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  1. From the way the picture looks probably dead.
  2. Buffalo at 43 degrees north is safe.
  3. Lefties going to their own standard. Projecting. Evrything the claim the right is or do is what they do but 10x more.
  4. Isn'y Bartman the gut that put the Cubs out of the World Series by catching that ball? Oops! Wrong Bartman!
  5. I can't read the visual (the link is blank) and the text doesn't make any sense. I have no Idea what this thread is about. All I know is that you can cut and paste.
  6. The way you posted doesn't male any sense and the the visual is too small.
  7. H0w did J0e do? Well, he didn't wet his Depends during his non-SOTU speech.
  8. DNC national convention.
  9. Glad tp say I didn't waste any time on this. I get smarter talk from my 94 year old mom with dementia.
  10. Rudy got the teflon don into prison. Even if there was something, you think he'd be so stupid to have it at his house?
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