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  1. There's a cold front standing in his way. Bring this old man on.
  2. Elite QBs don't have to be drafted #1. They could be picked 10th, 7th, or 199. I think the trend is obvious. New coaches and or management want to sink or swim with "their" guys. Jacksonville and Washington could have done this to but they have coaches coaching for their jobs. Denver felt like they got their guy in the draft and the GM clearly doesn't like or will tolerate losing. But barring situations like Green Bay where you can't blow up the team because you have Aaron Rodgers, cases like Miami will continue to happen.
  3. Just really glad this game is at home and it's the opener. This team is scary on offense if Mixon is healthy. Dalton is on pace for 5000 yards and when he's on he's as good as most---unless the start time is after 8pm. This is the first time in 20 years I'm referring to a Bills game as a trap game. Too much talk about next week and stomping this team as if it's a foregone conclusion.....what an awesome place to finally be in!
  4. Time to figure out if they destroyed their roster for nothing, hope they have a trade piece in Rosen, or continue to historically stink. https://twitter.com/CameronWolfe/status/1174776347413090309?s=19
  5. I need to start a Mitch Morse appreciation thread: Fyi....notice its 57 Morse takes out. In that last clip....watch Ty get to him at the 2nd level and wipe him out. He was also the guy Gore destroyed on his TD run. Monday must have been an uncomfortable film day for 57. Don't care to check on his name lol.
  6. Decided to peruse through "Captain All in for Rosen" Jeremy White's Twitter. He's tweeted more about Rasmus Dahlin and Jared Goff in the last 48 hours then he has about Allen. I see one tweet about Allen and it's a retweet of the "I am in New York" post game comments. Went to Mike Schopp's......exact same. Only Allen tweet was that. Oh....they both retweeted a tweet of 2 Mahomes plays. Sad!
  7. They'll never trade him in conference. I feel like he's going to the Packers or Falcons.
  8. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-adam-gase-dolphins-jets-coaching-search-20190109-story.html Lol Manish
  9. If you count Miami 2x and the Jets in week 17 as Ws... We need to find 5 more wins to likely get in the playoffs. New England is ruining what could be a historic year. We could be 12-4 and a 5 seed.
  10. I'm sure someone posted this somewhere but this is the most violent 1 yard TD run I've ever seen. Can someone please dub JR's voice to this:
  11. One game at a time. Hear a lot folks already looking forward to week 4. McD's job now and I'm confident he will do it is keep these guys focused on the jobs in front of them including getting better at practice (we're nowhere near playing as well as we're capable and that is exciting) and to understand every week in the NFL is like a new season. I'm enjoying looking forward to games in ways I haven't felt since the early 90s. I'm like a kid again watching this team.
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