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  1. its the taxi driver with the scoop FTW or nothing.......In TD I trust... ** DDCC aint got nuthin on the taxi driver just sayin'......**bursts out laughing***
  2. good to know thanks. I hate divers.
  3. cam took a Lot of physical abuse by sacks and extremely hard hits in Carolina and it has come home to roost in New England . He is nowhere near the QB he used to be. A lot of hype and high heels is all he has going on now lol
  4. this years schedule was graded difficult from the get go so for me it hasn't changed to any great extent. What will determine our fate is how well The Bills can take care of business with the Health of the roster of paramount importance. The teams playing US are not calling the Bills game a cakewalk either Book it.
  5. and also Beane has shown they will pay but Not overpay for players they value. SO if the price isn't right then no moves will be made. But do I rule it out? Not really I dont think they would be shy to pull the trigger if they deemed it a betterment of the roster AND at the right price. Churn that roster UP I root for the laundry. GO BILLS
  6. thank you for defining what a signature win actually means to you. That to me is the crux of the matter. For ME what it would mean is that all 3 facets of the team excel and win convincingly with no significant needs or deficiences in any 3 areas (offense defence and special teams) Unfortunatey the Bills haven't gotten there yet so by my definition such a plateau can't be reached until earliest next year.
  7. OH THE DRAMA.......lol Ive been a fan of this team for close to 50 years and Im supposed to slot losses as bad good worse worst? THEY ALL SUCK.
  8. all my thoughts have been expressed in this thread already so to summarize my thoughts cohesively" 1. Yes it was a penalty based on the part of the rule regarding "defenseless receiver" and that he lead with his shoulder and not his helmet isn't the point. 2. Did I like the call at the time? NOPE. I thought it was a clean hard hit and since he didn't lead with his helmet thought there was no foul committed. 3. Could Hyde have lowered his angle of hit to go lower? Maybe but these are live play conditions and his intent was NOT to injure. 4. Would I feel the same way if a Bills receiver was hit that way and No penalty called? Of course Im biased but would like to think Id still think of it as questionable. I think this "defenseless receiver" penalty is in itself questionable. No Im NOT for players being injured but calls like we saw yesterday I think are borderline at best. Lets see how many receivers begin to take dives in hopes of drawing such a call if the ball is dislodged during a tackle and then we can discuss this further. The pussification of NFL football? An attempt to protect players? Both. It is what it is.
  9. whatever the penalty was it nearly cost the Bills that field goal but the Bass hits a long one...again. The Bills need to come out and smash em in the mouth in this 2nd half...their play overall has been pretty inept with a few clutch plays by the rookie jackson..Jos Allen hot and cold...ball security dangit Josh.....you were lucky not to have been picked twice..LETS GO BUFFALO
  10. I think for me actually going to the first ever Monday night football game in the brand new Rich stadium made me a fan. It was also 1973 and the only NFL game I ever attended with my Mother. It was against the KC Chiefs, Bills won and being in the Bills home game environment sealed the deal for me. That and the Batavia Party Zone endzone for many many games thereafter.
  11. these long distance predictions are tricky. Assuming (hoping) there are no significant injuries on either side I would say we optimistically go 3-1 but it may well be 2-2
  12. who in the heck is this? and I dont trust Trump as far as I can throw him but he didn't say "good" he said "Go ahead".....as in "next question/topic"...
  13. what Im even more curious about is just who does the OP think should be brought it that will do a better job?
  14. I'm on board with this although it will take educating some folks as to the names historical significance. To me it sounds like a win win. haha H2O with the cute link FTW :-)))
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