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  1. I love you for loving Him. No small task for you. or any one really
  2. He does have good story. But like any of the WRs battling for 5 , 6 spot. There is no big deal about them. just good for discussion and what ifs etc. : )
  3. nice point. I was one bitching about not seeing him after showing up preseason decently.
  4. This turned into a good thread. Hope Joseph can get disciplined and smart. we already know he can pursue and hit.Break into the line up or move on year maybe? I am not overly pleased with LBs right now.Depth wise But have not seen the rotation yet. Klein and that Viking dude who plays teams : )) D line i feel has solid + depth at run and pass. and situational football Just who do they keep? Seems Murphy is on the bubble for many of you , and only for money reasons. same discussion for few years now lol He played well late last season. Health is his issue still ??
  5. Is Brandon still whispering sweet nothings ?
  6. wondered this in the other thread. be nice to see some theoretical comparison between the type of players. I read King was had boo boo foot last year ? agreed about injuries and potential.
  7. reaction to EJ Gaines opt out ? And the hole Star left wide open at DT with Scott. is he a 1st and second down DT ?
  8. Did we not pick up Butler and Addison ? : D
  9. I agree. His decision making gets him in trouble sometimes. Takes the wrong lane of gets locked up and has difficulty shedding the block to get back in place as he took a wrong step at the snap. But last year he improved greatly with instincts. and he pursues and tackles well. Seems to be making the correct calls I think he is the long term answer in the McD/Frazier defense. His strength will always be pass D and and pursuit to the edges. love the Kid ! I suspect this years Defensive line will allow him some more big plays. Not elite . But he might get there : ) YES ! A LB who can fill the AB gaps and let Tremaine move around more would be great fun !
  10. i detect sarcasm. i think the point by Hap was, that a defense could be suggested based up these days and times we live in. Not actual facts.
  11. But ? No One expects the Spanish Inquistion NOT THE COMFY CHAIR !!!
  12. I cannot bring myself to pss on Lee Smith. Bills should be looking to his upgrade though. His special teams play is pretty good though : ) just a bit feisty is all
  13. Different Mario lol Addison can move inside on passing downs if need be. I think he will surprise as to how effective he will be in his roles. Lawson was a product of a very good rotation too. Anyone of the Linemen will have a good game in McFraziers defense. Addison is a ++ type of player smart and athletic.< enough : ) Go Bills
  14. seriously ? well that should be educational. Wonder if he is guilty? Did not see that yet. so you do not even play Blues guitar ? well this sucks ya beat me in one one time right there wtf did you call me ? wait. wrong thread ?
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