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  1. We need to be sure this game isn’t played within 100 miles of Fromm’s bunker.
  2. great teams also win the ugly games. my near aneurism today was brought to you by: 20 years of losing this game.
  3. Beat me to it. That’s horrific coaching/clock management.
  4. no. But saying we need points is a John Madden take.
  5. My wife just said “when you screamed ‘Free play!!!!’ The dog hid in the bathroom” sorry to my dog.
  6. we need to give it to singletary again. Rare ***** up doesn’t mean he shouldn’t touch it again. Pound the ball.
  7. Just like horse collar doesn’t apply in the pocket. Weird rules.
  8. Curious if fans of other teams who are up by 18 think about whether they’ll lose in regulation or in OT.
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