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  1. Bar bill are the best. Cajun medium sauce is unbelievable. Followed by Gabriel's gate, duffs, Elmo's in no order. How the hell does anchor bar have that many votes? Might as well go to buffalo wild wings.
  2. It looked like a lab I've just never seen one that color before. Didn't know silver labs were a thing. Cool looking dog.
  3. What kind of dog is that anyone know?
  4. Good. The country desperately needs more of this right now. No one can force you to take the vaccine. But more privileges need to start being taken away from those who don't. Being an NFL coach, player or fan that attends a game are not rights.
  5. We are approaching most overrated player in the league territory with Edmunds
  6. If you filed electronically, provided bank info, and there isn't a matching issue between the withholding you claimed and IRS records, you should have your refund within 3 weeks. In most cases you should have it within two. For those who had to wait a while, was there a Recovery Rebate Credit claimed on your return? That is new this year and could cause delays.
  7. Saying you aren't getting the vaccine because of potential blood clots or heart issues is basically saying they aren't getting the vaccine and have no valid reason or idea why.
  8. This is a terrific post full of factual and insightful information. You've clearly done your research and are well educated on the topic. I now see exactly where Cole is coming from, thank you.
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