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  1. eball

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Yeah, he said he thinks Josh Allen can be special. Care to comment?
  2. I listened to that podcast yesterday and didn't bother to post in here because, well, it's old news and I'm past it. But what I gathered from the interview is that EJ Manuel just didn't/doesn't have the mental fortitude to deal with what being a starting NFL QB means. I really hope Josh Allen is the exact opposite, mentally -- you can't be afraid to play, you just play and learn.
  3. Says nobody, ever. Do some homework.
  4. eball

    Reminder: Bills 2017 team highlights tonight

    Yep, thanks. Just set the DVR.
  5. I'm not "mad" -- I'm just tired of reading the same crap over and over again when nobody knows a damn thing. Our #1 RB, TE, and WR are actually pretty good. God forbid we get a QB who will actually throw the ball, and a play-caller who doesn't think running Mike Tolbert wide is a sound decision. I'm excited about watching the offense, not mired in misery thinking they will stink. There are a ton of opportunities out there.
  6. This. A thousand times over. Everyone is predicting horrible offense, but the truth is nobody knows because nobody out there with the exception of Shady McCoy, Charles Clay, and Kelvin Benjamin has a resume you can really examine. You think you know what sort of a player Zay Jones is because of his rookie year? You're wrong. You think you know how the OL is going to play after replacing Incognito and Wood? You're wrong. You think you know that neither McCarron, Peterman, or Allen are going to provide competent QB play? You're wrong. You think you know that no other WR on the roster is capable of being productive? You're wrong. All of the things mentioned above might happen but nobody knows right now, no matter how many times they repeat themselves. These are NFL athletes with an NFL coaching staff that took a roster predicted to go 3-13 last season and led them to the playoffs. The Bills' offense last year was atrocious. The only thing they did well was not turn the ball over. I, for one, will not be surprised in the slightest if this year's offense is markedly more productive.
  7. eball

    This is how my weekend started

    That is definitely graduation/engagement party material right there, my friend!
  8. eball

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    That is the exact opposite of what should happen. If nothing is known, nothing will be done, and then the NFL will start its own investigation and determine when, if at all, Shady needs to be placed on that list.
  9. eball

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Nothing gets a beeyotch out of your crib like sending a homey in to pistol-whip her.
  10. I'm probably being Captain Obvious here, but unexpected check-ups are rarely to go over good news. Just hope it's not really bad.
  11. eball

    Sabres & NHL 2018-19 - Dahlin Signs His 3-Year ELC

    What do folks think is a realistic expectation of the impact a player like Dahlin will have on the Sabres' record next season? Obviously there are more changes than just him but he's the biggest. I looked at last season's standings and the Sabres only scored 199 goals while giving up 280. If the impact of Dahlin (and others) is that the Sabres score 40 more and give up 40 fewer (basically, 1 every two games in each direction) they become a net zero GF/GA team which puts them right in the mix for playoffs. Is that unreasonable?
  12. I hope everyone remembers that last offseason the Bills were predicted by most to win no more than 3-4 games and be in the running for the #1 overall pick. It appears that this season similar predictions are mostly based upon perception of the talent on the offensive side of the ball. It's true, if no QB appears competent, no replacement on the OL plays well, and no WR besides Benjamin steps up the offense will be poor, but I'm curious as to why it seems to be the assumption that all of those will happen?
  13. eball

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Shady's BM came out and said Shady has never abused his child (a direct contradiction of the original IG post).
  14. eball

    Training Camp 2018 Dates