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  1. Parker is talented but he never seems to be healthy... I think he'll greenlight a trade to the Dolphins. As I recall, many of the massage therapists Watson utilized were flown in from Miami; this way, he saves money on incidental expenses...
  2. Because I think Jalen Waddle is going to be a problem, even though he's off to kind of a rough start...
  3. I'm skeptical that Watson ever returns to his previous form, but Watson to Waddle is definitely something to be concerned about...
  4. It would be a spectacle that they would probably like to avoid, especially if Watson throws for five TDs against them...
  5. Personally, I'd love to see the Dolphins trade a ton of draft picks for Watson. I think it would tank their franchise for the foreseeable future. Watson is a very good quarterback, but he's not good enough to turn a crappy team into a playoff team. I also believe that Watson is never going to be the same player after this...it's going to be a massive distraction and he's going to be the focus of protests, jokes, innuendo, etc...This is the guy you're going to make the face of your franchise? Really? There also may be drama surrounding Tua, but I suppose he would just go to Houston as part of the trade. I just can't see this ending well for the Dolphins...
  6. I don't know the answer to your question, but I do believe the league has to approve all trades. I'm not sure what criteria they use ("for the good of the league"?) or whether their ability to approve/disapprove is limited in some way. I seem to recall the league stepping in a voiding a trade or two in the past, but I can't remember specifics.
  7. It’s an unprecedented situation. My guess is that the league steps in and kills the trade, at least until Watson’s fate is determined. But wouldn’t the teams involved check with the league first, before they make a deal?
  8. Texans play the Phins on Nov 7. No way the Texans trade him to Miami before that.
  9. This is a healthy, logical way to look at what happened Monday night. I’m still crushed by it, though. I just expected we’d smash that team and have Tannehill running for his life…
  10. I’d take Dexter Lawrence over Oliver, too. Bigger, more physical, but still moves well.
  11. Not even close. Did you watch number 98 on the Titans Monday night? And of course Nick Bosa.
  12. Poyer was in physical contact with Henry when he was held; the Titans’ number 15 literally peeled him off of Henry.
  13. Yep. Sometimes the simple answer is the correct one. Can't argue with this, but as I said in the gameday thread, Josh was a bit off last night. On a lot of his throws, the ball was not coming out of his hand clean. I have no explanation for it, but I've seen that happen to him before.
  14. But how many of those 13 were against Jeffrey Simmons? What a monster...
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