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  1. But now it's Bills -5.5, so a lot of folks did jump on the Bills. To me, the initial line of -4.5 did look too low, so much so that it looked fishy. I think the travel/time zone changes are a real wildcard here and that if this was truly a neutral field situation, the Bills would be giving 6.5 or more...
  2. Can interest you in the New England Patriots?
  3. Bad decision by Carroll but the Giants are so bad it doesn’t matter.
  4. Yep. These things go in cycles, though.
  5. I'm not sure about this. I think you're giving that team too much respect. Year after year we've seen the Dolphins set the league on fire in the first 3 or 4 games, and then fold. What happened yesterday looks like the beginning of the end for them. Their defense can't stop anyone and the Bills put out a blueprint on how to slow down that offense. It will be interesting to see how the Giants do against them next week. The Giants aren't nearly as good as the Bills, but I'm sure McDermott and the boys will share what they learned with Daboll and his staff. If the Fins lose to the Giants at home, the swoon will be in full motion...
  6. Go back and look at the 32 starting QBs in 2001 or 2002...there were plenty of bums, probably at least as many as there are right now. And of course, some of the current bums, like Zack Wilson and Josh Dobbs, are starting now because of injuries to the starters. Look at the top 12 starters now...it's a pretty strong group: Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert, Stafford, Prescott, Hurts, Jackson, Lawrence, Tua, Purdy, and Cousins ...then there are guys like Stroud, Richardson, Howell, Murray, Geno Smith, Watson and Russell Wilson who are either up and coming or at least still have the talent to play some good football. I challenge you to look at the lineup of starting QBs from 1995-2002 and tell me it's markedly better.
  7. Gotta disagree with your additional let down teams. The Seahawks are 2-1 (only loss is to the surprising Rams) and they will probably go 3-1 tonight. Jags haven't played very well, but they're 2-2. The Chargers are about where they deserve to be, at 2-2, but I suppose they're somewhat disappointing... I could see the Texans making the playoffs due to their crappy divisions and I'd have to think the Bucs are now favored to win the NFC South. And I wouldn't count out the Rams, either. They are about to get Cooper Kupp back to pair with super rookie Puka Nacua...
  8. Let down teams: Jets, Bengals, Giants, Broncos Surprise Teams: Texans, Bucs, Rams, Colts, Cardinals What am I missing?
  9. C'mon, the league hasn't expanded since 2002. The quality of the product has done nothing but improve since then. As to the supposed decline in QB play, it's true that we're in a bit of a trough right now because of the injuries to Murray, Burrow and Rodgers and the recent retirement of Brady, Ryan, Roethlisberger, Manning, etc, and the inexplicable suckitude of Watson and Russ Wilson, but that's only temporary. There are still a lot of good QBs in the league and there are likely to be quite a few more next year, with Williams, Sanders, Maye etc. entering the league. Stroud and Richardson look like they are going to be good, Lawrence will get there eventually, and Purdy looks like the real deal. Hell, even Justin Fields looked really good this weekend...
  10. It's not to be underestimated and it's more than just your body not being ready to play the game early in the morning...it takes a long time for your body to adjust to a 5-hour time difference...according to US military guidelines, it takes your body a day to recover for each hour of time zone difference. I've flown to the UK to play rugby several times and and played a day or two after arriving. It's really difficult and the fact that Jax will have been in the UK for more than a week gives them a distinct advantage.
  11. I'm fairly certain that no one on TSW will be playing in any of the upcoming games, so why your obsession with "one game at a time"?
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