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  1. so far so Fitz. Give him a quarter or two. But again I really think we want Miami to win. They’re AWFUL. But they get to play the jets. Twice.
  2. If you hate Fitz, you don’t like people. And I hate people. But I like Fitz.
  3. We’re rooting for the phins, yes? No chance they do anything this year. But JAX will kill me if they get in the playoff hunt.
  4. If they both play, our chances of winning are 90%. Without them? I’d say it’s a Cointoss.
  5. According to the reactions that will take place after Josh’s first incomplete pass this upcoming Sunday in the TBD gameday thread? Absolutely not.
  6. WHOA. Easy... you remember that he fumbled the ball AGAIN*. *the play was over.
  7. Milano and Edmunds not playing today. Remember that, gents (and ladies).
  8. Does anyone else HATE that they said Josh throwing for 300+ with no INTS two games in a row is the first time in Bills history?
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