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  1. Oof, what terrible injury luck. Could be his career is over before even truly starting.
  2. That’s the only reason I can think of. There must be a financial reason the NFL isn’t allowing it on the TV. AKA they must not be allowed to in some contract. Otherwise they would offer it on every screen and get more NFL+ subscribes to further pad their fat bank accounts.
  3. I’d have to think they were contractually obligated. I would think if they didn’t do it this way they would be in some breach of one of exclusive contracts the various networks have to broadcast these games.
  4. I just hope there’s a way to get around the cast to tv block. Otherwise I’ll be buying a very large apple tablet screen.
  5. So, if I am reading this right, I won’t need ESPN to watch Monday night football if I have NFL+? We recently dumped FUBOTV and went pretty much exclusively antenna/free tv apps. We have prime so I was covered for Thursday night, but I was sweating Monday nights. Looks like I might be good there? edited to add: I am local in the Buffalo area.
  6. I’m pretty sure they are the most brainwashed group in the world. They would probably be the bunch I would fear the most in the battlefield. They wouldn’t bat an eye at dying in droves if their supreme leader asked it of them. He’s a literal god on earth in their eyes.
  7. I was able to qualify for the streaming only as I have a student email address. There was an option to add a year of NFL+ Premium for $48. I thought “sure why not”. Well I’ll tell you why not. The code Directv gave me doesn’t work on the nfl website as it should. So I call directTv and their response is “wait a few weeks and try again”. I tell them just refund my $48. I get put on hold for 10 minutes and told they can’t because their website isn’t working so they can’t refund the money and to try again at a later time. Never change Directv, never change.
  8. I’m sure she went on to point out exactly where in the constitution it mentions the right to an abortion.
  9. Weather delay on this game is going to kill the ratings. I can’t imagine too many people will stick around for long.
  10. Shocking that we couldn't trust a country that grades extremely poorly on the corruption index. For 2021 Ukraine ranked 122, barely ahead of the enemy of Democracy itself, Russia, which ranks 136.
  11. I wonder if they give you a download code? If you aren’t a gamer I’m sure you could sell the code for at least $50.
  12. How about we just don’t “crush them” at the cost of millions of American lives to defend an indefensible island.
  13. Wish him all the best. Not concerned with him missing camp. He knows what he’s doing. Less chance of injury as well. He can take care of his family and stay healthy for when he can return.
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