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  1. You don’t get why Buffalo wouldn’t be a fan of a guy like Doug Flutie? The undersized underdog? I mean I don’t think he was a great QB by any means but he played gritty and got the W any way he could get it. I think he could’ve thrived if he played nowadays.
  2. Oh yeah? What about the non call PI that would’ve put Buffalo deep in the Ravens territory when they were down 1 score? Those types of calls decide games
  3. That non call the PI lost us the game. I don’t give a s*** about Buffalo playing like crap, a whole game can change with ONE play. That penalty if called would’ve put us in scoring range. These zebras are pathetic and McD should’ve threw the challenge flag and at least take a chance. Even the announcers were pissed! Not to mention the blatant holding ALL GAME. I am absolutely not being biased. Call the game fairly on BOTH sides. Lamar Jackson is the darling of the league this year. God forbid he loses to the Bills. I never thought this would be a W for us but Jesus. Let’s hope Allen can work that 4th quarter magic.
  4. Bruce Smith showboated CONSTANTLY after his big plays! Let them have a little fun. Jesus
  5. I keep hearing every week that the following week is the “real test” and then we beat that team and then the NEXT week is the real test. What is the real test?
  6. I would’ve loved to have an Andy Dalton during those top level drought defenses
  7. Has this ever happened in the history of the NFL? I’m serious.
  8. Oh yes. When he got picked by Rambo like 3 times. I thought he was going to be an elite safety for years to come after that. That’s why I’m not a GM... Elway won a Super Bowl pretty darn recently. I’ll take that over any GM we’ve had in history. Smh
  9. Lol I don’t understand why everyone is so angry. They just needed a kneel down. The game was over
  10. Yeah like I’m gonna trust a guy who likes eating pieces of s*** for breakfast
  11. The Dallas Monday nighter from 10 years ago still haunts me til this day. Why do I always remember the biggest losses over the biggest wins? Either way I hope this is a win. I don’t give a s*** how they get it. Something tells me we’ll be playing the refs also.
  12. Guy must’ve committed suicide after the superbowl
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