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  1. I'm pry the only one who read this title and was excited because I thought Judas Priest was performing.
  2. Doc Brown

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    I heard the tape telling him to take out a player who just had a concussion and to go after a WR's ACL. Screw him.
  3. Al Gore lost running on Bill Clinton's policies and Americans just want change. It's like when everybody but us wanted the Bills to miss the Superbowl the 4th time around.
  4. Oh, it's coming. We're moving closer to idiocracy.
  5. No. It's way more complicated than that going all the way back to the Carter administration.. I'm just trying to put myself in the shoes of somebody who doesn't follow politics which is most of the population.
  6. Doc Brown

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    I just realized that miracle finish in Miami cost the Pats homefield. I hope they get destroyed at Arrowhead.
  7. She's a combination of Palin and Trump and it's awesome. She's like Palin of the left (Democratic-socialist opposed to Tea Party leader) in which she's a talented politician that a certain group of people can relate to who is too lazy to get her facts straight and therefore is exposed. With her social media prowess and Democratic establishment types wishing she'd just go away and Republicans trying to highlight her as the dire future of the Democratic Party....she reminds me of a 2015-2016 Trump where Republicans were helpless to stop him. People should not underestimate her.
  8. Doc Brown

    Walt Coleman to retire!

    I wonder who Bill Belichick will pick to replace them?
  9. I don't think it'll ever go away. Hopefully, he does improve in that area though. think we're going to have to accept that he'll throw four or five balls per game that are woefully inaccurate (similar to Cam Newton), but he makes up for it with arm strength and his mobility.
  10. Kiper said that Josh Allen's potential will come out when surrounded with NFL talent as he lacked a supporting cast in college. Hopefully we can find him some this offseason.
  11. Doc Brown

    Anyone buy a dog recently?

    He runs in his sleep? That's pretty awesome.
  12. Doc Brown

    Anyone buy a dog recently?

    Yeah. I hear that all the time. That's the pug side of him. The one negative with pugs is they snore loudly and breathe heavily when overheated. Just the scrunched in nose I guess. He'll also stay up with me as I've had insomnia problems my whole life.
  13. Doc Brown

    Anyone buy a dog recently?

    Dogs are great. I'm on my third rescue dog and let my son pick the dog out since she took the loss of our last dog (half shih tzu, half chihuahua) the worse. He died on my lap during the Dolphins home game last year right before Miami recovered the onsides kick. He chose this bug (half pug, half boston terrior) with no ear drum in his left ear. He was the runt of the litter so I'm guessing the orignal owners couldn't find an owner for him. He's pretty ugly but has a great personality. We got lucky in he was potty trained within a week and is somewhat energetic but not to the point of annoying. This isn't a picture of him, but it looks exactly like him
  14. Doc Brown

    Anyone buy a dog recently?

    Are you adopting a kid or a dog?
  15. The Iraq War and the recession (after the Bush tax cuts) happened under a Republican president so of course younger people are going to identify more with the Democratic Party during their political formative years under Obama. The same way young people identified more with Republicans during the Reagan years after the economic problems (rising unemployment, increasing gas prices, 1980 recession) and failed foreign policy with the USSR under the Carter administration. They're going to blame the party in charge whether it's fair or not. This idea that college campus professors goal is to indoctrate their students with their liberal views is overblown by the right.