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  1. Those principles (as my 2nd grade teacher said, it’s easy to remember this way: the Principal is your Pal) aren’t exactly consistent, are they? In the last couple decades we’ve had: -Trump the Democrat -Trump the would be Reform Party candidate running on a deficit hawk plank -Trump the “very pro-choice” candidate And that’s just a start. To turn on old Repub quip on its head: I didn’t leave the Republican Party; Trump took it over in a hostile takeover.
  2. You know how some fights are so good you just start clamoring for a rematch the second the decision is announced? This was one of them. I want them on our home field in January.
  3. You don’t realize it, but you’re proving my point. Risks of COVID vaccine: coming up on one year if intensely monitored/studied results. Excellent efficacy, typically very minor side effects if any, exceedingly rare more serious side effects. Unknown if there are very long term side effects, but no rational basis to expect those. Risks of getting COVID (here, in relation to 37 year old hoping to get pregnant and avoid health risks to herself/her baby): significant risk of contracting COVID (she will be in clinics and hospitals a lot if she gets pregnant), small risk of having a serious case, smaller but not insignificant risk of serious complications that may cause her to lose her baby, no rational reason to believe that a vaccine will lessen her fertility or cause harm to a future baby. And her decision making process is purely emotional, not rational: - if I TAKE an action (getting vaccinated) and I can’t get pregnant or can’t carry a healthy child to birth, I will forever be kicking myself over getting the vaccine. - if I REFUSE to take an affirmative action (and don’t get the vaccine) and then get COVID, resulting in an inability to get pregnant or carry a healthy child to term, well, then I guess that was just the Will of God; I won’t forever blame myself for my decision not to get Vaccinated. It’s flawed thinking, it’s purely emotion based (how will I FEEL about it if things go wrong?), and it is exactly what you and this poor woman are doing. (I’ll leave aside for the moment the question whether there is something more feminine about this type of thinking. Draw your own conclusions)
  4. Humans are just awful at risk assessment. Look at this explanation: “In an in­ter­view, Ms. Williams cited a lack of longer-term re­search on the vac­cines’ po­ten­tial ef­fects. She said that if she got vac­ci­nated and then strug­gled to con­ceive, mis­car­ried, or had a child with birth de­fects, she would al­ways won­der whether the shots caused the prob­lems. “I can’t live with that,” she said. “I can’t live with go­ing through a mis­car­riage and won­der­ing if it’s be­cause I got an in­jec­tion to keep my job.” The CDC has said no link has been found be­tween the shots and mis­car­riage or fer­til­ity prob­lems.” https://www.wsj.com/articles/espn-reporter-allison-williams-quits-over-vaccine-mandate-fertility-concerns-many-share-her-fears-11634664260?st=mgcor3pxhc8xtzx&reflink=article_copyURL_share [may be a paywalled link!]
  5. Jim Brown is before my time, but from video, yes. Bo Jackson was the closest. Earl Campbell was different - low to the ground, huge thighs, not those long strides. It's easy to say Henry will take a beating and wear down young, but will he? He inflicts far more punishment than he takes. I'm gonna guess that by the time he hangs it up we're looking at a Hall of Famer.
  6. Imagine that! Your doctor was impressed by your pain tolerance (congrats!) and glad that you didn’t have to use powerful pain meds, which, after all, have side effects (no constipation with you, I trust!), and, like all medications including even ibuprofen should really only be used when necessary. Sounds like a good doc. I’m gonna tell him/her that you, however, smell a big pharma rat!
  7. This is why you can’t have a rational argument with the “I saw a YouTube video about this” crowd. This is exactly what the vaccine is supposed to do: “I was exposed, but my body mounted a strong response and I felt like I had a common cold.” To them it’s proof that the vaccine is an epic fail.
  8. Makes sense. There’s a reason he’s the GOAT. [ducking for cover]
  9. I’m always hesitant to make that type of statement because, well, I’ll admit I’ve never been in the trenches trying to actually do it. But … you have a point. The offense knows the snap count. Other than a few Star type DTs, offensive lineman are generally bigger than their defensive counterparts, and their game is more about leverage. So I guess I don’t get it either. Anyone here who played on either side of the line who can explain?
  10. “The Glamorous Life?” I had to check his social media. And I gotta say - he has just about the most boring FB page of any young rich athlete anywhere.
  11. So this is what you find out when you play 16 (umm, 17) games. The O line is the weakest link. The D line is erratic but talented. We still need a RB who can get outside (I guess it's not Matt Brieda). Everything else looks just fine to me.
  12. Yeah, but Spencer Brown ... ouch. He had a rough, rough night.
  13. It was the right call going for it on 4th down. You don't want it to come down to a coin flip for who gets the ball first in OT (a huge advantage). Helluva game. Fun except for that nasty injury. Reminds me of why I'm an NFL fan. I'm not gonna worry about What It All Means. I'm just gonna say that was a fun way to spend 3 hours.
  14. Also way off the mark. If I’m a health care worker my decision not to give blood doesn’t cause harm to my co-workers or the public I interact with. It may fail to alleviate harm to some person somewhere who needs a transfusion, but my decision doesn’t put others at risk. My example - the old favorite “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work” posted above the bathroom sink is pretty much on point. And I haven’t seen any argument to the contrary ….
  15. Ouch! What a devastating retort. 🙄 A vaccine mandate for health care workers (and I mean those actually physically present with patients, not someone doing medical billing from home) is like requiring restaurant workers to wash their hands after taking a dump. The consequences of not washing your hands/getting a vaccine don’t just fall on the worker; they fall on the customer too. Since when did all these so-called conservatives start arguing that employers don’t have the right to decide who they want working for them? If I owned a restaurant and let the non-hand washer (“I read on the internet that washing your hands too often selects for the survival of Dial soap resistant strains, so I rely on natural immunity”) stay on the job, I’d be sued as soon as the first customer gets e-coli. (I almost expect that someone will respond: but what if you were trying to make me wipe my butt with an experimental and unproven anti-bacterial toilet paper? That’s how absurd the anti-Vaxxers are getting)
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