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  1. no chance Washington was in on driving the price down while being realistic ?
  2. They are different type players and complimentary when used correctly. Phillps is also a pass rusher as compared to Jones One of the things folks who just do stats is that they dont see who is dinged or playing injured It really is a big deal if you want to evaluate a player during the season Gabe Davis and his ankle come to mind as well, no push to separate or cut
  3. Thats not what i saw , a moron ? But we shall soon find out it appears
  4. I am glad he is gone for many reasons But the first one is that Bills Coaching needed to change up what they were doing on the field. Overdependent on Tremaine Now we have no start LB beyond Milano This season should be fun to see how they play Defense
  5. yes indeed John. me too. But hopeful 😀
  6. This was seemingly obvious to me. Did McBeane solve this though ? the reason I wanted to draft one is to compliment or contrast Oliver He would tear it up with serious heavy two O linemen player space eating leaning forward always one tech ! I do expect he will get the chance to eat this year via coaching and aggressive QB pressures
  7. I dont think Anyone did. Saw a bit on PFF with D line Coach saying he needs to be more cerebral. Thinking before the paly instead of flowing with the play. Which i found very interesting and a coaches black smudge on him so, super surprised. and that money Hoping Coaches know more than dumb ole me Go Bills
  8. But isnt there more blame to go around here ? Why a run blocking guard on a pass loving team. and the deep routes as well? what was the plan there to bring him on anyways. This one really did hurt the team and Josh in particular. McBeanes to Dorsey to Kromer failed here. But to be balanced in my post, i really do feel pretty darned good the offseason has been focused on upgrading that Offense especially the line. Very good depth, and heck ! They are still bringing players in to work out Go Bills I couldn't re- watch those plays. enough emotional trauma for me already lol
  9. well its a nice compliment I suppose from him.
  10. LOL Was a euphemism long before the movie. and valid. Can i say " i dont care what he does ? " I mean in the NFL. As a person ? I think he is a Good Man and wish him well But lets move on and go win a SB Go Bills you might be projecting with the bolded
  11. Chuck is an alright guy, Always been. and that a serious compliment from me Cheers ! Mr. Pollock 😀
  12. hmmm if we are on the same page. I was bummed we lost that guy. Glad he got a good contract though and still wish him well. If Trent is that guy now ? We have done well to acquire him. yep John , I get the feeling the WR room has seriously improved in depth and range of skills if we start seeing successful sweeps and screens? and even check downs, and flare outs with a wr out front ? I will cry tears of joy I will
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