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  1. Fun fact I destroyed him and madden and quote me “just like buffalo destroyed you” response i I don’t play these games my kid would whoop you
  2. Ya I saw the first post about it 4 pages ago but it gets to a point you hijack a thread. It can have a factor thread but not when it’s jsut the same people going back and forth about something not really relative .....I’m done tho not trying to hijack the thread was just making a point
  3. Yes but I mean sometimes it goes off topic and can become annoying. Just like this it has nothing to do with AB
  4. Stop bickering back and forth if it’s just you guys fighting do it in DM post doesnt need to be bumped bc you got your feel feels hurt
  5. I watched a couple of shows and they didn’t bash buffalo but it was like he he he ab didn’t want to go to buffalo and mixed the deal jim Miller on SiriusXM (only heard 30 mins) kind of took shots like that he’s a pats douche tho (but I like his commentary on anything else)
  6. his Twitter is hilarious random gold will pop up
  7. thought this was very interesting LAPD detective testified that Martin’s web search history showed he pulled up a story about Incognito just hours before he ordered his pump-action shotgun from American Gun Works on Feb. 9.
  8. mikemac2001

    Hypothetical : Trade down in 1st with Raiders?

    I’d want there first next year in any trade down deal
  9. mikemac2001

    Colts flying “1-0” flag outside Lucas Oil

    Irsay is a red wart
  10. Sign me up think this is a solid vet add and knows the defensive
  11. He had some solid pocket prensece for a freshman taking big hits but getting the passes off in time ...maybe not perfect passes but he gave his WRs a chance. Him stepping up getting hit by a lineman and throwing a strike over and over again was impressive
  12. mikemac2001

    Nick Foles Contract

    If they ask for the 2m back ....lol they have some problems
  13. mikemac2001

    Sunday NFC Wild Card: Eagles at Bears 4:40 NBC

    Calm down there grandpa it’s likely a small group that stayed that was probably drunk that doesn’t = Chicago as a whole
  14. mikemac2001

    Is the Pro Bowl worth going to?

    the worst game I have ever watched