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  1. can you send me some. pm on its way jk Have you noticed our road record ?
  2. JUMP ! End your misery. Jump as high and far as you can. does that help ? : ) ps we are going to kick their arses. I already called in to work Monday
  3. you think Bills can make something of him finally ?
  4. Keep it churning Beanes ! No Stone unturned, NONE !
  5. We also need to keep in mind it is a Coaches decision right ? If you see these keys Andre? Bring it out. No Coach says hey?Do what you feel is best. One of the best returners we have had in years, and thank gosh Hyde is not at risk any longer for injury cuz ST BS
  6. I feel it really just comes down to matchups as Daboll sees them. If I. Mac is in there, i expect sweeps and trickery. we did not see much of that against Ravens. as Balt shut it down asap. That was a game i would have thought Dimarco Smith Knox and Williams would have been keys to the game.. But i know i am just a homer Fan who has my owmd preferences from week to week how to play offense. and and well aware from my "couch" i cannot see what McBeanes and Company see or wish to see. To others i preach patience. We are limited to what we can do on the O line and Baltimore quickly limited Bills Offenses options. Steelers have some defensive similarities. perhaps this game we go for chunk plays and self aware dump offs and check downs to keep the chains active ? Buddy at work said "go deep early" I said nope if it does not work they put everyone in the box and nothing works. Play the horizontal game. Hope Duke finds a home here. if not someplace else in the NFL Cheers Dopey His last game he played dropped a key ball or two. been awhile so not sure details. The following week i thought, McD must have been pretty pissed, and have not seen him since. I agree with above ^^ it is just a bit odd trust the Process .
  7. is epically a word ? you pervert .. : D
  8. He is very fast. he is a pro bowler btw where is his blocking your and idiot : ) trade him for a 4th while we still can
  9. I do not recall, and apologize in advance. One of the NFL Games Duke was doing well in , the announcer , whom i do not recall, was speaking about how he squeezed the ball when catching. Showed replays and making that point how Duke catches the ball. Very hard for defenseman to break his grip once in his hands. it was truly fun to watch. and very true. For all his faults? he gets and puts the ball away like few others and he blocks pretty badazz Love the Duke Hope he gets some game time this year Go Bills
  10. awesome Gug ! For me, if you have some guys that could use a break to heal up. try to do that. Some guys you might want to get more live reps in? say Duke Williams Yeldon Sweeney, go for it. But do not risk losing any game ever. We are not that team. and we may not get a deep run into the playoffs. : ( Play to win regardless. Now should we bring our Backer up QB in? Maybe get him a couple reps in to close a game just to feel "it" again. i preach this at work. Folks who are calculating this and that and the other thing. Been doing it all year. Win the game in front of you. execute the game plan and play calls every single one. we can talk about this again before the Jest game perhaps : )
  11. Yep. Well he must not have done it correctly then
  12. hers i the thing about Knox. I can tell who watches the game from their opinion about his "drops" he has made the same Rookie mistake multiple times. and then show great hands and feet. and he s beast with the ball. love his upside ( i find it forgivable ) for now. He takes his eye off the ball and turns to look upfield. Done it multiple times. That is where that negative stat gets spiked upward. Drives ya nuts. But he will overcome it and learn to look the ball in. He has good hands considering he was rarely used in college for moving the chains we should believe he will develop ! : ) Kroft that injury thing. Delayed his synergy developing in this offense and Allen. Still not a fan yet Sweeney. I think he just plain got pushed out when Money Kroft was ready to play. I like him from what i saw. Lee Smith. well , if you are going to line up Dimarco and Gore and a third tackle and grind it? I want this guy. IHe does block the snot out of players He is one heck of an aggressive and thorough blocker. Follow him one series and tell me different. Croom ?? what is this all about guys? Lets move on and pickup someone like him as UDFA next year. do we need to find one in the draft? Hmmm. Let the rooks develop and see what satf thinks of Kroft end of season. I think it comes down to, as mentioned many times. Bills just do not use the TE position as much as perhaps they should. Running around with smallish wrs and not using these big bodied fellows might suggest why Duke Williams is not on the field as well. there is my rant your'e welcome 3rd Watching Raven plays last two weeks? Thats what i want from TE and FB position here in Buffalo territory
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