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  1. I think people are underestimating how good that Dallas team was. They were easily the best of the teams the Bills faced in the Super Bowls and had just beaten the Bills 52-17 in the Super Bowl the previous year. I mean figuring out how to run the ball with your HOF running back behind your pro-bowl FB and the best OL in the NFL at the time isn't exactly an act of genius.
  2. So, Sherman gets drunk. Something goes down and he angrily leaves to go confront his in-laws. His girlfriend tries to stop him, fails, and calls the police to say he’s unarmed and suicidal. He crashes his car into a median (probably because he’s drunk), and then walks the rest of the way to his in-laws. When he gets there he tries to break in and they call the police. The police arrive and he tries to flee. When that fails he tries to fight them and a dog has to be used to help subdue him. Or as we call it around here… Friday night.
  3. The Washington Washingtons. I like it. They could put old GWs profile on the side of their helmets as their logo. Would be awesome.
  4. You’d think based on some people’s reaction that vaccines had just been invented instead of being around for over 100 years. Most people get dozens of them over the course of their lives. Apparently this one is an outrage however.
  5. Well the Chiefs steamrolled the Bills in both games last season so I can see why he isn’t too worried about them.
  6. I know that this is a Bills bad play thread, but no play in Bills history is as comical as this Miami fiasco, IMO. I watch this play every once in a while for entertainment.
  7. I understand what you’re saying, but it would be pretty harsh to blame Beane for not bailing out McDermott from the year before.
  8. Beane? McDermott made the picks with Beane secretly advising from Carolina. Whaley did have input on Jones, Peterman and Vallejo though. At least that’s the TBD version. Seriously though, the 2018 draft is looking like an A as well, just for Allen by himself.
  9. I’m not too worried about it. The Bills went to the AFC championship game without a big giant space eater on the roster last season and did fine against Baltimore in the playoffs without one too. To be honest I wouldn’t be shocked if Lotulelei is a surprise roster cut. They Bills have a logjam at DL, his play was mediocre two seasons ago and who knows what he’s going to look like after a season off.
  10. To counter the commentators saying that Allen is doing better than Jackson because of the offensive system he’s in and the personnel around him, you could make the case that Jackson is doing well for the exact same reasons. Baltimore built their offense around his skill set and he fits perfectly into Greg Roman’s system. I seriously doubt that he would be doing as well if he had Diggs, Beasley and Brown and was asked to throw the ball all the time.
  11. I agree. One of the good things about the zone heavy scheme that the Bills play is that they don't have to spend a lot of money on elite CBs. They already have White, so if they draft another top player then it would just be a rental until his rookie contract is up. No way would they keep both White and another elite CB. So I wouldn't see him as the "long term starter" Beane is talking about.
  12. I think the players available and the coach's ability as a player manager, teacher and strategist have far more impact on how good a defense is that scheme. That being said, it I had to pick a scheme in a vacuum, I'd say Schwartz's 4-3. It's simple, aggressive, and can work with a couple of outstanding DL. If you get 4 together with one good cover guy, like the Bills had, then you have the best defense in the league. Wade had the best defense overall, but he had the best players and was the best coach too, so that's the main reason IMO.
  13. Tough to see the logic in drafting a RB high when your backs run the ball 18 times a game. Better off looking for a TE or DE with that top pick.
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