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  1. ? He had 70 catches give or take when he played for the Bengals. Then .. he faded away.
  2. So true. Watching that one particular game is so enjoyable due to JA embarrassing the "Legend" so brutally.
  3. Around Christmas last year developed a second round of tendinitis in my left elbow. While finally getting better, it is still with me almost 8 months later.
  4. That's a "homer" point of view. While Brown may develop, he was barely adequate last year at best.
  5. ...and I have used the NFL Games Pass for years.
  6. ??? My subscription ends in Nov and I believe they wanted $70.00 for an annual renewal then. How do I get the 1.00 a month?
  7. Not me.... Hoping like heck it's anyone other than the evil empire.
  8. POS. Another self absorbed whining little turd. Zero character. Here's to hamstringing the Cardinals for years for the sake of a loser.2
  9. When Namath played, QB play was quite different. Much more verticle against defenses that could beat the heck out of them and the WR's. I always hated the Jets but in his prime, Namath was a lot of fun to watch.
  10. 😃 In part, but after his initial 8 games, his performance dipped considerably. Yet, I do love your anology of old lead foot...LOL.
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