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  1. I guess McDaniel wasn't so lucky it was "only a concussion and nothing more serious" like he said postgame.
  2. "So...much...pain! Too...much... clapping! But I fought through it men!"
  3. On the last INT it was Shaq who ended up forcing it by literally powering through a hold that wasn't called to get in his face and then was joined by the other defender from the right(Groot maybe). Without Shaq, Jackson has an easy escape to his left and likely walks into the endzone Honestly, I don't really think a spy works on Jackson...he is simply too fast and can just run away from the player spying on him.
  4. It was hilarious when you watch the replay of the Singletary run as everyone except one player on the Baltimore D was on the same page to let him score...in fact the one Raven defender let Singletary go by him and actually gave him a push towards the end zone, then the guy came over to tackle him and you see Campbell I believe putting his hands to his head in disbelief after the tackle as if to say "Bro, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?" Singletary appeared to go down on his own as well tho, so I am pretty sure he was not trying to score, he kinda turtled when the guy came to tackle him instead of trying to drive through it.
  5. Did you have too many ciders in the second half? Lol! Ravens only had 1 drive in the 2nd half that gained more than 23 yards, their final one that went 14 plays and 93 yards...the other 3 drives were 3 plays for -5, 5 plays for 18 and 7 plays for 23. Their 2nd half possessions were Punt, Punt, INT, INT. In terms of question #2, I am not sure it was really anyone's "fault" per se, it was just a good play by the Ravens...Calais Campbell tipped the ball at the LOS which sent it slightly off trajectory and Humphrey came off Diggs to make a play on the ball that was off-line.
  6. Not really, but the Bills seem to love him as a returner(I am not sure why) and he brings a missing aspect of deep threat to the offense. He brings an added dimension that Hodgins doesn't.
  7. It seems that pretty much everyone the Bills put in at DB performs well. I believe it starts with them being exceptional at finding players who fit their scheme well which then allows to perform at a high level when they are forced into action, even when they don't have much experience. These players might not be the "best" in terms of overall talent, but they are perfect fits for what the Bills need them to do.
  8. I believe the rule is if he goes to IR from the PUP list he is automatically done for the year.
  9. updated post Ravens game....Allen only passed 2 players. Can pass 3 more with 353 yards passing against the Steelers
  10. Willing to bet Stevenson gets off the PUP list and back on the 53 before Hodgins
  11. Taron is a defacto starter since the Bills are in nickel the vast majority of the time as their base defense, and he is one of the best nickel corners in the NFL... Noticed him on Andrews a bunch yesterday...he had a pretty quiet day 2 for 15 yards...after Hill was limited to 2 for 33.
  12. Yes...he can come off PUP. He cannot come off IR as is stated in the question because he was never on IR.
  13. I think Jackson is the number 2 opposite Tre when he comes back.
  14. We won't because he can't. He isn't on IR he is on the PUP list which are two completely different designations with different rules.
  15. Maybe it is because they see what Hodgins is doing against the starting D?
  16. Crowder has a broken ankle...pretty clear he will be out for a while
  17. He doesn't. Other than deciding on the inactives for the game and controlling who is available. In game that's up to the position coaches and then the OC
  18. Elam has been very unnoticeable which is a great thing as a rookie CB
  19. Sucks but not overly surprising...Crowder while a very good player consistently gets injured and misses a bunch of games seemingly every year. Not a season ending injury, should be back for the back half of the season I'd assume and worst case a few games before the playoffs. McDermott does not control who plays on offense.
  20. They have also started second halves with all opponents going 3 and out their first 2 drives after halftime.
  21. The only thing I would like to see a little bit better is more consistency between crews. Like some will call DPI and defensive holding more than other crews while those crews will call offensive holding more than them... It's kind of like almost learning the official crews and their tendencies going into the games to let you know what you can get away with and what you will get flagged for. But I guess it's no different than umpire strike zones and how they al are somewhat different and pitchers and hitters have to know what is going to get called and what won't. The game that really irritated me with that was the KC-Buffalo AFCG where KC defenders basically were committing a defensive penalty almost every play against our WR's and nothing was being called. Kinda like they pulled that out from the Legion of Boom days in Seattle where they used to do the same thing because they knew eventually the refs would stop calling them.
  22. Made up for the non-call for a hit on a defenseless receiver on McKenzie when Ja'Quan Johnson gets flagged for it last week on a play where he clearly is attempting to pull up, turns his body to minimize contact and doesn't hit him in the head, all while Edmonds is moving forward while falling down meaning the contact was pretty much unavoidable. If Ja'Quan gets called for that, how does the hit on McKenzie not qualify?
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