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  1. At 1-5 their season is already toast. Now might be the time to get the best price.
  2. Still don't think Watson plays this year. If Fish do this I think it's because they believe things will get resolved by the offseason and they'll have him to begin 2022.
  3. @ScottLaw see above. He had a RIDICULOUS 2nd half vs. the Colts that I believe is clouding your assessment.
  4. Lamar is playing very well, but I watched a bit of the Ravens-Chargers on Sunday and he still misses "easy" throws and you wonder if that will ever change.
  5. My admittedly untrained "eye test" while at the game Monday night was that Edmunds played well. Milano, on the other hand, was nearly invisible.
  6. Not even sure what this means, but I have been telling anyone and everyone that Flores is one of the most overrated head coaches in history. And I did it before this season.
  7. This is hilarious. Since doing an “amazing” job his first year in Miami this guy has to be considered one of the worst head coaches in the league. I’ve posted many times before about how badly he botched Tua’s first year and how he had his team completely unprepared in last year’s finale, but the embarrassment of losing to the Jags takes the cake. Flores sucks and eff the Fish.
  8. Why in the world would you do that?
  9. Or, to the “experts” on this board, he’s not “instinctual” enough and only gets away with what he does because of his athletic ability. In other words, they claim he’s wasting his athletic talents. Never a mention of his youth and how the coaches love him, or what his role is in the defense.
  10. Well, first of all, congrats on your new addition! I presume you’ve already purchased a Bills Mafia Babes onesie. I am SO stoked to be headed to Nashville on Monday. Flying in around 10 a.m. It will be my first time back in that stadium since the-game-that-shall-not-be-mentioned. Let’s Go, Buffalo!
  11. Don’t you mean “we?” Put @Billyboy on life support…he won’t be with us long…
  12. Yup, they’ve got a 1-2 yr window before they have to pay the QB.
  13. I watched the game last night and it felt like a new era. Really bummed about Mitts and Joki. Losing them both for a couple of weeks sucks.
  14. Agreed. He’s a starter and was playing at an All-Pro level. You don’t rest him in a huge conference game if he’s ready. So silly.
  15. More than that, he’s a good human being. I look back and laugh at the morons who questioned his character when the Bills traded for him.
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