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  1. https://twitter.com/drawandstrike/status/1203763071631712262
  2. pretty sure he didn't read the report yet but for entertainment purposes until it gets released: thread. https://twitter.com/drawandstrike/status/1203828736594006016
  3. the Naples Daily?? is it any surprise that this comes out of Cali? here... let me write a script for that....
  4. while completely idiotic on Williamson's behalf... it may be a minor thing but if your going to try and dunk on someone, you should probably have your ducks in a row. Wilson??
  5. i could be wrong but i believe them to be mostly from the Intelligence Committee's, 'investigation'. Collins demands Democrats postpone hearing after last-minute document transmission
  6. really. i don't really care if this place would have a bunch of melted snowflakes had they not made it. sorry but i'm just being honest.
  7. if we scored a TD at the end there, i would have wanted us to go for two. it was just that kind of game. i was pleasantly surprised how well our defensive game plan was effective. though, you might say they scored 24, how could it have been that effective. i think we played very well. offense not so much, obviously. odd game. i hope we see them again this year. i expect a totally different type of game if we do.
  8. said immunity does not extend to commission of a crime. however, i guess revealing classified information may not be a prosecutable offense. but... does that protect him from unlawfully spying, i dunno.
  9. not to argue, but... wouldn't that be more impressive?
  10. https://twitter.com/HSajwanization/status/1203546727573262337
  11. https://twitter.com/drawandstrike/status/1203561907334107136
  12. wouldn't last weeks game, Balt/San Fran equal the same amount of wins between two teams as this weeks game between Buf/Balt?
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