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  1. Four years running…that’s the problem. This wasn’t a one-off.
  2. This was year 6 of the McDermott/Beane era…why is there such talent gap? Who is to blame for that? And what is to be done?
  3. You just made a great case for firing Brandon Staley. (Of course, Anthony Lynn was deservedly fired after Herbert’s rookie year.). I would add that Justin Herbert is no Josh Allen, despite the stats you cite.
  4. If you miss the playoffs with Josh Allen in his prime, you should be fired immediately.
  5. Pretty good list. I don’t think McDaniel or Saleh have done anything to deserve being ranked ahead of Daboll, and Stefanski is too high, but other than that, it looks about right.
  6. I think you'd have to be pretty gullible to believe a publicist-generated story like that, especially since it makes absolutely no sense.
  7. You really think that's why they divorced?😃
  8. What had Tony Romo done or said during his career to make people think he would be a good television announcer? No reason Brady could not be very good.
  9. It’s probably not going to get better…KC has 12 picks this April.
  10. I thought Skye Moore was a bad pick at that time…undersized and lacks explosiveness. Seemed to have a reasonably high floor but a low ceiling.
  11. Too early to call the Elam pick a miss, but I would have stayed at 24 and taken Christian Watson (who went to GB at the top of the second). He's exactly what this offense needs and eventually would have freed up Diggs to play in the slot. Tyler Smith would have been a solid choice, too, but I doubt the Bills would have traded up to 22 for him.
  12. I disagree that the Bills “needed” to take a CB in the first round, but I agree that everyone knew they were going to. As it turned out, they probably shouldn’t have.
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