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  1. When both Hall of Famers the Bills drafted at WR were 4th round picks and two of the biggest busts in Bills drafting history were 1st round picks, it kind of runs counter to your argument.
  2. Because our offense NEEDS a great WR and he just is very inconsistent. We need consistency to win... Lawson can be replaced but not a guy who was supposed to be a stable pass catching machine.
  3. During the early days of sports broadcasting, men like Chuck Bednarik, Art Donovan, Dick Butkus, Deacon Jones and Nick Buoniconti were representative of old school football and it is very sad to see them gone one by one. I don't care if he played for the Fish... he was one hell of a good commentator on Inside the NFL.
  4. Darnold and Allen will be going at each other the entire time both are playing for the Jets and Bills like Marino and Kelly. There is no way Darnold flames out...
  5. I wanted the Bills to draft Baker, and I get a lot of Browns news here. Baker tends to insert himself into things in the media which must have an effect on the team and causes distractions. On the spectrum of arrogance-cockiness-confidence, Baker straddles the arrogance/cockiness catergory. I'm thrilled we have Josh Allen, because he has confidence with flashes of cockiness and it doesn't detract from the team.
  6. Jim Kelly never grabbed his crotch at his opponent. Andre Reed never performed multiple sideline sideshow acts on the sideline during any game. Marv Levy was an experienced coach who didn't put up with what Freddie Kitchens will. Don't confuse the passion to be the best sometimes ending in conflict vs. selfish and/or "look at me" players overflowing with antics and sideshow clips.
  7. This is why the Browns are going to have problems... they cater to egos, to individuals and the GM wants the personalities. They will keep getting the hype, unlike the Bills, who will be relegated to the bottom of division predictions. I'm REALLY, REALLY looking forward to Bills/Browns. Everyone will get to see the difference!
  8. Andre Reed, Cornelius Bennett, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly... I made sure I had every Bills one they made, and stuck Dre on my Bills hard hat on the front
  9. In Madden, very fast QBs have ALWAYS gotten higher stat breaks because of their ability to disrupt defenses. Normal.
  10. The trade of Lamonica is one of the worst decisions the Bills ever made, and to be sure it turned a proud championship franchise into an absolute mess. Drafting Josh Allen has the potential to do this for us in the opposite direction. Now I have to go and rewatch Lamonica highlights! You are spot on with this post.
  11. Barry Bonds??? No, ***k Barry ******g Bonds. Seriously Josh, that cheating arrogant POS? That broke my heart.
  12. Since we now have a moral criminal degenerate in office, anyone who still supports that mook has absolutely no right to criticize Colin Kaepernick, period. That simple.
  13. OJ is in that Trump category of criminals using Twitter to "get even", so yeah, not the same as the rest. They both act like they have CTE, but only one saw action LOL
  14. Considering for a while there we were drafting Mike Williams, J.P. Losman, Spiller, Dareus and Watkins, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND DRAFTING INEPTITUDE AND FAN ANGER. We have suffered for decades.
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