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  1. Pretty ignorant take. Hamlin is no more susceptible to that condition reoccurring than you or I are.
  2. I have no idea why some people believe they are “entitled” to private medical information about someone simply because he/she is a public figure.
  3. Yes. That’s exactly what I’m telling you. I’m sorry you don’t understand it. It’s actually extremely common. Donning my pop psychologist hat, I think your own dislike of Hochul is coloring your comments.
  4. It’s called nerves, and yes, even those who do a lot of public speaking get them. Give her a break — she did a heluva lot to make sure the Bills stay here.
  5. Leslie Frazier is a good man and a good football coach. I think he’s kidding himself about getting another shot as a HC but I respect him pursuing his dream. I do believe he has coached his last game for the Bills.
  6. Glad someone bumped this topic. I have said I’m not a fan of Murph’s play-by-play but there is no question he is a member of the Bills family and deserves our support. I’m not a “prayers” guy but I wish him all the best and was sorry to hear he was not at today’s event.
  7. All in all a very well done “show.” Some definitely heartfelt words from Terry and I’m so glad to be a fan of this organization.
  8. Really? You're asking that question? Ok, I'll pretend you're not a simpleton and answer. The goal is to build an organization that consistently wins games, makes the playoffs, and is regularly in the conversation of competing for a championship. Beane and McDermott have passed that test with flying colors. One out of 32 teams wins a Super Bowl each year.
  9. Perhaps the LAMPiest of LAMP posts ever. Jesus Christ. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. LOLOLOLOL How people write crap like this is beyond me…
  11. It feels more and more as though Basham and Epenesa will be camp casualties. It’s disappointing and no feather in Beane’s cap to whiff on two 2nd rounders, but at least he’s not doubling down on the mistake by standing pat. Hard to criticize this signing.
  12. Fun to see that arena rocking…can’t wait for the Sabres to continue it. Congrats Bandits!!!
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