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  1. I think McKenzie has the clear upper hand. Knowing the offense. Producing when he gets a chance. Can he be a KR?
  2. Beane said this week that Marquez Stevenson will compete with McKenzie for the “dual returner” role. He praised McKenzie for working out with the new punter, but mentioned that he needs to work on “tracking the ball” as a WR. The interesting part is that McKenzie has little experience as a KR and Marquez has little experience as a PR. Beane wants someone who can do both. Like roberts. Ideally someone who can do both as well as provide solid depth at WR. Roberts wasn’t a good WR imo and too $$
  3. I’ve been in a stupid training all day 😑. I will look and see what’s out there. Probably Davis Webb throwing to them https://instagram.com/stories/zee_thoven/2568411798769208411?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=7eq1xmllis1u https://instagram.com/stories/gabedavis011/2568473187348357526?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=14ra7vqzg43ai
  4. One of the podcasts i was listening to today said that Wildgoose ran a 4.41 at Wisconsin’s 2020 pro day
  5. I will go out on a limb and assume every nfl team is going to do everything possible to reach the percentage threshold to operate in the most effective fashion. None will “require” it. All will prefer it though, because they are responsible for running a team. So if a player gets cut and isn’t vaxxed, he could get signed by another team that isn’t in danger of not reaching the threshold therefore it’s just the consequence on that player - will need to test every day, wear a mask in the facility and sideline, socially distance in meetings, etc. That could hinder the player and potentially the t
  6. Yep The reason he would do it is because he wants to hit the threshold the league has put out there for teams to be able to operate normally. Doubt he judges personally whether anyone chooses to get it or not. He is accountable for running a football team and the league has incentives for percentage of players vaccinated. If his team is under that threshold he’s at a competitive disadvantage .. plain and simple.
  7. Beane said he would do it to ensure he has a competitive advantage, which he feels he would not have if his team didn’t reach the percentage needed to operate as “normal” and discussed how difficult it was with the constant testing, social distancing in meetings, masks, etc. Not every player needs to be vaccinated, just a certain percentage. If a starter for example doesn’t get vaccinated, and it would be a competitive disadvantage to not have this starter on the team, he’s not cutting or trading that player. But if they need to reach the percentage that the league has laid out there in order
  8. Yes, amongst many others- Bama, UGA, etc. He was a 5 star recruit and its funny looking at his Rivals profile, that’s exactly what he is still: ”Diggs won't wow you physically and he tests well but not off the charts, but when it comes to playing actual football he's one of the most dynamic prospects in the country.” https://n.rivals.com/news/the-first-five-stars-stefon-diggs
  9. Basham also lit up Trevor a few times when those two teams played... harassed him a bunch
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