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  1. He wrote a book- IF I DID IT. Sorry, we disagree.
  2. Noted. At long last, we can put this OJ business to bed. Next!
  3. That is PRECISELY my mentality here... Diggs regressed, we got something for him, post-2024 cap relief, and restacking is in progress! Everything else is just BS... he's gone, awesome, time to get back to work and show everyone like Stef and DeSean and the rest of the noisemakers we are ready to win A FIFTH straight AFC East title and finally towards winning a Super Bowl. My only concern? We draft a Texas WR... our history with UT drafted players is abysmal outside of Aaron Williams.
  4. I pe ona ly didn' ave mu h dif ic lt y in lo gin in o T D t day, o n pr b ems s fa !
  5. Nailed it... especially teamed up with Collins AND Dell.
  6. I find it ironic that you take a shot at Stef for "getting the attention he wanted" with a two word response when the guy at the top of the list you love so much you'd swear he poops gold bars.
  7. I completely disagree... we are not a monolith, all the same. Men of passion and empathy many times react and show great emotion. I have dated women who were as cold as ice and didn't show enough emotion or empathy for me. It is entirely possible that Vontae Davis was experiencing issues with CTE and suffering in silence and he needed a TERRIBLE way out. I myself at 50 sometimes think about what I have to be prepared for in case of a gradual debilitating disease, for I do not intend to rot away in hospice of dementia.
  8. Clear pictures of all the people presumed involved... 4 of them on TMZ https://www.tmz.com/2024/03/31/first-photos-rashee-rice-car-crash-site-dallas-occupants-leaving-scene/
  9. So my question is WHY WASN'T THE DRIVER'S NAME OF THE LAMBO RELEASED?!! Curious.
  10. I suspect he is waiting out his 'condition' but just pointing out the disparate treatment of Bills involved players compared with the rest.
  11. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Araiza and Von Miller threads were filled with that line over the past year plus. Just saying
  12. Ironic considering Florida is much worse. In Panama and Costa Rica you get the beautiful locale and low cost of living without the oppression and nonsense in Florida.
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