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  1. The only thing I'll contribute to this thread is that we should all be congratulating Brandon Beane for turning Tyrod into pick #63. That, my friends, was highway robbery.
  2. eball

    Anyone ever go through a divorce with a child?

    How to go through a divorce with a child? I think the bigger question is how you married the child in the first place.
  3. Ray-Ray practiced fully today! I really want to see that kid out there...he and Allen had some chemistry during preseason.
  4. Zero. I hope he throws four picks and no TDs. But I'm also realistic.
  5. Yeah, I know. I was surprised he was out there. Not a league of newbies either, but we have small rosters so most don't keep more than one QB at a time.
  6. As much as I wanted to listen to Allen's interview, I just can't stand hearing Murph or Tasker.
  7. I picked up Cousins today. Not rooting against my Bills, of course, but ya gotta hedge your bets...
  8. eball

    Taiwan Jones Injury Update

    "Hey guys, I think I hit my head. Can you see anything? It doesn't hurt here or here, but right across here."
  9. Cincinnati must be a very boring town.
  10. No, didn't get a chance to watch. That Reinhart "prove the 2nd half of last season wasn't a fluke" bridge contract is a great deal for the Sabres.
  11. If the Sabres have finally gotten this "core" right, there are lots of good times ahead.
  12. eball

    Bills vs. Chargers All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    Good stuff. Lots to work on for Josh but improvement from 1st half to 2nd. Replace Groy with Bodine and let's see what happens on the OL this week.
  13. I'm done making any assertions whatsoever about Shady's character but this story makes NO sense.
  14. Who looks at the NY Daily News for anything other than to laugh at the sports page headline?