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  1. The Chiefs would be awesome. Can you imagine? 😂
  2. Why would he have a prescription for a performance enhancing drug that was "non-therapeutic"? Sounds like he found someone to write him a bogus prescription to get the drug.
  3. Not for a trade, lol. Unless they are the ones giving the Bills some picks to take him.
  4. Rapp is the biggest one on this list, IMO. There's a pretty big dropoff from Rapp to Hamlin / Lewis. The other guys can be adequately covered for.
  5. The Von Miller thing is baffling. It goes against everything that McDermott purports to stand for regarding earning playing time. Maybe all other options are horrible so Miller's the best they can do? Who knows.
  6. Sure. And Miller said he'd be back before the end of last season.
  7. Agree. I didn’t clearly see that myself, but you had to see it clearly miss to reverse it and I didn’t see that either.
  8. It’s not that complicated. 😂 The only question is whether it hit the TEs helmet or not.
  9. This is false. The rule you are referring to is for receivers. Once the player has caught the ball he is no longer a receiver. NFL Rule 8-1-8-b
  10. I’m not following. He caught the ball legally, fumbled, then the ball bounced into his helmet after he fell out of bounds (according to the refs). Illegal touching would be if he stepped OOB before he caught it. Tackled the wrong guy. 😂
  11. They thought the ball grazed the TEs helmet while he was out-of-bounds. Therefore, it’s OOB.
  12. With playoff games getting later and later, Buffalo refusing to build a dome, and the Panthers stinking for the foreseeable future, I propose the Bills reach a deal to play their playoff games in Charlotte for the next 10 years.
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