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  1. So, the options are he has a lingering injury that won't heal or he is a loafer and mailing it in. Neither sound too appealing to me.
  2. Why do you hate the Bills? 😉
  3. It is amazing when you consider how much announcers add to the viewing experience. Most of the time they’re just describing what were already watching or telling us what to think so you would think it would be more annoying than enhancing.
  4. I agree and have always thought this. However, if that becomes the case then I think they should have fewer automatic reviews. Every turnover, every scoring play and all plays inside of two minutes are already subject to automatic review and that’s 80% of the plays you would want reviewed to begin with. i would just give the team as many reviews as they have timeouts and that’s it. Successful reviews cost nothing. Failed reviews cost a timeout.
  5. Championships are a team achievement. Putting it all on the QBs is ridiculous. Trent Dilfer, Rich Gannon, Mark Rypien, Doug Williams, Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler... were all inferior QBs to Kelly and/or Marino. That's a general consensus, which is why Kelly and Marino are in the HOF and the others are not.
  6. I see. That's a strange take. It would make Jim Kelly and Dan Marino the equals of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill. No ring, no ring after all.
  7. So, rest their starters another week? 😉
  8. Miami would certainly have the edge in depth and experience, but consider that the all-stars would have the top 10 picks in the upcoming draft all on one team so they would certainly have a handful of players with more talent than anyone currently on the Dolphins team. For example, are Nick Bosa and Ed Oliver getting killed by NFL lines? What if they were on the same team with Quinnen Williams and Clelin Ferrell? Not sure I'd take the Dolphins OL against that. As I said, Miami would be a clear and heavy favorite but it would be a much closer and more interesting game that vs Alabama.
  9. Marv Levy too, but you don't see the usual white guys recycled from HC position to HC position without having had any success at their previous stops too much anymore (all due respect to Adam Gase) It it was a good job then they wouldn't have an opening at HC. Someone needs to go there and turn it around.
  10. What's amazing about this is that the Soviet team wasn't the Miami Dolphins. They were the best professional team in the world that had just defeated the NHL all-stars in an "exhibition" series. So to lose to a team of US college all stars is actually an even crazier upset that Alabama beating Miami.
  11. I think that would be much closer. Miami would still be the heavy favorite, but given enough time to prepare I think the FBS all-Americans would at least score some points and keep the Dolphins under 50. Against Alabama, the only question would be if the Dolphins made it to 100 or not.
  12. Really, he has a lot to prove yet as an NFL OC. He has been OC for 3 teams now and his offenses have ranked 29th, 31st, 20th, 32nd and 30th. So, I don't see how anyone can see him as a hot offensive guru that you want to make a HC, like Sean McVay. He's going to have to build something really good here before he gets a shot, IMO. Frazier had a shot and it didn't work out so I don't know why anyone would look at him differently from guys like Jim Schwartz, Wade Phillips, Steve Wilks, etc. etc.
  13. Strong candidates but I think Dawkins is the leader for the moment. The other two haven’t been with the team long enough to create a strong enough reaction. Yet.
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