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  1. Okay,, so this is a kid YOU ROOT FOR, and I know the Bills community will!!!
  2. I see that. Very similar size, although I’m convinced Jones’s playing weight is 180ish. He looks soooo skinny out there. The thing is with the Jones, Kamara, and big bro Cook comparisons.. I believe all three of those guys dropped in the draft because of character issues, but here we are taking our Cook too high..? That’s not a good sign, sadly.
  3. I just don’t know how you grade a guy playing against that competition in college (if you can call it that). It’s weird to me, and then throw in the two broken legs. Comedy club stuff.
  4. Now the Jets need to find the big boys who don’t want to be in the TV advertising commercials.
  5. He measures up speed wise it looks like. Looks shifty in a small crowd. But Kamara is 220, and powerful. Always amazes me that he’s seen as a screen catcher. Nobody on defense wants to tangle with Kamara. He’s freakish strong, thick, and fast. A true three down back build and skill set. Like generational talent. If James compares to Dalvin, I foresee explosive plays, and injuries if he’s used too much. Dalvin already broke down. The Cooks are physical phenomena, but they’re light in the joints and Dalvin takes hits in the NFL, which they can’t hold up against. Dalvin used to look for contact, but I bet those days are behind him. So here’s to hoping James Cook does not see 15+ touches in most games. Some, but please not most. Unless it’s very meaningful January and February football.
  6. The signing isn’t about Diggs. It’s about what happens on field as a whole. With Diggs out there, happy, the defenses have to give him WR1 treatment. Allows the other weapons on offense to over produce. We can’t look at the huge $$ for Diggs as being just a Diggs deal. It’s a Bills deal.
  7. Mack wasn’t worth it to Chicago. Not his fault, the team wasn’t ready and nowhere near ‘an impact player away from the Super Bowl’. Although the Bills are in a different boat than Chicago was back then, Young isn’t exactly as proven a commodity as KM, and paying the Mack isn’t going to happen around the NFL lol
  8. Unless you’re sure you can draft a guy that can actually tackle Pat Mahomes, go get better on offense
  9. Absolutely hate the proposal of ‘just move him outside..’ Why? So he can suck there too?! That is not a solution on an NFL roster. Makes no sense at all to me.
  10. Having guys fresh in the playoffs is the end game. Period. Singletary isn’t going to “carry” any load. If he does, he’s done, and the Bills would be leaning on other backs in the playoffs. Singletary should be one of the guys that helps the team get through 17 games and then be in the mix for a bigger load in the tournament.
  11. Because owners like money. And a big name franchise quarterback is their ticket. If the team wins, so be it. Because the Chiefs get a discount on criminals. So they get more talent than the market value.
  12. I agree with that ^^ This is Josh’s team. If ANYONE on the coaching staff or roster is here longer than JA, that would be a tremendously good thing. I think at this point Allen can take on more of an offensive scheme/philosophy roll within the planning rooms. He’s pretty much done everything asked of him to become a great NFL quarterback. Next up, on the field, he’ll need to sense pressure in the pocket especially from the outside rushers who are coming from behind after Allen slides up, and become a boring ol’ pocket passer for 98% of his snaps. Career longevity should be a focus now. He literally has only one/two more years of trucking D lineman five times a game. (Hopefully none.) So a new OC and Allen’s hands-on involvement is the way this thing is headed. And I like it!
  13. Uhh Don’t like it at all. This was the year to win a Super Bowl. Josh Allen will prove to be OC proof, but I like keeping the gang together as opposed to something new.. …I change my mind…. New offensive Coordinator will be Promised Land material! Happens all the time Daboll will suck in NJG
  14. I’ve got a different take on this. I say get a stud #1 WR in the first. I saw J Williams (ALA) being mocked 30th to the Chiefs. See what they did there. The Bills need him more than the Chiefs. Every position on the field next year could potentially be improved except one: WR1. Diggs isn’t a game changer anymore, and barely ever was one. His completions are stop and hit the ground routes. G Davis emerged for real, so grabbing Williams to be tutored on the nuances of the position by Diggs/Davis would be what this team needs most of all — more weapons for Allen.
  15. No way. McD takes the heat off Frazier so Frazier can get outta town.
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