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  1. He’s taking a retired number. Lame move. (Also, doesn’t this make a “retired” number meaningless?)
  2. At least he took the one second to buckle his seat belt.
  3. CNN reporting the breaks as compound fractures. Not good. He was seen “speeding from his hotel moments before the accident.” The original report said no booze (and it was 7:15am) but who knows at this point.
  4. Well, Andre Reed just sent him a note.
  5. Seriously, when will Apple add an “F8” button?
  6. F8 Ground up and in the freezer
  7. How is this even a question? KCs o-line couldn’t protect the only QB in the world who is more mobile than Josh. We would have gotten DESTROYED.
  8. Why not? If he can be productive as a third down back, and wants to play, good for him.
  9. According to my math, that makes Josh worth 475.4 first round picks.
  10. I’m oddly not pissed off. I’m not 100% agreeing with this thread because I’m horribly sick of moral victories, and no one remembers the team who lost the Championship game, but I get the spirit of it. 2020 was a B word of a year for many folks, so at least these guys gave us a little joy. We lost to the best team in the sport, so I can’t be too upset. Until next year...
  11. I’m saying yips because he changed the play call nearly 50% of the time after getting to the line. Didn’t “trust the process.” Seemed a bit scared. But, onto the draft. Go Sabres.
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