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  1. Title: THE AGENDA Subtitle: "Why I don't care if the Bills become good because they didn't do it the way I wanted them to!"
  2. LOL, ask 100 NFL fans who Greg Cook is and you might get 2 or 3 correct responses -- from 65-year-olds.
  3. When you post stuff like this it really appears as if you have an agenda. Yes, McBeane are still here and have been turning over the roster. Do you think it is intellectually honest or productive to suggest that the offensive production for this year's team will be the same as last year or 2017 simply because the HC and GM are same but probably 2/3 of the offensive starters are different? Come on, dude. And if he was, it's an agenda-driven post.
  4. What's weird is that folks can't understand comparing a player's production with the expectations arising from his draft position. At this point in his career Sammy Watkins has stolen millions of dollars from three NFL franchises.
  5. They are? Probably 7 new starters on offense. I don't know what fans you're referring to, but I've said several times the "floor" for this team should be 8-8 with elimination of the bad losses and offensive statistics not mired in the bottom quarter of the league. My story hasn't changed, and I couldn't care less about my "ego" when guessing at a team's record.
  6. I don't think you understand the definition of that word.
  7. Dude, please stop with the "you're a homer, you'll support everything" agenda because that is clearly not what I do. I simply look for positives and don't harp upon negatives. You know the old saying, "don't show me a problem, show me a solution?" That's me. Sammy has been a failed #4 pick, whether here, in LA, or in KC. He has not produced the sort of return expected for that kind of investment at this point in his career.
  8. You should be "flammed" for calling the Pegulas incompetent because that's an ignorant remark. At worst, the Pegulas are learning on the job and may have relied too heavily on people like Russ Brandon early in their Bills' ownership. It has been repeated many times that keeping a GM and scouting staff on board until after the draft is not uncommon, even if a change will be made. I still think it's reasonable to believe that until Whaley's abominable press conference post-Rex's firing he had at least a 50/50 shot of staying. Scott, I respect that you have opinions about what you think the Bills should or shouldn't have done, but it's not reasonable to label the Pegulas as "incompetent" with respect to what they have done regarding the Bills. The only fact that really matters is that Sammy Watkins has not been a reliable high-level contributor on any team he has played for thus far in the NFL, and for a 5th overall selection that's a failure.
  9. That's very productive. Of course it was discussed. I was responding to a specific Gunner post in this thread.
  10. My first comment was that it makes sense. I just believe that would be a huge deal and I can't imagine Rivera and the Panthers being "ok" with it. They're not dumb either.
  11. To fire him? More blowouts and a sub-.500 record. To extend? AFC East title?
  12. What you're suggesting is basically the equivalent of insider trading or corporate espionage. I just don't think it would be swept under the rug.
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