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  1. I’m never a fan of giving up a premium asset for the privilege of overpaying a player. That recipe rarely works out.
  2. Reminds me of the book “football for a buck” on the USFL. Highly recommended , fascinating read. I am convinced Trump is the reason the USFL failed.
  3. I’m not a baseball fan, in fact I don’t think I could name one modern day player. But I didn’t think there was a salary cap? Couldn’t the Mets have afforded those players regardless? Considering the owners were just shoving the money to Bernie Madoff anyways?
  4. So, he’s so unimportant they couldn’t even spell his name right?
  5. You are not wrong, but you also answered the question yourself. They have the luxury of getting paid millions to play a game, so if they decide they can sit at home and not play said game, that’s on them and the union. It’s the same as a fast food place, they have the option not to do it, they just likely don’t have the money saved to do so. Just because one group has to risk everything doesn’t mean everyone has to risk everything. If I had millions of dollars I’m not sure I’d be hoping to have a season. One more year of wear and tear on my body and possibly some additional risks. As a fan I’m absolutely hoping enough of them don’t want to forego millions in salary this year. I think the bigger push will be from the owners. They have a huge money making opportunity. Everyone is super hungry for the escape of football with everything that’s going on. I think a lot of people have given up with this virus. That’s why we are seeing the massive spikes down south. I also don’t know the likelihood of a vaccine even working. But we can cross that bridge when it comes. Until then we can limp to the end of the year with a light at the end of the tunnel being about 100 million doses of the vaccine.
  6. I never even eat the crust, so it doesn’t matter much to me. I just found out today, through this poll, that I’m in the extreme minority. Has to be cheese stuffed crust for me to eat it. Sidebar, does anyone know if any local pizzerias do a stuffed crust? Just Pizza used to, but they stopped years ago.
  7. Another angle to this is, how bad will the officiating be? How often do we complain about the officiating? And that is when the officials have an entire training camp and preseason to get back to speed. How bad are the calls going to be with absolutely no practice. If they move it to the spring I would expect the season to just be cancelled. From what I’ve seen we are looking at a vaccine by the end of this year, optimistically. Even then, it still needs to be mass produced. I doubt it can be mass produced on a scale that large before winter of 2021.
  8. 🙄 is anywhere on this board COVID discussion free.
  9. The pro bowl. It’s actually painful to watch that. Absolutely no point, no competition, just no reason to hold it at all. Does it actually get viewership? I guess it must or the NFL would probably do away with it.
  10. It’s pretty great that every thread these days turns into a coronavirus pissing match between ultimate freedom vs freedom restrictions. A nice microcosm of the US population.
  11. I cannot for the life of me figure out how the Mets ever thought it would be better to defer compensation at 8% interest rather than just pay the money. 5.9 million turned into, 27 million? Even if they were certain Madoff could continue to return 10%, you are taking a huge downside risk for just a 2% upside.
  12. Should be safe unless Vontaze Burfict is able to re-enter the league 🤔
  13. Isn’t there about a 100% chance this fool gets suspended as soon as he signs? He’s had multiple legal issues including pleading guilty recently.
  14. 🤔 aren’t they pretty much fresh out of cap space? Is AJ playing for free?
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