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  1. So, you wanna replace Edmunds in the middle with someone who hasn't played a down in the NFL yet? Did I read this wrong? If not, Joseph will have to have a preseason for the record books if he is going to man the middle of the D instead of Edmunds.
  2. Can't wait till the season starts so I don't have to read about this nonsense.
  3. I would also like to add that this goes right to the top of the drunk thread candidates.
  4. AOC is the type that would say............ "I want to invent an invention that would invent inventions"
  5. What is the matter with this thread? Better year? Better game? Better hair? What are we talking about here?
  6. Thank God I’m not President. I would destroy Iran, TWICE, and not even think about it. Seriously though............. Do we really expect Iran to be diplomatic with us when Trump took away the billions that Obozo handed them on a pallet?
  7. Democrats and people who hate Trump have no interest in hearing what you say. Do you know what their rebuttal is going to be to your statement? I’ll tell you...................... You and Trump are racist. 🤪
  8. While I have no love for Republicans (never have, never will)................ the left is nothing but a bunch of braindead idiots who want to destroy this country and turn it into a socialist country, which means disaster. FACT. Us swing voters know this and the left will pay at the ballot box come 2020.
  9. But but but...................... If you attack her looney rants, that's makes us all racist? Ok, got it
  10. These leftists declare that Trump supporters AND swing voters are racist? So, which in turn, means there is no debating with these cementheads whatsoever. Well, they just sealed their fate for 2020.
  11. Gore can also play FB, which makes DiMarco's roster spot in serious jeopardy, unless there are injuries, of course.
  12. I'm sure whomever they replace them with will immediately accuse all non-Dems of being racist.
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