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  1. Many great mentions so far covering different eras and genras. I would add "Unleashed in the East" by Judas Priest as my favorite "live" metal album. Particularly love their live cover of "Diamonds and Rust". Always wondered what Joan thought of it. Lol
  2. This is a great bye week topic. Thanks OP!
  3. "Big Bang Theory" was on while I was registering, trying to come up with something clever, coming up with nothing. Looked up and noticed Sheldon's T-shirt. "I guess that's as good as anything " Lol
  4. His writings should be more widely read. Timeless wisdom.
  5. Bonus, he's so young it could be 6-8 years. 😱😅
  6. I did not listen to any post-game shows, no radio coverage and no visits to TBD at all this week till now. Saw this thread and had to post. No you are not alone. lol
  7. I think that was the John Forcade game/loss? If so, I was there, my buddy and I hung out after game walking around inside stadium. Got down on the field, ran into a bummed out Van Miller (in his long fur coat) and had a brief exchange with him. Those were the days (sigh)..... a different world.
  8. Josh's back story is what had me so intrigued at draft time, he was/is a "black swan". A prospect with gold jacket tools, who for many reasons did not benefit from the grooming process a typical top QB pick goes through. Small rural HS, no elite camps, no specialization (multi sport athlete), late bloomer physically (see facial hair). Thus the complete lack of interest from Div 1 and the resulting Juco/Wyoming path. I think this is where data driven analytics failed with him as a prospect? His development process in no way matches the typical players that generate the data. I'm no expert so maybe models try to account for that but it seems like a reasonable assumption. It all depended on the situation he landed in, but more importantly on him. I was comfortable with this regime's ability to determine if he had what it takes to turn those tools into reality on an NFL field. Luckily for us fans, it's looking like that faith is being rewarded. He is proving to everyone that his work ethic, willingness to improve, and motivation are off the charts. Add all the other intangibles he exhibits and what more can we ask for?
  9. Got there about 7:30 to tailgate. Our Beer froze, had to thaw it in the car. Our propane froze, so we could not grill, tailgate was chips and icy beer. Dressed like the Michelin man, could barely move. Worth every minute of it. Lol
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