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  1. Monday: 2 hours spent browsing the combustion ratio of a '93 outboard Honda motor 15 minutes looking for the perfect temperature of a eastern swallow egg. Tuesday 5 hours watching woodworking on YouTube Wednesday 5 minutes recovering .aol password for email. And then 10 minutes writing a letter to editor in all caps that begins "dear sir, I hope this finds you well but." Thursday 1 hour checking the weather forecast in Tibet and another 47 minutes going through their historical records of snow Friday 10 hours on intersex people statistics.
  2. Tupac was merely a puppet. Dude was as ***** as a $3 who danced the dance perfectly.
  3. Of course, as I said we are like .25% of the population who discusses sports regularly on a message board. I realize who I am here. Just a random dude laying in bed before bed, living in NC, with a mild headache, sore back, and too lazy to get up and get a drink of water wasting time looking at a 4" (that's big right?) screen to share some stupid opinions about something that in a few weeks will be a footnote of something everyone forgets in a year. But, right now, as my eyes are strained from a week of spreadsheets... Here I am! I appreciate anyone and everyone saying their ridiculous ideas. From flat earthers and birds aren't real people to whatever is in DC these days. I'll defend their right to publicly say whatever they want on their own time, in their own venue, and with their own spotlight. I can simply turn it off, ignore it, laugh at it, or do whatever we all do to Tibs. I'd hate to see your browsing history. 🤣
  4. The biggest selling jersey of the last week. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I am amazed how people groupthink and isolate themselves. Especially here. This is a community of maybe 200-300 regularly active users. High users probably under 100. Of them they are folks who specifically sought out an online venue to hyper focus on their favorite sports team. These folks generally share traits I've noticed over the last few years. Many in some sort of tech field, for example. Many whom have limited experience playing organized sports, as well. If we hyper focus on this issue like we do the Bills we end up forgetting there is a whole lot bigger world out there and forget the Bluffton University existence. Or the Iowa Wesleyan University. Or BYU. Or Liberty. A lot of people don't hold views like us and appreciate when someone like Butker is willing to do something many are afraid to in today's world: mention them.
  5. i still laugh that people expected Garland to be fit for a judgeship on the most high court.
  6. but here we are butthurt because a man who has a skill for an athletic team has a religious view? everyone caring about this to scream at the sky is just whats wrong with the world. it's silly.
  7. Holder and Obama's ***** for brains reign showed that this is possible.
  8. Uh. It's not left or right. It's children. Support children. Left, right, center, bottom, top, middle, anywhere. Children should have the opportunity to learn. Since you don't know about it; the situation began when save the children was announced as her partner. They do not serve Israel. They serve Palestine, Ukraine, and other war torn countries. Miss Rachel was harassed for not supporting Israel. She said she supports every child, including Israeli children. That meant she got right in the middle of the road and blasted by both sides.
  9. I'm even more saddened that Miss Rachel is getting absolutely trashed, harassed, and stalked for supporting children in Israel. But not just there: Russia, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, etc. Who gives a ***** what this sportsballman says.
  10. yes but the profit of this is huge. being a victim in this country is the most valuable trait you can have.
  11. Right? The worst things anyone of us have done we may just be lucky. Every morning I run, including this morning. There is a back road i take and someone doing 70+ in a 35mph. Every day I flip them off. Every day they keep speeding by. It'd be nothing for them to take me out or shoot me. It's stupid that I react but here I am.
  12. No, I don't care. Just weird you're throwing it at Butker like he was some serial groper or something.
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