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  1. OJ is in that Trump category of criminals using Twitter to "get even", so yeah, not the same as the rest. They both act like they have CTE, but only one saw action LOL
  2. Considering for a while there we were drafting Mike Williams, J.P. Losman, Spiller, Dareus and Watkins, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND DRAFTING INEPTITUDE AND FAN ANGER. We have suffered for decades.
  3. Only Philip Rivers talked the same amount of trash in game than Steve Smith
  4. The food is outstanding in Kansas City, but the weather is brutal and only getting worse. I'm not a big fan of areas that are flat because that ice cold wind goes right through you.
  5. I'm a firm believer in giving people chances to display their brilliance... he will get a shot and I'm all for that.
  6. I think it's great #32 is being given out again, to help to wipe a little of the OJ BS away. However... Why to a run of the mill FA? Because he asked? That's not what I expected at all.
  7. The Great Seer of Bills Future sez: In jury Settlement. I bet he doesn't play a down for us. I'm not sour about it, just bummed it happened AGAIN.
  8. She was one of the first Bills fans I ever talked regularly to on TBD in the year that TBD first began when I was stationed in Virginia Beach from 1999-2003, and it makes me feel old. It's one thing that you are never prepared for when you are younger, losing so many people from when you were younger. Damn. RIP... Rabid remembers, Sue.
  9. It's Fox... they won't deal with the truth... they would rather perpetuate fiction. Nothing has changed!
  10. I couldn't even post this story on my Facebook page because it involves cancer. My mother-in-law has stage 4 lung cancer that metastasized and she's housebound and has been in the hospital for Mother's Day. I lost my grandfather to brain cancer before they could do much in 1983... only higher dose chemo at that time. I lost my boss to the same cancer that Jimbo has, but he didn't go and get it treated and he literally worked himself to death. I had to read his messages on a notepad because he couldn't speak anymore. I was angry then. I f**king HATE cancer. HATE IT. Angry AGAIN. I read the tweet from this morning and then I thought about how I read Pancho Billa was going to hospice and I knew it was going to be like this. I come on here to TSW as I always have for 20 years and it's all opinions and BS and some arguments, but this is different and this story hurts badly. We're all human beings and it's just not fair some of us have to suffer like this and it doesn't seem fair. This 2019 Buffalo Bills season is for you, Ezra. We all love you and through tears in my eyes I wish you peace and your family peace. GO BILLS, BROTHER... you got your wings. !@#@.
  11. So.... if there are a lot of posts complaining about Tasker, then MAYBE just maybe he isn't the broadcasting god you make him out to be? Everyone has a right to their opinion, and it doesn't make yours right and theirs wrong just because people post a lot about him. The way I see it, it follows the old adage if one person tells you you're drunk, and you feel fine, ignore him. If ten people tell you you're drunk, go lie down.
  12. I wouldn't even give him a look... it seems as if he hasn't hit rock bottom yet as the 2018 arrest proves. Sometimes addicts are given too many chances and prolongs their problem. He obviously still thinks his athletic ability may get him yet another chance, but if he was signed, unfortunately his salary might fuel another binge. He needs to find regular employment and continue his road to recovery. Unfortunately, I was one of those who gave my guy multiple chances to sober up because he was an excellent technician. Unfortunately, he still had not hit rock bottom until he was kicked out of the Navy. That was his rock bottom and he unfortunately needed to hit it and be humbled... and I don't think Zeke has hit his yet.
  13. So, just to chime in here... In 1985, the Bills were HORRIBLE just like last season... disgusting offense that couldn't produce worth a crap. In 1986, the Bills acquired Kent Hull and Will Wolford with starter Jim Ritcher. Jim Kelly took the helm at QB! In 1987, the Bills added Howard Ballard to make Wolford, Hull, Ritcher and Ballard four skilled offensive linemen. I'm not saying that we are going to get that soon, but it's been done before. There is a lot more hope out there!!! GO BILLS!!!
  14. When the Bills brought in Duke, signed Beasley and Brown, AND signed David Sills, that sealed Zay Jones's fate. Unless Zay got incredibly better as a special teams player, he's gone. Robert Foster has a better chance to make the final cut than Zay. CAVEAT: Without season anding injuries, of course. *knock on all sorts of wood*
  15. John Fina's old number. NICE!!!
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