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  1. Idk about that. How much of a different culture is it really? That big of a difference between 3-13 and 1-15? Other than losing the draft position. And does Miami even have anyone left they care about keeping? These guys are backups on most other NFL teams.
  2. I was thinking about this when he was talking up Sherman for “breaking up” a pass to Metcalf. Clearly pass interference and wasn’t called.
  3. I wanted him to take the job. That Haushka extension was always idiotic. He’s a kicker, he isn’t going anywhere. Dime a dozen. Not like another team was going to overpay for his services. Then it takes me back to the Rex days when he kept TWO kickers and a punter 🤦‍♂️
  4. That was one of the strangest sequences I’ve ever seen.
  5. Still shocked McLaughlin didn’t get an extended look to actually win the job in the preseason. The timing of Hauschka’s extension was always suspect to me. Why not wait until you see him this season. He’s a kicker, he wasn’t going anywhere unless you let him walk.
  6. Who? Does he have a Bills connection I should remember?
  7. Colinsworth just cannot contain his excitement that the Patriots have came back in this game
  8. Precisely, or perform completely unnatural contortion of body to adjust it in mid air or mid hit like the matrix
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