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  1. I'm done with that trash station. The app sealed a long overdue farewell. Wait.....I'll give a listen to the Instigators come hockey season. All podcasts, social media, and fan boards for sports entertainment and news for me.
  2. Big Blitz

    Tremaine Edmunds played light & tight

    At one point in the Third Quarter Carolina only had 7 points and like 30 yards rushing. The D was doing something right. Almost half the Panthers yards came on their 2 fourth quarter scoring drives.
  3. Lol these people... Jim Acosta on Facing Jeering Mob at Trump Rally: ‘It Felt Like We Weren’t in America Anymore’ “My sense of it is that these opinions these folks have at these rallies, they’re shaped by what they see in the primetime hours of Fox News and what they hear from some conservative news outlets that just sort of give them this daily diet of what they consider to be terrible things we do over here at CNN,” Acosta told Cupp. “It’s very unfortunate. But it’s a pitting of American against American and honestly, it needs to stop.” https://www.mediaite.com/tv/jim-acosta-on-facing-jeering-mob-at-trump-rally-it-felt-like-we-werent-in-america-anymore/amp/?__twitter_impression=true How can a member of the #Resistance (CNN is the epicenter along with the WaPo) a newspaper btw, that proclaimed on day 1 of the Trump era "democracy dies in darkness," complain about people being whipped into a frenzy and say it with a straight face?
  4. Big Blitz

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Your friend is beaten. Less than 12 hours after you're posting a before and after pic on social media making all kinds of allegations. Did the police tell you that was a good idea? Your lawyer? I hope this woman is ok and Shady had nothing to do with this. But if you want any proof there is something seriously f...ing wrong with this generation look no further than this. #1 that it happened. #2 Immediately post critically injured all over social media.
  5. Big Blitz

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Who just a few days ago called him the best RB in the league.......if he is hanging out and training with Frank Gore preparing for his 30th birthday party.... Yea I'll let this all play out first.
  6. A Yankee fan so already hate the Red Sox. A Sabres fan so I hate the Bruins. The NBA is trash. But I'll root for anyone playing the Celtics.
  7. Chad Kelly transforms from “little tubby kid” to Denver Broncos’ backup quarterback contender.... Vance Joseph recalled last weekend that Chad Kelly was a “little tubby kid” when he joined the Broncos last year, a Mr. Irrelevant who was not able to play during the 2017 season while recovering from wrist surgery. Kelly has since traded meals with fried foods for dishes featuring spinach and chicken, slimming down his 6-foot-2 frame. And, after about 18 months away from football, Kelly now feels primed to battle Paxton Lynch for Denver’s backup quarterback job. “I knew I needed to move around, get back to my old playing weight (from) back in early college and high school,” said Kelly, who was listed at 224 pounds at the beginning of last season. “(I’m) kind of feeling I can move around and do some things with my legs, but also (remain) powerful in throwing the ball … “It’s been (a) really long (wait). But finally getting out here, you can kind of feel like yourself again. This is what you do. This is your job.” https://www.denverpost.com/2018/05/14/chad-kelly-denver-broncos-backup-qb-contender/