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  1. More from obd

    I had heard overdorf’s role was going to be significantly reduced to the “special project” variety back in the spring when all the new FO was brought in from various organizations. They didn’t need him anymore. I don’t know what his situation is tbh but that was the word.
  2. More from obd

    I mean I appreciate insider info as much as the next person but making things public on a message board that can negatively impact the team by being out there like future trades and stuff should be kept to PM, imo. In this thread it’s nothing that hasn’t been reported since last January. Pegula loves McD (I sure hope so, he hired him) and McD wants to rebuild the FO (that started a long time ago - almost there, please feel free to complete the purge as needed)
  3. More from obd

    Ok but he seems more like a PSE employee at this point
  4. More from obd

    What long term employees? Overdorf is the only one left but I’m surprised he wasn’t gone already.
  5. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    His agent got ahold him methinks
  6. Jets may finally be done with Mo Wilkerson

    Not aware of any performance incentives. All that was reported was Jags make playoffs and he’s on the roster until end of their season.
  7. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Soft (mentally)
  8. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Funny that they gave his # to Joe Webb
  9. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    I still hate the trade lol
  10. Jets may finally be done with Mo Wilkerson

    That will be a 5th Can’t see that. They are cap strapped I believe and coughlin detests lateness.
  11. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Same arguments back and forth about Watkins. I wish him well. It’s a better fit where he is now that he’s not a #1 WR he was drafted to be. Whether he stays there or not beyond this year i dont know. One thing I do know is he is much more revered on this board than he is around the league by nfl personnel guys. Maybe he can repair his image with all these propaganda articles where he comes clean and people wax poetic about his maturity. I selfishly wish he was still here because i thought he had potential but i know the deal.
  12. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    McD changed over the training staff https://www.google.com/amp/s/articles.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/index.ssf/2017/03/sean_mcdermott_fires_4_members_of_buffalo_bills_football_operations_staff_report.amp