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  1. Going to camp with them is one thing. Roster is 90. Going into the season is another thing.
  2. I was climbing up to Angels landing in Zion natl park with my bills hat on. I got 2 “go bills” from people I passed. One other in Bryce Canyon on the same trip. That was September of 2021.
  3. I think nfl would push all games out a week if he has actually died on the field
  4. It was a snocat according to tmz https://deadline.com/2023/01/jeremy-renner-in-critical-but-stable-condition-after-weather-related-accident-while-plowing-snow-1235209718/amp/ It ran over his leg, a large amount of blood loss.
  5. How do you know which procedure he had, I have seen nothing. Just speculation.maybe I missed it.
  6. MRI isn’t %100. I had one one my shoulder that showed slight rotator cuff tear, when the surgeon got in there two tendons were %90 torm plust torn labrum and biceps tendon nearly ruptured. And that was with contrast dye. Fwiw.
  7. No worries.it’s been 25 years since she passed.
  8. On behalf of all viet nam veterans I wish her a slow and horrible death.
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