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  1. https://www.health.ny.gov/publications/2805/index.htm I guess they do. That's why a should shut up even when I think I have a modicum of knowledge.
  2. If you say it seals, I can't argue. That is hard for me to imagine though. I have some old masks downstairs, and I never imagined they could seal.
  3. http://www.kdheks.gov/cphp/download/Fit_Test_Pro_for_N95_R.pdf here is a PDF document for a fit check for the N95 mask. It talks about those tests and refers to “readjusting“ the mask. I am fairly certain no one said those masks provide an impenetrable fit. That doesn’t mean they’re not fitted though. They just aren’t sealed.
  4. additionally, it’s not apparent how scalable this is. A careless calculation says if you take the number of US households, and assume every household gets their food delivered, assume they get it once per week, assuming grocery store is open 16 hours a day, assume one worker can check out 16 people per day… You would need 1 million workers working 8 hours a day seven days a week. Edit: I made a mistake
  5. I have no idea what should be acceptable. I have reduced it to once per week at minimum. Two weeks would be a goal. If you go longer than that then you end up buying more than stores can handle in my opinion. Correct me if I’m wrong. Multiple times per week seems like quite a bit, but that’s an impression.
  6. My point is 330 Americans depend on food and a much smaller amount will depend on healthcare. Everything starts with water, then food then other things. It’s just my opinion, but the reaction to this pandemic is nothing until it touches the food supply. When that happens all hell will break loose. All hell.
  7. Tell me if I’m wrong if I think that food distribution sites, which affect every single person in America, are probably the most important part of this pandemic response. I guess the question is, what is the safest way to distribute food and medicine to every single person in this country?
  8. If I allowed my ignorant self to speak out loud, I would test concentrating store employees packing the grocery lists themselves and then customers paying online and then picking up. You have to stop 1000 people going into the store and touching everything.
  9. Been thinking about supply chains a lot. No one is supposed to panic because grocery stores are open, but clearly there’s going to be a time in certain places where the grocery store workers say it’s not worth it. I am not sure how we avoid a panic as it gets worse.
  10. Traveling to China from here seems to be almost impossible. We have an acquaintance from China who has been trying to get back for a week and the best she has been able to do is get to San Francisco. Today they pulled her off the plane because they said Japan would not allow foreigners to travel on to China. this is after she’s had at least a half dozen flights canceled on her.
  11. What? No Bills team in 2007 made the playoffs.
  12. The tax rules should be changed so that the states get their money but everybody pays an average tax rate. Every single player from every single team pays the same average state tax rate and the states where the work is performed get the taxes they are owed.
  13. Still trying to figure out where I am wrong and we are a fourth and the fifth came from that goes along with next year’s fourth.
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