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  1. There is never, ever a 0% chance of victory in an NFL football game. Absolutely never. If you want to go on the extreme low end of odds, the Bengals have about a 20% chance of beating the Pats and the Dolphins have a similar chance.
  2. If you want to fake a knee fine. But then you also can’t complain when you start getting blown up while in the kneel down formation.
  3. I have this EXACT thought. He’s the type of receiver we don’t have. We have small speedy receivers. No contested catch receiver at all. Duke wouldn’t hurt. The guy does have a TD catch in only two games.
  4. Draft priority List: 1- Wide received that can make contested catches 2- RT 3- see 1 and 2
  5. I RARELY agree with this take. In fact, I think today is the first. But I agree 100%. Today was all execution. Guys were open deep, Allen overshot them, guys are open and Allen makes a throw, the receivers drop it. Run plays get called, Ford or Knox whiff a block. Daboll is far from the problem. Today is completely execution.
  6. Exactly my thought watching that play 😂😂. They always talk about his football IQ. That was a big IQ play.
  7. Only goes into permanent stop rules within 5 minutes. Until then it only stops whilst the ball is being spotted.
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