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  1. I had thrown a shoe at the wall and cussed out the world before they threw the flag. I had actually left the room. I was questioning why the hell I watch this team. I guess I got my answer. Always get sucked back in!
  2. That entire Indy game was a miracle. From the fact it was even played to the Webb throw to the late flag on the colts.
  3. YoloinOhio

    Bruce Smith & Chef's Restaurant Spaghetti Parm

    Sup, sauce snob? I’m Italian and I like it. My grandmother came over from Italy and I like her sauce, which was not sweet, and I like chefs too. I like all different red sauces. I hate all white sauces though. Give me red sauce or just plain olive oil.
  4. YoloinOhio

    Bruce Smith & Chef's Restaurant Spaghetti Parm

    Isn’t that where Beane had his infamous dinner with jimmy G
  5. YoloinOhio

    Bruce Smith & Chef's Restaurant Spaghetti Parm

    Honestly my most vivid memories of Chefs are from before Sabres games at the old Aud. Ilios reminds me of high school dances and sports banquets.
  6. YoloinOhio

    Bruce Smith & Chef's Restaurant Spaghetti Parm

    I like both but Chef’s spaghetti sauce is my all-time fave
  7. YoloinOhio

    After 20 years, Bills Daily shuts down

    That was the site I would go to after games while I waited for things to simmer down over here... this place isn’t always safe to read immediately following losses (or days after)
  8. YoloinOhio

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Not that it probably matters, but mccoy doesn’t have a kid with her as was earlier reported. He has one child, with another woman. Both of her kids are with other men, Marcus Vick is the father of the daughter, not sure who the dad is of the 16 yr old is.
  9. Says he does not have time to bring the site up to today’s internet standards. Understandable. Will still be active on Twitter.
  10. YoloinOhio

    Dareus charged in lawsuit with sexual assault

    He was 5 minutes early for the rape so it’s ok
  11. YoloinOhio

    Bill's interested in working out Brandon Oliver.

    Same people who send a Christmas card that says “Happy Holidays from the Miller’s” gahhhh I refuse to display the egregious grammar in my home
  12. YoloinOhio

    Happy 30th Birthday Shady!

    Happy birthday 25. Try swiping left once in awhile mmmmmkay