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  1. What does he know about coaching? Or does that not matter?
  2. I am waiting for Joe to give me the go ahead to be happy.
  3. I don’t think we need new topic commentary about other teams at this point. There’s a topic for all of this. Let’s start using it.
  4. It was lucky for sure. He also didn't panic. He can't take credit for Oliver falling for him, but he can take credit for picking him there with all his other resources in hand.
  5. ESPN showed more highlights of Aaron Donald than Ed Oliver.
  6. Do you mean when you pulled your own trade proposal out of your ass to trade with a phantom partner that doesn't exist, just so you can complain?
  7. Do not splinter off a dozen different topics. I have one created. Chill.
  8. [This is an automated response] As a courtesy to the other board members, please use more descriptive topic titles. A better title will help the community find information faster and make your topic more likely to be read. The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you.
  9. Gifts of time and money are only acceptable when they come from a pure and modest heart? Society could use a lot more encouragement to "be better" than mocking those who are trying.
  10. Or perhaps their participation encourages others to join in... I mean, ragging on people who give their money/time because they didn't do so in the dark of night is a pretty petty complaint.
  11. I think the Devil beat Johnny's ass and she should have ripped his soul from Johnny's body.
  12. There’s a simple solution to all of this. Calm down. Does it really matter if you know if the Bills sign a free agent within 30 seconds or two hours later when it is official? Why is there a need for a sports inside scoop when you can wait 5 minutes for the outside truth?
  13. I want to punch the person who made that graphic.
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