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  1. You can buy my club seats. $2k for the pair. After all, it’s important to you to watch your team clinch the playoff birth right? Heck, I’ll cut you a deal since you’re such a swell guy. $1700 and the tickets are all yours. No taxes. No fees. I’m doing you a solid and saving you some money from Ticketmaster. It’s a good deal for both of us.
  2. Get ready for an uninspiring season imo. Really hope I’m wrong.
  3. My bigger issue is the fact that we beat them in the season every single year. But when it comes to the playoffs we can’t do it. Not at home. Not at KC. What’s the reason for that? It’s because McDermott has his balls removed the minute the regular season ends. And he coaches not to lose instead of to win. It’s infuriating to me. I know he can do it. But he continues to prove that when it matters most he becomes too conservative and won’t take chances. And the ones that he does are the most ridiculous ones I ever saw in my life. Like Hamlin running a fake punt on 4th down. This tells me that the NFL isn’t scripted, because if it was, we would have won on the thought that Hamlin would be the hero, alone.
  4. Right? for a defensive “guru” he sure has a terrible defense in the playoffs EVERY SINGLE YEAR. But apparently I’m an idiot because I don’t know how to cover Travis Kelce. Well, he doesn’t either so I guess he’s no better than me. That’s it, I’m coaching the team this year.
  5. I agree. I think this is going to be a painful year. Unless like last year, McD and Brady just let Allen do his thing and go win games because they are struggling. I 100% believe Allen has a down year. And I’m not sure it’ll be on his weapons but more of the play style that McDermott and Brady implement. I argue we won’t make the playoffs either. Sucks. But that’s my opinion
  6. Right!?! exactly where I’m at. Even with possibly the best 2-3 QBs in the entire league and McDermott still looks like a fool in the playoffs every year. right back the argument that without Josh we’re a .500 team at best and this coach would have been fired years ago. So during the season he does it like every single year but in the playoffs he can’t get it done?
  7. But I don’t see other coaches making monumental mistakes over and over again and not learning from them. At least not good coaches. Anything he learns he forgets in the playoffs and continues to be ultra conservative or in a case like last year, make a stupid mistake like having Hamlin run a fake punt on 4th down. So dumb Oh I absolutely believe he’s outcoached. 100%. That’s not the problem imo. Imo if he let Allen just play to his strengths and take some chances, Allen might be able to overcome McDermotts bad coaching.
  8. 100% this happens. He turtles so much in the playoffs.
  9. He will continue to make stupid mistakes and hope his superstar QB can minimize his F-ups. There will be at least 2 times this season where he will make the same mistakes he has in the past and we will be wondering wtf, how has this idiot not learned his lessons from the last.
  10. Like I said. McDermott is an idiot. Anyone on this site could have told you before the game that there was no chance at Klein was going to cover Kelce. Sure, Neal was an option. Frankly a better one. But this is on the coach for screwing this up.
  11. Love how you can’t let this go. Here we are like 10 hours later and it’s still festering in your head. ironically you talk about me getting over myself and not to put so much into my opinion. Yet here you are assuming that your opinion is the correct one as well. Got ya. I personally don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about my opinion(s). As you said, we share opinions around here and discuss them and if you don’t like it, you can simply ignore me/them. For the record, I was not talking to you when I posted my (in your mind) useless opinion. YOU were the one that decided to get involved in the discussion. So… pot, meet kettle. and for what it’s worth, I don’t have to have the answer to the problem that was talked about to now there was a problem. Just because I don’t care to look up information that could easily be found doesn’t mean my argument was wrong. There were plenty of teams that held Kelce to low numbers last year. The Dolphins, Jags, Steelers, and Pats. I’m not going to get into specific stats. Nor do I care to provide information for you. You are the one that apparently believes I should have the answers. I admitted I don’t. I’m also not a professional football coach in the NFL. None of that matters though. Because the point I made was that this idiot coach thought a guy that was sitting on his couch all season could cover this (as you put it) First Ballot Hall of Famer, with 2 weeks of practice. Thanks for making my point, that it was an incredibly stupid idea that McDermott had. what’s the answer? Again, I don’t know. But I did, and do know that it wasn’t AJ Klein.
  12. It was more like 10 times today. You’re already at 2 for Monday now. Let’s see how many we can rack up
  13. Yeah but that’s just because we all know it’s false
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