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  1. First push tush without Hurts and they convert. NINE of Hurts TDs this year are 3 guys shoving his a ss into the end zone. Can we please end the Hurts MVP discussion? Right now it's Dak or Tyreek.
  2. It doesn't get brought up ever because they are 10-1. But the eagles defense is complete a ss. Has been all year.
  3. Broncos Steelers Browns losing would be a good day. Colts win is super annoying. They have a cakewalk schedule. Stupid Titans.
  4. The 49ers are inevitable. If they stay healthy I don't see how they can be stopped. Props to lynch and Shanahan. They built a juggernaut. Imagine they didn't make the trade for Lance and had an additional 3 first round picks on this roster!
  5. Hands were under the ball. It's a catch.
  6. Broncos Steelers and Browns losing would be a pretty good day. Colts is kind of a killer. But 4/4 is a lot to ask for.
  7. All 4 division winners get a bye week in the AFC this year. Absolutely ridiculous.
  8. Omg I just saw the final score in the pats game 😭😭 The spread was La -5. They scored 6 points and covered 😭
  9. Oh yea. That's another big one! 3.5 points underdogs.
  10. Broncos Colts Steelers lose???? Would be a perfect Sunday! Miami wasn't realistic. Come on!
  11. I'm not sure a Pickett injury is good for us
  12. Does Tua have the easiest job of any starting QB in NFL history?
  13. Lol Steelers and colts are literally tied.
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