to not being the best at reading comprehension... 😛
  11. So the team loses $4 million in annual revenue because a local politician was mad at New Era for laying off a few employees? Ok...
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