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  1. C'mon, man, everyone knew Whaley was a dead man walking during that draft. Everybody said the right things and yes, they used Whaley's staff's scouting evaluations, but make no mistake -- McD was calling the shots.
  2. eball

    (#25) UB (22-3) vs Ohio Fri 2/19 7p ESPN+

    Promo, if you're equating Dook's comeback from 20+ down in the 2nd half at Louisville to what UB did at Toledo, I just don't know what to tell you.
  3. Fact - KB injured his knee in the infamous Peterman game - his 2nd or 3rd with the Bills. Many - not just me - have opined that he has never truly recovered from that injury. Fact - KB was a good (not great) player in Carolina. Fact - when the Bills acquired KB many - not just me - felt it was a great move to give the Bills a solid option at WR. The revisionist history practiced by you and others to trash the KB deal as if you knew how it would turn out at the time is pathetic. Nice cop out. When you can’t answer, insult. Figures you’d choose that particular individual as well.
  4. eball

    (#25) UB (22-3) vs Ohio Fri 2/19 7p ESPN+

    That quadrant stuff is for the selection committee, not AP voters. UB will do just fine with their tournament seeding. Edit: and no, Dook's win was very impressive. Louisville is a top 15 team -- not a "tough" MAC team.
  5. eball

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Ok, guys and gals, the latest installment of the best rivalry in college BB tips off Wednesday night. Who ya like?
  6. eball

    (#25) UB (22-3) vs Ohio Fri 2/19 7p ESPN+

    What's the F-U? You think they should have moved up? That's silliness. They beat a team on the road -- rather unimpressively -- they beat by 30 at home earlier in the year.
  7. eball

    Wine walk with josh Allen (barstool)

    Ha ha, I knew somebody would react to that. Just own it, Promo! Buffalo's a great town for eating, drinking, bowling, and complaining about our professional sports teams!
  8. eball

    Inside Info (somewhat) - Kyler Murray

    I'll be sick to my stomach if he goes to the Pats***
  9. KB got hurt in like his 2nd or 3rd game with the Bills. He was never the same afterwards. Is this not true?
  10. Meh -- he doesn't haunt me. McD made an evaluation that I think a lot of personnel people would have agreed with at the time -- and he got a great player in Tre White along with additional draft capital. Hindsight is always 20/20 but the Bills got their QB the following year and there's no looking back. Let's see how Allen pans out.
  11. See, this is where I think your argument falls apart. There were -- if you cared to look -- legitimate reasons for bringing in all of these guys. Ducasse was rated highly his previous season. Holmes was a ST ace. Tolbert was a transition guy to preach McD's message. Boldin? No harm no foul -- you're critical of them for trying to bring him in? Benjamin got hurt. Coleman was a complete flyer for peanuts -- a 1st rounder they got to take a look at. Ivory wasn't bad at all last year. Jones struggled his rookie year but was coming on last season and could be a very solid piece of the WR room. They didn't miss on any "big" free agent signings because they had no cap room to get one. Do they get no credit for Foster? Dawkins? Teller? McKenzie? The trades that landed them Allen and Edmunds? For some unknown reason you and a few others are implicating McD and Beane in some masterminded 4+ year rebuilding plan when that is clearly not their intention. You tell me the team at the end of 2016 was "a couple of pieces" away from contending and I'll call b.s. They still had no QB and they had a financial disaster on their hands. It's pretty remarkable the remake of the roster that has taken place in two short years. With the cap restraints they were under they went "bargain basement" shopping for free agents and most haven't panned out. It doesn't mean they are incompetent or don't know what good offensive players look like. What if Richie Incognito hadn't gone off the deep end and Eric Wood hadn't retired? Think the offense would have been better last year? Both of those surprises left the Bills in a bind going into 2018. May we please get a look at what Beane can bring in when he isn't constrained by an empty wallet? As for expectations this season? I'm looking at the offense that finished last year, not the one that began it -- with expectations of several pieces added during free agency and the draft. I'm also looking at a top 5 defense. I'm looking at improved ST (since they can't get much worse). And they are actually riding some momentum, finishing 2018 on a 4-3 run with two last minute losses. I don't know why anyone wouldn't look at the shape of the franchise right now and expect improvement in 2019. I don't see a team looking to make excuses and pointing towards 2020.
  12. So ironic. If you didn't care so much you wouldn't waste your time in here telling everyone what a bad job the Bills are doing!
  13. It's almost inexcusable how they went into the 2018 regular season at the most important position in football, but here we are a year later and it's a complete 180. The pessimist/realists will tell you McBeane just got lucky and "still haven't proven anything" which is fine but irrelevant. I think most fans only care that it seems to be heading in the right direction now.
  14. I know it's difficult to be critical of Harbaugh with all he has accomplished, but I still can't figure out what the hell he is thinking by handing over the keys to Lamar Jackson. He better figure out how to make Lamar a better passer in a hurry, because teams are going to study that tape of the playoff game and dare Jackson to beat them with his arm. I think Baltimore is probably an 8-8 team next year. They have a very difficult schedule on paper -- road games vs. KC, Rams, Seahawks, and home games vs. Pats*** and Texans (in addition to their division rivals). I could see 5-3 at home, 3-5 on the road. I have no idea what to think of Denver. Seriously. If Flacco gets protection he could be productive, but they are in a beast of a division with KC and the Chargers.
  15. eball

    LeSean McCoy

    I didn't vote because I don't like the wording of the options but I think Shady is back unless he shows up to training camp and really appears to have lost a step. He's a team captain and because of the Bills' suddenly healthy cap situation his salary this year is of no concern. If they bring in another RB who can handle a decent workload Shady could become a demon in the passing game.