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  1. I'm not surprised...this is the first Super Bowl I'm really looking forward to watching in some time.
  2. Mahomes is awesome but damn, the weapons he has would make any QB look like a star. Like I posted up thread, he is literally throwing to wide open guys all day.
  3. I guess I wasn't watching the same game you were. I was astounded at how frequently Tennessee just rushed three, and Mahomes had literally ALL DAY to wait for one of his speedy weapons to break open -- which they always did. The number of wide open receivers in KC's offense is unbelievable.
  4. They are easily my favorite of the four teams in that division.
  5. Jordan Phillips made the most of his opportunities this season to record "splash" plays that he and his agent will point to in negotiations. The rest of us saw a guy who disappeared a lot of the time and while his energy and enthusiasm are infectious, he does not deserve to be paid at the level he seeks. Jordan will not be a Buffalo Bill next season, I'm almost certain of it.
  6. Chiefs model: hire a very good veteran HC and draft a QB (when you didn't really need one) who may be a generational talent Ravens model: keep a very good HC and get an OC who specializes in a game plan for a dynamic but limited QB Do those sound easily copy-able? Some of our "fans" love to critique Beane and McDermott, saying they "don't know anything about offense" and "the rebuild took too long" but those outside Bills fandom actually can see and appreciate the approach Buffalo has taken when they didn't have a proven HC or QB ready to go and had a lot of roster mess to clean up.
  7. There is a rumor that Poyer almost held out last summer. I don't know this to be true, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if Beane got word through to Poyer/his agent that he just needed to be patient for a year.
  8. Yes, Poyer is going to get a raise. Again, if you have been paying attention to Beane and McD they have said time and time again they want to sign and keep players who fit the culture and have performed. This sends a message not only to that player but to the rest of the organization (and league) that the Buffalo Bills are a professional franchise that takes care of its own. Poyer is still in the prime of his career. He will get paid by Buffalo.
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who read that story and thought, "huh?" The dude literally stole from a teammate. I don't see how this is a "great" story or how that made Wiley feel like he was now a part of the group. Just seems odd.
  10. This is really interesting, and I think a good move for the G-Men. You get someone who provides instant intel on a division opponent, and is still (I think) a pretty good coach. Kind of an "Eff you" from Garrett to Jerruh, as well, which I like.
  11. I think in order to interpret McD's remark about Carolina one would need to look specifically at the roster changes from the Super Bowl year to the next and then see what conclusions might be drawn. I'm not willing to do that but it seems like the logical place to start.
  12. They're not cutting Haushka or Andre Roberts. The rest of 'em? Wouldn't be shocked if none/some/all are cut.
  13. Don't tell @Jay_Fixit we're talking about the schedule release. I really hope the Vegas game is later in the season. I agree the Bills will get three primetime games.
  14. Scott, I just have to say, man, I am really sorry your Jets sucked this year.
  15. This is the danger of looking at one particular stat and drawing conclusions from it. The Bills led the league in fewest "big passing plays" for the third straight year. That is directly attributable to the play of their safeties.
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