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  1. Just check out sloppymadden on Instagram the game is broken and hasn’t been good for years. They use an engine for the game that isn’t designed for sports. Hopefully with the new gen systems they change this if not it will not improve
  2. ***** happens at the end of the day it comes down to Grow up or leave and it’s his decision now
  3. I say schedule it like week 13-15 with the SNF flex as an option depending on records makes the most sense to me if one team flops keep it at 1pm damn u warcoded 2 secs before I posted my take
  4. So glad I went I woke up sick that am and had a fever and threw up and didn’t have tickets to it was an easy way to skip it but no it had been 25 years. buy a ticket 20 mins before kickoff after driving 3 hours and surrounded by spoiled cowboy fans who weren’t even watching (mostly family’s) They were so loud that first drive then 😀🤣😀 I was top bowl 40ish yd line not to far up bills scored the WR pass / and the Beasley TD clearly saw them both open and jumped up before the ball was in the air Drove back 3 hours with WGR streaming what a great day!
  5. cool Bro ignore all the facts and have a snarky comment
  6. John brown and josh Allen seemed to be on the same page so I say no way to this he was the only WR getting any separation last year and IDK if aj can bring that to the table
  7. Oh it’s a message board I didn’t realize that I get having a debate and discussion but you could have this about every player and pick in the draft and where we might have moved up and down it’s not like debating between the WRs or RBs on the board when we picked this player or that player or why didn’t we pick this player instead of fromm or bass. In this scenario there are to many unknowns and it’s very pointless because of that. That’s why I stated who cares if you guys do have a discussion. I’ll get out of the thread
  8. why it’s something u can’t control and don’t really know and knowing changes nothing. We got our guys where we got them. is it so you can debate this guy is better then who we picked?
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