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  1. The pegulas are saviors for keeping the sabres and bills in buffalo and for what theyve done for the city. For anyone that wants to see the teams succeed... They are a major problem. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut ... That's what happened with McBeane. I have zero confidence in them righting the sabres ship which has been sinking for a while now.
  2. If there was no NFL all of the owners would be billionaires. 90% of players would be working for minimum wage.
  3. Right. Because players have a ton of comparable alternatives for employment to turn to if they are unhappy with the NFL.
  4. Lol are your employers entertainers? Do you make money by putting them in front of millions of people looking to enjoy an entertainment product? I'm not going to get into where or not players should be allowed to kneel. But the NFL is a business, and Kaepernick was very bad for business. Maybe times have changed now, but it is, at a minimum, understandable why the NFL didnt want that going on before games at the time .
  5. Players were smart to include Mahomes in their video. If he continues to speak out players are going to get the green light to do whatever the heck they want. NFL could care less about guys like Kap, Stills and the Bennett brothers.
  6. All of NFL Twitter going after Brees right now. Including a lot of his current teammates. Guy just went from one of the most respected, loved players to one of the most hated quick. Honestly I don't think he said anything that horrible, he was trying to make a point about not disrespecting the country, but wow is he stupid for saying that now.
  7. How lucky are those astronauts who got rocketed off to space today? Has there ever been a better time to get the **** off this planet for a few months? Honestly just want to go to bed and have someone wake me up on 1/1/21
  8. That sucks. I would think 2 games. Luckily we couldn't ask for an easier start to our schedule so I'm not too concerned. What an idiot. How drunk do you have to be to not only be drinking as you drive but leave the can between your legs when you get pulled over.
  9. This can't be real can it? If so it has to be the dumbest idea in NFL history? Isn't compensating a team for hiring a black person unbelievably racist?
  10. LOL. These are horrific.
  11. Falcons are off the hook. No longer the worst new unis this off-season. Maybe of they didn't go with a highlighter yellow color they wouldnt be so bad.
  12. Not a MLB fan but I would become one at least temporarily. More importantly hopefully would open the door for other sports (NFL!!) https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29162217/owners-approve-mlb-season-proposal-plan-july-start-players-union-preps-weigh-it
  13. Arthur Spooner definitely one of my favorite TV characters. The man was absolutely hilarious. Rip.
  14. There are 1800 active players in the NFL, not to mention coaches, staff, trainers, equipment people etc etc. If the solution to one player on any team testing positive is to shut the entire league down than you may as well not even start it. It will surely happen and there surely is a better solution. If not than just cancel the season. It will be a much different world in September compared to when Rudy tested positive in the NBA
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