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  1. Based on what? Your opinion? You have zero credibility. Yes, I will be okay. I'm a Bills fan and I hope every player the Pats ever draft busts. But in life and not just football, I like to base my opinions on historical outcomes & common sense. Just because some late round project QBs the Pats took a flyer on in the past never became all-stars doesn't mean I'm going to automatically assume Mac Jones is going to be a bust. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't, but your opinion is nothing more than a ****ing guess so stop acting like u know wtf's going to happen in the future like
  2. You're right on those 01-04 drafts 💯 going back on rechecking them and holy cow, they nailed multiple picks during that small window. HOF worthy= Matt Light, Asante Samuel, Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork Pro-Bowlers = Dan Koppen, Jarvis Green, Ty Warren, Ben Watson, Deion Branch Solid Starters/Role players= David Givens, Tuli Banta-Cain That is very impressive regardless of what team you're a fan of and it throws the the "Patriots suck @ drafting" theory right out of the window. 90% of those guys went on to become core players on those Superbowl
  3. Wow, this post was truly insightful! You absolutely changed my opinion w/ your amazing persuasion and ability to support your claims w/ things like facts and examples. Your knowledge of football is clearly off the charts. Thank u for your contributions to this board. If only we had more members like u. 🙏
  4. Yeah, absolutely I give credit to "Antoine" Smith. 1100 yards is great production for a RB. Imagine having someone like that on the Bills. They would've won the Superbowl. Nobody is kneeling to anybody. If anything, you're on Brady's nuts by giving him full credit for everything. I actually watched those Patriot games b/c I try to stay knowledgeable of the rest of the AFC East teams, I didn't read about them like u probably did 🙄
  5. This reminds me of something stupid someone like Skip Bayless would say on his show. Just hot-take BS w/ no facts or statistics to back it up. Yes, Tom Brady is the greatest Patriot and one of best players of any position in NFL history, but he was fairly mediocre early in his career and is no way solely responsible for the first couple titles. In 2001, the year they beat the Rams, Brady threw for 2800 yards & some change while posting 12 TDs to 8 picks. This was good enough for 28th in the league in total TDs and yards. Helping to shoulder the load was former Bill Antowain Smi
  6. Tom Brady isn't single-handedly responsible for all of their titles. Actually, they weren't really a perennial top offense until the late 2000s. The first couple Superbowl wins were primarily because of a great defense/special teams with Brady as a game-manager. Football is a TEAM game. If it was all on the QB then we would see guys like Dan Marino with 5 rings. Belichick is a great coach. How can you deny this? Year after year he's adapted and evolved his offensive/defensive philosophy to fit the strengths of his team. Over 13 offensive & def coordinators under him went on to
  7. Oh FFS 😣 that is one of THE most ridiculous and asinine statements I've ever heard. Time & time again people who refuse to learn from the past become doomed to repeat it (cliché, yet true.) When a team kicks your *** for the last 20 years it's kind of hard to not have a bit of PTSD. Unlike you, I'm sure McDermott doesn't take them lightly. The moment u underestimate an opponent, you're beat. And if not for beautifully timed FF by Justin Zimmer in the red zone, things might've went a different way in the 1st matchup. It's going to be tough sweeping the Pats 2 years in a row. Sin
  8. They've been above .500 for the past 2 decades minus last season. That's an anomaly as far as I'm concerned. What's scarier is they did it w/ the bloated remains of whatever Cam Newton used to be. I can only wonder what other fans think when they come to this board. It must be like some of the Brown's fans I've come in contact w/ lately. Yes, you had a great season and overcame the Steelers monkey (sound familiar,) but can you do it twice in a row? Three times? 🤔 Yes, the Bills have Josh Allen, but football is still a team sport despite everything the NFL is trying to
  9. It would be ignorant to ever dismiss New England while that POS is still in charge (Kraft or Bellichick, take your pick.) I could see them eaking out 10 wins in a 17 game season. In 2019, the Pats defense was #1 in points allowed leading the #2 defense (Buffalo) by a field goal. I feel like the Patriots (along w/ the Bills defense) will rebound back to old form. They dealt with a fair amount of injuries and Gilmore had an off-year. BB is a defensive coach at heart and I don't see him having a crappy unit 2 years in a row. He will single out the problem and correct it. With Mac Jone
  10. Exactly. Bills fans ARE cocky and rightfully so, but those that don't look to the past are doomed to repeat it. Personally, I'm taking nothing for granted. Anyways, the Hail Murray was a horrible loss that left me speechless and temporarily depressed, but like a few pointed out, it might have sparked the run.
  11. I've stated this also. Big turnarounds happen all the time with new QB and/or coaching staff. That's what makes the NFL so great. The parity of the league. How many times have we seen teams completely turn it around year after year? Maybe it's because of a bit of PTSD, but as long as BB is in New England I will never count them out. Mac Jones is a legit prospect as well as Zach Wilson and I feel like them odds of BOTH of them busting are slim. I can remember the Dolphins going 1-15 in 2007 and then the following year they add a still accurate Chad Pennington w/ a fried
  12. Barely beat the Ravens? We held them to 3 points. I firmly believe that even without the timely pick 6 in the red zone Josh could've put up another 10 points if they had to. When Lamar went down the Bills went into prevent and a ball-control offense. Don't get it twisted, the score wasn't that far apart, but by all means Buffalo dominated from start to finish.
  13. Aaron Schobel deserves it more on a statistics level, but he was never really much of a leader. As much as I LOVE Fred Jackson, there are guys like Travis Henry who had much better careers. Like someone mentioned earlier let's see how the next couple years play out. I voted no, but I could've easily rationalized enough to vote Yes too.
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