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  1. they have bacon infused chocolate chip cookies at Good Smoke in East Rochester. He could just stop in to pick them up easily. I will get the gift set up if folks want . oh and they have some fine BBq as well : )
  2. aren't these State by State offenses ? The larger amounts, and trafficking are federal i might guess
  3. this is an interesting diversion to the OP intent. and of course easy to be drawn into he rabbit hole. There are laws. some are more enforced that others. there are indulgences to what degree a person makes use of them can affect their well being and quality of life/ i am going to put butter AND cream cheese on my toasted bagel. But i only have them once i awhile.
  4. it was natural sugar back then. not the crap they use today but yep i probably got a cavity or two from swilling it. no question athletes fall into stimulants. even adderall. for cognitive function is abused
  5. and controversy to keep us interested what year was Hotel California recorded ?
  6. it aint what i use to be though Pepsi-Cola now that was the sht Mountain Dew back in the day . Green ten ounce bottles down south back in the 60s . Frosty root beer and and occasional Orange Crush were the natural sugar rush god intended for us That was enough for me and should be enough for these "ballers" they just need a taste of the good olde stuff
  7. good thing cocaine is out of the system in less than 3 days . while the weeds remain detectable much longer ! gotta offset that nodding off in team meetings
  8. never heard that one. You Always bring somethin good to the table er TBD Skiing never worked out for me. expensive sport. shuffle board and checkers is where i can hold my own this is where is should become more interesting. For now it's media barnstorming for clicks. I might have to edit add Not sure we will see those " facts " depending on how much Patriots need Chung to play this year jk i mean it is old news isn't it ? as that old fart says "stay tuned" : )
  9. I am the exploding head guy : ) I do not agree with our friend No Saint on this matter of of "over the top" player for the Bills at this juncture. or potentially ever. Cowboys have fielded a pretty solid or better O line and might well again. Bills are still sorting their's out. Our new Kid might be the future sate anyways and cost nothing (nearly ) and we can/will draft another next year. Bills are working on the passing game and have decent enough guys to give the ball to already. This is the most logical factor to say no. even if Bills have the money today, that is future money spent on a suspension risk. which makes my other point.. no way McBeanes want a guy like this. They run a tight program i believe. and Elliot does not fit regardless of talent
  10. the very same ! set the edge and drop into coverage Rex : (
  11. says the guys who have not so much of it i condone this message brother Aug you recall he quit on the team.
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