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  1. And What is a Woman is at 200 million views.
  2. Determined to not let re openings post Covid save their profession, public schools are cranking it up thru Grooming maybe this push will finally end it - the real estate taxes no one can afford anymore especially people double dipping by sending to private school - even Democrat politicians will turn just like they did against, well, all things American manufactured (energy, etc). House of Cards. Sad.
  3. All he’s saying is our Oline isn’t good enough. He’s not wrong but it’s not like we’re not addressing the Oline. Torrence is high draft capital. Ford was a bust but a 2nd RD pick. Spencer Brown they clearly believe in - ok. Can’t disagree with the build the line thru the draft strategy but we haven’t hit on any picks. Hopefully Torrence changes that. Dawkins and Morse are solid mainstays that cost $$$. Again, all he’s saying is the Oline isn’t good enough. No kidding. And obviously, Davis better breakout. And those rushing yards allowed (186 in the 13 seconds game???) is why many of us aren’t too distraught that Edmonds is gone. He’s also wrong about the Bengals not addressing their defense. They absolutely did. Their top 2 salaries? Reader and Hendrickson. Come on Colin. BJ Hill 10 million. Hubbard 10 million. Then addressed their offense by being able to draft Chase. Fyi - Willie Gay is a UFA after this season and Creed Humphrey in 24. Chiefs and Bengals (Higgins) going to have some big time decisions to make.
  4. Wow. Ben Rhodes agrees with Tucker.
  5. Please continue defending the Groomers, Groomer.
  6. “Americans are the least informed people on earth.” Man. Tucker has been reading my mind I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’ve become the people of the 1970s Soviet bloc with a completely warped sense of reality with no clue what’s actually going on. It’s so true. Tik Tok is this country’s version of Opium circa 1850 China. Oh! We even deliberately have an opioid crisis to. Worse it’s deliberate. The left wants you dumb and uninformed - it’s their core voter. It creates more dependence on government. Even worse - the media knows all this and doesn’t care because they’re active cheerleaders and protectors of the Democrat party. We’re an emotional unstable weak society now. No one ask questions. Everyone is a victim. Just love everyone - except conservatives and Christians.
  7. We have better depth at WR compared to last year but that isn’t saying much. Davis and Shakir a year older. We still don’t have an established slot WR - I think it’s going to be Shakir and Harty will be the gadget guy. Diggs Davis Shakir Sherfield Harty Shorter I’m not counting the TEs. I think this is now the “weakest” group on the team. Still decent but there are probably 15-20 teams with a better group. Hopefully an improved Oline makes everyone better.
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