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  1. Cook/Valet Walt Nauta could've come after them with his spatula! Or luggage cart. Or both.
  2. I understand a very strong, very powerful policy statement on Trump's proposed restrictions on contraception will be coming shortly. It is next in line after his very strong, very powerful substitute for Obamacare.
  3. Maybe you should post this on a few more threads. I'm thinking "Bills WR room 2024" might be a good one. Or hey, even start a new thread! Maybe something like "Latest Communist Anti-Trump Hoax Targets Stupid, Confusing Trump Ad." Whatever. That was yesterday's Trump controversy. Time to move on. So: how about a new thread about how the mainstream media is slanted because it has the audacity to actually quote Trump's own words? https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/News/video/trump-clean-comments-contraception-110459861
  4. Perhaps we should be thinking that the Irish have some special insight here, in that 25 years ago "the Troubles" seemed to be an intractable problem.
  5. Does anyone have any clue about what this stupid ad was supposed to communicate? Watching it in a light most favorable to Trump, I guess it's something like "the world is a dangerous place and we need a strong leader." But I had to watch it three times to figure that out. So I file it under Hanlon's Law: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
  6. Funny, I know several people who've recently retired, and they seem to be loving life. You need to get out more.
  7. I see why the prospective threesome partner was only interested in her. I like her. Give her the full Trump Girl makeover - some hair extensions, lip fillers, maybe a boob job, definitely an AR-15, a puppy, and gravel pit - and you've got real VP material there.
  8. Things I learned today: 1. Can you believe Biden glanced at his watch during the return of a body of a soldier? He must be a communist. 2. Can you believe that the mainstream media made a big deal about an NFL kicker saying a gay lifestyle is a mortal sin, but didn't make an even bigger deal about a 2016 video in which a rapper beats on his girlfriend? The mainstream media are obviously communists. 3. Can you believe that I just discovered that there was something called the Frankfurt School in the pre-and-post-WWII years and that some of them were admitted Marxists? They are avowed communists. 4. Can you believe that some posters who don't even post as frequently as some other posters post a whole lot about the evils of Donald Trump? They are communists and should be ignored completely, except for when I spend hours conducting Boolean searches on their posts. Whiny. Sensitive. Old. But entertaining in a Joe Bidenesque way.
  9. The Babylon Bee finally posts a funny. Why is it that when I say that UFC is homoerotic, Tommy Callahan gives me the old eye roll.
  10. Oh no! Now we've lost Natalie Jean Beisner. I checked: is this THE Natalie Jean Beisner? The voice of Rosaline in the animated short Coda? The bit player in the "romantic web comedy" series All For Love? The weirdly masculine looking failed actress who sees a better career opportunity in being one of those anti-woke tweeters whose posts wind up on football blogs? Say it isn't so. Next thing you know Stallone, Wahlberg, and Denzel will be leaving SAG/AFTRA because it's too woke.
  11. So disappointed that Alito is not the manly man I thought he was. What kind of man allows his wife to fly Old Glory upside down outside his home? What's next? An upside down Princeton pennant when he doesn't raise the toilet seat? It's the war on masculinity, that's what it is.
  12. As an old guy to many (like my kids) albeit a relative youngster here, allow me to express my end-stage boomer sentiments: - Professional women, particularly those of a certain age, should dress professionally. Lay off overdone hair extensions, false eyelashes, showing too much skin in the workplace, lip fillers, all that other trash culture stuff that has invaded previously genteel (hah!) institutions - Professional men should not be wearing gym shorts and hoodies to a formal workplace, and they should have a jacket and tie for formal proceedings like hearings. Doxxing means outing someone's real identity behind JDHillFan or TheFrankishReich. It does not mean "Butker, a resident of Lee's Summit ..."
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