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  1. while it is true , he may be nothing to write home to Mom about. he has been and is again a Buffalo Bill. so we will root for him and wish him/Bills well this season. seems like another Good Kid who can make some plays.
  2. I was okay with him not returning, and i am okay with him back on the team. Certainly will cheer for him. He has skills for sure beyond speed.
  3. I would like him to expand his game, but this is all true. He absolutely can break one
  4. I love this. The gesture is so cool. I would just like to thank him for his effort and compassion. kind of awesome really. and thanks for sharing 66 ! and that how to be a great fan right there ! Cheer them all. Thank you Augie for sharing
  5. The fact that he is self aware show plenty for me to cheer him on. admittedly i have bias here. i like him and Sweeney both looking forward for the Bills
  6. Everyone worries about their Family. When we have crazy times like this ? we worry even more about the ones we cannot be near. decent article I like Dion Dawkins go bills
  7. Take the League by storm. genius Bill B
  8. i not sure this is how they lay down their cards. But it would be to my liking. if the are getting a WR than can a spot from what we currently have. and one who is " moonshot " later perhaps. But RB has to be in play. One who gets on the field with Singletary this year and again end of rounds for PS to develop. If they can develop Hodgins and he is there he might be a fine pick up as role player.
  9. my thought as well. but if he is BPA , sure !
  10. Bills are covering their back side. (see what i did there ) with depth. Even if all 3 are playing situational and match up football , this could work out well for the Defensive backs and Coach Frazier
  11. This is a keen observation that has been lost in the excitement. Beanes and McD spoke about the iron sharpening iron thing. Creating fair competition is a fairly excellent way to get the most out of players. Whom are naturally competitive and driven that way. and keep bringing in some one who is working hard to take your job. Players all know it up front. just an excellent and honest method of Team building to be the best.
  12. Boy can play ball and has some flexibility
  13. I am good with this. and so much freaking depth if Williams can truly beat out Ty and Cody. Then we are a solid Offense on paper !
  14. sounds just like ya spell it.
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