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  1. He's got to work on his face. Dude looks like he's giggling.
  2. Non story. He will not be ready to play football for months. He won't be singing anywhere anytime soon.
  3. You could double, triple, quadruple Kupp. Stafford is still going to him lol.
  4. Yea I mean was that even legal?
  5. How do other teams do this? Watching other teams run the ball is like watching a different sport. With random backups too.
  6. I'm sure Mitch was looking forward to playing the bills. Godspeed Kenny.
  7. He waits so patiently to be able to tell them to go the **** home 🤣
  8. The time to address this was the off-season. Going into the season being one injury away from Kumerow seeing 75% of snaps was idiotic.
  9. The Bills have a problem now. OBJ will not be ready to play for two months.
  10. I didn't say the Bills offense is average at best. Allen makes them one of the best. But his supporting cast is not great, it's all him.
  11. The Bengals and Bucs are stacked on O. What are you talking about.
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