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  1. This is actually an interesting thought. There are many in the “media” who still aren’t quite ready to give Josh credit for what he has done this season. I do think it’s possible to praise both Josh AND Daboll but I have heard/seen a lot of “look how easy Daboll is making it for Allen with these concepts” sort of talk.
  2. Don’t forget they know the locker rooms better at Arrowhead as well. Huge edge.
  3. I haven’t been predicting scores this postseason but I’ve been accurate with how I felt both games would go...the Colts being tougher than many expected and the Ravens less so. I take nothing from the W6 matchup. The Bills are significantly healthier and both teams have evolved since that game. My gut tells me Josh Allen makes a huge statement to the rest of the league that he is here to stay. I’m looking at four total TDs from Josh (two rushing, two passing) and a couple of FGs from Bass, so I’m expecting 34 points from the Bills if they don’t score on D or ST.
  4. If Belichick wants to continue coaching and ever win again he knows he needs a QB; they have to draft one. I think the Fish are committed to getting Tua some weapons and seeing how that plays out. The Jets are a mystery — I could see them trying to salvage Darnold but it’s a tough call. Probably depends upon how much they like the guy they have ranked 2nd to Lawrence.
  5. Wrong. They know that Bills Mafia will go ape-s-h-i-t over this kind of stuff, just like you and others are confirming. They get more clicks/follows from this and probably actually believe only a fraction of what they say. It's scripted -- when are fans going to realize it? Then again, professional wrestling continues to enjoy popularity, and I'll never understand that either.
  6. Until it wasn't. The Bickering Bills showed up early in '89, then got it together in time to make the playoffs before Ronnie Harmon was on the take and blew the WC game at Cleveland.
  7. Well, technically the '66 game was the AFL Championship as the AFC was not in existence. The Bills are 2-1 in the AFL Championship and 4-1 in the AFC Championship.
  8. Not sure but he plays like his hair is on fire.
  9. Your “talk to post” routine or whatever is going on there is always good for entertainment value.
  10. i can see the eyes rolling on veteran players already. Jesus. This guy is a creton. Glad we don’t play the Lions next year; don’t need anyone taking shots at Josh’s knees.
  11. I’m pretty certain those uniforms were considered one of their “standard” uniforms that season, not an alternate. They wore those more than three times during the year. Edit: Yup, found it. Those were standard.
  12. Well, for what it’s worth, Vic Carucci apparently agrees with me that this question has already been answered.
  13. i don’t know that being old fashioned has anything to do with it...those are two best looks to me as well, although I don’t mind the all whites.
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