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  1. When I started this thread I didn’t realize Josh Allen was playing in this game.
  2. The over is currently -113. Vegas knows that this was once of the worst offensive quarters for either team and it’s still on pace for 54. Everyone running to play the under will get hurt. Badly.
  3. I have LSU -6. That play by Burrow was incredible; regardless of the flag.
  4. Figured this could use a thread here. Wasn’t much action on the college FB section.
  5. Are we not allowed a game thread in the stadium wall? I mean, pretty big game here.
  6. Clemson’s mascot looks like they found that costume in a dumpster in the RV in Orchard Park.
  7. That did not look like a TD.
  8. If their message board is any indication, Texans fans are not meeting the team at the Houston airport unless it’s to egg O’Briens car.
  9. Bill OBrien needing time take a TO to realize he needed to go for it on that last 4th down is one of the most perplexing moves I’ve ever seen. As a Bills fan, that is saying a lot.
  10. Those timeouts aren’t valuable.
  11. The Texans message board is unsurprisingly going nuts. Numerous calls for OBrians firing. With 13 minutes left, in a divisional playoff game. Ahhh, seems like all message boards are similar.
  12. waiting for the sack that will win the game for them.
  13. I’m pretty indifferent on him. He’s not Booger, so maybe my expectations are too low.
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