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  1. Voted best of his career ! Perhaps not statistically. But winning games by being smarter. With smarter play calling. using all his tools in his shed and borrowing some of the neighbors to get it done. I always have high expectations when i believe in the Coaching and program. I had little hope last year and stopped watching the Bills for awhile Dorsey made me ill. yes i have bias. I feel much better about Brady and Kromer etc this year Josh has to have more trust in ALL of his weapons. and no to the run. Until .... it's a wide open 1st down cuz D are all in coverage 🙂
  2. Josh has had a trend for a few years to ignore underneath routes or RB checkdowns. I bet Quintin Morris was open often last few years, and he usually caught what little was thrown to him Josh needs to open his mind and accept that its okay to not play hero ball Love you Josh 💪
  3. well I have mentioned that Allen needs to make the reads and get that ball spread around with the players we have currently. And i don't think he has done as well as he could. Or certainly not to my hopes and liking and I mentioned , Brady needs to enable that thinking within Josh Kromer needs to get him time on some of the multiple breaking routes and Allen need to memorize his checkdowns. This could work. Josh Allen is still capable of growth and maturation of mind.
  4. This. we should accept that Allen can make better reads pre and post snap. Find the open guys and just roll down the field Hoping Brady coaches him up for full field scans and Kromers gives him enough time
  5. Looks like they were late for Chiefs onboarding program How to not get caught 101 A B and C courses
  6. So thats 3 real needs we have defined here. We arent getting a Named WR cuz monies Arent getting a DE for same But Bills might have to add CBs Agree about Hyde He will become a Bill at some point., If he is even talking just about it
  7. I will hold you to this , of course ! Expand to see bolded
  8. let us pray. I mean gosh , I sure hope so Otherwise , Bills need an worthwhile edge defender . It Is a need now. Can they do much about this matter, ? perhaps not enough
  9. josh is now picking his WRs ? Dinner and some fine wine ? lol But really , why wouldn't you at this point in his career ?remaining hopeful Scantling finds his hands on a more consistent basis considering josh's fastballs Welcome to the boards
  10. YES. Partially hindsight from me though. I was on board with building a defense the 1st year or two. Then shifted 180 when the secondary looked strong and smart. The way McBeane has going about building offense is late , to say the least. Build the trenches. Inside out mentality. Late learning is better than none at all might be fair to suggest here.
  11. No , is my answer. I would be spoiling him rotten by now. But line was my priority by far , till last year. I feel they have made that a functioning unit. I now like the TE room quite well with the balance of Knox and Kincaid and Morris (is he still on the team lol ? ) So whats left ? Is the WR group. and thats a point of discussion. Next year some money frees up and and then Beane needs to be "All In " lol at the position. 🙂and DE or two
  12. Can we suggest the change is "get much better at Coaching the kids up to their potential , and much more quickly please ? "
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