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  1. The only thing the Jets were missing from last year was competent QB play. They got much much better there and they still went 1-1 with us last year. we replaced WRs with other WRs that have never put up statistics of the guys they were brought in to replace. Yet some are thinking they will be sure upgrades to what we previously had. yup. Makes sense.
  2. ”Hopefully, an owner will give me a chance to talk to him about an opportunity,” great. Just why we need. After McDermott gets fired for not being any better than Frazier. Proving he was what was wrong this whole time, Pegula will offer Frazier the HC position. Just what we needed. Ugh. oh stop people, I’m only kidding. Well, kind of.
  3. Careful. There’s plenty of people here that think Harty, Sherfield, and Harris/McMurray will be huge contributors. I can see one of the 4 panning out and being used regularly, while the other 3 play special teams and come in and make substitutions a few times a game but never really touch the ball.
  4. Yeah because nobody in Buffalo or anyone in any capacity thought the Bills didn’t need a new stadium sometime soon.
  5. Exactly. His company was pretty much established for the purpose of being taken care of with building of the new stadium. Doesn’t want to slum it anymore in his Colden house after raking in free money.
  6. Agree. I believe 100% that there should absolutely zero (minus the 3rd and 1 sneak up the middle) designed Allen runs. Just let him play his hero ball and make something happen on his own.
  7. I’m right there with you 100%. Well, more like 99%. There’s always that 1% of me that worries every time he takes off. But I don’t care. I want to watch the most electrifying player in the game and 17 is it when he’s doing superhero things. I’ll just trust that he’s good and getting better at minimizing his hits when he takes off and be happy with that.
  8. This thing will be 400+ by the time he’s on another team.
  9. Why isn’t this in the other DHop thread. Get it to 400 by tonight
  10. Wish one one hand and crap in another. Tell me which one happens first
  11. Yeah. I think the majority of this thread so far has been that he looks fat and out of shape. So I’ll just continue to be on the end that thinks he’s going in the wrong direction. And until he proves it to be incorrect, and actually show up in shape and looks like he’s taking his physical fitness serious, I guess I’ll be right.
  12. Yeah I think it’s pretty comical he’s so low. He’s been coach of one of the best teams in football for the past 4 years. He definitely deserves to be higher. I’d still like put him top 10 honestly, but on the lower end of it. And I understand arguments either way with him.
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