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  1. He's drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes who was kind of hidden at Texas Tech and he skyrocket up the draft boards in 2017. I highly doubt he's the next Patrick Mahomes (his college numbers aren't close to what Mahomes's were) but teams may be more willing to roll the dice hoping he is.
  2. I disagree. It gives cities like Nashville, Philly, Cleveland, and Kansas City who don't get to host Superbowls the ability to showcase their city (and all the extra income to local businesses that come with it). I wish they'd keep it to cities that won't get to host Superbowls though. Vegas and Dallas got it because they built state of the art stadiums.
  3. Manning's a statue in the pocket though so it's fairer to compare their combined passing and rushing stats. Allen had over 300 yards combined rushing and passing 5 times in 26 games. Manning did it 7 times in 33 games. Allen had two 4/5 TD games. Manning had zero. Allen had over 3500 combined yards in his first full season starting. Manning did the same in his first two full seasons starting.
  4. He's going to sign for over 100 million for 5 years somewhere probably. I wouldn't consider that a reasonable deal.
  5. That's too much to invest in the D-line with contracts coming up for Milano, Dawkins, White, Poyer (possibly), Edmunds, and hopefully another FA play maker on offense. Beane used a lot of draft capital and free agency money (Oliver, Harry, Star) at D-tackle to pay a rotational guy that much in Phillips. A lower cost option to throw into the rotation is more likely. If we do somehow break the bank for Yannick then it's more likely we take a DE in the first few rounds then resign Shaq. Conversely, we could resign Shaq and then draft another pass rusher if we don't decide to sign a premium pass rusher in free agency. If I had to guess Beane does that before signing a big name DE in free agency. Wasn't aware of that. Last I heard was Harbaugh saying it would be difficult to get a deal done with him.
  6. Yannick's contract won't be that far off from Clowney's. I'm guessing at least in the 5 year 100 million dollar range with 60 million guaranteed. There's no way we sign all three.
  7. He's elite against the run and above average when rushing the passer. Here's what everybody's favorite pff said about him recently.... Clowney put up an 88.0 overall grade in 2018 — the highest mark of his career — and he followed up with an 87.3 grade after a trade to the Seahawks despite seeing his sack total drop from nine to three. Clowney has the 11th-best overall grade among all edge defenders since 2017, including the third-best mark against the run (91.3), but his pass-rush grade of 83.9 ranks just 25th among that same group. I'd prefer they didn't give him a record DE contract and pursued Judon (or somebody similar), but would understand why they'd do so.
  8. I think they go hard after Ngakoue and Judon. Clowney likely remains in Seattle.
  9. We're the suckers then because we don't get paid to do it.
  10. There’d be less pushback than you think. Most people think of the electoral college system is as antiquated as daylight savings time and we have it just because it’s always been that way. It goes back to a lack of civics education of why the ec is so important.
  11. That's my main beef is the fans out there that think we made the correct decision in getting White, Edmunds, and Allen instead of Mahomes. That Mahomes wouldn't have succeeded in Buffalo because he didn't have the pieces or coaches around him that he does in Kansas City. I don't even think Hue Jackson could've prevented Mahomes from being a Superstar if Cleveland drafted him. I'll give Pegula for firing Whaley the next day after that draft for that blunder (albeit incidentally).
  12. A big part of Trump's victory was a rebellion against the media elites. Same with the rise of Sanders. Both populist candidates appealing to different ends of the political spectrum who's rallying cry involved blaming others for the problems in their supporters lives.
  13. The Bills were trying to tank without actually saying it in 2017. That's the main reason. We needed a franchise QB and any draft assets would help us trade up to get one. Him and Darby were two assets that Beane felt didn't have a future with the Bills for different reasons. He wasn't going to give either of those two second contracts. Watkins has underwhelmed since he left here so I can't say he made the wrong decision. Heck, the Rams traded a 1st round pick for Cooks and let Watkins walk because they thought so little of him.
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