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  1. Thats ESPNs best combo. I assume ESPN is getting leveraged by NFL to step up the quality. A few years ago they moved away from talent and too personalties like Stephen A. Nessler and Tirico are 2 guys who are still better than anybody they have now and they let both leave.
  2. Good is all about context. Hughes has a few good years left. I would give Clowney a 2 or 3 year deal around 18 mil per year in a sec. He frees up Oliver and Hughes who were already productive. He may not be Watt or Miller but I know he could be legion of boom Micheal Bennet. I would like to see Buffalo make a move that puts the defense into unquestioned tops in the league.
  3. Exactly. Even if they went wr at 54 they could find the best.
  4. I dont have 1 player. The class has enough depth where I think one of the guys who goes in rd 2 out performs the guys projected to go higher. Higgins, Claypool, Hamler, Mims, Aiyuk maybe someone like Jefferson falls. One of those guys landing in the right spot out performs the top drafted guys. There isnt a physical freak no brainer top wr. Guys projected to go later are freakier than the guys going early.
  5. I think the best wr in the draft goes rd 2. Situation is big imo. I still think Jeudy or Lamb will be close to Diggs in quality if on the right teams. This is a very deep wr. The move for Buffalo was trading for Diggs. I believe the guy they draft at 54, was also on the short list to draft at 22. Covid-19 is making the draft 100 times more compeling. Multiple teams management structure and scouting is about to be put on blast. If ever there was a year to move out of a fringe spot it was this year.
  6. Used as a Gronk type weapon you put inside vs zone and outside vs man would make alot of sense. I think Pitman is in pkay if they miss out on a guy early. I think Higgins and Claypool are real options at 54. The main thing Beane has said at the end of the season has been true all offseason. Year 1 we need to improve the Quartetback position long term. Made multiple trades to draft Allen. Year 2 we need to do a better job protecting the Qb. They made 6 oline signings and drafted a guy the start of day 2. This offseason what stayed with me is the offense needs to score more points. A trade for Diggs is only the beginning imo. I think offense is the position groups that make the most sense in Rd 2. Wr you could have multiple guys with higher grades then the wrs drafted in rd 1 last year available. I think they draft a guy at wr day 2 and 3 maybe they may trade up to the end of rd 1 if 1 falls. Pittman as a later rd big body makes sense if they go reagor or Hamler earlier. I think Bowden comes into pkay if they go big body rd 2.
  7. I think a wr projected 3rd and below this year is a sleeper. There could be 10 to 15 wr drafted before Bowden. I undertand your point though. Depends when hes drafted a mid rd pick or later on Jalen Hurts would be something I would consider. Third string behind Barkley to develop. As an organization I would draft him. Day 1 tell him offseason OTAs traing camp he will be treated like a Qb. If he is not the starting Qb if you want to see the feild we will have a Brandon Smith/ Taysum Hill role in the offense. Every offseason, training camp, preseason hes a Qb and can earn his spot. In this defense I think Cam Brown from Penn St would be a monster next to Edmunds. Similar profile to Milano but 6-4 and long. Im on the fence with Milano. I think Brown would be am ideal replacement at either OLB spot if Milano makes another jump in play.
  8. Against good defenses, they blitzed Allen and manned up the wr. I think Diggs greatly effects the Baltimore game, Ne games, and playoff game in Houston. Down the stretch in those games Allen didnt have anyone really win their matchup. It was Allen running around throwing lasers. Some were caught some were not.
  9. I like Lynn Bowden from Kentucky. Played Qb last year due to the QB1 and Qb2 getting hurt. I think he could be Heins Ward. Thick lower body, good in the open field. For Buffalo he can develop Wr skills while taking over for Mckenzie in some of the gadget plays.
  10. I appreciate his work ethic. That imo is going to make him a success. He is too physically gifted not to put it all together. I see alot of Farve in him. I think before you know it. hes slinging with Mahomes in prime time games and playoff showdowns.
  11. Alabama was undefeated. Your not benching the Qb who lost the title game as a Freshman and got the team back there as a Sophomore. The difficulty evaluating Tua and even Burrow is the talent they played with. Neither have any special physical trait. Neither overly big, neither considered to have big arms, and neither are overly athletic.
  12. 14? Had OBJ, Evans, Landry, Cooks, Watkins, Robinson, Adams, and Smoke. Im not saying a Wr in rd 2 or 3 wont be the best option. This class has a long way to go to be the best ever.
  13. They paid Watkins to have that little extra late in the year, or in the playoffs. They got out of him what they wanted. I would bring in Clowney to add that little extra something to the defense. They have the money. Clowney is an upgrade. He would vault the defense into championship quality. Against the Cheifs, against the Ravens having someone who routinley gets penetration off the edge is huge.
  14. In Rd 2 or 3 I think it is highly probable Rb is one of the highest rated groups.
  15. Beane likes, may not be the same as Daboll and to a lesser degree Mcdermott. I think Beane sees a role similar to James White in this offense. Somewhere between ability, knowlegde, and performance has kept Yeldon on the roster but not dressed. Is he pass able as the backup? Yes. Would he be ideal? No.
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