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  1. this is not the right way to respond to these posts. The best way is to report them. Thank you. while we appreciate you responding with our announcement, this particular post was egregious enough to be reported. Thank you.
  2. My guess is the buzz around this story goes away in about a week.
  3. Thanks for your feedback everyone!
  4. I just got a case of the red ass.
  5. Just as a reminder, there are a lot of variations of opinions here and even if we decide to go in a different direction, your voice was heard and accounted for. Thanks.
  6. But for what it is worth, no actions were taken on point total.
  7. This is the only way it works actually. Points expire in X. I just have to turn it on and define X.
  8. FYI, there has been a language filter in place for probably 20 years. Second, new people haven’t been able to post new topics for almost a year now. 😂
  9. I appreciate your willingness to engage, but this topic is for me and the other moderators to address our points system, not to discuss other things with other people. The topic title, the original post and the questions I asked were very specific. Thank you.
  10. It's rarely used. It's mainly for someone who posts an uninteresting topic and then keeps "bumping" it for it to be seen, yet it still gets avoided. It's been here for years. Don't sweat it.
  11. Topic bumping (rarely used) may not by point worthy. So, default is 0. Maybe abusive behavior is really bad so default is 2 points for a warning. that does not correspond to a question asked.
  12. A structure will help mod to mod variability and keep the insults down a little.
  13. Hey everyone... 3-0!!! How 'bout them Bills??? Let's keep it going.... 👊 I'd like to ask for constructive input on community moderation. Our software has a ton of features that we have never used and it may be time to provide some structure. I'm hoping that provides a more methodical and more informed way to keep this train chugging along in a smooth way. FYI, off-topic/"funny"/inappropriate posts will be deleted. Here is what I want to know: 1. We have several default areas of concern: Politics, COVID-19, Inappropriate Language, Abusive Behavior, Inappropriate Avatar, Topic Bumping. Are there any other typical bad posts that fall into a category I am missing? 2. Each of those categories have default point values from 0-5. What do you think they should be? 3. What should happen to a member if they rack up X number of points? (Each time that get a point - the user is warned.) This can range from being able to read and not post to removing all access to the community. 4. Should points expire? If so, how long should they remain? 5. Should there be an appeals process (post restriction/banning) and what would this look like? This is just feedback. We may disagree on what you say. Your feedback may not be feasible either. regardless, thoughtful replies are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. We appreciate the news as a pertains to this development. Let us know if additional official developments need to be added to inform the public. If you have concerns, comments, or questions regarding regarding COVID-19 please consult more appropriate resources.
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