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  1. I'm no McD apologist but this still doesn't make sense. If McD is the control freak Dunne makes him out to be there is no way he was allowing Dorsey to handle all of the "tactical details" regarding the offense. McD has openly said he wants Josh to play loose and have fun; I don't think for one moment he was trying to stifle him. If you listen to what McD said about the offense it is that it needs to be complementary and everything can't rest on Josh's shoulders. I am on the record that I don't think McD can get them over the hump and that he chokes in the big moments, but I also think people are going waaaay overboard with their theories of what goes on behind closed doors.
  2. This makes no sense at all, given what happened before and since Dorsey’s firing.
  3. Is that what you think I’m doing? I was only dispelling the myth that Macaroni Jones surgically moved down the field.
  4. You guys are forgetting that the first play of that drive sealed the deal. A stupid screen pass to Stevenson and a flurry of missed tackles later he had gained nearly 40 yards.
  5. I appreciate the optimism and anyone who doesn’t think there is a chance the Bills could run the table is just being obstinate. This board has become borderline unreadable over the past several weeks and when it’s no longer fun for me, I stay away. Hopefully the offense continues its resurgence and McD can get out of his own way during the last two minutes of football games. Go Bills
  6. Probably can’t be helped. Just means I’m taking a step back because I come here for enjoyment and a distraction, not to sift through a load of bs. My problem, not yours. Go Bills
  7. Whatever. It was mostly a joke, just like this board has become.
  8. SF would be dangerous if they had a real QB.
  9. Bledsoe’s debut. I was there too. 4th down TD pass to Moulds to tie and send it to OT, then the Jets ran back the OT kickoff.
  10. Sean McDermott is a 58-minute coach. Two minutes left in a close game? He loses his mind. Can’t coach in the big moments. It has been shown time and time again.
  11. It was sort of a joke, but yeah, my fear is that Pegula hangs on to McD and Josh finally gets fed up.
  12. I just hope it’s for the Bills
  13. The common denominator for all of these close losses is one guy -- our defensive genius who loses his mind in the last two minutes of football games.
  14. I’ve been a McD supporter but I finally agree. He’s got to go.
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