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  1. I have a reliable source inside the Bills organization that says Josh Allen looks good in shorts.
  2. I'm on page 3 of this thread and nobody has pointed out yet that the OP thinks his name is John Allen.
  3. Am I the only person that isn’t worried about this guy... like at all? Can’t coach offense and his defense was LOADED with talent, so of course it was good. When guys got hurt they got blown out by Andy Dalton.
  4. Anyone else thinking potential Daboll replacement if it god forbit comes to that?
  5. The highest paid Kicker in the league makes $5MM per year. The highest paid player at any other position makes 4+ times that amount. It's shocking that people actually think Kicker is the second most important position. The money doesn't lie.
  6. If you want to see our defensive game plan, just watch the Cardinals game from this year. Much more accurate that a totally different team with totally different players.
  7. It's insane to think the Texans would trade him. In what world do you trade your young, all-pro QB in his prime? There's no price for that. All because he was slightly upset with the GM hire? Get out of here.
  8. Interesting that we're saying this now, as he was primarily a power-size combo guy in college. Most people said he would be a bull rush technician, but now he's a speed guy. If he can put it all together, man.
  9. Shocker that he jumped at the opportunity to be in a movie. The guy is a complete slimeball and I’m shocked he stayed around for so long. On a related note... crazy that we had media leaks in our front office for two decades until Ol’ Russ left. 🤔
  10. Here’s the reason we don’t want to play the Ravens: 1. They have playmakers on offense and defense and could turn in enough big plays to beat ANY team. That’s it. Of course the Bills are better. However, the Ravens have a ton of talent and could pop to beat any team. Nobody should fear them, but let’s be realistic.
  11. I only see two options: 1) Keep Knox as the primary TE and develop him. He has 2 years left on his cheap rookie deal. Use the money elsewhere... he's good enough. 2) Sign Zach Ertz. I'm almost certain the Eagles will use their out-clause on him because they have Goedert and Ertz isn't worth $12.5M/yr to them. He has a TON of talent. He's 6'5 250 with 4.7 speed. Most importantly, he's coming off a down year because the Eagles don't know how to use him. I firmly believe Josh would turn him into a perennial all-pro. Drafting a TE is a bad idea. We already have young
  12. Am I the only person that thinks he will almost certainly be back? He walked off the field under his own power and seemed fine. The "week to week" thing is just McDermott hedging and not giving opponents any more information than they need. I doubt he would miss the opportunity to play unless he's seriously hurt.
  13. The problem is with his brain, not his shoulder. All season we've seen him take bad angles on runs and miss open field tackles. He's a tremendous athlete but not a great football player. My ideal situation is trading him to a team that likes his "upside" next year and replacing him immediately.
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