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  1. That's not a negative thing. He is pretty successful at it. The game winning drives and 4th quarter play are 2 areas Taylor never excelled at. That's what gives me hope that Allen can still get better.
  2. Tyrod was overall a competent NFL qb. He was flawed but overall led the Bill's to its first playoff appearance in 20 years. Difference is Allen is in year 2 Taylor was year 8. Allen has improved nicely from the draft to now. I think Allen still has loads of potential and pegging Allen as a game manager is an attempt as an insult.
  3. First time going to Miami. Is there any particular lot that Bill's fans go to vs others? Looking for a fun tailgate. It's been a long time since I've been to a game.
  4. Nothing tells me they cant. Beating a playoff team isnt significantly until the playoffs anyways.
  5. Get him the ball. He adds another dimension to the offense. Has a rare nack for a guy his size to always get an extra yard after contract or looks bottled up. Buffalo seems predictable when Gore is in the game. Inside zone, Trap or power inside the tackles. Gore brings no threat as a pass catcher and imo no burst remaining. At this point Iblike the offense with Yeldon vs Gore.
  6. Bring Oliver in on passing downs right now. Oliver is a unique guy. The defense has to know his quickness is/will be exploited. Some good runs are being run right behind him. Good signing if healthy. Need another body inside.
  7. I see Khan blocking any move to the UK. He has way power and money than Spanos imo. The stadium in LA has become a dumpster fire. The cost is double what was expected. The Chargers are falling way short of meeting their original portion let alone the new inflated price.
  8. I could see a 50/50 London and Jacksonville split. Jacksonville being the main home base. Have a 4 game home trip in England every year. This was always Khans move. He owns Man U? Or Man City? He was also the main broker behind the NFL only stadium in England. Jacksonville has slowly been transitioning to England since Khan bought it. It's only a matter of time.
  9. Allen becoming more game managerish imo is a sign of growth. When they are playing good defense and running the football effectively Allen just needs to keep the reigns on the game and convert Redzone trips to scores.
  10. What else do you say to someone who asks your 6-2 but havent beat anyone. At some point 6-2 doesnt get you to the Superbowl but last year they were 2-6. That's a pretty big turn around. I dont think they are acting accomplished, just simply rebelling against the narrative that they are over rated.
  11. The type of team and coach McDermott is I expect this week Buffalo will play it's best game to date. Dont need much more attention to detail and extra motivation when your 6-2 playing a 2-6 team and your the underdog. Cleveland is imploding. Buffalo wins 38 to 17
  12. Allen is becoming what his detractors said he couldn't, accurate short to intermediate. For a year 2 Qb he is learning how to win games, and playing more efficiently. Give me young Russell Wilson, Roethlisberger, Brady. Play complimentary football and win. Give me a QB with the most game winning drives vs 300 yard games.
  13. Winning will develop Allen more than throwing 50 times and losing games. Get to meaningful games. When Allen has to step up let's see if he does. Get to the playoffs, see if your players rise to the occasion or shrink under it.
  14. Keep both. They play different positions. They both are young with different skill sets.
  15. I dont think anyone is proclaiming them Superbowl favorites. At the same time they would give anyone a game. Say what you will about McDermott. He has his own formula to winning football games. You may not like it, the media may not like it, but the results are there.
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