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  1. Love the quote by Josh Gonna make them look the the smartest people out there
  2. They did not get rid of bojo he did not want to sign here or be in Buffalo wanted to go out west also he turned down the contract that we gave him. We will see if he even makes the Rams team he is the #2 punter there. Also bojo out kicked the coverage teams often when it was set up to bin the returner for no gain. Which did hurt us on occasion. But yes he did have a big leg and the 69 yard punt was nice.
  3. Early retirement My link disappeared help me yolo
  4. Ok yolo were you spotting him cause that is one big dude if he came crashing down on you
  5. Reverse alphabetical order And he makes 25 million let AZ take that cap hit
  6. Shaw,as always just what the Dr order. Great read really as always nothing much to add. As I sit here in Clayton NY at grasses point state park listening to all the amateur fire starters chop wood for chindeling I always wonder go get some sticks. Nope men just like bashing wood Get it 😆
  7. He did not point his toes and there was a lot of splash. 2 points only for the sissy vest. Really it just a shark what really could go wrong 😕. Black wetsuit looks like a seal, they just take a little bite. Have been in the water with every type of 🦈 and only dive I have every stopped was in the florida keys and it was a bull shark and kept glancing us.
  8. Preseason just means summer is close to being over ☺ And I gett rent money from college students parents. I hope
  9. Thanks when I read that one I was like what did I miss
  10. Josh Allen Savvy Love it jordan Later in the show he talks about alcoholism and his struggles. Down to earth guy
  11. Yes and I would also say it is the one that will be canceled or only go for 30 minutes. Last one they did at sjf open practice lasted for 30 minutes people were pissed.
  12. So true One of my friends lives in Florida and graduated from Georgia played left guard years ago lifelong season ticket holder said any time fromm thru an out it would have been a pick 6 just no arm strength and focuses in on the receiver.
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