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  1. If we can agree that he didn’t weigh 292# then we can agree they falsified his weight throughout his college career. If that’s the case I can’t take 285# seriously either. He weighed in at 285 for the combine and I would bet my measly state paycheck that he “bulked up” for the combine. That he didn’t play near that. It’s been my belief the whole time that he’s undersized. He’s not even close to what Donald looks like in a uniform. Which tells me he’s more like 275 or maybe under. For those that think 10-20lbs doesn’t mean a lot when your talking about offensive or defensive line play, your wrong. It does. Again, we’ve argued this over and over again, that doesn’t mean that can’t be, or won’t be good. It’s possible. There’s always Aaron Donald who proves that. But that is the exception, and not the rule. For every 1 Aaron Donald, there are 900 nobody’s that are out of the league in less than 2-3 years because they couldn’t ever step up to the pro game. I really hope im wrong. I want to be wrong. I’m routing for Oliver. I want him to be dominant. I will cheer for him when he makes big plays, And I won’t rub it in if he can’t take that step. But this is my opinion on it and that won’t change. I’m not going to say I said so if everyone else is wrong and I’m right. I’ll be upset just like everyone else that he didn’t make it. But I won’t make excuses for him. He was a top 10 pick and he’s supposed to be a very good player at the very least. I expect that.
  2. Because I’m a paid observer and I know that he doesn’t weigh 292
  3. mrags

    WoW Classic

    I definitely couldn’t ever come close to the playtime I had back then. I turned down jobs just so that I could be home to Raid at night. Lol
  4. mrags

    WoW Classic

    I absolutely loved classic WOW (I refuse to say vanilla). Was a MT on one of the top guilds on our server. Made it halfway through AQ40 when BC came out and many decided to take time off. Including me. Then I created a rogue on a PVP server and played BGs pretty hard and went around ganking people for fun at my leisure. I miss classic. But like you guys, I’m not sure I could get stuck in that trap again. I’m married now. Lol
  5. Donald consistently plays at 285. Where as Oliver played about 15lbs less. He bulked up to 285 for combine purposes. Then started to slim down again. Nobody is saying that it cannot be done. But comparing Oliver to Donald is just plain stupid. Donald is the exception, not the rule. He was looked at as undersized by everyone as well. U til he started dominating. Nobody is saying Oliver can’t be that. But at 285lbs or less as a DT in the Nfl, the odds are against him.
  6. I was going to say, he is either really old or really young to not know what a choad is.
  7. It’s often tough to tackle when you intercept the ball and are the one being chased.
  8. Meh... I can can do that too. It’s fun to reply with nonsense in a thread and completely ruin the entire thread. At least I was having real actual arguments and sharing opinions with people that were actually talking about GOT before. You are just a half idiot that can type MEH... every single post. You add a lot to the board. Your insight is incredible. We are so glad to have you here. Another day goes by where we are so grateful to have castoffs from some failed message board here.
  9. Just because I hate losing..... I’ll just keep replying. Also because I like to piss people off.
  10. Yeah. You don’t have to be intelligent or able to read actually. It’s just you have to not be like @Bad Things and not be too lazy to figure it all out on your own. Or or you could be like yourself and just pretend to not be reading replies. What I don’t understand is if you really don’t care, why keep replying? Que the one word reply pretending not to read the messages again.
  11. Yeah. You have to be intelligent and be able to read and look up how to do it tho
  12. I actually get joy out of getting people all worked up. So I’m glad your pretending not to care. Whats hilarious is that I didn’t reply to you hours ago. I replied to someone else. Yet you claim you’re o my responding because I’m quoting you in my replies. Apparently you’ve read them.
  13. I wasn’t even talking to you. But so glad you “didn’t read the post” but then comment about my cap locks. I mean it was 3 words that were all the same. ITS NOT LIKE I WROTE MY ENTIRE POST IN CAPS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR USELESS COMMENTARY.
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