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  1. Having a LOT of repeat loops of the same 30 seconds of audio. Been happening for about a week.
  2. Actually, if it hasn't already been noted, Ernie suffered a severe knee injury in his second year in Buffalo which destroyed his effectiveness. Not sure when the leukemia came into play, but I do believe that was farther down the road. "DiGregorio only played 31 games in the 1974-75 season because of severe knee injuries, a 50 game drop from his 1973-74 campaign. Despite this, Bob McAdoo won the MVP while averaging 34.5 PPG and 14.1 REB. The Braves' record jumped up seven wins from their previous season, and they made the playoffs again. However, they were bounced in the first round. Ernie's numbers dropped across the board in this season, with his PPG being nearly cut in half to 7.8 and his assist numbers falling to 4.9 per game. In the next season, his numbers stayed around the same, except for the fact that Ernie managed to play 67 games in that season. Then in the 1976-77 season, he played 81 games and reclaimed his free throw title, making 94.5% of his shots at the charity stripe that year. But still, his other stats were lackluster when compared to his rookie numbers. His PPG was at 10.7 in this '77 season, with his assists being just as average at a 4.7 mark." https://aminoapps.com/c/nba/page/blog/ernie-digregorio-the-unknown-what-if-of-the-1970s/j064_1QQcKu8lrJoaK76bkpe8aoMWbLY5rb
  3. In terms of impact on the Bills, Ahmad Rashad. One great year in '74, then injured an on to greener pastures in Minnesota.
  4. I love this! Never connected those dots on my own before, but absolutely on the money!
  5. How about they just wear Bills uniforms? They're great as is.
  6. Does he want to be... anarchy?
  7. Great list! But I have to speak up for one of my all time favorite unsung Bills heroes. Wasn't it Bill Simpson, who was literally signed out of the stands to replace an injured Jeff Nixon the previous season, that saved the game vs Jets? I think he had 2 pics on the day... Still angry about JoJo. Worst basketball call ever!
  8. Pretty sure that this woman will somehow show up at my family Thanksgiving dinner...
  9. Breece Hall in Round 1 Singletary good not great Speed kills we need some
  10. Things to do list for S. Diggs: - Monday 8 AM: Show crazy Antonio Brown post to Brandon Beane... just as a reminder of a parallel universe gone horribly wrong. - Monday 12:00 PM Press conference to sign well deserved extension with Buffalo. Things to do list for Brandon Beane: - Monday 8 AM: Read crazy Antonio Brown post. - Monday 8:01 AM: Remember this was the psychopath that you you could have invested heavily in. - Monday 8:02 AM: Call S Diggs representatives to offer well deserved extension to class act receiver in his prime that is already in your building.
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