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  1. I highlight the part that really struck out to me. By removing Dorsey, which I believe was the right thing to do as I’m sure he did. But he also fabricated another layer of cushion to keep his job. IF… things went even worse for him than before the Dorsey firing, he made it practically impossible to fire him mid season. The team would be left without a HC, OC, and DC. Pretty genius if you ask me. In fact, just for that I think he should keep his job. It’s a shrewd move and something only a man of desperation would think of. I’m sold. Let’s keep him another 10 years.
  2. If this team drafts another DB in the 1st round I’m going to McDermotts house and fighting him
  3. Not if this dumb coach stays he won’t.
  4. I kid I kid. Just figured to add some humor to this terrible football day. they are for sale tho if anyone wants them. Make an offer I guess. And no I won’t take $50 or even $100 for the pair.
  5. Here’s my take on this. It is McConservativity. He let go of Dorsey and gave the go ahead to let Brady and Josh be what they are because his seat is hot and his back is against a wall. Josh prolly got a rock hard 6’ erection when McLoser took the handcuffs off. But even though he allowed the offense to do what they do to win games. He is still in charge of the defense and the team overall. And his bend but don’t break conservative values took over at the end.
  6. I voted for McClappy but can I request you edit his name to McDonald’s-Clappy-Meal?
  7. Well. Maybe a joke I bet he has something to do with the training staff. Or whoever he will blame for all the injuries the past 2 seasons.
  8. It all makes sense now. Before I thought maybe Elam just wasn’t good. He might be the best CB in the league but he refuses to listen to McDonalds-Clappy-Meal and his philosophy of giving WRs 10-15yard cushions all the time.
  9. I can’t link because I didn’t save them and cannot provide screen shot because the files are too large. But here’s a copy and paste: Nick Veronica @NickVeronica Follow The Bills have managed to lose 6 games by 6 points or less in the first 12 weeks of the season. Congrats, no team in NFL history has done it more than that. 20 others matched that total — most recent were the 2015 Ravens & 2012 Panthers, whose D coordinator you might recognize. And: Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio Josh Allen threw for 339 yards and 2 TDs, while rushing for 81 and another 2 TDs. Scored 34 points. They lost. 3 times this year Josh Allen has scored to give the Bills a lead with under 2 minutes left and they've gone onto lose. It all comes down to one person
  10. Listen. It’s not mine. Gotta give @Pine Barrens Mafiathe credit in this one. But I am using it also. Already started.
  11. He could manage that shrimp of a QB into being a game manager too.
  12. I don’t give a chit about Frank Reich being fired 1 year into his stint. On his 3rd team he’s coached. I don’t care who’s out there for us to get in place of McDoopa. The point is he has proven it time and time again that he is not the coach to make the right decisions at the times when he needs to. I will give him the credit that he pulled this team out of the gutter. He helped make us relevant again. I have no doubt he is a good person. But he is not a coach that I trust to win us a game when the game is on the line. He consistently loses big games. How many more years do you want to waste Allen? By the time he’s 30 and we now all realize that McDippy doesn’t have it? Then Allen will be well past his prime. you want to go ahead and keep this lame HC because your scared we get someone worse? That’s fine. I want him gone because I think any coach could come in and win 9-11 games with what we have. And if we even get a halfway decent offensive minded coach the sky’s the limit. He was on a roll. Don’t put his fire out.
  13. You don’t think he’s lost the locker room? He practically lost his star WR after his debacle in the playoffs last year.
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