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  1. It's not a crazy, clickbait take just because you (and others on social media) disagree with it. He ranked Hill higher than a bunch of rookies who had not played in the league. Big deal. We still don't know if Hill is going to be a good QB or not; he hasn't played more than a handful of games and I'm not sure he's ever started one. What did Simms rank him this year? 27? 28? Doesn't seem crazy to me.
  2. Agreed. In some sense all these sorts of lists are "clickbait", but Simms is not one who throws out crazy takes just for the sake of clicks. For what it's worth, in his post-draft analysis, Simms said he did not really love Rousseau, but he absolutely understood why the Bills selected him and acknowledged that it could turn out to be a great pick, especially for a guy taken at the end of round 1.
  3. OJ really had only 5 exceptional seasons as a pro, but that has to be put in context. His first great season (1973), he was already 26 years old, having played four years in college and four years with the Bills, mostly as a decoy/blocking back due to almost criminal incompetence on the part of the Bills' organization. Nowadays, Simpson would have been on his second contract when he had his breakout season...We really only got a glimpse (magnificent as it was) of what could have been...
  4. One thing people forget…at the beginning of the 1975 season, OJ was already 28 years old, an age at which most modern RBs (even great ones) are on the scrap heap…if only the Bills hadn’t used him as a decoy in his first three years in the league. And as these videos show, OJ had very good hands….in today’s game, would he be an WR1? That’s where the alpha athletes end up now…
  5. I could laugh much harder about this if the Bills had not hired Rex Ryan…
  6. To answer your question, I would take Herbert 10 times out of 10 over Murray. I really like Simms’s draft analysis, but I agree that a lot of these QB rankings are garbage, especially his ranking of Cam Newton, Wentz, Hill and Jameis Winston. I mean, Wentz and Newton were easily the two worst starting QBs in the league last year and he’s got them in his top 20??
  7. I’m not defending his ranking of Hill, just pointing out that Simms was not doing his rankings on the basis you suggested. Under his ranking “system” rookies are always going to be ranked low because they haven’t proven anything yet. For example, Simms loved Justin Herbert coming out, but put him pretty far down the list last year because he was an unproven rookie.
  8. You didn’t listen to the podcast. It’s not a ranking of “which QB would you start a team with?” It’s “which QB would you rather have, to win the most games for the 2021 season only”, which is why the rookies are ranked so low.
  9. No way on earth Josh Allen should fall outside the top 3.
  10. Josh over AR is hardly a hot take. Simms’s reasoning is very solid.
  11. It’s an important issue that needs to be discussed. The fact that there are strong differing viewpoints should not lead to the thread bring squelched. (I did not participate in the thread yesterday, but the fact that it went to 80 pages pretty quickly tells you that this is an issue people care about.)
  12. There’s every chance that more players, like McKenzie, agree with Beasley than not. Those who are saying he’s creating dissension in the ranks don’t know what they’re talking about.
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