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  1. I mean I agree...I don't really understand how because literally the RBs are dodging lineman in the backfield pretty much every handoff.
  2. Surprisingly, the Bills have good inside running advanced metrics...I believe top 10 in the NFL
  3. This he still has the longest TD catch in Bills history against the Jags doesn't he?
  4. Maybe he can go check to see if his key to city hall still works before the game Just ask them to name 5 Pats players from their 90s teams and it will shut them up real quick. Tried that 4 times I was in Boston getting heckled wearing my Bills gear...the best any of them got to was 3...one of them couldn't name any. Most pathetic fan base in all of sports.
  5. Especially with no offensive players to speak of...
  6. That was atrocious tackling... Reminded me of the short cross to Tyreek Hill against the Bills that went for a huge gain due to a bunch of missed tackles
  7. Yeah those sometimes have lake snow coming off Lake Huron and then usually connecting with Lake Ontario, which unfortunately typically ends up coming down over the area I live in(Lancaster)
  8. That's typically why the snow usually starts north of the city, shifts through the metro area and end up in the southern tier? Obviously depending on how far north/south the storm tracks...
  9. Except with Lake Effect Snow forecasts, which usually rely much more heavily on local forecasters experience which is why our local forecast will so often differ from the national ones in regards to that.
  10. Haha, that's why I read the forecaster discussion! Trying to calculate all those calculations by hand was where I drew the line...that type of crazy math and engineering physics was NOT my thing. Typically the NOAA forecasts give totals for whatever area you look for as well as maps with bands and totals on them(which often times change quite a bit leading up to and even during the storm but I digress)... I will check out WUndeground. Westerly flow typically favors the southern tier down past Dunkirk and Cattaraugus and Chatauqua counties for snow, correct? I thought fetch referred to how much of the open lake waters the wind was picking up moisture from, not the wind direction(although obviously the wind direction determines the amount of water it will be travelling over) Also is that the initial direction? Thought as storm systems pull away, wind direction usually starts out different than it ends up once that's out of the picture...and of course minor disturbances that come through can alter it for periods of time as well...
  11. Well went from clear with 11 mph winds earlier in the week to showers/snow with 23 mph winds...not trending in the right direction. Obviously it's still only Thursday night, but it's looking like even if the system goes through earlier in the day, we are then setting up for Lake Effect Snow behind it(from the forecasters discussion on NOAA Buffalo). "A deepening area of low pressure is progged to cut the Great Lakes from the Mid-West and track northwest of western and north central NY Sunday-Monday. Signals in the ensembles from the GEFS, NAEFS, and ECMWF ENS are surfacing that show a potential wind event across the region sometime during Sunday night-Monday night. Many parameters such as sharp pressure rises and cold air advection behind a strong cold front associated with a deepening surface low pressure match local climatology for high wind events across western and north central NY. Widespread rain will likely move across the region ahead of the cold front Sunday-Monday. Stay tuned for further updates and details on intensity and timing. Temperatures will likely start off in the upper 30s to low 40s Monday morning and fall through the day into Monday night. Lake effect snow showers will likely begin behind the cold front Monday-Tuesday resulting in accumulating snow for some locations east of the Lakes." I'd say NOAA Buffalo and especially the forecasters discussion is the place to go...from a former Meteorology Major
  12. Looks like the weather forecast is trending in the wrong direction... showers transitioning into snow during the game...wins in the low 20s with higher gusts.
  13. Jones will always need a great system around him, as well as a good running game and defense to win. He is not going to carry a team. He has physical limitations that no matter how good he becomes will always be there. Chad Pennington lite is what he reminds me of with a slightly stronger arm. But after watching how he had to put his whole body into a throw that went about 30 yards, not much stronger.
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