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  1. Beane likes to move around on day 3... he could get into the 4th if we wants to. Going to be very tough for late round picks to make this roster, he may package some
  2. Why? I’ve not seen anything predicting before day 2 and as a raw 23 year old... I’m assuming he’s 3rd round or later. Nothing against the player. He could be gone by the time we pick in the 3rd but won’t be surprised if he isn’t
  3. It isn’t expanding. It expanded last year and they didnt get in because Mitchell trubisky was Better, yikes
  4. Breer was just on Cleveland radio and said this has a very good chance to get passed as it is in the diversity category and 5 of the assistants who were interviewed for HC and advanced to the CC round weren’t hired
  5. Would be great for Bills even though our kicker can also execute an onside kick
  6. Great idea, would create a much more equitable system
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