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  1. Thank you for the clarification. I actually consider him “above average” too, I just see enough elite traits, to classify him as closer to superstar than average.
  2. For starters, I disagree with you that he is closer to a replacement level player, however, out of curiosity, why do you think he is being paid like a superstar? This contract puts him outside of the top 10 for DT’s, and more likely in the 15 to 20 range, once the next round of DT deals are signed. Do you consider that superstar money?
  3. No argument here. Although Hughes was a bit different. He would often go too deep off the edge and then struggle to get back to the ball in time. But the comparison is valid.
  4. All these fans saying that Oliver is just a guy, can’t penetrate etc. are just looking at the stat sheets and not paying attention to him during games. I am an Oliver fan, so I pay attention to him during games, and he flashes elite skills on a weekly basis. He just needs to be a bit more consistent, but I can guarantee that other teams have to account for him on the field. He is a very disruptive player.
  5. Will do. (I am guessing the next wave of DT contracts will reflect this type of guarantee)
  6. Maybe, but more likely, it will impact upcoming DT contracts throughout the league. I hope it makes the Jets contract with Quinnen Williams harder to swallow.
  7. Yes, he is disruptive, which is why he is often double teamed. He is also not being paid like the top DT’s. This is a slightly above average contract, which will look even better once the next wave of DT’s are signed. I am perplexed as to why so many fans are (IMO) over-reacting to this contract. It is fair market value at worst, and potentially a bargain long term.
  8. Oliver has had 5 sacks eliminated by penalties in the last 2 seasons?! I did not know that. Just bad luck, or indicative of something?
  9. This is very true. He is currently an above average player, with a contract outside the top 10, and as you pointed out, it will likely be outside the top 20 very soon. The contract is fair market value as it sits today, and has the potential to be a relative bargain. Beane knows what he ia doing.
  10. Way to go Bandits! I was bummed that the game was not televised nationally. I watched last weeks game on ESPN 2 and enjoyed it. By the way, anyone dissing them for attendance, are barking up the wrong tree. They averaged almost 15,000 fans per game, for LACROSSE. Buffalo fans are incredible.
  11. I am absolutely amazed that anyone can watch Ed on the field and think he is just a body. He is very skilled, and has flashed dominant abilities since his rookie season. His floor is an above average DT (which matches what Beane paid him) and his ceiling is much higher, if he can stay healthy, and McDermott can find ways to maximize his abilities, which I believe he can. I am very excited to see him without all of the double teams, next to Jones and Ford.
  12. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t fully agree. I believe that Beane trusts McDermott, and McDermott believes in Oliver. You could classify that as “desperation” but sometimes, good teams are built by putting faith in what they see on the field, not what amateur evaluators believe. I have faith in this organization, and time will tell if it was merited.
  13. You say that as though he wasn’t already the whipping boy around here. Once Cody Ford left, it was Edmunds. Now Ed O is in the pole position.
  14. I believe that Oliver has not reached his ceiling yet, and McDermott told Beane that he believes he can get him there. I personally believe that ceiling will be worth this price tag, so I am excited to watch him play this year.
  15. Vets are really good at finding ways not to work too hard, until it really matters. That being said, I hope he sprained his spleen and has to miss the season.
  16. They do this from time to time with games at the end of the season, especially with teams that are likely to be in contention. They want the flexibility to make it a prime time game if merited.
  17. For the “first 8 playoff game” rankings, do they indicate how many players total have played at least 8? For the “first 8 playoff game” rankings, do they indicate how many players total have played at least 8?
  18. He has the frame for it. NFL conditioning will get him there.
  19. BuffaloboyinATL’s top 5 Acho’s 1. nAcho cheese 2. Sam Acho 3. Achoo (aka sneeze) 4. Acho software (data application development platform) 5. Acho! Acho! (Episode 13 of anime series PaRappa the Rapper) Sorry Emmanuel, it appears that you did not make my list either.
  20. Wouldn’t a TE be an un-glorified WR?
  21. Cynthia Frelund said it might happen… also, please not this again.
  22. Which means 5 or 6. If I was the NFL, I would definitely put us on six primetime games, because we are such a fun team to watch, for better or worse.
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