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  1. Tagovailoa is a rhythm passer who tends to throw more short stuff. I think man coverage is generally going to be more effective versus that kind of QB. Whether or not Wallace can be effective depends on the receiver. He's slow, and not particularly strong, so he'll be vulnerable to burners, and also big, physical receivers. Unfortunately, Miami has both size and speed. Parker is big, and pretty fast to boot. Fuller and Waddle are both burners. Whatever Buffalo does, Wallace is going to need help.
  2. I take a day off from looking at Bills news and message boards after a loss. I just don't want to deal with it, and I don't have to.
  3. What kind of record does Matt Haack have on trick plays? As has been mentioned Brian Moorman was very athletic and capable of executing a variety of trick plays. Punters often have some real athletic ability. They are, of course, typically used as holders on kickoff because they receive long snaps as part of their trade. Certainly with the proliferation of the shotgun formation, QBs receive the ball on shotgun snaps all the time. It would be reasonable to put them in the role of holder. Holders might be at slight risk of injury, but they don't get hurt often. Receivers could probably make good holders too. After all, they have to catch all kinds of balls, sometimes in very difficult situations. Some of Buffalo's receivers have experience with trick plays, including throwing the ball. Personally, I figure having the punter is holder is normally a sound practice. I don't have any problem with it.
  4. I don't associate football with eating whatsoever. I eat what I eat regardless of whether or not there is a game.
  5. Of course, a thunderstorm during the game means a delay. Otherwise, they'll be dealing with a wet field with on and off rain. The wind might be a modest issue.
  6. That's odd. I've been a fan for over 50 years and I think the Bills have a real shot at winning the Super Bowl.
  7. Steve Tasker had an interesting take on Butler's comments. Essentially, he thought Butler is terrified of the prospect of Josh Allen running when a play breaks down because he is a wild card you can't account for. His comments represent an effort to try and use pre game comments to lessen the risk of Josh Allen making big plays with his legs.
  8. Josh Allen jerseys lead the league in sales right now.
  9. Less Instigators is better.
  10. Really, are there some fans who are actually upset at Josh for fooling around? He's known how to have fun since he first joined the Bills. He's also one of the hardest workers and is known to be driven by his desire to win. My impression of the Bills is very different from my perception of the New England Patriots. Belichick demands work ethic and discipline from his players, but I've never had the sense that players really know how to have fun or that they really care for each other. McDermott expects discipline and work ethic, but the Bills have also created an environment where players really seem to care about each other, enjoy being together and have fun. It's all good. For years New England was able to lure quality free agents at a discount because they wanted a chance to get a Super Bowl ring. What if Buffalo could offer that, AND an environment where players can be real people caring for other real people and enjoying it. It should only get easier to sell free agents on coming to Buffalo.
  11. I think Basham will get more limited reps than others at DE because he seems not to be as far along. The rest of them will be in a heavy rotation methinks.
  12. I saw the news and googled "Getzenberg" to learn this. I was going to post it, but as usual got beaten. It was poetic justice. We should have known it was coming.
  13. If you google "bad radio" you'll get pictures of the former players who serve as hosts on the Instigators.
  14. Jim Kelly was more likeable, at least late in his career, but Brady's collection of Super Bowl rings says he is better.
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