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  1. I remember Shady saying they used it in the RB room. Haven't heard anything about in in a few years tho.
  2. Well he did win a game for us this year, so he might as well be on the payroll for the off-season.
  3. For me it felt like Maybin over Orakpo. I was screaming for Metcalf, and was completely shocked when they didn't take him. Honestly seemed like a no brainier to me. There is no way I'm alone on that. I still love Beane but I'm still upset about the Ford pick.
  4. -Do not advance -Advance to Divisional Round -Advance to Conference Championship -Advance to Super Bowl -Win Super Bowl Just a suggestion. I voted for win Super Bowl so my vote wouldn't change either way.
  5. This is bad news if your name is Josh Rosen
  6. Let's hope Josh shows his "clutch" gene in this one and has his national coming out party. Bills 23-21, Josh runs for 1TD and throws for 2. Hausch misses an extra point but nails a 50 yarder to win the game.
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