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  1. Steelers are not going 5-1 with Mason Rudolph lol.. I don't care who they are playing
  2. If Bengals can pull off a win against Oakland then all the competition for the second wild card would be 5-5 or 4-6... 9-7 could easily end up being enough...
  3. Hopefully McKenzie is hurt so our idiot coaches are forced to play foster.
  4. Enough said? Next week could be very ugly. Similar to last week, really talented team with bad record that will expose us. Face it, we suck. We struggled to beat the dolphins and Redskins at home. Our offensive coordinator is a joke. We have one guy that has any business starting at WR/TE/RB in singletary. And our run d is atrocious. Hope I'm wrong. Next week is a chance to make a statement that we can go on the road and beat a talented team.
  5. Collinsworth is unbearable tonight. Guy is non stop drooling over Hill.
  6. Murphy and Star have been huge busts and make little to no impact. Hughes is past his prime. Oliver is undersized. We have a young MLB who has big potential but looks lost currently. The only other LB that has any business starting is always hurt. Phillips is out for the year but even when healthy is a solid rotation guy at best. Our front 7 is a bit of mess.
  7. Weather conditions definitely favors the eagles.. they have one of the worst secondaries in the NFL which we won't be able to take advantage of. And one of the best run D's. Going to be tough to move the ball. If Milano is out they could really attack us with the short passing game to their TEs and RBs. Going to be a tough game. Hopefully the D can force a lot of turnovers.
  8. Nah,.. he's actually been a really good fantasy qb since last year because of his running I want to see that he's capable of having big passing games, because that's what it takes to win a super, freaking, bowl
  9. We are playing garbage teams. I would argue that if Allen isn't able to put up big passing numbers, in the playoffs we won't be in a position to win games or come back in the 4Q. That's fair, no?
  10. That game where he shows he is able to light up a defense with his arm? Where it looks like he can be a true franchise QB? Where he shows that even though he will make mistakes as young qb, he is capable of going up against a guy like Rodgers or Brees or Mahomes and keep up with them in a shootout? I'm talking about a game with 300+ yards and 3+ TDs.... Right now wins are all that matters. But I do care and I do want to see it, because to be able to compete in the playoffs we are going to need a QB that can win and take over a game with his arm. Baker Mayfield had a 4TD game last year and has had several games with 300+ passing yards Daniel Jones had 300+ yards in his first career start Kyle Murray, a rookie on one of the worst teams in the NFL, has 3 300+ yard games in the first half of the year Lamar Jackson went for 300+ and 5TDs against the Dolphins Most thought this would be the week but it wasn't, so when? Next week is an even better opportunity. The Eagles have the worst secondary in the NFL, they get lit up every single week. They also have one of the best run defenses, which should force us to throw the ball. If Allen can't put up numbers against them it's hard to see when it will happen.
  11. Bills going to end up with second best record in the AFC and be the 5 seed and have to go on the road in the playoffs. I'm so ****ing sick of the Patriots.
  12. Pats got away with defensive holding, pass interference, and roughing the passer, all obvious calls, on one play LOL
  13. Vrabels decision to kick the 4th FG was worse than anything the K did yesterday.. that was a fireable offense to be honest
  14. Lol stop... You are still looking at a 12 win team. Playoffs are a different story but they will dominate the regular season that hasn't changed. They were down their top two wrs, had a hobbled mahomes and lost half their team to injuries throughout the game.
  15. Uhhh this is one where it's hard to blame them...
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