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  1. He was just an average pass rusher last year and was clearly in decline (both physically and apparently mentally). Hope he gets the help he needs.
  2. It would be 30 to 24 if that were the case so you should get the credit if that's the final score in overtime. I'll go Fins 38, Bills 30. The two biggest problems with our defense is tackling and a lack of speed guys in the secondary. The Dolphins are the best team in the NFL to expose that.
  3. The 2nd down run wasn't out of bounds. Packers used a timeout. Goff at least had the recognition on 3rd down to take a sack if the throw wasn't there.
  4. I just watched it and I think the only two candidates that actually think they can win are Haley and DeSantis. All others have ulterior motives imo (cabinet positions, media positions, they hate Trump, etc.).
  5. Strongly disagree. It is fair game. A 25 year old should not be starting on a high school team.
  6. I wish Denver hired him and it's hilarious Hackett was their choice. McDaniel is a really good head coach and offensive mind. Possibly the best in the game. He's got a different personality than most successful head coaches but the one common trait is players will play hard for him. Like it or not, the Fins will likely be annual contenders with him there similar to Shanahan in SF.
  7. Wondering when they’d add one. Finally got Rodgers’s approval I guess.
  8. I have so many takes about the Bills through three weeks but the Dolphins game will tell me a lot more if those takes are accurate. Here's the biggest takeaways with the rest of the league so far. -The Cardinals and Texans have performed admirably and credit goes to their head coaches. -The Bears, Raiders, and Broncos have performed terribly and credit goes to their head coaches. -I wish Aaron Rodgers didn't get hurt so my preseason prediction they'd finish last in the division was actually bold. -Mike McDaniel is a hell of a head coach and the Dolphins should be a great rivalry for a long time. -Every reason you don't give running backs big second contracts has only been validated so far this year. -I don't know what scares me more. The Chiefs defense or the Dolphins offense.
  9. Good. If you need an onside kick to win the game you deserve to lose.
  10. Good teams win. Great teams cover no matter what.
  11. Most overrated WR in the NFL. Not a big loss. Lol. Okay. Good luck organizing and executing that.
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