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  1. That’s what kills me about the Chiefs. They strut with the arrogance of gods gift to football. There seemingly isn’t a humble guy on that team. At least not with the skilled positions. They have one Super Bowl ring and act like they have the Patriots dynasty. I very much hope they can get smacked down a peg on Super Bowl Sunday.
  2. You do realize that the tuck rule was a legit rule? In the nfl rule book, and implemented verbatim? I feel a lot of people have this misconception that it was some rule the NFL made up on the spot. It was the correct call 100%. It even took many years post “tuck rule call” for the NFL to change the rule. It was a case of implementing a rule properly. If Buffalo sports fans want one to actually steam over, the foot in the crease call is far more suspect.
  3. Too bad we convert the first onside kick since 2014 when it doesn’t matter at all
  4. Absolutely. Dynasties are terrible for the league. For any league. Take them down.
  5. Need the XP but I’ll take 6 over the 0 we were going to get on that drive
  6. Whoever is Progressive insurances marketing team, they need to be fired. All of them. How do you go with Flo for so long and then go to sign holding guy? These aren’t funny at all.
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