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  1. Sabres goalies only wish they could have a save percentage of .920... Agree with you with Vinc making unbelievable saves early on, and the entire D came to play...so many times Colorado didn't get a shot off or ended up having to settle for a long range hurried shot as time expired on the shot clock. About the only thing that was annoying was how many rebounds Colorado kept getting and shot clock resets with Vinc making saves on those long shots only for it to go out of play and Colorado ending up with a fresh 30. Overall it was just a dominant effort...Ward, Colorado's goalie was playing out of his mind in the first half too, but he started cracking under relentless pressure in the 2nd.
  2. He is in a sense he isn't going to be coaching, it's more like a learning year for him so he can experience what other teams do, etc. Basically he is either going to be a HC or retire next year from what it sounds like.
  3. Mighty Taco... Not a fan at all...personally think Taco Bell is better. And any of Chipotle's, Moe's, Salsarita's, Burrito Bay destroy it.
  4. Way to try and rewrite history...McNabb was a 6x Pro Bowler.
  5. That's literally the purpose of the program. Way to report absolutely nothing 😂
  6. Only one team wins them every year. It took Reid 20 years to win his first one.
  7. He has also been a head coach 3x as long as McD...18 more years.
  8. Is it? Reid's winning percentage is .641 and McD's is .639
  9. Wins and losses are what matters right? By definition, he is a good coach. Or would you rather have Sexy Rexy back? Some of you try way too hard to be contrarians. There was an even larger portion at one point who was skeptical of Andy Reid's ability to do that too...how did that work out for them?
  10. So you are a skeptic of the winningest coach in franchise history. Got it. Makes perfect sense. Maybe you should root for the Browns? More your style
  11. He's had 29 sacks the last 3 years after having 18.5 in his first 4. Seems to me he has been improving not getting worse.
  12. Low risk, potential high reward signing. I'm on board Contract is likely a 1 year deal near vet min with some bonus opportunities.
  13. The Bills aren't going to pay him as a #2. They will look to draft his replacement.
  14. As Chris Berman famously said on ESPN Primetime... "Jerry Rice isn't fast...just nobody can catch him from behind"
  15. Likely will be more aggressive as alluded to by AJ Klein and some others on D. As Cosell notes in his article, McD was a former Jim Johnson protege and Johnson was known for being aggressive and blitzing... https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2023/05/24/buffalo-bills-sean-mcdermott-von-miller-blitz/
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