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  1. Having a little knowledge about the Bible and the Judeo/Christian religion does not preclude also having some knowledge about football and the Bills.
  2. I agree with most of this. I think "Jehovah" comes from the fact that "yhwh" got translated to Greek in the Septuagint and then from Greek to English. the intermediate language resulted in its corruption, but enough people use it that I don't think you can dismiss it as a word. After all it is frequent usage that results in and arrangement of letters gaining recognition as a word.
  3. I believe that Adonai actually means "lord." In the Old Testament/Jewish scriptures there are instances where "lord" is used in reference to persons. The word for God in Hebrew is "El" (singular) or "Elohim" (plural). Then there is the name for God in Hebrew, which is sometimes called the "tetragram" because it consists of four consonants. Jews do not say it out of reverence. Most English translations of the Old Testament do not use the English transliteration of the name of God out of deference to Jewish tradition. Instead it is rendered in translations as "LORD" all in upper case letters to distinguish it from "Adonai." Number two is probably closest. Actually, the name "Joshua" has the same roots and means the same thing - "God is salvation."
  4. I don't think it is a total crap shoot. There is a significant element of chance in every round, but the level of chance increases as teams go deeper into the draft. Still, there is no guarantee that even the first overall pick will be a successful player for the team that drafts him.
  5. If four WRs are gone by the middle of the first round, I would find it tempting. You don't pull the trigger, of course until the Steelers are on the clock.
  6. Comfortable? Not at all. I like Shakir and I think he can be productive. Same thing with Samuel. It's a stretch at this point to think that either one is a true #2 receiver, to say nothing of a #1 receiver. One or the other might grow into that role, but it's not a sure thing. Outside of Harrison, Nabers and Odunze, the other top receivers in the draft don't look like they are ready to step into a #1 role at the start. They all have upside and some of them may grow into a #1 receiver role in the pros, but not likely to happen in 2023. The Bills can shoot a wad of draft capital to trade up high enough to pick Nabers or Odunze tor they can draft someone lower and hope they get enough production in 2023 to remain a playoff contender and hopefully develop into a true #1. Then they also need to draft an additional guy to compete for depth and hopefully show potential as a #2. The 2023 season was at least a mild disappointment from the standpoint of production from their # 1 and 2 receivers, but at least the season started with reasonable expectations. Buffalo is going to start 2024 with more questions than answers. They need some surprises to the upside.
  7. At this point, I don't think Von Miller has earned much in the way of a right to be listened to. That's not to say a trade up is impossible. I know a few have talked about a major trade up to draft Nabers or Odunze. Probably more have suggested Buffalo could do a more modest trade up to ensure they have a chance to draft either Thomas or Mitchell. Either one is possible. I'm more wary of giving up the kind of draft capital it would cost for Odunze or Nabers, but then what do I know. There's also the possibility of a trade down. Like other fans, I've seen draft projections where Thomas and Mitchell are off the board before Buffalo picks. The WRs available to Buffalo at 28 are Ladd McConkey, Xavier Worthy, Xavier Legette, Keon Coleman and Troy Franklin. I know there are some who think one of those 5 guys is worthy of being picked at #28, but that's not an especially common view. If the Bills don't trade up, I'd be surprised if they think anybody left at other positions carry first round value. If the Bills don't think that anyone in that next group of WRs is worthy of #28, then a trade down could be a no brainer.
  8. I've seen other mistakes over the years in mock draft, sometimes in mocks produced by corporations like CBS. I've seen single players mocked to two different teams for instance. People don't self-check any more.
  9. I enjoy a regular season Bills game more than the Super Bowl. I didn't watch a single game in the NCAA tournament. I did watch a few highlights of games on the local news sports report.
  10. Burks doesn't have the speed or quickness to create a lot of separation. His calling card was as a physical receiver who wins contested catches. That means he's going to face a lot of physical contact. If he is having a lot of injury issues, his playing style is not likely to help him stay healthy.
  11. I'm wary of Worthy's lack of body mass, though I don't know of a specific reason he couldn't add 15 -20 lbs of muscle. If the Bills did draft him, that would be my hope. I don't know that I would rule out the possibility that Thomas and Mitchell cand develop their route running and ability to gain separation. They have ample athleticism to do so, and have already grown in their route running through the course of their college careers.
  12. He's an expensive band aid for a team already dealing with cap challenges.
  13. If he doesn't miss Odunze, the pick he has for the Bills could definitely get changed. Maybe Odunze goes to Cincinnati at #18 and Brian Thomas is freed up for Buffalo.
  14. Kickers can have slumps. They can also recover from slumps. Bringing in competition is never a bad thing, but don't be shocked if Bass is able to kick the competition to the curb.
  15. Among those who reach free agency, the following rule of thumb applies: the more intriguing they are, the more expensive they are likely to be.
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