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  1. I don't agree with this at all. I'm not even going to register an opinion on McD, but I believe there is no scenario where he gets fired in the next several years. What he's done to build this team and culture (as well as his relationship with Beane) buys him many, many months. I believe he still has probably 3 years before he can feel the seat getting warm. And if they go to/win a SB or 2, he's here for life. And I'm ok with that.
  2. Unless you have a roster like the Bills right now. We won't have the roster space to sign all the rookies if we don't trade picks... So why not consolidate picks to yield better players? I really can't think of a real argument against it with the current state of this team. If you have a roster full of holes yes, stay put. Draft at your slots, move around minimally... But when you have a stacked roster with very little holes, you identify your guys and you go get them.
  3. That's nuts if true. He should be trying to take advantage of his status as most overrated QB in the history of the game, and get paid now before the gig is up. Crazy how the former MVP is the 4th best QB in that division right now... Ok maybe 3rd, maybe.
  4. Not really. Pyramid schemes require constant "growth" of the lower levels of the pyramid, and the money flows upward from any new recruits. It fails when (undoubtedly) it runs out of "victims" with new money to pour in. This is supply and demand. There is a fixed number of seats (static supply), and over the years as demand ebbs and flows, the psl can gain or lose value. Not a true "supply and demand" where manufacturers (or opec) can manipulate pricing with supply, but really not anything like a pyramid scheme.
  5. I agree with Beane. I've been saying this since the game.... Just play the entire overtime quarter (postseason only). Reg season it can stay the way it is.
  6. What? No. Hopefully he finishes his career in a way that ends in HOF but as of now he's not.
  7. I've read Flores has a credible witness to this offer from inside the organization, and that's what emboldened him to come forward with the accusation. Nobody would be speculating a billionaire could be forced to sell his business if it was known to be a "your word against his" type situation.
  8. I was gonna say "poppycock" and question the OP's cognitive abilities... Then I saw it's one of those bringbackfergy troll jobs. @BringBackFergy you are the master of getting a full discussion out of a seemingly rediculous premise and well, it's the off-season so what the hell. NOOOO!! 17 is his number gosh dang it. And Josh is the truth. Just ask Marky Mark...
  9. I'm not falling for this trap thinking again. Last time I thought like this "we were the number 4 defense, just imagine what REX can do with it!" F it up is what he did with it. Dorsey is the only good option to me as the playbook could stay similar and he's so familiar with Josh (and Josh publicly loves him). But now it looks like Dorsey to Gints. I had plenty of problems with Daboll's play calling in certain circumstances, but "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't"
  10. Well... Josh clearly didn't write that. But he should skip it. It's illegitimate now that he was snubbed. The pro bowl means nothing. This is like when Hank jr (and Hank III for that matter) refused to play at the grand ole opry because Hank sr wasn't a member.
  11. Right. Well not really "new" in terms of the 24 he news cycle, but yeah that's why I started this thread. I keep reading Daboll is taking dorsey with him, but that seems at odds with Josh clearly wanting Dorsey and McBeane saying they'll take Josh's opinion into consideration.
  12. It's clear everyone expects Daboll to get a HC job this year, including Josh who's publicly stated he expects Daboll to go. It's also widely believed that Josh wants Dorsey as OC, and McD said Josh's input is important to him. What do you think Dorsey would do given both options, to stay and OC a proven star on a SB caliber team in Josh/Bills, or does he take OC is NY (or wherever) with Daboll and potentially Trubisky? Does he stay or does he go?
  13. Yet Daboll took the ball out of Allen's hands for much of the first half 🤷‍♂️ The best offensive play calling is in the "gotta have it" moments like end of half, end of game, 4th down. Someone tell Daboll (or our next OC) to reprise the K... Er A-Gun!
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