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  1. The refs screwed up the clock on the final drive costing the Bills about 15 or 20 seconds
  2. Haskins will never be anything more than fringe starter. I doubt he would work hard enough to be a backup...those are usually the dudes who know everything and study all the details so they can point out what the starters missed.
  3. They don't have to let him interview but even if they did, Chad Hall is a rising star and probably could take over that role. It's why he got a 6 year contract
  4. I feel like a total failure as a Dad now regarding my daughters and sports...they both have no interest in sports. Tried to get them into the Bills and Sabres and neither worked...one is 13 and the other 10. Best I can do is bribe them with something to get them to watch for 5 minutes or so...
  5. Maybe knee didn't handle things so well going full bore yesterday?
  6. Where is this national media idea that the Chiefs have a better defense than we have coming from? There are literally no normal or advanced analytic stats where the Chiefs have a better defense than we have in pretty much any aspect. Not total yards, not passing yards, not rushing yards, not yards per play, not in 3rd down defense, not in sacks, not in turnovers, not in passer rating against, etc etc etc... Bills are 12th in defensive DVOA at -2.2% and Chiefs are 22nd in 4.9%, so not even there... Everyone talks about how bad the Bills Defense is against the
  7. Maybe...no guarantees both teams continue making it back to this spot.
  8. Been doing it for a while but I guess when it happens in the playoffs people really take notice... https://sports.yahoo.com/2-bills-1-tweet-and-1-reddit-post-triggered-more-than-450-k-for-lamar-jacksons-charity-is-this-sports-next-great-tradition-041835929.html
  9. Not necessarily, night could mean overnight...because on the forecast for that day, it says AM showers. There appears to be a window of time that will be precipitationless.
  10. Updated forecast showing no rain during the game with overcast conditions, temps in low 30s and light 10 mph winds. Big win for the Bills. http://www.nflweather.com/en/game/2020/ conf-championships/bills-at-chiefs
  11. Updated weather forecast shows it will be overcast during the game with only a 1% chance of any precip and temps in the low 30s with light 10 mph winds...definitely a win. http://www.nflweather.com/en/game/2020/ conf-championships/bills-at-chiefs
  12. The best leaders are the ones who realize they have flaws and are willing to allow others to point them out and to work hard at fixing them so those flaws becomes strengths.
  13. Well at least he will be part of a national championship soon.
  14. **non rain prediction Bills 37 Chiefs 34 Gonna come down to whoever has the ball last and I am guessing the Bills will. Allen will deliver. I am expecting one of the best games of the season from him. **rain prediction Bills 30 Chiefs 27
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