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  1. Employers are allowed to set their own standards of behavior, aside from what is legal/illegal/criminal.
  2. I do think he’s seeing the recruiting landscape change with NIL, and kids are making their decisions based on immediate $ vs the long term winning/NFL payoff, which creates much more parity than there has been. But he wasn’t really accusing Jimbo of cheating which is how he seemed to take it. It was really a message to the Alabama boosters, which is who he was addressing with the comments, that they need to come up with more $. The TAMU alumni base and boosters (among others) have deeper pockets and he knows that. Jimbo seemed to take it as a personal attack. Which I can see to some degree, that he said he bought his whole class (as if that’s the only reason a kid would commit to play in college station). But he meant that Bama needs to kick the cash up a bit if they want to stay on top of the recruiting rankings.
  3. Totally off the rails. Jimbo gets LOOSE.
  4. Would love to see a bunch of these in the stands for the home opener on MNF. Would be a poignant message.
  5. Love me some Taron J! One of the more underrated picks of the Beane era.
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