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  1. Yep. Can't play 2020 football in weather like Buffalo.
  2. An oline we thought would be better due to continuity has been worse then last year in the run game. 3 reasons: 1. The continuity is gone. No Spain. Feliciano out. Ford to Guard then Left Guard. Winters is so freaking bad. Williams is meh. 2. Offensive philosophy. More weapons and spread it out. Turn Allen loose and use him to do....everything. Especially inside the 10. 3. TEs are not good blockers. This absolutely has to be addressed because you cannot win in Buffalo in late fall (which is the first week of November) let alone thru January without an oline and running game to take the pressure off the QB in often windy conditions. And keep the D honest. The best Bills teams ever could run the ball to compliment the pass. I think Singletary is a very good player. Moss will be. Problem is the line. Its Morse and Dawkins right now. Hopefully Feliciano helps turn it around.
  3. Its something local low info talk radio made up when they discovered Allen was probably the real deal and "culture" was indeed important and significant. Its basically in the same category as "accuracy." Its their dog whistle for "we really don't think they're this good until they beat the elite teams that win super bowls." They just can't say that so they replace it with "signature win." In a few hours you're going to basically hear this on the radio: "No need to even discuss this. They took care of the Jets. They were supposed to win. NOW it's time to prove something by beating New England." Then, one week from now after we curb stomp them: "That clearly wasn't the same Pats team. This week its Seattle! And now you can really prove something!"
  4. I did mean bad as in bad up to that point. Not overall. Overall I think he is above average passer. He is not as accurate as they make him out to be. Can't emphasize enough how much an X factor the running is. I'm glad the Bills have really found a way to make Josh work in the pocket as much as he is......run only when necessary and the occassional run by design. You watch Murray and Lamar and I just get the sense they're thinking first offen "if I can't run I'm going to either read 1 or 2."
  5. I mean they'll score 35. I'd like to score 38. They have a running game you have to respect we don't.
  6. I swear Allen critics in Buffalo don't watch any other QB in the NFL. If not for his running Murray is so bad.
  7. The players will tell you to lay off the knees
  8. And if the NFL can't explain what the defender is supposed to do there, then it shouldn't be a rule. Literally everyone is "defenseless" going to make a catch. Keep the rule at hitting with your head or hitting at the opponent's head. That's it.
  9. Anyone here that thinks Edmonds is going to be good just pack it in. He sucks so bad.
  10. I just think when you get absolutely pummeled up front like that it impacts the entire mentality of the team. When your own offense can't run the ball at all it makes it even worse. Manhood has to have been called out repeatedly since probably halftime of Tennessee. We responded by scratching 2 d linemen. And got wrecked. Makes you call into question how good you think are real quick. And can turn into a lot of finger pointing and blame and it looks like this team has experienced some of that given the benchings, the recent release of Spain, and Ford tweeting because its 2020 and hey everyone look at me I'm in my feelings. You don't have to have a top 5 line, but you cannot win if you have the worst front 7 in the NFL and an oline that can't get you some yards on the ground when you need it.
  11. I'm not sure on either and the impact on our cap. I didn't know they re did Cox's deal. But with the cap going down next year, and the Eagles being a team up against it, they like a handful of others might be looking to unload.
  12. Call about Ertz and Cox!
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