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  1. All I know is credit card much match address can’t use a friends credit card to purchase it with my apartment address we had to use my credit card and he paid me Dorms/apartments/MDU will qualify
  2. I don’t want to see the video idc anymore Everyone knows he did it and that’s the real damage But he’s gonna get out of all these charges
  3. Loudest stadium I have been to can’t wait to go back (1-2 years I believe) I ended up with endzone seats like 2 rows back and it was just rocking hopefully we put on a better performance.
  4. Not worried about this if he balls out you just franchise him - trade or sign if he stays the same you offer a deal you think is fair or let him walk
  5. I thought the same thing but hoped it wasn’t true. He at least tried maybe he just couldn’t make it and wanted to bring awareness to pancho
  6. Seems like Anderson is in this player to coach transition he still wants to be apart of a locker room but his time is running out
  7. Yes but they still offer that product for customers on cable/dish providers because not everyone can get fast enough internet I just don’t see them going app only I could see a deal or a cost to allow Sunday ticket to be sold on any TV provider
  8. The reason it won’t it because these providers are limited to where they can supply service due to monopolies but dish and directv can be sold anywhere so this allows the NFL reach more customers if you limit yourself to Verizon or even Att uverse they are only allowed in parts of certain states the option the NFL gives customers is if they are in an apartment and they can’t get a dish they can purchase the app logins for 280 a year i could see the NFL allowing an app like amazon purchase the rights but I still don’t think they would be able to make the money they can with directv lets say it was only app based and you didnt have a strong strong internet connection due to location ... the only option is a dish since no land line provider is in that area and an app cant be used bc of speeds so that customer would have no ability to use the app directv can reach a wider amount of customers directv pays the nfl a ton of money for it nfl can still charge people in apartments and condo/duplex’s 280 for the app nfl makes more money keeping it with directv also they would have the ability to maybe cross it with other services owned by Att like uverse or directv now to reach even more customers
  9. If there guy isn’t there I’d like a trade down gain an extra first next year or this year then do a trade up with our 3-5rds back into the 2nd That would give us 4 picks in top 60 or 3 picks in top 60 and 2 1st next year we need to move picks either way.
  10. Any trade down scenario I want a First next year on top of there first this year helps build the pipeline also it gives us us a chance for a top 5 pick if it’s the raiders or giants
  11. You take him and move him outside and say go get 100+ tackles edmunds can run the defense and understands the game plan but you take him no matter what if he is there
  12. It use to be about ten days earlier but it’s also been pushed to May a few times And no April is fine just prefer it in the first couple weeks not the last week
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