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  1. Another pro-Allen stat: Allen is by far and away the best QB when trailing by 1-8 points in the 4th Q and OT the last few years:
  2. The truth is the Eagles did not look great most of the season and got extremely lucky in several of their wins...MVS drops a wide open winning TD most likely against the Chiefs. Davis/Allen not on the same page on winning OT TD....a few other games I cannot remember now...but the point is, that team easily could have been 6-4 instead of 10-0. If anything, they just regressed to the mean over the last part of the year.
  3. That's surprising honestly...gonna cost them a lot of money for that one. Somewhere in the $20-21 million a year range, and they are already paying Chase. Doesn't seem very smart considering they are in perfect position to draft a stud WR in a loaded draft...perhaps they still do it and let him develop as a #3 before Higgins leaves next year..
  4. Baldur's Gate III...amazing game, playing 2nd time through after beating it, getting the characters to join me I missed out on the first time.
  5. Caught a glimpse of your eye Everything freezes and I'm in an Old photograph, I'm back from the start Caught a glimpse of your eye Everything freezes and I'm I'm ready to give you My heart
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/tech/t-says-nationwide-cellular-outage-163848910.html As a software engineer I am cracking up at this and wondering how many people got fired for improperly testing code they pushed to production 😂😂
  7. I knew it was going to be higher...I was laughing at them saying it was only going to be $242 million.
  8. The top paid CFL player makes a little over 625K a year? That's 125K less than the NFL league minimum for rookies 😂
  9. Wow...that is quite the honor and says a lot about what the rest of the NFL thinks of McDermott. If loving you ain't right, I don't want to be Wong...
  10. With more weapons those would be decided well in advance of 2 minutes
  11. Agree...McD has shown the ability to do more with less on D up until the postseason and then it never seems to matter how good they are, they always crap the bed against quality offenses. Allen needs weapons so the games don't have to be so close in those situations.
  12. Some players play their best when the lights and brightest and games are biggest and some don't.
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