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  1. Diggs is the classic definition of passive aggressive. Shows how much the fans actually know about scouting talent.
  2. True but I’ll add he was acquitted because the jury feared massive riots and destruction if they found him guilty.
  3. Too eloquente and grammatically correct for Diggs.
  4. Yes. 100%. Diggs was great for Allen the 1st couple of seasons. Since then he’s been a selfish, loud, arrogant asshat who lost a step and sucked in the playoffs. It’s too bad he cared more about screwing the Bills instead of taking off before they let Davis go. this O could have worked with Davis as WR1 with the focus on a 2 TE set, Shakir out of the slot and Cook in the back. Now Davis is gone and Diggs forced his way out. good riddance.
  5. Easy fella. I’m just saying that in a divorce case the woman MIGHT be lying geez.
  6. I dislike him as much as the next guy buy come on. I’m sure it’s the wife playing the victim card. That’s pretty standard stuff these days.
  7. Question is will Penix wear a touque or helmet on the sideline?
  8. Me thinks some Bills fans are really Chefs fans. Mr 2x is likely a Chiefs fan who has nothing better to do than troll
  9. Truly sad for your loss. Even though we’ve never met we all share a passion for the Bills. And you’re 1000% correct. Hold on to the ones you love and appreciate every day. god bless.
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