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  1. I don’t think is understands the concept of field position... at all!
  2. Detroit forces turnover on 2nd half kickoff. 13-13. Guess Detroit is ready to be elite..
  3. Jesus Christ this guy. TURNOVER MACHINE ALLEN. Yes, he got lucky that fumble wasn’t lost.
  4. No surprise obviously, but White will kill you if you don’t focus on him.
  5. Now that Brown has orchestrated his release from NEP, what’s next for this media darling?!
  6. A knee with 47 seconds and two timeouts. Jesus. I hate that.
  7. If a game against the GIANTS can get away early and get ugly, this is a 2 win team.
  8. Not good when the adjustment needs to be “play harder.”
  9. He’s always been a terrible, I mean terrible, passer. He couldn’t run forever.
  10. You pay for ESPN in your regular package, and then you pay again. And the AT&T / DirevTv CEO makes $40mil a year. Sound good....?
  11. I heard someone on a sports show say what I was thinking when I heard of the Pats signing. These long drawn out artful masterpiece routes aren’t the way NE does it. AB better learn that Touchdown Tommy 12 doesn’t take hits all game for you to work your way open, like Big Ben did. Or else, his number will plummet, and he won’t like that very much.
  12. We gonna blame runningback fumbles on offense lineman too? Keeping an eye on these QB turnovers. Can’t win with ‘em. Can’t do it!
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