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  1. Steelers were the only team since the 1970 merger to never be a 14+ point underdog. Until this week. https://twitter.com/DavidPurdum/status/1577018689525673984?s=20&t=DlcXklhImdvmFKvIIrwB1Q Yeah 16 or 17 I think
  2. 49ers and Bills have allowed the exact same number of yards through 4 games.
  3. I posted a lengthy thread with data showing how the Bills lost the least man games due to injury since McD has been here by FAR. Over 85 games less than the second place Rams. Bills ranked #1, #3, #6, #1 and #2 over that time and never had more than 125 man games lost to injury in any year, including 2 years under 100. That's absurd. Compared to the worst teams, the Bills have lost 400-500 fewer man games to injury over that time. Not sure we appreciate just how amazing their dedication to cutting edge sports science and cutting edge training facilities have been towards keeping us far healthier than most other teams. Clearly this year has not started out great but ankles are not typically something they have a lot of control over.
  4. Yeah I know...they were bottom feeders along with NE during the Kelly years. Jon Hand used to always seemingly hurt Kelly tho so the Colts kinda sucked.
  5. McD has faced rookie QBs 12 times since he has been here, going 10-2. His only losses came last year to Lawrence and Jones. The stats are pretty terrible for the rookies. 365 attempts 203 completions 1982 yards 5 TDs 18 INTs 55.6% completions 55.0 QB Rating Average statline 17 for 31 165 yards 0.4 TDs 1.5 INTs Someone please say a prayer for Pickett, he is running into a buzzsaw, especially this year with the numbers the D has put up. Best game was Herbert throwing for 316 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. Tua also had decent yardage the last game of the year when we hung 56 on them and put up 361 yards against mostly backups playing prevent D but also threw 3 picks
  6. Bills have faced a rookie QB 12 times since McD took over. He is 10-2 with the losses being to Trevor Lawrence and Max Jones last year. Their numbers? Attempts 365 Completions 203 Yards 1982 TDs 5 INTs 12 Average statline: 17/31 165 yards 0.4 TDs 1.5 INTs The only really good game was Herbert where he threw for 316 yards with a TD and an INT. Tua had a big game in the last game of the year but that was against mostly backups Includes Jones 3 pass game last year which balances things out from Tua game. Basically Pickett is in trouble Sunday.
  7. Someone please say a prayer for this kid based on what McD does to rookie QBs
  8. Maybe it was all meant to happen that way so we could get Josh Allen. It seems worth it now.
  9. Crowder seems to still be having trouble catching Josh's fastballs...balls hit him in the hands and bounce away, but yesterday was a rough game...at least 6 passes by my count, and maybe more, that went through receivers hands that should have been caught, including Diggs for a TD which almost never happens...then he made up for it with a ridiculous catch on the last drive on 3rd and 2. Teams seem to be shying away from Elam and not throwing at him...which is probably why I haven't really seen him much or heard his name called. That's a good thing, BTW
  10. I think the Bills do a much better job when running to the edges, but I don't know why they don't do it more often. The inside runs are usually not very good, and there is almost always a defender in the backfield before the handoff
  11. Yeah...I mean look at Indy...they lose Peyton Manning, have a bunch of other injuries the next year and get the #1 pick and take Andrew Luck. He retired early, but he was definitely a franchise QB...they replaced Manning with one single terrible year.
  12. Except that we really weren't. We only finished with 5 wins or less 3 times over that period and finished with 7, 8 or 9 wins 9 times. We finished with a net point differential of more than -100 only 3 times, and a positive point differential 4 times. That isn't "bad" in a traditional sense, that is just mediocre. Which may explain why we were so mediocre for so long...we always were picking outside of the area where you could get can't miss QB prospects.
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