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  1. A little bit late to the game. I did not listen to 90s music when it came out, but I listen to a lot of it now. I don’t have the in-depth knowledge of every band from that era, especially the harder stuff. With that said: 1. Pearl Jam. I don’t even think this one is a question. Not only were they influential, but then you add the longevity. 2. Nirvana. With two of their three albums in the 90s, I guess you have to put Nirvana at number two. Nevermind pretty much put the nail in the coffin of every hairband that was still hanging around. 3. STP. I put that number three because I like them. Go pound sand if you think Soundgarden was better. Me don't care. 4. Goo Goo Dolls. I’m going off the reservation with this one. In recognition that the early 90s were vastly different from the late 90s, we should all look back at how ubiquitous GGD was after a boy named goo and dizzy up the girl. By 1999 they were everywhere. MTV, movie soundtracks, guest appearances. Johnny Rzeznik was the voice of pop/rock music for several years there. Maybe they could’ve been considered a 2000 band, but with those two albums being in the 90s I’m going to give them the unconventional nod.
  2. Another favorite: “Be the person you want to meet.”
  3. it only took one post.
  4. Here’s a topic to document nuggets of TBD wisdom. I’ll start: “Drop by drop the river is formed.”
  5. please don’t do this. There is absolutely no reason to resurrect a two month old topic with an incorrect topic title. If you need to reference a pass post you could just embed a link to it. I know I have this on the Sabres site and I believe I have it here too where I ask you in a big orange alert box not to resurrect old posts.
  6. I don’t know why you’re tagging me, but I wasn’t selling my ticket. A teacher at my child’s school had a seat for sale and I posted it for her. For I know she bought it at the same price and was looking to get her money back.
  7. I can get you a better deal than Ticketmaster.
  8. it was a quote from his marketing agent. However if you actually read the text he says he was only resuscitated once “on the field“. No one was ever claiming differently.
  9. Please stop replying to garbage posts. It only makes our job harder. If there’s an issue report it.
  10. Yes. I’m concerned about people sending their hard-earned money to a place that no one asked them to during an emotional time. Such a crazy thought from the site creator. What I really should be doing as someone who doesn’t know anything about the situation is to tell people to spend money left and right without any due diligence. Grow up.
  11. Your reading skills are to be commended. 🙄 Do you know if anyone is actually able to receive this money? If people want to express their concern and it had to be done this very minute there are countless places to donate money where their ability to handle such influx is known.
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