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  1. vincec

    Ridiculous penalty just called in Vikings game

    The refs made a mistake. Luckily, it’s the only one they’ll make this season.
  2. If you watched Allen play in these two games and know anything about football, you can see he obviously has all the tools you need to be a great QB. He just needs to be coached up and developed properly.
  3. vincec

    Not sure what they see in Ducasse

    Yeah the entire starting OL got smoked last night. Not encouraging.
  4. vincec

    Tremaine Edmunds

    Linebacker situation is grim. Milano has looked terrible too.
  5. I think you mean "perpetuated," although "perpetrated" is pretty good too. 😂
  6. There is no comparison between London Fletcher and Preston Brown.
  7. Many of Chris Brown's questions are longer than Leslie Frazier's answers. 😂
  8. I think they will try to hold on to all three and get a trade for the loser. No point in just cutting him outright. I agree, Allen will be number two no matter what, if no other reason that to get the snaps in practice with the Bills offense.
  9. vincec

    Bills injury updates - Training Camp/Preseason

    How can this guy be the starting LDE when you can’t rely on him to go two straight weeks without an injury? Not good.
  10. vincec

    National Josh Allen buzz after 1 preseason half

    I doubt that’s the case actually. If the McCarron and Peterman struggle, the outcry from fans and media to see Allen will have an impact on the coaching staff, believe me.
  11. vincec

    Kelvin needs more buzz today

    They were supposedly friends, or at least presented themselves as such, when he was here in Charlotte. That's what makes this whole thing so bizzarre to me. It really does make Benjamin look bad, IMO.
  12. vincec

    Marcus Murphy: Looking Good for the 53

    I know, but that punt return where he caught the ball in the middle of the field and then ran sideways directly to the sidelines wasn't exactly impressive. Cadet and especially Jones have been more effective in special team so far, IMO.
  13. vincec

    Tremaine Edmunds played light & tight

    Belichick is from the same school.
  14. vincec

    Good Night / Bad Night - Pre-season Game 1

    Absolutely. By the time the ball got to him the RDE was already a yard away from him. 😂
  15. vincec

    Good Night / Bad Night - Pre-season Game 1

    I's add Harrison to the "Good Night" list and Washington to the "Bad Night" one. Harrison really looks like he's going to be a player while Washington is getting bulldozed whenever he is out there.