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  1. The founding fathers probably didn’t find it necessary to spell out “oh, and in the very likely case that guns get exponentially more powerful than they are today, and a court decides that a person is so dangerous to another person that they can’t even share space with them, well yeah, this ***** amendment doesn’t apply to them… obviously.”
  2. I didn’t know that. Interesting. Sorry, I know PPP is just for shouting at each other but I need to look more into that piece. Thanks.
  3. I’m sure this will make those 6-12 year old kids whose families practice other religions - who are likely already ostracized for it - feel way more comfortable in school. What is the goal here? Well, we know what the goal is, but no one wants to say that part out loud. If the Supreme Court won’t ban bump stocks because they can “only” shoot 600 rounds a minute, and not the 900 required to be an automatic weapon, I’m honestly not so sure they’ll overturn this most blatant violation of separation of church and state.
  4. Hai Karate? I’m not from the Greatest Generation. I graduated college in 2002. It was Polo Sport by the liter.
  5. You’re adorable. Your 20 year old material needs work, bud! One day you’ll say something witty. We’re all pulling for you, champ! I was right on the wood paneling, huh? 😂😂😂
  6. There he is! I thought you actually got out of your cave and stepped away for a minute! Proud of you! 😂😂😂
  7. It was disgusting. It smelled of piss and desperation. That aside, it was a Buffalo landmark.
  8. I’m fine with someone shooting and killing a traitor. if it was reversed, I’d feel the same since I can’t stand Biden. The difference is, democrats aren’t foaming at the mouth for a reason to grab pitchforks to go “sToP tHe StEaL.”
  9. You referring to Ashli Babbitt? She has one person to thank for being 6 feet under and that’s herself. She fell victim to trumps rhetoric - probably believed him when he said he was going to go march to the capitol with them; that obese orange stain wasn’t marching anywhere. She attempted to go through a broken window into a secure area of the capitol building with a gun pointed at her. Darwin won. “Babbitt, who died while wearing a Trump campaign flag wrapped around her shoulders like a cape…” I mean if the bullet didn’t stop her, death by humiliation would have gotten her soon enough. But my favorite part about that traitor is she tweeted - while on the plane flying to DC - that “nothing will stop us!” I think something stopped her.
  10. “sleep is a construct” Aaron Rodgers, probably.
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