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  1. I was in Virginia Beach for that one. VERY minor in that part, but the hanging lights swayed a bit and the “rolling” feeling, almost like vertigo lasted all of 2 seconds. Weird. And cool only because nothing was damaged and of course no one there was hurt.
  2. Nice move. That said, “massive” is the wrong word. His reported net worth is $15MM. That means he donated 0.3% of his net worth. Again, nice move on his part, but let’s say you have $100k in the bank, and $500k in your 401k, that would be like donating ~$900 to the hospital. Still a great thing, but you’re not making the news.
  3. No matter what, NO ONE should send this item to his office: https://www.amazon.com/Glitmail-Spring-Loaded-Glitter-Bomb/dp/B00XTH7SSS/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=glitter+bomb&qid=1558809643&s=gateway&sprefix=glitter+bomb&sr=8-1
  4. So he said when he dies, he doesn’t want flowers. He wants people to donate backpacks full of kids stuff they need. I have the money to donate but no clue how to do something like that. Bills fans donated to a Tennessee charity, how do we help out one of his dying wishes?
  5. So, when someone doesn’t agree with you, that means they fell off the turnip truck? I simply quoted an article, which discredits your crusade here, you ***** crayon chewer.
  6. “Prosecutors recently acknowledged in court that they have no evidence that any Orchids of Asia employee is a victim of sex trafficking.”
  7. I went to Super Cuts, Hair Cuttery, etc for YEARS. $18 for a cut and wash, plus $5-6 tip. Great deal except for the fact that you’re spinning a roulette wheel of “decent haircut” and “dumb and dumber” because they have what seems to be 4000% turnover. I found a place here where I just moved (yes. I moved again, now I’m in Hoboken) that was $35 for just a haircut. I know again understand that you get what you pay for. $45 after tip but a hell of a haircut.
  8. Draft kings only allows me a max of $2000 per day. So I bet $0 since this is the ***** Buffalo Bills and I’ve seen this movie before. The preview is great and the movie tanks at the box office.
  9. We picked the right Josh. Rosen is now basically a 3rd round pick. ***** that ***** *****.
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