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  1. we can discuss all day about what Edmunds brings. and or should bring. If I am the McBeanes. I sure need a more complete player. And Impactful player. Not because of his draft status, But the importance of his role in Bills Defense. and I am biased I like a player whom is feared at MLB London Fletcher had some nice stats for tackles. but they were all downfield after gains. He was not a good fit ? Maybe Edmunds would excel elsewhere. still hoping for Tremaine to become a disruptive player
  2. He is much better than Barkley. Sorry Matt. But getting a high quality QB with e very similar skillset? nothing less than Wizardry
  3. I tend to agree. there is enough talent and motivation to move the needle upwards , at the very least . And I for one would not be surprised Bills Defenses look fairly elite by midseason or sooner
  4. so skip Ertz ? Bills have secretly converted Star L to TE finally some one listened to me close lol
  5. and Davis and McKenzie and that new RB. I am sure Moss look improved in all areas after a proper offseason and Devin will improve his game. Both surely are working on the passing game as well. we might already be loaded at catching options.
  6. McBean might have been a bit sarcastic and speaking in a Minnesota type accent as well ^^ sorry still reading about this very good news for everyone involved
  7. Next year you take another look at what FA can shake free. Every team is hoping the cap moves up enough to help them out Stay Frosty McBeanes 😉 Long term please
  8. Thanks for the good post. I have been misusing the the titles 1T vs NT. Humbly corrected Badol
  9. Its possible Star was bought on as more of a very smart Vet who could bring the young horses into their own ? and 1 tech was less important . I have seen him switch coverage via Edmunds on occasion plays ! But the truth might be they have already moved on from him , and , that type of player. I honestly expected them to draft a sincere 1tech fat kid who could hold his own against the run up the middle. But they did not. and that puts a nail in it. McDermott's D Line Coaching /drafting theories. guys like Oliver and Phillips up front are the vision perhaps ?
  10. Might agree about mentality he needs to have. He can spot at 1 tech. But will not be a traditional one, ever. Thats on McBeanes vision for the Dline and that rotation and matchup week to week and down to down would be Mc Fraziers. I still have high hopes for the Kid As mentioned , he played "tentatively " after the injury. But as the season went he showed more of he could do. Lets go Harry ! Go Bills
  11. I think they were open minded. Guessing it was more about BPA "That fit the scheme " and will never know for sure But the Kid was worth consideration at 30 or later
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