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  1. "Everyone was just going through the motions ... there was no attitude out there." Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Mongo.
  2. How about Leslie Frazier? We finally have the first round pick CB to go along with 4 already highly paid DBs (Tre, Taron, Hyde, Poyer). A billion high picks and free agent dollars used on Defensive Line and LBs. Is this the year he puts all of that to work and we look like an elite defense against good offenses?
  3. This ain’t Bills related and as much as we all detest the shooter, we don’t need to talk about him or his family on the Bills section.
  4. They mostly play Cover 2 or Cover 3. With heavy focus on “multiple” fronts that can be disguised via the base nickel. I call it press man zone as shorthand because they play both man and zone, but a significant amount of DBs press at the LOS.
  5. Found him: https://images.app.goo.gl/ce1YS3KjzaG9ovcA7 just a quiet dude who wants to chill. Let’s honor him and/or just let him chill.
  6. I think you’re making a lot of assumptions here and I don’t necessarily agree. The Bills run a press man zone scheme. You know what’s a really bad quality to have in press man zone? Short arms. It makes it very difficult to control the WR at the line because you become easily overpowered. McDuffie is a great cover corner - vastly superior in Man Cover at short distances, so I’m not surprised he was drafted first. However, Elam is actually a superior scheme fit for the Bills. The rankings specific to the Bills scheme probably went: - Sauce - Stingley - Booth (injured) - Elam - McDuffie My guess is we traded up when McDuffie was taken because there was a steep dropoff after Elam. I also think this has absolutely nothing to do with Belichick. He traded out because he wanted more picks… had zero to do with wanting the Bills to not get a specific corner - that’s insane.
  7. It's sad to see this guy turn into a punchline. Clearly he still loves some of our favorite players and he had all the talent in the world. Try not to forget: - His brother was murdered during Dareus's time on the Bills. - His father died when he was 6. - His mother was too sick to care for him and his siblings, so he lived with his coach, who was later killed in a car crash. - His mother then died when he was 20. It's tough not to hate him after he underperformed such a big contract, but the guy had a tough life and it clearly got the best of him. Important to keep that in mind, because I'm only seeing fat jokes and hate in the thread.
  8. Fast forward a few weeks: -Fully healthy Tre White -Likely the best #2 CB we’ve had in McDermott era -Dane Jackson as depth -Taron Johnson Where does Bradberry fit in? Salary cap is a limited resource… I would rather get a cheaper vet CB and save the rest in case we get an injury in camp… or even use that money on a Dawson Knox / Jordan Poyer extension. Bigger needs, in my opinion.
  9. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like it when players alienate their teammates and divide a locker room. We’ve got a good thing going culture-wise and Bease is clearly willing to shout his political stance at the top of his lungs publicly. The difference between Bease and your Uncle at Thanksgiving is you can simply not invite Bease back… and I’m personally glad that’s the route we’re going and replacing with equal talent in Crowder + hopefully Shakir.
  10. I was reading The Draft Network’s scouting report on James Cook to see why he was ranked so low. They only scouted 3 games but noted that 2021 vs Clemson was his “worst game” … so I watched highlights of that game and came away… impressed! He broke a huge run, made some great pass block reads, made something out of nothing on several well-fitted runs. See the video below — I walked away from this very encouraged, given the scouts hated this game. Maybe we stole one with Cooks because he was unfairly labeled a change of pace back?
  11. I’m loving this thread. On a serious note, Punt God has two added benefits outside of punting: - He’s a backup FG kicker if something happened to Bass mid-game (a luxury most teams don’t have. - He’s easily the fastest punter in the league if we want to do a trick play. Looks like someone doesn’t know the rules. Teams can protect up to 3 players on the practice squad.
  12. If, hypothetically Beane was right, and the Cowboys were going to take Elam…. holy crap what an amazing call. Elam was the best corner available and Booth clearly didn’t pass medical evals. For those not worried about Booth’s sports hernia surgery, it’s the same surgery that kept Kolby Listenbee from ever playing a snap with the Bills after they drafted him.
  13. Are you referring to KC, who traded their best offensive weapon and used the picks on defense? Just making sure…
  14. Its incredible how everybody laughs at comp picks, but then complains when we trade away a 4th.
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