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  1. RIP NJSue... One of the good ones...
  2. I recall Smith negatively when he was here before. Slow lunbering TE with bad hands and seemed to get as many penalties as he did good blocks. Not a fan at all of this signing.
  3. Be careful. You seem a bit too logical for many here. However, you are 100% correct.
  4. Exactly. To make it any other way is absurd.
  5. Exactly renegotiate his deal if favorable price can be agreed upon. 14 mil is tough to swallow for his production to date. After three years I don't believe in paying for potential.
  6. Replacing McCoy in pass pro wouldn't be difficult. McCoy's really not very good at it.
  7. No way ANYONE out whines Tommie boy!!!!!!!
  8. Ok, now that's a big setup. Based on your posts, we could have told you that. Just kidding!!!!!
  9. Tony Hunter, who was the Bills first round draft choose picked a couple puck ahead or Kelly was supposed to being that to the Bills, but alas......
  10. I like how Tre got him rilied to begin with. The one game suspension was no where near enough. That's a given. But let's not make Gronk out to be the second coming of Burfict or Suh..
  11. Remember this was a top talent, a born Bills Fan, who's home team passed on drafting him twice if I recall. He"s had a simmering well disclosed anger for the Bills for ruining his dream of being a Buffalo Bill. Great talent, one of the best TE's to ever play the game. Yet he did take an uncharacteristic cheap shot at Tre White, one of the few DBs ever to really get under his skin.....
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