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  1. Schefty needs to change the text to read: Bills sign second round bust
  2. My vote is a little of A and a little of B. He’s top ten, but hasn’t put together a Super Bowl roster, in theory or reality.
  3. And what the hell would be do with all those draft picks that would come with BA??
  4. the chiefs signed WR Sloth#0 practice player to give their defense a look
  5. Jaylen Brown makes incredible plays. Watching a highlight reel of Josh Allen easily makes you forget about the few mistakes. Both players are spectacular, and both do things that can make fans bite their lip (or threatened a tv). …like dibble off a foot out of bounds, or playing hot potato with football. I know we have some C’s fans here, and maybe you’re watching. Just watching NBA, but inventing ways to make it about the Bills. So sue me! (Btw, anyone seen Shakir today..? Seeing a lot of similarities between he and Alcaraz. One and the same…?? hmmmm)
  6. Because he’s about to break 2,000 yards receiving this season.
  7. TE2 sounds gross (not that way), but WR2 sounds like something we desperately needed before shipping out Diggs. Maybe we’re on to something with this TE2 business. We got that nickel back (not that..) paid and the league picked up the trend.
  8. And we shall cheer for his demise in countless Super Bowls of hockeying.
  9. Matt Jones made Bill a bum. Can we agree to not connect pre-Patriots Belichick to McDermott’s assistant coaching resume. TWO Super Bowls, one with Phil Sims and the other with WHO?, and one of the cleanest defensive game plans in Super Bowl history. Right in our face yet again. McDermott was no guru for being DC.. right? Guru?? And he’s no guru for having consistent top ten defenses as HC. Mr. Miyagi is a guru. Sean McDermott is no Mr. Miyagi, okay. McD would’ve called timeout right before the crane kick. Love your points on player development. Absolutely. He’s made a lot of guys a lot of money. But he needs help to win a Super Bowl. He does too many things not up to snuff.
  10. Understood. But Reid didn’t win one in Philadelphia. I know you’re saying he could have. Not sure how though without a Mahomes type guy. Very unlikely he lands a Mahomes in Philly. The stars aligned for him with KC. It’s not like he wasn’t in Philly a long time either. How many more years do you give Reid…? Genuinely curious. Because I can’t take another five years of McDermott’s crap. Reid wins Super Bowls with the singular best QB in Football. McDermott has the next best thing, and things could flip if JA17 treats this as a 365 day job. Problem is McDermott will never be able to challenge Josh to sellout for greatness. He doesn’t speak that language first of all, and second, he doesn’t have the clout, control, etc etc Belichick had over Brady, or certainly Reid has over Mahomes. Brady would’ve been great anyways, Mahomes probably benefits more from Reid’s tutelage by comparison. McD is no Reid. Guy has to go.
  11. I certainly lose trust in this comparison pretty much the second I start reading it around here. Right!- Reid needed to go to another team to succeed. Exactly.= McDermott needs to go to another team to succeed. Never understood how Reid and the Chiefs have anything to do or even resemble McD in Buffalo. McD is still young.. there are a TON of coaches who had very good reg season win totals and couldn’t win a Super Bowl. Plenty. But the Reid thing.. He’s not Andy Reid in any way, shape, or form. Reid is offensive. Reid’s pedigree is second to none. Reid had Favre, Young.. ….Reid went to NFC title gameS right away. Reid had JIM JOHNSON. HAHAHA.. name McDermott’s best coordinators. It’s a joke. And the HC picks the coordinators. I need to see his record on this to start reflecting a “coaching genius” like NOW. Like, Babich and Brady better be head coach candidates at the end of THIS season. (Hopefully for us.) The only thing Sean McDermott has in common with pre-KC Andy Reid is a few regular season win totals. I guess. But this narrative keeps living. If you asked a Philly’s fan right at the end of Reid’s tenure if the Buffalo Bills should accept the Andy Reid coaching blueprint, they’d probably punch you right in the forehead. Why on Earth would any team strive to emulate Reid’s trajectory at that moment as opposed to 20 other great coaches who have won Super Bowls. Bill Belichick being one of them right in the same division. (Don’t we love how the Bills had a front row seat to the greatest dynasty in Sports and the only concept they thought to steal from it was taking on the guy that just got run out of town, allowing the dynasty to commence. Bills just sat back and didn’t do a thing about it for 15 years. You’re Welcome, New England.) The Eagles fans wanted a coach that could win them the big game. Reid may have never ever won a Super Bowl if he stayed in Philly. McDermott may never win a Super Bowl in Buffalo. The only thing we know for sure is that Reid wins them now in KC, and for that coach’s path to become relevant in Buffalo’s plans we need to fire McDermott and hire Kyle Shanahan. Sorry.
  12. Huge contract. But he’s so good. Nothing pops on paper, and really, nothing pops live during the game until you see him running all over the field and catching every single pass thrown to him like he’s the only player with the code.
  13. Cook should be balling out and making JA17 love him. If Cook wants to play the money game, the Bills should play it back. Hardball, incentives, tag.. But if JC4 plays nice and Josh feels like he has to have him, then things could go well for the next four years.
  14. McGable hasn’t been here long enough for the proper “Airing of Grievances”
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