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  1. When is enough, enough?
  2. Nothing higher than a 4th rounder for Cooper.
  3. Everyone, everywhere is trying their best to dig up corrupt dirt on Trump to no avail. Keep trying though, it's fun.
  4. Stupid libs will just claim that Mueller was in Trump's pocket all along. Be prepared for that narrative.
  5. How many times is this f-ing idiot gonna claim that Trump goes to jail?
  6. Good. The days of illegals entering our country should stop. NOW.
  7. Looks like Damien Thorn's disciples.
  8. They kill gays and lesbians over there, so that means that CNN's entire staff isn't coming back to the USA. 😀
  9. Dave Bautista and Rob Van Dam tapped that.
  10. Jesus, does everyone in media have a book out today?
  11. What kind of drunk can you be if you don't drink? 😀
  12. Ouch. I wonder after these tweets if Don Lemon enjoys get f'ed up the arse without vaseline?
  13. Even if you don't put that person on ignore, it is best just to ignore that person, period.
  14. What are the Leafs planning to do with Nylander? Is a trade in the works for a defenseman or are they planning to have him signed?