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  1. Was he as terrible then as he is now?
  2. Can we just close those thread or at least move it off the wall. It has nothing to do with football or the Bills.
  3. Congrats on your house. So proud of you. You’ve joined most of the the rest of society by moving out of your parents basement. Still doesn’t change the fact that I’ve said all along it was a good play, but very low reward for high risk. You are even confirming this by stating your “right window” and “aggressive” stats. Glad you made my point for me. Ill continue to say this. This play was a success but just as easily could have been a disaster. It’s really that simple. Great, he made the play. And week 1 he made a similar play where he gunned it into Beasley on a very tight window, and the ball bounced off him and ended up being a pick 6. I think you are all idiots if you don’t see that this play could have turned badly, very quickly. But I can’t help any of you anymore if you fail to realize this. Have a good life and get over it. We won the game and we’re on to the Pats.
  4. Yup. And like I said before, it could have been had the defender made a jump on the ball before it was thrown. But again, I’ll just concede to a bunch of idiots in a message board that live in their parents basement and flip burgers for a living You are such a winner
  5. Yeah. Was just gonna day this. The Dline should all have clocks in their heads this game for sure. They likely won’t get to Brady enough but if they all make mental notes to get their hands up at around the 2second mark, they’ve got a shot to disrupt him in other ways.
  6. I never said the ball was nearly intercepted. I said it was a very high risk for low reward play that the defender... IF... he jumped the route, could have intercepted it and ran it back for 6. It’s really that simple. But the same same people that want to argue with me on this want to argue that Knox hadn’t made his cut yet and wasn’t yet open. As if that actually matters. Quarterbacks throw to a spot all the time before a receiver makes their cut or is even looking for the ball. And if Allen throws it deep to Knox in a space where he SHOULD know where Knox will be, then it’s a huge gain. Not a small gain for 4 yards. Ironically, the same people that argue that since Allen barely got it into a tight window, how would he be able to get it deep to Knox, should know that a loftier pass over the top of Knox’s head would be an easier throw than the same one they argue for being such a good throw because it had such velocity on It. Oddly, if it there was such a worry that he barely was able to get the ball to Beasley, there should have been a worry that it could have been intercepted had the defender made a play on the ball. I really am done talking about this at this point. If people can’t see that it was a risky play for low reward, I really don’t feel like explaining my position anymore.
  7. Yeah you are. Many QBs make a living in finding the open guy down the field for a big gain vs a high risk throw with low reward. But just like the other guy, I think your clueless and have nothing more to say to you. Enjoy your night.
  8. You think just because these people have those jobs they can’t take off those weekends throughout the year? In fact it’s easier. Most of those careers have schedules that give the option to tale off multiple days but male them up other times. Or work it out so that someone works for you while your gone. None of them are your standard Monday through Friday 9-5 gig.
  9. Yeah, I’m pretty much done talking to you about this. I think you are clueless and I really have nothing more to say to you. Enjoy your night
  10. Yeah but not if another team signs him to their active roster. He’d have to be used for at least 3 games. But someone that might need a RB like the Giants might think about taking a shot at him.
  11. But he could if another team picks him up and signs them to their 53 man roster tho. The Bills should be worries about losing him imo.
  12. I just want to know if you’ll come here and apologize if Allen plays like dog crap. Im with you mostly, I feel like he’s a gamer and rises to the occasions. But he does try too hard sometimes and that’s when he has huge mistakes. I really think he’ll have a good game. And I really hope your right. If we’re going to have any shot, we’re gonna need it.
  13. Funny. I feel the opposite. I feel like they will play contain and make Josh beat them with his arm. While limiting the blitzing but keeping the pressure with just their front 4
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