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  1. They're terrible, very xfl or arena leagueish . Not even close to the worst jerseys of all time that's silly. TB Bucs meanwhile went from some of the worst jerseys in the league to some of the best, new unis are real sharp.
  2. What a horrific mock. Two biggest needs are pash rusher and RB and we won't address either until Rd 5?
  3. Listening to Cuomo. His press conference has a much different tone today, much more grim. Things are escalating quickly despite measures that have been taken. Seems like we are screwed in NYS.
  4. None of them are good options. We have 7 draft picks. Just draft one.
  5. 8mm a year for a pretty average back? No thanks. Mid rd pick at min salary is a much better option. Honestly the best thing to do at RB is to take one in rds 3-4 every couple years and never sign or resign one ever. Even when a back turns out to be elite, that rarely lasts more than a couple years, so many recent examples of this.
  6. Addison** you got me man, you got me good.
  7. We already have three Clay Mathews in Murphy Hughes and Maddison. He is exactly what we don't need. Another veteran, somewhat washed up, somewhat still productive DE. Not a bad thing to have but we have enough of them. We need some youth at the position. I'm all for taking one in Rd 2. Young guy with potential is what we need.
  8. Yup. Along with kroft and Murphy. Will clear a lot of cap. Cap room is def not an issue.
  9. Based on what I've read on both, makes no sense that he got more money than Jefferson. The Jefferson signing seems like a steal.
  10. Not going to lie, never heard of him. But Seahawks fans have very positive things to say. Seems like a great signing. Still would like to see the bills bring in a young DE or OLB day 2 of the draft
  11. Seems similar to Shaq. A bust his first few years in the league than kind of came to life his contract year. This deal is much more team friendly than Shaq's though, so I like the move. Pretty sure the Panthers had one of the worst run defenses in the league last year though
  12. Depending on what they do the rest of FA and the draft the Dolphins could end up being our biggest competition. They are making moves and have 3 first round picks. Good coach too.
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