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  1. That's awesome. Now you gotta tell me what kind of car OJ bought from your grandfather.
  2. Well from the fan perspective it was a pretty boring game. Hey, I watched every minute of it, but that's what fans do. It must have had the lowest audience of any of the Sunday Ticket games today.
  3. 6 of 8, none of em chip shots, ain't too bad. Plus he booms the kickoffs. I think the added accuracy (really 7 of 8 would be good) will probably come.
  4. True. Setting aside this particular play for the moment, this is a problem in the NFL: if a really hard hit was likely to dislodge the ball, and if the catch would have been for well over 15 yards, the incentive structure is messed up. We see the same thing with some PI calls -- DB is clearly beat, he brings down the WR before he can catch an run with it. The NBA tried to deal with these situations with the "clear path" fouls, which really pleased no one. It works in the NHL with penalty shots, which come pretty close to restoring the pre-penalty status quo: breakaway with only the goaltender between the skater and the goal. Maybe soccer too? I'm not sure what the fix is in other sports.
  5. And even THAT didn’t deter you. Awesome. Looking back, those teams were a special kind of awful, prior to the emergence of OJ.
  6. Born into it in Buffalo. First game was at the old War Memorial. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/197109260buf.htm There wasn't much about that game, a 29-14 loss to the Dolphins, to hook anyone on the Bills, but when you're a kid it doesn't take much. Dennis Shaw was my hero. Really. The family moved out of Buffalo in the 1970s -- the darkest decade for the Rust Belt -- but to a city without an NFL team. So there was no competition. It wasn't easy to follow the Bills in the pre-internet/Sunday afternoon and Monday night only games of the 1980s since we (for good reason) never got national TV. But I managed to hang in there until the Super Bowl years changed all that. Then Sunday Ticket made it easy ...
  7. Correct. It's a fair question. I've also thought it would be a good idea for Biden to throw Hunter under the bus -- I don't know about his dealings, I wish he hadn't done some of these things, I didn't benefit from them, I love my son but he's a troubled soul -- but he refuses to do it.
  8. Operation Warp Speed is looking like a success! Amidst all the various messaging failures of the Trump Administration over COVID, the idea of throwing money at various competing pharmaceutical firms to get a jump on a vaccine is the one they should be talking up. Again, I don't get it.
  9. "Thanks to my Operation Warp Speed, a vaccine is just around the corner" should imply "let's minimize our risk taking now, since we can throw the doors open in early 2021." That would be a winning argument for Trump. Why he refuses to make it is beyond me.
  10. Trump is doing fine. Biden is doing fine. The "Biden is in mid-to-late stage senility" meme is dead.
  11. Or maybe he's not very good in bad weather. I know, I know ... he went to Wyoming. He's used to wind (I can assure you they've got plenty of that) and occasional snowstorms. But, of course, he wasn't really all that good at Wyoming. More talented/promising than actually effective. The whole "guy with the big arm is great in bad weather" thing is kind of a myth. I mean, some of them are, some of them aren't. Some of the weaker armed guys were great in bad weather. Even Nathan Peterman's finest moment was in that snow game vs. Indy. We haven't played a lot of bad weather games in Josh's career so it's too soon to tell. But he did seem really off in the rain. Just a thought ...
  12. https://www.axios.com/mark-meadows-trump-tweets-russia-25ac5379-c19a-4978-bdd7-ab9577fe800e.html This kind of flew under the radar, but I find it hilarious. Trump tweets "I am declassifying everything in the Mueller investigations with no redactions." Buzzfeed files papers with the federal district court: we've been asking for these documents but were rebuffed because they said they're classified. I guess you can order everything released now that Trump has acted! DOJ attorneys: uhh, he didn't really mean, like, declassified right now, he means like, review them for declassification or something ... Judge: well, then you can get me a declaration from the big guy telling me what he really meant. Declaration submitted by Mark Meadows: No, the documents aren't declassified. We weren't meant to take the President's words literally ... It was all Twitter sound and fury, signifying nothing.
  13. Yeah, not seeing it. Let's see: big, athletic, big arm, some accuracy issues, raw when he got to the Bills. That would be closest to ... Joe Ferguson. Of course Josh is a lot taller, but Joe was pretty good sized for his day, he had the cannon arm, and he was a very good scrambler in his early days. Oh, and he had his own accuracy issues.
  14. Yesterday was the first time I ever said "I wish we had kept Reggie Ragland."
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