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  1. Just heard... Dang..... Out S Micah Hyde (neck) CB Dane Jackson (neck) DT Ed Oliver (ankle) DT Jordan Phillips (hamstring) Questionable WR Gabe Davis (ankle) TE Dawson Knox (foot) DT Tim Settle (calf) OL Mitch Morse (elbow) S Jordan Poyer (foot)
  2. Overpriced, for sure but absolutely not trash. Jeez, be real.
  3. Heard him approx 2 years ago and his voice is totally shot...
  4. Tyrod broke? Holy cow, this man has already stolen millions as a very mediocre QB who can run a bit. Go away. I used to respect him until this...
  5. Personally, i see the delay in revealing the renderings is almost like vaporware. Long on promise, short on delivery. Enough already, reveal them!!!
  6. The Bills were in desperate need of a quality #1 WR and they went and got Diggs. Seems to have worked out well so far!
  7. Absolutely cannot watch or listen to Steve Smith. He and Michael Irvin are horrendous.
  8. They wanted to use the big guy as run stuffer, which we saw when he first was a Bill was not his strong suit.
  9. I'll second that. Once the Bills realized Klein was not a good cover backer, he played very well after his rough first game or two. He was a quality player for us.
  10. ICE and his "a..clown" go to got very tiring at best. Not missed at all. Darned kids.... 😁
  11. His deep ball was reasonably decent, not great but decent..The rest of his passing game was pitiful and.painful to watch. If anyone ever has any doubts, rewatch his performance against the Jags in the playoffs.
  12. ? He had 70 catches give or take when he played for the Bengals. Then .. he faded away.
  13. So true. Watching that one particular game is so enjoyable due to JA embarrassing the "Legend" so brutally.
  14. Around Christmas last year developed a second round of tendinitis in my left elbow. While finally getting better, it is still with me almost 8 months later.
  15. That's a "homer" point of view. While Brown may develop, he was barely adequate last year at best.
  16. ...and I have used the NFL Games Pass for years.
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