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  1. Going off the premise that this year the 4th rd is equal to last years 6th rd. Am i saying draft 3 guys no. The Maybin and Williams drafts All the picks were getting long looks at playing time. The team now there is a possability not 1 pick starts thats a major differance. Comparing the franchises worst first rd to one of the franchises best middle rd pick is laughable as well.
  2. Trade up. Quanity over quality. Go where the good players are.
  3. They dont relies they are one of those teams. Next years class is not nearly as talented as this class. Eventually, they need differance makers on the football field. Stock pile all the picks they want if they cant turn them into great players it is a useless exercise.
  4. Maybin was billed as Oweh. Maybin was not the athlete Oweh is. Oweh is an elite athlete. I do not expect him to be there at 30 because of his potentiel. If he is, Buffalo takes him in .01 secs.
  5. There is no debate. 2 time probowler will be 23 week 1. He has incredible potential. Imo thrid and long blitz Edmunds put Milano in coverage.
  6. I agree. Him, Toney or one of the higher rated guys slip would be in play. I think an athletic cb is also an option. The standard cb opposite White thelast few years isnt enough. Edge is another premier position i think they have an eye on.
  7. Yep. If the top cbs are gone and no pass rusher falls makes sense. Player available at 30 will still be in play at 37.
  8. Lets see how it goes when the team is actually good. For 20 years they were bad and the tailgate was better than the game. I believe the national attention and local blowback will move the Bills to down town Buffalo. No more tailgates or limited areas for tailgating. Want drinks before the game? Gonna have to pay bar prices. An increased focus on the in stadium experiance vs pregame outside.
  9. I think it comes down to whether Buffalo dtafts a back day 1 or 2. I doubt it but possible none the less. If one is drafted I expect Singeltary would be the odd man out. A possible trade up or future day 2 pick I assume he would be worth.
  10. Bucs, Chiefs, Ne, and Indy. Possible 5th vs Lawrence or Wilson.
  11. Im going to say it. I think he is going to be a bust. An average year by Te standards seems like a failure with the hype he has. Took Hockenson a year or so. Kittle, Kelce took time.
  12. Puts them right at the fringe of Hauscka range to. They win that game without that call. I guess now with Watson about to go into NFL exlie the league no longer finds the need to protect him. I think Allen slides into that spot and Buffalo gets more Primetime games and more calls.
  13. So If Buffalo draft or trade for a better options he is in waiting? I like it. James, Holister and Knox is still an upgrade over smith, Kroft, Knox. I think Buffalo goes Te on day 2.
  14. The dude is still only 22. Will be 23 when the season starts. 2 so what probowls. He isnt done getting better imo. Leonard is 3 years older at 25 and 26. I think Edmunds will be a destroyer at 25 and 26.
  15. I would take him in a sec. Big and athletic. In our offense he would be very good. Imo he just needs targets. Im very high on him. Imo seems the change of coaching staffs caused him to fall out of favor. Not "their guy" type of thing.
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