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  1. Most people will look at this and scoff. The NFL has invested hundreds of millions to protect players’ heads with new helmets. A targeting foul often gets an election. In the NFL Is serious about player safety, he should never play again.
  2. You may be right. I may be crazy. But watching Aikman and Joe Buck try to end the show after watching someone try to commit manslaughter was.... interesting.
  3. I came here to say, and I quote, “we need PITTS to lose, but I just want to slap Baker in the face.”
  4. Imagine being Norwood and just sitting at home enjoying dinner trying to forget about the kick for 30 minutes with a little innocent trivia game on TV. Then Boom! I’d say he’s over it but the 30 for 30 would say otherwise. Poor guy.
  5. Well, at least we made the Tournament of Champions.
  6. Time to start calling timeouts after every browns play.
  7. I’m using Sunday ticket streaming service. I’ll find out the result of this review by next Thursday.
  8. By “do something” I hope you mean give the ***** ball to Singletary.
  9. No, it’s on his coach knowing he’s about 0.0001% on long balls and you only need 9 feet.
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