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  1. People are sleeping on Shakir. Guy catches everything and makes plays. Think he can be a 1k+ WR as soon as this season.
  2. Love hearing Davis looks good as a pass catcher. I'm excited about him. Those Cook drops last year were so brutal. Yes we lack a high end WR1 but this offense is so well rounded and deep.
  3. The combo of Jefferson - Addison - TJ is too good for them to only win a few games in my opinion. 6-7 seems more likely.
  4. Guy is a stud. I was so wrong about him. I wish Milano was younger because those two in their primes would be so fun to watch.
  5. It's ESPN. Wouldn't surprise me at all if it's just a made up quote. They've been hating on Allen for awhile now with a very clear agenda.
  6. Awful speech. Long, rambling, boring. This election is an embarrassment.
  7. It's an ESPN article so don't take it seriously. Wouldn't be surprised if those are just made up quotes from "anonymous sources" to help push their agenda.
  8. Idiotic. They didn't stand up until it was declared the shooter was down.
  9. If that is an accurate picture of the location a lot of questions need to be asked. It's in a middle of an empty ****ing field. There are very few buildings around. How was the rooftop the shooter was on not being monitored?
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