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  1. To me, Allen’s closest comp is still Roman Gabriel. He was past his prime by the time I started watching football, but I’ve seen the old video. Rocket arm, huge guy, excellent foot speed, just the whole package. I hope Allen gets the championship that evaded Gabriel ….
  2. I doubt anyone scripted that thing about how his uncle was eaten by cannibals.
  3. NC Bills Fan, was this you? https://heavy.com/news/max-azzarello-5-fast-facts-you-need-to-know/ The manifesto makes accusations against Peter Thiel and mentions former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush as well as Trump. “That Bill Clinton was secretly on (former CIA Director) George H.W. Bush’s side, and that the Democrat vs. Republican division has been entirely manufactured ever since: Clinton is with Bush; Gore is with Bush; Trump is with Hillary, and so on,” it reads, claiming, “As it turns out, we have a secret kleptocracy: Both parties are run by financial criminals whose only goals are to divide, deceive, and bleed us dry.” The New York Post reported that left “a rambling, incoherent 2,648-word manifesto. Bears the hallmarks. Rambling. Incoherent. Angry. RIP, buddy.
  4. It is before the Supreme Court of New York State, which despite its name is the trial level court of general jurisidiction. County courts are lower level, handling the stuff you talk about. Because it is INCONCEIVABLE that your God Who Walks The Earth could doze off during an incredibly boring court proceeding.
  5. Ask the guy who started the "Uniparty" thread. Unless he's currently a crispy critter, that is.
  6. Well, there really was no such thing as people here illegally at the time, since the USA was birthed in a time of open borders. So there is that ...
  7. Good point. This is what economists would call the moral hazard problem. If the fees are capped at a low amount, we'd all love to think that someone carrying significant credit card debt would save that $25 difference and all consumers would be better off. But as you point out, that's not necessarily what happens. And a larger point: I don't like throwing these credit card fees in with Biden's general attack on "junk fees." I'm in favor of that because it ought to relate to those annoying/unjustifiable fees on things we can't opt out of - the classic $30 "resort fee" that I'm charged every night (and can't opt out of) that allows me to do ordinary things like make local telephone calls (who does that on a hotel phone anymore?) and access the hotel swimming pool. The idea is that if I can't opt out, you've got to wrap that fee into the disclosed nightly rate. That makes sense as a consumer/advertising fairness issue. Things like paying a credit card bill late are not the same thing.
  8. I could agree with that. It would seem to be a fair result in those individual cases. There are various reasons the government brings prosecutions, and only one of them is punishment for a crime. Sometimes it's to deter other people from trying the same thing again, and I have to say that the deterrent effect should be clear.
  9. I went to a talk by a legal historian many years ago. And that was exactly his point: the right to be tried by a "jury of your peers" traditionally meant being tried by the townfolk who no doubt knew you, or at least knew your family and knew who you were. It's only in modern urban times and places that we assume some kind of anonymity.
  10. Remember the conservative approach to statutory interpretation: we give effect to the words of the statute - the text - and don't try to probe the minds of the representatives and senators who passed the statute decades ago. And here, the Government wins: the words of the statute clearly encompass the conduct of those convicted under it based on their J6 activities. So maybe they should also prosecute Jamal Bowman. Sure. Fine. But that doesn't mean the prosecutions/convictions of the J6 rioters were illegal. Gorsuch is generally pretty firm on the law and the meaning of the words, so it's a little jarring here to see him go for a purely political point.
  11. Hey, keep your story straight. It was hush money, but it was just to save Melania and the kids from embarrassment. Seriously though ... I'm not interested in another Trump trials thread. I'm interested in what people thought of the process and whether they think they would up with a fair and attentive jury.
  12. Interesting stuff (at least to me) about jury selection in the hush money case. Anyone here have any first-hand experience?
  13. True. If Melania cared about marrying an uber wealthy philanderer, she never would've married Trump. Trophy wife gonna trophy wife.
  14. Your geopolitical considerations are, I'm afraid, pretty compelling. Take a look at the last Trump Administration proposal for linking Gaza to the West Bank. Gaza would be connected to the rest of the Palestinian independent state by a tunnel. t was pretty clearly never going to work. I guess something similar worked for two or three decades with West Berlin, but still ... "unstable" is the keyword. (And by doing this, I'm not specifically targeting the Trump plan; no other plan has had any acceptable way of dealing with Gaza)
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