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  1. The one band we had many years ago was for a 4 o’clock game. We had plenty of time to take a small break for that. There’s just not enough hours in the morning for a 1 o’clock game.
  2. This fruit ☝️☝️☝️ gets the last word.
  3. no they don’t. Perhaps you could read that table of information with a more critical eye.
  4. it can also just be said that consensus has not yet been formed in this area. It may well be the case. It may also have caveats.
  5. A removed post on page 6 compared someone to Mussolini, so yeah.
  6. The herpes virus gets transmitted asymptomatically all the time.
  7. This is incorrect, unless you are including people who aren’t eligible to get vaccinated.
  8. I’ve been reading and keeping my comments to myself. But if I was to say something this was going to be my comment. Quite frankly, the people who refuse to get vaccinated are simply grifters. They grift on the doctors and nurses and scientists and immunologists and mathematicians and all the vaccinated people in the general public who got out of the wagon and are pulling us out of this mess. They don’t care if they get sick and get hospitalized because somebody else will be there to take care of them, the caregivers who are required to be vaccinated, so they can perform the simple act
  9. yeah, we will start a new topic for that. Did you find a ticket?
  10. So, I’m making a list for those who need tickets for the home opener and will be attending the TBD tailgate. I’m waiting to hear back from some about attending. If you need tickets, put your name on a list and I’ll see what I have and what I can get my hands on.
  11. Thank you for the feedback everyone. All comments will be taken under consideration. 👍
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