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  1. So at this point, Team Watson has admitted to: - Using AT LEAST 40 different MTs (more on that) - Shopping for MTs on IG - Flying some in from out of state - And now having consensual sex with some. Let’s dig into that last one: - We know 24(?) different MTs claim he made unwanted advances. - He introduced another 20 who he didn’t make sexual advances towards (He was very professional they claim) - Now admits to having consensual sex with yet ANOTHER pool of MTs (so not the ones he intro’d and not the ones suing) His only contenti
  2. I'll tell you though, the situation where the SI journalist reached out to a random masseuse and she had her own story very similar to the ones portrayed in the media did more to color my opinion than the (12, 14, 20, 22!) allegations.
  3. Wow deleting my legit and respectful opinion/response while keeping your personal attack up is very cool bro.
  4. Anyone reading your posts in this thread can easily ID the position you've staked out in this conversation. You think it's foolish not to "get the jab". Can you show me a post where you urge caution because this is still an experimental vaccine with unknown long/medium term health effects? That it is just as reasonable to "wait and see" as it is to "get the jab" without understanding the health implications. Because I can point to multiple posts where you deride anyone who holds that POV. Just saying. Both sides of this debate can be respected, even if you d
  5. You keep conflating safe vaccines with experimental vaccines as if they are equal. Never in those 200 years did anyone mandate an unproven vaccine whose long term effects on humans have not been determined. It takes YEARS for a vaccine to be vetted. Not 9 months. Saying that proven and vetted vaccines are good/safe so therefore ALL vaccines are good/safe is like saying "I didn't assault these massage therapists, so therefore I didn't assault ANY therapists". Unfortunately, it seems these days both sides have their "facts" and they use them to shut down any construct
  6. Completely agree with all here. Some opinions are treated differently than others.
  7. The fact that there are sides categorizes it as a political issue and not a health issue. Hence the explicit main board ban. Constitution...controversial??
  8. I completely agree about the need to face your accuser(s). It’s one of the invaluable benefits of our system of laws and justice. My comment is more along the lines of what was said, in the context of this case. Once they get a name, they’ll be able to aim a world class marketing machine at the individual to win in the court of public opinion. Think about all the people and companies who have invested in the Watson persona. All the endorsements, the agent, the NFL, the Texans, friends of Watson ( in and out of the locker room), Social Justice/Community Investment outreach p
  9. Am I the only one who took this as, “Now that we know who she is, we can drag her name through the dirt”
  10. Wait maybe he’s claiming those original 21 accusers are imposters and these are the REAL therapists.
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