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  1. Really small sample size, but the two games you mention from last year (SF and NE***) were absolute gems by Allen.
  2. The Bills have become a model organization from the top to bottom. I'm not even mad at Beasley any more.
  3. Can't believe I'm saying this but Brady* is a tough SOB. Go look up the replay of Nate Clements' hit on him. The dude bounced right up and was clapping.
  4. Apparently Tua threw a long pass in Miami camp today and everyone rejoiced.
  5. I can’t believe I’m going to be in Buffalo this weekend and won’t be able to go! Playing in a member-guest tourney at Crag Burn.
  6. You really never know what you’re going to read on this board…
  7. I love to pile on the Jests as much as anyone but who thinks this is a big deal? There's probably some offset language or some other b.s. Wilson's agent is insisting be adjusted, but losing a day or two of reps isn't going to make or break this kid's rookie season. Simply being a Jet will ruin this kid's season, if not career.
  8. He was playing hurt. I don’t have a dog in the fight but I’ll give him a chance to see how he plays when healthy.
  9. America LOVES watching Josh Allen and the Bills. I can’t tell you how many friends of mine (who are not Bills fans but know what a diehard I am) have told me how much fun the Bills are to watch now. The news has gotten out — Josh Allen and the Bills are must-see TV.
  10. And that, I believe, is Gug’s point. The QBs are Lamont and The Punk. They just don’t compare to Mahomes, Brady*, Allen, and Rodgers.
  11. The Gate are the best. Consistently hot, crispy, and great flavor. Bar Bill is 2nd for me. But if you post a Beef on Weck poll Bar Bill wins it.
  12. Just because it was likely doesn’t make it any less interesting. If I’m a Green Bay fan I’m not thrilled. How motivated is Aaron this season? How likely is it he will try to “get along” with LaFleur? He will get his payday with the next team regardless of what he does this year, and Love is clearly not ready or Green Bay would have already traded Rodgers. This season has a “meh” feel all around if you’re Green Bay. I hope Rodgers goes to Denver. Let the Broncos, Chiefs, and Bolts beat each other up.
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