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  1. My wife and Dad have the condition. Wife hasn't had one for 25+ years so I have never seen it as hers is controlled via medication very well. My Dad had numerous episodes when I was growing up due to his refusal to take it. Basically somehow the electrical signals to certain areas of the brain get shorted and it goes haywire...can cause seizures, strange behavior, and exhaustion post seizure, but that was usually only with grand mal ones when they were very bad and I used to go run and hide in my room if he had one of them. Medication can control it to varying degrees...sometimes
  2. The ESPN/ABC Monday Night deal kicks in after next year. The other contracts the following year. Cap should go up by about 15-20 million next year if not more: Fortunately, thanks to the new television contracts, things are looking up for the 2022 season and far beyond for everyone involved. The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones wrote there is a reasonable expectation that the 2022 NFL salary cap climbs to at least $200 million, with the possibility it is set even higher. Additionally, agents believe that the 2023 cap ceiling could skyrocket toward $230 million. http
  3. The reduced cap? TV Extension dollars are going to be kicking in starting after this year and within 5 years the cap is projected to be at $300 million. It makes sense to tie Allen up longterm now because he will be taking up an increasingly small portion of the cap as we move forward.
  4. I am taking the over all day long and twice on Sunday
  5. And didn't keep getting battered behind a dreadful OLine
  6. Ratings are subjective and maybe Jones fits Shanahan's system perfectly. QBs are a premium position anyway and their absolute value really doesn't matter because they are going to be valued much more highly than other positions.
  7. Lil Dontae gets the big gas face....
  8. and the ugly ONS he hooked up with after Super Bowl wins...like bro, you are a professional NFL star and that is the best you got??
  9. Everyone is...usually they don't go around killing people because on some level they take responsibility for much of it themselves. These people blame the world and bear no responsibility.
  10. There is no way he is moving up to 4. The cost would be astronomical. Not really. Beane likely will find multiple players hat contribute. We have the best front office in the NFL.
  11. They do know that he likelihood is much higher in crowded indoor venues and also with being among friends and family at home. Outdoors is still by far the least risk other than completely isolating.
  12. HCQ was proven to be almost wholly ineffective by numerous studies. Dexamethesone and blood thinners on the other hand proved to be quite useful.
  13. How likely is it at 30 or 31 when the season starts that Wade sees any action in the NFL when players are typically falling off at that position?
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