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  1. This all stinks of Houston trying to ramp up the price before the deadline. They will get more competition and better offers if they do this in the off season. Of course if the POS vetos anywhere he doesn't deem worthy of his royalty it's irrelevant.
  2. It means the Eagles might have 3 top 15 picks to send them.
  3. Delta variant ‘descendant’ hits Israel – is it time to panic? https://www.jpost.com/health-and-wellness/coronavirus/delta-variant-descendant-hits-israel-is-it-time-to-panic-682575
  4. Doc Morse says 2-6 weeks. So 3-4 sounds right to me:
  5. Correct. I knew it was broke the minute they said he wasn't coming back in. I think we all did.
  6. A broken hand for a TE could be weeks if not much longer. This report makes it sound like it might just be 1 or 2 games. Sounds like they'll know more after a surgery if that's accurate he's having surgery
  7. I've been too pissed to comment. I nailed almost all of it in April. Even during the win streak I knew it was a mirage. I hated watching everything about this team. Outside of 2 weeks after the deadline. After Severino got hurt again......Lasagna got hurt at the end.....Britton was done and never right. The injuries were more soul crushing then their play. The best thing they can do this off season is trade Stanton. He is at peak value right now. I'm done. Not going to put my faith in him staying on the field that they don't let him Play. Dump him get what you can. I like the arms. I think the pitching staff and bullpen will be good. But we need a whole new infield. And find someone to take Sanchez and Gallo. So they won't do any of these things. Hal sucks.
  8. Ok just looked at the Ravens schedule again. So long as Pittsburgh keeps trying (week 17) there are 4 legit potential losses minimum in there. Of course they get the Rams in Baltimore. Minnesota, 2 v Pittsburgh, Green Bay, 2 v Cleveland. I feel a bit better. The Chargers and Titans have the easier schedules. But will need to match us the rest of the way so....
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