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  1. YoloinOhio

    Bills Release Peterman

  2. YoloinOhio

    Rex Ryan Destroys The Jets For Getting Owned By The Bills

    Pot, meet kettle This man got crushed by tobacco chewing, 3/4 retired Kyle Orton not once but twice and the second time was the week the Bills had to practice via iPad and travel by snowmobile Ffs! Scott effing chandler scored on him and did a shovel celebration! He allowed boobie Dixon to run for 1st downs! Ge-NO was Peterman v 1.0 and had to be benched before halftime for Michael Vick after throwing 4 picks at MetLife. He even got lit up by EJ two years prior! He let TJ Graham (!!) score a TD on him and then signed him (!). Bad Bills losses are a Jets tradition that was started by HIM.
  3. YoloinOhio

    Hue Jackson Joining the Bengals' Coaching Staff

    Tbh it makes sense. They still play the Browns twice and just fired their DC. Hue is very experienced at slowing down Baker Mayfield.
  4. YoloinOhio

    Bills Release Peterman

    Why not? He will build the confidence of our young DBs. Win-win tbh.
  5. YoloinOhio

    Bills Release Peterman

  6. YoloinOhio

    Bills Release Peterman

  7. YoloinOhio

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    Paging @BuffaloHokie13
  8. YoloinOhio

    Hue Jackson Joining the Bengals' Coaching Staff

    Well this should help turn the ship around in Cincy 🤮
  9. The Buffalo Bills are having the weirdest season of any NFL team in 2018 We still have seven more weeks of Buffalo Bills football. There’s no doubt things can get dumber.
  10. YoloinOhio

    GO Bucks

    Eddie George said something is “not right” in the program right now... i think it’s the elephant in the room that this team looks different and not like a Cohesive Buckeye “9 units strong team” . I don’t see the brotherhood on the field. Haskins looked pissed on the sidelines that Tate was getting to play even if it was just red Zone. He didn’t even try to hide it. No one on the D really seemed to congratulate Wade on his INT. Young and Werner just walk off the field. Or Weber on his game clinching TD. OL just yawns. It’s so weird. A few of these coaches HAVE to be out the door after the season and maybe they already know that? Greg Studwara for one, Bill Davis. It’s just like a lot of little things that keep showing up that raise eyebrows and on their own you could overlook, but altogether it looks like a program that needs a real rehab. And I’m the biggest buckeye fan there is but I’m not a homer and I have to swallow hard and tell it like it is.