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  1. All failed ex-NE coaches seem to flock home to BB.
  2. The Chiefs have only lost once in their last 6,000 games and have a SB title mixed in there. They have earned the right to be arrogant pricks if they wanna be.
  3. Yeah, a team that scores over 500 points facing top D's doesn't know how to score. Just goes to show why no one watches ESPCNN any more.
  4. For the love of God, WTF is wrong with these adults that they need something from minors?
  5. If none of them give up the farm for Watson, then no matter what any of these teams do................. they all will still be light years behind the Bills at professional sports most important position.
  6. The interior of the Bills OL cannot be a problem this game. If they allow Jones to be a game wrecker. Game. Set. Match, for the Chiefs
  7. And they were an inch away from a Harrison Phillips fumble recovery from having the ball with a chance to take the lead late in a stinker game for the Bills.
  8. Teller was a rookie that had a hard time on the field in 2018 and was even worse in 2019. And yet people wanna crucify Beane for getting rid of him. Man, 20/20 hindsight is beautiful.
  9. Yet he doesn't have a HC job. That's because the NFL stupidly allows this process to happen while coaches in the playoffs have to do double duty. It's not fair to the market. All HC hires shouldn't be made till AFTER the playoffs. Ok, then there are no excuses if the Bills win. NONE. I guess that's what he does.
  10. How ironic that Mahomes is the banged up one heading into this game, while Allen looks relatively healthy.
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