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  1. Carl Cheffers just fired a shot back at Reid and Mahomes: “(C)ertainly, no warning is required, especially if they are lined up so far Offside where they’re actually blocking our view of the ball.” 😂
  2. Cheffers sent a zinger right back at Mahomes and Reid after the game in the Pool Reporter Meeting with the officials: “(C)ertainly, no warning is required, especially if they are lined up so far Offside where they’re actually blocking our view of the ball.” 😂😂😂
  3. They have rebuilt that D with a lot of really good first and second year players...they are going to be very good for quite a while now on D. If Mahomes can get some weapons around him they will be a scary team moving forward next year.
  4. One that was close to being a fumble that Taron Johnson would have recovered that was overturned on a quick booth review.
  5. He flashed several times today...likely the first time he played without the brace...would expect him to continue to get a little better each week moving forward... Almost caused a fumble on Mahomes but it was overturned earlier when Johnson recovered it as n incomplete pass. Also forced I believe a throwaway from Mahomes when he was being double teamed on a rush upfield earlier in the game(first half) by the RB and RT and Mahomes was forced to step up and threw it away I believe. Noticed him a few other times as well... Definitely a positive step in the right direction for his play.
  6. Watching it again, he might actually be PAST the entire ball and is in front of the center...like how is that possible for a professional WR who has played in probably hundreds of games between pee-wee, high school, college and the NFL and that is NEVER OK to line up where he lined up in any league...that would have gotten a flag 100/100 times because it is almost laughably egregious...might as well just line up next to Von Miller it was that bad.
  7. He was under pressure again and didn't have time to get to Gabe
  8. Cook is a baller but he HAS to get better at pass pro because in key 3rd downs he has to come off the field too often because he is terrible at blocking and has whiffed far too many times this year on them.
  9. Kind of shocked to be honest...Vegas respects the hell out of the Bills that is for sure. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-week-15-schedule-know-014722616.html
  10. Yeah I don't understand why people think "that could never happen" when every year we see examples of 1 win teams that string a few wins together late in the year and other improbable wins that are very unlikely when looking at the matchup on paper. Except the game isn't played on paper...if it was, the Bills would likely be tied for the 1 seed with the Ravens right now. Too bad the Jags couldn't have pulled out the win against the Browns.
  11. Unlikely, DA's don't prosecute cases where they are going to be made to look like fools by the defense attorney.
  12. We have beaten the Chiefs in Arrowhead 3 straight games during the regular season and it would be 4 overall if not for the 13 second debacle. They were joking about calling it Burrowhead with the Bengals but we might be close to calling it Allenhead if they wouldn't have lost that 13 second game.
  13. Von isn't back yet, but there were definite flashes at times from him...that almost fumble when he hit Mahomes while he was throwing, early in the game where he was being double teamed by the back and tackle and he forced Mahomes up in the pocket and I think he threw it away, and another play or two from him... Likely the brace came off and we should start seeing steady improvement as the games go by now...
  14. Right hand, of course it is
  15. I have no idea why is coming crashing in like that when the player is already being tackled and is on the ground
  16. Allen would have put on his cape like he does so often in those situations. Also the way they play D typically changes in those situations when they are playing the clock and knowing they are automatically playing 4 downs not 3. Honestly I wonder why it doesn't happen more in those situations.
  17. Wait...Gimore is a "surefire HOF" player now according to Collinsworth? I don't know about that one.
  18. In those situations I don't care about what the stats say. I care about what Allen has shown in those situations over and over and over again since he has been here. He scores.
  19. "Very flawed"? Cmon man...the Panthers are "very flawed", the Steelers even are "very flawed". The Bills have some flaws but they also still are near the top of the NFL in many categories..."very flawed" teams aren't in that conversation.
  20. I would have liked our chances with Allen having the ball with 1:12 on the clock and all 3 TO's. Allen has delivered over and over again in that situation and the D usually folded. Honestly I was HOPING that TD would stand. IMO, Bills would have went down the field and scored a TD
  21. KC was playing AFC Championship Game defense again meaning they held and illegal contacted Bills WR's all game and got no calls against them for it. Allen was under duress far too often the 2nd half of the game even with 3 man pressures at times, which meant nobody was open downfield with 8 in coverage Davis was WIDE open for a TD late in the game on the drive they kicked the winning FG but again, Allen was under duress and didn't see him, instead throwing high to Kincaid along the sideline incomplete. Easily could have been a wide open TD.
  22. Gabe was wide open for a TD but Josh was under pressure and didn't see him and instead threw high for Kincaid near the sideline right before the FG. Diggs wants to win first and foremost. He is fine I am sure.
  23. His foot was almost lined up where the Bills defenders were...how could you complain about the call?
  24. The team didn't play like they think that. Perhaps you should stop acting as if you couldn't find 25 people to say bad stuff about any NFL head coach.
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