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  1. It does no such thing. And at any rate, BADOL has repeatedly said he’s a huge Josh Allen fan.
  2. I don’t think anyone here is “assuming failure.” I’m optimistic that this is a 10-6 or better team this year. Where I part company with a lot of folks here is that I believe another ugly 6-10 season will probably mean that McD gets the hook—or should. I just don’t believe that in the modern NFL, a guy who takes over a .500 operation should get four years to start winning. It concerns me how many people are lowering the bar for this season...
  3. With all the attention Mahomes has gotten, Watson gets overlooked. All things considered, what he's accomplished his first two years in Houston is at least as impressive as Mahomes's one spectacular season.
  4. Before he ran into his recent off-field issues, I would have said Tyreek Hill. If we are only talking about 2019 season, probably Julio Jones. But if we are talking about a player to add for the future, I might say Hopkins, Nick Bosa, or Myles Garrett.
  5. Tyree Jackson. I like players who didn’t get drafted...😄
  6. Simms loved Vosean Joseph, before the draft, by the way. One of his sleeper picks...
  7. Yes, and the Bills are also trying to fill the holes left by Nate Peterman, Kelvin Benjamin and Vlad Ducasse. No wonder Vegas picks them to win only 6 games.
  8. Sorry, thought you were referring to this year’s Clemson game...
  9. It was both. And it put them in position to draft not one, but two, franchise QBs.😄
  10. The most obvious NFL tank job I can remember was the Bills last game of the 2016 season, when they fired Rex, started EJ, and lost to the hapless Jets. It worked like a charm. But you’re right; NFL teams don’t tank an entire season. Not fair to guys who are putting their bodies on the line every Sunday.
  11. The guy who really flashed for me was Waddle. (I know he's not draft-eligible this year.) The touchdowns he scored against Auburn and Georgia were just insane. I mean, he totally embarrassed a bunch of NFL caliber DBs after he caught the ball. And he has hands, too.
  12. I did not know Tua was injured for those games. I have to say, the ridiculous talent that Alabama is going to be rolling out there every saturday (especially at WR) might make Tua even harder for NFL scouts to evaluate. I mean, he's going to be throwing all day to guys who are "college open" and who can take it to the house on any given play.
  13. I would say that talent-wise, Auburn and Oklahoma (especially on defense) were thoroughly outmatched by Alabama. (I did not see the LSU game, but I'll concede that LSU has plenty of NFL-caliber talent.) The fact is, against the two best teams Alabama played last year (GA and Clemson), he played poorly. If I was an NFL scout, I'd be concerned about that. In general, I think Alabama QBs are tough to evaluate because the talent level on that team is through the roof every single year.
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