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  1. Did anyone listen? Would love to hear what Bruce said about that...
  2. I know Wikipedia isn’t the be-all-end-all but a quick search of Buffalo Bill Cody revealed the following: As a frontier scout, Cody respected Native Americans and supported their civil rights. He employed many Native Americans, as he thought his show offered them good pay with a chance to improve their lives. He described them as "the former foe, present friend, the American" and once said that "every Indian outbreak that I have ever known has resulted from broken promises and broken treaties by the government."[24] Cody supported the rights of women.[24] He said, "What we want to do is give women even more liberty than they have. Let them do any kind of work they see fit, and if they do it as well as men, give them the same pay."[73] In his shows, the Indians were usually depicted attacking stagecoaches and wagon trains and were driven off by cowboys and soldiers. Many family members traveled with the men, and Cody encouraged the wives and children of his Native American performers to set up camp—as they would in their homelands—as part of the show. He wanted the paying public to see the human side of the "fierce warriors" and see that they had families like any others and had their own distinct cultures.[24] Cody was known as a conservationist who spoke out against hide-hunting and advocated the establishment of a hunting season.[24] If all of this is true, I don’t see there being some movement for the Bills to change their name.
  3. Watching that five-minute clip reminded me of two things: 1 — Michael Irvin is a comical human being (in a good way)...his facial expressions, his dialect...he just makes me laugh and is probably fun to be around. 2 — I really, really dislike Cris Carter.
  4. LOL all you want. I don’t think you are really looking at everything that goes into a decision like this. It’s the NFL, not some rinky-dink startup league, and you’re dealing with a historic franchise. I still think Snyder will eff it up anyway.
  5. If Snyder rushes this he’s going to eff it up. They should play this season (if there is one) as simply “Washington” and get it right (name, logo, colors).
  6. It’s funny to see “Reggie Bush” and “Bills connections” in the same sentence. Go Kyle! Planning to watch the final round this afternoon.
  7. This doesn't feel like it would be a Beane move...
  8. For clarification, BBFS actually stands for Battered Bills Fan Syndrome, or if you’re also talking about the Sabres, Battered Buffalo Fan Syndrome. We need to get these things right.
  9. More like a 1(B). Regardless, it's great for Buffalo's offense.
  10. There's nothing wrong with this list. When I critique what some folks say about Allen it is not because they aren't ranking him highly enough right now...it's because they are presuming he won't continue to get better.
  11. I just wonder why you keep hanging your hat on Allen's college stats. Those could be used before he took a snap in the NFL, but now we have nearly 30 starts and a boatload of more relevant information that suggests he does have the ability to take over a game. It seems like you're trying so hard to protect yourself from buying in that you refuse to see what's in front of you. But whatever.
  12. @C.Biscuit97 why are you hung up on what Allen did in college and not staying on point with what he has done most recently? I don't understand this logic at all. He improved significantly from Y1 to Y2 in the NFL and, again, everything logical suggests he is on an upward climb. We're not talking about somebody with questionable skills or athletic traits that we're hoping somehow makes it. We're talking about a guy who was raw out of college with insane talent and a great work ethic simply continuing to improve. That's a "risky" bet?
  13. Ok, here we go again. Tell me why, based upon what you've seen from Allen, that you believe he has reached his peak as an NFL QB. I don't care what his college stats were or what QBs before him did. Those stats are irrelevant. What have you seen that tells you he won't continue to get better?
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