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  1. We’re gonna have to schedule a golf outing when you get settled.
  2. Center ice isn’t a thing anymore. The vast majority of games are on ESPN+. Grab yourself the Hulu/Disney/ESPN+ package for like 15 bucks a month.
  3. that was my wife’s philosophy. he might have a good left hand and a poor right hand.
  4. when this happens, tell me the exact link you are using. This matters because certain links take you to the bottom of the page.
  5. brand new? Then it’s probably not browser cache. You said a new build so I assume it’s a new Windows PC build. Are you running a weird browser?
  6. clear your browser cache. clear your browser cash. I have heard of problems with non-Apple tablet devices.
  7. Please post your reactions in the pinned thread
  8. I doubt I would’ve made the effort to move from 3.5% to 4.75%, even if I did look into it. But it’s like if I’m going through all of the aggravation to open up a new account and then close my current one, I might as well take the best offer I can find. That is not with capital one.
  9. same exact story. Started with the ING account, went to capital one, got shafted with 0.3%. Now I’m in the process of moving out. I wouldn’t have looked into this if they just gave me the 3.5% and now they will be losing all my business because because they gave me incentive to look for something else.
  10. yeah. I’m looking at a bunch of the same ones you mentioned. It really looks like you need three credit cards to cover all your bases if you want to maximize your returns. Like maybe one for gas and groceries, one for restaurants, and one for everything else. the rewards can really be substantial.
  11. not really thinking about long-term investments, just every day money management. I’ve looked at that citizens savings account. I have one now that can be converted into a much better rate at the same bank, it’s just not the absolute best right that’s out there right now. I think I’m leaning towards getting one card for every day purchases at 2% and 1 or 2 more that hits groceries, restaurants, and dining. You can’t really get all three at the same time. The Wells Fargo one looks like it’s the most straightforward but I’ve been waiting to get away for that company for years after all the consumer fraud that occurred a few years ago. Citibank has a 2% card to that fits, but the Wells Fargo one has a $200 introduction offer and why would I not want $200? That’s right. Because I hate these people. Lol
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