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  1. That's where it tells me he's trying to score political points. Most of the protests have been peaceful. He made a good point that Fauci has advocated for businesses to be shut down, avoid restaurants and bars, etc but wouldn't commit to urge people not to protest. Jordan would've looked better just making that point.
  2. Not a good look with the undecided swing voters he's trying to win over. Also not a good look, apparently not being able to comprehend (or pretending he doesn't) the concept of deaths per capita are and why it matters when comparing the US response to COVID to other countries. I don't know why he booked this interview with an actual non sycophant reporter who did his homework but he might need another campaign manager. It was like watching McDermott throw Peterman into the lion's den against the Chargers.
  3. Only logical conclusion is we're freeing up cap space to sign Clowney.
  4. True although a lot of other countries made the same mistakes because of how quickly this virus escalated and how little we knew about it. If the Nordic countries creep up in similar death rates and Sweden doesn't experience a second wave then that should be the model to follow. I think the ultimate blueprint will be somewhere in between Sweden's model and South Korea's model.
  5. That's a good one but nothing beats this...
  6. I'd like my boss to also not see me as a human.
  7. I don't think Biden has anything to worry about after watching Trump's Axios interview.
  8. Pederson could be in the presymptomatic phase where he has it but hasn't developed symptoms yet (some people develop minor symptoms and don't even realize they have it (feeling lethargic, dulled tasted buds, slight cough, etc..). It's common to spread it while in that phase as that seems to be where the virus is most contagious. If he remains asymptomatic it's unlikely but still possible that he can transmit the virus to someone else based off what research has been done to the best of my knowledge. I'm hoping that the NFL executives and players can learn from MLB's mistakes and develop policies that increase the likelihood of being able to play a season without being in a bubble.
  9. Then he spreads it to somebody much more vulnerable who dies. How is this hard to comprehend?
  10. Purposely infect all players, staff, media members, etc... right now and have then quarantine for a month. Proceed as usual with no fans allowed. If they die they die. Rocky 4 is the best bad movie of all time.
  11. It's frustrating because the virus ranges from no symptoms to deadly symptoms depending on your age and overall health. You'd think not having any symptoms would be a good thing but not with this virus. Without knowing your carrying the virus you're more likely to go out and spread it to somebody else extremely vulnerable.
  12. It'll be interesting to see if Belichick takes a different approach with Newton.
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