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  1. what was your honest level of frustration when you were logged out?
  2. it’s 25% higher than it was three weeks ago and going up.
  3. Florida’s seven day average has been increasing since March 17 and is still twice as high as it was last October.
  4. Maybe you could find someone to discuss whether a hotdog is a sandwich or not?
  5. There is. Toning disgusting about it. As stated, if you read the posts, we would like the discussion to be tightly focused on the intersection of the NFL and the issue at hand. If it gets out of control it will be closed. If people talk about the situation rationally then it can continue.
  6. I’d like to speak to the person in charge of marketing if they are running ads on a Buffalo Bills fan forum for a $200,000 Mercedes. https://www.jamesedition.com/stories/cars/the-15-most-expensive-mercedes-benz-cars/
  7. There are no need for snarky remarks, either towards him or I guess the op was snarky towards me. This can be discussed as a community in good faith.
  8. I have blocked WinZipdriverupdater.com as an advertiser.
  9. https://www.finheaven.com I think the owner does a really nice job over there with their graphics and layout. Though I think they probably cater to a different audience then I hope to attract, but that’s all right. But people are free to go over to a really busy football forum and see what that user experience is like and ask yourself if things are so bad over here.
  10. And just to put a finer point on this, I can choose not to show ads to administrators (myself and one other). What I have chosen is to show ads to myself, everyday for years and years, but not members. Hopefully, I have a good idea what the user experience is with those ads, even if all of the members don’t see them here (but do on the front page if they utilize that resource).
  11. Are logged-in members seeing ads on the forum? Despite being logged in, I show ads to myself so I know what is being shown and where.
  12. So, Google inserted this type of ad on their own. It is my choice if I want to decline it or not. This was a recent development. To date, I have not shown any ads to members on the forum. It’s not to say I won’t in the future, but I haven’t done so in 23 years. Guests that read, but don’t contribute see ads. That seems fair to me. It looks like there might be a click through ad to go from the front page to the forum. It’s new, but is this a day wrecker? I certainly don’t mean to enrage people because they have to press an X once in transition. it
  13. They would settle for a substantial sum or else risk getting a fraction of the settlement by going after non-liable people. NFL lawyers vs theirs.
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