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  1. Tough to see the logic in drafting a RB high when your backs run the ball 18 times a game. Better off looking for a TE or DE with that top pick.
  2. I liked him too when Roman was the OC, but he needs places with run focused offenses that allow him to go deep vs man coverage. I still remember him getting injured while taking a knee on a kickoff return in the end zone. Classic Glass.
  3. 1Ts are headed the way of FBs and blocking TEs. They can be occasionally useful, but the Bills went 15-4 last season without a real 1T and when they lost in the AFC Championship Game, having a 1T wouldn't have made the slightest bit of difference.
  4. They could even play Oliver and Richardson together as dual 3T on passing downs. I think the days of Richardson getting huge contracts are over.
  5. Why are people saying the Bills don't need him because he's a 3T? Are Vernon Butler and Justin Zimmer better than him?
  6. Agree 100%. What he said about the Bears developing QBs and how they allocate assets is dead on, IMO. But throwing Green Bay in there seems a little spiteful to me.
  7. You know what John Madden used to say: When a team says that they have multiple good running backs, what that actually means is that they don't have any.
  8. I have no idea what happened in these incidents, but given that Watson is an elite QB in his prime- the most coveted asset in all of pro football (and maybe any sport), he will get opportunities to play again no matter what happens unless he actually goes to jail for an extended period of time and is flat unavailable.
  9. If they wanted to play more 12 personnel then they should have brought in another good TE. At this point I don't really see the point in putting another mediocre tight end out at the expense of one of their good WRs.
  10. For a year to groom the new QB and rehab Jimmy Gs rep a little. Then make the trade next season.
  11. I think it has more to do with how infrequently they throw the ball. Receivers want to come to teams like the Bills that throw the ball on nearly every down, not the Ravens where they spend most of their time blocking.
  12. I actually don't think he's as bad as some on TBD do so I'd be happy to see it, but I doubt he's going to stick around for the league min. He'll get picked up somewhere for more than that.
  13. Those 5 guys at the prime pass rush position on the team are a concern to me. You've got two aging players with declining production and three completely unproven players. At this point another season with lots of blitzing to make the pass rush happen seem likely.
  14. This strategy of 8 average DL in rotation has led to the most expensive DL group in the league with mediocre results on the field.
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