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  1. One of the best fanbases in all of the NHL continues to be shafted. I don't understand how the Bills and the Sabres are run like night and day, Makes no sense.
  2. The Bills do have a lot of young talent at almost every position, so it’s anybody’s guess at who will break out. All I know is that Allen carried this team on his back at times last year. Some players are going to have to emerge if the Bills are to grab that brass ring.
  3. Long before Trump, but hey don’t let that stop your continuous bvllshit narrative.
  4. Or on a higher dosage.
  5. OMG..... Legos. Keep those insurrectionist bastards in jail forever. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. I say Moss or A. Williams can emerge as a real threat in this offense, with Breida providing a speed element off the bench. Singletary can stop on a dime, which can make him a good back, but he is simply too small and too slow to ever be consistent.
  7. Could Morse be one of those "shocking" cuts?
  8. They are still broke beyond repair.
  9. If it was so violent, then why the heck don't we know, STILL, who killed Ashli Babbitt? And these absolute braindead mor@ns are comparing January 6th to 9/11? Are these people seriously out of the their f-n minds?
  10. If DerricK Burroughs didn't do a poor imitation of Mike Tyson against Tim McGee...... the Bills still would have had a chance in this game, even as poorly as they played offensively.
  11. The “REAL” Bills didn’t have a losing record in 1987. The “REAL” Bills went 6-6.
  12. If I am Elway, I would just throw the Packers anything they wanted for Rodgers and get it over with. Elway already has a history of bringing in a historic vet QB, albeit this time he will have to pay a heavy price with players and picks as compensation instead of just pure cash.
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