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  1. theBrownBear is correct. PB Local is the Billsbackers san diego location. You will love it. Get there early or there may be a line to get in it fills up quick. The beef on weck is excellent they have a local bakery custom make genuine kimmelweck rolls just for the club. Street parking is best. I cant stress getting there early enough.
  2. someone said Blues......Ruthie Foster
  3. Nirvana Butchers "Smells Like Teen Spirit" On Purpose - YouTube HILARIOUS bwaahahhahaaa
  4. I was hoping McCloud might stick so the bills would have at least one Golden Domer make the team. Oh well.....
  5. except maybe Hollister and Ferguson but shenanigans are afoot we'll see what happens
  6. dating back to high school from a friend who knows him from back in the day
  7. I’ll never forget that collision with a Charger player 2,years ago lost his helmet bleeding profusely and The crowd chanting a&&h&&& at the guy for blatant cheap shot at Taiwan
  8. heat and humidity are brutal football conditions IMO give me cold anyday
  9. throwing that ball up for grabs preseason form right there
  10. its going to be a fun season matey LETS GO BUFFALO!~!~!!! ^5
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