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  1. Worth noting - the Yankees updated the logo and posted and hosted this today 90 minutes later….Aaron Judge has probably just broke his hand.
  2. You can’t redefine the current dynamic like it’s a woman. Change lol. Yea from the chaos libs have created. You're conservative lol. Yea you’d like it to remain the upside down.
  3. Nope. More details on Marist poll. 35-34. Look at the under 45 vs the old folks Ds don’t want voting omg. ^^^ Gen X doing its job. Well done.
  4. Told you. Third world ***t. Fascists. Elon Musk’s Latest Legal Challenge Isn’t a Tesla Issue The Wall Street Journal reported that the SEC is examining the entrepreneur’s disclosures regarding his purchases of Twitter stock. https://www.barrons.com/amp/articles/elon-musk-sec-twitter-tesla-stock-18e3f5e5
  5. The elites couldn’t be more out of touch. And crazy. Completely crazy.
  6. Sure looks like it. The polls are never right but the aggregate of them at every major polling firm is almost always correct in who wins - even 2016 where the news just got too cocky and stupid but the polls were pretty close and Hillary was never over 50 percent. It was 48-46 final aggregate. That’s a toss up - Hillary should have always been considered a de facto incumbent and if you’re under 50 you’re vulnerable. Ds are always oversampled in polls Rs, under. That’s the difference. These polls are talking to Independents. Unless they’re rigging them to force Biden out it appears they are voting Trump. If the samples are D plus 4-5 which they usually are for national polls. Biden is at least around 47-49 percent. If he were below 45 they’d already have him out. An incumbent below 45 is toast.
  7. Democrats are Big Pharma now. No questions asked. This is remarkable. It’s our best evidence yet they totally regret what they supported in 2020-21 and are completely guilt ridden today no matter what they tell you. They are now big pharma. Big corporation. And pro military industrial complex. Stunning.
  8. 100% everything the left is lying to you about they know is complete bull ***t No truer words have ever been tweeted
  9. X doesn’t post anything. People expressing free speech do and that includes the crazies. And if you’re American you’d fight to see all their voices are heard. Or not. Unfollow. Create your own bubble. Don’t worry. We know the State is going to do all it can if 2024 goes bad to shut down X. If you prefer the real arbiters of truth in this country just tune in to CNN, MSNBC, The View, Jimmy Kimmel, Saturday Night Live, or read The NY Times, Washington Post, or the New Yorker. All will provide you with state endorsed truth.
  10. And the kid apparently yelled “this is MAGA country!”
  11. Look around folks. Scarcity in the form of shrinkflation. You’ll get used to it and paying absurd amounts for it - that’s when they got us. Oh that’s right ….half of us are there now, waiting to be fully controlled, then twist themselves into pretzels explaining why this is all a good thing. Because Republicans suck. “Degrowth emphasizes the need to redefine well-being beyond purely economic measures such as GDP. It encourages societies to prioritize quality of life, social connections, and ecological sustainability.”
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