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  1. Ok hear we go Sign rt Bryan buligan Green Bay Packers Move beloved Ford to left guard where he belongs maybe people will stop winning than doubt it Cut shanks a lot your punter Sign an xl guy from Dallas that was punting for 50+ Draft move assets 2 5s and a third for another 2 ( we can always dream) 1 draft edge 2nd wr/lb 2nd rb or best of wr/lb
  2. Dean has also done the bills camp notes at sjf ever since it has been here. Gives real good in depth inside on players and how the flow of camp is going (note last year he did go off a little on the intitled people) Used to directly post here buy 2 years ago a posted kept harassing him and he stopped posting on tbd. If you follow camp the reports say everything was bad Dean tells the whole story. They sit in the upper north corner of the blecers and has a large rimmed hat on. He likes it when people help him and give him extra notes of observation.
  3. Rip little guy the good ones always go to soon Your bills family is here for you all
  4. Can we start a go find me page for henry
  5. And that's why we have Roberts on kicks Sure handed
  6. Question for you for next year all my friends are Steelers fans but me and my girlfriend when the schedule comes out would you be willing to sale me your camper lot ticket for that game
  7. I do believe the oc from lsu fits that bill 1) good offense nope great 2) backup QB yeah who is he heismam trophy winner
  8. 3 points to make about this big debate 1) yes Duke is the big tall wr and yes he. does get extra yards after the catch, he did drop one pass and beat himself up for it and also had a really nice catch for a first down and did his little dance party moves did not come back to the line of scrimmage and cost the bills a time out. The look on McD face said it all 2) many people have said Murphy is not worth it true his sacks were against a te and a tackle the tackle he just ran around. Next play he lost the outside containment and bell just ran around him he didn't even move another play Arnold ran right in front of him and he did not move my th I ought was is he clueless I don't know 3) ed Oliver countless times this year and yesterday he moved his guy of the line back 1 to 2 yards with his leverage wich is great But because he is so low to the ground when he does this the linemen just fall on top of him to take him out of the play happened 3 times against the Jets Smile were in the playoffs everyone is 0-0
  9. I have been a bills fan since I was born late 68' I got my oj jersy when I was 4. Grew up in marilla ny we had more cattle than people. In the summer you diff know you were in the country. Saw fergy thru interception when playing the Bengals and it knocked us out of making the playoffs, dad said the bookies made there money on the game. Watched first super bowl with teammates on the swim team at rit. I was the only bills fan of the 30 other people. Everyone laughed at me at the end of the game. Got tickets to the Washington sb all the people around us after the middle of the second quarter felt bad and started buying us drinks they felt so bad for us. Rochester is diff not a totally bills town for sure. People always said your crazy for being a bills fan. Most of my friends that were fans would not adit it. The bills are in my blood.
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