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  1. YoloinOhio

    Pro Day Tracker Thread

    Based on where they are projected and who they typically like to draft I’ll say mclaurin or Jordan. I don’t think they would like Weber.
  2. YoloinOhio

    Pro Day Tracker Thread

    Who is Beane eyeing? 🤔 My guess is G Mike Jordan
  3. YoloinOhio

    Pro Day Tracker Thread

    https://twitter.com/akinkhabwala/status/1108398051012628481?s=21 GMs spotted so far at @OhioStateFB Pro Day: #Raiders Mike Mayock, #Bills Brandon Beane, #Vikings Rick Spielman, #49ers Rick Lynch and #Dolphins Chris Grier.
  4. YoloinOhio

    Transfer Portal: Welcome to CFB free agency

    I agree, mostly if it is a QB who committed based on an offensive system and that offensive system changes. Interestingly, I read that his hardship waiver application didn’t really focus on urban leaving. He instead said that once Fields transferred, Ohio state made no attempt to keep him. That was his big point of contention. He didn’t feel they wanted him to stay. This aligns to the reports that he tried to transfer repeatedly going back to last summer and they fought hard to get him to stay (probably because they would have zero depth if he did). Urban was very insistent on involving Martell. Day was not. Once Day was in charge and Fields was in the fold, I think he wanted Martell to move on. In fact, reportedly the reason the waiver as approved so quickly was because Ohio state supported that it be approved.
  5. So he’s not taking the plea deal it appears
  6. YoloinOhio

    Pro Day Tracker Thread

  7. I think if I recall correctly you were one of the only ones on this board at this time last year who had a somewhat positive pre-draft evaluation of Allen
  8. I haven’t really seen anyone say that, I certainly don’t think it will be with type of RB that he is. but he’s not a Barkley/Zeke type RB, is what people are saying. Referring to his big board ranking at 6 overall by Jeremiah. DJ knows way more than i do, but i just don’t see it.
  9. I agree with all of that, but I just don’t see a 1st round grade given the info that we have on him and his positional value. For a RB to go in the 1st I think he should be 3 dimensional (carrying the rock, catching the rock, and protecting the QB) and elite in certain categories, like speed. Otherwise I wait until at least the 2nd.
  10. YoloinOhio

    Texans sign QB McCarron to back up Watson

    Good for AJ. Keep collecting that paycheck. He will never be a starter imo but he seems like a good guy.
  11. Lol “Blockhead”. I remember someone saying that Darnold looks like a Lego guy
  12. Actually the snark makes no sense if you read what he said and are objectively looking at the two QBs. There are similarities between the two, huge arm and mobility, which is what Morse actually said and he’s right. Anyone with an agenda can lay on snark pretending he meant something he didn’t say, which would be comparing production.