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  1. AI to rule the world. Also AI…. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8889809/amp/AI-camera-used-replace-humans-soccer-games-confuses-referees-bald-head-ball.html
  2. Came here to post this. I love that show on NFL Radio and was going to be very disappointed.
  3. I have yet to get any renewal offer. Still waiting for the email!
  4. If the NFL is going to do this then they just need to move the Jags already. At least then these will be considered their “home” games.
  5. If the justice system actually works then the suspension won’t matter because he will be behind bars.
  6. But we didn’t just get a 3rd, poof out of thin air. We gave up a 4th for it. We only moved up around 30 spots in the late 3rd round. Not much value there IMO.
  7. In the end the Bengals will lose neither of these players
  8. Was this an email? I haven’t renewed yet, but would definitely pull the trigger on that offer. Did you turn off auto renew? I’m wondering if I have to do that first.
  9. He’ll get a weekend in jail or something idiotic. I have zero faith in the justice system to actually work when it comes to the uber-wealthy and famous.
  10. Am I the only one who opened this thread expecting to see a story about how Brandon Beane was getting his MD this year?
  11. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just remove the subjectivity attached to the play clock as well? If they can do it for the game clock they could for the play clock. That’s what frustrates many people. The NFL has enough ambiguous rules. Removing subjectivity where possible seems like a logical step. Edit to add: The NBA doesn’t seem to have a problem with their shot clock. If it’s at 0 and the ball hasn’t left your hand, it has expired. The NFL should be the same way. If the play clock hits zero and the ball isn’t moving to initiate the snap, it’s a penalty.
  12. In Hard Knocks defense, the Bills haven’t had it since its inception and they don’t have an NFL championship either.
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