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  1. If Peterman beats out McCarron then I can see AJ being traded. If they could get any kind of pick for him then he would be gone to be somebody's backup.
  2. vincec

    Incognito's Retirement?

    Peters was an immensely talented player, but consider the message it would have sent to the rest of the team if you resigned him after he basically shafted the team by showing up out of shape as a renegotiation ploy to get a new contract two years early after one season at LT? I'll be honest, no way I would have kept him.
  3. vincec

    Incognito's Retirement?

    Out of spite? They did the right thing IMO. Just cut him and move on. He is a 34 years old interior offensive lineman but if he thinks he can find a big $ deal then go for it. It sounds like he basically changed his mind about taking a pay cut and would rather try his luck in the open market. To bad he felt that he had to lie in order to do so, but I guess that's par for the course these days.
  4. vincec

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    So much for one man, one vote. I guess some votes are worth more than others in our "democracy."
  5. I hope that this woman will face some kind of consequences, but if she does it's only because she was stupid enough to come clean which is a sad irony. So many people lie without conscience or consequence as long as it furthers their goals. It's incredibly pervasive and accepted in our society. As long as you get what you want then it's all good.
  6. I doubt Allen would be #3. The #3 QB won't be getting the kind of practice time and reps in the Bills system that he needs to develop. If Peterman beats out McCarron and Allen, which I doubt, then McCarron will be the #3 IMO.
  7. vincec

    Steve Fairchild on Allen and 2018 qbs

    He likes the big pocket passers. I wonder if that’s where NFL offenses are trending. Maybe.
  8. Are you sure? From what I read on TBD he's a super star in waiting. Brady can't play forever.
  9. You have to give him the tools to be successful. If you just throw him unprepared then you will lose games, which is not the goal. If you give him a chance to learn your offense, your personnel and see what NFL defenses are like for a few weeks then you have a much better chance of winning when he does play. But I agree that it's hard to learn certain things from the bench. I'm one of the only people who advocate giving your developmental QB some snaps during the week. Put in a small package of plays for each week suited to his skill set and let him have a series or two per game, just like you do for every other position as well as in college. I'm honestly surprised that NFL teams don't do this.
  10. You’re not factoring in Taylor’s ability to make plays with his feet and avoid turnovers. I know it’s a low bar, but I’d be surprised if McCarron as a total package is better than Taylor.
  11. I think they will easily be top ten, maybe better if they can just get some consistent pass rush.
  12. vincec

    FA Pass Rusher Ryan Russell visiting Bills

    If Shaq becomes as good a Phil Hansen then it will be a great turnaround. Right now, Ryan Denney seems more likely but there's time.
  13. vincec

    Whose On Your Bills Wall of Fame

    Billy Shaw ahead of Elbert Dubenion, Fred Jackson ahead of Eric Wood, Aaron Schobel ahead of Brian Moorman. Otherwise I agree with your list.
  14. Ah, but he's never played with AJ McCarron, two time national champion.
  15. Honestly, they'll be lucky if he's as good a Tyrod Taylor was. And with a weakened offensive line, a below average receiving corp and a new OC with a poor history as an NFL OC... well you see the concern. They're going to need the defense to carry them.