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  1. Burrow actually kinda sucks in the playoffs. His stats impress no one.
  2. Handing the ball off to a RB versus Allen keeping it is always a win for the defense. Trust me, they would love nothing more than for us to keep handing it off.
  3. So what? So do lots of backs. Show me one team that really plays to stop the run on a consistent basis and I will show you a team that probably has 4 or 5 wins.
  4. He isn't. Except in your mind. McD living rent free there.
  5. Jags D looked pretty good against us in their most recent meeting...
  6. And they did for such a long time. I guess they should apologize for not being robots like you.
  7. From Spotrac, his market value is estimated to be right around what I said...$25-30 million. But let's be real...that's still a lot of money, so I guess it depends on your definition of "very rich". However, compared to other QB's, he is average. He's made $26.2 million so far in his career, so this would basically give him a 1 year salary of what he made for the past 4 years, which by any accounts is very good if you can get a 4 for 1, and also likely give him a huge payday this year when factoring in the signing bonus which he gets up front.
  8. Part of the reason why many head coaches fail is because they have to deal with so much off the field stuff and do it well also. Many OC's and DC's have no idea they have that type of responsibility about to be heaped on top of them in addition to some football stuff and they struggle mightily with the transition. HC's basically manage the team not only from a football aspect but from the "business" aspect as well. If you don't have the ability to be a good manager and can only do football X's and O's stuff you are likely not going to do very well as a head coach because you will be in way over your head and will try to do everything yourself instead of delegating to others. Then you need to be good at understanding what is able to be delegated to others and still done effectively and what you have to retain for yourself because delegating that would not be effective or get done as well as if you did it yourself. Basically you need to be very good at football and very good at managing people and very good at running a business to succeed at being a HC, which is why so many assistants do not do well. They have the football side, but lack at least one of the other two sides. In reality, there are not a lot of people who can excel in all three areas compared to the number of assistants out there.
  9. Yeah that was crazy...I believe he was the last 1st overall pick under the old system too wasn't he? Nowadays the easiest route to making bank as a QB while not being able to play is to look good in the preseason over multiple years so someone THINKS you might be good, then signs you as a high priced backup but you don't actually play...then rinse and repeat. Chase Daniel has used this method to make over $41 million in his career all while throwing a total of 273 passes over 14 years and starting a total of 5 games. Most passes he threw in a season were with the Bears when he had 78 over 2 games started and 5 played total.
  10. Ryan Leaf DID make guaranteed bank tho...for as little as he did, he made $13 million in career earnings. Pales compared to Jamarcus Russell who made over $39 million tho.
  11. Didn't realize there were so many backs that averaged almost 5 YPC for their career and were exceptional in pass pro.
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