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  1. I suspect Bills picked up Ty to play RT. By chance Ford fell to Bills. let him develop behind some pros. btw i think he will find his way on the field at some point this season. if only in packages. I think he was fine draft pick and cheered it
  2. dude that was a game i spent too much time on. but would do it again next winterfell yep : )
  3. why did i not consider that ! perfect ty !!
  4. thanks for the insight into your person ! If i buy a jersey the player will get injured or worse. i dare not
  5. I was hoping you would elaborate your fine opinion. I do agree on all counts. and hoped someone would catch he ran under 4.5 actually. thanks. like i said he has little to no burst out of cuts ( likely confidence in his game, again) and his hands and feet were not in sync these things can be corrected all hail the new WR Coach
  6. Also. I has been stated and mentioned many times. Bills are not looking for a #1 they want to win gameday matchups on both Offense and Defense. So a guy they can move around and be efficient might be as valuable as the guy who draws double teams leaving some one open. does you know good if you miss the read. Young QB might be better off spreading the ball and letting unselfish pass catchers make the plays ? harsh from you Linen : ( " If Zay elevates "
  7. he has 4.5 speed. Hope he can show some confident burt out of his breaks. so what happened since his college career ? seemed like a steady Robert Wood type of guy coming up/ i miss crazy Bob for real
  8. or he will be the #1 hard to tell from the predictors here. and swole ? not sure about that one Boca lol
  9. au contraire . we were just what he needed.
  10. I have just plain moved on from both. looking forward to seeing what this revamped Offense can accomplish. Lots of new. But Daboll and Allen are on year two. starts and ends there perhaps.
  11. so you are saying that to beat the Patriots , McD need to step up his game ? and also cancel out two days of OTAs ? because that is what i am hearing. What in the world happened to two a days ! O line needs more gel time .... : ) Positive or negative affects ? teams would not do it if they thought it was a waste of time. duh I miss my youth sometimes.
  12. Our friend Weo is not a contrarian nor specifically negative. btw love the Bat signal thing you did !
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