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  1. Fox does. Kevin Warren? TBD i don’t think it’s as much about their on field performance (ie “good teams”) as it is fan base, TV market and cache. So if you consider USC, Oregon, UCLA and colorado “good” then yes. USC won’t come by themselves out of the PAC 12 because they want some geographically close games. Then for some reason the big ten really likes Colorado (the university presidents)
  2. Right, that’s not accurate. I have no issue with kids decommitting and/or using the portal.
  3. He was suspended at Miami, left the program, was MIA, skipped practices etc. not to mention all the stuff at Ohio state. There are so many reasons it worked out for a person/player like Justin Fields and not him … and he (and his parents) are accountable. I wish him the best in the future, hopefully he turns it around.
  4. Going back to Vegas was the best thing for him simply from an NIL standpoint. He’s a bit of an Instagram celeb, not much a football player.
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