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  1. True! My only concern is he wont have had enough chances by the time we really need it. What if we need a 50 yarder in a playoff game or important late season game and he's yet to even attempt one under game conditions? Unlikely... but unlikely happens all the time in the NFL (and 2020). I know Hausch was fading but right now we definitely have an unknown quantity at PK.
  2. Kicker does suck right now... ...but he's kinda 4/5, just like Allen hasn't really thrown a pick. They will go down in the stat sheets, but they are clearly zebra error. Hate to see it with Bass mostly because it's so easy to mind-f*** young kickers and it doesn't look like he'll get many opportunities given this offense's red zone conversion percentage.
  3. Nope. This supposition that its a blizzard all the time is just plain false, and it's clear you aren't from the area (or maybe a new fan) because there is usually a single snow game- maybe 2 each year. And we don't need a new stadium. Why? So it can be downtown, with no tailgating, nightmarish driving/parking (its already bad for Sabres games with 17k fans), and double or triple ticket prices? Sure would love to see Buffalo sell out games under those conditions. ...And as mentioned above, how about those MVPs in equally cold GB or NE?
  4. I hate to make the comparison- mostly because everyone uses him as a comparable with every gunslinger, but it reminds me of Favre magic. The supreme talent coupled with an unorthodox style, inventiveness, jubilance in playing the game, has plenty of head-scratching throws, but can just make the magic happen on shear will alone. This kid is fixing to be a true superstar, and is already the talk of the league after 3 games.
  5. Well iirc he was originally a GB packer... then played for the Rams, Giants, and Cardinals. Fits my description of a journeyman.
  6. To me he's just as much the Cards QB who took a paycut to keep his receivers together. And he took both teams to SB's. Not sure that makes Fitz' case. Well, maybe Fitzgerald.
  7. Greatest non-franchise/journeyman QB... Kurt Warner comes to mind. Love Fitz though. His roast of Fred Jackson belongs in some type of HOF
  8. Meh. Not even a good troll job. I'll give it an F+. The + is for the historical reference, and not the substance of the attempted troll.
  9. I was just dying for Darnold. To the point where any of the other QBs looked like poo. I was really hoping Allen would go 1st and throw the whole thing out of whack and we'd snag Darnold. I kept feeling like somebody would take Rapistburger and we'd be frickin stuck with JP again. Then the days before the draft happened. Someone dug up some rap lyrics or something on Allen's social media to try and assassinate his character. Then all of the sudden I desperately NEEDED Allen. I realized if he was the one that some team was trying to get to fall, he's THE guy. I remembered the insane throw at the combine (right out of the camera picture and back down) and I was like "this is the guy for buffalo". Of course I had no idea he would be this budding superstar. Turns out I was right on accident.
  10. Got to agree with you there! Put a chip in the ball and a sensor can detect where it is. Same tech on the goalline to see if the ball crossed the plane. Then once that works, put it in hockey pucks too so we can know whether they enter the net when under a goaltender. ***** it seems like such an easy, accurate, irrefutable, and relatively inexpensive alternative to 50 year old guy's eyes
  11. Yowza. Now I know what they mean by "frosted rolls" Man I really want Josh Allen cereal but what the heck. Worst name and box ever. Rather have T.O.'s or [gulp] Chrebet Crunch. That said... if I see these at the local Wegs I will buy them.
  12. I would argue that even though you are right- you don't need to have a relationship with everyone or address the team at halftime, a real leader WILL do those things when they are neccesary. Leaders don't just do things their way all the time. Sometimes you figure out what is needed by the people following you and do it because it needs to be done. Leading is the ultimate "team" activity, which means you do whatever is best for the team- regardless of whether you like it or not. It is the leaders' responsibility to get the most out of the players. Clearly Adams needs more out of his coach. Maybe Adams is being unreasonable, but maybe it is Gase and he's not flexible enough to effectively lead these men.
  13. Pancho Billa Stadium Just for this year.
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