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  1. We just need to see it coming and hand the ball off more. The run game has been effective lately, and Cook is starting to loosen up. I expect those cook touches, and our rushing numbers overall, to ramp up into and through the playoffs. This includes designed QB runs, which will come in the biggest moments in the biggest games, and of course whenever Josh is "feeling it".
  2. Football is for sundays. Enough of thursday and Saturday it's just terrible. Monday every once in a while... Ok... But Saturday games can f right off
  3. How did they miss this guy? You'd think with that big red square around him they would easily see him.
  4. Last year was a good chance. Best chance in a long time. But I'm not quite jaded enough to leave it as "last year was our year". This team will have ups and downs but will be in it (pretty much) every year for a decade. Settle in and they will get to the big game a couple times at least imo. "Our decade" is here and it's time to stop acting like beaten dogs.
  5. Business profits are not as cut-and-dry as some think. I own a few small businesses with miniscule sales in comparison to NFL but with great sales/sq. ft and a very healthy net margin... But I have friends with much larger businesses, huge sales by comparison to mine, always busy and popular- but not profitable. In my esrimation, it's hard to make real money in business if 1. The owners core-competency isn't running the business, 2. Owner is remote or not involved in day-to-day, or 3. Owner lives above their means. These are all very common problems. And Mark Davis shows all the signs. Truth is this: revenue is not an indicator of profit or success. Unless we saw the (incredibly complicated) books that the raiders team keeps, we just don't know jack!
  6. Love Dabs. Good for him. He has made the Giants fun to watch again. Time will tell how much sustained success he can have with DJ but I believe in Daboll as the long term answer at HC for the Giants. I still thinks he gets "too cute" sometimes with his decisions (like he did as OC here), but it's a hoot to watch.
  7. Whoa. I want cmc but not for anything close to "multiple" first rounders
  8. Wow +1 seemed about right. -3 is gratuitous and I hate that line. Vegas must be trying to get action on KC 6 point favorites on a neutral field? No way
  9. DO IT! The cap is a joke and can be manipulated. We need a Lombardi trophy, not a 1st round pick right now. McCaffrey is young enough, and he wouldn't have to worry about being a bellcow here, and could make the most of his touches. And he could even be on a pitch count until the playoffs. This is the type of move that can jettison a team to the next level. Get Odell too, let's gooo!
  10. This is probably true. They can beat the fins w/o tua and prob split with the cheats.
  11. I agree. Keep Tremaine. Underrated board whipping boy that everyone else knows is legit. His size and range can't be taught, and he's a great compliment to Milano
  12. It is too early, but I am concerned. I thought Cook would "hit the ground running", but the truth is he looks nearvous out there. I think he'll settle down and be ok. But I'm not expecting big numbers this year anymore. I really thought he would be a big part of the plan, but he has not looked the part yet.
  13. As I read this you make very good points. But when I really think about it, it comes down to this for me: Without the defense being amazing, this team could still compete. We make the playoffs and are in the mix every year. Without Josh, this team goes nowhere. Full stop. And that's why I have to disagree with you, even though all your points are valid and the defense is amazing.
  14. Same here. Even with the weather, I just don't agree with coach on this one. Sure, we have a great offense, but we also have a great defense, and it seems like you trust the defense to hold on one possession, and then it's all advantage from there on. I don't think the coin toss decision is the "least consequential" part of a game at all. Can be a real advantage if you can capitalize in certain moments. Also I'm not upset about it. I have seen McD's reasoning so I know why he did it, but I'd still defer no matter how bad the weather was. Interesting you would do this every time regardless of situation. That's a response I did not expect. Fair points but obviously I don't agree. I think getting into rhythm in the first (although good overall) can lead to complacency if you take a lead early. I'd rather peak in the 3rd and 4th most days. Of course if you can blow them out and take Josh out in the 3rd quarter that would be preferable to all other outcomes. Receiving probably does improve the chances of that, even if it's incremental.
  15. That's not true. You don't start threads that should be comments for the GameDay thread... But topics that are not just reactionary, and that contribute to the board are ok. But you get the hall monitor badge for the day. -- The weather argument is a decent point, but I still don't think it makes sense to receive. I can even understand the comments like "I don't have a problem with it", but would anybody actually choose this if they were HC?
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