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  1. My favorite show on NFL radio. Tune in nearly every day at 3PM.
  2. It’s actually with Scott Hanson. Thought I’d miss Andrew but I don’t even notice.
  3. Sunday Ticket last season was the final straw with DirecTv for me. Not a terribly long customer, about 8 years, but they gave me absolutely nothing. I was on a great credit that was expiring, so my bill shot up from 60 to 120. They wouldn’t even discount me down to 100, nevertheless give me Sunday Ticket. Went through the whole gambit, called multiple times first, then did the cancellation thing, they transfer me to retentions, who offer me nothing. Never got a call from their winback department either. Ended up going to Fubo and paying $10 a month for the NFL Redzone.
  4. This is just so weird. Of all the demands, you demand Randall Cobb?! I feel it’s more about asserting his power/dominance at this point. If he was going to demand a WR, why wouldn’t he make it a good one?
  5. I would be super disappointed in a deal for Ertz if the compensation is anything more than a late, late pick. 6th/7th round I would live with it as a reclamation project.
  6. They couldn’t even beat the Chiefs with Chad Henne. They aren’t close.
  7. I went to see the goo goo dolls at Shea’s when they came in 2018. It was a phenomenal venue, IMO. I like a more intimate venue such as that. I despise concerts out at Darien Lake.
  8. Wouldn’t this give an unfair advantage to the home city? Of course we can debate the merits of “home ice advantage”. But you can bet if Toronto/Montreal lost the series it would come up. Unless, of course, your implying they just don’t allow fans into the building when Montreal/Toronto would be the “home” team.
  9. If Toronto wins, do they ask to play the next round in Buffalo? It will be against a US opponent and they won’t be able to quarantine for 14 days between games. Will have to find somewhere in the states to play.
  10. Moss is the only reason this ranking isn’t much higher. If Moss or Singletary had proven much to this point then it would be a different conversation.
  11. I remember thinking we really had something with Losman. Boy was I wrong.
  12. I’ve enjoyed the spring league. It has a decent chance of continuing as well, IMO. Because they do not pay the players. Especially once they can get some minimal gate revenue.
  13. I read this a few minutes ago and my first thought was, why did they even bother releasing this statement. They say they met to discuss the results of an independent study, at least say something of what that study said.
  14. My exact thoughts when I first saw the schedule. Favorites going into every game except the Chiefs and Bucs. Will likely be a heavy favorite in a lot of these games too.
  15. One of the best hockey games I’ve ever watched. Heck, it’s probably the best. I’ve re-watched it multiple times. Back when both teams were actually good too. What a great rivalry that was.
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