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  1. I wish I could find my quote after we got Edmunds and Milano was still first year, or maybe it was after Edmunds first year... I said Milano will outplay him and be more important to this defense than anyone.
  2. I don't count big the one or two big plays he makes. And that fumble thing he picked up and ran, I don't count that either. The sooner this jerk is out of the league and bankrupt then the sooner he will be to joining a long list of other has beens like himself
  3. I can vouch for this. I was there. If I knew you well enough, I would love to make the joke.....I make her wear one too.... 🤷🏼‍♂️ If I knew you well enough, I would love to make the joke.....I make her wear one too.... 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Oh, I'm not worked up I'm a nor focused at you on this. This guy didn't get much good time during the preseason, this guy didn't get anything to showcase what talent we may have with him. If we pressed him into service, I don't think you would do miserably. Could be as good as Eli Apple? But, he did get better of the season went on.
  5. It would be a terrible trade. We couldn't get better than a fifth form. The guy hasn't been in the field, haven't been able to show him off. It's b******* that the coaches won't play him
  6. The only thing he doesn't do is block as good as Motor. And that's significant given motors size. Or lack there of
  7. Inb4 moved to PPP But good for this dude. We need more of this
  8. We are very good at stopping the top player for the opposite team. We aren't so good against the rest but historically we shut down the #1. Even Hill against us isn't lighting it up ever.
  9. Was supposed to be back initially until Kirksey was available. No. But maybe you can? Seriously, the guy knows the system, can effectively coach on the field, and we already know his floor. It is statements like this that remind me why none of us work in prof football offices and stick to playing Madden.
  10. no. he went on a big vacation with his family and went around the country with them. it was really cool. he knew he'd be coming back.
  11. just like when teams win football games, they don't need as much ice on the plane ride home. when they lose football games, they require twice as much ice for injury. no joke, this has been discussed in the circles of sports world and i knew a crew who flew an nfl team around for a season
  12. unfortunately she was set up and left exposed. i reckon it could be debated if it was intentional but i spoke to someone in the room with first hand knowledge of the incident.
  13. If his team won he wouldn't have anything to say.
  14. So, the margin remains 6% in a control group. Now I'm not a major stat dude. But that's not a very overwhelming number to the energy manifested by those who cry about CTE. Thks is just an article where the number stuck in my head because they used a control group vs many studies that didn't. The chances of going up, sure that's impressive but it's also a compounded stat so it's not quite as impressive.
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