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  1. Lived in Bristol (ESPN) for two years. When a light turns green, always wait a few seconds because someone will turn left across your lane the instant it does.
  2. Tom Arnold, poster boy for red flag laws. Exhibit 1- Marrying Rosanne.
  3. Cummings should have quit and not died in office. He was using a scooter and walker recently. His health was failing. IMO, he might have lived longer if he wasn't so hateful.
  4. I saw Rodney Dangerfield a few years before he died (probably 2000). The jokes were probably older than me. Still was rolling on the floor. He went at least 40 minutes without even a break for a drink of water.
  5. Seinfeld's apartment building was the exterior of one in LA. You can tell because they show the quake retrofitting (the long rebar with the square flanges on the wall). The set for the Full House home was WAY WAY larger than any house on Alamo Square in SF (where the exterior was filmed ).
  6. Sean Astin was good in that movie
  7. I don't know how, but in the link at the top of this thread, a Polencarz ad was playing!
  8. Tibs is on his own today. His handlers in CA had their power cut off!😀
  9. Everyday I am so glad I moved back to Cheektowaga from CA after my 2014 stroke.
  10. With all the empty seats about 70% of the fans are bills fans
  11. Soylent Green-the official food of the Green New Deal!
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