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  1. I was with you a few years ago but he's gotten exponentially worse. He's gone from decent after the play color commentator to a nauseating fawner of his favorite quarterback of the week. Hey Chris. If (insert quarterback here) has a horrible game maybe don't continue to praise him all night.
  2. Why? Is it supposed to be windy on Monday? Barely heard a thing.
  3. I want four feet on Sunday in orchard park so we can play in Detroit again. God it sucks. We build a team best suited for a Dome in the windiest city in the NFL. That’s on McBeane.
  4. Are the winds supposed to be worse than the Skins game?
  5. Ways of getting out of protocol: Aaron Rodgers: "Yeah. I've been immunized." Antonio Brown: purchase a fake vaccine card in front of personal chef that you eventually stiff. Both completely on brand.
  6. No. Not to get in their head. It’s more self serving. He’s a narcissistic prick who will build a qb up and then take pleasure in making them look like amateurs.
  7. More injuries and game time decisions in football. You'd give a relatively healthy team an even bigger advantage than a heavily banged up team.
  8. Amazingly, money is the driving force as they only want to pay 53 players so they try and reach the bare minimum.
  9. A guy can dream. I'll pay 10k for a PSL if they build something like this...
  10. Yup. Reminds me of his praise of Herbert. Herbert in that game: 229 yards, 2 TD's, 2 INT's, 51.9% completion percentage, 66.7 passing rating. If Josh somehow replicates or comes close to his performance last year @Pats on MNF against a depleted defense this game he should silence the few doubters still left out there.
  11. Josh played out of his mind in four of the last five regular season games last year and that version of Allen may be ingrained in our minds so that's pry why we feel he's not firing on all cylinders this year.
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