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  1. Perhaps someone could send a bat signal to the commish. TSW would like to hear from him directly on this important issue.
  2. The actual content of the tape is pretty much irrelevant, assuming it is in fact a tape of the Bengals' sideline during the game. What matters is who, if anyone, instructed the crew to videotape the Bengals' sideline and what they were asked to do with the tape. And if it is a tape of the Bengals' sideline during a game, which would potentially contain competitively useful information, it will not be released to the general public.
  3. Boston Scott???? Are you f-ing kidding me? He’s 10 times better than second round pick Miles Sanders.
  4. Yes, yes it was. Did the announcers even mention that little detail? (I had it muted.)
  5. Dexter Lawrence is a mountain. I would not have been heartbroken if we had taken him at 9.
  6. He probably wasn't instructed by anyone to film the Bengals' sideline. I'm sure he just liked the gear they were wearing.
  7. You should have seen the Rams game....OMG
  8. They acquired him for the playoff run this year and he’s been a complete zero.
  9. I also have a problem with Brown’s route. If he was running closer to parallel with the goal line, I don’t think Peters is able to make that play.
  10. I just watched the replay again multiple times and it's not at all clear that Peters ever touched the ball. He clearly affected Brown's ability to catch it, but it doesn't look like he actually touched the ball.
  11. I didn’t see a great replay of it, but I think the last pass to Brown was catchable. The DB was all over Brown, but I don’t think he actually got his hand on the ball. I could be wrong, though.
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