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  1. Still confused by Jim Nantz “how did he get that open?” He was the opposite of open. It was a 1 in a million pass and catch, Jimbo.
  2. Well you’ve surprised me yet again, TBD. I never considered this fun little video of our team’s head coach celebrating and having some fun with his team could possibly be a controversial post. I’ll go ahead and start another fire McD thread to keep some of you trolls sustained. 😒
  3. Saw this a minute ago: “Took the Bills 5 days to tie the Lions for most wins in Detroit this season.”
  4. I have no idea what this means because I’m old, but I believe Jefferson is indeed him.
  5. That’s insane that it’s going to be backed incomplete. He lost control but then it landed on him and he held on!
  6. Mods, sorry about starting a new thread (it’s been quite some time) but I really didn’t want this getting lost in the post game thread. If you disagree, feel free to move it over there; thanks! The passion and banter in the clip is awesome.
  7. I wasn’t the only one who thought “two seconds left… not over yet” was I?
  8. The absolute BALLS on Josh to attempt that pass over the middle to Diggs after all the criticism. Wow.
  9. The lions should be embarrassed that they’re only going to be up by one score. We are awful in all three aspects.
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