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  1. Hey you ! Keep paddling !! Hey you Keep dumping those buckets over the side. Faster you fools !!! signed Admiral Gase
  2. forgive my lack of attention to detail ? so developmental depth ? can play in a pinch, to serviceable ,to untapped potential (raw) could be a gem... : )
  3. speaking for morons everywhere : ) now the Kenyan Drake thing is a topic.. I would ask Beane's boys to look into it. and it is realistic we are not going for AJ Green or Von Miller. Sanders ? perhaps : ) he is getting old. and less than make is still billion dollars. Great player great guy. But is that what Bills need right now? I cannot answer that my friend. my opinion is they will find a replacement for Lorenzo some other way.
  4. I may be in the minority, but i would prefer him over Yeldon. sorry TJ. He seems to offer a higher ceiling with actual NFL coaching (Bills ) Drake that is. would help the tanknottanktank : ) read my mind and draft one brute to grind it
  5. I do not see anything wrong with it. let some of the others step up. Is Roberts good to go? Foster? lets see McKenzie run a deep pattern. Its Miami and i just want Bills to grind out the win without drama. work the run game. But if he is good to go? you cannot hold him back LOL
  6. yessir ! Hope this is the beginning of an era with him. well at least 4-5 years . and we grab someone to sincerely compliment him via the draft next year. invigorate the run game with youth being mentored by a Master Sensei in Gore
  7. His bright smile. and positive attitude obviously so what CAN he do well ?
  8. More. Always expect more. But i wonder if they can fix his issues with getting and the keeping balls in his hands ? I remain hopeful Bills can make lemonade here, cuz i like lemonade.
  9. I think it can be both depending. It can truly be for development. usually longer term of course. Hard to hide the gems though
  10. i would have too. But the subject of the Thread is John Brown. who would not like Foster and Brown good to go this weekend? seemed perfect for exactly what you suggest. and had mentioned the same somewhere in here: ) But plans change, and we also need to show we can grind out a game and throw in chunks. as you well know teams want Allen to throw still. let them put 7-8 in the box and beat them. days of Tyrod once figured out. we know allen is going to kill the one on ones. bring them 7+=1 down to the line to stop the run. we dare you
  11. you mean us fans ? : ) salary cap issues ?
  12. Garo. poor fellow got death threats i think like i said , the names were enough to make you look. and yep Larry was brute.
  13. Bills need to work on the run game anyways. we have yet to grind one out for the W. be a good exercise. Gore and Singletary with the other kid who can catch lining up outside. Give Dimarco and Lee Smith some anger management reps and push the Dolphins around. Sweeney might have some pent up aggressions he could funnel into his blocking game. Run the damn ball. cloud of dust(turf pebbles) football Go Bills
  14. Larry and speed. well done ! btw i was young enough i almost was rooting for the Dolphins back then. seems like a fun bunch of guys with great names
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