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  1. Regardless, they gave up 16 points. I'll take that every single game in the modern day NFL. The offense and special teams are to blame, not the defense. We'll agree to disagree.
  2. Not to nitpick, but it was 2 sacks and SHOULD'VE been a pick. They also held Ben to 188 yards, 1 TD, and a 50% completion rate. Not bad for a guy who threw for 33 TD and nearly 4000 yards last year! I also want to mention that they held the Steelers to 75 yards rushing. They gave up some chunks in inopportune times, but all in all the defense played great. It was that stupid blocked punt that did them in along w/ that mental gaff by Sanders.
  3. You can't keep giving Pittsburgh a short field and expect the defense to keep holding them. Putting up points also would've helped.
  4. Field position and special teams. I thought the defense played quite well and I'm pretty pumped for the season. I'm sure they'll win us a few close games when Allen is struggling as long as he doesn't turn the ball over. Exactly. Coaches can have off games just as players do. This loss was 80% on the coaching. I don't think Mike Tomlin is overall better than McDermott at this stage of their careers, but he indeed had a better individual game than McDermott.
  5. I was saying the exact same thing the weeks leading up to the matchup. People were acting like the Bills were going to destroy a 12-4 team who won their division because they got demolished in the Browns playoff game. That defense is serious over there in Pittsburgh. Season openers are ALWAYS unpredictable, remember when the Bills beat the Pats 31-0 only to go 5-11 and lose to them later in the season? The Bills have a great chance to turn in around in the next few weeks w/ a soft schedule so hopefully they work out the kinks and get back to business. Minus the Sanders drop and the blocked punt and we could've easily be on the other side of the W-L column. I'm not panicking at ALL. I'm just a little disappointed because it was a very winnable game.
  6. It's one game. Let me repeat...it's ONE game! Take a breath and move on. I should compile a list of all the "fire Daboll, fire McDermott, Buffalo is overrated, etc" people and when the Bills are on their way to the playoffs yet again for the 4th time in 5 years I can rub it in their faces.
  7. Allen had a crappy game against an elite defense. It happens. Look at Green Bay losing 38-3, Rodgers' worst game ever. I am no way worried. Allen is going to come in and body the Dolphins and people will forget all about it. Aaron Rodgers says hello.
  8. I was weary of the Steelers and I said that from the beginning. The Dolphins on the other hand are going to get smoked. Allen will be looking for blood against a team he's owned his whole career. Dolphins got lucky as the Pats (characteristically) fumbled the game away in the red zone w/ less than 3 minutes left and down a point. Hate to say it, but I was hoping the Pats won that game as a view the Dolphins as a bigger threat. Mac Jones and Tua (minus that stupid pass into triple coverage off his back foot) played pretty well so it will be interesting in the coming matchups between both of them.
  9. Well, he needs to catch the ones that DO hit him. QBs miss open receivers all of the time, even Brady. When it hits you directly in the hands, you need to catch it ESPECIALLY in a crucial drive late in the 4th quarter. What could've been a promising drive into Steeler territory down 3 points, turns into a blocked punt and a 10 point deficit! Like I said before, who knows if he would've even caught it? Hate to say it, but I'm missing John Brown now. A dude who actually knows how to make clutch receptions. Sanders is on my **** list until he redeems himself. I know it's a bit of an overreaction, but this game was the Bills for taking and everybody knows it. Could've been an ugly win, but a win nonetheless. Anyway, back to work. 👌
  10. They got killed in all 3 phases as the announcers pointed out. A veteran like Levi should know to turn his head as a CB is going to get flagged 9/10 times when they have their back to the ball like that. I'm not sure I want to blame him for the TD as it was a spectacular bobbled catch, but in the end it's bad awareness on his part to let either play happen. You can't put the blame on the line for his inaccuracy. It's pretty terrifying how much he looked like rookie Josh Allen w/ all the under thrown balls, rushed throws, and fumbles.
  11. People put a lot of pressure on Allen to be the next Mahomes and rightfully so w/ that hefty contract. He definitely did not play upto it, but Daboll and Sanders did him no favors. I feel like the defense did fine barring Wallace. The field position is what did them in. Wallace is for sure the weakest starter out of the unit. I'll admit I defended him against the people who said so during the off-season, but I'm beginning to think we should look at other options either on or off the roster If it continues.
  12. Allen had a couple head scratchers last season. The first game against the Pats comes to mind. I'm not trashing the season over a bad game. The best teams in the league have sloppy games. This one could've easily been an ugly win if Daboll took his head out of his *** and Sanders not dropping a PERFECT pass. Unfortunately, it was the season opener. Best get the issues worked out early. I'm trying my best not to get upset over this as I have so many times in the past.
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