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  1. I know my view is tainted by rivalry stink but any and all fanbases have their good and bad fans...the ones I have found the most insufferable though have been the jets, the steelers, the pats and the chiefs. Of all the away games Ive attended the worst experience I had was in san diego and the best was againt the Raiders in the LA Coliseum.....Its very much subjective and not an exact science just my personal observations of being an NFL fan for many years and attended away Bills games in about 10 different venues.
  2. thank you for saying what Ive been thinking. He in no way shape or form should be spouting absolutes when it involves a possible brain injury..I dont see Neurologist credentials after his name it irritates me he is saying it without qualifiers Ive officially lost some respect for him not only as a coach but a person. Irresponsible, likely disingenuous and definitely premature.
  3. I just saw a post where was stated how epic would a Bills-Green bay super bowl be....I concur. For many reasons but one of them would be the battle of small market teams the ad execs would hate it though LOL..I will say going back on topic that these 2 teams are looking very pedestrian but the Bucs have too much patriot stink on them no way am I rooting for that team
  4. who? lol just kidding Im amusing myself at this point this game is putting me to sleep
  5. yeah Id like to see Hill go off too, as in a temper tantrum Im so frustrated at my ineptness kind of way just sayin.....;-p
  6. I dont watch the NFC as often clearly but from what Im seeing from playoff games this weekend It appears that either New Orleans or Tampa Bay are fodder for Green Bay...Im not impressed with what Im seeing so far *shrugs*
  7. I wouldnt put it past the NFL to advocate Mahomes play because of the fact it is the AFC Championship as is obvious the pressure to he be cleared will be enormous and you KNOW Mahomes will want to play regardless if he is healthy or not. But.,,yeah theres a But...BUT if he really is concussed will he be the QB they are accustomed to seeing? I would think No......and the fact the assessment is supposed to be by an "impartial independent" evaluation...will that type of physician be bowed under pressure? Not if he wants to uphold his hypocratic oath he wont. So if he is cleared when
  8. we;ve been fans a long time matey this feels so great Im not gonna lie ^5
  9. how do the Bills prep for a game featuring freakin Chad Henne...? I dont buy these chatroom medical opinions I have my doubts Mahomes plays...he well may but we have No idea how severely he was concussed
  10. I would have loved another home game but it looks like they will be traveling to KC.....I want to quiet those tomahawk chanting fools in their own crib..the Bills can do it and whomever is the QB I say BRING IT ON.
  11. I need a replay it looked to ME like he caught it but did he control it through the entire catch?
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