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  1. “Cole B” your avatar looks like a mugshot of Cole Beasley.
  2. What is his market value, contract wise? Hunter Henry territory or nah
  3. Looks like he consulted with Duke Johnson on how to get out of town Cleveland. Fire your agent and hire drew Rosenhaus.
  4. Njoku can’t catch either but I’d take him over Kroft
  5. They are reportedly going to rearrange everyone’s schedule so it is one home and one away game. So I guess opponents are TBD as to who we play those weeks. I assume it will still be 2 of the 4.
  6. Playing in the spring, or even late winter, is not viable. No one inside the sport thinks it is an option. There is a small portion of media that does. If you see anyone write about it, they have no clue imo. You cannot have college kids play 2 full football seasons in the same calendar year. Every player who thinks he’s an early round pick would sit out. The NFL will not push back its combine and draft. The option, if they can’t play a full season, will be to play just the conference schedule.
  7. I’m guessing it’s due to the situation with his foot and shoulder that he got such a small gtd $. It’s crazy how little they gave him but then again they don’t have much to spend. He can earn a big contract next year though if he is healthy and stays healthy. And that’s why he took it, it’s the best situation for him for NEXT year’s deal.
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