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  1. Has Bruce been selected for DE yet? If they put together and all time defense, I can't imagine he wouldn't be there. My guess is he might be the only Bill to make the final cut if it is 11 O and 11 D. Maybe Tasker if you add special teams...
  2. LOL. My daughter is 10 years old and this review sounds like it could have been written by someone in her class. "Josh Allen is good. He plays hard. This game will be tough." There, I wrote 3 sentences...
  3. Damn. I give him credit for trying so hard to get back.
  4. My biggest wish is that he gets upset with the Patriots* and publicly admits that they reached out to him or his agent to tell him they would sign him if he could get out of his contract with the Raiders. Even better would be "smoking gun" type evidence showing them providing advice on how to get them to cut him. Tamper-gate. a boy can dream...
  5. I agree with those suspensions, although I thought Pouncey would only get 2.
  6. lol. I knew you would challenge "body slam". Ok, it was an unnecessary take down, well after the ball had been released. Not the worst ever, but enough to get a roughing the passer call most days.
  7. Oh, I completely agree that Rudolph over reacted. I am sure he was frustrated after having a crappy night and just wanted to get out of there. Just saying it was an unnecessary body slam by Garrett. Not the worst I have seen by a long shot though...
  8. Not true. The HIT wasn't late but he threw him to the ground well after the play was over. That is almost always called as roughing the passer these days.
  9. Look again. Upper right corner tells you how many voted. Currently 120 and 118 said he should be suspended.
  10. At this time, 113 people voted, 111 said Garrett should be suspended. I think you're reading it wrong.
  11. Yeah, you're right, typical football, happens every week. 🙄 Sorry, but that is a ridiculous take. Hitting an unprotected player over the head with a helmet is NOT part of football. I am all for violence within the confines of the rules, but this is way outside of those lines.
  12. Agreed but I add Ogunjobi for 1 game for blindside hit on defenseless QB with no helmet. That hit came after Rudolph was hit with helmet and was completely uncalled for. If he wanted to protect Garrett he would have gone after Pouncey, not Rudolph.
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