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  1. Have you notice that at times recently, Joe is looking like Fire Marshall Bill?
  2. "Hi, my name is Tibs and iI am a Trumpaholic." "Hi Tibs!" There are support groups for everything. Find one.
  3. Another jolt of joy juice! Suddenly his eyes were a lot more open at the last question. Must be wearing a dialable med pump.
  4. GET OFF OF MY LAWN! Left foot? Could it be another sign of an impending stroke?
  5. I had one 10 years ago and will have another one from listiening too.
  6. Well he is "doing" better because today he has seen the questions beforehand has a teleprompter and probably an earpiece. And they got the med levels right. Had to mash up the pils in his ice cream.
  7. His left eye is noticeably more closed than his right. Is he going to have a stroke in the right side of his brain?
  8. Just turned it on. The questioners are preselected. He's got teleprompters.He just went to the whispering! Twice in a minute! He made another golf reference in a answer that had other to do with it! he just creatyed 2000 subs just last week. That's 8000 in a month. What great job growth!
  9. If this is like the typical Trump press conference (press all screaming yelling, no scripted questions.etc). Joke will freeze up like Mitch for several minutes.
  10. Mommy! All those big scary one eyed monsters looking at me! Who is this man??? Help me mommy!!!
  11. Clooney is an actor. What they excel at is memorizing what other people created and spitting it back with a little fake feeling.
  12. My sister and brother-in-law went on a two week trip to Europe and returned 7/4. They spent 3 days in Rome and saw the Colosseum. It was a hot day (95-100) and they couldn't get a taxi back to the hotel about a mile or so away so they walked. They saw a nice little place on a side street and went in to get a drink. They were talking and a mother and her adult daughter said "You're Americans! Where are you from?" My sister replied "Buffalo". They said "So are we!!" The daughter is the executive chef for the Bills players and staff at the stadium!
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