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  1. oh gosh that's gross. But yes. That is how you play to win ! BTW I am big Fan of Zimmer. he keeps getting better i feel. Keeper Go Bills
  2. he really was PO'd and called out NYC for poor call. yep he gets wound up too
  3. which was sad hilarious we all were waiting for those plays after we drafted him
  4. I got back on this Bills wagon for two reasons. I love the Team from owner down to GM and Coach and players all. But I expect us to win the Championship. All the Marbles Do it ugly do it pretty just do it Best season ever Go Bills
  5. so tricky Put my Bills logo long sleeve on this morning I always wear it under my other shirts on weekends not been washed in months But i have. so it works out do not switch up ANYTHING today Stick to the playbook please only in whispers. but thanks for the Good Work kidd ! As long as Bills keep winning? Terry gets lucky. socks or no socks lol
  6. I thought not. Was hoping to see Williams on the field with Yeldon and Motor
  7. AWESOME Dane can spy Jackson from the dime. and f him up when he dares Bills D lol Dane is going to be a starter for the Bills i night wager. in time Most of us still have that fumble thing hanging over his head. Motor aint no saint in that Dept btw
  8. Gotta go with Exp here , regardless of all that fumbling lol Homer in me wants to see Williams dressed and get some carries. Is Yeldon on Teams ?
  9. Fact. I remember it like it was yesterday.. The People became deeply divided over dipping sauce. There was also partisan opinions in regard to breading. What the heck happened to teachings civics class in schools anyways ? and thank you Simon for bringing One of the Great Buffalo legends , into the ...light
  10. I agree. The Bills Defense, Teams and Offense got some humble last week. Expect our defense to play much better from a Coaches view on down to the trenches. Biggest game Bills have played in decades. but I feel they have learned plenty from last weeks effort against Colts offense >there are many ways a team can beat you and you better bring the A+ game to the Playoffs
  11. ?Beach Boys? really is a crazy story about Veldheer. whats Eric Wood doing ha ha "retired" yep. he was Hap.
  12. beast When you have no help behind you? You had best make the tackle. period. Bills have had very good tackling games. Miami ? we ran roughshod. Preaching fundamentals is always true. last week we were sub par all around. all 3 facets. expect a much more efficient defense against the run. just try not to get nuts when Bills get beat with Man coverage a couple times
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