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  1. That’s why there needs to be a punishment even if titans get the L and the other teams don’t count it still hurts them for causing the issue
  2. I have to agree I remember walking out of the stadium hearing all the trash talking and I was responding at least we found our QB you don’t have anything (tanny)
  3. I doubt the announcers change due to travel and planning for the week likely that team stays in KC and works the game on Tuesday
  4. Yes the FOX Sports app allows you to watch live TV on Fox if it’s FS one or FS two you have to login with your cable provider
  5. Fox sports app broadcasts local games for free via there app
  6. Worst case scenario I say push the playoffs back a couple weeks and if people are worried about the weather conditions who cares
  7. Yep they want LA to win to much money and need a fan base
  8. Ty I thought I read something About it and was hoping there was a short term IR
  9. Are the IR rules diff this year ? or is he likely done for the season
  10. I never had an issue with it so unless they changed something. I also used TV logins if it’s asked if you don’t pay for TV maybe it won’t work but it’s the fox sports go app
  11. Fox sports app will stream it for free if it’s your local broadcast
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