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  1. He's right. If it wasn't so windy we probably beat them by 4 TDs. Good call John.
  2. Please delete this thread. Who gives a **** about this clown.
  3. 3 points. That's the team everyone here was worried about and the team the media was hyping all week. Most overrated QB and team in the league. LFG!!!
  4. No no no we need to win this game with Lamar playing the whole game. Leave zero doubt in the allen vs lamar debate
  5. Anyone blaming this on josh is out of their mind. We have ZERO run game. Zero threat of a run game. People don't realize how much that affects how teams can play us defensively. What Josh has done this year is absolutely unbelievable. Just wait u til next year when hopefully we have some RBs.
  6. Josh has ALL DAY. I feel so confident right now. Just a matter of time before we really start clicking.
  7. We had a drop in the endzone. And diggs wide open for another TD that was missed. That's play calling? We needed this game plan last week.
  8. No. Don't. Josh has so much time to throw. He'll get in a rhythm soon.
  9. Uhh he threw a dart for a TD that was dropped and then missed one throw going with the wind. Just shush.
  10. He's awful . Just awful. Trade him to a team that thinks he still has potential in the off-season and find a replacement.
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