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  1. More money is probably the only answer.
  2. Dorsey would really have to hate his career arc to leave Allen to go to Jones and that trash roster that's in salary cap hell on top of it. Might as well commit career suicide.
  3. If he didn't win it, they should get rid of the award. Prescott was probably runner up but he lost in the first round of the playoffs.
  4. Also on Allen scramble drills, the ball usually goes down the sideline with the player falling out of bounds.
  5. Partially by the design of the plays...most of the crossing routes are deep overs where Allen hits them near the sideline and they run out of bounds or the players are facing Allen when they catch the ball.
  6. What are the things he doesn't like?
  7. Stop losses are a thing. A lot of people think it's easy and never put the time or the hard work into learning and honing their craft and just do it Willie Nillie. That's not me. If I go into something I am all in. I learn everything I can about it, I put the time and effort into it and I study it as much as I can. Then I test out what I learn, make mistakes, refine it, go back and test it out, make different mistakes, not the same ones, and continue until I make fewer and fewer mistakes. And I am a quick study in pretty much anything I do. I have good instincts with this tho...even from the first time I started I was able to see and identify things pretty quickly and while I made a lot of early mistakes, a lot of what I thought would happen did happen. I didn't have the full understanding of the market makers and the whales manipulate prices in crypto and how to detect it most times like I do now...crypto operates with different rules than the stock market does. But once you know those rules you can make money far more rapidly than with stocks.
  8. I usually do scalps or swing trades. Not sure why people think this is so difficult. Any day I wanted to I could sit down with someone, open a trade right in front of them and make a few hundred dollars within 30 minutes. I literally do it every day multiple times a day. I also use stop losses so even if I am wrong, my losses are minimal compared to the gains I have because I am right more often than I am wrong by a good margin. High timeframe wicks that don't progress further in either direction are pretty easy targets, especially when the indicators I use show vectors. Won't trade anything lower than 1 HR timeframes but prefer 3 or 4 HR. Maybe I am mistaken regarding my length of time doing it as being inexperienced but not in my methods. Luck doesn't play any role in any of this. You see the setup and you trade it. Over and over again. With crypto you get far more of these entry points than with stocks. "If you want to take the island, first burn the boats. With absolute commitment come insights that create real victory." - Tony Robbins
  9. After a year of doing it literally almost every free minute of the day I am not new to it anymore. When I am highly interested in something I become obsessed with it and delve into it deeply. Being highly intelligent doesn't hurt either. My results speak for themself. Experience helps in some situations but once you've experienced those situations talent is far more important most of the time. I don't trade options, only perpetuals. Software engineering and trading have a lot in common regarding patterns. I am phenomenal at pattern recognition. Maybe others aren't. I'm not them, I'm me and I'll always bet on me.
  10. It's not luck. I've put a lot of time and effort into understanding technical analysis and chart patterns over the past year. When you put the time in, you reap the rewards eventually. I just started reading futures contracts but I have been in the space for a year now. I trade high probability set ups. 85% win rates and averaging over 1K a day in profits isn't luck. Don't worry about me, I will be just fine. I've never lost by betting on myself in my entire life and I won't start now.
  11. The difference is Hill is a football player with unmatched speed and great football instincts. That is almost impossible to find. Does Stevenson look like he has that when he repeatedly runs into the backs of his own blockers on kickoffs?
  12. Rodgers has limited shelf life left. Whoever gets Watson once his situation is resolved and he is cleared to play will be on this list as well assuming it's an AFC team
  13. The move is to start trading futures contracts. It allows you to profit when the market moves in either direction, long when it goes up, short when it goes down. Also allows leverage trading to maximize profits. You don't actually own any crypto...no worries about wallet hacks, DeFi Hacks, rugpulls, etc. I've been doing so well at it I am thinking of retiring from my career as a software engineer. Averaging over 3x a day what I make at my job and as I become better and better that number keeps increasing. Since I have started earlier this month, I am roughly 83% profitable with my trades. Will monitor this over the next few months and if I continue to have this level of success or even improve I will done with working.
  14. Based on what? Being a good coordinator doesn't make you a good head coach. Totally different skill sets. He will have to prove it was a good hire based on how he does.
  15. Surprised they didn't go offense for Fields.
  16. Likely will resign Phillips, Hughes and Addison were calculated by drafting Rousseau and Basham last year. Bills have some easy moves to free up cap space, just like the Chiefs probably do. But not enough to resign everyone. Potentially losing Mathieu and Ward are bigger losses on D to them than anyone the Bills have tho.
  17. They aren't going to have any significant FA signings. It will be enough for a depth player or potential love end starter
  18. Are you that unknowledgeable about football that you don't know the difference between safeties and corners? There was no way he was a replacement for Mathieu just based on where he was lined up on the field. He was outside the numbers...the only time a safety could be covering a WR is when they are lined up in the slot. Hughes is a CB not a safety. C'mon man...let's get it together. Sorenson was in for Mathieu
  19. The Bills play man quite a bit more man than most people realize since Tre has been here. Yes we play zone a lot but we have become much more than a mainly zone team. We mix and match coverages as well as any teams in the league but it's harder to do that when you don't have Tre holding down one side of the field by himself.
  20. You miss the point. If their defense kept playing like that and were missing players like they were, they wouldn't have likely made the playoffs. They were 3-4 at one point and a bunch of games in that win streak were won because their defense stepped up and held the other team down because their offense still wasn't putting up a ton of points.
  21. There are 5 defensive starters on that list and at least 2 on offense. Those aren't "easy" to replace no matter how you want to sugarcoat it.
  22. More than likely...mainly what I mean is down years where they don't make it to the AFCCG
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