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  1. They have had a Space Force for a while. Just part of the Air Force. My old neighbors son is a career Airman and he had been stationed around the country working on many things. The military side of Cape Kennedy is very busy. He said his son has to jet around the country a lot.
  2. Actually, it stresses picking up garbage when you see it along the way. Good way to get in exercise. Get to see a lot of nice trails. Pokemon Go just encourages people to wander into traffic. There are geocaches everywhere except NK, and the ISIS controlled areas.
  3. Who wins? Ditka of course. SNL-a Superfans sketch
  4. You've got better Indian and Chinese restaurants.😀
  5. Wacka


    The ground here (WNY) is solid. In CA it is riddled with faults and the shock waves don't propagate as much.
  6. Naw, she's the girl from the ,movie "The Bad Seed"
  7. Wacka


    Unless it was very shallow and directly under their feet. A one is like heavy truck going by. I lived less than 2 miles from the Calavaras Fault when I was in Cali and never felt any of the 1s or 2s on it. Felt the two4.2s about the same distance away on an unknown (at that time) fault in the opposite direction.
  8. Wacka


    This looks like a normal day. All ones and twos.
  9. Savage just blows whichever way the wind does. He was a left winger on KGO in SF in the late 90s. Then suddenly he became a right winger on conservative KSFO in the same city. Got his big break when a woman who had a popular financial show from 5-7died in a plane crash and they needed someone to fill her slot. People at both stations couldn't stand him and he had to do the show from home via ISDN. Who is inspiring you?
  10. Second last game at the Rockpile. 1972. Beat the 49ers and knocked Brodie out of the game.
  11. Yep. He was then lower left corner square on Hollywood Squares for years.
  12. Her grandfather, Charley Weaver (Cliff Arquette) ,is rolling over in his grave.
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