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  1. Kinda makes you wonder why he was inactive most of the year, doesn’t it? I can only guess that it’s because Buffalo didn’t burn a 3rd round pick on him. And I think he fumbled in a preseason game last year...
  2. The good news is that (1) the Dolphins actually don’t have a QB, and (2) they had three first round picks last year and failed to get a single impact player, at least so far. Maybe they will do better this year...they certainly are a team on the rise and not to be taken lightly.
  3. Good question. Despite the “we can’t run” narrative, the few times we tried to run, it was actually effective. “We won’t run” is more like it. Certainly had a better chance of success than drop back passes from the 5 yard line against a jail-break pass rush.
  4. Good grief. Jefferson just had a great rookie season. I have no idea what kind of stats he's going to put up for the next four years, much less over his entire career. It's possible that this year was a fluke, but it's much more likely that he'll still be a really good NFL receiver when Diggs is in decline or OOF.
  5. Other than Josh Allen, Tyler Bass might be Beane’s best pick...
  6. Those are division rivals. There are quite a few teams that aren't in the same division that still consider themselves rivals. Some examples from the past few years: Pittsburgh and NE, Buffalo and KC, Dallas and SF, Tennessee and Baltimore, maybe even GB and NO. NE and Indy (when they had Peyton Manning).
  7. It might, but there's no way they trade him to SF, IMO. Green Bay considers the Niners a major rival, even though they aren't in the same division.
  8. The typical trajectory is that players get better after their rookie seasons, not worse. The fact that you can name a few guys who got worse after their rookie seasons is not evidence that Jefferson will. FFS, he's 21-years old. Why would he regress? It's far more likely that Diggs, who will be 28 before next season, will never have another season like this one.
  9. When Rodgers was drafted, they did not have the same rookie contract rules. Nowadays, teams can't afford to draft a rookie QB in the first round and sit him for three years; they have to make a decision on him after his third year... As someone else pointed out, Indy becomes an instant threat to KC if they get AR. That is a very good team right now and AR would be a big improvement on 40-year old Philip Rivers.
  10. They have had Love in the building for a full season. We don’t know what they think of him after having seen him close up for an extended period. Maybe they think he’s ready, although I’m sure they don’t believe he’s going to match Rodgers’s production right away...
  11. They consider SF an arch-rival. Can’t see them trading him there.
  12. That’s fair, but wasn’t Diggs in that same situation last year with the Vikings?
  13. There’s no reason to think he won’t. Are you confident that in five years Diggs will be outperforming Jefferson?
  14. That’s true. In that sense, Rodgers has to take part of the blame for the FG.
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