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  1. I wouldn't mind if Vander hoes my garden. The two signings make it appear Beane is not completely happy with the prospect of going into the season with Lotulelei and Phillips as his 1 tech tandem.
  2. Still, having to play a lot of 1 tech limited the things he could do to be disruptive. If Star and Harrison can share most of the 1 tech work, it will free Oliver to do the kind of stuff that generates more stats and attention.
  3. You mean the West-Herr gig along side Steve Tasker doesn't count?
  4. Oliver was stuck playing 1 tech a good share of the time last season, but you're right of course. He needs to start showing up on the stat sheet. II don't expect he'll be taking many reps at 1 tech this season with Phillips healthy finally and Lotulelei back. Ford can't be blamed for a lost season (to injury). I expect he will be better than Boettger, but I'd like to see a lot better. The Bills, as you suggest, will have Singletary split carries. They have decided to go with a committee approach. What I want to see is a little more variety when they do run the ball
  5. This sounds as if the defensive line will be quite different, not just personnel wise, but also the things they do. Of course, they probably didn't have the personnel they needed last season to do what they are envisioning this season.
  6. I have seen media headlines suggesting "Cam Newton is back." I also note that Josh Allen's last practice of mine-camp was pretty bad. I don't put much weight on any of that, but neither do I put much weight on a 22 second video clip of a Patriots' practice.
  7. Questioning previous conclusions and doing new research is different from just throwing out the available science because you don't like it.
  8. A healthy Tommy Sweeney got Myocarditis as a complication of COVID and couldn't even exercise for months. It is not just about your own health, it is about the health of those you come in contact with. A widespread infection rate increases the likelihood of new and nastier variants developing, like t he Delta variant from India. And getting vaccinated reduces to almost zero the chances of you spreading the virus to others. I'll refrain from comments about common sense, but you are wrong in virtually every point you attempted to make. Here's a link to check out on vaccinated people spr
  9. It is a given that receivers are going to have fewer receptions in Baltimore's offense than with other good teams in the league. Part of that is Lamar Jackson and part of it is Greg Roman's offense.
  10. Getting COVID may give you some protection against the Delta variant, but percentages are not available on the internet and it may not have been studied. We know the vaccines are effective against the Delta variant. especially the two shot vaccines (if you get both shots). Persons with two shots of the Pfizer vaccine are 88% protected.
  11. My guess is my very occasional live attendance at games will become a thing of the past. Ticket prices will go up, and when they do, I don't think I'll be able to afford them.
  12. I do not understand the rationale of players like Beasley choosing not to get vaccinated. It runs counter to medical science and concern for the good of the community. There are so many good reasons to get vaccinated and the reasons most people have for not getting vaccinated seem cockeyed to say the least. As some have stated, yes, he has a right to not get the shot, but conversely, the league and society has the right to protect themselves from persons who choose to remain unvaccinated. I'll be sorry if the team has to move on from him (not that they would cut him, but he could exercise
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