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  1. They ARE the true enemy of the people. You have to be a complete moron to watch CNN or MSNBC who parrot and lie every second of every minute of the very day. And these clowns (and their Democratic demons) say the President lies all the time. These schmucks lie 30x more than the President ever will.
  2. Well, I guess CPL stands for Criminal Prison Lawyer instead of Creepy Porn Lawyer. Tucker Carlson was tight about this guy from day one, yet everyone else in MSM couldn’t pick up on it. Are the people in MSM really this disingenuous or they really just don’t care about criminal activities of their own just to support their hate-Trump narrative.
  3. You expect anything else from that garbage network?
  4. What a mess. And yet nobody in MSM wants to get to the bottom of this because it implicates their butt buddies in the Democratic Party. Only people like Sara Carter and John Solomon care to report any of this.
  5. Bubba is gonna have himself a new butt buddy very shortly. Or the hens on The View will have him over for a lovely chat about how Avenatti is Trump's worst nightmare. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Unfortunately there will be many injuries. This is just strike one.
  7. Whenever they sang that darn Mothra song, it made me sick to my stomach.
  8. He scored 84 TD's and was part of a passing game that revolutionized the passing game. Four seasons of double digit TD's. Five seasons over 1,000 yards. Maybe he falls short, but his numbers are solid.
  9. Where did the Blues come from as they weren't even picked to make the playoffs this year? And Tampa Bay being unceremoniously dumped by Columbus really opened the door for the Bruins, much to everyone's chagrin.
  10. Injuries have caught up to Glenn. He can't move any more, so he either is a guard or he is out of the NFL.
  11. I wish Godzilla was a heel though. He is much more powerful as a heel and is impossible to deal with as a heel. But, as long as the movie doesn't disappoint............. as monster movies tend to do, as there is too much of the human element, which destroys monster movies.
  12. They have remade Godzilla so much over the years that it's difficult to keep up with his look. But King Ghidorah looks bad azz for this movie.
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