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  1. i think he took a year off and his years worked in a row started over Arizona - year off - Tampa
  2. Man moon had moon shots it’s so crazy how high he threw them but wow perfect
  3. It’s loud make sure your hotel reservations are confirmed (double check) irs fun but smells
  4. Can that be flexed ? That be an awesome night game Dolphins Halloween game
  5. I remember watching this after we selected him and I got pumped but he looks so young there and it’s only been 3 years
  6. Or this is just smoke to get other teams to trade up for that RB
  7. I mean this is basic rules for sports stuff they are not forced to play they are eligible to be drafted then can sit a year and re enter
  8. Saints under seems interesting panthers and falcons should be better
  9. Ya you usually don’t we were able to keep the team mostly in tact and players took less to be apart of it and that’s been reported. Contracts were tweaked and revised with current players The FA said they wanted to be here and ended up taking deals that were lower then expected Winners try to keep the team intact and find friendly deals and draft well I feel like thats the plan
  10. Love the inside pressure with Oliver on passing downs - interesting signing but he seems to make plays and is on the up
  11. I went during Josh’s draft it was fun for a little bit cool experience but I would never do it again I prefer watching from home and the highlights and the talking heads
  12. Love the flight tracker and it makes perfect sense We probably called phillys bluff and it’s take it or release him and at this point it looks bad on Phillys FO to cut a player so late in FA with teams so low in cap
  13. The NFL is better with FITZ in it
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