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  1. Here's a great link breaking down the top WR prospects in this year's draft: https://www.rotoworld.com/article/evaluations/top-15-2020-nfl-draft-wr-rankings Who do you like?
  2. Is this meant to be a slight to the Pegulas? We made the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years with the current coaching staff. Cheer up emo kid. Not sure if you remember, but we missed the 20 years before that.
  3. I thought it was obvious in my post that I was referring to SOME OF THE TOP DEFENSES they played. I will edit my post to make it idiot-proof.
  4. Since the Bills Week 6 Bye: 21 Touchdowns, 2 Interceptions (and 2 lost fumbles). During that span here are some of the defenses he has played against: The #1 defense The #4 defense The #5 defense The #9 defense The #10 defense The #11 defense (stats as of week 16) That's pretty incredible ball security for an "inaccurate" guy.
  5. I think the needs are a bit different: #1 DE ... Shaq and Trent will likely be gone, which leaves us with an old Hughes and nothing else #2 WR ... as you stated, we need a possession receiver with a big catch radius #3 CB ... Wallace and Johnson are terrible opposite Tre #4 OLB ... Lorax will be 37 years old and on his last year of his contract #5 RT ... Ford hasn't been great, but Nseke has been good and Ford is young #6 RB ... you can get a complementary big back in free agency or late in the draft very easily
  6. You obviously don't understand how dead cap works. It would take effect in FUTURE YEARS. You actually want to cut a guy and give up a $6 million dollar player next year for no reason other than you're impatient and can't wait until off-season?
  7. Why are we comparing 2018 stats? Lamar Jackson has 10 more TD's and 3 less INTs than Josh this year ... and a better record ... and better completion percentage ... and is a better runner. The reason people have acted like he's better is because he's been better. He's probably the league MVP right now.
  8. For everyone saying this... WHY would we ever do this? We would take a 6 million dollar dead cap hit if we cut Hauschka right now. That would be an incredibly stupid idea. For 6 million dollars you can get a guy like John Brown or Cole Beasley. Do your research. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/steven-hauschka-5476/
  9. I also really hate it when people say this. He got 300 yards TODAY. Why do rushing yards not count as yards? They are literally the same thing.
  10. How about if the Bills win their next game they might make playoffs and if they don’t they probably won’t? Why does it have to be all this “contender” BS. They are not a contender and not built to be yet. Chill out.
  11. The next time you start a post with "I know this has been discussed before" just realize that this has been discussed before and don't start a thread. They didn't run because the defense was daring Josh Allen to pass. He didn't deliver. End of story.
  12. Preston Brown would be great depth and he was a great locker room guy as well. He fits "the process" ... would love to see him brought in. Remember how bad we looked when Milano went down? Imagine if he goes down again or if Edmunds gets injured... we need quality depth.
  13. Thinking about John Brown and Cole Beasley trying to out-muscle a defender is probably making Josh a bit nervous as well. We really needed/need a WR1. I’m shocked we didn’t add one via trade... asking price on AJ Green and others must have been stupid high.
  14. Didn't see this posted anywhere: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/11/08/olivier-vernon-ruled-out-by-browns/ He's a solid player. The line didn't move much with this news, but it's a nice boost for our O-Line.
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