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  1. I cut Gore and Singletary is one of my drafted RBs. Singletary is the play this week.
  2. When he plays a down for the Bills, then you can run your yapper. I'll just bookmark this comment until he's released again without playing a down.
  3. Dumber still is your conclusion that QB-WR timing isn't a factor in completion of deep balls where speed is a factor, so yeah, you get the dunce cap, buddy...
  4. We get Foster back. We get Singletary back. We get Kroft back. You get the idea. Bring on Fitzy... don't care. Hoping Milano comes back.
  5. Comparing a man child who threatens women with violence to someone who seeks social justice is a ridiculous comparison.
  6. We are no longer the team we have had a majority of the time since the late 90s. We actually have quality depth and no longer need to keep or take on players like him. He will never play for the Bills again.
  7. That's your opinion and not mine. You're not the end all be all of TBD.
  8. Gase left them very broken Ross traded their best players Bills keep them winless BONUS LIMERICK: There once was a defense in Buffalo That even caused Brady to blow With a favorable scheduled season There should be no reason Why into the playoffs they aren't breezin'
  9. So, how was being a Bisons fan in the AAFC when you were a kid?
  10. Let me ask you... who is faster, Brown or Foster? So if Foster is faster than Brown, don't you think Allen's throws become right on the money considering Foster's ability to get to the spot faster? Hopefully Foster returns and we get that magic back.
  11. Maybe we should just make no moves whatsoever just because I am the egg man Armchair GM said so. We don't need ANY help whatsoever! Brandon Beane, you've just been replaced and you don't even know it!
  12. When future free agents consider the Bills, they will see how much the Bills have to offer and how we are a place where the fans are insanely loyal and loud, our management and coaching staff are phenomenal, the players support each other, we give good people second chances so long as you don't bring the circus to town, and WE WIN. We used to bring in guys like Larry Centers, Takeo Spikes, Ted Washington, and Sam Adams. Now we have guys like John Brown and Cole Beasley doing what they do best and at 4-1, we're going to be flush with cap cash and ready to take over the AFC East. Duke is now going to be a part of the Bills renaissance. WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU RATHER BE??? DUUUUUUUUKKKEEEE!!!!!!!! God, it's great to be a Bills fan after watching a story like this and seeing the redemption.
  13. We need Robert Foster back and our line/TEs/RB block better against the blitz. The magic that Josh had to open the field up last year has fizzled as of late now that Brown is being well covered. Foster is another home run guy that makes our WRs even more potent.
  14. The Championship "Chase" begins again this Friday!
  15. The more the Chargers are desperate to win games, the worse Rivers will get. The Chargers really don't have any home crowd, so the Steelers fans will take up a lot of the stadium and (if Rudolph plays) win the game not only outright, but will put Lynn's job in Red Alert status. Same here too, both teams on a bye... go Hawkeyes!
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