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  1. Seems like a very unimaginative scheme…
  2. Well, if he was actually concussed, and therefore not in his right mind, why would you hold him responsible saying that?
  3. If the league cared about player safety, the Bills Dolphins game would not have been played at 1:00 in 100 degree heat.
  4. Wouldn’t hate it, but the trade would have to be Moss or Singletary, plus a late round pick.
  5. Crappy games are usually directly related to crappy QB play, and that’s what we’re seeing a lot of around the league…Dak Prescott out, Herbert injured, Watson suspended, Wilson over the hill, Brady and Rodgers finally showing their age, the corpse of Joe Flacco, Carson Wentz somehow still pulling an NFL paycheck…it’s as bad as it’s ever been.
  6. Way more of a catch than Davis’s…
  7. Please note that the NFL's concern for player and fan safety is such that the Eagles/Commanders game was halted for 8 full minutes because there was a drone flying above the stadium...the announcers assured us that the stoppage was entirely necessary to ensure the safety of the fans and players. The world has gone mad.
  8. I thought Cook looked pretty good yesterday...
  9. I think it's a bad comparison...Elway was a very effective scrambler, but I don't remember the Broncos ever using him on designed runs, other than the occasional QB sneak, certainly nothing like the way Allen is used...
  10. I knew today's injury report was going to be brutal...
  11. Funny, all I remember is Bills teams struggling mightily in early season games in Miami--and once or twice in Tampa.
  12. Whether it’s a catch or not, do you honestly think there is any chance that call gets reversed? Why doesn’t Davis (or any other Bill on the field) argue the call?
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