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  1. Can you imagine if the Bills cut Araiza and kept Haack. 😂 Pretty sure that’s a competition in name only at thins point.
  2. I live in Charlotte and will be there too. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are as many Bills fans there as Panthers fans for a preseason game. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble…
  3. They guy took over a terrible Cowboys team and by his third season had them in the playoffs, got them a playoff win, and a regular season win over the Super Bowl champion Redskins. There was never any question that had turned the Cowboys around by the end of his second season let alone after 48 games. To imply that the jury was still out on him after three seasons is reaching.
  4. They interviewed several doctors in the documentary and their opinions were far more benign that this. Many of them prescribe steroids when patients need to recover from illnesses or surgeries, or are just old.
  5. There is actually a really good documentary on whether “steroid abuse” is actually bad. . “Bigger, stronger, faster” it makes it seem that most of the health risks are overblown and that the real question is what is fair to expect/allow athletes to do to compete.
  6. It’s easy to be “on schedule” when there are no actual target dates. 😂 Those are the kinds of deadlines that I want at my job.
  7. So when you say “humans” you are really talking about men, right?
  8. I watch them until the last 13 seconds. 😂 Gabe Davis deserves some love for that game, but sadly I fear that few will watch his highlights.
  9. He would have been so good on this team.
  10. Bottom line is that when you have a HOF defensive coordinator and a HOF QB, you have a championship combination that covers up a lot of mistakes in drafting and FA. Now that half of that is gone and the DC is 70 years old to boot, the good times are over.
  11. The average salary of an NFL scout is $45k to $95k per year. Mel Kiper makes over $400k per year.
  12. Even at this stage of his career, he is probably better than Lawson tbh
  13. I saw one poster compared Belichick to Al Davis, which I thought was painfully accurate. A legend who deteriorated to the point that he was a joke to most young fans who didn't remember him in his prime. Belichick is heading that way. It's time to gracefully exit.
  14. Nailed it. Other than that it was a great pick. 😂
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