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  1. He and Kumerow had basically the same injury, right? Their reactions were so different, it is hard to tell. Kumerow tried to get up and run back to the sideline.
  2. My biggest take away from that last play is that I wish McKenzie would have tried to get out of bounds. He looked like he had a chance, but at the last second, he decided to get a couple of extra yards to help out Bass. Hindsight is 20/20, but I think he could have gotten out.
  3. sounds like someone who might retire at halftime.
  4. The way I look at it is, he did enough for us to win the game. We just didn’t.
  5. Yeah, Josh Allen definitely does not get the Tom Brady treatment from the officials.
  6. Yeah, their coach was definitely overselling the back injury theme immediately after the game.
  7. Definitely dirty player. Josh was pissed.
  8. Agreed. Except I was calling it the Butt Punt.
  9. This was a war of attrition. We relied on anyone who could still stand up and make a play. I cannot believe we stayed in this game with all of those injuries.
  10. Bills 45 Fish 14 squished You don’t see how our Defense can stop their Offense?! Did you just get out of prison, or somewhere where you can’t watch football? Try and watch tomorrow and they’ll show you.
  11. He won’t fail. He will shine!
  12. Do you mean Jaquan Johnson? If so, I agree. Johnson had a lot of reps when Poyer was out, and he is ready to shine.
  13. So I wonder if team Dr.s said something like, “you’ll be fine in a few weeks” and the second opinion said the whole season, or if team Dr.s said the whole season and the second opinion confirmed it.
  14. I think Poyer just got much more important this season…
  15. Crap. So weird that the Dane Jackson injury seemed like the bad one. Get well soon Micah. Next man up…
  16. That's where I was staying when I went there. But, it is definitely still close enough to Savannah. I highly recommend it. It was like a little slice of Buffalo in Low Country. The place goes crazy on TD's, shots etc.. plus they had good food. The owner is from Buffalo. I will definitely go there again next time I am in there area for a game.
  17. I went to a place in SC called R Bar that is a Bills Backer bar and had a blast. Fun crowd, great Buffalo food, etc. i don’t think that is too far from Savannah. (30 minutes or so) Worth the drive. Go there and thank me later. Just get there early, it filled up fast. http://www.rbarbluffton.com
  18. Haha! Tony Gonzalez is wearing gloves on the pre-game show. It is 60 degrees in Cleveland!
  19. If Micah wants a second opinion, does that mean someone already tried “rub some dirt on it”?
  20. So, not "the next Josh Allen" like we kept hearing during the draft process? I think Tyrod is a decent comp...
  21. Some people are freaked out by the ketchup and mustard, this is one tailgate tradition that I hope never gets started...
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