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  1. I felt the same way a couple weeks ago in regards to Vegas knowing something. Bills/Chiefs where 90% of the money was going on the Chiefs. Didn’t work out too well for Vegas with all those KC bets paying out though.
  2. That Rams line 😂. Put them in my Parlay with Pitt. A rookie QB, in his first start, with no preseason or training camp, against Aaron Donald and the rest of the Rams defense. Can’t see it ending well.
  3. Oh yes, those stud horses such as Damiere Byrd, Gunner Olszewski and Jakobi Meyers. Not even the great Belichick can make that receiver Corp competent.
  4. Big fan of Pitt +4 this week. Surprised they are underdogs at all.
  5. Is younghoe koo the best kicker in the league? I never see the guy miss.
  6. Can’t overpay someone if you don’t pay anyone 🤔
  7. “Fair Share” is one of my biggest pet peeve words that politicians use. To me, a fair share is a flat tax. That’s literally “fair” in the sense of the word. Obviously none of these politicians are advocating for a flat tax, so stop using the word. How is a fair share paying 70% of your income over a certain threshold? I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t enact that tax policy, I just want them to stop saying “fair share”. Start using “proportional share”.
  8. I have used Bills, Chiefs, Bucs, Rams, Cardinals, Dolphins, Chargers. If I can survive this week I will have used the Eagles as well. Fly high eagles. If Ben DeNucci knocks me out of my survivor pool then I deserve it and the Eagles deserve to be relegated.
  9. Who do we like this week? Do we dare take the Eagles against the Cowboys 3rd string QB?
  10. I am in favor of the NCAA format. Much more fun as far as I’m concerned. If they really want to make it 10 minutes then it should be the entire time, whoever is ahead after 10 minutes wins the game.
  11. I don’t think the wild card race is of any worry anymore. Miami just benched their starter and New England also looks in the midst of a benching. It would take a major Bills implosion to lose the division. If that happens, they won’t be in wild card contention anyways.
  12. It amazes me how many people don’t realize this is truly an any given Sunday league. Any team can get a win at any time.
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