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  1. 15 tuddies in 2021. I am fine with it 👍
  2. Still angry about this pick 14 years later. Time flies…
  3. A lot of people are underrating Cooks. He’s a solid 2 and the numbers don’t lie
  4. 9 sacks and a pick last year. Would’ve really came in handy after Von Miller went down.
  5. I’m kind of back & forth on a 1st or 2nd. Diggs, Jeudy, Davis, and a 2nd year Shakir would be absolutely lethal. But would the line hold up to give Allen the time? Beane does like proven veteran WRs and a late 1st rounder is not always a guarantee to pan out. Buffalo needs more fire power to compete with the likes of KC and Cincy. I guess I would pull the trigger on a 1st if Beane is confident he can get some good lineman later in the draft.
  6. Idk. If the Steelers actually play to his strengths unlike what Buffalo did last season then he might still have something left. You know, plays that don’t involve actually catching the ball.
  7. Is it me or is the league short of offensive line talent ? How do guys like this even get signed ? Probably one of the shittier draft picks in Bills history. He is on an NFL roster though so I guess more power to him ?
  8. I guess it depends on whatever offense you are running, but I would say close to that amount. Knox is a much better blocker, but not quite as good catching it (better red zone threat IMO.) Both nearly the same age and very durable. Knox is the more balanced TE though and doesn’t need to be taken out in heavier packages.
  9. What? He definitely does not. Rookie year he got 9, but he’s been average at best since then.
  10. Worst running back to ever suit up for the Bills? What did you just become a fan last year ?
  11. Singletary is a shifty back w/ surprising toughness for his size. Serviceable receiver and adequate in pass pro. Most importantly he is durable! The fact that he is able to churn out decent yardage w/ such subpar run blocking is pretty impressive. No, he’s not explosive like Saquon or a punisher like Derrick Henry, but he’s a top notch complimentary back that can do just about everything . I think his role in Buffalo is perfectly suited for him and I hope they re-sign him. Like a previous poster mentioned…the grass isn’t always greener. He’s been a key piece in a proven offense so why mess with that? If people want to see more production then FIX THE LINE.
  12. Yeah whatever. Good thing the games aren’t being played on paper. You guys will maybe get a couple good years out of Rodgers and it’s back to the drawing board to find a QB. Something you haven’t had since Namath (Pennington was okay.) Meanwhile Buffalo is set up to compete for the next 15+ years. The Jets roster is phenomenal outside of the most important position. Enjoy your 2 year rental.
  13. I think it would be a PR nightmare if they release him.
  14. Not a good running back? What? Dude had 1600 all purpose yards and 18 TDs. Screw the stats though. Anybody who watched any Chargers games knows Ekeler would be an absolute asset to any team he joins. If catching passes out of the backfield is so easy then why have the Bills spent so many resources looking for a guy that can do exactly that ? Unfortunately, it’s just too much of a luxury at this point, but idk who wouldn’t be ecstatic to have him on their team.
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