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  1. True but it's refreshing to see a national media figure actually did deeper into the game and not just give a surface level reaction.
  2. Ravens fans (and probably management) are grappling with this too before they give Lamar a big contract. Can he improve with better WR's or in a more pass oriented system.....or is this the best version of him you're going to get in Roman's system. Can you still develop him into a better passer? I wouldn't want to be in management's shoes right now.
  3. I'd be all for that if you can find a specific politician that gave a speech to an organized group to march on a building for a specific purpose. I'd definitely call for his/her resignation.
  4. This will be the protocol..... Neurologist - What team are you playing this week? Mahomes - Apple Neurologist - The Big Apple as the only team in NY. He's fine.
  5. Yes. It's completely normal for the President of the United States to encourage supporters to march to the place in government where the electoral college votes where about to be certified at a "stop the steal" rally. He's either an idiot for not foreseeing possible violence or he was indifferent. Then after reports of possible deaths, Senators hiding behind chairs in fear of their life, and the desecration of one of our most cherished government buildings he tweets...... Yes. Remember the day that caused five deaths. Anybody that defends this guy after
  6. Anybody who doesn't look on twitter 90 minutes before the game for the inactive list is a casual fan in my mind.
  7. You have to at least have somewhat of a threat though. Our one successful TD drive last night had the most offensive balance between run and pass all night.
  8. It reminds me of that Bryce Brown fumble that went through Chandler's legs out of the back of the endzone. If it's fourth and goal teams could purposely fumble it if they come up short of the goal line. I don't agree with the rule but that's the alternative explanation.
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