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  1. My experience has been to try multiple disciplines employed by Qualified and licensed Practitioners. There is a reason some of the methods are thousand of years old. And to point. Look into how much money and effort it takes to become a Licensed certified Acupuncturist. And that is if you get accepted ! Personal experience from a skeptic (me) has opened my mind about methods of healing and maintaining health. I have 3 daughters and the Eldest one is a Oncology Nurse at one of local hospitals. Each of them use different techniques and methods to heal. Some of our get togethers get pretty interesting when they start comparing notes. Cupping might be part of holistic regimen for Josh to remain healthy and we want Josh to never come off the field now do we ? And always be 110% of the Josh he can be lol Go Bills I respect your opinion/experience Go Bills
  2. after what Pittsburgh did to him? It carried over to Miami i might guess. It will come. slow start for Offense as compared to slump prhaps ?
  3. and yes to the point. Dawkins looked healthier. Now we hope Williams can return to form (injury ?) because he likely need to carry Ford lol
  4. Daboll really needs to find the balance from week to week. cut out the funny business, Like lining up McKenzie at HB 1st few plays against steelers. Lets hope that was the last lesson we get from an opposing defense. Getting schooled. Have to play smart, play humble and find balance with the run game . the rest will come
  5. Its a specific therapy used in healing and pain relief. One of my daughters uses it at her practice. look into it. It might help you with some of your ailments I hope
  6. It is a team game. and the Offense needs to improve as whole. Josh was waaay off against Steelers and less waaay off against Dolphins Is that better cuz those are both true imho
  7. Good eye for detail chris. btw labatt 50 in the short bottles was a thing pre nineties. would give the story a more local feel This really has turned out to become an insightful and sincerely pleasant read Thanks Corta for carrying the wood here
  8. I am delighted we can discuss multiple perspectives and viewpoints Like i mentioned, very nice effort 😃 and anything from Norm still brings a smile. regardless of topic at hand. BTW who is behind the Trubisky Kid ? just in case this gets ugly early in the game. quitter 🙄
  9. Nalled It. Again. Smart Management from McBeanes and staff I feel it is also to scout them for two reasons. Get to know as many players as possible. You might be playing against them too
  10. how about you jump in a Lake ? just a thought you stole that from McDonald. and it has to be done by him for the affect But an A for effort
  11. He is clearly not himself this year. They paid him for good reason. But yes i might rotate Spencer in if he was able. whole line kinda blows this season though. except Morse maybe Give it awhile. Let it ride ,as They say
  12. Every poll needs "Other " as an option
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