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  1. "Reversing a decision (not really) made just two months ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to recommend on Tuesday that people vaccinated for the coronavirus resume wearing masks indoors in certain areas of the country." ....But those data, and the C.D.C.’s decision, were based on infections of previous versions of the virus before the Delta variant began sweeping through the country. Reports of clusters of infections among fully immunized people have suggested that the variant may be able to break through the vaccine barrier more often than previous it
  2. How many are you forced to take for a flu with a 0.01% IFR
  3. Science! "Some!" "Certain circumstances!" "January 6th!" This is what attacks on our freedoms actually looks like!
  4. Correct. It's a job for law enforcement to charge protesters that broke the law. Scum bag partisan hack politicians, its their job to make it political. Total joke. Their equivalent of Obama's birth certificate.
  5. This is about Covid and investigating its origins right? The biggest attack on our freedoms in human history. I can no longer take and no one else on this board or in this country should take anyone seriously that thinks January 6th is an attack on our democracy, while turning a blind eye and ignoring Covids origins, the lies, goal post moving, and freedom suppressing protocols. They're a joke.
  6. They're gone. Totally lost. Story: Frank Reich, fully vaccinated sent home and put in isolation for testing positive for Covid. Responses from members of the Branch Covidians: "This is what's driving up Cases and hospitalizations. And it's Trump voters fault." Unbelievable. Either they really are this stupid or they are just deliberately hiding from and refusing to address everything they've been proven wrong about.
  7. This is how you rig and cheat....it doesn't happen just on election day: Critics: Arlington government improperly promoted Biden-McAuliffe appearance Did the Arlington government cross a line and, instead of merely informing the public about the impacts of the July 23 visit of President Biden, go further and actively support Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe? At issue: A county-government advisory, posted on its Website, that included traffic closings planned in advance of the rally. So far, so good, but the county government then wen
  8. Wow. Stunning. "But DeSantis and Florida are fudging the numbers!! Cases are actually higher!!!!!" Nope. The hospitals are. No way to verify any of it unless journalists care to start journalisming.
  9. 7 fully vaccinated people have died from COVID-19 in Texas, city says "The important thing to remember is we need not to forget that any vaccine is going to see a breakthrough case and depending on the person, the preexisting conditions, and other factors associated to the patient, might make it more prone to develop complications and pass away,” said El Paso Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza. https://wjla.com/news/nation-world/7-fully-vaccinated-people-have-died-from-covid-19-in-texas-city-says And this is why
  10. Not California. They aren't waiting. Gavin Newsome has a recall and 2024 primary to win! He can say he and he alone conquered Covid!
  11. The gold starts at the 5:00 mark How anyone can watch this bureaucrat and can think "totally deserves my trust" is beyond insane:
  12. If you've correlated # of cases and hospitalizations as a barometer of POLITICAL success or failure. You're the problem. And unfortunately there are millions like you. If this is you: 1. You're a sick human being 2. You're doing exactly what they want 3. You're the reason it's political 4. You're the reason it will never end 5. You should reevaluate life Florida the whole time has proven what a joke state mandates are. Per capita everything is on par with California and has been since the beginning. Full stop. Cases, hospitali
  13. They rigged their primary. They rigged 2020. They rigged Covid and its sham response. This is like the easiest part of their plans.
  14. I'll save you the math. It's 55,000 in the last 4 months. Isn't that like.....a significant development that warrants the end of the pandemic? Well over 200K died over 4 months between September 15 to January 15. Remember that time in late May of 2020 the NY Times put the names of the first 100K that died in the first 2 months of this sham on the front page? If the pandemic is one of the "unvaccinated....." In turn, the pandemic is over for the vaccinated. But they just won't do it. Must be
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