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  1. I’d think the Ravens are quite glad Lamar didn’t take their generous contract offer during the off season.
  2. It looks like they had him pick a charity and a portion of the proceeds are going to that charity.
  3. Because I don’t see the Bills winning out under any circumstance.
  4. Doesn’t even matter, because this Chiefs team would need multiple losses for the one seed to shake free. I just don’t see multiple losses happening. The Bills, on the other hand, I see a couple more losses. The one seed is a pipe dream
  5. I actually think Ben DeNucci might be… and your point still stands 😆
  6. How are they even getting there? Isn’t the Buffalo Airport closed and buried under 20 inches of snow and counting? Do they plan to bus to Rochester and fly from there?
  7. Where is this posted? Their Facebook page doesn’t have anything updated.
  8. The government. Why would they be in it to make a profit? If the government wants to hawk college as affordable for everyone, it makes sense. If you have an $80,000 student loan balance at 7% your monthly payment in the beginning is nearly 75% interest. And they wonder why we got into the situation we are currently in. If you lose your job and go into forbearance for a year your balance is $7000 more than when you left.
  9. I’ve always thought the best solution is to set the interest rate to 0% permanently. I believe this would be entirely within the presidents power. I also don’t see how a lawsuit could be brought against it, since the government isn’t actually giving out any money in that case. It ensures borrowers pay back what they borrowed, but actually makes it possible by forgoing to absurd interest that is paid each month.
  10. I just cannot find a way this game goes to the Bills if Allen doesn't play. Keenum is a JAG at QB and the defense is banged up. The Bills also have very little running game to speak of, so we can't fall back on that. Hope I am wrong on Sunday as I will be watching as always!
  11. Lol Baker Almost had a penalty per draft slot.
  12. Easily two of the worst teams in the league. Surprised someone is still playing Pitts. He was long ago dropped in my league
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