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  1. Lets see how they go. I got faith in the the young guys and Johnson. Probably a little more conservative than they would want to be. Benefit of being a deep roster. Bills still favored in Miami.
  2. Terrible new. Hyde is a great player. Appears to be a good dude. Neck injuries are weird. I think Jaquan Johnson steps up. He isnt Hyde but wont be a guy who will make mistakes.
  3. Bills win by 28. Tua is who he is. Game script won week 1. Ravens imploded week 2. Hit Tua in the mouth he folds. 2 deep coverage and make Tua attack small windows. Allen shreds the blitz game over.
  4. I think he will make it to PS. He has potential
  5. Hart is making the team. He looks night and day better than last year. Or Beane trades him for an early day 3 pick.
  6. Only options is to trade him. I think if you adjust your expectations of him as a player he fits into the offense perfectly. Big bodied guy who is showing to be a plus blocker. He isnt Knox or as good as his draft projection. That said he can make you pay if you leave him alone in coverage. I would go Knox, Howard, Morris and try for Sweeney on PS.
  7. 2-4. The Bills are deep. Someone who loses a numbers game they can flip for a pick. He also has got something from lineman who looked shaky at best.
  8. Yes special teams is important. At some point in their careers Jones, Matakevich, Kumerow and Neal flashed at their position and become special team contributors. Not being negative but those are the conversations for the young guys making the team.
  9. Both were single high saftey. The pump fake bit the corner but moved Hyde into position. The arc of the ball and location. Allen threw it further and arrived sooner. Allen puts the same arc on it the db could make a play on the ball. 1 sec is what 2-3 steps?
  10. No Linebakers dont play gunner. Get Benford at gunner so they can move on from Neal.
  11. Now add Buffalo in season wind and have fun fielding a ball that moves multiple times from 60 yards away. He also has shown hang time in camp. The ability to bomb it high or blast it long with be an issue.
  12. This is a big question. Spector or Matykavich? Spector is more athletic and has more natural instincts imo. Is he better than a guy who played special teams only for 6 years? No. Could he be above average? Imo yes. Neal and Jones are big fast guys so they are good at gunner. They really are not natural football players imo. They are athletes who found a niche. I cant justify keeping both. Blackshear still imo can make PS. Bedford and Lewis are worth keeping vs Neal being below average at both positions.
  13. Quinton Morris is better and can play Hback.
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