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  1. Michael Irvin should shutup and never speak again if there's any Justice in this world....
  2. I was not in the draft Jackson camp, but he's turned out better than I thought he would. Allen - Jackson? Time will tell.
  3. Been to Mississippi, Louisiana, etc?
  4. Still need another RB, and Yeldon needs to go. Weak runnner, questionable ball security, no toughness at all.
  5. Very true. Yeldon scares me Everytime he touches the ball that he's going to turn it over. We need Singletary back and possibly another RB instead of Yeldon.
  6. After McDermott's comments about Zay not contesting the picks by the Pats last week, it was clear by the lack of snaps today he's in the doghouse big time.
  7. I to see an undependable player in Yeldon. I cringe whenever they try to run with him. He has been more of a receiving threat even before he came here, yet he does seem to bobble the ball way more than anyone should. I wanted him cut and kept Murphy instead.
  8. It was a very rough game to watch. On one hand our defense played brilliantly for the most part. On the other, Allen was pitiful. If we give him credit for our early wins, the he deserves to own up to this loss 100%. His performance was pitiful. Horrible decisions going deep or downfield when shorter routes were open. Any concerns for accuracy, especially on the deep balls reared their ugly heads again. I for one am so tired of "we'll learn from this". It's well past time to begin to show marked improvement in offensive play.
  9. You should be really really ashamed of yourself. Go sit in the corner.....
  10. Yeah.. great team guy alright. Anyone remember his infamous non block that got Losman blindsided. That was a non- block on purpose. This was when he was unhappy with the Bills and what he was getting paid at the time. Against the Jets if I recall.
  11. Murphy was better than Yeldon. Yeldon plays way to softly. Very tentative runner, and while he may have talent as a receiving option, again his weakness show like on the one he dropped yesterday when he pulled up because he was going get hit. No toughness to his game. He would make a great flag football player.
  12. Yeah, he might break the 10 yard total for the game barrier. He's much more a receiving option than a running option.
  13. Ramsey thrives in man to man coverage. We play primarily zone. Nuff said ..
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