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  1. I think that's an over simplification of him as a wr. He played all over the formation. I'm not a scout but from what I read he is exactly what you want from an X. He is what people wanted Cordelle Patterson to become. I dont see them getting Jeudy or Lamb, outside of them every prospect is going to have something. For me he is too unique not to take a shot with. Worst case scenario he is Cordelle Patterson. He can replace Robert's on the roster, also add a big play dimension to the offense and replace McKenzie. 2 roster spots just opened up else where. I think Shenault is going to be very good. I like his after the catch running ability. Given the opportunity to learn a position he could really flourish. This time of year I learn height weight speed. Barring prerequisite protection. Round 1 I'm looking for the freakiest dudes available.
  2. To beat Wastson, Mahomes, and Jadckson having a freak on the defensive line is going to be needed. I know Buffalo needs offensive weapons. I believe Buffalo needs a premier player as well. With the cap space Buffalo possesses they have the ability to get any FA. In FA go to 1. Where the talent is 2. Where value is. Clowney is a top talent.
  3. I think you can find a Lb that pushes Milano more. Having 3 guys who can play 3 downs adds more to the defense as well. A group of very good teams run the ball well and alot. I think if Buffalo found an improvement over Milano the defense takes a step up, and the run defense improves.
  4. The overall point imo is that Allen made enough plays to win. The playmakers left a good amount of yards on the field. As good as Brown was this year, he makes an incredible 2 or 1A. A good Wr opposite Brown makes the offense and passing attack more dynamic. This years draft class is deep. My understanding, Marquis Brown who was the first Wr taken in 19, would be 4th or 5th wr this year. I think Buffalo signs a vetran and Drafts one early. Smoke had a tremendous year. Him and Beasley having near or career years, shows the progress Allen had made as a passer. Brown, Beasley, Knox, and Singeltary are a solid base to an offense. I'm not satisfied with them overall but improving and adding to them makes the offense seem more promising. Having a guy outside to share the load of the passing attack helps, Brown and Beasley. Bringing in another back to keep Singletary fresh while also not limiting the offense is also a must. I also, like the idea of bringing in an upgrade over Kroft so the team can go hurry up in 2 Te sets. Assuming they are athletic and versatile as Knox.
  5. Beane will add a vetran to every need area. In FA they have the ability to pick their guy. Money, culture, winning, facility. Now, who will that target be? I could see multiple ways this could go. Wr, Rb, Oline, Dline, Lb, Db. AJ Green if available could make sense. I could see Melvin Gordon being a good compliment with Singletary. Hooper or Henry at Te would fit the up tempo scheme. Taking the next step on defense by adding an impact player at any level wouldn't be surprising either. This year the offseason is about making a contender. An upgrade at one of many positions and Buffalo is playing KC this weekend.
  6. I dont understand not playing Foster. Games they got him involved vs an occasional deep ball he popped to me. He can do all the McKenzie stuff but adds more outside.
  7. Laviska Shenualt Wr Colorado or De'andre Swift Rb Georgia. Rd 1.
  8. Young, good, core is growing and improving. A few peices improving a couple position turns Buffalo into a real contender. I think Wr, Rb, Ot, LB and Cb are brought in and the draft improves team depth. I expect Beane to bring in vets at all of those positions and 1 or 2 of them high profile players.
  9. The dropped pick was on the Wr and the screen he threw a missle that at worst would be tipped. That lateral would have been great if Knox expected it. That could have went for 6. But otherwise idiotic but did save time on the clock.
  10. If Ford doesnt lower his head in OT on the DE, Allen very well may have led the game winning drive in OT. On the road. Allen imploding and being blamed for the loss is a miss-representation of the end of the football game.
  11. That's making something out nothing. The reporter asked similar leading questions about Allen's "melt down" at the end of the game. Both acknowledged he needs to improve, but both were quick to defend Allen as well. McDermott in those situations wants Allen to do things differently, he also wants a 5 man protection to block 4 rushers. Beane said as an evaluater he would take a guy trying to do too much, vs a guy not willing to do enough. Allen is not the reason they lost the game. The team made multiple mistakes. A young team in its first playoff game, it's not too hard to understand. They still were 1 or 2 plays away from winning the game anyways.
  12. Alot to take in. I think White is extended and that's it. The rest of the guys pick up options, offer tenders. Spain, Lawson I could see an early pick on tackle move Ford to guard. Obvious needs imo, Wr, Rb, OT, LB and Cb.
  13. I think McDermott has done the best job since Levy of being more head coach, instead of head Co Ordinator. He has an idea of what he wants on offense. I think he understands that against the best teams the offense has to be more aggressive and score more points.
  14. I think he has for the most part. Vast improvement from year 1 to 2. Improvement for Sept to now. Overall, Allen made plays to win the game Saturday. Going into year 3 Allen is on the verge of being the guy. With the cap space Buffalo is going to go all in for 2020. Better weapons, and better chemistry around Allen will result in better production. Alot of very good QBs lost their first playoff game. As a Bill's fan the future has never been brighter. For many years the 3 year plans never panned out. I think the Bill's go into 2020 favorites in the AFCE. Home playoff game in Buffalo seems like a high possiblity. In September I think many would be happy with how Allen performed down the stretch and the totality of his second year.
  15. Alot of cap space. First team all-pro. He's a McDermott guy. I think it's a no doubter. Phillips and Lawson imo are more 50/50. I think everyone forgets that Harrison Phillips and Oliver made Jordan Phillips the odd man out in September. Johnson is alot cheaper option than Lawson as a 3rd De.
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