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  1. thoguhts on 1st wave? i love the saturday night safety dance, and the breakfast beatmix. listen to the beatmix every morning probably
  2. It came up a while back somewhere here. Bands like Badfinger still get considerable airplay despite a limited catalog. Others like Kansas and even Jackson Browne were never superstar headliners, too, but still get airplay. My point is well constructed and talented music is timeless. I'm hoping all of these bands continue to receive airplay. SiriusXM Lithium is a fantastic station that helps preserve this stuff. Conversely, Sirius XM Turbo, late 90s and early 00s rock is dated and forced. It hasn't held up.
  3. It's tough with korn because korn and slayer did sooo much to bring about a new wave in true rock music. Neither gets the credit they deserve.
  4. And, at least in my opinion, this isn't a big insult on Edmunds. He is a top 10 LB in the NFL playing a specific position we, the collective whole, do not fully grasp. Hes not urlacher, definitely. But he's not Preston Brown or kavika Mitchell either.
  5. if mcdermott is true on the process garbage then Singleterry is retained. but he's not, so singleterry walks.
  6. I like 90s rock. I can listen to it but do not know anything about it. The Weezer, green day, foo fighters legacy is also jaded because music changed a lot between the 90s and by the end of the 00's. It was metamorphosing into whatever today has for music. I am eager for 20-30 years old when we are old folks to know if this stuff holds up like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Zeplin, etc.
  7. I know little about 90s rock... So as an outsider looking in I could differ foo fighters and Green day to the 00s. Maybe even Weezer for this but their 00s was mostly sell out garbage. I'd put NIN into a high position based on their style being unlike most any other before. As far as your top 4.... I can only name maybe 3 songs by the combined. Heart shaped box, in the pines, and smells like teen spirit.
  8. boyst


    Johnson is a solid nickel and one of the top 3 in the league
  9. it's a football discussion group and everyone wants to turn over every stone...so yes. historically, as well, yes.
  10. @GunnerBill what am i missing about leftwich's passing game? it was pretty well respected by others as well up until last year.
  11. I think he has interesting concepts in the passing game. That's all I want. I think he can create short timing routes. Maybe I'm wrong but I had seen interesting ways to get the passing game to work for an aging Brady.
  12. i'm ready to start throwing ***** at the wall. i'd love byron leftwich to come in as a passing coordinator. greg roman to come in as a run game coordinator. together with dorsey i think there could be a good 3 headed monster where we would hopefully keep brady and add webb to speak coach speak to josh. i truly wonder joshs ability to grasp complex offensive systems, etc. the guy never played a high college position, has limited ability with top tier staffs. this isn't a knock. he's done well with his limited exposure. if arians is willing to be a consultant, even better. i am curious when the nfl will start looking at coaches as off the shelf ready. in the post season leftwich and roman were fired. roman had success against the bengals. why wouldn't the bills be willing to bring him in for a 2 week contract to advise on tendencies and strategy against a former division rival? a good head coach can manage all of the talent to make things work together - regardless of how many people and their accolades. dabol wanted him. it's no secret. daboll didn't divide the locker room as much as mcdermott let there be room for division because of his lack of accountability on the "process." to explain that - he preached all this bull#### but never held those in his fold to the same standard. folks like hughes, mckenzie, others were held to a different standard because they were not mcd guys.
  13. not in the same way. anyone who knew football knew what was going to happen in phili. then they got aj brown. eagles are going to havea couple good years ahead with great talent. if you look at who did what with what with qb getting alot of weight its shanahanana
  14. i'd listen to a whole lot more than josh on any decision made for the offense. i'll expand this. josh is a raw QB still. he is from a JUCO and Wyoming. He's had, essentially, 1 OC his entire pro career. he's never had top shelf talent like other QB's like other NFL prospects have had. he has not seen top shelf coaching staffs, high end systems, etc. if josh had time in a system at alabama, georgia, clemson, ohio state, usc, etc. where there was true nfl high end coaching talent i would give him a little more weight in a decision. but he's 5 years into an nfl career and not coming off a year which has the highest of confidences enabled. he is the qb for our future and has at least 4-5 years more to contribute - similar to what the average OC might tenure. josh can have an opinion and share it but this is a system which needs a whole scheme and not just focused on josh.
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