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  1. Im thinking we trade down and go CB or WR with our first pick
  2. It's a real concern. Keep in mind he's also two +inches taller than all but one of these guys. He is going to be one of the skinniest players in NFL history.
  3. I don't watch college ball so don't know much about him, but Smith has to be a strong candidate to fall in the draft, no? How can a 6 foot 166 pound receiver go top 15, especially when it's such a good WR class?
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 Between the politicians, sports team, the president..... What a ****ing circus this has become. This country is such a joke.
  5. Not just dying... choosing to die by sacrificing himself.
  6. Based on Beanes comments it seems like it was bojo that wanted out Cya!!
  7. Very quick verdict. Zero notes or questions from the jury. Have to think he's either guilty of all three or completely off the hook. I'm leaning towards him being ****ed.
  8. I think picking 30 has a lot to do with it. I am not a college football fan, don't watch at all, but it also seems like this is an extremely weak class? At least the first round. Seems like there is very little elite talent other than at QB and WR.
  9. But the bills are a better team, with a better QB, in a weaker division.....
  10. Ravens having a higher win total than the Bills is baffling to me. I don't understand the fascination with them. Bills are a better team in a weaker division. Where can I bet on the Bills having more wins than the Ravens??
  11. Mahomes misses a handful of games and you're in trouble. Same with Allen. High win totals are always risky. Good teams could rest starters at the end of the year too and that's a free loss for the books (unless playing the dolphins).
  12. Oh wow completely forgot it's 17 games. Homer obviously but a JA injury is the only way I see us not getting 11+ wins.
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