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  1. Happy days are here again Until the boards implodes for not running the ball
  2. I heard here on tbd Beane can't,draft good players He overpaid for Klein Bass sucks Something about a bag of peanuts Are linebackers are bad That's all i got
  3. He will play if he gets hit early he will be done Again not specialty But remember 2 years ago josh got up and was sent to the locker room
  4. Big thing is what level of concussion was it In the tent he was told to go back to the team room just like josh was told 2 years ago But on the field mahomes looked way worse not my specialty but reading in the medical journal looked like a level 3 dizzy can't stand at all had to be helped to his feet very woozy
  5. Well he does have one other concussion so 5 days min league rule I believe depends on Tuesday results
  6. Nope never just like Romo years back about Brady and the headset stays on till the snap
  7. He got hit in the back of the head and it was compounded by the,fact his arm was around his neck whicj stops the blood flow also When he got up his,eyes where glossy which means lack of blood flow
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