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  1. Back in high school, after wrestling matches, the team would go out on $.10 wing nights on Thursday. The wings were pretty small, but the order was for 50 a person around the table. That’s when I was 115 pounds. for those of us watching our weight, we weren’t all that bright. Lol
  2. I don’t think you said that right. Fans still attend the game, just different ones. As someone who doesn’t live close to the stadium, I depend on someone reselling their ticket, even at a confiscatory rate, in order for me to go.
  3. Places to find support can be found at the top of the thread. Thank you.
  4. Does StubHub require private individuals to own the tickets first?
  5. Front corner of Hammers Lot.
  6. Closing in. Almost. So far, so good.
  7. Nice. I'm going to the Ravens road game 15 miles away.
  8. are you going on not. lol
  9. Doesn't it get breezy under the bridge?
  10. This is probably the fifth time.
  11. make sure some dude named Ryan doesn’t throw marinated roadkill in your mouth.
  12. there was a guy with a made up account posting garbage and was dunking on everyone after. It ended pretty funny.
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