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  1. That's right. They started out strong and then the storm came. Very strange game. I stripped my clothes off back at the car and me and my buddy drove home with the heat cranked up in our boxers.
  2. That one Giants game in '07?? where it was like 32 and rain was pretty bad. Once you're body is wet you're done.
  3. Guard is an area of weakness and Quinton Spain is a free agent who could be a solid signing. If we can upgrade at backup QB also that would be great.
  4. Am I wrong to read this and conclude that Sal thinks Bills fans are morons? Almost a full yard less huh.
  5. I may be wrong on this but didn't Peyton Manning decide to remain at Tennessee partly because the Jets had the first pick in the '97 draft. It would be funny if Lawrence did the same.
  6. I guarantee he's an upgrade over Boettger or Winters when it comes to pass blocking no matter which metrics you cite.
  7. Agreed. Him and Romo are one of the only color commentator that enhances my viewing experience. Michaels is great with anyone they've ever put him with. Romo and Nantz are also great. Those two are the top tier and nobody else really comes close. That's pry his biggest weakness and he has an elitist way about him. I get the hate. However, whenever he goes into analyst mode he's outstanding.
  8. They invested in the CB position with a large contract for Jones and a 1st rounder last year. It would make sense to feel out what they could get for Howard. It's pry to steep a price for the Bills and intradivision trades are rare.
  9. I'll still take Collinsworth over anybody at least on tv today. Screw the haters.
  10. It's okay. I'm used to Bills players disappointing me. It's a rough beat though.
  11. That Woods fumble put me down one from up one in fantasy. You've got to be kidding me.
  12. I'm guessing McDermott would talk him up as much as possible if they were looking to trade him. He seems like a high character guy but hasn't shown much since entering the league. If they could get anything for him I'd do the trade.
  13. After watching the Bills inside the 25 yesterday. God no. Offenses are too good now so you'd pry see the winner of the coin flip when about 60% of the games. It was around 54% before the OT format change I believe but a touchback also put you at the 20 yard line at the time.
  14. He was good against zone last year as the blueprint for him was man coverage with disguised blitzes. I put the lack of scoring more on the poor running game.
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