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  1. Look, I don’t agree with the economics of the whole situation and what it would cost. I’m just speaking on having him as a player. Nope, not Barry Sanders, but who really is?
  2. Yessssssss! Buffalo needed this. I don’t care what people say. I don’t want the division coming down to the last couple games like last year.
  3. This is the exact reason they need a back like Barkley. A guy who can create on his own
  4. Jesus, this is the most specific “predict the score” I’ve ever seen. Bills 31-Ravens 17
  5. A lot of people talking **** but I guarantee most of you would be very excited if this happened. Singletary is good, but Barkley (when healthy) is def a cut above. Any slight improvement to our running game would massively help this offense. I’m tired of Josh being the leading passer AND rusher almost every season. Yes, it’s cool for MVP votes, but personally I don’t really care for that stuff.
  6. Exactly. If Milano returns that pick 6 (or any of those missed opportunities) people would hail McDermott for keeping it together when all odds were against him.
  7. He didn’t get away with it. He got flagged for unnecessary roughness.
  8. This post makes me feel a lot better about our situation. Lot of good points. Johnson will thrive
  9. 30? I don’t think they score over 21 and I’m being generous.
  10. He was really good in Minnesota, but became truly elite when he got here. Yes, it is an honor watching Diggs in his prime. You know for a fact he is going to produce every game.
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