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  1. this so so awesome I love it 🙂 snow sharks RAWR
  2. Broken heart again Another lesson learned Better know your friends Or else you will get burnt Gotta count on me Cause I can guarantee that I'll be fine No more pain (no more pain) No more pain (no more pain) No drama (no more drama in my life) No one's gonna make me hurt again
  3. okay one last clip. too good to pass up. I wonder if this bands' intro would be scoffed at today? My guess is yes
  4. lol How to follow White Zombie. Peace brethren,
  5. another one of those female rock and roll badasses. PJ Harvey is Fearless. and check out her fashion if nothing else
  6. If I listened long enough to you I'd find a way to believe that it's all true Knowing that you lied Straight-faced while I cried Still I look to find a reason to believe
  7. good morning 2bd . a song to raise your pulse For my nephew Preston
  8. if I had to label this it would be FIERCE I loved the visual 🙂
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