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  1. Watch out man you might get bounced
  2. What’s the dollar amount Ravens gave in it looks like
  3. He posted it bc the new movie is coming to Netflix https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/saving-bikini-bottom-the-sandy-cheeks-movie-to-release-on-netflix-in-2024/
  4. Cards are just trying to get all these teams in play to up the price a little. Ravens seem odd fit for both chiefs I would be angry anyone else meh Bills for a fair price
  5. Funny how the article on his twitter goes to his website https://t.co/7wakkoSLB0
  6. Drove up to Dallas to see the Josh Allen pick Great day!
  7. He has some say because of the contract but yes he can’t void any deal
  8. There all rumors really some people like to poke the fanbases for clicks and RT
  9. There twitter just seemed like repost and then they had another deal like this about lamer to 49ers
  10. Got me excited for a sec then saw it was just an estimate
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