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  1. His career is over. What’s he got to play for.. If he retires, does he still get the 3 years guaranteed money?
  2. Get your goddam ***** together. When I click “start from beginning” please start the the goddam game from the beginning. Thank you. Not live, in some weirdo six hours window, with 30 second rewind/ff crap, that makes it impossible to find the actual start of the game. Roku ultra user
  3. If you were born in 1998, you’re forgiven ☺️ But go back and watch the youtubes, I think it was a MNF game against the Bengals in like 1991 when Kelly threw THREE first half INTs, and the world was ending. Think the Bills ended winning that game 35-whocares on the back of Kelly’s FIVE touchdown passes. Great stuff
  4. You bet! Not broadcasting all games to all fans (the sole reason all these millionaires exist) is nothing but greed.
  5. methstreams dot com you guys. Airplay to your TV Or invest in a Super Box and say goodbye to all payments
  6. Shakir, just catch the ball and you will impact this game in a HUGE way
  7. Gave Davis’s drops are now getting his teammates killed
  8. They were seriously going to throw it to Singletary in traffic on 4th &. 1. Seriously??
  9. This is a joke right. They guys do know they get paid to catch the call, yes. And if they catch it, they’ll end up getting paid more money.. That proposition has been explained to them I hope
  10. I want to know how the film room goes with this team. McKenzie — wiggle and fall forward. Moss get your pad level down and drive toward the slightest hint of daylight and DRIVE DOWN AND INTO IT FOR ONE YARD. Kromer, talk to McDermott to get “permission” to rip somebody’s ass. I’m sick of this *****. It’s bad vibes, and yes.. it leads to exactly what happened on that Duverneay catch. You don’t do the little things, and then you lose the big stuff.. and blame it on “freak plays”, “bad weather”, “injuries”, “slippery footballs”… Losers make excuses. And I’m seeing and hearing a bunch of loser talk right now
  11. Team’s got a serious problem of valuing possession of the football
  12. Exactly. Imagine what’s going to happen when there are big hits
  13. The real problem here with Tua is that he’s tiny and SLOW. He got thrown about like a rag doll, again. And that will continue to happen for the remainder of whatever career he can squeeze out of his very limited physique. The NFL has big strong men who wish to do harm, and…. I’ve made my point.
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