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  1. Holy **** it's gonna be a long two weeks on here The bills are currently second in Superbowl betting odds They are still a top 5 team in the league They are still the favorites to win the conference We didn't get "exposed." We lost a tight game on the road to a good team. We are clearly better than the Titans. But they match up well against us and played tough. It happens. In a month we will be 8-2. Relax.
  2. Lol Lamar has 9 TDs and 5 INTs on the season. He is currently 7th in MVP betting odds. You've been watching too much ESPN
  3. Came at a good time. Bills have been unbelievably healthy so can't complain. We basically have 4 straight bye weeks. Plenty of time for him to heal up.
  4. Lol, at 14-3 I would say the odds are more like 99-1. Come on. The Ravens? We are talking about a team that barely beat the lions and colts. They are not going 14-3. Plus they have a much tougher schedule.
  5. Ugh this is hard to watch. The way the defense lined up, we convert a sneak here 98/100 times. UGHHHH
  6. It was obviously on purpose... And not his decision...
  7. Josh didn't have guys open when Daboll was calling run plays on 2nd and long in the RZ all first half. Play calling was better in the second half but we lost the game kicking FGs in the first.
  8. Daboll and the defense were the reasons we lost.
  9. That was bad but I'm talking pre snap. They only had 3 guys on the D line. We needed 6 inches. We should convert there 98% of the time.
  10. If you haven't seen the bird's-eye view of the QB sneak, try to avoid it. Because you'll want to throw up.
  11. I guarantee no titan fan wanted us to go for it. 0. We convert a QB sneak their 95% of the time.
  12. Considering we are probably going to win the next 4 games by 100+ points, this could end u being a good thing. We need some adversity. But the next two weeks are going to ****ing suck.
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