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  1. Well, the Jests will surely be fighting to save Gase's jo-------ehh, never mind.
  2. My post-W3 takes (with one game still to be played): The Texans are in a world of trouble. Yes, they've lost to three teams who are currently undefeated (that will change tonight) but they are already now facing a "must win" game next week vs. the similarly desperate Vikings. They are two games out of 2nd place in their own division. Denver's season is over. Tons of injuries and bad QB play. Chicago's record is a mirage. What 3-0 team replaces their starting QB? It's premature to throw dirt on the Saints but they are teetering on the edge of a lost season. Atlanta is not as bad as their record and even Carolina looked capable yesterday. The NFC West is going to be a knock-down, drag out fight. Those four teams are going to beat each other up. Could the entire division make the playoffs? 7-9 may win the NFC East. Bills-related thoughts: It appears to me that the Chargers and Broncos will be much "easier" games for Buffalo than they looked at first. The Pats*** are still a legitimate contender. Speaking of the NFC West...talk about bad luck for our NFC draw this season. One down... We all expected a top five defense offense after three weeks, right?
  3. You certainly don't need me to defend you but I will. You were very vocal when Josh was drafted that you thought it was a critical mistake by Beane that would doom his and McDermott's fate. Since that time, however, you have been nothing but even-handed in your assessment of Allen's play and if I only read your posts over the past two seasons I would not believe you would have made as strong a statement after the draft as you did. You are a fine example of what it means to express a strong opinion but then be open-minded and willing to adapt and adjust as you see the situation evolve. There's no agenda or "narrative" that I can see.
  4. Why? Well, for one, it's pretty funny. But sometimes it's actually good to go back and look at how ridiculous fans are to try and keep perspective. I've gone back and looked at things I've posted over the years and tried to learn from that. I "bleed blue" as much as or more than anyone on this forum. We could all do well to remember that emotional, knee-jerk rantings on a message board rarely age well.
  5. What have they been doing the first three weeks -- out golfing and just checking the scores?
  6. Unless something crazy happens the rest of this season I agree Daboll is a goner. You don't get into this business and not dream of becoming a HC. The hope would be that Dorsey makes the most sense to step in as OC, right?
  7. Missed FG, INT, FG, Half, TO on downs, TD, TD, TD, TD, end of game fumble Yup, no punts! McD needs to fix the bolded.
  8. Oh that was a fun quick read-through. A few guys really stood out with their histrionics...Wayne Arnold predicted Beane and McD would be fired after the 2019 season. And of course Biscuits & Gravy was front and center with gems like this: "The more I think about this, the more he sounds like Christian Hackenberg. He looks like he should be awesome. Everyone blamed everyone around him for why he wasn’t better, including his coach who became awesome after CH left." There's some comedy gold in that thread.
  9. Yep, there are a lot of us in that boat. Would have been a hella expensive trip but worth it.
  10. Just go back to the draft day thread and you'll find your list of members to send the form to. Might be time to dig that up on the main board again for a few laughs.
  11. A 4-0 start would be huge, particularly since the Pats*** look competitive. The Raiders are not a bad team but the Bills are, again, more talented, and being installed as early 2-pt road favorites acknowledges that. If McD and Frazier make the appropriate defensive adjustments this is a game we should expect to win, setting up what looks to be a great showdown in Tennessee the following week.
  12. Defense is physical by nature, and not going through a “normal” offseason of ramping up has obviously hurt these units. Also, I read a report yesterday that officials were told at the start of the season to “let ‘em play” and the result has been significantly fewer offensive holding calls — like, by a huge margin. I posted in the postgame thread that I have faith McD and Frazier will figure things out, but yesterday was definitely ugly. The difference is we finally have a QB and offense that can make up for it!
  13. LOL I texted a buddy of mine in Philly last night that 7-9 will win that division. Dallas has the offense to win them enough games despite a shoddy D. Nobody else has any semblance of balance or even one-half of a good football team.
  14. So who is still on the “I’m worried about Tyler Bass” train? For one, the Bills are only scoring touchdowns, which is cool, but I paid attention to the PATs yesterday and the kid boomed them all right down the middle. I think the rookie jitters are gone.
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