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  1. Back in the late 90s, the ENTIRE internet occupied about a TB or two.
  2. Friend got divorced in the late 80s. They did't have much so they split 50-50 , no kids. Used two Montana rookie cards to pay for his lawyer.
  3. Wacka

    Name This Person

    Cant remember the name (swiss cheese brain) but one of the two brothers in a band on the 70s (Brothers Johnson?)
  4. I also believe he had 100 punts in a season.
  5. Wacka

    Name This Person

    Diana Muldauer (sp?). On ST:TOS and Dr.Pulaski on ST:TNG for a season
  6. Wacka

    Name This Person

    I think Marianne Faithful was a blond. I think I saw a picture of her with Jagger in the 60s and she was blond. This woman is from the 70s-80s I think.
  7. Wacka

    Name This Person

    Cheated. Would not know who this is. Still don't
  8. For those who can get MSG on Satellite, the MSG in WNY (1,2,or 3- I don't know) plays the Bills games multiple times . Was on Mon, Tues, and this AM. Probably also after One Bills Live today. Beats them playing old Knick and Mets games and poker.
  9. Saw Dangerfield at the MGM in around 2000. Was an excellent show. He went 40-45 minutes from stepping on stage before he took a break to take a swig of water. A little dirtier than TV, but maybe one F-bomb.Had seats about 25 -30 feet from the stage. The sweat he moped up with the handkerchief was real. Had almost everyone rolling in the aisles.
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