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  1. Me neither, but I can see him as a mid range starter. Guy has some wheels too. 10 rushing TDs at BYU. I try not to let my hatred of the Jets cloud my judgement. Both of my favorite QBs of the draft went to AFC East rivals. Let’s hope my predictions continue to suck.
  2. Who can blame anybody for trying to get the maximum amount of money as possible? Football (still) is a dangerous sport. One hit can change your life. Why is that?
  3. Yet another reason he shouldn’t be #1 when he isn’t a healthy scratch for a full season and Diggs is.
  4. That’s not true. Diggs led the NFL w/ 147 receptions. And being the receiving yards leader naturally he also leads in yards per game.
  5. Those Bledsoe/Losman/Edwards/Holcomb era uniforms are something I try everyday to forget. I wish I could erase them from history. Steelers throwbacks look like some Freddy Krueger **** and don’t forget those lime green Seahawks monstrosities.
  6. The #1 receiver that’s #1 in catches & yards is #4. Checks out. 🧐
  7. Allen was VERY lucky that the fumble against the Colts was recovered by the offensive line. Not a lot is said about his fumbling issues especially during the most crucial times. The lateral against the Texans was the ultimate WTF moment in Bills history. 😂🤣
  8. Bro, don’t let things get to you like this. If it angers you like this then I think u should A) Stop watching B) Mute the games I hate a lot about the NFL too and it’s not the game it once was, but I still find it enjoyable.
  9. Ugliest uniforms in the league. Iconic, but ugly as **** 💯
  10. Call me crazy, but I think Goff is the guy to get them there. I like their new coach Dan Campbell also and feel like he will bring in the innovative offense from New Orleans and put Goff more in a “point guard” role much like his early days in LA. FYI, your prediction is perfectly reasonable. We aren’t talking about the Jets here. 🤫
  11. I’m not sure why they got rid of Barkley in the first place? He had a winning record as our backup + he was so stylistically different from Allen that I feel it threw opposing defenses off a bit when they prepared for a totally different QB all week. I’m not against the Trubisky move. I just thought Barkley proved his worth quite a few times. I don’t think it’s because Barkley got “beat,” they just wanted to move in a different direction. I’m on board w/ whatever this regime does because they have my full trust. I just don’t understand the logic behind it.
  12. Why did they have to add a 17 game season? It’s totally messing up my equilibrium. 😡 I think the Lions take the North, but I can see the Pack get the Wildcard if Love can have a RG3 type rookie year.
  13. Brady is also pretty limited physically. Incredibly slow, GOOD (not elite) arm, derpy looking frame, etc. None of that matters. Baker could never emulate Allen’s playing style or running ability, but I don’t agree w/ the whole “ceiling” thing w/ QBs. I’ve seen too many Brady’s and Montanas in my lifetime. Do I think Baker will ever become as good as Allen? Heck no. Just don’t write him off bc of his smaller frame & arm. What he lacks in those areas, he makes up for in accuracy which is THE most important thing along w/ leadership.
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