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  1. Wide Right 13 Seconds 1980 Ron Smith Chargers (That crushed me. Truly believe that would be a Lombardi) MCM OK, that's four... But these are The Bills and I've been a fan for 50 years. Limiting to four felt like a nice kind thing to do for myself. Just for fun and to see who's paying attention, does the name Don Nottingham bring down any night terrors for anyone out there?
  2. Here is video of his minutes at the podium after the game. Several times he did reference not taking the field as the same unit ever again, but I didn't necessarily take that as a personal declaration of departure as much as acknowledgement of the the reality of roster turnover every year in the NFL. I believe he has in his heart, Beasley, Sanders, Daboll etc... They are a very close group and he knows there will be turnover, perhaps including himself.
  3. Damn... I'm in my 60's and feeling every year of it with this thread. How about a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunion, a Bills win, and then you can all just send me off to the memory care center a happy man.
  4. I so much agree with this. I think the league needs to address this with more consideration given to playoff teams. I saw this quote from Brady (still detest him, but credit where due) here in Florida last night and it just made me wince a little bit thinking of Daboll and Frazier: “I don’t do anything extra this week,” Brady said. “I just want to do football. That’s all I want to do, prepare and get ready. That’s how we should all approach it. This isn’t the time for the trips to the movie theaters. This is the time to lock in on football. This is all we have, three days left and then we’ve got to earn more. Look at it like that, everything, you can put off until the end of the year, and we hope the end of the year isn’t Sunday. But you have to earn it.” Brady is totally locked in, and preparing with singularity of purpose. I love our guys Frazier and Daboll and support their quest to advance their careers, but I can't shake the notion that these opportunities are, by definition, oppositional to "singularity of purpose". https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/01/20/tom-brady-we-should-all-approach-this-week-as-nothing-but-football/
  5. Never thought I would find some Jim James love when I clicked on this thread, but yeah! Great video, great collection of artists. Go Bills!
  6. Sadly true. And yet Dandy Don helped make the NFL the media behemoth that it is today.
  7. All time classic football name: Fair Hooker WR Cleveland Browns in the early 70's. He wasn't half bad either. Don Meredith on Fair Hooker: "Interesting name, but I've never met one". (During first ever Monday Night Football game)
  8. I've been on this journey since early in the OJ years. This was the most impressive single game offensive performance that I've witnessed. Holy freaking cow! The 51-3 game was amazing too. By halftime, we knew we were heading to our first Super Bowl. The no punt game was a cool thing, but it wasn't this. The comeback? Great too, but Buffalo sucked for an entire half, plus throwing a pick 6 to start the second half in order to set up the magic. Not one of those games were this. This was a long time coming. This was a massive, long awaited catharsis for an entire region of football fans. This game was different on so many levels. It was done in arctic weather. It was, beautifully, even poetically set against our greatest nemesis. And we just jammed the football, sideways... into every dark, crusty, surly, decaying and painfully raw from the cold body part that miserable old man on the other sideline tried to hide from the onslaught. And then just because we could, tore him a few new ones just to see the humiliation and horror in his eyes. (Yes, there is a dark spot in my soul that has gone untreated for 20 years). It's better this morning. The house just fell on the wicked witch and Josh Allen was that house. This beats chasing Shula into retirement in 95. Maybe Belichick follows Shula's example? But best of all it was just total mastery of offensive football. There was nothing flukey about it. No gift TD's, no pick 6 to inflate the score, and no denying the dominance. They could have done this as long as they wanted. It was a work of football art. Daboll, we will miss you. But there is enough foundation here, that things will remain very good.
  9. Gratitude check: That Jets team finished a game ahead of The Bills.
  10. I just had a horrible flashback to the great "Dennis Miller Monday Night Football" experiment. Be careful what you ask for... Just saw this after posting a similar thought. The picture evaded my Dennis Miller search! Yikes! He was bad.
  11. Yep. This is my exact list. Tempted to trade out 72 Dolphins for 2007 Pats, but 07 Pats were just better.
  12. Aaron Rodgers was a massive disruption for his team long before any vaccine issues surfaced. He held that franchise hostage until training camp. The vaccine issue just continued the disruption. Yes, he's a great football player, but also a significant headache and distraction for his team. To me, that is fair game is considering his candidacy for MVP.
  13. Dude is drinking tiger's blood again!
  14. Something like this. And then someone broke into our hotel room and stole it. Hmm...
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