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  1. Jets already hoisted it. Browns fans sad, they had their T-shirts ready.
  2. How to get to Pick #2

    No one knows that. Also, every team has a plan A and plan b. So it depends how close A and B are. As someone suggested, the only way this trade make sense for the jets to give up 3 2nd rd picks to move up only 3 spots, and only guarantee them the 3rd QB off the board, is if they love 3 of the QBs close to the same way and there is a big gap after that. They gave up way too much if not, and should have stayed at 6 For the Browns, it is rumored that they have Darnold and then (big gap) Mayfield. So if that is the case, QB plan A and B aren’t close and they need to take Darnold 1st, not wait to take Mayfield later.
  3. Not exactly. You could end up with Derek Carr, Jimmy G, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins or a number of other QBs who didn’t go top 3. Why in the world people are locked into this Losman example from 14 years ago when everything is different today from FO, coaches, ownership, surrounding personnel, and most of all the QB prospects themselves makes very little sense to me. Context matters.
  4. How to get to Pick #2

    I think they wanted to find out what the market was for going to #3 from #12. Period. Whether they would have gone there, should the Colts have been willing to move down there that far, i don’t know. Could be related to them actually going to 2 or 4 and using the info in those negotiations. What it does say is they believe their guy is going higher than 12, closer to top 5.
  5. Dan Jeremiah - Bills covet Allen

    I admit to watching zero Wyoming football outside of a passing glance. I have seen a few of the others though. I do think all the negativity surrounding Allen is interesting considering so many actual NFL people see him as a very high pick. The only reason that I don’t think he’s the Bills plan A guy is that he is not ready to play yet and is more of a project like Mahomes. The Bills traded away their starting QB and then were very passive about acquiring a QB in FA. This tells me they are targeting a QB is more of a day 1 starter. That’s not allen. Coupled with that are the reports that they are feeding nfl reporters info that they want allen ... means they don’t but they want everyone to think they do so they can manipulate draft position.
  6. How to get to Pick #2

    Only the Bills know that. They clearly think he’s going in the top 12, due to the trade up that already occurred. Likely higher since they explored going up to 3, per the Colts. That’s as much as we know, today.
  7. Something something 14 years ago. Everything is the same now as it was then so better get one of the TBD top 3.
  8. How to get to Pick #2

    The only reason there is to move up to 2 is if you think the Jets are taking your guy. If they aren't taking your guy, picks 4-10 are not qb needy teams assuming browns take a QB at 1. If the Bills can determine who the Jets want they will have a huge advantage. If not, they could move up to be safe.
  9. Bills hosting Bengles FA C Bodine

    Oops yes, yes I was.
  10. Dan Jeremiah - Bills covet Allen

    It will probably take 3 #1s and a 2nd (12,22, 53 and next year’s 1st) to move up 10 spots this year. I definitely think the NYG will be in. Not sure if Bills will ultimately do it but we won’t know until draft day, because whatever is on the table now they won’t pull the trigger until they are on the clock and their guy is there at 2. jets moving up 3 spots in March to 3 makes no sense. They don’t even know if their guy will be there and they gave up a ton.
  11. Bills hosting Bengles FA C Bodine

    I’m pretty sure @Bandit liked this guy last time he was a FA.
  12. Bills hosting Bengles FA C Bodine

    No it was just an interview
  13. Dan Jeremiah - Bills covet Allen

    It’s the same source but a different FO. Think about that. Whaley didn’t give a ****
  14. Dan Jeremiah - Bills covet Allen

    Allbright already stated that the Bills are purposely shoving this info out there to multiple sources. DJ is likely one of them. OBD has been vacuum sealed on info since Beane’s team got there. Everything they’ve done was sans leak. Except for what they wanted out there - that they wouldn’t cut TT so if you want him, better trade for him. Now all of a sudden they are leaking real info about the most important decision in their world? Think about that, please.
  15. Bills hosting Bengles FA C Bodine

    McD already said the C job is Groy’s. They still need another guy on the roster who can play C.