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  1. After conversion for difference in measurement, gas was cheaper in Canada for a short while.
  2. It's modern day snake oil. That makes it a bit of a big deal. I guess in today's climate, deceit has become a good thing?
  3. What is out of hand is the Duke hysteria and the worshiping of a big slow WR who dropped a big pass .... Yes it was a drop. Go strong to the ball and grab it. DB made a play? He gets paid too yet Williams should have caught it.
  4. Maybe, but he did make some great catches. I would tend to think it was more of not focusing on the catch first, before making his football move.
  5. Maybe the facts should be the determining factor and not your personal view of Reid. Like him or not, if verbiage was inserted after the fact then it's wrong, pure and simple. This is why we have laws and courts.
  6. Hummm, defensively they were terrible too. No, wait .... they were pretty darned good. A team in need of some WRs and TE is what they were.
  7. Why? Why? Why? Absolute turnstile. Complete waste.
  8. Not at all. Newton is a complete jerk, but a great athlete. Now, that's fair, right?
  9. I too grew up in Kenmore and recall the early/mid 70's also.
  10. Recent article on him on has Butler as a likely bad signing. Underachiever and while his pass rush improved in his contract year, he was said to be a poor run defender. Article on Bleacher Report, NFLs 2020 All Overpaid FA Team...
  11. What I get is a condensed version. Some action is missed but pretty much the key plays are all there. The full version is still the best watch though.
  12. Why not? Businesses have taken record profits for years now. Yet their debt loads increased. Rather than paying down their sent, they spent heavily on stock repurchases making their stick options more and more valuable for their execs. Now they are lining up again for Corporate bailouts. Why does corporate welfare get a pass, yet a poor single parent get trashed for being on food stamps. The real money is being stolen by the top.
  13. I was there as well if this is the game Miami returned a kickoff for a score, but Joe Cribbs had a big game and we won...
  14. Not completely alone. I hope this trade works out (Diggs comes up huge), but I can't help feeling like we overpaid. Much of this comes from what Hopkins was obtained for by Arizona.
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