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  1. i'm beginning to think you may have been water boarded once, possibly twice before. it's called, Plan 2014. your welcome.
  2. https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/1140086060296355840
  3. it might be time to start a 'strange disappearances' thread. the spate of LEO's and those associated with law enforcement that have been dropping like flies lately seems odd. is it all connected in some way with the deep state being investigated for spygate? maybe it's just part of the Clinton legacy? or it's nothing at all? https://twitter.com/BullPatriot/status/1140043714917801984
  4. it's official now. https://twitter.com/zilla705/status/1140135595978702848
  5. once again... one set of rules for them and another for us plebs.
  6. https://twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1139732928139677699
  7. https://twitter.com/miavendetta10/status/1139724834416414721
  8. I got mine a couple months ago (white) and was kind of surprised by how small the numbers are, i guess i thought they should be somewhat larger. it is a Nike so it should be an accurate replica. dunno.
  9. basically, no. i am saying that Weintraub is being deceitful in her statement and that she has a giant conflict of interest to even weigh in on the matter. i am not a woman (no offense to any women (please don't throw things at me)), i don't infer things with what i say, i am saying what i am saying. please tell me you understand these things.
  10. for you and the assmuncher, @McGee Return TD https://twitter.com/Barnes_Law/status/1139600387990704128 as well as the complaint against the Clinton Campaign that has been sitting on her desk for 20 months now. yeah, no bias to be found anywhere here...
  11. i don't know that he gets 1K yards this year. we also have Gore and the young'un, Singletary to give the ball to.
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