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  1. Another long time DIRECTV subscriber here who just cancelled and went to streaming. My bill doubles and I got the “no credits available” speech. Ok, then cancel I go. They put up no fight to keep me. I loved the NFL Sunday Ticket, but I liked the red zone more. In fact, I rarely turned on an individual game rather than have the red zone on. Luckily sling tv has the red zone in their sports package... for $10 a month. A far cry cheaper than the $400 or whatever that Sunday Ticket Max is on directv. If you actually watch the games, there is an NFL Sunday ticket app for any smart TV. I have heard people will gladly split their login with you. They can be found on online marketplaces.
  2. Seconded. Not at all disappointed about losing out on Olsen. Injury prone and his best years are certainly behind him. Spend the extra coin and get a true option who is also younger.
  3. New management ran it into the ground. I’m convinced they bought it just to squeeze a few years of admission out of it and then sell the rides and land. Sad to see it go. Darien lake isn’t really great for younger kids. Expensive, farther drive for us north of the city, few kids orientated rides, and crowded.
  4. Except he doesn’t have a choice. As someone said, the money is of little consequence here. Especially with the offer being 30M, which sometime will easily beat. Kraft could offer 50M and Brady could still leave. I think the general consensus is if Brady actually leaves it is his ego wanting to prove he can win without Bill and end “Patriot Way”. No one is thinking it’s likely, but if that is actually true Kraft has absolutely zero say and no amount of money will alter that.
  5. If you didn’t like the whole premise of the thread couldn’t you have, you know, not participated in it? Just a thought.
  6. I’m pretty much in the camp where I hope pro days and combine doesn’t move ones stock TOO much. The only way I like to see a pro day or combine move someone’s stock is if both are abysmal. The. I want that guy pushed down the board slightly. I am of the school that believes the most important evaluation tool is game tape, and it’s not even close.
  7. Why do they even bother having this embarrassment of a game? They should probably just add a flag football tournament as an extra day to the skills competition. The offensive lines don’t block, defensive lines don’t rush and tackling is just wrapping up. How do the officials even know when to blow a play dead? 😂😂 we literally posted this at the same time
  8. To be fair, did anyone predict the QB’s directly for 2018? And before the rumors of Kingsbury/Keim loving Murray started no one truly believed they would move on from Rosen after one season. Their first born and sell their soul
  9. “Life Hack”. No *****, everything is not a life hack. Because you figured out that putting your pants on both legs at a time saves .1 second on average, it isn’t a life hack. Putting a sandwich in a Tupperware container instead of a ziploc bag is not a life hack. Absolutely everything these days is a “life hack”. Completely overused word.
  10. If anyone watches celebrity big brother, they know to stay far far away from Lolo Jones. She was bat sh*t crazy. Absolutely would be a stage 5 clinger.
  11. Is Tom Brady of two years ago being resurrected in this free agency? Because at this point he’s no better than Tannehill. 16 games this season Brady has 4000 yards, 24TD + 8 INTS. 10 games and Tannehill has 2700 yards, 22 TDS and 6 INTS.
  12. That WR core next year with the addition of Allison 🤮. No thank you. Need that difference maker. Allison is not it
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