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  1. Okay. if you guys want to talk about just gap filling, or driving the play to a another defense man. Than start mentioning which safety missed the "other Gap" The gap assignment excuse for an on or near the line LB is weak sauce. you can wield that shield on occasion for sure and the guys who calls it should know if that's bad call pre snap
  2. Thanks for considering the question. I really have felt McDaboll love weekly match ups and want to do what traditionally defenses have done. Having multi skilled and Available players on all 3 sides of the ball allows some creativity from week to week. McD used to chat that up early on. multi functional using match ups to win games you see Ford doing better as RG next to Williams ? I like Ike.btw
  3. what we used to do . rotating lineman from down to downs. (that sound weird to you guys ? ) he is coming in for Winters right ?
  4. and they said "we could not have nice things" well ? sometimes we get a nut eh ? Excellent choice on Avatar. ' bout time you got some nasty stirred up in ya's
  5. Unless he is injured.we do not not know of course. they are all beat up to some degree by now. I have empathy for the Kid struggling to win his contests.
  6. there is a good argument here for assignments. he calls the D alignments/reads/tells. His role should be 80% the time should read the play and react though. not fill the gap.
  7. as mentioned I am not out to hang the kid by any means. and I really Would put Klein in the middle covering a-b gaps on running downs. Both LBs need help overt the top anyways and Klein is better built to play downhill
  8. Hey ! I am a huge Levi Wallace fan though ! for real. like i said , he must know he is not playing up to what level he could and has. But he does look out of whack this year , not just against the jets
  9. but he is not trending up. I did not say dump him or he is a bust. he is playing well below his ability. we have seen him play very well previous seasons
  10. yep +1 it is more than the shoulder or whatever injuries are nagging him. Not seeing the plays in front of him is painful to watch for me even after they moved him back of the LOS a few steps. Feel bad for the Kid I am also worried about his calling the defense Put Klein in as the heavy mlb in 4-3 downs
  11. I like Z Moss. get him healthy and make them a duo and more passes to HBs running check down routes even. there, i said it I LIKE MOSS
  12. is cardboard fans a compliment ? or insult.? getting my ducks in a row for the Jets game
  13. There is an anti Duke crowd ? ........ Shame on them then .Cheer for all the Men who wear the jersey and have scored a TD for us
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