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  1. BS. As a retired Navy Chief, Jim Mattis did EXACTLY what he should do... speak OUT when a threat to our Constitution rears its head... i.e. the "President". It's not politics... ITS WAS OUR OATH to defend against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC and to UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION. What is happening in DC is an absolute DISGRACE... tear gassing our own PEOPLE and flying a damn helo that low... incompetent and dangerous tools.
  2. EA made the most compelling case for me to never buy Madden again. I'm out.
  3. He's not wrong... my father came back from Vietnam a raging alcoholic and he turned his life around after marrying my mother. Until you have someone in your family who actually was there who knows what it was like, I'd stay silent.
  4. If EA gets the exclusivity again, I'll never buy another Madden again... this latest game was corny to the extreme and the same old same old. They do the same things year after year in a shiny new box... it's not fun anymore. You're not... it's getting worse and worse. I thought finally once 2K would come back, but I guess not. This exclusivity BS is ridiculous...
  5. Based upon the high risk that football poses due to proximity to others and the number of coaches and players on a team, only a vaccine is going to be the option for the NFL. All of these adaptations won't fully mitigate the very real concerns, and all it will take is one coach or player (or family member of either or both!) to fall due to COVID-19 and the whole season shuts down. I honestly don't know how the NFL Players Association leadership signs off on this... but if they do, buckle up for justifiable lawsuits if it goes south. The NFL isn't the XFL... they have the luxury of going slowly here.
  6. Tryrod Taylor also.... never could figure out why people defended that crap when the complete lack of give a care to protect stats was obvious.
  7. Tell that to all NFL coaches's face... I bet you're one of those "very special people" who are upset because they can't get their nails done. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2891184-mike-freemans-10-point-stance-nfls-plan-to-steam-ahead-has-coaches-worried?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_medium=referral
  8. Doug Flutie never won a playoff game, just like Rob Johnson. I'm SO GLAD those days are over with... not having a bonafide QB in the NFL and having to choose blue light special bandaids for two decades is ridiculous...
  9. Stupid morons... God Americans are more stupid than ever.... risk dying over sports. All it will take is just one player, and it's all over. Cases will just go up in many places because people don't take it seriously.
  10. I hate the Jests, but I'm also a realist. I was NOT happy that their new GM broke from their past decision making regarding free agents and picks. Gase may fail, but as of now we've got to keep an eye on them so long as Darnold is their QB.
  11. If you watched Perriman in the Bucs games in December, you'd see that the Jets made a very smart decision by signing him. I was really hoping they would draft defense heavy as they have before, but they did not. So long as Darnold is their starting QB, we must assume they are capable of giving us trouble. Although the Jets won't be a playoff team (which we both agree, obviously) they still have enough juice to compete and it's not going to be easy to play them. I'm not as hard on Gase as you are, so we'll see what happens... but if the team chemistry starts unraveling as bad as it did in Miami, then yeah he's toast.
  12. I'm not with you there at all. They got a new GM who seems to have a clue and that's not good for us. Giving Darnold protection and better weapons is not something we want to see, Gase or no as HC. They are not a .500 or below team as of now, far from it, and they will probably hand us a loss. Do not be remotely fooled into thinking that the Jets are anything other than competitive rivals who will be a pain in our side for the next decade.
  13. Saw it first happening when Thurman's wife Patricia commented on it... makes me damn proud that people still care this much to help him!!!
  14. Last time I checked household cats don't maul and/or kill kids... you're wrong. https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/1-year-old-mauled-by-pit-bull-and-man-who-intervened-expected-to-recover
  15. That 1998-99 Bills team had a FREAKISH defenses and some really great pieces on offense SAVE ONE @!#@ piece, of course... On a side note... The Bills/Dolphins MNF game in 1999 was one of THE BEST defensive performance the Bills have EVER had since the AFL Championship days... https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1999-10-05-9910050179-story.html
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