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  1. I enjoyed your write up and felt you covered all of the key points to our season very well. Maybe it's just me, but it seems there are plenty out there who are very frustrated with what we have seen out of this defense. And for me, it all goes back to the 13 seconds and the fact that the Bills org seemed to dodge the whole accountability question. We continued to see very similar "soft" schemes this past year and plenty of instances in the Bengals game. When you look at the 4 teams that played this past weekend, I would argue they all looked and played much more aggressively on defense than what we saw from the Bills at the end of the season, and all use the blitz very effectively. I would argue that we have the personnel but we're not putting them in positions to be as successful as they could be and that goes for the offensive side of the ball with players like Hines and Shakir, and not being able to effectively run screens. The Damar Hamlin injury had to be a distraction for the Bills and probably did take some of the energy out of the locker room. But I also don't put a lot of stock in what Saffold says because he hasn't shown much energy the entire season.
  2. Dynasty is not coming from this organization just based on the all of the draft picks we have missed on while other teams like KC and Cinci have excelled. We have dug ourselves a hole in tying up massive amount of cap space on a select number of players with limited opps in FA for the coming year. We have to nail the draft this year and hopefully find some value players in FA that can outperform. I am also concerned about Beane's excuse of a press conference - is that really going to be the position of the front office - that we weren't bad enough to get someone like Chase, while discounting all of of the bad draft decisions he has made. Just like the 13 seconds last year - where is the accountability?
  3. I understand your points, just don't agree with it. Our offense became predictable and we didn't maximize our talent. * Knox would be invisible for long stretches at a time. Does that happen with the Chiefs and Kelce? Knox is a weapon on offense and we should have a game plan that mixes him regularly. * We never figured out how to use Hines effectively as a receiver, and to some extent the same can be said for Cook. But I'm more dumbfounded by Hines, because he was a definite weapon in Indy. How can the OC not be able to integrate a talented back like him into the offense? * I know Davis had issues with drops but I would also argue that the routes they had him running didn't utilize his skill set. He destroyed KC last year. * How do let Hodgins get away from us? He moves on to the Giants and look at how they are using his skill set. I am not at all convinced that this OC knows how to maximize what he has in front of him and is far too inexperienced for what the Bills need right now. This bend but not break Defense is far too soft. * Take the 13 seconds - it says everything about the mentality of Frazier and McD. The same thing was happening in the Cinci game - no one attacking receivers at the line of scrimmage on key plays. * Why is it that other teams seem to use the blitz so much more effectively than us? We seem to have an aversion for it and it speaks to a general lack of aggressiveness that I see in this defense.
  4. Sure, fire the safeties coach when the guys in charge of the overall scheme are still around.
  5. Who wants a washed up DC as their head coach. The 13 seconds debacle and the fact that he runs a soft defensive scheme. If the Bills don't move on from this guy my faith in the front office is gone. He should have been let go last year after the KC game.
  6. We're gouging them in the run game and we keep passing. WTF is up with Dorsey.
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