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  1. Impossible to be worse, so I would hope so.
  2. Bills 100% should draft a MLB first round next year and move Tre outside. Upgrade two linebacker spots with one move. And don't have to dish out a huge contract to Milano. Edmunds as a MLB is horrendous.
  3. Did I just watch one of our d lineman in a chokehold rushing the passer?? LOL
  4. Is there any explanation for the call other than the refs having money on the game? That is the worst call I have ever seen.
  5. Wtf is going on with our run defense. I don't understand how it's possible to be this bad?
  6. Cam Newton with 67 yards 0 TD 1 INT vs the raiders lol. Hopefully this ends the media lovefest over him.
  7. If Gabe Davis turns out to be a stud, which it looks like he will, this offense is going to be unstoppable.
  8. Allen using his eyes and scanning the field. Love it. Just stop throwing easy balls into the ground lol.
  9. Diggs!! Is Beas hurt?? Not in on 4 wr set near the goal line?
  10. What happened. Bad overthrow? Was he open? Fox cut out for a lot of people.
  11. One of Beane's very few misses. Was a dumb signing from the beginning. Lot of good TEs in next year's draft. Not a huge fan of taking TEs early but let's bite the bullet and finally solidify the position. Other than LB it's not like we have any other major needs.
  12. Agreed. Colts Cardinals and Chargers are all big favorites that I think have the potential to lose and knock a lot of people out. Staying away from them. Browns and buccaneers the safest plays this week.
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