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  1. Josh has frequently said that his favorite thing to do (besides QB the Bills) is play golf, and he would play every day if he could. It is not at all surprising he would snub the stupid "Pro Bowl Games" to play in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. But Huntley? That's just embarrassing.
  2. Ahh, the memories. That year -- not dissimilar to this season in some ways -- I had a feeling the Bills were "destined" to win it all. Kelly's injury, a "down" regular season, but then the miraculous comeback against Houston and road wins in Pittsburgh and Miami -- I just knew it was going to be our year. That lasted about a quarter. For as bad as that final score is, I remember that Reich hit Beebe for a long TD right at the end of the 3rd quarter to make it a 31-17 game. That hope lasted for about two minutes.
  3. I'm not going to get into a whole "thing" about this but KC gave up 20 to Cinci and got a couple of interceptions...we gave up 27 with no turnovers. The problem for the Bills was not scoring.
  4. I agree with this...but my point was that he isn't the day-to-day coach.
  5. No, he's not. If you think McD is coaching the DBs each week I've got news for you...
  6. How does Hackett keep getting jobs in the NFL? Dude was a tire fire in Denver and the only success he had as an OC was with a HOF QB.
  7. Did you watch Sunday's game? Did you see the deep blown coverages all year? On Sunday: First TD -- Marlowe covers the wrong zone. Second TD -- it looks like White covers the wrong zone. That was my assessment. Maybe on the second TD the safety was supposed to cover that zone; I am not sure. However, the wide open receivers should have been covered on the 1st quarter TDs. Blown coverages. To me, it looked like there were blown coverages all year with wide open receivers. It's because both Poyer and Hyde weren't out there (they don't need coaching) and the replacements were not well coached (in my opinion).
  8. All part of the sarcasm my friend...although in honesty I won't be nearly as active.
  9. So, some of you obviously can't recognize or accept a little playful sarcasm. Let me clarify, AGAIN: I am NOT opposed to fans being critical of the organization I DO believe a great many fans are unreasonable I will always take an optimistic view about what can be done to improve My take on what I'd like to see going forward: A DC able to come up with a game plan that challenges good/great QBs (I don't think Frazier is the answer any longer) Improved quality/consistency on the OL Better 2nd option for Josh at WR Now, what will I do if the Bills don't make those changes? I'll ROOT FOR THEM ANYWAY. Go Bills!
  10. 1/22/23, 2:59 p.m.: "We're going to win the Super Bowl!!!" 1/22/23, 5:45 p.m.: "Clean house! The coaching, roster building and strategy are a joke. We'll be lucky to ever make the playoffs again!" Love you guys. PSA: this is NOT a "nobody can criticize the organization" thread. It's a "you're all ridiculous" thread. See ya in a couple of months. Go Bills.
  11. “Joe, I have a follow up question. Is it also disrespectful to punch a woman?”
  12. Message we should all take near and dear to heart: ENJOY THE RIDE It’s pathetic hearing the fans who are already talking about the season being a failure if the Bills aren’t in the Super Bowl. This is entertainment. We’re all passionate fans, but life goes on. Have fun. Go Bills!
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