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  1. Um yes. And no, he's not leaving Detroit. I think the game he had vs White last year was the worst game of White's career. Dude is a beast.
  2. I just didn't have the expectations for Kelsay that I did Schobel.
  3. Nope. 8 years. 2 good seasons. On some horrible teams. Started for some awful defenses. Just always thought he was average.
  4. John Fina. Worst starting left tackle in the league yet started multiple seasons. Aaron Schobel. Grossly overrated by....everyone. Terrible against the run and was overwhelmed by good-great OTs.
  5. We went 2-1 in the 3 big primetime road games this year.
  6. That getting the bye and even better the #1 Seed matters. Ask New England.
  7. Only losers are wasting their time with this. The only team that should be bitter is Chicago. Stop being insufferable Jerry Sullivan's.
  8. The QB that passed for 88 yards beat the guy that passed for 365 and ran for 145.
  9. Josh was 22-32 for 212 yards and 2 TDs vs the Titans. In Tennessee Just saying.....
  10. The Ravens plan spending the last 2 years working on Jackson the pocket passer is paying off tonight.
  11. Correct but....I'd still stick to that game plan.
  12. They are going to make Tanny beat them. 8 guys in the box.
  13. Getting rolled by New England who we now know was God awful, and collapsing vs Houston has me in a 'concerned' place with the defense. The O will return possibly 10 starters plus a WR. Maybe we let Spain go. Move Ford to Guard and get a RT. If you account for growth from Allen and Singletary.... I mean I'm very confident in the O because its developing, the key pieces are young and think we'll get that WR we need. As much as I want to send him to the sun, I think overall Daboll (he ain't getting a HC job) and a 3rd straight year of the same OC (when was the last time we had that) is a net positive. The front 4 on D could borderline be a disaster if Oliver doesn't progress (I think he will btw) and the FAs leave. Hughes is going to have wrist surgery and his play is declining. He's still good but he isn't a DE game changer at this point in his career. We might not have that edge guy. Did Shaq and Phillips just have "contract years?" Do we pay them? If not that's a lot of changes up front.
  14. I just feel like he jumped and didn't have to.
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