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  1. I see some here a bit hurt by his choice of sweetheart. lol. would have picked Seattle as well. free pot i think or something there heck yes
  2. simple math really #Ringworthey @GOLSEN
  3. I'm relieved honestly. Nothing against Olsen either. Now the Bills need to pursue one of the younger and more capable TEs Please Maybe that is where they spend, and surprise us.
  4. 2018 was just weird. all the cost cutting still going strong. and odd choices. tested my faith in The Process : ) Still hurting from trying to field players like Clay and Benjamin, Zay jones. etc The O Line was concerning. For me Beane has shown enough all around improvement last season in FA , contracts ! and a Draft , that i am going to give him the benefit of the doubt . That some are yet lingering to give.
  5. They addressed the Whole Offense to varying degrees. That is of wide ranging opinion. Surely not a finished WR room. But I imagine it will look better yet before preseason
  6. he has earned a reasonable degree of faith from us Fans. some day perhaps ? we will learn to love again great depth in WR.s get two ! In the later rounds. and don't reach far for any player you covet Brandon !
  7. If you are confident ? Then why cross your fingers ? lol This will be a revealing year for McBeanes. I think he remains patient and diligent. and i expect him to make additions without splash. Such as Clowney or moving up in the 1st for a WR. Then Bills are signing a FA. Wallace and or Johnson. Need continuity imo
  8. it does not exclude helping out the pass rush either. You may have noticed we had issue against the run last year ?
  9. I admit i too am coming around. But only because we cannot have a younger up and coming TE via FA. we know the names. I am fine with losing Kroft Smith and Croom. and rebooting. Olsen is surely a pro's pro as mentioned. But add another please. If they think Kroft can step up, i can live with that.Keep him so does anyone think Kroft has more upside than what we saw last season? Injury was my only concern when we picked him up. and he proved me correct asap. But his drop off in play was a bit surprising to me. I would be good with Olsen and Kroft Knox Sweeney
  10. someone has to pick after them ? jk
  11. are we actually in the minority ? Not with that nasty ***** bone thing going on ........
  12. its a reasonable argument for me as well. Watching his ferocity and execution. He and Ty likely affected the mentality up front. especially for the younger players. One of a few nice addition up front last year
  13. They did not inherit a woeful team ? you sure about that ? Do not go to much effort here. The team was directionless at best imho you are just looking to pick and argument i suppose lol. we are mostly split down the middle about him haha and not budging but go ahead !
  14. This is truth. Make no mistake. Plenty of work to do yet. Very interesting off season yet again. As they all have been to differing degrees for different reasonings. Offseason : D aint that half the fun though ?
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