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  1. Had that been the case, they could have left him on IR.
  2. Any chance either may be activated for the Chiefs game?
  3. Sherfield has only proven that je is a poor route runner. I jave seen enough of this guy period.
  4. Sherfield should never see the field again after yesterday.
  5. This team is in serious need of a quality DC. McD and his vanilla zone defenses let us down every time in crunch time. He is not the answer and we all blamed our lapses defensively on Frazier. He may have been a strong contributor but this year has shown that McD is the primary reason himself.
  6. You must have watched a differnet Matt Stevens than I did.
  7. One of the games spoke about around here that I actually attended. Bitter cold and windy. My buddy Brad and I were about to leave when the first roar was heard. Made it back to see the TD.
  8. I would wholeheartedly ban the pushing of any player feom behind whether they be an offensive or defensive player.
  9. I was very skeptical about the Joseph signing initially, but now I only ask why did this take so long. He had been available. He has been a very good addition for sure.
  10. Wasn't the official word that he was shut down due to an ankle injury that wasn't coming around?
  11. So being being over reactionary and of knee jerk mentality is infinitely better?
  12. Became a Bills fan when Jack Kemp was our QB. As angry as I have gotten he past few weeks, I still can vidily recall the years of having no chance before the season even began. We can debate who should stay and who should go, but I'll always be a Bills fan!
  13. Sure, let's just return to 2000 and start all over with another 17 year drought.
  14. Having been successful in SF, why were the 49ers so glad ro get rid of him? And more recently, he's shown the be Belicheat II. Character does matter and he is devoid of any semblance of having positive one.
  15. A heavily wound Defense again proved inadequate. Yet who is to blame for the 4th down all out blitz that left Taron Johnson high and dry? It worked on third sown yes. Ever hear of going to the well too often?
  16. Wide Right, Music City Miracle, 13 Seconds, and now 12 men on the field. I guess it will never end. I still cant believe what i just happened.
  17. I'm going to have to triple my blood pressure meds.
  18. That was a play that used ro be routine for Allen....
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