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  1. #welcomebackcoachcoombsBIAforevergobucks 😆
  2. Cleveland is hiring Joe Woods as DC so assume Butler isn’t headed there since it seemed to be the Wade connection with that one. Dean Pees just retired though as DC in Tennessee and Butler coached with Vrabel for a few years in Houston... so that could be a possible DC opportunity for him
  3. So I was just listening to the Zach Smith podcast and he was a GA at Florida when AH was there. He said AH told him a story (and to other coaches as well) that he actually fathered a child with his “cousin” Tanya. He said he wasn’t sure if she was actually his cousin or just a close family friend. He said the doc claimed she was a cousin and wondered if they uncovered the part about the child but protected the child who didn’t know AH was the father, or if he was lying about the whole thing.
  4. He’s not connected with anyone there anymore on the staff, it’s a new scheme, Etc. Nothing tying him to the Panthers except his legacy as a player. The more obvious place to break in would be anywhere that the coaches and defensive system he played in is currently. His wife is a doctor in the Charlotte area though, could be an issue.
  5. I happened to listen to an old Sal C podcast from around TC with Feliciano earlier today. I didn’t know that he was homeless in HS, and his beat friend who was like family to him died not long ago. He’s become one of my favorite Bills. He’s a really good player and like his nastiness on the OL.
  6. Shanny Jr’s flat brim hat annoys me. He looks like a manager at Pac Sun.
  7. Yep the story is belichick wanted him, Kraft wanted Brady
  8. Might wanna get Bosa off the field at this point
  9. Went 13-3 mostly via winning by 10 or less against inferior or legitimately bad teams, lose when they actually play a top-5 team. The Packers are the Wisconsin Badgers of the NFL. Which I mean... seems fitting.
  10. 5 min to go in the 3rd. Jimmy G 4-6 for 48 yards. 33-7 niners
  11. Yeah I love the guy and would keep him for the right price but if he’s going to get a huge deal elsewhere he should. He won’t likely replicate that sack # next year. Love his attitude though.
  12. One thing that will not help imo is moving on from Shaq. I hope they don’t.
  13. you didn’t ask me - but I think playing Ed Oliver more is one way. He was great against the run and Jordan Phillips is not. I know they like their rotation but when teams caught Phillips and Liuget on the field at the same time they knew they could run. Getting Harry back will help too.
  14. I would draft for the OL or DL in the 1st every year like SF. Skill players in the 2nd.
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