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  1. Ok, but I thought this was for the “Mount Rushmore of Buffalo coaches.” If we are talking about GMs then Bill Polian needs to be up there.
  2. Punch Imlach was only with the Sabres for a year and a half after spending his entire career with the Maple Leafs, right? Isn't he really a Maple Leaf and not a Sabre? I don't think he would belong on a Buffalo Mt. Rushmore.
  3. The top 7 picks are all pro bowlers. But carry on...
  4. So, to be more precise: In 12 years as NFL OC or HC. His QBs have been: Fitz for 5 years, Tyler Thigpen for 1 year Jay Fielder for 2 years, Troy Aikman for 2 years (retired after following season) Mike Tomczak Kordell Stewart So it's not just Fitz. He has had mediocre to bad QBs his entire time. Some of that is his own doing so you can't absolve him of responsibility, but I am interested in seeing how he does with Tua.
  5. That and he has always had Fitz at QB.
  6. Bills now have the worst backup QB in the division. Hopefully Allen stays healthy.
  7. I don't want to go in circles here because as I said I agree with the rule for the reasons you an eball stated but the rule is in place to increase the representation of minorities in the coaching ranks, which is a quota based goal. People don't feel that there is enough minority representation coaching. It's not merit based. People weren't saying that coaches stink and if they open up the pool more when they hire then the standard will improve (although this may be the case.) If you are applying for a job with 2 candidates, are your chances better to get it than if there are 10? What about 20? You can say that if you're the best then it doesn't matter but that's not reality because your skills are not measured in a vacuum they are measured against the other applicants. The "best" means better than the other applicants. So if there are lots of other applicants, it's harder to be the "best" (unless you're the best possible candidate in the world I guess.)
  8. So if the rule doesn't improve the chances that a minority gets the job then what's the point of it? Is it just for show? So that more minority candidates are interviewed but actually makes no difference at all to their job prospects? If the rule is designed to increase the chances of minorities getting hired then it reduces the chances of everyone else when there are a finite group of positions.
  9. Barring the unforeseen, like an injury to Mayfield, this seems legit to me. 10 or 11 wins.
  10. Look, I agree with this rule change but it's a zero sum game. There is one HC position available and if you institute a rule to improve the chances of one minority group to get the position then you reduce the chances for the others, by definition. And if this rule doesn't try to improve the chances of a minority to get the position then what's the point of it?
  11. That’s quite a mental image! 😂
  12. Evans isn't even top 10, IMO. Lofton and Dubenion have to be in there somewhere.
  13. I agree. This statement is by her attorneys, not Nina Thomas, and have nothing to do with the event in question. It's just a presentation of how awesome she is. The only reference to the event is at the end when they basically just says that this is BS and they will get her out of it.
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