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  1. Like I've said before....you can't say PFFFFFT without PFF.
  2. It's definitely weird, but in one sense it's just as you would want it to be. Your destiny is right there in front of you. Not the Texans and Titans fault the Jags and Colts blew their chances.
  3. It makes perfect sense in a divisional format. You should get a game at home and on the road against teams in your own division when those are the teams you're competing with for a division title.
  4. The NFL cares about exposure. Currently each AFC team gets each NFC team in their stadium once every six years. This is a good thing for fan interest, I think.
  5. Yeah, this is the format Pat Kirwan has been hyping on SiriusXM as well...makes sense.
  6. I'm happy with the way Josh has been taking care of the ball -- I don't blame him for the sack/fumble against Baltimore. If he continues to protect the ball and the Bills commit no more than one turnover I do think they will be fine against the Steelers. Don't sell them short, they are tremendous slouches.
  7. Turning KeyBank into The Aud for tonight is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
  8. Yup, me too. Remember leaving the stadium after those first two weeks -- the Bills scored 93 points against Miami and Pittsburgh -- thinking there was no way anyone could stop that offense.
  9. Something tells me the Rams are a sucker bet this week. The line movement towards them is an overreaction to Dallas' recent struggles and I think the Cowboys win that game outright.
  10. I agree. It's a division game and the Jets, despite their troubles, have a physical defense and I'd be concerned about cheap shots/injuries. But overall I want the game to matter for bigger reasons (AFC East title).
  11. Greg Roman is squeezing everything he can out of "one read" Lamar before the bottom falls out. Even a diehard Ravens fan friend of mine calls their situation a "house of cards." He has had a FANTASTIC year so far. The Bills made him look ordinary. Now his teammates are complaining about him being hit. I'll watch this play out, and eat my crow if it doesn't go the way I think it will go.
  12. So is there any particular reason you've chosen Lamar as your "opposing player to defend" this season?
  13. If cover1 (erik turner) is praising Martindale's scheme and talking about how hard it was to diagnose where the blitz was coming from, that's good enough for me. 4th quarter Josh turned it on again, just a tad too late. All of these experiences are helping him grow as a QB -- and just wait until we get a couple more weapons in the offseason.
  14. No instincts and will be out of the league in a few years because he'll get worn down.
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