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  1. How much more success / offensive innovation has he shown than Don Coryell, who is not in the HOF? I see them in a similar light. I think he needs a championship to make the hall.
  2. I think he'd be a great player signing. (*** ducks ***) IF he'd be willing to be a backup/mentor. With Daboll as the OC and the Bills running many Patriot concepts, what better veteran in the QB room could there possibly be? And if he had to play he'd be a heck of a lot better option than Matt Barkley. Plus there's practically no chance of a QB controversy because of his age. But I'm sure he wants to start somewhere.
  3. I agree but I think it would be unwise not to address the backup QB position. I know it didn't happen this year, but Allen takes a lot of hits and the backup QB is likely to play a few games next season. Barkley seems like a nice guy and all but he is pretty low end in terms of ability and starting experience.
  4. I commented during the game to some friends I was watching with that Tennessee looked like Buffalo except with good offense.
  5. Three weeks between meaningful games didn't help, IMO.
  6. If the Bills had Aaron Rodgers then they wouldn't be putting him down. Fans put down other QBs to make themselves feel better about Allen not being great yet.
  7. He had 13 carries. That was too much to give him the ball late? I don't think so.
  8. Chicken or the egg? Is the team better because the QB is better or vice versa?
  9. Jackson has better passing numbers than Allen right now.
  10. That's just speculation and probably some wishful thinking. He made a huge jump from year 1 to year 2. If he has half the improvement that people are hoping for from Allen then he'll be great.
  11. He's a developing passer. Not there yet.
  12. This game is over unless Tennessee has a totally epic meltdown.
  13. Beane said that he didn't think the Bills were 1 or 2 players away from a championship, but after watching this game I wonder if championship caliber WR and RT is all they're missing.
  14. The disappearing Titan pass rush vs the no huddle is the reason you platoon DL.
  15. It's amazing to hear that the last MVP to win the Super Bowl was Kurt Warner in 1999. Crazy.
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