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  1. He was the top rated Qb in fantasy football after his return. Every week. Josh Allen? Is he a relevant option? Every week, well he is inaccurate blah blah blah. Does it again. Well he is inaccurate. You cant avoid his running ability. He is up there with a young Russel Wilson and Cam Newton. He throws TDs and will be a threat in the redzone or goal line to run it in. He is a top 12 fantasy QB due to that ability. He consistently did it the last 6 weeks. Give him a better line, better rushing attack, he will be better.
  2. Hate? That is strong. Mike Folio is always for the players carving out larger stances and portions in terms of contracts and CBA issues. He has a point that at some point that could become a CBA issues. An equal party, the NFLPA stands to benefit from the league entering new and possible more emerging markets. Imo this is a more abstract argument. Buffalo name is brought 1, they currently are in the middle of a new stadium negotiating. 2. Buffalo is a small market. The whole new stadium is tied to Buffalo's success on the feild. If they become contenders and sell out and have home playoff games they get public money to get a new stadium. They dont? Buffalo probably moves if NY wont give them any assistance.
  3. Unless you watched Allen play last year you would not be impressed. Allen will shock the "NFL world" next year. The one that watches the morning argument shows and bases their opinions on stat lines.
  4. Allen is the most exciting Qb Buffalo has had under center since Flutie. Allen imo is most see TV. Whether it's a scramble, throw, or run he jumps off the TV and is exciting to watch. With more nuance I think he has the potential to be the best Qb since Kelly. He is a big time talent. He is the undisputed leader. I think Allen and the Bill's have a big year.
  5. I think Johnson has the athletic ability to also play slot. Having 2 slot corners would be nice. Watching safties getting toasted in 4 wrs sets isnt fun. Playing 4 CBS on passing downs.
  6. How good do you think Buffalo is going to be? If they have plans of a playoff run you offer a 1 for Clowney. Assuming that's a percieved high pick and you feel it's a late first rder.
  7. I'm glad Buffalo has evolved past the trend of losing a guy, add a guy. Rinse repeat. Levi Wallace, showed very good promise what did Buffalo do? Sign former first rd pick Johnson on a proven it deal. Bring back Gaines who was a year removed from a career year in this defense. Same goes for the Oline. I feel gms past sign the most expensive OG m, most expensive OT and draft a guy and that's it. Buffalo went Center, center/guard, 2 guards, 2 tackles and drafted a tackle.
  8. The team goes as far as Allen takes him. Allen has won over the franchise. More so than any Qb post Kelly. They invested heavily into the offensive line. Everything is setting up for Allen to make a leap in production.
  9. Kyle Williams is a class act. I dont see him as a guy who would praise another man unless they earned it. Kyle, has opportunities away from playing and I believe he left Buffalo in a good place.
  10. Comes down to Josh Allen. He improves and has a 2nd season like Geoff, Wentz, Trubisky, or Mahomes they do win the division. The defense will be stout. The improved line should help create a rushing attack. The offense with a run game will make Allen prolific in PA.
  11. Isnt this a compensatory pick? Maybe that's a sticky point. Its outside the top 32 picks of round 2. Seems like they are wait til pick 32 and so on sign vs 1st pick of rd 4.
  12. I am a fan of Cris Simms work. He is an entertaining listen. Legitimately, makes an effort to watch games and film of teams and players before formulating his own opinion. His opinions are not always correct but they are at least well thought out. Hes a big believer in Allen and McDermott. He puts McDermott in the top of the league in terms of defensive minds and scheme. He is an anti- Kyle Shannon/ Mcvay sort of speak.
  13. What would you offer for to Minny for Rudolph? Could a mid rd pick make it happen?
  14. Opening day there will not be a 32 on the roster. With 90 on the roster with 12 and 78 retired and 34 and 83 unofficially who do you give out? 34 or 32? 32. After cutdown Perry most likely isnt on the roster and if he is they change his number.
  15. I understand some people loved his arm talent. He is still very raw and why he went undrafted. To use a roster spot he has to show massive improvement to warrant that sort of consideration.
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