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  1. Me also heard he wanted 3 plus here
  2. 1 of the other reasons was bojo thought he was worth more money than they were offering
  3. That is great news hopefully no long term complications.
  4. I see this as 2 things 1) where every on this planet did we get a stat for dropped interceptions. 2) is this on the people in Josh's first year that say Josh is still a bad quarterback, and will never get his 54% comp rating up. Bad mechanics bad foot work. I would like to see how any qbs throw that dart to Diggs in the AZ game. Of balance bad footwork pressure that was a lazer. O yeah last minute of the game. Someone needs to find that video and put it up. And the bad throw to Davis just over the linebackers hand. 3 th
  5. Well my mom always tells me you can't fix stupid. And then always looks at me of all people
  6. so everyone wants facts here we go 1) The bills were 15-3 last season Check yup that's right 2) we only lost 3 games check One by a hale marry where watch the play again someone on the bills got tackled and 2 bills players did not knock the ball to the ground. What that game did do is make the team stronger from within. Stats confirm it. But why look at stats 3) the two kc games they were allowed to mug our d line and get away with it and 3 starters were out for the first game. Playoffs game there dbs were allowed to pick bucket our w rs
  7. Still love the Dallas fumble a out muscles the whole Dallas d to get the first down Still Hate the leg wip by the de in the Houston playoff game could have broken both of there legs and was not even called Just looking at all the jets footage and see all of the extra hits he takes scare the beep out of me
  8. So let's see 1) I was being friendly welcoming you to the board and your first post. 2) I was not being Sarcastic 3) I was trying to be helpful and tell you were the one video I shaw here 4) was not criticizing you at all And sorry that you fell that way but I am not that type of poster.
  9. Hello first time poster Use your search function for three days after the ravens game can't remember the topic but don't think any posts can put that date. When you find it the 4th or 5th poster to that subject posted it.
  10. Thanks op I think also what this shows is really how great the gm from the ravens was. Newsome always picked late in the draft most years and hitting on your first pick that late in the draft is not as easy as it looks. STUDY YOUR FILM AND GO WITH YOU GUT FEELING. This is why Billy boy drafts really stink. As others have said bean really needs to hit this draft most players drafted might not see the field much this year but are all about our future.
  11. The commute time mite be to much from ny
  12. FYI it all up to the government aka Cuomo and he may be in jail by then so, the short answer is its up to the feds and state government. If all goes well with the vaccines and we wave at the crystal ball maybe full attendance but that may be a pipe dream. Keeping positive
  13. True culture statement there by Diggs Not a diva that he was made out to be
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