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  1. I'm loving me some Hollister now too after watching those highlights! The level of trust Josh seemed to have with him, and the fact that he came down with all those passes makes me very interested to see how the TE room shakes out this year. I like Knox, but I just can't see him making all those catches. Which is probably why he isn't getting the targets.
  2. Remember when sports writers wrote about the actual sport not make weak attempts to create drama? It’s turning into the Music on MTV thing. If we want ACTUAL sports content, we have to hit ESPN 3 and FS2 lol Seems to be the direction of all media these days. Heavy on emotion, a slight dusting of facts/insight. I guess if you’re hiring pool is high school newspaper clubs because they’re cheaper, this is what you can expect. Always ignore the bait lol
  3. Our best RB Wade obviously 😇
  4. Well, let’s just trade Edmunds for Ertz and Singletary for a pick so our best RB, Wade, can start and effectively shut down all TBD hot topics at once 😅
  5. Color me intrigued. His speed was obvious and (highlights, I understand) he seemed to have good spacial awareness. He will have the best route runners to teach him and hone his craft. JA + young speed receiver. I like it.
  6. That would be pretty awesome....Some Lofton action?? It would be VERY difficult to defend...I suppose we'd let Sanders go in this scenario? If we did, it wouldn't stunt Davis's development too much... Initially, I didn't think it'd be worth it, but man...Diggs and Jones on the outside. Beas feasting in the slot. Davis in for 4WR sets. Perhaps some Knox sightings... Also, I heard any trade would NOT include any 2021 draft picks, so it's all future picks...It makes a bit of a difference IMO. Very interesting possibility that I didn't think I'd eve
  7. 30 - 60% offensive plays running the ball, but the other 70 - 40% they are still an integral part of the O. If they aren’t running the ball, they are blocking for the QB, running a route or, if they’re effective enough, freezing LBs/Safeties with play action. If they are good enough, he also affects how the D approaches the O. A good RB forces D’s into heavier sets, making the passing O more effective. He would also affect the O’s blocking effectiveness. A good RB forces the D to respect the run. Meaning they can’t solely pass rush. This uncertainty gives an O-l
  8. Yeah I think this does need some clarification. To my non-lawyer ear, dismissed means a judge decided that the case has no merit and dismissed it. Dropped means the person filing the charges decided to not continue pursuit for whatever reason. IMO dismissed implies innocence.
  9. Im sorry Teef, I’m not really tracking most of this. I respect you as a poster and already acknowledge you as smarter than the people who would think that. And of course it’s their decision. If you’re wondering why these “some people” are so sensitive/prickly it’s probably because people keep telling them that they’re bad people for holding their POV. I don’t think most actively engage those they think are vaccinated to tell them they are dumb. They usually just want to be allowed to make a MORE informed decision. However, they are often met with outrage for thei
  10. Cant really call them the minority until you hit 50% voluntary vaccinations. That’s both science AND math 😇
  11. Well to be precise it’s Socialism. Communism is a lofty goal (to some) that is unattainable by today’s humans. That is because we’re too stuck on freedom and ownership. Socialism is the transition from capitalism to communism where “experts” and government officials control the society and its production because society isn’t evolved enough to accept communism. The thing is, no one gets past socialism because it gives too much power to the controlling class, leaving the rest destitute. So yes, I don’t like it and yes, unaccountable government offici
  12. So you’re saying that nobody thinks the vaccine actually works? That there isn’t a segment of the population who bought the hype and now believe they’re safe? You seem pretty smart. You like the muppets. I don’t think you fall into that category.
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