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  1. DBs. And White is one if the 3 best corners in the league I believe our D is a top 5 D. Everything that happened today and that is going to happen can't be taken as an indictment on the players because in the back of their mind they know it's over. It ended the second we found out Allen's injury. They played like it today. Deflated. They'll have some moments, maybe win a game or 2. Tops. It's over. We're on our FOURTH starting QB since Aug 1. And he's been sitting on a couch. We're nowhere near good enough on O to mask that.
  2. Big Blitz

    Picking Mcdermott over McVay

    McVay went to the Rams bc the franchise QB was in place. This isnt even a discussion.
  3. #OCLivesMatter Daboll took this job while it had a vacancy at QB. There is no freaking way we hired the best person for the job.....and that's because no sane coach would want it.
  4. Big Blitz

    Tre' Davious White Ladies & Gents

    My bad it was he deleted the tweet
  5. Big Blitz

    Tre' Davious White Ladies & Gents

    I don't think that's Tre White
  6. Big Blitz

    Bruce Arians on rookie QBs

    I respect Dilfer. A lot. But I'll gladly put all my faith in Arians, who I consider one of the 3 best OCs of the last 20 years.
  7. Big Blitz

    Bruce Arians on rookie QBs

    Not sure if this was posted anywhere so apologies...lock up or delete if it was. Arians does not hesitate to say that this year’s quartet of top-10 overall QB draft picks indeed ought to play. Right now. “When you draft a guy No. 1, especially in the top 10, you draft your franchise,” Arians, who turned 66 on Wednesday, said this week in a phone interview. “I don’t think you learn by sitting on the bench. You learn from playing..... I asked Arians what he’d do with Allen, this year’s No. 7 draft pick. Arians said he’d still play the University of Wyoming product now. “If I’m a GM and I have a top young quarterback,” Arians said, “the first thing I’m investing in is the offensive line. Not receivers, not running backs...." https://torontosun.com/sports/football/nfl/kryk-play-rookie-qbs-ex-coach-bruce-arians-says-but-run-to-help-them/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Big Blitz

    Illustration of just how tough it is to read coverages

    Of course all 3 of those guys to the right can blitz. Where HaHa is playing is irrelevant. This is classic Pettine/Rex. Wth is Dan talking about? Allen got fooled. Sure McCoy would be free if they all came from the right, but backs staying to block happens all the time. The D is banking on Allen throwing into the disguised blitz on the right. The call from Allen at the line looks like he did think all 3 were coming from the right (which fools the best QBs), but he stared a tad too long not recognizing quick enough they pulled off-----he immediately should have looked left and hit the WR wide the heck open in the flat. You want to throw INTO the blitz. The D knows this and they goaded Josh; he looked away from it bc he got fooled. Just need reps.....gotta recognize quicker....the second he sees them drop back...instantly look the other way.
  9. Do Hunt Hill and Kelce come with him?
  10. Big Blitz

    White on White

    Um. Tre will be covering the big freak that just put up 150 on philly. And caught the game winning TD. And I'm betting on White.
  11. Big Blitz

    O Line why is it bad?

    The collective football IQ of this group is 58
  12. Big Blitz

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    From what I saw, he was protected extremely well. And its nice to consistently have 2nd and 2 bc David Johnson is a real deal RB. Their oline is not bad.
  13. Big Blitz

    Allen is a budding superstar

    Game plan got cocky calling for longer plays downfield confident the protection would be there. You did not see the extra TEs helping to protect. Or plays designed to get the ball out asap. Did we throw any screens? The game plan was atrocious. Allen reverted to the ridiculous habits of trying to scramble when the better option was often get rid of it or take a 5 yard sack not 15. Burn the tape. Move on. We play an even better D this week fyi.
  14. Big Blitz

    Teams with rookie starting qbs

    I've watched good pieces of all them so far today. Our supporting cast is so vastly inferior compared to the others it's sad.
  15. Big Blitz

    Here comes Rosen

    Albert Haynesworth, the Redskins Era.