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  1. Spiderweb

    RIP Red Cashion

    Now I'd only his son wasn't on the field as well. Flag happy punk...
  2. Spiderweb

    Is Dion Dawkins better at LT or LG

    Exactly.. If he ever plays some guard then maybe this might be validated for discussion, but he hasn't, at least professionally. However my son's friend's friend said he make a fine TE...jeez...
  3. Spiderweb

    The AAF Thread

    One of the old AFL's early.positivea was good enthusiastic announcers. I tried to watch a game with Maurice Jones Drew, Marvin Lewis and Dan Heilie and it was horrible. Worse than listening to paint dry. MJS is brutally bad, Marvin Lewis sound as if Brown gave him a frontal lobotomy before he was let go...
  4. Spiderweb

    Kipers predictions for last year Round 1

    Kiper, while longer being a polarizing pundit, is being held to an impossible standard. Too may variables to consider. Teams drafting BOA or need. Trades of draft choices and players. What counts is the quality of the selections he makes, far more than does a specific team get a specific player that might have been projected to them. Hell, let's throw logic, reasoning and intelligence out the window and hang him. The very same goes for all the pundits, most of which do have far more knowledge, information, and tape on players than any here. Don't feed to mob mentality.
  5. Spiderweb

    Super Bowl Ratings Hit 10-Year Low

    It was the first SB I didn't watch at all and until yesterday I had watched every one. I couldn't care less about the Rams, but it was NE that I cannot stomach any more.
  6. Spiderweb

    Superbowl Pregame Thread

    Football has been done for two weeks now.
  7. Spiderweb

    Saquon Barkley wins Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year

    Statistically, Mayfield had a pretty darn good year, veteran or rookie
  8. Exactly. For anyone to say there no longer exists a bias is either blind or stupid, probably both. Racism still exists in this country all the way to the highest levels of our siciety. TT made a valid observation based on what he has seen
  9. Spiderweb

    A Few Thoughts on Witten

    Give it a rest. They were entertaining in their day, but only Gifford was decent.
  10. Spiderweb

    Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Wow... I would have called the Who's performance one of the worst. Liked the band back in the day, but their day, and Daltry's, was 50 years ago... Who's Next was their best effort..
  11. Spiderweb

    Former Bills / Studs to Duds

  12. Spiderweb

    Could JP Losman Help Rejuvenate Josh Rosen in AZ?

    EJ didn't quite pass the test. In fact Buffalo was continually chided for taking a third round prospect in the first. It was a total desperation pick at best.
  13. Before we go off the deep end, impressive in spots, OK, but inconsistent. It's clear he has a way to go, so I'd prefer to call it a promising start, which is a huge step up from what we've seen for some time at the QB position.
  14. Spiderweb

    Was Mark Kelso the Best FS in Bills History?

    Tony Greene was an undersized guy who got the most of his abilities. He was also more of a centerfielder, as has already been said. With that, he was a very good FS for Buffalo, but lacked Saimes toughness to me. It's good to see everyone talking about some very good to great Bills we've had the pleasure to watch over the years.
  15. Spiderweb

    Problems with making PI reviewable...

    Bad calls themselves are ruining the game.