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  1. He hasn't done much in the preseason so far. It's probably going to take him some time to develop.
  2. Not great PR for that clinic since he immediately got another concussion on the first day of contact.
  3. Plus the rain never fell until after sundown and July and August never were too hot. Monopoly money.
  4. I may be fired but I wouldn't be banned from ever working in my profession again. Besides being illegal, that seem cruel and spiteful to me. If there is a team willing to take the risk then who is the league to stop them? It seems punitive.
  5. I'm actually fine with the reinstatement. It's the guy's livelihood. Give him a chance to make some money and contribute while he still has some game left.
  6. Actually, Hauschka is the guy I'm worried about. Bad punting sucks but it is far better than bad kicking. A bad kicker will cost a team games. I would feel a lot better if he had a preseason game where he just made all his kicks.
  7. I seriously doubt that the Bills prepared a game plan to take out McCaffrey and Olsen during a scrimmage.
  8. That's how you inspire your teammates to work hard during practice.
  9. Nobody's (Cosell or the fans) preconceived notions are going to be changed by one preseason game or probably even the entire preseason. They are going to see what they want to see to reinforce their pre-draft narratives. I suspect that by by the midway point of the regular season there will start to be a shift in one direction of another if Oliver's play calls for it.
  10. How is his pass blocking? This looks like it's going to be a pass first offense.
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