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  1. Yeldon early and Williams late. I dont think Baltimore is going to go against what they are. They will play man and blitz. Buffalo will do what they did vs Seatle, Miami both games, Ne in December. Yeldon is alot early. 4 wide and spread yeldon gets play. Late 2nd quarter second half Williams salts the game. Cold and losing. Williams takes the soul and want late.
  2. The Baltimore style of defense is not differant than Miami or Ne. Blitz and strong corner play. Miami has a very similar defense. I would argue that Miami has better corners. Buffalo rag dolled them. Same thing. Only way the game is close is close is heavy snow. I think Allen makes more plays still.
  3. Makes me feel better about Beasley and Mckenzie being 100%. I expect a heavy 4 wr set match up. Williams may or maynot be active.
  4. I think the elements negativley affect Jacksons rushing and throwing ability. I could be mistaken but I think it will be in his head a bit.
  5. Allen had glimpses even in college of throwing big time throws. Tight windows, deep out is 100% anticipation and Allen was money on that day 1. I dont see what you are going to get with Tua. Staying 100% with Tua is a significant risk. It could get the GM and coach fired type of decision. At 3.... you take a qb. You can trade both 1s to the jets for 2 and get Fields. Trade the later first and Tua for stafford. After the qbs in the class looking much further along idk how you make that choice sitting at 3.
  6. Makes sense. Knows the offense. In times when called upon have done the job. Provides the ability to run between the tackles and catch the ball out the backfield. For the style of offense he was the obvious choice.
  7. That came into play more in the second half. Gb got up bc Rodgers was throwing lazers all over the field. The team that can throw in these games wins. Buffalo will run enough like all season.
  8. This is a perfect example, if Buffalo plays well they win. Great game. These are the games we waited a long time for. Both teams have favorable matchups. I dont think Martindale is going to change his D. At this point of the year you do you. Buffalo goes back to the early season 4 wr set. If Brown and Beasely are healthy for it. If not I would dress Stills. You can learn a formation or set of plays in 2 weeks. Bills need to make it a track meet. If the defense and run game cant carry the day I dont see Baltimore winning.
  9. Most are doing well.. Baltimores D is better than Indy. They run the ball better than Indy so they win. I think Buffalo wins similar to GB vs Tennessee a few weeks ago. Its going to snow to some degree. Buffalo gets up early and Baltimore folds.
  10. No... Need similar offense if brought in an outside guy. Buffalo doeant need a new scheme just a play caller at this point. Bill has done this for year. New OC, same offense differant play caller.
  11. Tough to compare last week vs this week. Buffalo is a team specific game plan. Espically, in the playoffs. I think this is why they experimented with 3 Lbs for a significant time in the first half vs Miami. I think Klien sees the field a good amount. Baltimore will run 2 3 te sets with a fb. Nickle wont hold up consistantly. I think they try to feel the flow. Ideally, a db needs to be positioned to where Jackson runs. Whether its a nickleback or saftey.
  12. Why go changing things now? You dance with who brought ya. Buffalo are who they are. Buffalo plays there game. Possible elements coming into play, Roberts is consistent and second team all-pro hes playing.
  13. Its all about Match ups. I assume Baltimore does the man blitz thing. Allen has crushed that all year. On defense will Jackson dice up the Bills defense in 8 yard chunks all the way down the field? They win that way I think we would all be suprised. Keep Lamar in pocket and have athletes on the edge to slow down Jacksons run. Buffalo does on defense they did last year i think Buffalo puts up more points and wins.
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