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  1. Got to define his disgruntleness In MIN. Sure, not getting the ball. But why does that upset him? Is it competitiveness, impatience, selfishness, personal dislike of offense, QB, HC, OC? Thielan outplayed him almost every time over the past two years when healthy. Cousins is an oddball, but it’s not a plus that Diggs rifted with QB1 and the organization. If he expects the ball a foot in front of the numbers, that’s not happening. If he doesn’t take to the city..? Right now, what the Bills gave up, it’s a slight overpay. Diggs might be a top ten WR if his potential is maxed out. Fine. Look, they got what they needed. Good. Is he the right guy - Don’t know. John Brown was the right guy. Diggs comes with uncertainties. I, for one, will root for the man. Endear yourself to Bills fans, Stefon! I plead you. Grade B-
  2. Cool. Who cares. Totally irreleant franchise in every way. They play in LA in front of 25 thousand opposing fans. If that isn’t an NFL joke, what is? I don’t like the black one on the far right. Change it to that 90s blue, and okayyy.
  3. I saw Losman in Glendale, AZ launch the ball 65 yards in the air to hit Lee Evans for a touchdown (I believe.... I was a little subdued after the 4-0 Bills got Trent Edwards killed via a free shot from man-eater Adrian Wilson on the third play of the game..looked that up.). That alone ranks Losman ahead of some of these other high round bums the Bills drafted since 2000. Worst: Mike Williams. Too high a pick to whiff. Best: guess this is the best player for the Bills since 2000.... Josh Allen - there is now hope.
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