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  1. I rarely post in PPP anymore, yet I still see that moron using that same exact stupid meme that was used years ago that has been totally debunked.
  2. Based on the OP's logic.......... the German's bombed Pearl Harbor.
  3. Turley isn't exactly a right winger either.
  4. I got suspended for a week making a comment exactly like this about Watson. Go figure.
  5. Let's face it, the NFL screwed the Bills by scheduling them in back to back prime time road games against hated rivals. It's almost like the NFL wanted to punish the Bills for the Titans COVID crap last year. Go figure.
  6. Hughes I can see them being loyal to, but I don’t get the Addison love. I think we all would rather see the growing pains of Epenesa and Basham than rather see another down from Addison.
  7. Let me clarify. I thought he clearly got it when the play happened live.
  8. I thought Allen clearly got the first on that dive, but what do I know.
  9. Might be a good idea to cover that Brown guy.
  10. Blame Bills fans invading Tennessee for the raise in gas prices. 😂
  11. Besides JA??? This game will be all about JA. 350 and 5 TD’s for Josh. 😁
  12. The Bills are now -6 in some circles.
  13. I wonder if the Bills are as PO'ed about the Titans as we are?
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