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  1. We all make stupid statements in the heat of the moment. In years past, I was the mayor of stupid statements on TBD. But what opinion did you have that was your worst? My post, so I’ll start. And mine is recent and I got the appropriate amount of judgement for it: I wanted to cut Bass after week one.
  2. The only position we aren’t currently Elite at is RB. Josh shouldn’t be our best RB. Hopefully motor proves me wrong this season.
  3. I love building both lines. Beane is the best GM we’ve ever had. Including Polian. Look what he’s done for this team that was a joke 4 years ago.
  4. How ***** weird Is it to be a Bills fan and be hoping for a solid “backup” for a stacked team? I’m certain my grammar was awful in that question, but drinks.
  5. So, we dont need to score 50 points a game? fantastic work, Beane.
  6. Our current defensive linemen are sleeping well tonight. With a bottle of Ambien and Jack.
  7. he looks fast. He looks strong. Thanks for the video. I didn’t love when he waved goodbye to the other team after a tackle, but mcD will fix that. I was hoping for JOK, but that’s the reason I’m not an NFL GM.
  8. i love Rousseau. Because he’s a Bill. But how did we not snag Koramoah? I guess that’s exactly why I’m not an NFL GM.
  9. I wanted Etienne. But if they couldn’t have buried him in a better place than that god awful team. ***** him.
  10. It’s JAX. It reminds me of late 2000’s Bills, where NO MATTER WHAT, you go best player available.
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