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  1. I'm sure the Texans, who hold the Browns 2023 first round pick, are hoping for this...
  2. So you’re saying Mayfield is going to simply refuse to play and will walk away from $20 million? Or are you saying the Browns will just refuse to pay him, even though his contract is fully guaranteed? Dude…that article is from before the draft and talks about Mayfield sitting out training camp, not real games….you’re entering crusade/ 🤡 territory now…
  3. Oh yeah? How is Baker “not going to see that $20 million from Cleveland?” Is the team going to file for bankruptcy? How is that going to happen, other than a trade, which is highly unlikely at this point?
  4. That’s just not how it works. Mayfield cannot fake an injury and still get paid $20 million. Also, I thought the fifth year option was not guaranteed in the case of injury….can anyone confirm that?
  5. Wrong. The team would have him examined by an independent physician. Just saying “I’m hurt” doesn’t cut it.
  6. Mayfield is under contract to Cleveland for a lot of $ for 2022. If Watson misses significant time, Mayfield will play, unless he’s traded first, but that’s looking more and more unlikely. Mayfield has no real choice. He’s not going to sit out. He’ll play, whether he likes it or not.
  7. Well, Watson received full pay last year, while serving an unacknowledged suspension. If Watson has to sit out all or a substantial portion of this season, you have to wonder if he’ll ever be anything close to what he was as a player….
  8. Yawn…he’s done. Breed’s arm was completely shot by his last season…I doubt it’s gotten better after 18 months on the couch.
  9. He’s better than Wilson right now, but that doesn’t mean that most teams would rather have him than Wilson. There’s a chance that Wilson will become a very good QB…less likely that Mayfield will.
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