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  1. Hey, at least the Cowboys have three very good young offensive skill position players (including QB) who merit a second contract. A lot of teams can't say that. It's a First World problem, even though Dak and Amari are probably not considered "elite" players at their positions. I would be inclined to trade Elliott if he doesn't report (because he probably has the greatest trade value and because he's a RB) and make Amari and Dak play this year under their current deals and see how it shakes out. The Cowboys have most of the leverage here...they are the most visible franchise in the league, they play in a city where NFL players want to live, and they have a good team. These guys don't really want to leave, or at least, they shouldn't.
  2. But I read here that Wade absolutely, positively, 100% won't be on the Bills 53-man roster. The guys who said so were sure of it....and they are steely-eyed realists.
  3. And are you sure he won't get more reps during the next two games? Are you privy to the Bills' future plans?
  4. Very helpful analysis. Do you know how many carries Wade will get in the next two games? How will he do? I recognize that the Bills are already so stacked with offensive weapons so there’s really no need to even consider a guy like Wade...
  5. That’s what I thought too, based on what I read at NFL.com, but the Bills recently said otherwise.
  6. How do you know this? From the extensive game film? Have you been at training camp?
  7. Thank you. From what I read on NFL.com, it sounded like the Bills could not put him on their 53-man roster this year. I hope what you posted is correct.
  8. How about this...when is the last time Frank Gore made more than one tackler miss? 2003?
  9. There are a lot of similarities between a golf swing and a placekick. Maybe one reason a lot of kickers are good golfers.
  10. He’ll be 29 years old next year...it’s now or never.
  11. I think the odds are against him, but there is most definitely a chance Wade makes the roster. Obviously, he needs to get more touches in the next two games and continue to make big plays. If he does that, he’s got a shot. It’s not like there are a ton of playmakers on this offense. And I would also say that playing running back in the NFL is probably the easiest thing to learn how to do in professional sports, assuming you have the necessary physical skill set, which Wade clearly seems to have. Rookie RBs from small colleges routinely become starters in the NFL from the first game...It’s a very instinctual position. Also, Wade is 28 years old...How much sense does it make to relegate him to the practice squad for an entire year?
  12. I love when people on this site say there is zero chance something will happen, when in fact they have zero idea whether it will or not...
  13. Well, since they had a top 3 defense last year, that would be a bit disappointing...
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