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  1. You must be joking...and that reporter must be joking...how does being a backup QB qualify him to lead the entire team and on top of that have to deal with a myriad of off field issues that come up as well? What a dumpster fire.
  2. Taron Johsnon reminds me so much of Petey from Remember the Titans
  3. He never hit his head on anything so I have no idea what people think he got concussion from. Seemed pretty obvious from he way his neck was bent that the more likely explanation is that he kind of seemed like he had a sleeper hold put on him in wrestling where it cuts off the blood supply to the brain temporarily.
  4. He never had a concussion so I have no idea why he was even in it to begin with.
  5. there is a difference between "can't" and "prefer not to" or "it won't take much to convince us to simply throw it" Maybe the independent neurologist is a Bills fan and won't let him play 🤣
  6. Allen seems to have a limitless ceiling so it is not surprising.
  7. The refs screwed up the clock on the final drive costing the Bills about 15 or 20 seconds
  8. Haskins will never be anything more than fringe starter. I doubt he would work hard enough to be a backup...those are usually the dudes who know everything and study all the details so they can point out what the starters missed.
  9. They don't have to let him interview but even if they did, Chad Hall is a rising star and probably could take over that role. It's why he got a 6 year contract
  10. I feel like a total failure as a Dad now regarding my daughters and sports...they both have no interest in sports. Tried to get them into the Bills and Sabres and neither worked...one is 13 and the other 10. Best I can do is bribe them with something to get them to watch for 5 minutes or so...
  11. Maybe knee didn't handle things so well going full bore yesterday?
  12. Where is this national media idea that the Chiefs have a better defense than we have coming from? There are literally no normal or advanced analytic stats where the Chiefs have a better defense than we have in pretty much any aspect. Not total yards, not passing yards, not rushing yards, not yards per play, not in 3rd down defense, not in sacks, not in turnovers, not in passer rating against, etc etc etc... Bills are 12th in defensive DVOA at -2.2% and Chiefs are 22nd in 4.9%, so not even there... Everyone talks about how bad the Bills Defense is against the
  13. Maybe...no guarantees both teams continue making it back to this spot.
  14. Been doing it for a while but I guess when it happens in the playoffs people really take notice... https://sports.yahoo.com/2-bills-1-tweet-and-1-reddit-post-triggered-more-than-450-k-for-lamar-jacksons-charity-is-this-sports-next-great-tradition-041835929.html
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