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  1. 2nd year QB most likely to suffer a sophomore slump (by a WIDE margin) -- Lamar Jackson I think Allen and Darnold should take big steps forward, Mayfield should continue to be solid, and who knows where Rosen ends up so that's a crap shoot.
  2. Probably NFL Network. I do like Eisen. The other schlubs, I couldn't care less.
  3. When they're 13-1 and have locked up home field they'll be able to rest guys against the Pats*** and Jets.
  4. I really want one of the difference makers at DT...it's by far the Bills' greatest need at this point and the talent is there to fit the BPA analysis. Hard to envision them trading themselves out of the ability to get one of these guys...UNLESS they have a higher grade than the "experts" on another DT...
  5. I'm far too lazy to do this, but I'm sure somebody has analyzed whether there are any patterns that correlate timing of the bye with making the playoffs.
  6. Nobody mentioned Albright-Knox?
  7. Yes, yes, yes. I live in Durham and watched this kid play. He will be a clipboard holder at best in the NFL. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first to eat crow. But I think the crows are safe.
  8. I would think most people in this forum prefer The Blue Cheese.
  9. Somewhere in every Raiders-related thread this needs to be stated.
  10. Let's have a mock draft for draft order first.
  11. I mean, how can an 11-0 team not be the talk of the day?
  12. Everybody except the guy who can't read your post.
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