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  1. That's the view they usually show once a year on Bills game.
  2. Ice I believe is real, He is a knowledgeable Packers fan. Spags likes hamsters.
  3. If you go to Fort Niagara (where the Niagara River empties into Lake Ontario), Toronto is only about 30 miles away. I have seen the CN Tower and Rodgers Centre (Skydome) from there on a clear day.
  4. Having it in the triangle of roads makes for good access. The whole area around it was almost all empty land when it was opened in 1973. Did you see the cemetery on the stadium grounds. It is right next to the stadium. When they were clearing the land they found the family cemetery for the family that sold the land to the county. Part of the sale conditions were the county has to do the upkeep.
  5. Hope that all of the Billstime was removed before your colonoscopy.😄
  6. Danger zone on the beauty/ crazy matrix.
  7. FU. 100% the truth. As I said above I am dealing with mom's dementia. Biden has it. Not as advanced, but he has it.
  8. I stuttered a lot as a kid into HS. In fact if I didn't stutter I probably wouldn't be here. My parents took me to the stuttering clinic at Children's Hospital at age 4. They gave me a physical and found my BP was that of an adult. Further tests showed my kidney had a malformation that caused the high BP. Removed the kidney and I was fine. Finally grew out of it by having to give talks in journal club in college and graduate school. Biden is not stuttering. Mel Tillis stuttered, Biden doesn't. He has dementia.
  9. With taking care of my almost 95 year-old mom with dementia , I see that Biden is catching up fast. She is far enough along that we have hospice coming every other week to check on her.
  10. She's still around but in her late 80s. Would have made more Batmans but had back problems from dancing,
  11. You must be unemployed. Have so much time to troll. Not retired because you are an ageist.
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