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  1. NFLPA plans to bring up the lack of consequences for Daniel Snyder, Robert "Don't call me Bobby" Kraft and Jerry Jones in their off the field scandals and use that as an aggressive defense for Watson. Also are expecting "unprecedented consequences" to be handed out to Watson by the NFL https://www.yahoo.com/sports/report-nflpa-plans-to-defend-deshaun-watson-from-suspension-by-targeting-nfl-owners-182756840.html
  2. Yes, I know...That is only showing the stats from the time Sharpe played from 1988-1994
  3. 3rd during that time to Jerry Rice and Henry Ellard...2nd in TD's How the hell is Ellard not in the HOF??
  4. Wasn't that McKenzie before he came here?
  5. Agreed...would like to think the Bills state of the art sports science should help in this regard. There is a reason why they have always been in the top 5 fewest man games lost to injury since McD has been here
  6. I don't necessarily have an issue with Boselli going in, but I have an issue with him going on before players like Sterling Sharpe who were in the same boat as him as players who dominated but had careers cut short due to injury. Sharpe played 7 seasons, led the NFL in receptions 3 times, yardage once, and TDs twice. 5 of those years were over 1000 yards. The other two were 761 yards in his rookie season and then 961 yards in 1991. 4 time Pro Bowler, 3 time First team all pro in 7 years. Still the most uncoverable receiver I have ever seen. Dude was triple teamed at times and still got wide open. Also, is above several other WRs who are in the HOF according to POF Hall of Fame Monitor, which is imperfect, but it shows how he compares in some way at least...right below Biletnikoff who is in and above 6 other WRs who are in.
  7. All I am saying is that if he's ever going to realize his potential it's going to be with Josh Allen. Allen turned Beasley into a first team All Pro
  8. Crowder is an upgrade to Beasley... Averages a yard per reception more over their careers and has had much better numbers than Beasley prior to him coming to Buffalo. If you take the top 5 seasons in terms of yards from both of them(prior to playing with josh), Beasley only has one of them. 847(Crowder) 833(Crowder and Beasley) 789(Crowder) 699(Crowder)
  9. Crowder is going to be an upgrade from Beasley, IMO... Beasley's top 4 years prior to coming here were: 833 yards 672 yards 536 yards 420 yards Crowder's top 4 seasons were: 847 yards 833 yards 789 yards 699 yards Crowder also averages a full yard more per catch than Beasley does(11.3 to 10.3)
  10. Can't help but really like this guy...hopefully he can make the team and be a good addition. Definitely has the talent, maybe Allen is the one to coax it out of him on a regular basis.
  11. Pats won't win a division while Allen is our QB. Bank on it.
  12. Austin has not been good on returns, especially the last few years...he has averaged 4.6 yards per punt return over that time which is brutal
  13. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/buffalo/news/2022/06/14/kim-pegula-receiving-medical-care-for-unspecified-health-issues
  14. Is not going over well in the NFL community... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-community-reacts-bruce-smith-000514801.html
  15. Nobody is expecting anything, but we have every right to be confident in this team.
  16. Sterling Sharpe might have been the greatest WR I ever have watched. Dude would be triple teamed at times and still get open
  17. I wouldn't want to speculate but that would be my guess also...perhaps a mini stroke
  18. Takes particular exception to it being built largely on the back of a great playoff performance he had against Smith. He may be right but it comes off looking like Smith is upset at being singled out for a player having got the better of him and like sour grapes... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/bruce-smith-tony-boselli-hall-142826434.html
  19. Is Poyer practicing is the question? Saw a tweet yesterday with claim he was told by "sources" that Poyer was planning to show up to mandatory OTA's but not do anything.
  20. Payton is like "I'm stuck with Tua?? No thanks, I'll just retire" 😂
  21. Anything your QB can do, ours can do better...our QB can do anything better than yours...
  22. You have to be insane to play cover 0 against Allen...not only because he will carve you up with his arm, it means all defenders have their backs to him and he has huge green spaces in front of him if he gets away from the initial blitzers, which is very likely to happen.
  23. Probably not. A football isn't shaped right for that
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