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  1. Cut it out, he was despised long before Trump's run for the Presidency and election. Jeez....z
  2. Wolford was.indeed outstanding. Yet when he left, he was breaking down with bad shoulder or shoulders as the Colts found out as he.missed the bulk of his first season with them. If I recall correctly he finished his career with the Steelers as a Guard. I was angry about the way he left for many years. I live now outside Louisville where he's still a celebrity of sorts. Good guy. according to my family physician, who knew him for years going back to college, and extremely smart.
  3. Absurd? Absurd that this flag is used by the KKK and white supremacy groups? How dare anyone speak about this. While one can wonder how far it can go, this does have current relevancy.
  4. That was a joke, because we all know it was Foles... just Incase it went over your head

  5. RIP NJSue... One of the good ones...
  6. I recall Smith negatively when he was here before. Slow lunbering TE with bad hands and seemed to get as many penalties as he did good blocks. Not a fan at all of this signing.
  7. Be careful. You seem a bit too logical for many here. However, you are 100% correct.
  8. Exactly. To make it any other way is absurd.
  9. Exactly renegotiate his deal if favorable price can be agreed upon. 14 mil is tough to swallow for his production to date. After three years I don't believe in paying for potential.
  10. Replacing McCoy in pass pro wouldn't be difficult. McCoy's really not very good at it.
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