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  1. I think we have a situation covered. Thanks.
  2. Not cool. Please refrain from posting misleading titles.
  3. [This is an automated response] The topic title is potentially misleading. Accurate titles help the community find topics relevant to their interests and avoids reader frustration. Please change the topic title to more accurately reflect content of the original post.The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you.
  4. Interesting. I didn’t consider that an anniversary could be a season and not one specific game.
  5. Well the entire design centers around the 20th anniversary of one specific tailgate event, which has always been the home opener.
  6. T-Shirt Redesign: "TAILGATE" OR "TBDAHOT"???
  7. Odd. I let you re-register despite your removal years ago. Seems a bit ungrateful if you ask me.
  8. Are you Brandon? Because nobody finds that site unless your name is Brandon.
  9. Please. Get real. You have no idea what you are talking about. Laughable. My condolences.
  10. Apparently, you have never exchanged messages with him.
  11. That’s just nonsense. Your argument is no different than someone posting ripped music on their server and claiming they’re doing the artist a favor by exposing them to more people. If a musician or the NFL wanted to give away their product they are well within their rights to do that. I think they’re smart enough to know what’s in their best interest. Firstly, I ignore him like the plague. Secondly, in past years he has tried to charge for access on his site. I do not know if that has changed.
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