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  1. A lot of people seem to think that Star, Murphy and Wallace are the three weaknesses that opponents continuously target. Do the Bills coaches see it the same way?
  2. So, is the President being impeached after today? 🤡🤡🤡
  3. I’m not watching, but is this the farce everyone predicted it would be?
  4. On a smaller scale............. What’s the uniform the Bills will be wearing this week?
  5. The problem with the 11-5 prediction is that the D has fallen off the cliff and the O hasn’t shown progression. Will that change? Anyone’s guess. It had better change to get to 11-5.
  6. Teams will continue to blitz Allen like crazy. He needs to figure it out. Lots of QB's over time have struggled early on in their careers with the blitz. What has changed is the lack of patience with young QB's in today's NFL environment. Seeing Lamar Jackson's success in Baltimore has only enraged Bills fans ire over Allen. But I remain patient.
  7. We will see when the Horowitz report comes out who is/was telling the truth. And all I know is that Horowitz is supposed to be a "right down the middle" type of man and you can't dispute that because people on both sides of the political isle said so. But you will spin what I said into some sort of #orangemanbad schpeel
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