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  1. I don’t agree with you. We’ll never know. Josh Allen is generational. He’s not just about his surrounding cast. Any of us who wanted to see it saw the superstar potential even in that “not very good” rookie season. After all I’ve seen, I believe Allen would have succeeded no matter where he ended up, and I’m thrilled it was in Buffalo.
  2. Bojo didn’t “get it” — and he’s gone. Good luck to him in LA.
  3. I expect an Allen extension to be announced about a week after the draft. Just a gut feeling.
  4. Oh, come on, fella, you just seem really, really upset about a 13-3 team that just went to the AFC Championship, has a 24-year old stud franchise QB, and is being praised as having one of the best front offices and coaching staffs in the league. I’m just having fun. Lighten up, Francis.
  5. I think you and @FireChans should go out for coffee.
  6. Not bad. Cool spot with Ochocinco.
  7. He’s here all week, ladies and gentlemen...please don’t forget to tip your wait staff.
  8. ...peace and harmony for @FireChans. I mean, with all of his consternation over focusing on special teams and Beane’s inability to “get the defense right” that’s the least we can ask for. Come on, Bills, help the guy out.
  9. The Bears are a bottom five organization at this point. Sorry Marquise.
  10. Eric Moulds is ineligible for consideration as he is not a part of the drought.
  11. So I see the Browns are @ScottLaw‘s new Jets. After all, he nailed that one. Cleveland has a nice roster. They’re limited by their QB. Need to prove they can get over the Baltimore hump before I’ll put them in the top 3 in the AFC. Clowney is terribly overrated, but he’s better than JAG so I guess it’s an upgrade for them. He’s a player who is so clearly just in it for “me” though...not what I’m looking for when building a culture. Nobody in the AFC has Pat Mahomes or Josh Allen. The next best QB might be Herbert. Jackson, Watson, Tannehill, Derek Carr
  12. Damn, that's right. My bad.
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