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  1. I think it’s actually pretty simple. The Bills play mostly nickel with two LBs that excel in coverage and pursuit and not In run defense. So the run defense is going to be based heavily on how the DL does and, as has been noted, they don’t have any strong DTs vs the run right now. All four DTs got steamrolled vs the Rams. They could try to put more numbers in the box but that means more man coverage and more pressure of Wallace and Johnson so there’s no magic solution. The DL just needs to improve as the season goes on.
  2. I was listening to One Bills Live today and Steve Tasker said that if you don't think Tremaine Edmunds is a great player then you don't know what you're looking at. Chris Brown allowed that he may not have played well the last couple of weeks, but that was probably because of his shoulder. Eric Woods actually commended Tremaine for playing yesterday even though he wasn't 100%, which is strange because if he is hurting the team then maybe he should have sat out instead... Although Brown said that he'd take 75% of Tremaine Edmunds over 100% of someone else. I wonder how much is spin by the "state media" and how much is reality. He isn't playing well this season, IMO. But maybe the problems with the run defense and the short pass defense lie elsewhere.
  3. He came back into the game, so I suspect he’s going to be Ok for next week.
  4. Worked great. They really shut Allen down today.
  5. Even the fake fans in the stadium were booing the call.
  6. Looking at the Bills game stats. It's not a good sign for your defense with the top 4 tacklers are DBs.
  7. Bills play two coverage linebackers and a nickel DB on most downs. So it’s not surprising that they can struggle vs the run. They need their DL to play better if they’re going to stay with this scheme. They got run over and didn’t generate much of a pass rush either today.
  8. Well, since the first half counts too... yes.
  9. This team has better talent and better defensive coaching than those Bills did. They may not finish top three like last season, but no way does this defense not finish in the top half of NFL defenses. That defense in 2011 was 30th out of 32. You are what your record says you are.
  10. He wasn’t perfect, so no A+. But it’s a solid A.
  11. The interception was a horrendous call. The Rams are probably not to happy about that PI on 4th down at the end of the game either. In most other sports, the officials “let them play” at that stage of the game. It all worked out though.
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