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  1. Wacka

    Name This Person

    Same dopey look.
  2. IMO we should have thrown the challenge flag on the last Bills play. I thought Brown was interfered with, what is there to lose?
  3. IMO should have from the challenge flag on that final play. I though Brown was interferred
  4. Wacka

    Name This Person

    I saw it a long time ago.
  5. No, just pointing out that someone with Down's Syndrome is more intelligent than you.
  6. Have a 1957Lionel HO gage set up in the attic. My dad bought it when I was born. Never mounted on a board. Have all the boxes for the cars and track, but the cellophane in them is gone. They all fit in a box that could be opened as a display box and also have the literature that came with it. Made sure that my mom never threw it out or sold it at a garage sale. I remember my dad said he paid about $35 for it then. I talked to someone on the internet about 10 years ago and he said it was worth about $500-750 then.
  7. BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Willie Nelson has quit smoking pot! Said his lungs can't take it anymore. Bob inconsolable!
  8. I wouldn't claim of knowing that
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