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  1. Beasley is guaranteed slot. Brown is guaranteed to be a vertical threat when he is on the field. Jones, Foster, McKenzie will have to improve to get on the feild and roster. Adding a Wr imo happens day 1 or 2 of the draft.
  2. See now I go the other way. Top 10/ first rd I want talent. Give me solid starters rd 2 and 3. Round 1 you need to find difference makers. Drafted talented guys. Trust the coaches can coach. My opinion of Allen was high before he was drafted. He has the most potential, and is the most athletic of all the Qb drafted last year. He elevated a horrible program to the most wins its seen in decades. He wasnt always pretty but threw lasers to all levels of the feild, and made 2 to 3 plays a game 2 or 3 players in sport could make. Last 3 weeks of the season Allen was a top 5 fantasy Qb aswell.
  3. I'm talking deeper in the draft. Top 20 is expensive. Beyond that if you see wide margins in talent you should see if you can get said player. Not from a need standpoint but a value stand point. If you see a guy you think is a starter the rest are back ups or special teams players why not move up and throw in an extra pick the following round?
  4. But some NFL execs, the one's who have the final, that are not football fans or lifers fall for it. See Ej Manuel 14th overall. Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel.
  5. Outliers are all over the field and Hall of Fame. Gronk was a 2nd round pick because he had back surgery and he missed a large portion of his last year in college. You dont take Guards in the top 10. Quinton Nelson is an All pro as a rookie and could be generational. Go into the draft looking to add the best guys you can. By increasing the talent you improve your roster. I dont think historical data comes into play, however the strengths of each positions in corresponding rounds do. Example, I think starting in rd 3 there will be 5 or so rbs who could be impactful players availabe. The conversation is how good does your #1 rated guy have to be to draft him in rd 1 or 2 if you can get one in rd 3.
  6. Mat68

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    Gronk was the key to NE entire offense. He was becoming a dominant run blocker. So they could seamlessly go from run formation to pass formation without much package substitution. They lived off catching defenses in favorable personal and exploting it til its corrected, then they counter. Having to formation substitute slows down their offense, not having anyone outside who can win one on one allows you to play them straight up. 2019 stop the run force Brady to drop back and beat you.
  7. Just evaluate the players. Take the best player when it's your turn to pick. If you get an offer you like trade down. When you see dips in quality of prospects compared to where your selecting try to trade up.
  8. Mat68

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    They needed 5 new guys. Only Dawkins is a probable return from last to start. The line was terrible. They added the best center and without paying through the nose brought in guys who all showed flashes of good play when given opportunities. If they find 2 or 3 out of 4 they are better for it. Still better than the island of misfit toys the they trotted out last year.
  9. It's simple, Buffalo are in the market for offensive talent when their wasnt much to choose from in FA. All the guys brought in are on 1 year deals with team options beside Morse. At wr Buffalo added the top available deep threat and arguably the top availabe slot wr. The slot was a position of need and Allen throws a good deep ball. In terms of trades. I think Brown's personality and contract demands were too rich for them. Beane values the draft and the top 10 pick this year too much to include it for Beckham. Gettleman made a call to Beane probably out of some relationship and professional courtesy and Beane didn't pony up or call back. I think Beane values their pick. They will get the pick of the best offensive skill player, Olineman, Db, Lb and a highly rated d lineman. The first time in a long time their are not pressing need. They have 10 picks, I bet they use 7 or 8.
  10. Mat68

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    I dont see a LT prospect in the draft that is better week 1 at LT than Dawkins. Unless I'm missing something Williams is projecting better as a guard, Taylor is a RT, and Risner is good but didn't face elite competition. Those dont sound like top 10 picks to me. If Buffalo trades down or trades back into the first I understand the picks more.
  11. Mat68

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    Not having Gronk will take alot away from their passing attack. He was the reason you could double Edelman. He was the guy who won outside against single coverage.
  12. I think Buffalo has to add a Rb on day 2 or beginning of day 3. There are a handful of guys that would be intriguing additions to the offense. I'm concerned Buffalo falls for Jacobs. He is good buy not top 10 good.
  13. Mat68

    DE, Jachai Polite, FL in the 2nd Rnd

    Depends who they take in rd 1. If they go Sweat or Burns I dont think Polite makes that much sense. I really think Buffalo needs to add more weapons on offense. Zay Jones, Robert Foster, Jon Brown, and Cole Beasly are role players. They need to add something more. If they dont go pass catcher in rd 1 I'm out on polite. If they go Hockenson or Metcalf I would be all for it.
  14. Mat68

    Andre Dillard at #9?

    He doesn't look like a top tackle prospect to me. I dont see any of the top rated lineman in this class as upgrades over Dawkins. If they are not the best guy available and are not a significant upgrade at the position why do it?
  15. Mat68

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    The end of the day, he is a possible blocking te. Short yardage, goalline, and special teams all need a TE like that.