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  1. Especially when the guy's screaming I can't breathe which is why it got the attention of the bystanders. I was surprised with how quickly they were fired. Pry to prevent mass protests and riots which didn't appear to work. Can you imagine if the Vikings win a Super Bowl? We'll need to deploy the entire US military.
  2. Not a bad idea. Just looked her up and she's not bad looking with her 35.6 billion dollar settlement. I love my wife but a teacher's salary won't get me that private jet.
  3. God. Don't get Trump started on him. Amazon's made me a lot of money over the years.
  4. I can see how complicated it is as just reading what goes into it gives me a headache. It does seem to favor mainstream media sources which slant left so you're pry correct right that they unintentionally favor left wing viewpoints. Given about a third of the people click the first link that seems significant to me when shaping public discourse.
  5. I read through google's explanation of their algorithm and am still confused. Particularly their PageRank system. It's not just traffic but also strength of the domain name along with how long the site has existed. There's no denying the designers could easily manipulate the algorithm to fit their political points of view.
  6. I don't hate the idea but there would need to be clearly defined standards about the purpose and limitations of such congressional committees. They'd also have to address whether oversight is constricted to just the major social media platforms that are publicly traded or all social media platforms.
  7. I don't really trust Congress to do it either. Who appoints these regulators and what guarantees they can remain politically neutral?
  8. Public figures should be fact checked whenever they make public comments (interviews, press conferences, posts on social media, etc.). However, social media platforms like twitter, facebook, etc. should not be in the fact checking business. Once they start fact checking some tweets and ignoring others they stake out partisan positions even if they don't intend to.
  9. His policies and rhetoric when it comes to censoring free speech are usually disconnected so I doubt he does anything. Twitter, google, facebook, etc. are just asking for regulation if they decide to become fact checkers though. That's supposed to be the media's job but the problem is nobody trusts the damn media anymore.
  10. I wonder if there's an extra lag because of the holiday weekend as far as the death count goes (Wednesday is the new Tuesday this week). The seven day rolling average is below 1,000 though so hopefully tomorrow we'll see it back below 1,000 deaths reported by tomorrow.
  11. That's the funny thing about the left wanting Trump banned from twitter. He only hurts himself on there by tweeting all this stupid unfounded conspiracy crap. He may get a cheer from the far right conspiracy theorist crowd but it doesn't help him at all with the few swing voters that will decide the election. Dear idiots on the left, let him tweet all he wants. I would say 90% of us are reasonable and will wear masks voluntary when in close spaces as long as that is the recommendation. It shouldn't be law though as this is only temporary.
  12. Never a fan of the guy who helped lead us to our only four Superbowl appearances? It didn't work out for us in the Super Bowl but you need to be a special coach to lead a team to four straight. Hell, Belichick hasn't even done that yet. Plus, I recall his regular season record against the elite NFC teams being pretty good during that stretch so I wouldn't say he was "destroyed when playing teams with as much talent as his team had." We were only favored in one of those Super Bowls and if Norwood kicks the ball straight we win that one.
  13. It was a forward pass. I felt the blow back from that loss from that game propelled this team to another level with all the overrated chatter from the local and national media. You could see it with the effort the next week in Miami as they played with an edge. Then we went on to win three of the next four against the Broncos, Cowboys, and Steelers.
  14. The Bryce Brown fumble while running into the end zone against KC and the collapse out west against the pitiful Raiders is what I remember about that season. Either one of those games we win and we're in I believe. Wasted a great year by our defense.
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