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  1. These are all really, really bad. IMO.
  2. I think the offensive trend is salary cap driven. The general consensus among coaches is that it is easier to build a strong pass based offense than a strong run based one because it takes fewer top players to make it work. And you need the QB in either case to compete at the top level.
  3. This is what I do as well, although I use a friend's address in a condo that is eligible instead of some random one. I think they check the address on your credit card when you initially place the order. After it goes through you can just change the address back the next day. I get billed monthly after my address has been changed back and haven't had a problem.
  4. Where did you read about this? The media?
  5. This would be true if the team that the agent thinks will pay the most is NOT the team that is "the front runner", so it's an incentive for that team to pony up before they lose out. So in this case, that logic would seem to point to a team other than Seattle being the most likely landing spot in the agents mind.
  6. Wait, so were Zay's numbers bad because Allen was poor or did Allen have poor numbers because the WRs dropped lots of balls? Or should we just blame the OL for both and say they both got screwed?
  7. Great post. I remember this same discussion when Andy Levitre was let go. The Bills didn't want to pay the market rate for a good OG because the position was easy to fill. Well, then why did you draft one in the second round if you weren't going to keep him if he became good?
  8. In Chicago, the hotel tax is over 17%. Tourists don't vote in the city they're visiting and don't really know what things costs in different parts of the country so it's easy to give them the shaft.
  9. Fitz is unquestionably the best QB of the bunch. The only problem is that with Fitz as your backup, an injury to your starting QB is inevitable.
  10. A lot of competition at a lot of positions. Should be fun.
  11. They'd ship him out so fast he'd get windburn.
  12. Shaq and Murphy will both be gone after this season. DE needs help in the offseason or sooner. Let's just hope that nothing happens to Hughes.
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