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  1. If Burrow doesn't show up to the draft hammered and jump into the water while on the way to the stage, I will be disappointed.
  2. I thought it was when I first saw it.. but it's not. The renderings are from the Clark county Twitter page.
  3. I don't know what I'll do when the bills make the Superbowl again. Part of me will want to fork up the money and go. Another part of me will want to be in buffalo when they win.
  4. This is the same guy who had the bills as an overrated team all year for reasons such as "They were only up 6-0 against the broncos at halftime." He's an absolute moron and it's mind boggling that he has such a big following. Can we all agree to never reference this site again and then close this thread?
  5. I would love to see them just get within 7.5.
  6. It's all going to come down to 49ers D and if they will actually be able to limit the chiefs o
  7. Huh? At this pot I think everyone knows what Jimmy g is. He's Andy Dalton with an elite team around him.
  8. The fact that the packers and Titans were in the conference games shows how awful the NFL was this year. Only two elite teams and we'll see them in a couple weeks.
  9. LOL at the last Titans drive. Smith with two catches and Firsker with the TD. https://ibb.co/k5VV63p
  10. Tanny and the Titans about to be exposed. Down two scores and going to need to throw the ball. If I'm tannehill I'm faking an injury first play. This quarter might cost him a lot of money that he was on track to get but never deserved.
  11. At least we had a team to root for last year... This year the only thing to root for is a good game and Titans 49ers would be AWFUL
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