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  1. [This is an automated response] As a courtesy to the other board members, please use more descriptive topic titles. A better title will help the community find information faster and make your topic more likely to be read. The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you.
  2. perhaps. But enough has come out regarding that ***** show but I think the fallout is inevitable.
  3. Whether it be Jon Gruden or people in this topic… when people tell you who they are - believe them.
  4. Hey could you email me (since I don't have permission to message)? raustin@ardmoreschools.org 

    I have a question about the BBB used for this site... was wanting to install it for my Oklahoma State fan page. THX!

  5. Not to be captain obvious… But you could’ve held your phone sideways.
  6. that was probably a little too Jim Rome for me.
  7. My guess is that one contest the week is plenty. If people want more they will ask for them. I think having too many might suppress the participation.
  8. Thank you for the feedback.
  9. You’re right here. The debate has been framed as vaccinated vs unvaccinated and not immune vs non-immune. We aren’t set up for it yet. To be fair though, the data is still coming in on this. I haven’t seen anything that says you shouldn’t get one dose and have a better response to boot. That will all be sorted out in time.
  10. and yet you spent the day discussing natural immunity with a test. You kept discussing how it’s the safest of all options and then when called out on it regarding practicality, you change your entire assertion. 🤔
  11. "those with natural immunity". I'm sorry that I read what is written. How do you plan to test people for "natural immunity"? What system is in place to track this? Are $15/hr ticket scanners going to adjudicate what is real and what is not real evidence of natural immunity? I'm sorry I read what you write. Words mean things.
  12. You try to sound reasonable, while slipping in unreasonable points. You ask for unreasonable things and then declare anything else to be disingenuous and lacking any merit. And then you end it with FUD in your proclamation that eventually they’re nefariously coming to get you for something. If schools do anything other than provide a bulletproof vest for every single person in the school then it’s not about safety… You can make a horseshit argument with literally everything by taking it to the extreme. It doesn’t mean current policy is rooted in a lack of logic or nefarious action.
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