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  1. True, but '08 was the perfect storm for Republicans as the Iraq War became deeply unpopular, we were going through the greatest crisis since the great depression, and the response to Hurricane Katrina by Bush was portrayed as inept by the media (unfairly in my opinion). I doubt you'll see another Supermajority. Even with the Supermajority the most centrist Democrats killed the public option in order to get the ACA through. Now, if either party in power of all three branches killed the filibuster in the Senate it would be a whole different ball game.
  2. She could and that's why Trump declaring a National Emergency for wall funding was short-sighted. Same goes for Harry Reid for lowering the vote threshold to 51 for judges and cabinet member nominations.
  3. Maybe. However, she can't just snap her fingers to forgive student loan debt, make college free, increase the federal minimum wage, institute medicare for all, and break up the big banks/big tech companies without passing legislation in Congress.
  4. We're both generalizing as whether progressives love or hate their country. It's somewhere in between for most of them. Even if we elected somebody like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren they'd have a really hard time getting their agenda through Congress.
  5. The progressive view is that they appreciate living in America but are just wishing to change it for the better no matter how misguided it appears to us. That's why their pushing for socialized medicine, free college, green new deal, increase in federal minimum wage, etc... It doesn't mean they hate their country (although Omar may). The if you don't like it here than leave isn't a new attack. I'm not a fan of it as it's divisive and feeds into the "us vs. them" mentality plaguing our politics but it's certainly not out of bounds.
  6. I think if Shady shows he's lost a step in training camp he's either cut or traded. We should've traded him last year. Historically, similar backs with his style of running hit a wall at 30/31 years old.
  7. My main problem with the tweet is he assumed the squad were from other countries and I doubt he says that if they weren't minorities. If it was really about ideology why would he say go back to YOUR countries? I doubt he tells Bernie Sanders to go back to his country even though he has the same ideology. So, there's two ways to read that tweet in my mind. The first is being a xenophobic trope designed to both have Dems in Congress defend them when they were trying to distance themselves from "The Squad" and to excite the small sliver of his base that are xenophobic (hence the "send her back" chants at his rally). He knew that three of the four were born here and also knew he could clarify what he said and his fans/sycophants would say he really meant if you don't like living here you can leave. The more likely explanation is just ignorance on his part not knowing three were born here which is consistent with Trump who says and tweets a lot of stupid crap on subjects he doesn't know much about, but the purpose of the tweet was to highlight the radical base of the Democratic party. This seems far more likely.
  8. All good movies. Minority Report and Edge of Tomorrow are my top two Cruise movies with him as the main actor.
  9. The scar is too gross to post on here but she had a legitimate gripe. Disregard previous post as this person has way more ambition than I do.
  10. Tropic Thunder - somewhat revitalized his career after going nuts with his scientology phase.
  11. Indianapolis Colts : 87.8 New England Patriots : 87.2 Philadelphia Eagles : 87.0 Kansas City Chiefs : 85.5 Seattle Seahawks : 84.9 Pittsburgh Steelers : 84.4 New Orleans Saints : 84.2 Los Angeles Rams : 82.8 Cleveland Browns : 81.9 Los Angeles Chargers : 80.9 Chicago Bears : 80.5 Minnesota Vikings : 80.4 Green Bay Packers : 79.6 Dallas Cowboys : 79.0 Atlanta Falcons : 78.4 Houston Texans : 77.6 Baltimore Ravens : 77.0 Carolina Panthers : 76.7 Tennessee Titans : 75.3 Oakland Raiders : 75.2 Detroit Lions : 74.5 Denver Broncos : 74.3 Buffalo Bills : 73.9 San Francisco 49ers : 73.6 Jacksonville Jaguars : 72.9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers : 72.0 Washington Redskins : 71.3 Cincinnati Bengals : 71.0 New York Jets : 70.8 Arizona Cardinals : 70.4 New York Giants : 69.1 Miami Dolphins : 65.4
  12. I thought Iceman was in the sequel but didn't see him in the trailer. Pry a good idea to go with Jennifer Connelly.
  13. At that particular time Bernie would've easily taken PA, MI, and WI over Trump and won the presidency. Possibly Ohio (they reelected Sherrod Brown) and Indiana as well. Hillary and Trump had favorability ratings around 40% at the time. Sanders was around 55%. The DNC deserved what they got.
  14. Especially Zeke Elliott's six game suspension which is similar to Hill's case. I'd be ticked off if I was a Cowboys fan right now.
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