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  1. Bucs had ZERO interest in playing last night for obvious reasons. ZERO INTEREST.
  2. 13 seconds has everything to do with him still being here. If the Bills come thru and win the SB, he will be as good as gone.
  3. 6 quarters and this so called great D hasn’t produced a turnover. Ok
  4. I told people I was watching the game with that this is why Allen reacted the way he did. And they all called me a sore loser. Idiots. 😂
  5. I wonder who's call it was to rush the poor guy in last week?
  6. It's pretty difficult to get push when you are running RPO's. These plays take way too long to develop. They would be a much more effective running team if they put Josh under center, but that isn't going to happen, so the running will continue to struggle no matter who is running or who is blocking up front.
  7. They didn’t have McMahon for some games. Let’s see the Bills survive without Allen.
  8. Car flipped several times and he's ok? That's great if it's true, but something is fishy here.
  9. The Bears didn't have McMahon for that game either. If they have McMahon, the Bears go unbeaten that season. They would have beaten the Dolphins 41-38 in OT.
  10. He has a history of it and it wouldn't shock me as the reason that Allen was upset, but as of now....... not confirmed.
  11. So, Wilkins grabbed Allen's jimmy. That was why Allen was so upset and got the flag late in the game.
  12. Too many to count. It was a shytstorm all the way around.
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