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  1. You move up for a franchise quarterback if you think you need to. You better be right though (see Trubisky, Leaf, RG3, etc.). Although not great of late, I don't think the Eagles regret trading up for Wentz. I don't think the Chiefs regret trading up for Mahomes. Donahoe by all reports was trying to find a trading partner to move up for Roethlisberger. I'm more hesitant with other positions but if you think that guy will help your football team immensely and he won't last unless you make a move then go for it.
  2. The Patriots would never win a game again. Although, Belichick would find a way to employ bots like twitter. It was worse before review. See the 1998 Bills Pats game.
  3. Fans love PFF when it sheds a positive light on their favorite players. If it doesn't, disregard it as they don't know what they're talking about. It's like political polls.
  4. Until Allen has a bad game and then he needs to be back on the sidelines
  5. I have a hard time putting Eli in. His career passer rating is 84.1 (well below Roethlisberger and Rivers by about 10 points). He's led the league in interceptions three times (the only major QB category he's led the league in for any individual season). He elevated his game in the postseason but it was primarily the defense that won those two SB's. If you really look close at his numbers he's an average quarterback for his era that's career passing yards and td's are simply byproducts of the Giants being satisfied with average QB play for that span of time.
  6. It's an interesting debate because Roethlisberger and Rivers have similar stats but the former has two Superbowl victories. Eli doesn't have the stats but has two Superbowl wins against the Pats in dramatic fashion. I'd personally vote Roethlisberger and Rivers in. I'd leave Eli out as he's a good but not HOF worthy QB.
  7. Agreed. His failure in the playoffs, not ever winning the MVP or offensive player of the year, and a likely logjam at QB may prevent him from making it despite his seven pro bowl selections. Unless they loosen the standards and put 20 in every year like the idiotic decision they made to induct 20 in 2020.
  8. Lot's of traveling and 4 pm games next year. If I had to guess we'll pry be home against the Steelers and away against the Colts also. Should be fun.
  9. If we win this game we make the playoffs and if we lose we don't. Until they lose this game and then I can talk myself into beating Dallas and Pittsburgh.
  10. Fitz was always feast or famine when he played here when opposing teams blitzed. The trick is disguising it and the Bills did a good job of that yesterday. I'm glad we don't have to face him again. I'd love to have him come here next year as our backup.
  11. That's the danger of sticking with a middling starter like Dalton. We've passed on a lot of QB's over the years thinking we could turn guys like Edwards, Fitz, Taylor, etc. into championship quality QB's.
  12. Yeah. A lot of teams fans are kicking themselves. Bears fans have it the worse though.
  13. What's worse? Trading your 1st, 3rd, and 4th round pick to move up one spot and draft Trubisky when you could've stayed pat and took Mahomes or Watson? Or......trading your 1st round pick to the team that took Mahomes?
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