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  1. That’s a must. Fortunately, easy to find, though.
  2. I remember a few years back when Ross Tucker (former Bills OL) wrote an article for SI about the attitudes of some of the players he played with. According to Tucker, there were numerous guys who hated football and couldn't wait for the season to be over. I think he was writing about the 2004 Bills specifically (although he didn't name names). That was the year the Bills lost to the Steelers' backups in the last game of the regular season, when a win would have put them in the playoffs. Tucker talked about one veteran starter who treated Tucker like he was insane for wanting to win that game and get to the playoffs. The guy had all his belongings driven to Pittsburgh in a trailer so he could bolt out of town as soon as they lost the game. To me, this shows the value of a franchise seeking out high character "process" guys who actually love the game. Coaching is absolutely huge in the NFL.
  3. “Your honor, please allow us to cover up the emails that show us helping to cover up the child abuse committed by that ring of pedophiles....” Yeah, good luck with that argument. Unbelievable.
  4. Yes, but you are projecting someone as a pro bowl player at a position he’s barely played.
  5. I must have missed the part where Ford became a pro-bowl guard...when did that happen? In fact, I don’t remember him playing guard at all in the regular season...
  6. If only he were more of a fiery leader like Baker Mayfield...
  7. Justin Herbert is going to be a controversial prospect this year. Only takes one team to really like him, though.
  8. Let me help you understand, John ...there were at least four guys available at our original second round slot (without trading up) who made huge impacts as rookie WRs--a position of desperate, crying need for the Bills. Instead, they traded up for a guy who apparently can't play left tackle and can't play right tackle very well, either. The disappointment is amplified when you also consider the fact that the Bills might have been able to make a Super Bowl run this year with even an average offense.
  9. To me, Herbert is no worse than the third best QB this year and I'd probably take him before Tua. That being said--and having seen every one of Herbert's college games--there is something about him that's a little bit off. He had a very good career at Oregon, but with his tools (off the charts) and the talent around him, he should have been better. I don't know what the problem was...if it's a mental thing or, as I suspect, that Oregon's pistol offense is just a bad fit for him. To me, he's absolutely worth a first round pick based on his size, arm talent, mobility and brains (as opposed to football IQ), but I'm just not sure he's a top five guy. I'll be shocked if he falls out of the first round, though.
  10. You should question those metrics...
  11. I agree. And it also proves that there is no need to burn a first round draft pick on a RB. The “perfect back” can be found anywhere in the draft or in free agency.
  12. I’m not sure what you were watching yesterday afternoon, but I watched the 49ers dominate the NFC championship game with an undrafted RB who is with his SEVENTH NFL team. If any game supports the idea that running backs are a dime a dozen, it was that one.
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