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  1. Get used to it. When your franchise admits to not being a film junkie, they will always question his work ethic. When he's experienced most of his success with a top tier WR, people think it's the wr (it's almost never the wr) Allen and Diggs had some tense moments. On national tv, in primetime, in playoffs, even AFCCG. What are these people who don't follow the bills supposed to think 🤷🏻‍♂️ In ways they were right. They said the bills will move on from Diggs and Diggs isn't happy. We said "they don't know what they are talking about. He literally just said in a presser he wants to retire a Bill". Then we all scream "clickbait" as if it illegitamizes the story, but sometimes even the idiots turn out to be correct. Overall, BFD. What they say NEVER matters. We will all find out soon what Josh is without Diggs. Personally I see a major down year for the team and I'm still hoping for a new HC before Josh is 40, but I'd be damned if I'm going to be affected by someone's random opinion who I don't even know. Especially if it is literally their job to talk about it. They gotta say something, right? It's just like the political 24 hour news cycle. Gotta fill the air. Stay off the social interwebs and click the TV over to game show network or something. You'll notice all the tension just wash away. I've followed the team this off-season less than I ever have and it's been great. I got a text from a friend of mine (who used to be a Buffalo Jill coincidentally) about the Bills trading Stef and it's the only reason I even came back on here a few days ago. See y'all again at the draft!
  2. 100% Trade the whole draft if it takes that to move up to where they need to be. Or throw in players too. Anyone not named Josh or Dalton. Burn the team down (and coaches) after this year, and go into a fresh HC with Josh, Kincaid, MHjr, draft picks, and maybe even a few open cap bucks to bring in players that fit the new HCs vision.
  3. Which direction are we stepping then? Certainly not stepping forward with McD still at the helm. This is a cap correction year while we wait for real leadership from a new HC. How much longer do we waste josh with this regime? And now Harbaugh is in LA so they will be in a SB or 2 in the coming years. The chargers getting better is just another obstacle. Plus the obstacle of Cincy which we apparently just can't play well against has their QB back. This is the "box step" at best.
  4. "We" in this case is common used colloquially in pro sports by fans of the team to denote fan association. And don't count me out. You never know, maybe I'll get into fracking next and buy the team. ***** maybe I'll even hire myself as GM to make sure I cover all the bases of "we" eligibility.
  5. People are making threats against him? That's wildly inappropriate. But to criticize his performance, call him a bad player, even "trash" or something similar is fine. He's an pro athlete in the public circle. He would get all the praise and hero treatment if he was amazing, so the opposite has to be true if he sucks. It was a terrible year for him and he looked more than shaky, but he was great before that. Kickers are a weird breed and theres a chance he bounces back if we give him an opportunity to.
  6. Yowza Not a good look for Gabe engaging negatively with fans He's good as gone. And that's ok with me
  7. This Damar was pacing around back there. It was so obvious
  8. Yeah it's more than just this game or this year. If it was isolated we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  9. Prob should stop force feeding diggs and realize that 17 to 86 is the new 17 to 14. Kincaid and Josh are the most important players for this franchise, and #3 is some distance away
  10. Gabe and Josh just aren't reading the same book, let alone on the same page. And they seemingly are never in sync with what Gabe is supposed to do. Lots of what looked like bad passes where Gabe didn't run the route Allen thought he would. Gabe was missed is the perfect thread title, and it's because he ran a crosser when Josh was expecting him to run a comeback
  11. And Harbaugh would take this job in an instant The coaches available this offseason (Belichick, Harbaugh, Ben Johnson, Slowik) are too good to keep McD around, and we have what would be the most attractive HC opening in years.
  12. I'd say yeah we do need a new OC. We ran the ball but passing game was less than stellar under Brady But tbh, talking about replacing just our OC is like changing a light bulb on a totalled vehicle. Sure, the bulb is blown, but the MFing car ain't going anywhere anyway
  13. I have no hatred for him. There was nothing standalone in this game that "cemented" this as the right answer... I've simply known since the end of last year it's time for him to go I was a year behind then, now 2 years behind. I also knew middle of this year it reeaaalllly time. I said multiple times the only way to save it was to "pull a Coughlin" and win it all. But he did not. He is wasting Josh' talents. Josh is the best chance we'll probably EVER have at a SB and we can't keep smashing our heads against the wall with McD
  14. Where do they go from here? Home, and hopefully they don't come back
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