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  1. Anything is possible. Teams still draft RBs in the top five....
  2. Sorry, I misread your post. Thought you were saying we would give up our 3 and swap 1s with ATL.
  3. Way too much for a WR2. Even a straight up swap of first round picks seems excessive.
  4. He's probably the number 1 reason the Bills made the playoffs in 2017. Kicker is the most underrated position in football. The difference between a guy like Tucker and your average NFL kicker is probably a point or two a game over the course of a full season, which is an absolutely huge advantage. And it never ceases to amaze me how top college programs try to get by with absolute scrub placekickers. It costs some poor program a major bowl appearance every single year.
  5. When is the last time the Bills had an offensive player that a defense actually had to worry about?....... When we had a healthy Sammy Watkins, which also the last time we had an offense that didn't suck.
  6. I'll be very surprised if he slips out of the top 15. I get that he's not a totally clean prospect, but he's the clear no. 1 WR with huge upside and those guys tend to get pushed up the board, not down. Offense is still the name of the game in today's NFL.
  7. Murphy was a great college player. I liked him a lot when he was coming out of Stanford and he played pretty well for the 'Skins. If he's healthy this year, he could contribute.
  8. Somehow, Metcalf's stock seems to have slipped in the last couple weeks. Funny, I don't seem to recall Ol' Miss playing any games during that period. Did he get injured? Arrested?
  9. True, but Iโ€™ve heard they have a pretty good team ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. Those seem like realistic trade downs, but I don't see them going defense with both of their first two picks, and I doubt Lawrence is available at 40. Maybe if they trade back up into the back of the first...
  11. but how do you explain no visits from Farrell, Wilkins or Lawrence? Did they meet with those guys at Clemson?
  12. Interesting...none of the Clemson guys on that list.
  13. DK Metcalf. Dexter Lawrence. (Second first round pick) Canโ€™t leave JA without a serious weapon.
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