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  1. Just one more....................... "lets win one for the Gipper"...................... "Knute Rockne
  2. my niece is a high school teacher who will work her butt off to be there for her students because she CARES about them, their future and her chosen profession. I think teachers overall would never have undertaken the job if not for a calling to do so. It's certainly not the high pay that draws them. Her work load will likely double on top of already strapped school budgets which hamper them to the tune of she buying her own classroom supplies at times. I know this is anecdotal but her profession is so important to her she will attend classes at her school as mandated by her bosses and without complaint. She is young and healthy. I will pray she and her students remain healthy. Other teachers I know aren't as willing to go back as she is wether it be to co-morbidities or other reasons. I respect them all to the highest no matter where they fall on this issue.
  3. do you believe in Miracles..............Al Michaels It's not over till it's over......................Yogi Berra
  4. and...he...could...go...all....the way...........The Great Chris Berman
  5. https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/4ayw8j/white-privilege-examples there were many listed here I'd never have thought of but are things we white folks take for granted that people of color cannot. This thread can either be thought provoking reflection or can be racially provocative fear based propaganda against changes that could benefit not destroy race relations and relationships. I hope for the former. #THINK
  6. Since the Bills were the beneficiaries of a judgment call in our favor against the Pats I'd consider that dream a definite sign that the times indeed are a changing in the AFC East....CHAMPIONSHIP!~!~!~!
  7. and to stir the pot there is this link https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/23/nfl-attendance-will-be-determined-state-by-state-county-by-county/
  8. I found this link https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-will-allow-each-team-to-dictate-their-own-attendance-capacity-per-report/#:~:text=Team Betting Guide-,NFL will allow each team to,own attendance capacity%2C per report&text=The NFL reportedly will not,to individually dictate fan attendance. and this https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/23/nfl-attendance-will-be-determined-state-by-state-county-by-county/
  9. .. So is it the states decision or the teams? I'm assuming the states decision would supercede the NFL's. So Maryland could hypothetically overrule the Ravens decision? And one state could conceivably allow fans but none somewhere else. Great . can you say clusterduck? BOTH is correct. SMH Great. see links posted below.
  10. If Baltimore is making such a proclamation how will this impact other teams decisions That's what I'm curious about. Is it surprising they would make such a proclamation in singular fashion?
  11. the bigger the bank account the more publicity and consternation comments receive it is a Given. Celebrity sells.
  12. I also just want to say the color of Desean Jacksons skin is to me irrelevant. He could be chartreuse green and Id be offended by what he quoted.
  13. I cannot understand why on earth he would post something like that in the first place. What did he think would happen? Really DeSean? Way to show your true colors. Over the top despicable comments.
  14. my Pastor just posted this and I thought many of you would find it profound. It's not about skin it's about Sin. Jesus Christ came to earth to save us ALL ' It's not about Race it's about GRACE.
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