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  1. Nicknames dont change. He is, was, and will be punt god.
  2. White and the Bills deploy more man than given credit for. Having a press man corner opposite Tre allows Buffalo to do more exotic looks. Tre White is the culture imo. He is super detailed. Also, 100% himself at the same time.
  3. Great point. Want a spectacle, highlighting the Rams I think you may be onto something. Not that Bills fans dont travel but LA seems to be Raiders, 49ers and Cowboys heavy. First game of the year Buffalo may be the choice with all factors coming into play.
  4. Thats the NFLs big reveal Thursday. Last year Dallas vs Tampa wasnt whispered til Wed morning. Imo the NFL is keeping more people in the dark to make it a bigger deal. Home openers for all franchise go on sale at 6 pm when the games are announced. Rest of the schedule is released and are on sale at 8pm. Doing it to drive traffic and ticket sales. I saw the LA times is speculating it will be Buffalo. Imo its 49ers or Bills. NFC championship game rematch. Division rivals. Buffalo is the hot team. Everyone still remembers and talks about the Chiefs game. That was the best game of the season last year. Allen is becoming the face of the league. Expect to see Allen in primetime and on alot more commercials.
  5. 2 differant styles. Buffalo played man the 8th most last season. Thinking Mcduffie is a better zone player doesnt mean he will be a better pro or better fit. I feel he transitions to a slot more so than outside Cb. Taron Johnson is a top 5 or 10 slot in the league. Only press man corner in the draft better than Elam was Gardner. Elams style allows Buffalo to matchup better against offense better and get more aggressive in coverage in scheme. Bill B is not some mastermind big brain. As a GM he has made his job as a coach much harder.
  6. I think teams would be ok with 80% Mayfield on the field, but getting 0% of him off the field. Like Marriota and Trubisky. Neither may not be as good as the best Mayfield has played. They are probably seen more consistent and better in the building.
  7. If the dude cant figure how to hold he doesn't deserve a roster spot. I think the team just wants to make sure Ariza does all the small things required to be great. Not just bombing balls. Ig isnt everything but it looks like he is doing the work needed.
  8. I think this game could still be the home opener. Either way thats the 1 im highlighting to attend.
  9. Imo, too slow to beat press coverage. Struggled outside at Oregon St. Tall and on the thin size. I think his skills work in the slot. Do they want to use that type? They haven't recently. A few years on the team not being able to earn a spot, Im not putting much faith he supplants one of the aforementioned. I would not use Cook on teams. I think he will have a larger role on offense. Now if his role isnt what Im imagining it to be I could see using him as a return man to get him on the field. To me it is Stevenson, Mckenzie and Shakir. One of them takes it. I think if it Shakir Stevenson and Mckenzie will be on the bubble.
  10. I dont think Hodgins can play outside. Imo he is more a slot only than Shakir. I dont think he makes it. I think they go Diggs, Davis, Crowder, Shakir, Mckenzie, Kumerow and Stevenson. The amount of 3 and 4 wide sets I think they keep 7. Stevenson will have to have a good camp and get the return gig.
  11. In this offense he has a legit shot at rookie of the year.
  12. Imo he is athletic enough to figure out holding. Has a kicking coach to adjust to the NFL ball and style. He has a monster leg. I think he will add hang time. Control will come with time. Those games where the offense sputters having a guy who can flip field position will be big.
  13. They have 5 star after 5 star. Cook had the ability to play outside, they used that to get another back on field. College is a different deal with transfer portal and NIL. Kamara had to transfer out of Alabama because he couldnt see the field. He was a 3rd rd pick. Im saying coming out of college Cook is similar to Kamara. I see in his game the pass catching ability and exploit seems in the defense. Just like Ingram, Singletary eill be the back and Cook slowly gets more and more snaps.
  14. If he went to a smaller school and had 4 times the touches would he be looked at the same? I see his uses as a big plus. He averaged over 6 yards per carry and over 3.5 yards after contact in the SEC with a game manager QB. Im not buying the internet scout, contact balance take. That as a runner is worthy of 2nd rd. His ability to run wr routes makes him a complete problem. He very well could get the Beasley targets. Teams want to play man press you motion out Cook vs a saftey or baker and he wins. The more I think about Cook and Buffalo the more I like it.
  15. Value in the draft is a made up thing. It doesnt matter where you draft a guy. Does he fit the scheme can he play. First 3 rd should be playing. Can Bernard play? Yes. Alot? Probably not. When they go 4-3 I expect he has more than a shot to be the third lb. He provides better coverage skills than the other backers behind Edmunds and Milano. The perception of the pick is neg because many want a Edmunds replacement. He is not. I think he is the special team ace third baker on the cheap to allow the team to extend Edmunds.
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