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  1. Chad Kelly transforms from “little tubby kid” to Denver Broncos’ backup quarterback contender.... Vance Joseph recalled last weekend that Chad Kelly was a “little tubby kid” when he joined the Broncos last year, a Mr. Irrelevant who was not able to play during the 2017 season while recovering from wrist surgery. Kelly has since traded meals with fried foods for dishes featuring spinach and chicken, slimming down his 6-foot-2 frame. And, after about 18 months away from football, Kelly now feels primed to battle Paxton Lynch for Denver’s backup quarterback job. “I knew I needed to move around, get back to my old playing weight (from) back in early college and high school,” said Kelly, who was listed at 224 pounds at the beginning of last season. “(I’m) kind of feeling I can move around and do some things with my legs, but also (remain) powerful in throwing the ball … “It’s been (a) really long (wait). But finally getting out here, you can kind of feel like yourself again. This is what you do. This is your job.” https://www.denverpost.com/2018/05/14/chad-kelly-denver-broncos-backup-qb-contender/
  2. Big Blitz

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    I just watched every pass from 7 games this season. He was a one man show and I feel a helluva lot better about this. Hyped. Really hyped. He's going to start. Day 1.
  3. Big Blitz

    Bills Post Draft OL depth

    I see what you you're thinking.....get the best 5 out there which may mean Bodine at Center. But I think they want Groy there. And they are going to want Teller to start....not force it, just hope he wins LG. Dawkins--Teller---Groy---VladMiller---Mills Depth: Bodine VladMiller McDermott We need another depth tackle. Badly. I'm going to say that Tackle is a bigger need right now than WR. 100 percent no doubt in my mind.
  4. Big Blitz

    WGR Hosts Scared Of On-Air Confrontation

    Done with the afternoon show completely until Schoop is fired. He needs to go. He was an embarrassment today. Jeremy White has been decimated by the Trump era. Now he's considering starting a podcast for all things non sports (politics basically.) Buffalo deserves a better morning and afternoon show. I've become only a listener to the segments featuring Sal on demand. That's it. WGR is an absolute mess. Listen to Chad Dukes here in DC for a week and you'll see how awful you have it in Buffalo with the talk radio. And the Sports Junkies in the am---been tuning in to them over the WGR am show for several years now. First place I go to for Bills commentary now is this board.
  5. Big Blitz

    Rosen would have died behind our o-line

    Rosen liked like a frail string bean tonight. Couple that with his recent injuries and concussions just made me wonder if he's going to be injured most of his career.
  6. Big Blitz


    I feel like the Browns would take 12 and next years first for 4th. The Giants would take 4 and 22 for 2nd overall. IF they do want to deal. That's how this plays out. The cost is just reality. We would give next years first and 22 for the QB we want and I'd do that all day.
  7. Big Blitz

    If the Jets get Rosen tonight, Beane failed

    And you know the Colts would have been good trading back to 12? Or that we didn't make an offer? This doesn't make sense to me. That and Rosen being the only QB in this draft and not getting him dooms us for.....ever?
  8. Big Blitz

    Browns Take Mayfield at #1

    How anyone thought differently in the last month is beyond me. We never had a chance at these 3. The Colts weren't trading further back. And Schurmur didn't take the job to coach a 38 year old Eli. We'll be taking Jackson or Rudolph somewhere between 6 and 12.
  9. You misunderstood me. I didn't mean vanilla on the field, locker room, or film room.
  10. No offense here but this nonsense and media and some fan 'fawning' over his 'outspokenness' (I'm sure he's not playing the 2018 media like a fiddle; and I'm not sure I know what that--outspokeness--even means), and all his "I just want kids to think on their own"----who the heck is he implying doesn't "think on their own?" Or help people? Are we hiring for missionary work or to win football games? This (the interview) just seems all so freaking stupid. And more indicative of problems not traits that espouse championships. Like all the ones he won in college. And the comment "if a coach doesn't challenge me we're going to have problems." What is his definition of "challenging him?" I'm sure most coaches hear that and are like "sign me up!" Sorry.....just a free thinker here not succumbing to group think. And fyi I have him in my top 3 but its close with Jackson 3-4. Baker, Darnold, Rosen, Lamar. Also Fyi....some modern day NFL players who were oh so horribly boring and vanilla: Brady Big Ben Eli Peyton 11 Total Super Bowls Modern day "outspoken" (I still dont know what that means) NFL QBs and their SBs:
  11. Supposedly the Jets are split on Rosen and Mayfield. So they'll take Allen if one of those 2 are there? No. Just no.
  12. You are any one of those top 5 teams. Pretend you are a fan of each. Who would you want them to pick? For me: Cle: Darnold Giants: Mayfield Jets: Rosen Browns: Barkley or Chubb Broncos: Allen Now if I'm a fan of those teams, that's what I'd want them to do based on the picks prior and what's left. We know Cleveland and the Jets are going QB. And I don't think Shurmer took that job to coach a declining Eli and hope OBJ would be good with that long term. Our best hope at one of those top 3---The Giants really really like Davis Webb