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  1. It is interesting if there was ever a major disagreement between Beane and McDermott over a draft pick we'd never know it publicly. As far as the draft it seems Beane has the final say. The last embedded video is a good example. McDermott wanted Van Prann in the 4th round but Beane decided to take Ray Davis in that spot. They took the chance that Van Prann would be there 13 picks later in the 5th.
  2. Yeah and to make matters worse Araiza's lawyer claimed when the allegations became public all the teams knew about it prior to the draft (which they didn't). It happened right before the last pre-season game so the Bills had to move fast to sign a competent punter before the season. I remember the outrage that he even took the flight with the team to Carolina. Scumbag lawyers, lack of NFL guidance, and just bad timing led to his release.
  3. You know the Chiefs are in our heads when we're talking about a team signing a punter.
  4. I'll just go by recent guys (post 2000) that I never cared for. McGahee, Maybin, Dareus, Benjamin
  5. Just do away with the designed runs. You do that by surrounding him with weapons and building up the trenches.
  6. How would it look compared to the rest of the league if the Bills took a WR in the 1st and 4th round of the 2020 draft?
  7. My main criticism is him as far as helping Josh is not signing D. Hop last off-season when he could've made it work salary cap wise. He sure would've been an upgrade from Davis, Sherfield, and Hardy.
  8. He also threw four picks in that game. It's more of a case of Lawrence's stats were so bad his rookie year because Urban Meyer may have been the worst coaching hire in the last ten years at least. I guess you could make a case for Adam Gase or Nathaniel Hackett but still. It was bad.
  9. That's all their regular season games they've played in their career up to this point. Both played 50 if you include the playoffs.
  10. Trevor Lawrence is obviously better but I found this interesting....
  11. Because most GM’s are new because the old one’s got a d or worse.
  12. He's somewhere between an A and B. Definitely a top five GM in the league. To answer your questions. His best move besides drafting Allen was trading for Diggs. His best draft pick so far in terms of value was Taron Johnson. Knox, S. Brown, Shakir, Benford, Bernard, and Davis are also in the running. His biggest miss was Cody Ford despite us all loving the trade up at the time. I would say Elam but the book hasn't been written on him yet. The Basham pick is still infuriating. His best free agent signings were Morse, Brown, D. Williams, and Beasley. His worst contract given out was unfortunately Von Miller.
  13. His mom tweeted to breathe and there's nothing to worry about. My mom for the record is dead.
  14. He lost Adams in free agency which is my biggest Diggs fear with Allen.
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