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  1. Fitz has a cushy broadcast gig. If he has the coaching bug, fine, but I don't think he has it.
  2. The consensus seems to be that his play this season was inadequate. The issue is whether Brown''s offseason injury situation is the reason for his inadequacies or he just doesn't have what it takes. The Bills probably can't just assume the problem was all on the injury. How much do they invest in an alternative? That is the question. Money is tight and draft picks are at a premium with only six. Stay tuned.
  3. If Broderick Jones is available, take him. I'll be surprised if he is. O'Cyrus Torrence is a good guard prospect. Some think he's a first round value. Some think he's a second round value. He's a massive dude at close to 350 lbs. The problem is the Bills seem hell bent on running a zone blocking scheme at least part of the time. I just don't know that Torrence is going to fit what the Bills want to do. If the Bills do pick Torrence, it gives a clear indication of a shift in thinking, so we'll see.
  4. It makes some sense assuming Buffalo thinks they have starters on the roster at CB - namely Kaiir Elam Tre White and Johnson. It's pretty clear that when both Hyde and Poyer are on the field the Bills get elite play out of their safeties. It's just as clear that when one of them is out, the Bills get inadequate play out of all their backup players at safety. If the Bills think they can get starter quality play out of Benford at safety, it reduces the urgency of drafting a replacement for Poyer should it be impractical to re-sign him. If the Bills do re-sign Poyer, Benford would still give quality depth and avoid the drop-off in play they had this year. They have a better record of finding quality CBs in the draft than safeties.
  5. I was. I also currently post on another much smaller message board. I like it, but sometimes with the much smaller number of threads, there just isn't that much material to react to. More members here means lots more opinions and threads. The rules are stricter here, but I don't mind that at all.
  6. I agree that Hines and Cook are not cut out to be a workhouse back. I think Hines could probably handle more carries than Cook. That is unless Cook can add a little weight like his older brother and still retain his quickness/speed. You're right - if Singletary departs he'll have to be replaced. It might be earlier in the draft than you project though. Just my opinion.
  7. With the way mock draft have been playing out at the present time, I would be very surprised if the Bills can find decent value on the offensive line at #27 overall. The odds are better for a safety to replace Poyer, if the Bills fail to re-sign him, or a WR.
  8. It will be shocking if Saffold is playing anywhere in the league next season. I doubt Buffalo will be able to switch out all their substandard starters before next season, but they need to have two or three new starters who are better than they guys they replace.
  9. Parcels has a flair for the obvious. The running game for the Bills works sometimes, but not all the time. The Bills need to figure out how to make it work better in the kinds of games where it currently falters. Whether that means changing personnel on the offensive line, or the running backs or coaches or scheme is a matter for study and discussion. Personally, I'm fine with Cook as a role player in the running back rotation. I don't think he has enough body mass to get the majority of snaps on offense. I'm not OK with Singletary. I might offer him a contract that would allow him to compete for a roster spot, but not to have the role he's been given over the last few seasons. I'd like to see them draft a RB that has some size (215lbs+) combined with at least a little quickness
  10. I think we know little to nothing about what went into the Delgado firing. From my perspective, it looked like the deficiencies at the safety position had to do more with Hyde's injury and the inadequacy of the backups Buffalo tried to use to replace them. I don't know if McDermott got feedback from the safeties on the roster that said Delgado wasn't doing his job well or McDermott's own observations as a former DB coach told him the coaching wasn't up to par. What I'm pretty sure of is that firing Delgado is not a matter of picking a scapegoat to take a fall for the failure of the defense. Why? Because McDermott and Beane are not stupid. Firing Delgado is too insignificant to move the needle at all on fan sentiment. Haters are still going to hate and supporters will still support.
  11. I expect he'll be fine with an off season to fully recover and training camp to get back into his all pro form.
  12. Didn't we hear the the Bills had sent feelers out to Davis Webb suggesting he stay as QB coach? He left because he still wanted to play at that point. If there is a vacancy, I can see reaching out to him.
  13. What offensive lineman, who represents good value will be available at #27?
  14. That's pretty much what I saw. I'm not anything close to an expert, but the failure of the offensive line seemed to be pretty obvious.
  15. The only two that really matter are Edmunds and Poyer.
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