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  1. I don't dislike Booger that much; he used to be good on SiriusXM but I think ESPN is encouraging him to be more of a clown. At the end of the day he's harmless. Tessatore, however, is perhaps the worst play-by-play guy I've ever heard. He has Gus Johnson enthusiasm at the most inopportune moments, and has no "feel" for the game whatsoever. I have told the story of how at the end of the 4th quarter of the Bills/Texans playoff game he exclaimed, breathlessly, that "NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL HAS A PLAYOFF GAME GONE TO OVERTIME TIED AT 19!!!!!" The dude has no freaking clue and needs to go back to announcing college swimming or something like that.
  2. Yeah, it's better to have just a little bit of overconfidence.
  3. All things considered Erik Flowers may have been the worst draft pick by the franchise, ever. This was a pick made by a one-foot-out-the-door John Butler (RIP) and may really have been an F-U to Ralph. Just a horrid pick. All of the other 1st round busts were guys you could at least imagine a legitimate reason for drafting.
  4. Umm, the story isn't "manufactured" at all...it happened. Have you been on Twitter? Nobody forces you to click "like" on a tweet -- it's a conscious decision. Gilmore should know better. Now, in the big scheme of things I don't know if this motivates a guy like Diggs or not -- but it was a slight, no matter how you look at it.
  5. As Beane said earlier this week, WR is one of the biggest "bust" positions in the NFL. You just can't predict how well these guys will function in an NFL offense after playing in such dumbed-down college offenses. I don't know (or care) which WR in the draft will be good/great. I do know that Diggs is a proven commodity in his prime and I gladly trade our #22 pick and a couple of day 3 selections for him.
  6. Ugh...I thought he was recovering? RIP Held the longest FG record for a LOOOOOONG time.
  7. Without the contracts for Gaines, McKenzie, and Daryl Williams, who are all probably top-51 guys -- the current #51 contract is 721K. So maybe about 20M?
  8. As I suspected and mentioned in an earlier thread, Beane wasn't one of the GMs wanting the draft pushed back. He and his staff are prepared.
  9. If we really want to be accurate, we don't even know what "it" was. I'm now beginning to think there was no actual offer extended. But my point still stands that Diggs was first priority regardless of what the Bills did or did not discuss with Sanders.
  10. You've shown us you can read a calendar. Kudos. It's a very real possibility at this point that the season is delayed, canceled, or played under different circumstances (i.e., no fans). Listen to the medical experts and they talk of a potential "2nd wave" of infections in the Fall (presuming current social distancing measures flatten the 1st wave). Everything is up in the air and being nonchalant about it doesn't do anything for anyone. The statement from the NFL is what I would expect right now -- planning for normalcy but not banking on it.
  11. You're making assumptions about what communication did or didn't take place based upon one quote from an interview. Sanders didn't say he never spoke with them again, and the Bills have said nothing on the subject. The Bills apparently made Sanders an offer and he chose not to accept it -- that's all we "know." My theory is the one that makes the most logical sense; it's unrealistic to believe the Bills viewed Sanders and Diggs equally and only went for Diggs after Sanders put them on hold. They would have been happy with both but Diggs was their primary target.
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