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  1. Yes and this was never a short term move, so why not give him the experience trying to dig himself out of a hole on the road? They were only down 10, were playing a 3 win team and have a good defense ... theoretically it is a great situation for his development and still a decent chance to win the game
  2. Weather right now looks chilly (high 50) rainy and windy for Sunday
  3. They are going to leave too much time for mahomes
  4. Yeah definitely looked like someone jumped there
  5. Me too. I might actually just be part of my chair at this point. My Apple Watch says it’s “time to stand”, that’s so cute.
  6. No way are they trading him in the division or the Bills are giving up draft picks for a Backup QB
  7. I’m sure that wasn’t mahomes fault right Collinsworth, yes of course
  8. Was this, at least a little, like when mcdermott benched Tyrod for peterman and then switched back to Tyrod? I’m obviously not saying Tua is peterman, but you get what I mean. He knew Tyrod wasn’t the future and wanted to see what peterman had in live reps because they would be drafting a QB that year and needed a long term plan... but also the team was good enough that they were playoff contender so he had to balance that.
  9. I don’t care who wins but regardless the call was bad
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