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  1. He’s about to lose a second Super Bowl. Jordan?? The Bengals and Burrow choked so hard. That game was theirs - they got out coached and Burrow vomited on himself the last 2 drives. Double team Chris Jones next time.
  2. Yep. He’s going to be the highest paid WR No way they trade him tho.
  3. We don’t have a 70 year foreign policy pledge to defend it like Taiwan.
  4. Google search: “Who fixed the Great Depression.” Let that response you get promoted right at the top really sink in. Tells you all you need to know. Believe absolutely nothing these people and their enablers tell you. When you understand the only thing preventing us from being full on China are conservative judges that understand liberty and the Constitution this will all make sense. The thought process of Obama voters is not much different from Maoists. Trust nothing that comes from the State especially when Democrats control it. They all think alike. They don’t need marching orders. They are a hive mind band of communists that only care about power.
  5. What does a $350,000 mortgage cost today vs 2 years ago? I’ll hang up and listen. Biden Boom alright.
  6. Because it isn’t affordable. And construction is going to come to a standstill. But I’m sure these 500,000 new employees will be able to swoop them up.
  7. 30 year old Eunice Dwumfour - African American Not getting any kind of the scrutiny and coverage you’d see if she was a Democrat. Pelosi’s “husband” was a National scandal.
  8. Amazon, Silicon Valley and large corporations announcing mass layoffs - but yea sure - 500,000 jobs. I guess mom and pops businesses are thriving in this economy. Costs are low. Prices are low. Energy is low. Makes total sense. State run BLS. Oh yea - this indicator totally makes the jobs report makes sense. Booming.
  9. Why would we postpone this I thought China said it was a weather balloon
  10. This is mostly where I’m at and you’re right we don’t know how much say McD has on the picks. But it has to ultimately be Beane.
  11. If we still after 7 years of McBeane need these things we have a serious problem I think the 2022 roster was built to win it this year. They gambled Von would not get hurt like that. And of course he did AND we lost Hyde. They were indeed all in.
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