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  1. They are wrong.....about literally everything on that station. EVERYTHING Here is Jeremy desperately hoping Rosen won the starting job last year:
  2. I hope I'm wrong but he screams 'motivated by contract year.' And it's going to cost 12-15 mill per year. I'm not doing that. And he's going to turn 28 next year. 2-3 years good production left? That's what I'd put the contract at go no higher than 12 per. Look at the names on this list in that range and you tell me if he's as good as those guys. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/average/defensive-tackle/ Also, we need to revisit this discussion after he plays against the Dallas Pittsburgh and Baltimore olines. Elite players making elite money perform vs the best. Vs Washington and Philly (the 2 best interior olines we've seen) completely MIA.
  3. It was Allen or Jackson for me and I couldn't care less how well he's running the ball for that team. It's got nothing to do with my team. And I'm going to say the same thing about him I will Allen. Baltimore has a QB to build around. Just like Buffalo. I'd prefer Allen. He's doing more with much less. And I don't think what Jackson is doing is sustainable. Not sure he has the passing skill set I think our guy is going to be good for 15 years and I think Lamar it wouldn't surprise me if in 5 years he's fighting to keep his job due to various injury. . That oline is so good. The RBs.....fantastic. Perfect situation for him right now. Defenses built to stop the pass suddenly have to stop triple option and some smashmouth mixed in. Advantage Baltimore.
  4. Didn't ask that question when Lamar did it to Miami. Or Cincy. Twice. Or Cleveland minus their 2 starting corners. Or Arizona minus Peterson. Sorry you can't conduct yourself like he does this isn't objectively anymore he's in "Allen sucks" mode but dancing around it waiting for the moment to tell us how he told you so. Jack scored 4 goals vs Ottawa. I'm skeptical. Right? Probably going to go 5 more games with 1 point. "Thou shall not criticize Eicel." I think that's a commandment posted on their wall. Jack somehow has had "signature wins" and moments and hasn't even sniffed the playoffs. Again, refer to the Commandment.
  5. The bigger story was how the 2 of them did their best to make you stay tuned to the game constantly stating 15 different ways how the Dolphins are "still in it." You could feel the life get sucked out of them after Hurns fumble.
  6. Those were all great WRs. Having great seasons. No it's not vital to have a hall of fame #1, but options 2--5 can't be practice squad level bad. Our #3 wr three weeks ago was literally just on the practice squad. Need WRs and DEs here.
  7. Nah Wentz scrambled out of busted plays I felt like that was a huge difference.
  8. The comparisons to Tyrod by Buffalo media this week was peak stupid in the analysis of Josh Allen. Considering that it was coming mostly from the morons that wanted the guy in charge of carrying a clipboard (well tablets now) for Ryan Fitzpatrick makes them look even more ridiculous. Looking forward to hearing them downplay this bc it was against a joke team or something. Or not a 300 yard game. Allen is currently in the company of every QB in the league in that department especially trying to win there. No one does. But, ok? I love the "beat New England" requests. Lol Wentz looked just as shook vs them today as Josh did. It happens.
  9. This game is proof that olines matter.
  10. Allen does this with literally 1 weapon (an elite #2 WR) but that curve doesn't get applied when evaluating him. And the drop off from Brown (stop referring to Beasley, he's just ok) is phenomenally bad. I don't know how you watch this O and don't come away saying "man, if Allen gets a #1 WR," then you don't understand football. Also, I think in retrospect people need to reevaluate that Cleveland game. Position to win with 3 mins left. D allows 82 yard drive to lose.
  11. Zero games. Goodell announces their game in 2 weeks has been flexed to Sunday night.
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