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  1. Players make plays. Close is for horseshoes and hand grenades.
  2. Has White been hurt? Haven't seen home since lions first possession.
  3. Extremely few, if any, threw shade at Bease for his production. You missed the point with Bease it appears.
  4. McKelvin had some bad fumbles on KO returns, but he was also a dynamic return guy too. Maybe a bit of feast or famine but he could return kicks. And yes...he did cost is a few games with his fumbles.
  5. Had Gilliam mad a better block, McKenzie gets the 2 points. It was that simple.
  6. I as well. Lamonica was the better passer for sure. Kemp was an interception prone, inaccurate, mediocre QB at best. The Bills great defense in 64 and 65 is what won the championships, not Kemp. Politically he was kryptonite.
  7. To which I disagree. Tremaine isn't a Butkus type but he's very effective and his worth in pass defense is huge. Anyone here think Dodson played well? I saw wiff after wiff and poor pass defense. Make no mistake about it. Since he went down against the Vikes, our D has suffered.
  8. I don't think Dodson did "fine" against the Vikes. Klein on the other hand has been active and knows our defense. I expect him to get some playing time.
  9. The Bills hopes/expected he would be ready to go down the stretch. If they wanted this opportunity, they had to activate him, ready now or not. With that said, I fear what McDermott said earlier this week, about him not being ready yet, is telling. With both Hyde and Poyer not available, White is truly missed. Get well Tre !!!!!!
  10. Jim Harbaugh is a complete an utter tool. Bieniemy has serious reported issues as well. Payton is a Saban/Meyer like quitter. Burned out, then stay away.
  11. Buffalo weather is why I never returned home to Buffalo after leaving in 1985. Early home games beyond Sept are likely to encounter rains and high winds, the followed by crappy winter weather. Sorry, but a dome would have been appropriate 50 years ago and still would be today.
  12. And well loved by troubled people.
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