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  1. the biggest drawback would be no Bill's football this weekend.
  2. thanks for the reply, @SDS, much appreciated. i understand the delay, life often intrudes, i was however, beginning to wonder... you have always struck me as a pretty fair minded guy and the fact that this website is where it is at after a quarter of a century speaks to this fact. i understand the difficulties one faces (though certainly not to the degree you do), in trying to not only do what one thinks is the right thing but to please all the many different personalities that congregate under your roof. to be sure, never an easy chore and more times than not, can be heart wrench
  3. had i wanted the thread deleted, i would have done so. far be it from me to remove the labor of everyone's efforts within this thread, even those i don't agree with. since @Hapless Bills Fan won't close this thread, @Chandler#81will you please close this thread, thank you.
  4. @Hapless Bills Fan please close this thread, thank you. too much character assassination without the character being able to defend himself.
  5. i did not want to jump into this discussion. however, i can not sleep due to the bad taste that this whole situation has left in my mouth. this your sandbox and we are all here by your good graces. your house, your rules. it is a beautiful site you have created, well rounded and vibrant. with that said, as you said, this is your point of view. from where i sit, it is not very professional, nor right to come out with 'your view' as to the course of events while having the, 'alleged' offending party unable to defend themselves because they were banned by, you. this is t
  6. Foxx

    Do You BitCoin?

  7. you probably won't want to read the following then... US faces ticking ‘feral swine bomb’ as millions of wild pigs run rampant across country
  8. to @Deranged Rhino https://twitter.com/AdamBaldwin/status/1312539186038140934 article: Devin Nunes Tears into Adam Schiff and His 'Sick Fantasies' at Intel Committee Hearing Nunes statement: https://twitter.com/TimRunsHisMouth/status/1312083212869435398
  9. the inmates are now officially running the asylum.
  10. i am. disappointed but okay. thank you for asking.
  11. hey Happy Days. hope you and yours are well with this madness that has descended upon humanity. thank you for the fact check, appreciated as i had not done that. my apologies for not doing so, however in my defense (not that that is an acceptable defense though), time is in short supply these days. am hoping that i will be as prepped as i can be shortly here, just prior to the election and have more time available after that. having read through the thread to catch up, i would counter... as @3rdnlng pointed out, Wiki is not the best source for debunking for starters. th
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