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  1. I’m never making you anything else at a tailgate ever edit: oh wait. You’d have to actually come to a game for that to happen. And since you cancelled your tickets, I guess I don’t have to worry about it.
  2. Thank you for not including me in that. I’m a veteran.
  3. mrags

    KFC Blows Up

    KFC is incredible. Shame on anyone that doesn’t enjoy delicious fried chicken, amazing mashed potatoes and vat guzzling gravy. And those biscuits???? Omg used to like Popeyes more about 10+ years ago. But it’s changed
  4. In Illinois? must be all the illegals the left is hiding from the government.
  5. Don’t forget the disclaimer that you’re factoring in the 3.5minutes if getting undressed.
  6. I work in a prison. I could watch that and eat my lunch at the same time
  7. Yes. But she’s definitely not SI Swimwear material
  8. Most people are idiots. Learn to deal with them
  9. https://images.app.goo.gl/rEBsAaEteMDgmZCVA (I have no idea how to add gifs)
  10. It’s also worse when your fat too. Humidity sucks all the life out of you. When I lived in Vegas for a few years, one summer we broke records for heat. It was something like 45 days straight of 110+ and like 17 days straight of 115+. 115* is definitely hot. But I’ll tell you what, I’d rather live with 105 all day long with the humidity there (3% was high) than 85 here in Buffalo, any day of the week and twice on Sunday. At 105 there you could wear pants and a long sleeve shirt and tie and be fairly comfortable. In fact it felt better because it blocked the sun on your skin. But here... don’t even think about it. I wear a long sleeve shirt and pants where I work with no AC the walls sweat there. Just standing still there, Not doing a thing, I can feel the sweat dripping down my body. (Don’t get too excited thinking about that)
  11. That’s where I’m at. I keep the downstairs at 68 and my bedroom at about 65 or lower. Just the thought of anything over 70 makes me want to break out in hives.
  12. When my wife and I bought our house we didn’t have AC. Very odd honestly. Was built in 1997 in a fairly decent neighborhood in Lancaster. Honestly, it should have had AC. It didn’t. It had baseboard boiler heat. So when we moved in, near the end of August, the rest of that summer was all we needed to convince us that we needed AC. To keep the story shorter then it needs to be, putting AC in a home with no ducts in place gets very expensive and it’s not an easy project. We’re good now. But it’s not something I’d want to do again. More than likely
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