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  1. Kicking in the NFL is a very serious business for a team like ours who relies more on defense to pull us through. I'm afraid the inability for the Bills to get a kicker on the active roster will cost us a game or two... It's now one of the few weaknesses that this staff has NOT addressed. Frank not doing it in Indy has literally cost them any shot at both the division AND the playoffs.
  2. Gus Johnson and Tony Romo would be the best duo IMHO... Many of you may not like Romo, but the guy is an outstanding talent as color commentator. He details things that no other person discusses and he's usually spot on.
  3. I lost my Dad at 64 back in 2000 right before I deployed for my first time. I have been there and it is a terrible place... BUT... Think about the legacy and all of the great times... it helps you get through all of the pain. It will never completely go away that I can tell you, but remembering the great times and living are two of the best ways to cope. I'm so sorry...
  4. SIGN BIG STUFF JORDAN PHILLIPS TO A MULTI YEAR DEAL. He's a frickin monster and he's the funniest damn player!
  5. If there is ANYONE who got shafted the most, it was Eric Moulds. I am thoroughly convinced that had Eric Moulds had the kind of QB an offense others of his era had, he would be wearing a gold jacket soon. He was by far the greatest talent we have had in Buffalo since our SB run and we just couldn't build around him and it still galls me.
  6. My family would have the party around the game... so I guess your family isn't all diehard Bills fans? 😕
  7. YES... but you have to win these kind of games if you are a good team because you have them scheduled that way. Get used to it now even though it's tough!
  8. F*** YEAH!!! I'm gonna be there now AT NIGHT??? It's going to be absolutely insane. The last night Bills game I went to was 1999, Jets vs. Bills... PUMPED!!!
  9. I think CGI should be banned from cinema... CGI always makes battle scenes look comical, much like those canned fight sounds make any fight sound...
  10. Boyo is Irish slang for bro. Dead Rabbits been outlawed refers to the Irish gang in Gangs of New York, another Irish reference.
  11. Don't bring us into it, boyo. Dead Rabbits been OUTLAWED! 🤑
  12. Buffalo Bills PTSD is real... and many of us have it. Can't help it... the only cure is beating the Cheatriots this season or winning a playoff game. We haven't won a playoff game since before I joined the Navy. I've been retired for 2 years now after 20 years. Yeah, we're making progress, but that Buffalo Bills PTSD... Ugh.
  13. To not be concerned about the remaining five games on our schedule is just ignorance. Some people seem to think that anyone who expresses just an ounce of concern is a Chicken Little. I've heard that same nonsense for so many years now, and it gets old. Yeah, being a Bills fan IS TOUGH... It's HEARTBREAKING... it's ANXIETY because WE GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OUR TEAM, unlike places like Cleveland or Miami. My take- Dallas is the key to making the playoffs, regardless of NFC affiliation. Out of the five games, Dallas is the one I think we have the best chance at winning, albeit the way they lost in Foxboro could make it more difficult. Historically we don't do well against the Steelers or Ravens. So long as the Steelers have that defense, we're going to be in a huge dogfight. The Ravens are the most complete team in the AFC. The Cheatriots in Foxboro is an annual nightmare that knifes us in new ways like we're the pinata. To close, the Jets have gained momentum and are playing better and better- division rivalries are always dangerous. So, I'm going to rate my concern at a chain smoking sailor in the Strait of Hormuz at an 8. All tough games, almost all AFC. It's honest.
  14. It's going to very VERY interesting... Witten came back, so who knows? I agree with everything you have said.
  15. Desperate times call for desperate measures was my point... and the Patriots are desperate at this point.
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