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  1. I hope you are just an internet tough guy on this one, because if you say this garbage to someone to their face about him........... you deserve whatever physicality you have coming to you. Let's just hope you are only an internet tough guy on this issue. Anyways, why are you being POS towards Krauthammer, he was one of Trump's biggest critics. You should like him for that alone since you hate Trump.
  2. njbuff

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Let me get this straight............ Shaq’s roster spot is in jeopardy because of a Redskins reject and a Giants reject? I get that McBeane hates most things that are Rex related, but not all players that played under Rex are bad. At worst, when healthy, Shaq sets a very good edge as a run defender. They are just lighting a fire under his ass for him to being able to stay on the field and being a medical case as he has been his first two years. Shaq can be part a very good DL rotation and that works in today’s NFL.
  3. It's pretty obvious the people who show outrage over this immigrant issue conveniently forget the fact that these people are breaking the law by trying to enter this country ILLEGALLY.. When ANY adult breaks the law, they are separated from their children. Why is this so hard to understand? Oh, that's right.......... the left is DESPERATE for a political edge. So, with the Russian hoax about to go bu the wayside, they something........... and this immigration farce is it.
  4. Donald Trump haters say he lies all the time. Donald Trump haters say he is a Nazi all the time. Donald Trump haters say he is a racist all time. Yada, yada, yada, bla, bla, bla. Sooner or later it all falls on deaf ears. People who are not a Trump supporter, but are reasonable, are tired of hearing these things. Trump is trying to fix this issue, but the Democrats have NO INTEREST in fixing anything with Trump. That is the big issue, not all the things Trump haters toss out there about Trump. Tell the Democratic Party to wake up and stop playing politics before you Trump haters bash Trump. This is all a mess because leftists would rather hate Trump than fix the immigration problem. FACT.
  5. Of course the Democrats are going to reject the proposal.
  6. njbuff

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    It's a story when it becomes one. TC hasn't even started yet. We will see what happens.
  7. Where was the outrage when this was happening 3 years ago?
  8. njbuff

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Maybe the kid is FINALLY healthy this year. This is only his third year. Give him a chance to prove himself this year as he is healthy. There is no reason to get rid of a third year DE that is on year 3 of his 5 year rookie deal. Non story.
  9. This is all a political stunt by the left. Don't ever let that fool you. The Russian hoax is a complete failure and these comatose Dems need something new to have voters attach to them and increasing Trump hate even more for the mid terms. They could care less about immigrants and their children. It's all to gain votes for the mid terms. There are MILLIONS of American children who live in poverty. Does anyone care about that?
  10. njbuff

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    it's one thing to have a political bias. It's another to be a top guy at the FBI and conducing your business solely on your political bias. How's the left going to spin this crap to protect this guy?
  11. njbuff

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    That man should be in cuffs, never mind fired.
  12. njbuff

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    Sorry. Bullets lives matter.
  13. njbuff

    Sabres & NHL 2018-19 - Entry Draft on June 22/23

    I might give you the 17th pick for O'Reilly. Depends what the Devils think of the Tavares FA situation. O'Reilly would be a nice complement to Hischier.
  14. njbuff

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    DR throws facts out there and these leftist shills still form their ridiculous opinions. Par for the course.