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  1. You’re up late. Get some sleep old man
  2. I would say the easiest way to fix this would be any player that goes down with an injury of any sort must sit out the remainder of the quarter. Usually it’s at the half or end of game to stop the clock anyway. This way, anytime it happens, a significant player misses out and evens it out. Only problem with that is, in the event that a backup or scrub happens to do it. Who really cares, they are replaceable anyway. then I guess you can throw in the fines and punishments also.
  3. Great day for you with your family. Lots of memories there
  4. @Pine Barrens Mafia its cute that you laughed at my comment but right now that’s the majority leader in what people think he should get in his next contract.
  5. If he makes more than 14-15m a year then I’ll be incredibly disappointed.
  6. This x1,000 I’ll add that Andre Reed is/was a real POS as well.
  7. 💯 on just about everything you said. I’d say that’s pretty much the way of athletes and famous ppl now. They move to Florida or California. They have all the money in the world so why limit yourself. If Allen woke up tomorrow with Kelly’s money, he’d jump out a window. But yes, Allen is 1,000x a better person than Kelly was.
  8. Agree on the 2nd part for sure. I wouldn’t want to get into numbers in the first part. Fact is, Davis used to be super reliable and he’s fallen off this year. Not sure what the reason and I won’t pretend to know either. But he’s definitely not held up to his deal as a 2nd WR.
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