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  1. Yes, the refs were terrible all game. However, they gave us a potential game winner at the end of the game with that pass interference. Was it pass interference? Technically, yeah, but they could have easily not called it. That was a the make-up call we needed to feel ok about the whole game. The INT call was terrible, but we were about to punt anyway. That 4th down would have been game over with a no-call.
  2. A+ Fourth quarter comeback. Five touchdowns. Overcame an awful call and a momentum shift. Bailed his defense out. Oh, and his O-Line was getting absolutely destroyed at the end of the game and he still made it happen on several third and long plays. Did he make a few mistakes? Yes. That doesn’t invalidate all of the points above.
  3. Crazy thought here, but maybe we let Norman play one game in the system where he was an All-Pro before calling it quits on him and trading for someone else?
  4. It's crazy how much love he's getting this early. He's basically the same age as Josh Allen because he was a 5 year red shirt QB with 4 full years college experience in the SEC. Of course he's going to look good in his first year. This is the exact same story as Baker Mayfield and exact same results first year. Week 1 he was 23/36 for 0 TD's and 1 INT. It's not like he's lighting the world on fire. He had a good game and it happened to be on a Thursday night.
  5. Star Lotulelei. Expensive, opted out on the season, is invisible in a deep position. Easy answer.
  6. This should be posted in "Around the NFL" .... not Bills related. We just traded a 1st round pick for a WR. We have a great #2 and #3 WR and another promising rookie in Gabe Davis. Trading a high pick for a contract-year WR would not make sense for the Bills, whether it's Odell Beckham or Allen Robinson.
  7. I think we should draft another RB in the first round that we don't need. That worked really well for us the last 20 years.
  8. The only notable thing about this post is that Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are joking around and obviously getting along. That's really good news. The facial hair stuff is obviously just a joke. I'm sure Josh gets ripped on a ton in the locker room for having a patchy beard.
  9. $6.5 Million in cap SAVINGS and opens up a roster spot for a promising UDFA rookie who flew under the radar and other teams were too stupid to draft. And all it took was a 2nd round pick. 4D chess, people. Try to keep up.
  10. The Bills are going to have the best team they've had since the 90's. The Patriots are going to have the worst team they've had since the 90's. It's been 20 years since we've had this much to be excited about ... and you're not excited because of some political bs?
  11. If Milano gets paid $14MM/yr by another team, that will equal at least 3rd round comp pick. I know that for some reason we hate talking about comp picks... but I'd be happy using the money on Edmunds/Tre and getting a 3rd rounder back for Milano if we use the comp pic formula wisely.
  12. This guy really isn't putting his best foot forward...
  13. My man ... if you're complaining on a message board that someone wrote "step up" ... I think it's time to go outside.
  14. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-defense-dominates-jets-camp-20200820-2mg5wba7nnhfpbvmdprnuturhy-story.html 3 weeks until we play them week 1. Should be a fun game for our defense. Josh and the Offense will need to step up to beat a tough Jets Defense. If they can do that, we will likely start off 1-0.
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