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  1. I might need a break as well. After the SB years a I took one Was on the Train when they drafted Josh and McBeanes Time for another break Hopefully my next avatar will be more positive Than 3rd and long Cheers My Friends all and goodbye for now
  2. yes. Chaos mentions i need a soiled diaper emoji LOL but yea. Pretty much lost my enthusiasm and hope for SB after all these decades of poo. Had hope, lost hope last year and continues to degrade into despair this season 😋
  3. Question to that point that All Pro made Was it the drafting or the Coaching? Did Beane supply the players asked for ? Were they not developed to their potential (Elam says hi ) I am not down on Beane as much McD at this point. Some Coaches can make good use of what we have have drafted. Beane also has done decently with FA. That could be argued of course. Miller might have killed him (in hindsight) though. Like Mario Williams did to some degree. But bottom four rating is how they performed of course. Again i have to account for Coaching failing the players here as well. Good posts to consider here thanks !
  4. Davis might be stupid. when he stops, when he goes. if he has options on his route? He picks the wrong ones. He and josh should easily be on the same page by now. is it Coaching ? Davis is Not a good fit right now very possibly, yes. God bless your perspective. Football is week to week. the focus should be ever changing for both defenses and offenses. As we know Dfenses want to take away certain players and plays. That simply means Coaches shift to what they are not keyed on. and thats why game time adjustments are mighty important And how Games are won
  5. 10 Thanks for the bullet points. well sorted as semi counters. Grateful to our fine posters here who can dissect footballs finer details for folks like me 😇
  6. But thats the basics . Easy two reads and knowing your pocket and where pressure is coming from need to know in your head once the ball is snapped who is likely to be getting open or free. Long or short. and how many steps till that is going to happen thats the advanced model
  7. I have mentioned more than once about playing horizontal as Gailey did with Fitz, and the O line really.. think this is Dorsey's mind set as well. low High and vice versa. Have seen the same from him plenty of times. Josh had made some progress with going through progressions checking out or down last year. Not sure why Bills have not progressed and are semi predictable, or seemingly so. good observation ! Have you texted Ken about this concept ? lol😇
  8. That Was my usual take. And I love the Josh. But those sideline shots of him this season keep showing a sullen , detached Leader. I think he lost the faith in , and of , the process Oh we need plenty more emojis 😋
  9. whats heartbreaking for me , is the Kid really and truly had the chutzpah to carry this team for over a decade. And now ? he lost his way. that really psss me off with Bills coaches
  10. Make sure we are stretching the field ?!?! with what exactly ? I miss chan gailey and fitz about now. the horizontal game , sideline to sideline ken doesnt even know what that means. he's two dimensional . lets get some maturity back on the Coaching staff. And some one who can actually bring back the old Josh and then develop that I cant even watch dorsey talk at this point. wanted him gone last year and am on the record I stopped watching a few weeks ago and read the reports post game watch some low lites My son was in California watching and still hopeful, sending me texts I could not bear to tell him to look away. God Bless those that have hope yet
  11. We could have had a perfectly sorted Vet MLB who could have started and been more effective game one. This is one of my dings on Beanes. Maybe McD said , naw we good we wasnt
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