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  1. As Douglas Murray said…. Bi-dumb’s idea of a 2-state solution is Minnesota and Michigan.
  2. It’s been so long since DR was here, I forgot what he was banned for.
  3. The staff thinks Kincaid is going to be the go-to guy for Josh, that 100 catch guy. That’s another reason they aren’t swinging for the finches at the WR position.
  4. No. That thing (whatever it is), hates this country.
  5. True. It's absolutely pointless because we have NO IDEA how these teams are going to be. The fact the Bills have Josh Allen means they can win every game on the schedule. Of course that doesn't mean they will win every game on the schedule.
  6. By showing us what a lowlife loser you are?? Good job, Spanky.
  7. Nice to see your a cackling hen who hates white people, Upstanding human right there.
  8. Our own Greg Rousseau is LGHFFJRPJGDWHHFJTNJZMLA++++++++++——?? 🤣🤣🤣
  9. There isn’t a soul on here that has to use a tenth of his/her abilities to call out your sorry azz.
  10. So, you’re telling me I can go around murdering minorities and I can get away with it? You can shove your white-hating racist bvllshit up your ass you prick.
  11. What an all time choke job by the Canes. 13 second-esque.
  12. The black Kojack needs her racist jazz kicked out of congress along with the other members of the Jewish hating/white hating squad.
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