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  1. eball

    Is Emma Stone attractive?

    Little too much cushion for the pushin' with Milana...and 6.5? Maybe on an octal system.
  2. eball

    Favorite, and least favorite, Christmas songs.

    I love the Robin parodies for their unabashed brilliance. George Takei's Gay Christmas was pretty hilarious as well.
  3. eball

    Is Emma Stone attractive?

    Milana's cute but Emma Stone blows her out of the water. Not even same universe.
  4. eball

    Favorite, and least favorite, Christmas songs.

    This week Howard Stern played several "depressing" Christmas songs and they were unbelievable. One about a kid asking Santa for shoes for his dying mom so she would be wearing them to meet Jesus, one about a homeless kid who dies in Santa's lap...like, what in the hell were these "artists" thinking?
  5. Oh, come on, John, you're a legend in your own mind!
  6. eball

    Is Emma Stone attractive?

    I'm gonna go out on a (not so long) limb and say that if you were in her presence (and not simply looking at film or a photo) I predict you'd have difficulty speaking.
  7. Yeah, thanks for posting this. I read comments from folks griping about a few turnovers at the blue line and just shake my head. Eichel is playing at an elite level right now and there is no other way to slice it.
  8. eball

    Will Shady be worth it?

    I've been a huge Shady proponent but I think his time has come. I believe if the OL was even adequate he could have had a good year but another season gone and at the salary he will earn next season I don't think he's worth it. Definitely has been worth the investment to date but it's time to pass the torch. It's a shame -- wish he was just a couple of years younger and could be a part of what I think this Bills team will become.
  9. eball

    Who here golfs? I need golf ball advice...

    I've been using the Vice balls this season. Pretty impressed. Good pricing if you order 5 dozen. vicegolf.com
  10. eball

    Avengers: Endgame Trailer

    If Endgame doesn't bring back Spidey, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, etc., I don't see myself paying to go watch one of their "new" pre-death sequels.
  11. Well, duh! Of course talent matters. But what did the Sabres acquire for Drunkin' Donut? Not all that much talent. They could have kept him and much of the talent you mention would still have been brought in.
  12. Beware the preemptive "QBR is a joke" responses...but that said, it is the one "ranking" that at least tries to incorporate a QB's entire game and not just his passing prowess. There's no question Josh needs to improve in that area, and I think he will with a better OL and surrounding cast of skill players. It is indisputable, however, that over the last three games Allen has almost singlehandedly given the Bills a chance to win, and that's what being a "total" QB is all about.
  13. You are misinterpreting my comment as though you believe I am suggesting the O'Reilly deal was the primary factor in the Sabres' turnaround. I am not. It is merely a very visible example of culture-over-talent as playing a significant role in the makeup of a team.