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  1. Very true. Any one of those teams (except for Philly) could be extremely formidable on any given Sunday. I would put Dallas in that category too.
  2. I think Shurmur has a chance to become an offensive coordinator after the Giants fire him...
  3. When did I say Miami is good? Did you watch the Eagles last night? They were pathetic—against a 3-3 team.
  4. Yeah, yesterday's game was totally predictable. No matter what they might have said before the game, there's no way the Bills were truly up for this game. If they crush the Phins, everyone says "So what", and if somehow they lose, it's the end of the world. Then you throw Fitz into the mix and it's a recipe for trouble. Credit to the team that they got through it with a win. A lot of doubters are starting to pop up in the national media, but who cares? I think the Bills will play much better against Philly in a game that will probably get a fair amount of national attention.
  5. They are not good, regardless how super duper motivated they are this week. And Wentz looks like a bum.
  6. Except those weren’t actually Lamar’s numbers.
  7. I’m not too worried about the Eagles being “super motivated” vs the Bills. They just don’t look like a very good team. Wentz looks ordinary, their WRs are trash, and their defensive backfield is pathetic. Bills should probably be favored by 6 or 7, but they won’t be.
  8. The Eagles just got shanked by the zebras. Ticky-tack call keeps the defense on the field, then they give up a big play. Really a problem in the league this year.
  9. They don’t, but their TEs are a problem to defend.
  10. Are you serious? Brady has 3 or 4 per game that are more egregious than that. I thought it was a good no call.
  11. Yeah, I don’t see five more losses on this schedule. 10-6 would be pretty disappointing at this point. It would mean finishing 6-5, with four of those games against the Skins, Miami and Denver.
  12. Let’s not overthink this. On Monday night, for three hours, we are all Jets fans.
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