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  1. The third one is very dependent on their OL. They have a run game and defense to lean on against weaker teams but if they are going to toe to toe with the better QBs, he will need to be protected.
  2. Everything I know about the chefs is against my will.
  3. I do like having a TNF opponent who we’ve prepared for like 6x in the last 2 years between reg season and playoffs
  4. Early September 🤮Get the IVs ready. At least it’s at night.
  5. Still can’t believe they used a 1st and a 3rd on his draft profile but we’ll see
  6. Yes, this! I’m halfway through and it is hilarious. They eviscerate him and gronk. So far Bledsoe, Kevin hart and Nikki glaser had me weak. Randy moss and Kim k were blah. Looking forward to the rest. ***** like this is so ***** funny
  7. It reminds me of how when Brady was with the pats they could do no wrong because they won all the SBs and beat the bills like 22 straight times or something but in reality a lot was being ***** up and it was all just covered up by Brady. Once he was gone, everything crumbled. Same will happen with chiefs whenever mahomes gets injured or leaves.
  8. No bc I don’t care about autographs. I mean if I could sell it maybe. Anyway, idk if there’s already a thread on this but there is a TB roast tonight on Netflix. I do def plan to watch that!
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