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  1. So it’s confirmed that they cheated—again. Incredible.
  2. Thank you. These athletes (and their coaches) are at far greater risk of dying in an auto accident on their way to practice.
  3. The players who test positive will no doubt quarantine for a week or two to avoid infecting others, just like someone with the flu would be expected to stay home. BFD. Furthermore, the evidence that non-symptomatic people (esp. young people) are major spreaders of the disease is weak at best. Finally, the vast majority of college coaches and trainers are also in age categories where the virus poses less risk than things like accidental drowning or being struck by lightning. What was your point? No football this year? GTFOOH!
  4. McCoy had one really good year for the Bills. And he was an easily replaced RB. Hughes has been our best pass rusher for seven years in a row, FFS. He probably will be again in 2020.
  5. And yet no reports that even one of them is seriously ill, and none likely to be, given their ages. Why is this even a story? We have lost our damn minds.
  6. Fauci needs to go away. He's been wrong constantly and he's flip-flopped regularly. He's never been elected to anything and he doesn't get to decide. I guarantee the SEC schools aren't going to listen to him.
  7. Hughes trade and it's not close. Hughes is still an elite (or near elite) player at a very high value position. McCoy was overpaid and overrated at the lowest value position on the field. He really only had two good seasons here. Hughes on the other hand is still playing at a high level seven years after trade.
  8. There will be fans in the stands. The entire SEC has announced that its games will go forward in the fall, with fans. Other leagues will be shamed into doing the same.
  9. I’m not trying to be a wiseguy, but how do we know Pegula’s oil and gas business is debt-free? Is it publicly traded?
  10. I think you are wrong. The pistol offense they ran at Oregon was a terrible match for his skill-set, especially after they refused to let him run, his senior year. I think he’s going to be a really good pro.
  11. Anyone who says they’re going to kneel now, after doing and saying nothing for three years to support Kaepernick, should be hooted off the stage.
  12. You should be. He’s going to be the best QB in this class, and he’s walking into a very good situation in LA. He’s what Josh Allen would have looked like if he’d started 4 years at a major program.
  13. I’m more than a little disappointed that no one has cued up that epic video of a liquored-up Baker being chased and tackled by the cops...
  14. Oh, I get it. The people who left Kaepernick out to dry for three years are in a tough position right now...doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at them.
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