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  1. Well technically, neither Snyder nor Kraft have played a single snap since their “conduct unbecoming” situations. I mean if we’re comparing apples to apples on the punishment side. 😁
  2. Agreed, so therefore we should just beat everyone by 10+ to make sure he can’t screw it up!
  3. If they did incorporate this, I think you’d see a lot more drafted kickers 🤣🤣 A team without a big legged kicker, would essentially be conceding OT, so teams would pay more. Maybe enough to attract more athletes to the position. A few epic FG showdowns in the books and kicker could be considered a premium position. They are already the leading point scorers. This may lead to David Beckem like Kicker super stars. My god imagine the obnoxious prima donna personalities you’d get mixing NFL WR w/European soccer “injury” overactors? It is because of all the these reasons, I say no!! 😁
  4. Yeah we can’t get away from the “everyone is racist” narrative. If he’s just a jerk, how are all those special interest groups going to feed their kids! Think of the children!!
  5. I was able to watch it after KC lost to CIN at the AFCCG. I guess knowing KC was just as angry made me feel better lol. Of course I don’t watch the final 13 secs or OT but my god what a game.
  6. Thing is, his rushing highlights are almost as exciting. What a time to be a Bills fan!!
  7. All I know is that when a drive involved Beas and Davis, we scored touchdowns. I hope they have a plan because that combo route was the engine the drive our O.
  8. Maybe not draft one but maybe ammo to land Rogers or Wilson…
  9. To some people, politics dominates every aspect of their lives, so even the “who’s good at football” question has to be seen through their political prism. Sad to see really.
  10. Sounds like we’re peaking at the right time to me.
  11. Yes I heard the Wentz is able to play, so I’m sure our boys can too. Assuming of course they test negative soon enough. Great news for the Bills and Football!
  12. Seems like sanity has finally taken hold. Now Vax status is essentially irrelevant. GO BILLS! https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-nflpa-agree-to-modified-covid-19-protocols-cutting-standard-isolation-period
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