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  1. Williams needs to make an impact on teams in preseason. He doesnt need to be an all pro but he does need to be solid. Terrell Davis doesnt become TD without playing special teams early in his career.
  2. Perfect world. He is the return guy. I think he gets more looks in the slot. There are some matchups where he creates a tougher matchup over beasley. His ability to stretch teams horizantaly and verticaly from the slot is a problem. Him winning the return job opens a spot on the roster for another wr.
  3. When healthy they were in the Superbowl. They led for over 80% of the game. They are a good team.
  4. We dont have a return guy. I think Mckenzie is safe. If Hodgins, the offical 2021 TC roster boble super star, makes the team is becauae the team moved on from Beasley.
  5. Reminds me of the issues the front office had in Buffalo for a decade. Coaches change, players change, the team is still the same. They cant get it right with Adams their only premier player. They eventually trade him. New regime now same position and the same thing wiith Maye. Draft a qb in the top 5 and worried about offset language? So when they ruin another qb they can skip out on his last year of his contract when he is on another team?
  6. Buffalo had a top 5 offense. I expect the same or better. With or without Beasley. Tampa has vets, Buffalo has alot of younger guys who can still improve. Tought cap year, bringing everyone back with Sanders is a good offseason.
  7. Joined a team without an offseason. Still led league in catches and yards. I think Diggs has an even better year this year.
  8. I think wr is deep enough they dont need a te to be featured. Yes, it all falls on Allen. I think hes a top 3 qb. The parts are important but Allen is going to get the ball where it needs to and the guys catching will have big years beecause of it.
  9. Also, look at who else is at those camps. Imo Jordan Palmer owes more to Allen than Allen owes Palmer. Palmer has been a good fit for sure with him. I feel like everyone besides Allen gets the credit for becoming what he has. He is a physical freak ar Wyoming as a Sophmore. Add in the under recruited and constant judging of his play he has an insanse work ethic.
  10. Allen and Diggs didnt start humbing until the bye imo. Give them an offseason with normal build to a season look out. They should be the best Qb/Wr duo in the league. As an offense they will go as Allen goes. I think he will be elite.
  11. With recent posts from Diggs and Sanders it doesnt look like the team is united around Beasley. I would bet Buffalo is one of the higher vaccinated teams. Beasley one of the holdouts keeping the team from having the required %. That split and constant distraction makes the situation notable. Him posting threats to team is just dumping jet fuel on the situation.
  12. Beasley is good. Tough catches hes money. I think usage is a big impact on his play. Mckenzie adds a differant dimension to the position. I do believe Beaselys overall impact on the success of the offense is over stated. Give Mckenzie the same targets I think the difference in production would be slim. Allen is going to inflate some wr numbers. Beasley IMO is over playing his hand. He is not bigger than Mcdermotts process. He either gets on the train or he will be left at the tracks.
  13. No. I live in Florida now. Everytime I where a hat a shirt anything I run into Bills fans.
  14. Its an increasingly hard position to play. Even harder to find good ones. He is good. All he needs to do is catch the ball better. He turns a handfull of dropped picks to Ints he is now elite. He is missing the big play. He is in position and does a good job. He makes the handfull of plays he is in position to make perception will change.
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