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  1. The Eagles are loaded. The Dolphins of the NFC, they have everything but a QB.
  2. Good for viewership but terrible for fans with tickets to those games and who plan ahead.
  3. 6 last year alone lol In the first home playoff game with fans in a billion years last season, against a division rival, he had one of the best games by a QB in NFL history. He plays his best in prime time under the lights. To suggest it's because of nerves at this point is absurd. This is a silly thread, Buffalo weather effin sucks it's as simple as that. But I'll give you a pass since it's the off-season and there is nothing else to talk about.
  4. Shocking. I wonder if it has anything to do with Buffalo being the worst weather city in the NFL?
  5. Bar Bill is the best, definitely check it out Anchor bar...you may as well go to Buffalo Wild Wings. It's a tourist spot only.
  6. Davis, AJ, Edmunds, McDermott, Brown Allen and Miller? No
  7. I live one mile from the walmart. The threat is probably nothing and someone thinking they are being funny but man this world is effed up.
  8. I am not surprised we are favorites vs them at all. Just that we are bigger favorites vs them than Bal and Cin. KC is still #2 in odds to win the conference so just kind of weird but early lines always are.
  9. Very surprising that we are bigger favorites at KC(-1.5) than at Bal (-1) and at Cin(pick em). Right now my favorite play is Bills -1 at Baltimore. I think we will handle them. But there is a chance for a let down game being after two prime times and a division opponent.
  10. 2 home games the first 7 weeks absolutely sucks. Last year was a terrible weather season and this could be another one. Otherwise i like it. Love starting with two prime time games, and the season opener rocks.
  11. Effin love starting the season with two prime time games. Allen was real shaky to start last year vs too bad teams. This should prevent the sluggish start. He's a beast under the lights.
  12. That is absolutely absurd. The Bills are better than the three teams other than the rams by a good margin. We will be favored in 3 if not 4 of those games. Why would you willingly take 2-2?
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