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  1. Yep, Tanny looked like the Tanny of old once forced out of pass action.
  2. Absolutely incorrect. TT was a better pass receiver, far better blocker in pass production, and had bigger seasons rushing than has McCoy. No one ran a draw better than TT. I'll give McCoy the edge in speed but old TT was clearly a superior player than McCoy. With that said McCoy was pretty special but not TT's equal let alone superior to him.
  3. Eh hem... Third.… Spygate, deflatgate, now Bengalgate. If anyone thinks this is all the cheating the Patsies did, well... I got a bridge in NY to sell you and some valuable property in Fla.
  4. No conspiracies needed. The Patriots cheat regularly and they have been caught three times now in a major way. Not once, not twice, but three and a rational person would tend to believe there were many more times where they simply weren't caught.
  5. The Astros should forfeit their titles like they do in College sports. For the owner to say this scandal and punishment doesn't tarnish 2017, etc., only shows he should have been suspended/banned as well
  6. He's Robert Redford if you compare him to Lamar Jackson
  7. Not displeased at all that the hole in the chin and the Texans team lost. To watched him go from gleeful celebrating to a depressed funk was almost as good as watching Belichek getting "Belicheked" by Vrabel.... Sometimes there is justice.
  8. This is a point missing post. I would agree that we should be able to trim a TE from the roster but I would start with the most penalized TE who plays such a low percentage of snaps, Mr. Lee Smith.
  9. No we can't. Stop making excuses! I watched a replay of the play 210 or more time using NFL Game Pass. If a pro receiver gets both hands on the ball, it must get caught. Making a contested catch is what receivers must be able to do. There have been worse grabbing then that for sure.
  10. That must be cleaned up this off-season. The ball must be downed in the endzone. Even with current rule, it was a wrong call.
  11. The LBs, particularly Edmunds dropped too deep by at least 5- 6 yards and then seemed slow to react.
  12. I do agree with Milano failing to wrap up has a problem, however I submit it was by far the main cause for Watson getting away. Neal was down lo mad Milano basically gives Watson a chest bump. Also, this is to familiar with Milano's blitzes. This and that he comes in too out of control and is easily side stepped as Watson did on a couple palys earlier in the game. Love his fire but must improve his tackling and body control on blitzes.
  13. Actually yours looks promising....
  14. Better have a solid back up as Nsekhe looks injury prone.
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