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  1. Buffalo did this buffalo did that last week they are like praising them but not it’s kind of annoying
  2. So I’m not a cam supporter but it makes sense if Rivera was done with cam and the owner wasn’t this is the move you make
  3. Honestly I think it’s the opposite they know he was moving on from cam owners want to keep cam so fire him and will find an offensive coach that wants to build around cam
  4. it was great it took away half the game clock away and we were able to get it to a 3 possession game Hurt them in multiple ways
  5. Shaq came off as a me first person in his first 3 years - but this year I think he is buying in and is getting results I think he plays solid run D and takes advantages of his pass rush opportunities jordan Phillips personality since he got here saying buffalo is like a collage atmosphere and he loves it. Loves the city and the team I really hope we can keep them both I think if we keep them and the safeties as well as adding some talent this defense can be crazy good and you need emotion and energetic players on your team
  6. really if that’s the case it’s an L for sure
  7. Driving from austin Going solo but can’t wait
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