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  1. Standards on conduct don’t really exist when you’re winning championships. All is forgotten. Just the way of it.
  2. The last 5 super bowls had the following #1 receiving options. In addition to that in most cases these teams had another option that was pretty damn good as well. 2023: Travis Kelse vs Brandon Aiyuk 2022: Travis Kelse vs AJ Brown 2021: Cooper Kupp vs Ja'Marr Chase 2020: Mike Evans vs Travis Kelse 2019: Travis Kelse vs George Kittle Just because New England was able to do it a certain way doesn't make it a model for everybody else. Even in the 5 years since the last New England Super Bowl the game has changed even more. Other examples you give such as Megatron (horrific team) Moss (major reason for undefeated season), Julio Jones (should have won the Super Bowl) don't add up to don't focus on WR. If anything this thread tells me the Super Bowl has multiple paths for different teams. Currently we don't have a dominating unit. That could change with some positive play but that's where it stands right now. We have Allen and a lot of pieces that could come together. With that we don't have a pass catcher on our roster who has ever achieved a 1000 yard season in his career. So yes, as much as you can argue WR isn't an essential piece to the equation for many teams it is for us right now. Currently our most essential piece has no weapons and that statement would also be true for the future years unless we see Kinkaid or Shakir really take off. Very possible, but you land your insurance piece in the draft and thats how you become one of the teams above with your main pass catcher being a star with secondary options being guys like Deboo Samuel, Tyreek Hill, Tee Higgins, Chris Godwin, DeVonta Smith, etc
  3. I have been a fan since 1990 and that was the most impactful punt return for a touchdown I remember Buffalo ever having. McGee had some great ones, but nothing close to this level of importance. Then he also had a 25 yard catch on 3rd and 6 on our go ahead drive at the end of the KC regular season game. His total production was completely lacking but those two plays ended up being massive as far as our playoff chances and divisional title aspirations. At that rate of pay it's a great deal. I'm also of the opinion that based on those plays he actually came closer to living up to his contract than most here give him credit for. Clearly he didn't become who we wanted. But we likely don't end up in the position we did without a few plays he did end up making for us. I have to think he can be utilized better. We will see.
  4. You can get a DUI for smoking MJ and driving so I would think it's relevant?
  5. This is all three players from the age of 27-30, namely the years Diggs played for the Bills. Lets pretend Reeds additional 9,015 Yards and 60 TD's or Moulds 5,351 Yards and 23 TD's didn't also happen as a Bill. Along with Moulds 240 yard record setting playoff performance. Lets just go off the exact window of time all three played here. You don't think Reed is going to catch Diggs pretty easily with 174 more targets? You don't think Moulds isn't producing those same stats with a starting level QB? Let alone Josh Allen? This is one of your worst takes and that's saying something.
  6. Beat me to it. Talented guy, looks like one of the tope recruits who just never could put it all together. I don't see him doing so when it gets that much more difficult. Elite catcher of the football. Would not mind him at all.
  7. The totality of the tourney is better than the Super Bowl. The college game is more like basketball in the 90's. Still physical and pure in a lot of regards. I really enjoy the tournament even if I don't have a team.
  8. Here I stand, watching the Chiefs celebrate, alone on the field, the spotlight is on me. My teammates, my friends, my Brothers have gone inside, together. Instead of being with my teammates I stand here, alone on the field, unaware that my actions do not display leadership. My actions shift attention to me, which is something I need. Something I will always need.
  9. https://zonecoverage.com/2021/minnesota-vikings-news/stefon-diggs-admits-he-was-a-bad-teammate-at-the-end-of-his-minnesota-days/ "I hate talking about old stuff … but up to me wanting to go to another place, I was a good teammate. It wasn’t until I wanted to do something else is when I became a bad teammate. So as far as when things are going good, it’s all good until it’s not good." Was Diggs not the best teammate at the end again? How could that come as a surprise to anybody. He is a microcosm of why we can't get past the divisional round. When the going gets tough Diggs gets going.
  10. Insanely poor performer in the playoffs for being insanely competitive.
  11. Diggs was an a-hole in so many situations it would be bordering on irrational to not call him an a-hole
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