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  1. City councilman. I'm sure it's the only instance. But still, all of 2020 was a fraud.
  2. Watched him every single snap yesterday. I've seen him several times this year. Much more yesterday. Absolutely nothing special in pass pro at all. Most of the game no one was lined up on him...so he was either picking up blitzes, helping with stunts, or double teaming. Feet aren't great and I wasn't impressed with how he did any of those things. Benefits from being next to 2 all pros. His run blocking was OK. He's better suited to be on a team that will run it half the time. As mentioned here already if you can't pass protect in this offense you're exp
  3. And without Milano and playing overall not good, we were in the game 13-10 at halftime. They come out at halftime, run a 13 play 87 yard drive in 8 minutes bc run D couldn't stop a nose bleed. That pretty much demoralized us yet we still got to 23-17.....still couldn't stop their ground game. By no means will this be easy. But I like our chances. Miami picked off Mahomes 3 times. Make them throw 40 times against our Secondary. I like that group's chances vs any air attack even Mahomes. And I think our front can get to him. But we abso
  4. Would those 90s teams become instantly overshadowed or their accomplishments diminished by a team that won it all? Nope. I feel like WHEN we win it all in 3 weeks, the entire franchise, fan base, and players past all become champions. That's the family/fraternity that exists here.
  5. Hi there NFC, Imagine this for 20 freaking years. Plays Washington and a QB no one ever heard of. Sure. Plays a washed up Brees that becomes a turnover machine and a team with zero chance of them losing a third time to. Yep. This stuff just happens because of #12 being there. 20 freaking years.
  6. Nope. Not here. We played the best D in the NFL with zero threat of a running game in near impossible winds. A defense that allowed 20 total points in 2 playoff games against 2 of the best offenses in the league. And 2 of our key WRs are banged up. Davis is something to monitor this week. Like you I didn't Iove our chances either bc every single matchup on paper-- including the weather that broke their way, favored the Ravens. The only QB and OC any objective "analyst" should be criticizing, reside in Baltimore.
  7. Should take more then picks in this draft not named Lawrence, Tua, or Darnold to make it happen.
  8. I'm sure the Dolphins are a "favorite" not sure how the Jets are considering Watson has final say on where he goes. Just know plenty of teams in the NFC need a QB. Bears Eagles WFT Carolina 49ers Giants Basically the whole conference minus Green Bay and Tampa Guaranteed the Cardinals would swap Murray for him. Or consider it strongly.
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