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  1. the Packers draft Lock? i don't think so.
  2. good post. however i don't see us parting with Hughes, he is too good.
  3. which is a direct correlation to the product on the field. the Bills improve and we will be clamoring for those late season games in OP for the home field advantage that it gives us.
  4. today... St Patrick’s suspect previously arrested at other cathedral and, i don't know if this was mentioned previously but... JERUSALEM'S AL-AQSA MOSQUE FIRE BURNS AT THE SAME TIME AS FLAMES ENGULF NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL IN PARIS
  5. so... the goal posts have now moved from criminality to condemnation. great. good job Adam, time for you to leave the stage now. what a joke. 'clearly, these are not traits the american people desire in their President'. regardless, Pencilneck, that is not a matter for investigation.
  6. https://twitter.com/JoshJPhilipp/status/1118957118856540162
  7. Foxx

    Do You BitCoin?

    i guess that depends upon how you want to look at it. if you want to base it against the various fiats around the world, the impact is infinitesimal. are we comparing it against gold mining impact? gold is more impactful. as of Dec '18
  8. "those who colluded on this effort" he left out perhaps the most important player in all of this, the Obama Administration. by design??
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