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  1. Been a long long time since I remember a roster being stacked like this in Buffalo... Literally guys getting cut have chances to potentially be starters on other teams at some positions or at least key backups
  2. I saw that..like 5 minutes after I posted or maybe even while I was posting haha That doesn't change the fact it's an incredibly poor look on the JETS part to try and push guaranteed money into next year for hopefully the face of their franchise for the next 10-12 years.
  3. This is mostly on the JETS...they are reportedly trying to push millions of the signing bonus back into 2022 and team and league precedent is that it is paid within 15-30 days of it coming due... I mean seriously? This is how you want to start things off with the future of your franchise? Arguing over paying a signing bonus he is due to receive? Just reeks of amateurishness on the JETS organization.
  4. As Lil' Jon would say... "Turned down for what?!?!"
  5. Apparently it's OK that Wilson disappears for huge chunks of games and parts of seasons as well... I don't think some people are convinced that was real...they want to see it again before they buy in.
  6. Allen makes plays other QBs wouldn't even make in their wildest fantasies in their dreams at night because they didn't even know those type of plays were humanly possible.
  7. We were in firm control of most of the games last year and he was still throwing. The game has changed. Your thinking has not.
  8. I knew about Reid's being a huge thing, did not know about that place...
  9. I'm in S. Lockport and had no idea this place existed.
  10. The way I look at it is nobody in their right mind would want Allen handing the ball off half the game. This isn't 1970. Running the ball is pretty much an analytically wasted play these days. The fact that some think that's a good idea with Mayfield says all you need to know.
  11. There are statistical ways of showing who America's Team actually, your opinion isn't one of them.
  12. In terms of room to grow...I still think Allen has another level he can get to that Mayfield doesn't.
  13. Mayfield was a polished QB in college at a major program and had great coaching and first round draft picks surrounding him his whole career there... Allen was a castoff at a terrible program surrounded by bums and coaches that weren't very good. I just don't see Mayfield as being anything other than a good game manager. He didn't get the job done at any point last year where they put the ball in his hands and said go win is this game. Allen basically had the ball in his hands most of the games and they threw almost every play in some of them not even trying
  14. Josh Allen is a far better QB than Mayfield. Not even in the same conversation at this point and Allen has more room to grow.
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