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  1. Because of covid, only about 850 college players signed with agents this year. In a typical year, the number is almost twice that. Guys who were UDFAs in past years will be draft picks this year. FWIW, I think Williams would be worth a 6th or 7th round pick any year. He has a ton of speed and can help a team in a lot of different ways. He'd be particularly attractive to a team like Buffalo who is without a return man.
  2. Not this year. He’ll definitely be drafted. It is not a deep draft.
  3. Wow! Love this guy. Do you think he'll be available in the 5th? If so, I'd run to the podium.
  4. The Bills utilize WRs more than any team in the league. Two of their top 4 WRs are well over 30 years old, and their number 1 guy will be 28 to start the season. All it takes is an injury to one of the top 4 guys and all of a sudden, it's a major need. As long as JA is slinging it like he did last year, we'll be looking to draft a WR just about every year--as we should.
  5. 100 percent agreement here. Which one it is will depend on who's available. Obviously.
  6. Here's how it might sort of makes sense. The Dolphins moved back up, wanting either Chase or Pitts, assuming SF takes a QB. That plan could go awry if ATL takes Pitts and Cinci takes Chase, as they are rumored to do. That leaves the Phins with Sewell, who is far and a away the best prospect on the board at 6, but they just used two high picks on tackles last year, so they might want to move back to 8 or 9 and take Waddle or Devonta Smith, and pick up maybe an extra second round pick in the process.
  7. I have to say, I don’t much like the Bills' picks, although I do like Shelvin. This looks like another very strong WR draft. I’ll be very unhappy if we don’t come out of it with one of: Elijah Moore, Dyami Brown, Kdarius Toney, Terrance Marshall, or Rondale Moore. We have waited 25 years for a Josh Allen; let’s take advantage!
  8. Holland returned kicks at Oregon. He’s got to be 4.5 or probably better.
  9. Some have Campbell ranked quite a bit higher than 5th...
  10. When did Holland run a 4.7? If true, that would take him off my board. It means he definitely can’t play CB in the league.
  11. Does Christian Darrisaw have a twin brother named Christian Darrisaw? He said there were “a lot of the same picks” and he meant it.
  12. Guy has all the tools and went 8-1 in the SEC with a bunch of JAGs at WR. Three year starter, too. I don’t know why he isn’t talked about as a sure-fire first rounder.
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