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  1. mannc

    Not all that bad if Shaddy goes

    A famous shad fisherman...works the lower Niagara. Surprised you've never heard of him.
  2. mannc

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Agreed, but Shady had little trade value last year, and zero now.
  3. mannc

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    He's a good player, but his significance to the Bills has been greatly exaggerated. And he turns 30 tomorrow.
  4. It’s more than possible; it happens every year in the NFL.
  5. mannc

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    And you must have missed the last 10 years of NFL football.
  6. mannc

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    He was the best RB in a very bad offense. He’s highly replaceable. How much do you think the line would move if McCoy were suddenly unavailable for a game? Not even half a point.
  7. mannc

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Relax. He’s a 30-year old RB. His absence (or presence) won’t move the dial much at all.
  8. mannc

    Marquise Goodwin buys mom/sister home

    And yet, if they had retained him (which was entirely possible) Goodwin would be, at worst, the Bills’ WR 2 this year, adding a home run threat they currently lack. Not exactly a wasted draft pick...
  9. mannc

    Marquise Goodwin buys mom/sister home

    Badol, I'll give you credit, because all along, while the idiot fringe here was saying that Goodwin sucked at football, you've acknowledged that Goodwin has bona fide NFL talent and is not just another TJ Graham. That being said, there just isn't any evidence that he was mailing it in during his four years with the Bills. If Goodwin was mailing it in for the sake of long-jumping, then he's an idiot because even the top two or three long jumpers in the world make far less than a WR 3 in the NFL. It takes some players longer to develop than others, and of course a WR's performance can be greatly affected by the team around him, especially the QB. There is no reason not to believe that what we are seeing with Goodwin is just a guy getting better with more time in the league, and rising to the occasion when he gets a chance to play more in a different system.
  10. mannc

    Marquise Goodwin buys mom/sister home

    Trust me; it happened. See Hapless post, below. This is an argument that I see trotted out here all the time, and it's pathetic and lame: "Yeah, he played great for [fill in the team], but he would have sucked in Buffalo because [fill in the excuse]." How do you know how Goodwin "presented himself to the Bills"? For all you know, he was 100 percent honest with the team regarding his intention to simultaneously pursue a career in T&F. He certainly had the team's permission to do so. And there is actually very little evidence that his pursuit of his track career hindered his development as a football player.
  11. mannc

    Marquise Goodwin buys mom/sister home

    It's entirely fair. If you were around here, you would know that Goodwin was ruthlessly attacked, and not just based his perceived failure to perform on the field. His masculinity was questioned, he was literally accused of defrauding the Bills, and many said he should be cut before training camp started, even though he eventually won the WR 3 position. If you were one of those who said we needed to get rid of him, then you could not have been more wrong. He'd probably be our best WR if he had stayed.
  12. mannc

    Marquise Goodwin buys mom/sister home

    Yep, and a guy who was roundly ridiculed, mocked and even hated here at TBD.
  13. mannc

    NFL suspends Jameis Winston for 3 games

    Suspension now official: 3 games, along with warning that future violations could result in ban from the NFL. Congratulations, Tampa! This knucklehead is your Franchise Quarterback 😀
  14. mannc

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    And that’s why he’s now a “scout” for a college bowl game no one has ever heard of.
  15. mannc

    Best MNF game the Bills were in?

    RWS was absolutely electric that night. Beautiful early October evening, too.