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  1. Hopefully Shakir. I wish we saw more of him this year so we could know if he's the guy. McKenzie should be cut. Zero reason to keep him when we could save $2M cap space. He offers nothing that can't easily be replaced.
  2. 2020 was peak Allen if we are looking at full seasons (obviously last year's playoffs was the best we've seen, he was perfect). 2020 was so fun. It was also new. He had a small slump mid season but otherwise was unbelievable, the accuracy, tight window and sideline throws, scrambles. Every game was a highlight reel.
  3. Enthusiasm will never die. During the 17 year drought I probably missed watching 2-3 Bills games. I won't have confidence going into the playoffs with this coaching staff though, until the prove they can get it done. The coaches have failed miserably 3 years in a row now.
  4. Chiefs 31-21. The gap at QB is too large. Chiefs D has been playing better. Great coaching. They get it done. The Eagles haven't played anyone.
  5. End of the first is such a terrible spot for WRs and OL.
  6. The crowd was impressive too, haha. The slow motion wave looked awesome.
  7. Yup. Second time I took my oldest. He was very young the first time so didn't remember much. He loved it both times.
  8. Thanks for the thread. Didn't realize they were coming. Just got tickets!
  9. Hines is a must cut with his current contract. I don't see why he would take a paycut, but hopefully he does.
  10. The Bills probably have the worst RB philosophy in the league. 3 RBs taken in the first 3 rounds in 4 years. Comically stupid. And none are above average or full time players. Trading another draft pick for a RB making $5M a year, just to not use him. It's hard to be as bad at evaluating and managing the RB position as the Bills. It's the easiest position to get right in the NFL.
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