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  1. I'm not big on making specific in-game predictions but something tells me we'll see about five passes batted down at the LOS, and I think Edmunds snags his first INT of the season.
  2. I was hoping maybe the Baltimore game on 12/8 will be flexed to Sunday night but they've already got Seattle @ Rams that night (which is unlikely to be kicked out). Agree that Bills/Pats*** will almost certainly be flexed to Saturday, looking at the other four games.
  3. What it screams to me is a GM and owner who are not on the same page with the coach. They traded for Rosen and forced him upon Flores, who in turn knows the guy isn't any good.
  4. Well, at least we know Fitz isn't any good in Orchard Park in October.
  5. It's not often I root for a Duke but I'll make an exception in this case. Sincerely, Tar Heel fan
  6. Since we're fessing up to predictions, I'll say right now I was wrong about Atlanta. I expected that team to rebound in a big way but they're just bad. That's the team I missed on the most, I think. Quinn won't last the season at this rate.
  7. This is where I am as well. Crazy things like multiple turnovers and injuries can always happen, but I don't think McD allows this team to take anything for granted.
  8. They already said Rosen is starting. Regardless, Fitz hasn't really shown much magic since W1-W2 last season.
  9. Least talented roster in the NFL. Rookie coach. Crap at QB. They're bad, man. Really bad. I realize they "almost" won vs. Washington last week but that's not a good team either.
  10. Truthfully, as long as they never change the helmet (I like both the standing and charging Buffalo on white) any combination of red/white/blue jerseys and pants is fine with me.
  11. Don't be so sure about that. I watched a bit of the 2nd half of the TEN/DEN game and Tannehill was his old, tentative, hold-on-to-the-ball-too-long self. It was ugly to watch. Tennessee basically has the same QB twice on their roster. They're done.
  12. Yeah, this was my initial reaction as well. Would have hated to see an AFC rival land him. Jacksonville got great value in the trade but it's still a black eye for them...a star player quit on the team and wanted out.
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