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  1. YoloinOhio

    Maroon 5 to play Super Bowl halftime

    It’s the guy in skinny jeans from The Voice
  2. Hue on Sunday after extending his record to 1-32-1: “this is a good football team” [Narrator in Liam Neeson voice: “It wasn’t...”]
  3. YoloinOhio

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    He’s been hurt once in 3 years, the result of a weaponized, uncalled hold
  4. This is the most super bowl thing ever. Seems Atlanta should have paid tribute to its R&B/hip hop heritage.
  5. McD knows Leonard Johnson really well. I would say if he’s not here there is a reason on one side or the other.
  6. Dorsey did do that and only reason I don’t know if he gets it is that the offense is trash.
  7. It may be the right move but their ST have been so bad, the optics would suck
  8. It would be way more fun if it was Darnold vs mayfield
  9. YoloinOhio

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    I lean toward offense as well. WR or OL. I would sign the best pass rusher in FA. Overpay if you need to. It is very difficult to sign a WR in FA with the current offense unless Josh is lighting it up at some point this season. Good FA WRs who aren’t one foot in retirement are near impossible to get to Buffalo. Other option is trading for a WR.
  10. I too feel trapped by the Brady and Belichick era and want out
  11. YoloinOhio

    Would you draft Oliver or Bosa?

    Giants for sure
  12. I do. Mainly because Hue is a player’s coach and they will want to go in the opposite direction. Also Gregg’s unit is performing reallly well and he has the respect of the team right now. The offense has been crap.
  13. YoloinOhio

    Vikings sign K Dan Bailey

    Sounds low [claims on fantasy team]