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  1. It looked like he recovered it but I guess MNF is slacking on cameras
  2. we could have done a thousand of diff things it was a weird fluke and I am sure teams will all have this scenario practiced and broken down going forward
  3. I get it but his are in huge moments - I think I saw him fumble 2 times for a TD that cost them a game last year and like 2-3 red zone fumbles this year and his comment on the last one saying we didn’t even lose the fumble/possession just seems like he doesn’t understand and isn’t accountable I hate he went to KC but guy is a ticking fumble
  4. I think a lot of times the agent is like don’t claim him in these scenarios and if teams do it creates a bad situation with AGENT/GM and it’s not worth it since player likely won’t report/show
  5. He looked good at the end of the game good for him maybe timing was just wrong here doesn’t mean he was anti buffalo
  6. You understand he takes away a lot of the middle routes which allow our CBs to focus on outside / deeper routes. We have been getting torched on those middle routes since he has been out.
  7. Kinda feel like OBJ is not happening - think bills probably talked and didn’t like the contract demands
  8. Well Allen was right he wasn’t a number 1 or even number 2 but he can help open up space for diggs and Davis if healthy
  9. What a shame - guys pats got home field advantage bc of the same call and there announcers were losing their S when it happened to them and the Pitt one was actually a catch
  10. I was mad at first but then thought okay hold them to nothing or a FG with some time and Josh can get us into FG range. Was more worried about a TD up 4 bc we just couldn’t stop them for 4 downs all game I believe bass as 60ish range so I figured we would at least get an attempt.
  11. He was pushing the lions as this big underdog - like it was a miracle they were still in the game. lions have played everyone tough this year so why is it such a big deal. That’s what was annoying
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