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  1. I'll come clean. I'm embarrassed to even admit this honestly....I drank the Rex Ryan kool aid and thought he would bring a championship to Buffalo
  2. I understand when people talk about his potential being high but I dont think of first round picks as being "risky" being wise picks I'd rather chose more of a polished experienced guy with more than a season under his belt at any given position. Yeah I dont presume to know as much as McBeane but Maybin 2.0 comparisons scare the crap out of me just sayin'.....
  3. weeping and gnashing of teeth that's me...nah lol besides there's always tomorrow they may pick the domer TE Tremble :-)))
  4. shucks, you dont know how this would have beeen HUGE for the family having a domer in the fold Im bummed matey
  5. dangit dangit dangit ...in Beane I trust..dangit though
  6. PICK IS IN...................................
  7. DOMER DOMER DOMER DOMER DOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Not wanting to jinx this but I want a Domer on the Bills roster Badly..................never thought he'd be there at 30...JOK FTW **praying****
  9. I would live to see this guy in a Bills uniform its been ages since the Bills had any Golden Domers on the roster but the trade scenario I thought was too rich an expenditure in draft capitol so I voted No.
  10. in retrospect I am Glad and relieved the damage and death toll wasn't higher on 1/6......The amount of damage that DIDN'T happen I'm grateful for. No bombings, no high velocity weaponry used on either side to quell or instigate the insurrection..I mean this could have been soooo much worse when you think about it. The police were overrun, the capitol was breached and any manner of destruction was indeed possible but didn't happen......Whew.
  11. the proliferation of gun violence in this country is untenable. I don't have any answers as to how to help reduce them really. While I agree that a gun cannot pull its own trigger, it indeed is a person responsible for the actual act of violence. The fact that there are such strong lobbies for gun advocate rights and the rabid defense of near any attempt to reduce the availability of rapid fire weapons that are used in a lot of these mass shootings does in my opinion put the country and public in general at more risk. Risk vs reward ratio, personal right to bear arms vs the right for joe publi
  12. I dont need to read this thread to know the OP decided to run with a hot take and it is likely a decision he/she now regrets......I mean why would an NFL team NOT want to focus on special teams they are essential to a winning franchise and those depth players may well be starters due to injury to offensive or defensive starters at some point as well.
  13. no offense to Mr Jacksons Mom but naming your kid Adoree is just MEAN..Ive only just read it and already I can hear the mean kid taunts..maybe it instilled toughness though lol it reads feminine to me am I the only one?
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