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  1. mrags

    OT Rule needs to change!

    You’ll have someone complain they got the ball one less time that the team that won the toss. So, a simple fix would be two 8min overtimes where each team has a chance to lead with the ball. At the end of the 2nd OT, the score is final. The coin flip would be to see who gets their chance first or second. If its still tied, do it all over again
  2. mrags

    Anyone have a nice watch?

    I’ll admit I didn’t read through the whole thread. But what do you expect your budget to be? Depending on price and availability, it could change things a lot. But assuming a decent ring for trade in, I’d say go with an Omega.
  3. It’s not a brace. It’s a weapon. Always has been used as one. He’s offensive with it. And you can give him williamsville roots if you want. Or you can call him a pos that walked out on his high school to move out of state for his own career. I don’t blame him for it, but claiming he’s a williamsville north guy is a false. He graduated from some school in PA. And the reason his body is falling apart already is because he is probably 50% steroids.
  4. Even though it was with his cheater megatron-Esque elbow pad, it was still technically most an elbow.
  5. So what your saying..... is if the Eagles defense continued to stop the Saints offense like when the score was 14-0, they wouldn’t have won. Got it.
  6. mrags

    Man denies syringes in rectum are his

    In jail/prison? Yes
  7. mrags

    My Off-Season

    I don’t expect him to be gone. I’d put money on it that he’s here actually. But I’m hoping he’s not our number 1 anymore. I didn’t and can’t even bother to read your response. You’ve lost me when you think Shady is a number 1 still. Youve lost me when you think Zay is our number 1. Sorry. Right now I’ve got the attention span of a 10 year old inside a candy shop and you are the dentist.
  8. mrags

    My Off-Season

    If we go into next season as Shady as our number 1 RB again. And that crap at WR, we might as well just wait until 2020 to bother watching.
  9. mrags

    logan thomas kills a guy clip

    Yeah. Neither guy that was hit in the play had their head up and the plays were completely legal.
  10. mrags

    What’s your definition of a pot head?

    Just because there’s a reason someone smokes weed, doesn’t make a point that they aren’t a pot head. Many people that have cancer and don’t smoke weed. I just love it how potheads continue to make arguments for them being potheads.
  11. mrags

    What’s your definition of a pot head?

    Negative. Very smart individuals. Very successful then in school and now in life
  12. mrags

    What’s your definition of a pot head?

    You haven’t smoked enough pot. When you don’t smoke any for like 3 weeks are you still high? That’s called “Perma-high” it’s a real thing. That’s the definition of a pothead
  13. mrags

    What’s your definition of a pot head?

    A friend and I went to the bank one day. He walked into the foyer to take money out of the ATM. I waited in the car. About 10 minutes go by and he comes out looking extremely confused. When I asked what happened, if someone hacked his account or something. His response was he didn’t know. He couldn’t remember his password to access his account. and that is the definition of a pothead.
  14. mrags

    Weirdest/Worst Christmas present you received

    How much you want for that gun rack?