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  1. This is about whether we care about others and our society. This isn't just a another flu. The deaths speak loudly to that. It takes far more lives than a normal flu. Far more. Lastly, tell it to my neighbor's family in which the husband and father took ill in mid February and who died from covid 6 weeks later.
  2. Good video but the maddenly overly verboise narrative almost prevented me from seeing the 77 seconds.
  3. After a rough start, Klein came on quite well the last couple of games he started and/or played considerably in.
  4. Now there's a player from the past...
  5. But it is. It's all interconnected.
  6. The significance of 1000 yard rushing season was already diluted considerably when the NFL went from a 14 game season to a 16 game season. My father would argue that happens when the NFL went from 12 to 14 games. So yes, it dilutes it further. The only current factor that still supports it being a milestone is that it is a passing league nowadays so carries are down overall.
  7. Icky had injury concerns. Sadly, he tore up his knee before surgical techniques reached the standards we see today.
  8. I was in Feliciano's corner until he was completely destroyed by KC in the conference Championship game. I'm no longer comfortable with hi I'm His run blocking was poor all year as well.
  9. What's with the McKenzie stuff? Didn't he have ball security issues returning kicks in the past?. Andre did not!
  10. Sure hands, very good return man for punts and kickoffs. Plus can play WR in a pinch? He's someone we CAN afford. Or shall we return to the days of the punt catcher?
  11. What could possibly make you think that? A guy with zero playing time?
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