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  1. this was my upper limit. Let me know when you wanna compare hose reels. Then we’ll see who’s wallet is fat.
  2. Bad info. It was $10,500 for both seats. $5250 for one. That makes way more sense.
  3. Seats are around the 20–25 yard line, but our $5250 each. Heated on the visitor sideline.
  4. this is some of the advice I was looking for in what it should look like.
  5. One piece of advice that was told by a friend was not to split up the seats by name because it would be harder to resell if needed. Sounded legit.
  6. I have the possibility of splitting a pair of club seats with a family member who currently has a pair of clubs. In their meeting they were quoted 15 K per seat. Is there any advice you guys may have?
  7. You people should’ve been in our golf pool.
  8. Unfortunately, the mirrorless lens lineup has a lot of holes in it. So they are much more expensive, but there are some good options and some average options. I’m not really sure there’s a perfect lineup of lenses to get quite yet.
  9. If I was buying a landscape lens, and I stayed with Canon, my first take would be getting this lens: https://www.usa.canon.com/shop/p/rf14-35mm-f4-l-is-usm?color=Black&type=New#toreviews
  10. Watch this video and tell me what you think. This is the kind of lens (either one of the two) I would start with and shoot for six months. I would then evaluate my needs based upon the result. Was it good enough? Did it meet 50% of my needs? 90% of my needs? Do I need another lens or two to supplement this range? Do I need to sell it and take a different approach?
  11. mirrorless is 100% the future. It’s the lightest, but it is also so expensive now. If you put a premium on weight, then you’re gonna pay for it. On the other hand, you can get great deals on traditional used DSLR cameras as people sell their old gear and replace it with mirrorless. I pretty much buy everything used at one particular website. I will be unloading my old gear soon. I should’ve probably already done it last year. this also really depends on what you mean by taking photographs outside. That could be wide angle landscapes, close-up shots of things 18 inches from you, or zooming in on wildlife far away. Or all three. Each will need different lenses. I bought a canon R10 for my daughter. While not perfect for all occasions, it worked out really nice for her photographing soccer and football - even if it’s not really the best camera body for that application. There was only so much I was willing to spend. Lol For outdoor still life, you can get incredible results with pretty much any camera body through the main manufacturers. Having the right glass is more important than the body. But most important is the skill of the photographer. Give a professional a point and shoot and a beginner a $10,000 rig and I will put my money on the professional every day. 1. Photographer 2. Glass 3. Camera body from there, my only personal experience is with Canon. While follow the Nikon lines, I’ve never purchased anything from them. Sony also has some intriguing sensors in their camera bodies. For sports photography, I use a canon 7D mark II with a canon 70–200 F2.8 zoom lens. It works well for me.
  12. well, I know my business and I would be happy to discuss camera gear with you. I probably have 5K worth of equipment of my own. Plus there’s those two pesky optics degrees that I have. Lol
  13. this one is better. This was from the guy standing 10 feet behind me during totality. He had a reflective telescope with his camera attached to the back. I don’t know exactly what each person used, but we’re texting back-and-forth and I can certainly ask if you’d like.
  14. Newport Vermont. Switched from Buffalo, to Burlington Vermont, to Newport Vermont. Here are the pictures from average Joe photography who took pictures next to my car. You can find him under that name on Instagram.
  15. or you’re gonna trash him on a messageboard?
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