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  1. No matter what, NO ONE should send this item to his office: https://www.amazon.com/Glitmail-Spring-Loaded-Glitter-Bomb/dp/B00XTH7SSS/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=glitter+bomb&qid=1558809643&s=gateway&sprefix=glitter+bomb&sr=8-1
  2. PM sent to you, you up and coming D1 no-name athlete.
  3. I have moved 6 times in the last 10 years (Buffalo, Tucson, VB, DC, back to VB, and now Hoboken). Each place had full DTV access. However I’ve used DTV streaming at each place. All they require is, when you sign up to “promise” that you don’t have DirectTv access (it’s literally a checkbox on the site after some legalese I ignored). They don’t check, they don’t come look, they don’t care as long as you pay. Also, and this is a bit more “controversial” but to sign up for a student account, they do check records. But all that means is they need name and DOB of any current college student and they do an immediate check somehow. That said, every college football team lists their roster with DOB. Am I saying that for the last two seasons I’ve been a random middle linebacker from ODU? I’m not not saying that. But the college student plan is $99 vs $349 for others. If you were to do this, and OF COURSE I’m not recommending it, I probably wouldn’t use Tua, but pick a middle tier college team, click the roster, and BOOM.
  4. So he said when he dies, he doesn’t want flowers. He wants people to donate backpacks full of kids stuff they need. I have the money to donate but no clue how to do something like that. Bills fans donated to a Tennessee charity, how do we help out one of his dying wishes?
  5. So, when someone doesn’t agree with you, that means they fell off the turnip truck? I simply quoted an article, which discredits your crusade here, you ***** crayon chewer.
  6. “Prosecutors recently acknowledged in court that they have no evidence that any Orchids of Asia employee is a victim of sex trafficking.”
  7. I went to Super Cuts, Hair Cuttery, etc for YEARS. $18 for a cut and wash, plus $5-6 tip. Great deal except for the fact that you’re spinning a roulette wheel of “decent haircut” and “dumb and dumber” because they have what seems to be 4000% turnover. I found a place here where I just moved (yes. I moved again, now I’m in Hoboken) that was $35 for just a haircut. I know again understand that you get what you pay for. $45 after tip but a hell of a haircut.
  8. Draft kings only allows me a max of $2000 per day. So I bet $0 since this is the ***** Buffalo Bills and I’ve seen this movie before. The preview is great and the movie tanks at the box office.
  9. We picked the right Josh. Rosen is now basically a 3rd round pick. ***** that ***** *****.
  10. From a trusted source of mine: It's a pretty easy formula. Allen showed a ton of growth the last 6 weeks. Everyone's job is on the line now in terms of coaching/front office now that it's year 3. This is all in step #1. Could be a big few weeks here. Sounds like they're moving back to #20 as part of this trade. They should still be able to land an OL there, possibly even the stud center everyone's talking about. I think there's a free agent TE to be had. And we'll see from there
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