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  1. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out, Jon.
  2. One can differentiate, just from reading some of the responses in this thread, those who examine and contemplate life and relationships, from those who are more “reactive” in life to what happens to them. Not suggesting either group is “good” or “bad” but it’s interesting the different ways in which we all go through our lives and perceive what goes on around us. I don’t believe the Bulls won six consecutive championships with Michael Jordan only because he was the best player in the game. There are many, many great players who never achieve team supremacy. One who immediately comes to mind is Dan Marino. He may have been the greatest pure passer the league has ever seen, but never even reached a Super Bowl after his 2nd year. A lot of people bemoaned the fact that Shula “never put together a good running game” to take pressure off of Marino, but is that what really happened? I doubt it. Marino’s ego was his worst enemy. Look, it’s an obvious reality that you need great players to win championships, but discounting the relationship aspect of team building and failing to understand the power of getting every man on that roster believing in (a) the same things and (b) each other is naive, IMO. McDermott (and Beane) are outstanding team builders and understand the chemistry/DNA necessary in their players to achieve greatness. That doesn’t mean they are infallible — McD himself admits he still has much to learn and improve upon — but there is no duo I’d rather have leading the Buffalo Bills at this point in time. I truly believe we are at the cusp of the greatest era of Buffalo Bills football ever known.
  3. Not if the seller of the product places restrictions upon purchase. The devil is in the details; I could see the Packers facing some lawsuits if there is nothing in the prior STH purchase agreement about limiting resale of tickets. That said, I would fully support a STH agreement in Buffalo that limits the resale of tickets at a certain level. You just have to tell people what the limits are and then they make their own decisions.
  4. Yet another reason why it’s so unseemly. The sheer arrogance of structuring a deal in anticipation of a suspension for abusing women…it’s repulsive.
  5. Dude, would you really rather go back to the days of having these preseason simulations predict 7.2 wins?
  6. There is no place like Buffalo. I don’t know why that is, but it’s true. The past week has been heartbreaking and sickening, but then heartwarming. I love Buffalo, the community, my sports teams, and I’m so proud to see this show of support in a meaningful way. Tell me where to send my money to get a “Choose Love” t-shirt.
  7. This news just doesn’t move the needle for me on Buffalo’s aspirations this season. Not one bit.
  8. Shaq Lawson to blue and Matt Araiza to blue. Otherwise, hard to disagree with these assessments at this point.
  9. I’ll stand behind what I said before the 2020 season (look it up). That was the year I predicted we would win 12, and 2021 is when I predicted we would start dominating. Well, we lost a couple we shouldn’t have last year (PIT, TEN, JAX) but were 13 seconds from hosting the AFCC. These lines don’t surprise me one bit because the oddsmakers and schedule-makers know what I know…we’re the best goddamn team in the league with the best QB. Now is our time. Sit back and enjoy.
  10. So, @Bleedbuffaloblue, what is it you don’t like about this post? Is it Miami’s recent history of excellence or their domination of the Bills that has you upset? Please, do tell!
  11. Somebody get back to me when the Fish start strong and show some ability to deal with Josh Allen. Until then…yawn.
  12. Agreed. I was more so referring to the individual in general. Guy like that would never survive in the Buffalo locker room.
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