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  1. This is dumb obj is dumb (And wrong) the cop is dumb if he got mad after realizing the situation
  2. They would say the player was ruled down due to giving himself up and that’s not reviewable my question is why did the ref near the returner rule TD? Then change his mind?
  3. 49ers just pulled it as well only ran off another 25 but teams are doing it now so they will fix the loop hole
  4. When they first came out I snagged section 139 for 110 after fees they upped the price 70 dollars the 2nd time around
  5. Barkley has looked okay when we have our full starters in. im all for upgrading but idk If any player we bring in is an upgrade
  6. Look at ticket master they had a ton for face value
  7. Maybe they are just limiting josh and trying to force the hero ball out of him in his development by forcing him to play conservative until points in the game where they need to begin to open it up. it seems at crunch time and key moments the offense tends to open up and the offense makes bigger plays 2nd and 15 in a key drive I’m not really worried about converting I feel like they will find a way
  8. Lol I got in an argument with this guy and girl kept calling them bother and sister they got really upset about it
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Brown_(American_football_executive) I could see him being fed up and setup a sabatoge
  10. they don’t care about picks honestly there seasons should be forfeited they become 0-16 and the teams they played keep the W or the L from the result Only way it would hurt them
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