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  1. He’s not the only one. I’ve seen at least two others rank Thomas ahead of Adunze and one guy rank him ahead of MHJ.
  2. Quite a few draft analysts have Thomas ranked ahead of one or more of the "Big 3". It's not inconceivable that he could be drafted in the top 10...
  3. So a guy who absolutely abused SEC defensive backs this year “is not ready to play against NFL defenses”?? Yeah, ok.
  4. Except in the playoffs, where offensive holding is legal…
  5. That’s about what they’ll get
  6. Correct. Everyone knows that the Niners can't/won't keep Aiyuk and they know he wants to get paid. They will get no more than a second round pick for him, even though he is a top 10 receiver in the league...
  7. I think Aiyuk can be had for a second round pick…I don’t think the Niners can keep him and they’re going to realize sooner or later that it’s better to get something for him now than nothing later.
  8. It’s a tough one. Jones isn’t great, but he’s not terrible either and you could argue that he’s the least of their problems. The roster needs help badly and they need the most help at WR, which is where this draft is strongest and deepest. The worst thing they could do is trade up for a qb who may or may not be better than Jones. I think they stay put or trade back to get more premium picks.
  9. It may be a crapshoot from the perspective of selecting players who succeed in the NFL, but teams can help themselves by using those first and second round “lottery tickets” on high dollar, high impact positions like QB, edge, and WR instead of RB, C and safety. I think that’s what separates the good teams from the bad ones.
  10. I think they would consider moving back to 28 in exchange for 60, plus next year's first, or maybe both of our second round picks next year. I don't see any way we could move up into the top half of the first round without giving up 60 this year. Teams don't want to drop back that far without some immediate return...
  11. Well, they've certainly put themselves in a very good position to get a QB...now they just have to pick the right one...
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