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  1. It’s overreaction by the typical impatient fan base. Everyone loved the Knox extension and Von pickup. Tough times define the type of fan/person you are. And now the MCD hate with the 9/11 and boots BS. Some of you are so quick to believe the negative crap.
  2. I place no credence in anything MSM including sports, opinions. They are worthless for the most part trying to bait people into clicks because that’s how they get paid. In the end, most if not all GMs would take Allen over ANY QB in the league right now. And a good portion would take him over Patty as well. (not all but some )
  3. Lots of stupid takes in this thread. Between the hate for Knox and Von some of you fans need to grow up and shut up.
  4. You don’t stop elite QBs and offenses you limit them and give your offense an opportunity to win OR hold a lead late to preserve a win
  5. Figures. The bills find their franchise QB when the position isn’t that important. Lol
  6. Watch the fins make it to the bowl Walking it off
  7. Nah the posters here know everything. lol. I’d bet most can’t balance their budgets
  8. This forum is really hard on DK. I bet he’s a stud next year and maybe the rest of this year, under Brady and with Kincaid coming up. A good 2 TE set would be great with an actual OC who could use it Sherfield?
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