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  1. You stated above he was the inventor of the mRNA vaccines.
  2. Your right and I deleted the post. Still though. How are these two things consistent with each other?
  3. I agree with all of this. What does this have to do with the anti-vax bs you've been posting? There's a fricken reason case numbers are way up and hospitalizations/deaths aren't. VACCINES
  4. Or we could just go with the numbers on the ground. Enough of this anti-vax grifter nonsense.
  5. I'd have better luck convincing you that socialism is good for this country.
  6. That's shady even if she is a socialist. I prefer to let the people decide.
  7. This is a fricken joke. These are the type of doctor's advising the CDC Delta breakthrough cases: rarely deadly but equally contagious. How this breaking news changes the landscape. The viral load, a very good proxy for contagiousness, among unvaccinated and breakthrough Delta infections appear comparable. This is breaking and important news. It’s the reason why the CDC has now altered its mask guidance in areas with “substantial or high” levels of transmission, advising indoor masking in public even for vaccinated people in these places.
  8. This. I voted for Moss to punish Singletary for that drop against the Chiefs but the allotment of playing time will be influenced by Daboll's game plan each week. Also, it's sometimes just a matter of riding the hot hand. Regardless, I don't expect either to get above 65% of the RB carries.
  9. Alf. The justice department is already investigating everything that happened that day. A lot of the idiots who attacked the capital that day have been identified and charged. Maybe have some sort of ceremony honoring the Capitol and Metro police that day. If they need to investigate more maybe hire a special prosecutor. I don't care. This will just turn into another Benghazi under the veneer of a serious investigation. All while wasting taxpayer money.
  10. Nobody normal cares about this anymore. Nobody. It's been investigated and both sides presented thoroughly in Trump's 2nd impeachment. Everyone has solidified their opinion on how much of a role Trump played. It's a gigantic waste of time.
  11. The charred BBQ wings from La Nova are hard to beat.
  12. The best I can tell you is what the US surgeon general said on Thursday. About 97% of hospitalizations and 99.5% of Covid deaths are among the unvacinnated. As long as we stay around those numbers we shouldn't make any policy changes. The unvaccinated have the shot available to them and they should have knowledge of how effective these vaccines are. It's completely on them now what they want to do with that information. The only problem I have is you know our damn politicians will reinstate mask mandates for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated when hospitalizations and deaths
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