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  1. Of all the posts for years that I have read of yours this is by far the best ever heart warming. And for are country as a hole heart saiding Thank you sir for your service the tbd
  2. I met the Bermuda triangle at the buffalo airport. Let's see how many of you know who they are no google Funny thing is 2 days later we were eating dinner next to them ( boy could they eat) Fs looked at me and said good things come in small packages
  3. Tks other posters are saying in am full of crap but saw myself 3 times last week
  4. Yes stats say that they both were above 42 yards per punt My point is Corey shanked 3 punts in a row and the landed near the 50 yard line my seasons are under m and t club the crowd all ahed at those punts Know yes when the ball hit the ground it did roll forward on all 3 and give him an extra 10 yards per punt Roberts caught and fare catches all of his punts for no yac. So would you rather have 44 yards great hang time and fare catch Or a shank
  5. Several of my friends are Drs and nurses most deaths not all are from it Example older person dies in hospice care goes down as pneumonia family doesn't want otopsy goes down as cov 19 Sad but my Dr friends are being told to do just that
  6. We still always packed the stadium even though all the drought years In winter maybe not
  7. Big Ted Always eat up 2 blockers never said bad things Keyed buffalos #1 defense that year It was also hard to throw screens passes when he played because know one got by him. If I can remember right that's why London Fletcher got so many tackles should have made the Pro Bowl that year
  8. Ok just rewatched the game Couple points 1)The code word for the snap that game was brown every time josh said it the next thing was the snap brown 80 a couple of times First half was another b word did not remember 2)Yes def can easily pick up on that especially if they are blitzing, the fakes the Ravens d did not move 3)4 throws by Josh akin at 7' 2" could not have graped 2 bad drops by Cole 4) and yes wait for it R punter sucks You heard it here first We lost almost 60 yards in field position
  9. Doesn't matter someone will always pay And overpay so that QB won't go to another team imagine dak playing for wasington. Jerry would have a cow no way does he not sign for big numbers. For us 1 year of that would set us up for life. I don't need a million dollar house with all the high prices cars.
  10. Sorry that is the way this board is As for tips after the big melt down in march I asked 3 brokers and some of my friends if the market is this low what stocks to buy on know that will all go back up I got the standard don't chase I stock it won't pay and don't do the farmasodical companys. So i did some fast studies on stocks invested in 5 All based on stirring your a@@ at home and buying stuff. The first 3 are easy the bigges 1) 2123 know at 2400 2) 112 know at 166 3) 312 to 344 Video games were the last 2 I did very well and did it by myself and everyone said i was crazy. Win or lose stocks always go up and down Bears win Bulls win Pigs get slaughtered Sometimes you can take the advice from this board I did last year on the under over for wins and made 7k Tks tbd It's good to be nice Know stop coming over to my camper and taking all my green egg Smoked ribs Yum yum
  11. So for all tbd members we used 47 pages of space to say boys (young will be boys) There will be a AP statistics test tuesday Please bring your number 2 pencil And this is why Dean does not post here anymore And yes I was directly after by 2 dwi's Fience killed by one And my attorneys wife was killed by another The greatest statement that can be said is your friends should be responsible and take big Ed's keys away
  12. Did not Quentin Williams get pulled over in the south Alabama i think also had to be last year what happened to his charges
  13. I guess that it what happens when your train more and take your shirt off? He is one built dude
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