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  1. I can promise I have never not done this.
  2. Floyd has 237 sacks last week. How many did Hopkins have?
  3. That's Kingsley Jonathon, sir.
  4. agreed 100% basham maybe slightly better overall with his entire skillset but lawson is very good at edge defending against the run. and with a good OLB (milano) and some pass rush from anywhere else we need a good run edge defender. i'd rather keep lawson because he is simply better at contain if nothing else.
  5. Moulds was better than TO
  6. I'm happy we kept him. I hope we can still improve our front 5
  7. I vote @Simon when all is said and done combined these threads and puts a tombstone on it at the end and declare it DeAndre Hopkins Thread (RIP 1/10/23-xx/xx/xx).
  8. The drop off in WR3 to WR4 isn't that much across the league. They're all about mediocre. Few teams have talent at their third WR. Higgins, Chase, Boyd is among, if not the best. And there are plenty of people on the Bengals boards and fanbase that don't appreciate Boyd. We have no viable options behind WR1 (Diggs) as it stands now. Knox was inconsistent if not invisible in '23. Davis did not step up at WR and we cannot believe he will in '23. Harry, Sherfield, and Shakir are not legitimate threats on an NFL roster. We cannot blindly put faith in Kincaid being an answer when we had struggled so mightly to use TE1 in '22. Our backfield isn't going to drastically contribute, either. When all is said and done the McBeane era will be defined by their inability to develop their drafted DL talent, their inability to find WR's, their wastefulness on OL, with the highlights being the big gamble on Josh, the development of the DB's and the change in character of this organization.
  9. this is nothing new - and what many expected from him in college. he has all of this talent and it was limited by other factors. his ceiling was obvious but he will have a long career in the nfl as long as he doesn't get lazier
  10. That trips stacking we would do was amazing. We barely used it but it was so successful. I can't figure out why we abandoned things that worked every week.
  11. Was talking about scaffold. And it's a big reason I will miss Singleterry. Dude was a process guy. We showed some colors not trying more to keep him.
  12. dude was a joke and is a joke. he's a former bill, so just like the dead there is no need to bring them up.
  13. If you're over 13 and playing video games I feel bad for you son.
  14. I think my dark horse candidate is Miami. Their post June cuts give them $16mm at the least I have seen. And they're win now mode I can see them crazy and smart enough to do this. They'd be top 3 in the AFC as soon as they did this; they're top 8 right now. 2nd guess... this was my thought. A hungry Panther fanbase would eat this crap up.
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