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  1. Martin has been considered a good holder so.....
  2. The hip drop tackle had to be banned. It is far too injurious to the player it was used on.
  3. 20K to 50K for the better seats so far. I know these are the way of life for quite some time but I can't help but to feel these are the ultimate slap in the face. Billionaires come to taxpayers to fund much of their stadiums, then insult them and make them pay huge sums just to have the right to buy season tickets. One time purchase? OK, but it's a big one. It's not like the tickets themselves are free. Ouch.. posted on wrong board again.. should be on Stadium Wall.
  4. Old throwback? TE's overall are a much bigger factor today.
  5. Yet, Gabe was most effective deep and that's not Tua's strength. Went to the Dolphins? Piss on him...
  6. Agree.... Glad he's back and now it's time to step up it up big time.
  7. He had some sacks and pressures but his run defense had already shown a decline to me even before his ACL tear. Yet again , HIS AGE more than anything else highlights why he was WAY over paid.... Sorry, but that's the simple truth.
  8. At his age... We WAY overpaid. It was a desperation move by Beane.
  9. Overpay? Definitely. A.ge is not his friend
  10. Miller's contract will be the Bills albatross for a few more years. This was not money wisely spent from the get go. Aging player ??? Beane way over paid.
  11. A wasted year on Allen's career seems likely...
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