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  1. Addison is a backup. Epenesa is a rookie without an offseason. Do they need Clowney? No. Would he improve our defense and pass rush? Yes. Also, I think Buffalo has a chance to win it all. They need to enter the arms race. If it he is a slight upgrade but keeps him off KC, BAL or NE its still worth it.
  2. With Star opting out, Buffalo has a massive sum removed from this years cap. I would make a play for Clowney. He is absouletly affordable.
  3. Its still a month away. I think split squads is the way to go. First team O with second team D. First team D with second team O. More team work vs positional work. Outdoor meetings or zoom meetings vs traditional. I think they can pull it off.
  4. The herd did a break down of organization turn over a few weeks ago. From front office to special teams. What teams have the least and highest level of turnover in the NFL in 2020. Due to Covid the analysis was, the teams you expect are at the top, the lesser run teams near the bottom. The good run teams handle this better. KC, SF, BAL, PIT all top 5. Buffalo is 1. The team goes as far as Allen and Edmunds. They ball out Buffalo can win the whole damn thing.
  5. I really hope Buffalo gets an asterick for winning the Covid 19 Superbowl 🤣
  6. Im in the car bussiness in Fl. Run a 30 person sales team, have a 30 person service department and a 6 person parts department. We work with each other and the public daily. Everyone healthy, having record breaking months. Its not football but we are dealing with more people on a day to day basis than a football team would. Its not all fire brim stone. They can figure it out.
  7. Agreed. With the way the offseason has played out due to Covid I see Buffalo as benefactors. All major contributors return for the most part. Top rookies are coming into supporting roles. No major change to any posistion group. Basically, if Allen, Edmunds, White, and Oliver improve the Bills most likley go from playoff team to contender.
  8. I think the Bills are perfectly placed for this offseason. Most returning player and coaches in the league. The 7 to cut are pretty easy. Probably a returning p.S or UDFA. I think it also helps get some better quality punter into the building. I wonder if team will keep an extra punter now that its 80?
  9. Diggs adds the element missing from the offense. A premier deep threat, and go to wr. I want Allen to make a move into the top 10 of the league. He has the physical and mental tools. This year he has improved weapons around him. This year should be when it all comes together for him.
  10. Cam makes NE dangerous. With Stidham NE was a shell. Buffalo are the favorites but still have to take it from NE.
  11. Cam with an offensive wizard like Mcdaniels, will be successfull. He fits the style of play the offense has shaped into. Run heavy, with chunk plays coming from play action. New England wasnt going to roll over and die. Its on the Bills to take everything from them.
  12. Young man. He will live and learn. In the city? Uber, In the country? Do at your house. Bringnit to you. Have a buddy drive you and stay there. Live and learn.
  13. Jackson was behind 2 first rd picks at his start in Buffalo. As an undrafted unheralded player I get the comparison. Jackson was held back due to the investment made at his position though. When given an oppurtunity he made the most of all of them. Williams had a chance last year to take hold of a spot. I dont think he did. The drafting of Davis and Hodgins tells you what Beane thinks aswell. At a certain point you gotta make the plays. Potential is just a word. Its something that Williams has had since highschool, besides 1 year in Canada, he has never realised.
  14. If the schedule structure is true, out of Miami, Buffalo, NE, or NYJ who do the cheifs play in primetime? They are not going 4 weeks in a row out of a primetime game. Buffalo is the best game. Ne with Stidham and no weapons is not as compelling.
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