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  1. Zack Moss had a 43 yard run in a huge hole against an exhausted Dolphins team. Apart from that, he has 12 rushes for 35 yards this season… less than 3 yards per carry… and he doesn’t play special teams. Somehow, he’s even worse than last year. You could tell McDermott wanted to bench Motor after his fumble, but then realized Moss is a complete joke and Cook just isn’t ready yet.
  2. He was unreal today. Single handedly shut down several plays that would have changed the game for Baltimore. INCREDIBLE.
  3. I think it’s a little different when the “us” is defending the mistreatment of a young man and carelessly putting his life in danger.
  4. Didn’t expect so much hate on this… I don’t hate Dolphins fans, or Tua, or you. There’s no superiority happening here… just not understanding how a concrete fact became so blurred with one contingent.
  5. Is anyone else observing the trend of Dolphins fans doubling down on Tua being “fine” during the Bills game? All over Twitter, all I see is an “us vs them” mentality from Dolphins fans and it’s really embarrassing to watch. Objectively, all of our hearts and minds should be with Tua and nothing else. Is this a normal reaction? I feel like if Josh (god forbid) had a similar situation we would be angry at THE BILLS for allowing him to play… not mad at everyone else. What am I missing here?
  6. I was going to make a separate thread but let’s keep this here. Groot is #7 in the NFL in sacks right now with 3.5 The leader has 4.5. It’s looking like we officially hit on the pick, which is so huge for this team.
  7. How about slamming Moss up the middle twice in a row for no gain, followed by a strip sack fumble on our own 5. Zack Moss should be inactive every week. The runs at the end of the game were nice, but ANY running back would be able to beat a gassed defense that late. Scratch him, please.
  8. It's a shame the Bills are so banged up. Tua is going to look decent against our 2nd string DB's and our offense is going to put up points, so he'll be slinging it. I think we win, but it probably won't be a beat-down, so regardless we'll have to hear the Tua hype and how "explosive" their offense is for another few weeks.
  9. I hope Tremaine Edmunds has an unbelievable season. Then, I hope we Franchise tag him and trade him for a 2nd-3rd round pick. Or, let him walk and hope he gets top 3 money so we get a 3rd round compensatory pick.
  10. Dolphins winning games! Tua is actually good! Uh oh, daddy’s home.
  11. “Got a tel ya” is all time Buffalo dialect I don’t think you did that on purpose, but I like it!
  12. Let's say hypothetically OJ did kill both Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman ... Does he deserve peace? Think about the parents of Nicole and Ron. Think about them, themselves. They never get to spend another day on earth. If this were purely a football thread, I'd say yeah, he's a wonderful football player. But we seem to be talking about his character and his mental state, so I don't particularly hope he's relaxing and happy given what he allegedly did.
  13. Happy for him and simultaneously totally fine with him leaving.
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