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  1. Bills' 2018 Regular Season Schedule

    Nah...flights were going to be north of $400 (and nothing direct), and I decided it wasn't that important to me to see Lambeau Field after all.
  2. Bills' 2018 Regular Season Schedule

    Booked my flights to Baltimore for the opener and to Buffalo for the Monday-nighter. Couple of fun road trips!
  3. Bills' 2018 Regular Season Schedule

    Wow, five of the first seven on the road with a new starting QB. That's gonna be tough. If they can get through that gauntlet at 3-4 or 4-3 it will be very impressive. Right now I can't help but think 2-5 is the most likely result, knowing what we know at this point.
  4. Schedule Leaks Thread

    9/30 was confirmed correct. Boyst was incorrect w/ W3 (it's really W4).
  5. Schedule Leaks Thread

    Which is fan-freaking-tastic.
  6. Schedule Leaks Thread

    Somebody just confirmed Falcons at Eagles for TNF kickoff....so that post saying Bills @ Pats*** 4:30 W1 may be legit
  7. Schedule Leaks Thread

    Just saw that as well. 9/30. That's an awesome time for a trip up there.
  8. Changing the helmet logo is the worst decision the Fish ever made.
  9. It's potential career suicide to "tank" an interview; personnel people in the NFL DO talk to one another, and the media runs with anything they hear as well. I think a savvy player's best course of action is to be up front with a team and say, "why would I fit here?" Expressing interest and concern over the direction a team is headed and the head coach/GM's philosophy can't be seen as anything other than a positive, if done the right way.
  10. Schedule Leaks Thread

    I thought Vikes at Eagles was going to be the kickoff? I guess not if that post from @crack is correct. I'm totally down with a W1 matchup at NE***
  11. A couple of weeks ago, I would have agreed with you, particularly right after the Bills traded with Cinci and then the Jets made that deal to move to #3. The last two weeks, however, have been just brutal. Nothing new, nothing concrete, just a bunch of media blowhards and their opinions. I'm ready for it to be OVER. Thank Jesus the schedule release is today...gives us something else to talk about.
  12. Schedule Leaks Thread

    Confirmed - Thursday at 8 Hopefully lots of leaks earlier in the day!
  13. R. I. P. Barbara Bush

    RIP to a classy lady.
  14. Bills Release DE Cap Capi

    Does this mean there's room to sign Fendi Onabun?