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  1. So, lots of complaints about it on the developer site. They are now discussing internally the mess they made. I might be able to revert this one feature to the old code when I get a chance.
  2. There was a small 0.0.1 upgrade yesterday. That probably messed with them. I'm sure they will fix it in due time.
  3. Well, I don't sell ads directly to advertisers. Google does that based upon your surfing habits and then displays them on websites like ours. It seems to me you have done some manscaping inquiries of your own.
  4. Apple is a hardware company looking to sell you phones and computers. Google is a services/information gathering company looking to sell your information to other companies for marketing purposes. I don't think the level of tracking is comparable.
  5. Not as simple as you put it: https://www.cnet.com/news/spotify-and-hulu-10-bundle-offer-has-ended-new-deal-offers-3-month-trial-for-99-cents/
  6. FWIW, I have never seen a more FUBAR'd setup that still had a picture and sound. Everything was wrong, yet "right enough" that there wasn't a blank screen. I doubt you could pay someone to recreate that mess. It all started from seeing the stretched image on the screen and seeing the red/white/yellow cable in the back (which doesn't support HDTV)... then it snowballed. His previous installer did nothing right. Nothing.
  7. I'm not sure what this means... I would say it's much more realistic to educate everyone that none of this is free and eventually it all needs to be supported somehow. Most of those fonts are now cached because they are used by so many sites. FWIW, it costs me $2k/year to host TBD/SS. If I didn't serve ads, we would have been shut down 15 years ago. That's just reality.
  8. Peripherally related... I'm a bit OCD for certain things which includes audio/visual setup. A couple years ago I visited a friend who had the typical home theater setup, but as I walked through the front door I could see his standard def picture stretched on his HDTV. I was like WTF Greg? Long story short.... 8 hours later, including multiple trips to various stores, I reconfigured his entire system. Changed every setting on every component, swapping out cables, making connections, etc... I brought him to tears when I was done. He never knew what everything should look/sound like. He just kept looking around wondering where all the surround sound was coming from. lol
  9. Well, I'm not really talking Burger King here. I was referring to a family restaurant that also had take-out services. What percentage of the real work did the take-out person I mentioned above do that a server also does? Besides drinks/refills... what else is there? Is one worth 20% and the other is 0%? Is that take-out employee a server who got pulled off the floor and now makes $7.50/hr and not $20/hr with the tips included? What's wrong with 10% when a real effort was made to put everything together?
  10. I haven't read the whole thread, so please excuse this if it has already been mentioned... Did they just give it to you or did they pack it up? Did they swap the baked beans for the cole slaw? Did the make sure you got the BBQ chicken and not the plain chicken? White meat only? No onions on your side salad? Dressing was packed, correct, and not forgotten? Was your order for the entire family and each one had their own special instructions? Have you ever been pissed off when you got home and your to-go order was completely FUBAR'd? Many times, they are not just giving you your food.
  11. I know! That's why everyone is having a hard time processing this. It is is so out there, everyone just assumes he is talking about the WHOLE crust. That couldn't be further from the truth.
  12. No. That wasn’t the origin of the debate. The origin was that the OP stated that the outer crust was the best part of the pizza. Anything else is a bastardization of the dispute.
  13. I should probably clarify something here because we have some very unscrupulous topic starters that change the argument in their favor. The original statement was that the outer crust, specifically the outer crust, was the best part of the pizza. THE BEST PART. Now it was astutely pointed out that you probably can’t have a bad outer crust without having a bad bottom. But that was not the issue. The question at hand in the shoutbox was if the outer crust was the best part of the pizza.
  14. Let's check in on Joe and Gugny having a bro lunch...
  15. Gugny does make a visually stunning, mouth-watering pie...
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