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  1. Sure there was. Cardinals are a poor team. They need to evaluate entire roster and having an old vet who may have a year or possibly two left taking reps does nothing for the future of the team. With that said, pursue him yes. Could be a great addition for remainder of the year without a doubt.
  2. No TD returns but he has had a 60 plus harder and a few other good returns. My eyes see a guy who runs hard but has yet to have a clear field to really turn it on. Personally, I like Roberts. Shore up the rest of the unit then he'll really shine
  3. Well, it may be similarly as unsubstantiated as the opinions of those who think Duke is a world beater.
  4. They didn't love him enough to want to keep him, did they?
  5. The big body could have helped on the last gasp slant route run by Brown and I'm not a McKenzie fan at all. Give Williams the role. Beasley should have caught that deep ball. One of Allen's few good deep balls this year.
  6. Yeah, now they may have an inkling as to what every other team has felt.. do they even remember two recent tripping (non-tripping) calls that they were gift by the officials against Dallas? There have been 20 years of calls going their way so piss on the Pats....
  7. We all enjoyed watching his work on ST but he wasn't the best ST player on the Bills. Tasker got the splash plays as the Gunner on kick coverage but the more valuable ST player then was Mark Like.....
  8. Truth is that Dougie boy did the Bills a favor. The 4 mil was much less than the $$ that Darius stole. We have had years of massive dead money against the cap for players we didn't have anymore or were performing like journeymen. Thanks Dougie...
  9. His game had definite moved upward last year but not enough to remove questions. Had he had the year he's having this year, I believe he would have had his 5th year picked up. I'd like to see the Bills resign him now for sure.
  10. You should be an NFL Official. You already possess the first requirement, that being of poor eyesight. Clear PI by rule on play to Knox. Jeez....
  11. Make up calls for garbage call against the Bills earlier.
  12. What ever happened to "Bill in NY" or "Bill from NY"? Not sure exactly, but he used to also write recaps of the games "in no particular order"..
  13. I can hear old Van now...
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