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  1. Because restructured contracts are viewed as something that is done only when needed, and if they don't need to do it that way, it's better to take the bigger cap hits up front to ensure there are always a balance of money being spent and contracts coming off the books in a given year. You don't want to create a situation where you have a bunch of contracts coming due for signing but nothing coming off the books. It is a balancing act that can be shifted somewhat when need be. So the answer to this is because it would create an imbalance between contracts coming off the books and new contracts/extensions in a given year. This is only done when absolutely necessary and then it is worked towards being rebalanced again in other ways.
  2. Frazier is an exceptional coach. Those suggesting otherwise really are clueless.
  3. It sounds hilarious...especially when he is bringing up references to dudes paying in the 60s they never heard of
  4. Lmao...right...compared to the GMs prior to him for the last 17 years who couldn't even get us into the playoffs once. Built the best roster in football and the Super Bowl favorite. If this is underwhelming then we need more of it.
  5. Sounds like sour grapes he was forced to leave somewhere he wanted to be. Kinda like Spain.
  6. It's going up a minimum of 20 million. TV contracts are massive
  7. This is pretty hilarious https://www.yahoo.com/sports/julian-edelman-tells-epic-story-163819533.html
  8. As someone who grew up in one of those neighborhoods I have a perspective that most don't. Life is a series of choices. If people want to pretend that isn't the case then I'm probably not the guy to make that argument to. I could have easily ended up in that situation. I chose not to.
  9. Are you factoring in the cap will be going up 20-30 million next year or just looking at the same cap value? Within 4-5 years the Cap will be over 300 million due to the massive TV deals that are kicking in. Plenty of kicking the can down the road space considering most of the extensions are already priced in.
  10. Bus lines, bikes, catch a ride with someone else or more like pay someone to take you, walk, etc... Walking 1.8 miles isn't ideal but it's not some outrageous distance either. I know people who walked further than that to work and back each day. I used to watch people walk up and down my street from the Langfield projects heading to Bells to go shopping back in the day growing up which was about that far. Our society is simply used to everything being easy and convenient and when something is a little bit inconvenient it's treated as some major thing when really it's just an inconvenience.
  11. I grew up on the Eastside also and worked over by the Broadway Market and Kensington/Bailey neighborhoods for over 10 years...I am well aware of the vehicle situation and how things work in the hood. Don't forget Gigi's
  12. I think that's only counting the Top 51 not all the players...that works up until after the preseason when they need to be under the cap for all players.
  13. That's basic accounting work and can easily be done with a release or two and/or restructure.
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