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  1. Completely average QB. Has never distinguished himself amongst the middling pack. Disgusting overpayment but that’ll happen with any QB that signs an extension. Talent doesn’t much matter. Whether you’re Lawrence, Watson or Mahomes, it’s just who signs last. Jaguars are going to be choked by this deal, zero chance they compete anymore. Maybe not so obviously better after all. I’d only put him slightly above Daniel Jones TBH
  2. Add me to the crowd that loves southwest. After swearing them off for years due to their boarding process, they have won me over. They offer the best value combined with frequently arriving on time and not cancelling their flights (at least in my personal experience). Most places I can get round trip with 3 people for $1000, which is about as cheap as I can find anymore. Plus if you have a child under 6/7 you get to board between A and B groups. Really makes it a lot less stressful as I just pay for the cheapest fare and know my boarding position is right after the A group.
  3. Does knocking out Russian air defense systems even matter though? If Ukraine has no Air Force to speak of to take advantage of these Russian losses?
  4. Fauci’s memory seems to have gotten quite hazy in 4 short years.
  5. I would have agreed with you before the extremely sophisticated bots that now exist. Back then you could line up at HSBC Arena and get good seats. Now, average Joe has absolutely no chance at snagging good tickets. The market now operates as Venue—>Ticketmaster (who adds exorbitant fees)——>scalper (who adds insane markup)—->average Joe consumer.
  6. AI to rule the world. Also AI…. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8889809/amp/AI-camera-used-replace-humans-soccer-games-confuses-referees-bald-head-ball.html
  7. Came here to post this. I love that show on NFL Radio and was going to be very disappointed.
  8. I have yet to get any renewal offer. Still waiting for the email!
  9. If the NFL is going to do this then they just need to move the Jags already. At least then these will be considered their “home” games.
  10. If the justice system actually works then the suspension won’t matter because he will be behind bars.
  11. But we didn’t just get a 3rd, poof out of thin air. We gave up a 4th for it. We only moved up around 30 spots in the late 3rd round. Not much value there IMO.
  12. In the end the Bengals will lose neither of these players
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